“The interior of our skulls contains a portal to infinity.”

Grant Morrison, “Supergods: What Masked Vigilantes, Miraculous Mutants, and a Sun God from Smallville Can Teach Us About Being Human”


 Reality 05

“GABUMON, DIGIVOLVE RIGHT NOW TO LOBOMON!” yelled the blue-haired girl to her digimon.

“MIHIRAMON, GO AFTER THEM! !” shouted her twin brother Logan.

Steve, who owned no digimon, astonished Masaru and the other digimons by turning himself into Piddomon!

“You shithead, you are SO going to regret laying a finger on the boss…”

Masaru Daimon wasn´t the type of guy who´d feel easily intimidated; when he was 5 years he courageously faced his first bully, a 7 year old dope called Akira and despite being kicked in the ass by the elder boy Marcus already knew he was fated to be a fighter. When he was 11 he was challenged by a group of 5 troublemakers and after  receiving a black eye, a couple of broken teeth and scratches he finally won.When he was 14, he had his first meeting with a digimon and it turned rocky as hell. He had another love at first sight with Tohma Norstein, DATS´ superstar digidestined and such romance  left Masaru with a serious crack on his ego. But he survived.  Then he saw his entire life passing through his eyes when he had to face Kind Drasil at the peak of his madness, yet he managed  to kick a God´s ass.


But now three foreign individuals were clenching their fists and were looking forward to tore in pieces  his Japanese ass. The guy who turned into the pink version of Angemon was by far the most furious from the group. Steve Worthington a.ka Piddomon approached Masaru and before the latter could understand what was happening, the angel sent him flying by delivering a powerful punch to his stomach.300px-df18_pidmon

“Masaru!!!!” cried Agumon and turned back, ready to rush to his side. But Logan´s Baihumon got in his way.

“What are you doing?!” yelled Gaomon “Marcus did nothing wrong!”

Masaru fell to the ground feeling so much pain in his body that he couldn´t emit a single word. But his ego hurt even more!

“…” All his training years suddenly went to the drains, despite being used to exchange fists with countless of digimons a single punch by that stranger and he suddenly he felt he was a rookie.

“The real Masaru Daimon would never hit a woman” declared Piddomon and ignored the fallen guy. He went where Nova and helped the damsel in distress to stand up.

“Nova, are you alright?” he asked, in a much softer tone.

“Do I look fine with this face?” she began to cry on his chest ” That brute almost killed me!”

Lalamon yelled this time.

“She did it herself!!”

Steve´s heart ached seeing the boss like that. But at the same time he glared at Tempus Angemon and he wondered why the damned angel did nothing to protect her…that´s odd! Normally Ange would zealously be by her side and poor the unhappy foe that dared to touch one of her golden locks! But Tempus was standing like an idiot, just letting things happen to his human. No, there was something fishy. While Nova was crying, Steve exchanged a silent glance with Logan and Elizabeth. Their eyes opened a bit and subtly moved their heads, as if having a silent talk.

“You…bastard” Masaru began to stand up despite the pain in the stomach “If…you..want…a fight…” his eyes began to sparkle “I AM HAPPY TO OBLIGE!”

“SO DO I!” screamed Agumon feeling a burst of power flowing through his data “AGUMON DIGIVOLVES TO…”

The light of evolution covered Agumon and due to his rage, RizeGreymon was summoned to stage.

And the orange cyborg Tyrannosaurus rex  digimon, without wasting any second,  moved his metallic wings, blowing  a tornado scale wind at  Baihumon and Lobomon before they had time to react and sent them flying to the sky.

“Lobomon!” shouted Elizabeth

“Baihumon!” shout Logan at the same time as his sister.

The scene distracted Piddomon for a moment and Masaru jumped at the opportunity by delivering the angel a well deserved kick on his back. Piddomon, surprised, fell to the ground.


And Masaru´hands, still shinning with Piddomon´s codes, met again with the digivice. But instead of pointing it at his digimon, as usual, Masaru pressed it against his heart.


And for the British trio´s  astonishment, the former DATS teen began to change form.

“What the hell…?!”


A golden  light of evolution surrounded the digidestined and when it vanished, Agunimon showed up instead of Masaru.

“PYRO PUNCH!” and his fists released a flaming dragon against Piddomon ” YOU AREN´T THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN BE YOUR OWN DIGIMON!”

Piddomon was also sent flying, surrounded by flames.

Nova ´s mouth opened wide. She actually did not expect that.

“You!” she screamed at him “That doesn´t appear in my data. Since when do you possess such ability?!”

Agunimon turned to her and pointed his fist at her.

“NOW I am 100% certain you are an impostor. How could  the very people who  PASSED ME the knowledge of this technique HAS NO CLUE ABOUT IT…?”

Nova shrieked nervously and looked at her comrade; the guy called Tempus Angemon finally  uncrossed his arms. Her mind could only scream:

Dammit! I wasn´t informed about any of this !!!

“FIRE FEATHERS!” and a sudden gale of flaming feathers almost hit Agunimon, had he not jumped in time.

GeoGreymon jumped at the same time dodging the descending Baihumon´s attack , had the god´s golden wave of energy touched his body he would had been turned into metal statue!


“Baihumon!” yelled Logan” Keep the heid!  Remember, non lethal!”

“Can´t guarantee that!” replied the holy beast and kept going with the fight. Logan muttered a curse, damn his digimon and its rebel temper!

Agunimon didn´t mind very much facing two foes at the same time. He first faced Baihumon.

“DON´T WORRY! ” Agunimon  shouted at  the holy beast “TAKE THIS WITH ALL MY LOVE!” and  the  guns on his wings and  his chest released their own arsenal of beams at the holy feline which, of course avoided as well. The weapons impacted on several trees, making them fall like a domino. The koromons screamed, one of the trees nearly fell over their tiny houses.

“IDIOTS!” Masaru-Agunimon shouted, irked to the core “WATCH OUT THE KOROMONS!”

Gaomon and Lalamon, who already decided not  to intervene in either Masaru´s fight against the angel nor RizeGreymon´s, rushed to where the kormon´s site a and persuaded them to evacuate their village.

“But it´s our home!” they cried

“We´ll help you rebuild it ” they promised.

Gaomon and Lalamon´s action did not pass unnoticed to Elizabeth´s eyes.

Steve-Piddomon gave an  applause.

“Well done mate! ” he said with irony “Your bloody attack  almost fried the poor creatures”

And the angel this time delivered a good hit at Agunimon´s chest by using his golden staff.

“While it´s always a pleasure meeting  another hybrid, you are still a beginner in this business!” and Piddomon kept launching several hits with his weapon leaving his opponent with almost no time but to defend himself.


“Half human, half digimon you schmuck!” explained Steve “A digimon dwelt in your cells  sometime ago, right? ”

The other guy´s words hit Masaru like a pile of bricks. So they really are Nova´s subordinates! Of course, not the Nova that´s on stage right now…

“You certainly speak by experience, right?!”

“Your back! BEWARE!” shouted Lalamon.

“Hey jackass! do not lose sight of your surroundings!” Masaru narrowly dodged Lobomon´s laser sables.


“Hey not fair!” protested Lalamon but Lobomon just ignored her.

Lalamon was tempted to join the fight but Gaomon prevented her from doing so. He whispered something at her flowery ears and Lalamon silently nodded.

“Baihumon don´t lose sight of the dinosaur!” yelled Logan, totally focused in the battle.

“Lobomon…!” Elizabeth kept her own digivice in hand, whoever were those impostors they needed to be careful…

So Masaru (now an Agunimon) and his RizeGreymon were fighting against 3 digimons at the same time. Nova, realizing that the digidestineds were completely   wrapped in the conflict, grinned to herself.

“Idiots” she whispered and after exchanging a silent signal with her winged companion, she  simply walked away from the scene.

The angelic being nodded and took her in his arms and flied away. None of the digidestineds seemed to had paid attention to their leave…

” 3 against 2, not too unfair ” declared Masaru in the end, excited as he hasn´t feeling for a long, long time “BRING IT ON!!!”

And the clash kept going on…


 Reality 04.

The  citizens of Steel Town got the shock of their lives when, after exchanging a a few words, Ophanimon surrounded Angemon with her arms and  began to kiss him! Angemon himself was quite confused by her actions but followed through. While the citizens were watching, dumbfounded,   Ophanimon , whispered something at his ear.  Angemon opened his mouth, ready to give a reply but Ophanimon put a finger on his lips and silenced him.

“Please go and don´t look back no matter what.  I´m placing my hopes on you, ok?”

“You can count on me ” he said in a whispered tone “So please…endure as much as you can…everything will be ok. I know!”

The he opened his wings and leaped to the skies.

Ophanimon watched him part and then, instead of focusing on her people,   headed straight to the main building (which kinda looked like a cathedral by the way) and, by the way, said she wanted to be alone.

“That´s  odd  ” commented a Toy Agumon to another , surprised by the Queen´s behavior “I thought there would be a party afterwards or something!”

“Indeed!” said the other “That´s really strange”

“And what the hell was that thing she did to Angemon?!”

“Dunno but I would kill to be in his place!”

Similar thoughts passed through the rest of the citizens minds , Ophanimon´s mood wasn´t as bright and shiny as they remembered. What was her deal? Should the be worried about an impending war? The questions floated in the air but nobody dared to challenge the angel´s orders…Well! In the end  the Queen was back and  nobody was going to butt into her business…

Ophanimon, meanwhile,  walked silently through the corridors. As soon as she   realized she was completely alone, her expression automatically  turned somber.

I hope someday they will be able to forgive what I am about to do…because I am not sure I will ever be capable of forgiving myself…

Her helmet could not prevent the tears  running on her cheeks; Ophanimon touched her chest and felt her heart  bleeding with sorrow. She bit her lips but the pain in her chest grew bigger… she was about to do something execrable, beyond horrible and she´d rather have had her own existence erased before  against through everything she loved and believed. Unfortunately, she had no choice but to follow through that horrible angel´s capricious will…Lucemon had in his hands something extremely precious that she could not afford to see erased. Damned be Lucemon!

“I hope Angemon  manages to reach him before the others” she whispered before entering the Main Communication Room, where that part of the digiworld´s servers were being constantly cared by a loyal army of datamons “Otherwise everything will be lost…”

“Welcome back Lady Ophanimon!” the digimons greeted the female angel with joy.

“Thank you…and sorry” she elevated her hands and summoned a golden rain of dusty. The datamons´s  eyes began to feel heavy and unable to resist Morpheus ´s charm, one by one fell asleep on their spots.

Ophanimon, crying, began to fulfill her task…


 Reality 01.

“Please Ludwig, don´t do it” begged Sora once more, tears were rolling down her rosy cheeks “Whatever it is, DON´T!”

Ludwig ignored her pleas and kept playing several tunes , wondering which fitted the best Pythagora´s famed music of the spheres.

“Ludwig-san! Ludwig-san!” Sora, meanwhile, was  shaking the German´s shoulders but to no avail, Ludwig, deaf to her pleas,  was completely focused in his task. The girl was nearly to succumb to an hysteria.

Keruta ´s smile widened, watching the digidestined of Love ´s desperate attempts to stop the inevitable was amusing.  Lucemon also thought the same thing.

“It´s no use talking to this guy,Takenouchi-san” Keruta pointed. “All you can do is relax and enjoy the fun…well, I am fairly confident that it will be much better than the love triangle thing… ”

“SHUT UP!!” yelled Sora.

“Why? It´s the truth” the evil digidestined crossed his arms, ignoring her  glares “I can´t recall who´s the most pathetic: Ishida, Worthingon or you…mhh, I say you took the cake. You just ran away after the video-chat circus!” and hs laughs echoed through theenire room.

Sora´s face turned carmine. Now that she thought about it, she remembered seeing  Keruta  in the wedding party;  his blond hair and blue eyes made her assume he was one of Michael-san´s distant cousins and acted as if he owned the place.  She recalled hearing several guests complaining about him and his rude ways,he didn´t even bother to greet neither the bride or the groom!  Sora was too depressed at the time to pay attention to her surroundings and had been putting an effort to look cheerful in front of Mimi and the others. Besides there´s always the typical  unpleasant relative present at the family gatherings and she, like everybody else, found it easier to ignore the snotty teen than saying anything…

“…” she didn´t know what to say, his words had that annoying layer of truth that could not rebuff.


Lucemon rose his hand, cutting the conversation.

“It´s almost time” announced the little angel “I´m going to prepare myself…and so the others”

“The others?” Sora turned back her head “What do you mean?!”

Her voice echoed through the multicolored crystal walls.

The Andromons, save for one, pretended not to hear a thing. They were too frightened to pop their heads from their computers…they had to constantly check the influx of data through both digital and human servers and a tiny error might cost them their lives. The atypical Andromon momentarily rose his head from and looked at the girl, hoping their eyes would get across. But Sora missed it and Andromon sighed, frustrated. If she had turned her head a bit more and had their eyes met halfway then he could had eased up a bit of her worries. Because he was…. of course he wasn´t in liberty to say it…but hopefully she will recognize him.

Well, it wasn´t the right moment anyways…

“Look at the mirrors, Takenouchi” said the little angel and Sora , not having another option, obeyed.She walked away from Ludwig and the crystal organ and  carefully examined the mirrors.

She realized that ach lead to a different world; one of the crystals showed white clothed Angemon standing  at the highest point of his palace. She gulped. Hi posture was tense and his expression was deprived of all warmth. He was staring at the sky.

“Meet Lord Angemon, from reality 02” explained Keruta “The holy ruler of the Folder continent and , of course, his Love & Peace motto did nothing to prevent his world being trashed by Neo Saiba and his minions…oh! he´s about to change forms!” and Keruta almost drooled when Lord Angemon digivolved into his mega form “Wow! so THAT´S Dominimon!”

“He´s still a D-class digital angel” Lucemon said in a derogatory tone “That fool lost so much power to Neo Saiba´s Arkadimon that he still cannot achieve the Seraphimon´s form, so he´s only able to assume  Dominimon´s form”

Then he pointed at a silvered frame mirror, Ophanimon was standing at the top of Steel Town´s tower. She too was staring at the sky while summoning into her hands the power of the three holy Palaces.Her pained expression touched Sora´s heart. It was obvious that the female angel was acting against her will!

“Queen Ophanimon from reality 04″ continued Keruta ” That world´s supposed to be ruled by Three angels after master´s death” continued the teen with his explanations, oblivious to Lucemon´s irked expression “Of course, 3 is a stinky number. Especially when two angels grow too much affection towards each other and  leave apart the third party…”


And in few words she was told about about Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon´s story and the disasters that Cherubimon´s jealousy lead to the digiworld.


“What irked Cherubimon the most wasn´t the fact that   Ophanimon friendzoned him since yhe very beginning” Keruta joined Sora´s side.


“A day prior to the castle´s assault, he discovered Ophanimon and Seraphimon  alone in the balcony and as a good stalker, he spied on them” continued the teen, amused by the triangle conflict” It made him SO HAPPY hearing them  talking about  their concerns about his behavior. But the story doesn´t end here”


Keruta took Sora´s shoulder and pressed it so much that made her scream in pain “The psycho bunny literally lost it when he watched Ophanimon AGREEING to become Seraphimon´s CONSORT!”


The digidestined of love couldn´t believe what she´s listening.

“Are you saying that that Cherubimon became so jealous that he willingly allowed the dark forces  possess  him?!” she asked, incredulous.

“Oh yeah! ” Keruta petted Sora´s head ” Isn´t it a delightful story?”

She slapped his hand.

“Of course not! ”

Keruta laughed at her indignation .

” I do. It´s interesting how much his friends trusted in the bunny that they KEPT their lovey dovey relationship a secret from him . So much for true FRIENDSHIP! I say that  in the end, LOVE caused this whole MESS!”

Ludwig finally joined the conversation.

“I can´t say I don´t agree with that statement, Liebe” and he raised his head ” Love is INDEED a  weapon” he added with disdain ” A quite terrifying one”

“Enough with love stories” said Lucemon , harsh “Guess you  already figured out the matching melody?”


“You know what will happen if there´s a slight chance of boycotting the holy mission”

“I am perfectly aware of our deal” added Ludwig “Dieses Melody gehört Johann Sebastian Bach.Bist du damit zufrieden?

The angel nodded. He sensed that Ludwig Faust was telling the truth.

“Keruta” ordered Lucemon “I leave you in charge …for now”

The teen knelt and kissed the little angel´s hands. Murmukuson and the other digimons exchanged glacial glares, they  did not seem to aprove. Ladydevimon was the only one who smiled with the scene, though.

“Rest assured, lord Lucemon. I won´t fail. ”

Lucemon  prepared  to jump.

“Ah, my dear goddess. I hope you won´t mind having another guest at your table…”

Then he jumped.

And  the following instant Lucemon , like Alice, was going through the glass…



 Reality 04.

The clock announced it was 8:32 and the Kimura had no other choice but to wait for the next train.

“Aaaaannnnd say cheese!” said Shizuka hogging her cousin.

And so they ended immortalized in another selfie. Shizuka was sort of a  selfie maniac and of course, she ended taking several shots.

“Cheese!” he tried to look cheerful but after the 12th shot he was sick of posing.

“Auntie will for sure love this” she said while messaging the shots to Kouichi and Koji´s mom “Not every day one of her babies foils a mugger´s escape” They even posed next to the policemen while they were handcuffing the unfortunate delinquent.

“Neah, that´s nothing compared to our adventures in the Digiworld”

Shizuka, for the first time, showed an annoyed expression.

“Good heavens! Not again with that nonsense!”

Shizuka  considered herself quite close to Kouichi and for years she assured him that she would always stand for him no matter what;be it an earthquake or a tsunami, if he happened to be in trouble she´d  assist  him unconditionally. And in lieu of her aunt (the boy´s mother was at that time in the hospital due to her regular check up) Shizuka was the first person the authorities contacted when he was found lying unconscious at Shibuya´s train station´s stairs. She stood by his side, tirelessly holding his hand, while his soul was struggling between the living realm and , what she called, the Other Side. And she certainly cried her tears of joy when Kouichi finally woke up and the  subsequent news about finally finding his long lost twin brother certainly brought a bundle of happiness in the Kimura´s hearts. But Shizuka did not believe in her cousins adventures in the Digiworld.

“Come on Shizu!” said Kouichi ” You still refuse to believe about our adventures in the Digiworld?!”

She sighed.

“I just can´t believe in unreal things “

“Digimons aren´t things! ” protested the boy “They are living creatures!”

“Sure, darling”

“Koji and I OWE them everything” Kouichi ´s eyes sparkled with passion ” Thanks to the digimons Koji is my brother again!!!”

The girl sighed. Ok, at least she had to concede that. After almost a decade the twins were finally together, and that was a true miracle. She still remembered when she was 9, when she accompanied her mother to her relatives´s place only to find her aunt crying her heart out in the living room.

He left… and took Koji with him!

Shizuka would never, ever, forget that scene in her whole life. While at that time she didn´t know a great deal about the adult´s world, seeing her aunt in such distressed state shocked her to the core. That was the day she met the shadow self of her aunt Tomoko, pale as a phantom, completely devoid of her strength; the graceful aunt that used to make the world´s wheels stop  with one of her smiles, the candid woman who always tended a hand to a weeping soul…and then, she had to meet that  imbecile   from the Minamoto clan.

“Just for that, I am  grateful” she said in a soft, tender voice ”  Look, you know  I am a skeptic by nature. I do not believe very much in supernatural stuff but…I certainly can attest that you and Koji share an extraordinary bond. Such thing is a rarity in this world and I can´t describe in words how happy I am for auntie and you…despite that jerk´s attempts, you were able to recognize Koji and erase that poor excuse of father´s lies!”

Her words eased Kouichi´s mood. Ok, if he was in her shoes he´d probably be as troubled as her. It was easier to believe in the Olimpian Gods than the digimons and he didn´t have his digivice anymore, (and neither did the rest of his friends, when they were returned to the real world the devices turned back into simple cellphones) so he had no material proof to show to either Shizuka nor his mom. The only proof the digidestineds had was their memory and despite Koiji and Kouichi telling the same tale, with so many details, Shizuka still refused to take them seriously. Despite her rebuffs, Koji ended liking Shizuka and considered her his cousin as well.

“…you still hate him , right?”

“Of course I do! The guy´s a complete psycho!”

Kouichi gasped, if Shizuka ´s eyes sparkled a bit more she could burn down  the entire station!

“Psycho? Isn´t that an exaggeration?”

The girl almost crushed her cellphone.

“NO” she said firmly but a quick peek at the boy´s face made her realize his discomfort. She took a breath and while making an effort to lessen her frustration, she gently took Kouichi´s hand and kept talking ” Kouichi. You, twins, are still so young and innocent and I wish you´ll remain like that as long as it´s possible. But there´s something there needs to be addressed.   Kousei Minamoto. What he did was  beyond despicable. No sane man would dream to do what he did. You aren´t in love with your wife anymore and want a divorce? FINE, everybody has the right to move on with their lives. You don´t take away a child from the mother and make him believe she´s dead, that´s plain evil” she made a pause, Kouchi nodded and smiled. Shizuka sighed and kept talking ” But in fact, the one who requested the divorce was your mom”

Kouchi´s eyes opened wide.

“Is that true?!” he always thought that his father left because he was tired of his wife.


“But why? I thought she loved father!”

Shizuka showed a small, sad smile.

“She loved the man who he was at the beginning, her high-school sweetheart” she once peeked through  aunt Tomoko´s high school album and was surprised to see the portrait of  a handsome and charming boy, looking lovingly at his girlfriend. According to Tomoko, he´d make her the most fortunate woman in the world if she married him” But not too long after Koji and you were born, his behavior changed. He began to treat her pretty badly, fully controlling all her moves and checking up her telephone calls…” she it a lip, was she revealing too much? But Koichi pressed her hand this time, despite his shock he still wanted to know more “He constantly yelled at your mom and when there were visitors at home, he would do anything to belittle her and make her look as a poor, fragile incompetent that was lucky to be married to him. And it didn´t help that auntie´s health suddenly began to decay…she was so stressed that she constantly had gastritis, she barely could hold any food the nights he came early from work. And one day, a routine medical check up became her wake-up call. An early- stage of liver cancer. Naturally such news scared the hell out of her and despite the specialist saying she was lucky to find it out that early and she would recover, Tomoko realized that she couldn´t live with Kousei anymore. It was as if the husband´s been sucking off her her Lifeforce during all those years, and while she could beat the cancer that time…if she allowed things to remain the same, could it be called living? Or surviving despite the hostilities? ” Shizuka was a heck of a philosopher when she wanted ” You know, Koichi? Sometimes a cancer isn´t a mere genetic mess…sometimes, when people carry a burden that it´s too much to bear and cannot free from it…the body will take action” Koichi´s face paled considerably, what she was telling was hard to assimilate.

“So she became ill because she was afraid of father?”

Shizuka nodded, the kid was getting it.

“In a great part, yes”

Koichi ´s stomach sank like the Titanic. But what she was saying, somehow made sense. His mom´s health had always been quite fragile, she was in the hospital the very day of his accident due to her illness. Not cancer, thank God but she needed to stay for a couple of days until her examinations were cleared.

“The day the divorce became official, that scumbag…er, I mean, Kousei went home to sign the papers and take his belongings…abut while she was busy preparing coffee at the kitchen, without saying a word, he left the papers and took off with Koji” Shizuka´s eyes darkened while revisiting the past “After that, Father and Grandfather went to his office demanding an answer…only to find out that Kousei Minamoto quit a month ago. They went to his place only to be told by the landlord that he moved  away…despite Grandfathers connections with the police squad, even they were unable to find any trace of  Minamoto. Since that day  auntie´s health  ´s been fragile…”

Koichi couldn´t hold his tears anymore and began to cry.

“Poor mama…” he wept ” She´s been through so much…!”

Shizuka sighed and hugged Koichi.

“And you too Kouichi. You and Koiji were denied what should had been the golden years…if a law rules that the siblings must live in separate homes and go through different surnames, ok, there´s nothing it can be done. But even in that circumstances, normally, they can still see each other” she made a pause ” But that man took matters in his hands, making sure that neither Tomoko or you, kids, would be able to achieve happiness. Because I can tell that he doesn´t treat Koji very´s not only the gruesome lie. It´s not only the way he forced him to accept his current wife as his mother…and probably sooner or later, he´ll start treating his second wife like a dog if he isn´t doing it yet”

The boy. despite his tears, recalled the few occasions he was allowed into the Minamoto residence. He only visited Kouji when his father was away in the office. Koji´s stepmother ,Satomi, was a very sweet person and Koichi certainly liked her. But the couple of times that his father arrived home and found him there, he refused to recognize his existence. And he could clearly recall both Koji and the stepmother´s reactions when he spoke, always harsh, always hostile. Being one with Duskmon for so long ended expanding his perceptions, especially the dark side of human hearts. And what he perceived at that house?

Fear. Unhappiness.

“What do you think is going to happen to my brother?”

Shizuka shook her head.

“Only Destiny knows” she said in the end “But this time, for sure, he won´t be alone”

Kouichi´s eyes shone for the first time and straightened his posture.

“Because WE are going to stand by his side” swore Kouichi “When the right time comes, I will be his Light”

Shizuka smiled and couldn´t resist taking another shot.

“WOW! You so look like Vincent Valentine” she teased the boy as usual “Brave, proud…Ok, all you need is to just grow your hair like Koji and the Turk clothes and we´ll be heading to the next convention… “

“As if!”


 Reality 01.

Koushiro, Iori and Jyou were supposed to be enjoying a wonderful concert at the Metropolitan.

Instead, they were stuck at the gentlemen´s restroom making sure their digimons could do their business.

“OH MY! OH MY! I ´M DYING!” cried Gomamon from his throne.

“SO AM I!!!” yelled Armadimon “IORIIII…!”

“KOUSHIROOOOO…!” Tentomon never felt so bad in his life. He´d rather being turned again into a doll by Piedmon than going through this hellish experience.


“I told Gomamon not to eat the oysters” sighed the digidestined of Reliability in the meantime “I told him they tasted weird!”

“Does Gomamon ever listen to you?” asked Koushiro Izumi adjusting his  laptop underneath his arm; it was the first time in the day that he had the blessed thing switched off.

“Never in this life when it´s about food”

“Iori! I think I ran out of toilet paper!” whined Armadimon.

“Oh great!”  mumbled the teenager  before checking for more paper “Armadimon, after this you are going to be on a diet”

The digimon whined even more.


“Don´t worry Armadimon” said Jyou “Gomamon and Marine Angemon are joining the club”

The mentioned digimons yelled in protest.

“NO FREAKING WAY!!”  protested Gomamon  ” I´M NOT GOING TO BE IN A SHITTY DIET!!”and to make his displease more vehement, he knocked several times the door.

Marine ended following his example.

“OH COME ON! QUIT IT!” begged Jyou “What I meant is a purifying diet! Letting go all your shit today won´t help you cleanse your system…because the minute you swallow more food, you are going to be rushing to the restroom AGAIN”


The digidestineds sighed again. They were already worn out,  sleepy and the worse part…the occasional gases. Suddenly the door handle began to move and Joe and Cody rushed to prevent it from being opened.

“WHAT´S THE BLOODY MATTER WITH THIS DOOR?!” said a passerby gentleman struggling to open the door.

“Don´t !” yelled  Iori”You can´t come in!”

“Why not?! ” asked the other man, impatient “I really need to go!”

The teen looked at Jyou , even in his 16s he felt pretty uncomfortable when saying a lie. His beloved grandfather , the almighty Kendo sensei , made sure his grandchild was properly, I mean, educated.  Despite being aware of the usefulness of a white life, he couldn´t bring it to himself to express it. His friends several times teased him about this peculiar trait, calling him liarphobic.Lovely term, isn´t it? Jyou , noticing his friend´s reluctance, spoke in his stead:

“Sorry! The toilets are clogged!”

“All of them?!” asked the other man , incredulous.


Gomamon suddenly began to feel worse than before.


And released the most powerful gas from his entire career as a digimon.

“…..” Koushiro and the other digidestineds almost passed out.

“OH FUCK!” yelled the gentleman, covering his nose “IT´S HORRIBLE!! WHAT DID YOU EAT?!”

And without anymore persuasion, the gentleman took off.

“Oh my!” Jyou tried to cover both his nose and mouth but the smell was too strong “I think I´m going to puke”

“SORRY!” said Gomamon

“Seriously, each of you´s going to be on a diet!”


Right now,  Tk ´s  playing Chopin´s Polonaise Héroïque.  It was a very beautiful piece, a dreamy one. Everybody was enjoying the performance…save for the performer himself.  The pianist was barely paying attention to the keyboard. No, let the truth be said, he wasn´t looking at the black and white keys at all.

He was playing Chopin but at the same time Tk´s mind ´s wandering to another place. To a  far, far away place….

As soon as he closed his eyes  instead of the usual empty space, he saw mirrors. Countless of mirrors from all sizes and styles, hanging from the ceiling to the floor.  Whenever he looked, there was a crystal.

“That´s odd” he whispered to himself “I used to occasionally dream about those….”

And unlike the dreams, which always turned to be a fuzzy vision, the mirrors  looked much more solid…almost tangible. He could lift a hand from the piano in a moment or other and try touching them. But he didn´t. He´d rather not mess up with a note…that´s it, right?  It wasn´t like he was afraid of the blessed objects.

He shook his head, that would be completely ridiculous. How would he fear something so pristine and beautiful…?

His visions kept leading the tune, and Tk ´s eyes finally settled one of them. He saw himself standing in front of a Japanese bamboo framed trio mirror; it seemed to belong to the Meiji era, the figure was lacquered it was impossible to ignore the beautiful golden deer with dragonish scales  resting in the middle of the scene.

A Qilin?, he thought, Beautiful! Although…he kinda reminds me of Pegasusmon, doesn´t him?

The young man , for a second, could swear that the creature´s eyes moved. But the following instant, the mirror opened itself and Tk could not help but smile when the crystals began to show images from his past. 1-35_01

He could see both Yamatto and himself when they were toddlers, playing football in the park while their mother was watching. Or the times they went on a pic-nic to watch the blooming of the sakura flowers. The times they went fishing with their father in Hokkaido and Yamatto, 8 at that time, managed to make his dad feel ashamed of his poor skills as a fisherman when he caught a huge salmon…and daddy, surely did a helluva of a job by burning the precious catch making it almost inedible! Fast forward a month later to the family trip.  Their mother learned that she passed an interview and had the possibility of being hired  as a reporter. She was going to grab that chance, even if that meant not seeing her family very much; well, the family barely saw Hiroaki´s face anyways, being the man  practically living for his job at the tv station. So the kids were already used to that…so she accepted the job.

And that was the beginning of the end of the happy family life…

I don´t need to dive into those memories, mom and dad divorced. I know!

It was incredible how much it hurt, even as a young adult Tk would still wish their parents tried to work things out instead of throwing the towel and thus, separating the siblings. Because the worse day of his life, prior to his beloved Angemon´s first sacrifice, was the afternoon they returned home from school only to find their parents waiting at the door. He could still remember the taxi parked in front of the door, the baggage lined down, his father´s irked expression.

“So you choose that goddamned job before your family?!” the man yelled

“There´s no need to feign surprise when you´d been doing the same thing during all these years!” she retorted, nailing her now to be ex-husband´s nature “We aren´t in the Taisho era anymore, I am sick of being grounded to this house and doing nothing but chores…that you never appreciated anyways! So that´s it, in order to find myself and discover my dreams…I am regaining my first name. From now on I am Natsuko Takaishi!

And then she opened the taxi´s door.

“Mom! Mom!” little Takeru began to cry “What´s going on? Are you going on a vacation?

The mother´s eyes were about to burst in tears and as if changing momentarily her mind, she stepped back.

And without thinking, she grabbed Takeru´s hand.

“In fact, you and I are going on a vacation” she said in the end, smiling. Despite being 5 years old, Tk did not like that smile . “How about visiting your relatives in Hokkaido again?”

“I´d rather not” Tk freed himself and hugged Yamatto, who was still livid with the scene. Matt already figured out what was going on and was trying hard not to lose it “Not without brother!”

That was the day the elder brother lost any sign of trust and gullibility , the mother he so much loved was discarding not only the father but the elder son as well! She was going to torn apart the entire family and she was gleefully talking about Hokkaido?!

“We are going  anyways” she insisted and grabbed Tk by his hand, Matt couldn´t move or say anything. Such was his shock. “Hiroaki, when we return   I expect you had finished moving all your stuff” The husband could only clench his fist. Then Natsuko turned to Yamatto and for a second, she felt guilty. But she had her mind up and nothing would change it. The boy didn´t react when Natsuko placed a kiss on his cheeks and said “Someday you´ll understand. Please, take care of your father.  Good-bye Yamatto” and dragged Tk to the taxi. Tk never cried so much like that awful day…


Tk opened his eyes, annoyed by the memory. God! Their parents were really a piece of art, weren´t they? No wonder he, while growing up, flirted with girls but actually dared not to date any of them until Kari…it wasn´t surprising that  his brother and Sora were having a rocky relationship since their middle school days.

“You know” he muttered to himself “We would had fared much better if they actually let us remain together, no matter which house we were going…”


Again, he brushed off the painful memories. He´d rather focus on the present.

Sometimes I wonder…was I really supposed to be a musician? ,he found himself diving in another stream of self-awareness . I feel that this wasn´t the future I envisioned when I was a kid…why do I feel like I´ve been living…as someone else?

He wasn´t even looking at the keyboard, his fingers were moving as if they had a will on their own.

That´s what I mean! Since when I ´m that good in something that, as a kid, I used to be completely hopeless? It was Matt´s dream to be a musician…not mine!

He closed his eyes and again, again the mirrors showed in his mind. A quick peek through them showed him a string of events that could only happen in a dream…a crystal showed him the dark Patamon he met in the party. The little creature was crying so much that Tk´s heart ached. Another mirror showed an   Ophanimon , also very sad. Another one showed an Angemon dressed in white struggling inside a pod. A fourth mirror reflected a Magna Angemon having tea with a silver-haired lolita girl?! Another mirror insisted on focusing on a blonde, goth girl walking in the streets. Multicolored codes surrounded her, was she a digidestined? He couldn´t see a digivice…whatever, the girl looked very sad and  completely oblivious to therest of the world. Her sadness certainly stroke a never on him…she kinda reminded of him the time he witnessed Angemon´s death. Funny, isn´t it? But then…like a fairytale, something incredible happened to her.  A sudden shower of white feathers covered the streets an angel wielding a golden scythe showed up right in front of her. She looked surprised and fearful but the angel knelt and said something that soothed her worries, and ended allowing him to touch her hand…And another mirror showed him something that surprised even more! A scene he didn´t recall before. His eyes then caught a glimpse of an intergalactic fight between two angels and a girl, one of the angels seemed to be Seraphimon but after looking a bit more, he realized that angel wasn´t Seraphimon. Tk then looked at the other angel and got  mixed feelings, how come a holy angel would possess angelical and demoniacal wings at the same time? And his expression was creepy as hell! He kinda wished the Seraphimon-like angel won the battle. The he looked at the girl and his heart began to beat faster than before! When he was about to focus on her silhouette, the mirror changed the scene. The outer space was now Tokyo´s Bay.

It was a beautiful, radiant day in the city until a Gate of Destiny suddenly showed up at the Bay. A beautiful woman emerged from the golden door.

“Wait a minute! It´s THE SAME WOMAN!” he yelled internally “She seems younger than in the previous scene but I swear its her!”

He kept watching, her clothes were different but as he stated, it was her. She wasn´t alone, she was princess carrying a boy…Hold the phone! she was carrying his 11 year old self!

“I never thought that our second encounter would end like the first one…like a dream. But in order to protect your secret you have to forget what happened during these days. It´s a secret too important…for everybody´s sake, forget…”

Tk ´s forehead began to hurt and he was forced to open his eyes.

WHAT WAS THAT?, he thought and closed his eyes. This time, though, there were no mirrors. There was a huge, empty space. Tk now grew frustrated, the damned things that would appear uncalled weren´t willing to show up when he wanted to?!

After several tries he gave up. Whatever he tried to grasp it vanished swiftly in the air, wel…why should he bother trying to analyze a bunch of nonsense anyways? But then,  his heart began to beat like crazy. An odd feeling that was turning into a premonition…a warning.

He absently looked at the ceiling and the feeling grew stronger.

Something  was about to happen.



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