Ludwig had no choice but to follow Lucemon.

While walking through the corridors he looked around; all what he could see was an almost labyrinthine place made of crystals. From the ceiling to the floor, multicolored crystals was the palace´s signature. The german digidestined frowned, from what he could appreciate, it was identical to Seraphimon´s Palace in the 4th universe; even the tiniest details were tailored exactly the same way. He subtly pulsed one of his bracelet´s buttons (which it was a miracle it wasn´t still taken away from him. Either Lucemon was stupid or overconfident about his blackmail).


“Which timeline is this?” asked Ludwig, telepathically to his device.

“Reality 01, June 24th year 2010” replied the device the same way.

“Hum… I see. ” and he wondered how a few hours could feel like years.

Today he was supposed to be attending Tachikawa and Washington´s wedding ; a dreadful event that promised the worst boredom of his life and surrounded by people he wasn´t especially fond of. He never liked very much  the digidestineds of Japan and neither of them were 100% friendly at him considering his past as a former foe; Émeraude ,though, shared a big friendship with digidestineds and digimons from all the corners of this reality. And the Brits slipped on him another bothersome task but considering the importance of such and the fact Émeraude wanted to be at the wedding, he couldn´t refuse.

His wife was such a dear that she was naturally picked as one of Mimi´s bridesmaids. But he never expected what was awaiting for them  hours before the main event; it happened while he was in the shower s. How could he forget the precise moment when he heard her shouts? And he didn´t even set a foot from the tub when the night fell over him. He never saw THEM or the fist that KOed him to the floor. When he finally opened his eyes, he was chained by Murmuksmon and forced to kneel in front of someone named Lucemon…

“What´s this place, then?”

” This palace belongs to the future King Seraphimon” replied the device.


lu copy


Ludwig squinted.

“Who´s not supposed to take possession of this place in 15 or 20 years, according to Tempus Angemon” added Ludwig “Takaishi´s digimon is still too immature


Like in reality 04, it was said that in a not too distant future, after another life-to-death event, the 4 Gods would leave the reins of the Digiworld to the 4 chosen digital angels : Seraphimon, Ophanimon,Slash Angemon and Cherubimon.

Once the angels assumed their posts, the Gods will settle down to the Digiworld´s core and join Yggdrasil. The Era of Gods would be replaced by the Era of Angels.

But if Lucemon´s campaign -whatever it is- came to fruition, that future may never arrive…He shrugged his arms, he never really cared for anything but Émeraude. She dies, all existence could pretty much go to oblivion….

“What do you expect me to do now, Großmeister?” asked, sarcastic.

The little angel said nothing until they reached the so called Communication room.

It was pretty much the same as the Throne Hall except it was filled with machines (each being monitored by an Andromon ), an organ and… floating mirrors! Ludwig ´s face turned livid.

Oh mein Gott, was hast du getan, Lucemon?” whispered Ludwig looking around “What the hell are those things?”

“What else? Windows to other realities!” replied the little angel “I may not had gotten what I wanted from that place but still managed to steal a few codes from the goddamned mirrors I broke there”

What he learned after destroying realities 08 and 09, (for the reader´s information reality 08 was none other than X  while 09´s Digimon Fusion) and assimilating part of their leftover codes was that while he  lacked the necessary power to accomplish his holy mission. He may had learned   how to open windows to other realities but couldn´t take over them like he wished.At least he  needn´t   jump to random worlds anymore in order to escape Tempus Angemon´s constant chasing, he could decide where to go or sending someone else.

Ludwig almost uttered a curse.

“What the hell is that?” asked pointing at the organ, pretty much like the ones found in the churches save for this one being made of crystals and the pipes were made of gold. Multicolored threads of light went from the pipes to each mirror…

“You pretty know what´s this, Ludwig Faust” replied the angel “A catalyst converter”

The mage digidestined frowned.

” For what?”

Lucemon only replied with a smirk.

“You are playing the dumb game, I suppose?” the little angel slapped his face “Sorry but I was already told everything about you, Faust” he whispered something on the man´s ears that left him livid.

“You joined forces with HIM?” muttered Ludwig in honest unbelief “You are nuts!”

Now things began to make sense to the mage but he still had his hands tied up.

“I´m the Alpha and Omega of Angels” declared Lucemon “I´m way above any ordinary human law, or Good and Evil” the winged madman truly believed what he said “You are going to be the hands that will play that wonderful machine , celebrating my cause”


Ludwig looked carefully at the piano and the floating mirrors. He then realized that sometime in the past, a similar device was built by human hands and set in motion a chain of events that messed up several people´s lives…including his!

OUTWORLDS muttered to himself “Damned be you, Magnus Takariyama!”


“This wonderful device will bring on the Project Omega” continued Lucemon “In order to bring Heaven, the chaotic elements first must be cleansed…”


The digidestined´s eyes opened in horror.

“ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!” he shouted “OMEGA?!!”

Lucemon replied with a smile.

“Now I know you completely lost it. Why don´t we play the Russian Roulette instead?”

The angel ´s smile grew wider.

“So even the likes of you fear that word?” he shook his head “Coward! It´ll be the greatest thing ever!” he sighed.” Besides, it´s not like you have a choice. If you want to ensure your wife´s  existence you  must be the CONDUCTOR. You know Omega well enough to play the right notes , so I know for sure you won´t do anything stupid that will endanger my holy plans…”

Ludwig´s blood boiled yet he forced himself to stay chill. He could see it now. There was going to be a radical rewritting of the so called Destiny and he was one of the few Supremes – or any sort of digidestined- that qualified to pull that stuff. Émeraud too…but she must had vehemently refused and hence she paid the price…?

He sighed. Unfortunately  he wasn´t as courageous as her…

As long as she´s fine, I don´t care…


“I have no choice but play that thing, right?” he sighed “But it will require an insane amount of power to feed the chords…”

“Already taken care of” answered Lucemon.

A little movement from his wings summoned a breezing wind and the air froze for some moments. Faust and the others felt a momentarily chill inside their skins and spoke no more after that.

Damned be that jerk,  Faust never felt so much dread towards a digimon, and his immense stupidity….

“You know why you were  chosen , Faust?” Lucemon finally turned back and faced the digidestined “Because I was told that from all the idiots that own a digivice, you are the only who can unlock this machine´s secrets. Especially delightful considering your distant past…your other self. Miss Nova´s partiality makes her an unlikely candidate and  Tempus Angemon would sacrifice his life before touching a single key. My associate cannot play the tune while at the same time guarding his position in another reality…” he made another pause, uncomfortable. He was the damned boss, not the other angel!! “Play the right notes, and you´ll guarantee your woman´s life some more days”

The mirrors showed several timelines , from Mimi´s Wedding to Norun´s tea party and even more. Nova and Tempus Angemon were rushing through the fabric of time with another digidestined and ninja-like digimon.

“Damn! they are fast” grumbled the angel “I thought I bought enough time…whatever!”

One of the mirrors suddenly shone and a scream rumbled through the crystal :.


Keruta ´s silhouette emerged from the mirror and for the public´s surprise he was carrying Sora Takenouchi as if she was a sack of potatoes. Sora, of course was doing everything to release herself by punching the masked teen on his shoulders but to no avail.

“Hello Master” greeted the evil teen “Brought one of the original 8s as you requested” and he, unceremoniously, let the girl fall to the floor.

Under his sunglasses, Ludwig eyes´s were opened bigger than plates.

Fräulein Takenouchi?!”

“WHERE AM I?! WHO ARE YOU?!” yelled Sora furiously but when she heard her name, her faced turned livid when she saw Ludwig standing behind Lucemon “FAUST?!!!”

Keruta smirked.

“My , my! So you know each other?”

Ludwig offered a hand to the chosen of Love but she , instead of accepting his help to step up, she ended slapping it.

“YOU…YOU…!!!” she was so angry that she was about to explode “Everybody was wondering why you never made it to the wedding…YOU… くたばれ!!!!” she was literally saying Drop Dead at him.

The German realized that at her eyes, he was again a villain. Keruta and Lucemon seemed slightly amused with the situation.

“Lovely” said Lucemon ” But she´s not the digidestined I wanted. I wanted HOPE and instead I´m brought the wielder of LOVE, you idiot! ”

The following second Lucemon´s eyes shone, sending an electric shock towards the teen´s body!

“I´m sorry…I´m sure I heard any of the 8 would do the trick…”

“I said I wanted the digidestined of HOPE!” the angel hated improvisations “IMBECILE!”

Keruta nodded several times before Lucemon finally called a quit to the punishment.

“Well, fix the bloody mess! Go back and  bring Takaishi this time!”

His yells almost turned the room into dust and Keruta would had been gone  had not  Saturn Patamon, who had just came across the magic mirror, summoned a magical barrier and protected the entire place and the people inside.

“I´m afraid, Lucemon-sama that we are running short of time” spoke the black version of Patamon “We can´t go back and kidnap the other digidestined, not right now”


Keruta gritted his teeth.

“SO YOU LIED TO ME?!” yelled the teen at his digimon “YOU ASSHOLE!!!!”

A series of OHHHH!s coming from several minions´s mouths echoed through the palace, had they  just heard an act of treason?!

Ludwig frowned and Sora was too shocked with her current situation to say anything.

“SO?!” asked Lucemon, ready to finish the little digimon in a moment and other.

Saturn Patamon smiled,  Keruta was right. He boycotted the initial orders. Keruta was scheduled to kidnap Takeru Takaishi during the wedding reception but  the dark patamon couldn´t deal with his own conscience and tricked Keruta on capturing somebody else.

“He manipulated me !” Keruta wasted no time in venting his protests “He made me believe that Takenouchi was the real target!”

“You can begin to pray, you little trash” Lucemon pointed one of his fingers towards the digimon, ready to shoot a beam attack “TELL ME WHY SHOULD I LET YOU LIVE AFTER SCREWING UP THE MISSION!”

He was more ready to finish the little digimon in a moment and other.

The little digimon did not shake despite Lucemon´s mood was bordering the Krakatoa effect.

“If you kill me, it will be  a mistake” he replied laconically “HE WON´T FORGIVE YOU IF I PASS AWAY”

Lucemon bit his lips, such was his annoyance. But the little one was right, if he dies the agreement he signed would be null and…he shook his head. He wouldn´t be so fool to provoke an hostility towards his most invaluable ally when he was so close to achieve his new Heaven! Whenever he liked it or not, Saturn Patamon had to be spared…for now.

“I actually saved your butt” Saturn Patamon added with a tone exuding of arrogance “Didn´t the other angel warn you that bringing Takaishi right now would had doomed your plans, Lucemon-sama? Miss Takariyama and Tempus Angemon are especially overzealous towards this particular digidestined. He´s like a walking GPS and your rivals would be tearing the entire palace before project Chronos could be started! ”

Lucemon ´s response was kicking the digimon to a wall as if it was a football ball.

“You are a nuisance” declared the villain, annoyed “I would SO EXTERMINATE, little vermin if HE wasn´t SO USEFUL for the holy cause ” he made a signal and Keruta straightened up despite his body aching like a miserable “You are his handler, aren´t you? ” Keruta gulped and immediately grabbed Saturn Patamon by the ears. The digimon hid a smile “Find a proper dumpster where to dispose of this garbage ”

“Obeying immediately” Keruta´s digivice shone and the following moment Saturn Patamon was unceremoniously teleported to another place. The little digimon showed no surprise when he reappeared, chained from ears to toes, inside one of the smelliest dungeons from the castle.Instead, he giggled.

“Better here than being by an asshole´s side!”

Meanwhile Lucemon added his last piece of advice towards Keruta:

“While He isn´t a choice for the slaughterhouse, I can´t say the same about YOU” the fallen digidestined dared not to breath “There are countless of digidestineds to choose from so I don´t have a particular use for a digidestined who cannot push the lead on a mere digimon” then he turned his head towards the mirrors ” Now that we are done with the clarifications, where´s the other Saturn?”

One of the mirrors showed Saturn Angemon´s position, he was in the tamer universe and about to fight against Justimon and Tempus Angemon. He was holding Alice Mac Coy as as a hostage in o0rder to prevent those people from interfering with Chronos´s release.

“I wonder what he wants from that insignificant human” said Lucemon and then he turned his attention to Sora and sighed “Come to me”

The girl chose not to move, she was petrified. The angel, irked, made her float and kneel to his feet. Then he proceeded to grab her by the chin “Those eyes..they are completely heartbroken” and he made a pause “You kinda remind me of Cherubimon”

And his other hand began to shine, as if ready to attack.

“I dread Love. It would be so easy to finish you once and for all..” Sora ´s body began to shake violently. Now she was experiencing a fear she never felt before…that cute little angel was actually a terrifying creature.

“I don´t know who you are…” whispered Sora, still defiant “But even if I die, my friends are still going to kick your ass. And so your minions´s”

The light grew bigger.

“Lucemon, no!” in the end,  Ludwig intervened “It´s too late to go back to the human world and capture Takaishi , why not going ahead with miss Takenouchi after all?” his words made Sora´s stomach fall to the floor ” I can attest she´s a fitting one. She´s the personification of LOVE. And it´s a terrifying weapon if used wisely…?”

Lucemon let down his hand.

“Without Love, they are lost anyways..” he conceded and still holding the girl he ordered Ludwig to get closer. Keruta  followed them. Once in the middle of the room, Lucemon pointed at five specific mirrors

“Realities 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05” he explained “In few minutes they are going to be perfectly aligned, forming a cosmic pentagon …” Sora thought she was dreaming and by judging Ludwig´s face, he too seemed speechless “YOU ARE GOING TO PLAY the PRECISE melody which will reverberate with those universes…La Musica Universalis

Ludwig was momentarily dumbfounded.

“You mean, the Music of Spheres?!” asked Sora, pale “That´s impossible!”

“You want me to play a melody that will make an impact at 5 universes at the same time?! ” yelled Ludwig “That is way TOO MUCH! ”

Lucemon shook his head.

“Don´t play the fool card ” declared Lucemon”My associate knows pretty well about your capacity and if he says you can do it, I say it as well! You have less than 10 minutes to figure out the exact tones otherwise ..” and he showed up the emerald gem “The codes that correspond to your wife´s soul will not make it back to the  body and since I  absorbed Anubismon´s codes I HAVE THE POWER OF LIFE AND DEATH. So when I have a soul in my hands, I am the one who decides who can go back to the living it as a digiegg or a comatose person.

Sora´s face turned livid and looked at Ludwig. Her eyes showed a little warmth but Ludwig´s expression turned cold as a stone. He had no time to deal with a non required compassion.

“I shall take my hat off and congratulate you, lieber Bengel” he said in the end “You´d achieved what I wished to do a decade ago!” He certainly was witnessing everything his past self yearned and aspired; a magnificent palace, gates to other realities and the air was filled with the unequivocal taste of absolute power… it was kinda alluring.

“Your flattery sounds so fake that it ´s sickening” declared Murmukusmon, who had been walking behind them all this time had no qualms on delivering a kick to Ludwig´s ass.”Play the damned notes, human” added the digimon pushing him to the instrument.


“Considering your background story, Murmukusmon” the human had no choice but taking seat “It´s a miracle the Lord allowed you to serve him. You´d been taking lessons from Brutus…Vielleicht?”

“SAY THAT AGAIN!!!” screamed the big baddie so furious that the walls trembled. Sora and Keruta closed her eyes, expecting a blood bath in a moment or so. A sad sigh escaped from Saturn Patamon ´s lips.

Es tut mir Leid” replied the man “My mistake” and ready to make the other fume even more he added, with all intention: ” Oh, I mean, Lord Lucemon, beware of your lapdogs! ”

“THAT´S IT! YOU ARE DEAD!!” Murmukusmon , blinded by rage, would had punched the hell out of the human had not Lucemon intervened by knocking off the wrathful digimon. The Andromons shivered on fear when Murmukusmon fell to the ground, half death.

“You dare going against my orders ” the angel laid a foot over the unfortunate digimon´s head “And I am going to make sure you´ll be erased from existence forever” and he turned to the human “If your intention was making this idiot lose it with rage and destroy the instrument, then well played.” and pinched Ludwig´s cheeks, again “But it will take a lot more than putting down a mere pawn to win the game. Don´you remember that I am a hell of a chess player?”

Keruta forced Sora to stand behind Ludwig.

“Miss Takenouchi, you are about to witness the greatest event of all times” said Lucemon “The proof that Love doesn´t solve a thing!” and he turned to Ludwig “NOW,FIGURE OUT THE CURSED TUNE”



Reality 02.

“The real Battle´s still to come ”


“If I can´t beat you, I can´t call myself a tamer” Neo smiled enigmatically at the other kid “Taichi”

At first, the google boy didn´t know how to react. Those words certainly took him by surprise!


Neo´s sister and the others were shocked as well.

“Brother…” Rei and the other digidestineds smiled in the end.

“Looks like Neo finally recognizes Taichi for who he is “declared Hideto . Neo looked at his former rival and subordinate and smiled at him. Hideto´s body shuddered a bit, Neo´s smile was cold. Perhaps he didn´t want him standing besides Rei chair? Could he still blaming him about his sister´s accident? Hideto sighed, wondering if someday they would be friends again…

“OKAY!!” yelled Taichi “I´ll be sure to tell Gabo about MY VICTORY!”

Neo stared at Tai and replied with condescension:



Menwhile in the Digiworld, more precisely in the Hospital Wing at Lord Angemon´s castle.


Lord Angemon , by Nurse Angewomon´s insistence, was at the healing pod. The angel did not complain, during the war he lost nearby an 80 % of his vital force and during the last months he´d been checking up in the Hospital.

“What do the lectures say, Angewomon?” asked Lord.

The nurse smiled and caressed his face.

“Your wounds are completely healed, my Lord ”


Angewomon nodded.

“Not even a scratch” and for Lord Angemon´s delight, she kissed one of his cheeks” That means, you are completely healed!”

“So I don´t need to come here anymore?” he asked.

“Well, you are healthy now…” she giggled “And you´ve been healthy for a good while, mister! Every time you come for a check the result´s the same: 100% healed”

Lord Angemon half smiled.

“But…” he released one of his arms now that the machine was switched off “I would run out of excuses to come here…” and he grabbed one of Angewomon´s golden locks and kissed it

Angewomon´s face turned red, it was a luck Lord Angemon´s pod was in a private room, far from the other beds.

“My Lord!”

“..and if I don´t have anymore excuses to come here, then I won´t be able to do this ” and grabbed the female angel by her waist and made her lean over him “..and this”

And ended giving her a lengthy, passionate kiss on the lips.

Lord Angemon and nurse Angewomon secret affair by Elizabeth2003

“mmmh…” when the kiss ended, she was almost breathless “you certainly regained your vitality….”

“I did, right?” and he whispered something to her ears that made her blush even more

“Now?! here?!”

“Here I am, lying defenseless in this pod…at your complete mercy…” despite still wearing his helmet, Angewomon pretty much saw him winking an eye. He was such a flirt!

“Hum…I can´t say I don´t find the idea alluring…” she smiled, feeling a tad naughty “Maybe I should begin a manual check up..just in case the machine missed something!”

And posed her hands over his chest.

“Hum…your heart´s beats are a bit faster than usual “she said “See? ”

Lord Angemon´s laughed, oh holy! he was SO enjoying this!

And she moved back and up her hands, slowly, through his chest and arms.

“And your corporal temperature is suddenly rising” she added “Another detail that didn´t show up in the lectures…I wonder how many other things did the machine missed in the scans…”

“I wonder…” Lord Angemon giggled, feeling torrid ” Please, help me, my dear nurse…I am a poor soul that needs to be comforted…”

“You, indeed need some love” she kissed him on the lips , tenderly. But when he tried to unbutton her uniform she, on purpose, got away.”Not yet, darling…!”

This wasn´t the first time they were in the so called foreplay, they actually lost account of the times they did naughty things in that room. Although Digimons barely embraced human feelings, neither Lord Angemon and nurse Angewomon could help but falling for each other the weeks that followed Tai and his friends´s return to their world. Lord Angemon was seriously wounded and needed to go, for several weeks, to the healing pod in order to restore his vital force. When Neo and his foes attacked the castle for the first time, he nearly lost 50% of his vital force; in the last insurrection as Dominimon (he couldn´t reach the Seraphimon ´s figure due to lack of energy) he was only left with a 10 % of his vital force…something he chose not to disclose to anybody but his loyal Leomon.

And during his sessions at the pod, assisted each time by the nurse, they inevitably ended feeling attracted to each other. Lord Angemon soon noticed that he was developing feelings towards her, so common in the human world! And without saying anything he made several visits to the human world in order to do a little research and came to the conclusion he was, indeed, in love with Angewomon. It took a while to finally gain enough courage to confess to her and he barely could believe his luck when she said yes! And much for his surprise, she ended admitting being struggling with her own feelings and researching through the net…

“You know, dear?” he said after sharing another torrid kiss “We shouldn´t keep hiding our relationship from the others…”

“What do you mean?” she asked, hugging him

“I love you so much that I want to have you by my side, ruling together this continent…”

She gasped.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course! Bringing peace to this world as Lord Angemon and Lady Angewomon…”

Under her own helmet, Angewomon´s eyes began to feel watery. Was, he, by chance proposing?

“This world should be filled with Love” he took one of her hands and kissed it, then he opened it and slipped a tiny object onto it.

“Oh my Lord!” the female angel´s eyes widened when she found out he slipped a golden ring.

“Miss Rei Saiba once said that us, digimons, should embrace Love. And while I am aware there are different types , I am certain that our Love is the most beautiful of all…please, accept this angelic ring and let´s set up for a wonderful Future…”

Such words ended moving Angewomon´s heart and she suddenly found herself weeping non-stop.

“But I am not worthy of such honor!” she said , still looking at the ring. She was feeling so unsure as happy “I did nothing to deserve it!”

The male angel ´s heart began to beat faster, worried about his lover´s reluctance. He wanted nothing else than making her his consort! He couldn´t imagine himself sharing his duties with anybody else than her.

“Everyday you walk around these halls, checking on every sick creature and your sweetness helps them to recover faster. You have a loving heart that wishes the best on each creature, be it a human or a digimon. I saw you helping everybody without asking anything in return, cheering a depressed Greymon or lending a none judgement hand to a repented virus like an Ogremon It should me who should better myself in order to be worthy of your hand!”

“I…I…” she was speechless “…will…you let me think about it?”

Everything was so sudden, overwhelming, that her heart was about to explode. She wanted to say yes but still was so unsure..! Besides, what the Lord wanted was something that actually never happened in the Digiworld…how would the other digimons react to a wedding? Would they approve or feel hatred towards their embrace of human customs? Considering that Neo Saiba, a mere human was the responsible of so many casualties? Angewomon was aware of the resentment that some factions of survivors were holding towards the digidestineds, despite Tai´s heroic actions….

“Of course my love” said Lord Angemon “But remember, no matter what we do…it´s OUR business. Fear not any objection, so keep the ring and then…let me know. Ok?”

“Ok, my Lord” she kissed him on his lips before standing up “I am going to check on the other digimons…”

“Take your time, dear”

Angewomon nodded and finally left the room. Alone again, Lord Angemon sighed in his pod.

” How can I help her erase her insecurities?I just want us to be together for all eternity…or am I asking too much from this world´s customs?”

Then why not let yourself being a pawn of Fate? spoke a voice, invisible to both human and digital eyes.

“What?!” yelled Lord Angemon looking around but all what he could see was air “I think I´m starting to hear things…”

No you are not, but it´s ok. It´s not like you have a choice anywayss…

Lord Angemon, alarmed, was ready to assume a defensive posture but suddenly he found himself unable to leave his pod.

“WHAT THE HELL.?” the pod´s power was activated and restricted Lord angemon´s arms and legs, such was its function when going to apply its routine scans “Pod! I command you to release your Lord!”

The pod continued restraining him.

I am heartbroken to differ, added the voice, but this machine´s no longer under your orders. Now, rest and let it heal your sinful soul…


The newlyweds were already on the way to their honeymoon ; New York was now a memory and could only think of reaching the first of many beautiful places they would begin their lovey dovey adventures: St. Barts. Neither of them ever went to that paradise before and could hardly wait to set their feet on what many people called the “Caribbean essence mixed with pure French indulgence” which sort of described the Washington´s personalities as well. And they were certainly more than ready to spend the following 2 weeks at the beach , creating unforgettable (and of course passionate) moments that would last for a lifetime.


“Mhhh” Mimi stretched on her seat “Wouldn´t it had been better if we boarded a commercial flight ? ”

“We´ll arrive faster this way” assured Michael while piloting the plane “I can´t believe papa lent us this beauty!” and he sighed lovingly.

“I hope that sight´s because of my beauty and not the damned plane” joked Mimi cuddling with her hubby. It wasn´t really a surprise for her that her husband was piloting a jet because like his father, a prominent Hollywood star, insisted that it was better having your own plane than wasting interminable hours chasing commercial flights.

“A Learjet 45XR jet will never, ever, be a match to your beauty” promised Michael and Mimi´s expression softened “But hey! I was dying to to fly dad´s brand new jet! “

Mimi began to laugh, Michael inherited from his dad more than his handsome looks and good acting, father and son also shared a passion towards planes. Michael was barely 16 when he began his first flying lessons and by his 18s, he got his license. And how many times did he take her to beautiful trips in the clouds? Mimi at least knew this: she would never lead a boring life with Michael by her side.

“And I also recall his last words when he handed you his keys: you´d better take care of my baby or don´t bother coming back to LA” Mimi smiled when she felt Michael´s body reaction, his daddy usually was a sweetheart save when it´s about his plane and collection of cars.

“You know what? You are right, we should had taken a commercial plane” Michael certainly knew his father´s ugly side when, a couple of years ago, he accidentally scratched his Lamborghini Diablo…how Hollywood survived the ordeal, it was a miracle. Everybody thought there was a earthquake but no, it was only the old man yelling his lungs out like a maniac “We could had been cuddling all this time and …” he whispered something at Mimi´s ear that made her blush in the act.

“You naughty boy!” her eyes were shinning ” So that´s the real use for an airplane´s toilets?” and they began to laugh “Thanks goodness we left our digimons in New York…they needn´t to learn about your saucy plans!”

“You are way saucier than I, my dear wife” Michael winked his eye “Should I remind you about the stuff we did the last time we visited Rome …?”

“But I don´t remember hearing you complain…”

“…well, I wasn´t until we were caught by the museum´s guard!” replied him “We are still personae non gratae in that place, right?”

While the couple was submerged in their romantic cloud, unbeknownst to them , hiding under the last set of seats, Palmon and Betamon were listening to the whole conversation. Of course they wouldn´t stay in USA and miss the fun!

“Oh my, our partners are wilder than I thought ” Palmon had to cover her mouth again before bursting in a laugh.

“A roman museum, really?” Betamon was one of the most poshest digimons and could barely believe what he´s been listening “Of course they are not kids anymore…but…but…”

“Whatever, they are free to do what they please but hey! That´s not going to prevent us from having fun in St. Barts!” Palmon also wanted to go to the beach and Betamon, who was more tranquil joined her if only to make sure his friend´s security. Of course they knew they would be eventually discovered, so he was also willing to share the inevitable yells. But life was so cheerful when being by Palmon´s side that he cared very little about being considered a rebel…

“It won´t take too long to arrive to our destination, right?” asked Mimi a while after, leaving aside the sauciness “I..I can´t wait to get off this plane”

“At this rate, we ´ll be arriving in less than 2 hours” he replied “Try not to be so impatient,dear. Remember, we have an entire life ahead us”

“I wish you had, at least, hired a pilot. I…” she leaned her head over Michael´s shoulders “I have a strange feeling”

“It´s normal” he kissed her forehead “But look at the blue sky surrounding us, no clouds at sight. The conditions couldn´t be better”

“Beware, that´s what John John Kennedy used to say…”

“Well, rest assured that I am not related to the Kennedy´s clan, and save for my crazy grand-grandmother, nobody in my family´s been haunted by an evil curse!” he laughed “C´mon! Lucky is my second name!”

“So I am Mrs Lucky, then!”


Meanwhile the Metropolitan surrendered under Beethoven´s notes. A few minutes playing the ‘Appassionata’ and Takeru Takaishi had conquered the whole audience´s hearts .

“Oh sweet” said somebody “His technique´s so sharp and delicate at the same time that he reminds me of Barenboim”

“So young and so good!” sighed a lady ” These new generations are such a delicacy to listen…”
Miyako, meanwhile, was a human fountain of tears.

“I am not a classical music lover but he´s damn good!” she sobbed for the 5th time, Ken subtly passed her a box of Kleenex “Hikari-chan, you are so lucky!”

Kari also had at hand a couple of tissues, every time she heard her boyfriend´s piano her heart ached in a delicious pain. When she heard Takeru-kun´s piano for the first time, she too, cried like a baby. Such was the power of music, so beautiful and moving…

“Thank you Miyako-chan, I guess I am!”

Gatomon and Agumon moved their heads forth and back, attempting to follow the rythm. Gatomon loved the music so much that she was purring . While she didn´t understand music very much it certainly helped to relax her mind.
“It´s a pity that Mimi and Michael aren´t here to enjoy this ” added Gatomon “This is really good”

“Well, Mimi isn´t precisely a classical music fan” replied Ken from his seat “I bet she would had fallen asleep after 5 minutes”

“Like them?” a sassy Gatomon pointed at Daisuke and V-Mon´s direction, still snoring peacefully on their seats.

“They will never stand a chance against Beethoven´s almighty power” Kari hid a laugh behind her tissue.
“And again, he´s missing his chance on trying to impress you!” giggled the purple haired girl”Poor Daisuke Motomiya  and his unrequited love”

Kari sighed, not feeling so comfortable right now.

“I am not someone you´ll call a beauty. Are you really sure he´s still that obsessed with me?” asked Hikari to Miyako in a low voice “Because I really hope he´ll find love…with somebody else, once at all”

“I bet he´s like that because he was never given the chance to properly confess” replied Miyako at Kari´s ear “So he might still wondering how things would had turned if he did more than about truly being in love” Miyako, as a true inheritor of Love and Sincerity,  knew about certain facts of life.  ” Girl, you may not be aware but he´s been carrying a cross. Those non-expressed , unresolved emotions are the ones who´ll haunt a person´s heart for years…Hikari, dear. Neither you nor him are  11  year old anymore.

Miyako bit a lip. She wasn´t planning to say anything like this but…a part of her couldn´t remain quiet anymore.

“Both you and Takeru-kun OWE it to poor Daisuke. You may not be aware about how much you BROKE that fella´s heart” it was a bit harsh and a concert wasn´t the most proper place to speak with so much sincerity. But Miyako couldn´t contain her feelings anymore, she never liked that part of Hikari…the part that enjoyed with Daisuke´s jealousy. For the wielder of light, that was a pretty DARK trait “And Takeru is guilty as well. Come on! Even when you were 11 you should had known better the limits of teasing! Or did you think that playing with another person´s self-confidence was THAT AMUSING?”

Hikari´s mouth opened wide. Her past self wasn´t so shiny and pure as she wanted to believe she was. Wasn´t she? God, the more Miyako spoke the more she saw her past self´s ugly side.

“How would you feel when other people, while completely aware of you desperate wishing for a certain something, flaunt it to your face and then take it away…only to start once again?”

“Awful”Kari for a moment felt like vomiting “Oh gosh! Takeru-kun and I were a tad naughty at the time, right?”  it was hard  thing being forced to acknowledge your ugly side ” Never thought we were that bad!”

“Not bad. Just plain stupid” Miyako adored the Takari couple, always wanted to see them together. But at the same time, to her eyes, they were sometimes the idiotic couple.

“Would it help a little if I say that when Tk, during middle school began dating other girls I suffered like a miserable hag?”


Miyako smiled. Was she supposed to feel compassion or something?

“I will talk to him, I promise” only Hikari knew how horrible felt the taste of jealousy despite doing a heck of a job hiding it behind a sweet, poker-face smile. Probably she did such a great job that Miyako nowadays didn´t really believed in her sincerity? She couldn´t turn back the clock to warn her younger self, at least she could try to mend the fences as the20 year old Hikari Yagami….at least, she hoped so!


Hikari sighed, a bit sad. She didn´t want to have the TALK but Miyako was right. It was time to stop closing her eyes and pretend everything was okay with her longtime friend. Hey! She knew Daisuke since kindergarten.   Yes, now that she swam back in her memories, Hikari kinda had  crush on the Daisuke Motomiya from that tender age (he was a really sweet and gentle kid at that time) ; she also liked a nice deal the  Motomiya from first to third grade albeit more energetic and bossy. But when at fifth grade,  his fanboyish personality towards Tai surfaced and changed a way a bit too much! And his attitude towards her also changed…and not for good. (he sort of viewed her as his and should pay all her attention at him which annoyed her a lot )  She tried to laugh off his quirks , hoping to create a bit of distance. But Daisuke only wanted to be closer! So when Takeru transferred to her school she viewed it as a perfect chance to send Daisuke a message: I BELONG TO NO ONE BUT MYSELF.

Instead she ended falling a into the  cliché, teasing  game…hinting a love triangle that wasn´t supposed to happen in the first place. She had to admit that dragging Takeru into the game wasn´t the brightest idea and her constant  teases about her preferring Tk´s company in order to make Dasiuke even more jealous only fueled his obsession towards her.

“Hikari-chan” a masculine voice echoed inside her memories “It´s not good playing with other people´s emotions…it will doom the entire group…”

Her eyes opened up, shocked. When she was told such a thing? And by whom…? Yes, someone tried to warn her about her traits but she never followed through that wise advice. But putting things in perspective, she had to admit that both her actions and Takeru´s helped to actually harm the 02 group´s dynamic. By fueling Daisuke´s jealousy, Takeru never was really welcomed into the group by the google boy and refused to acknowledge him as a friend. No true bonds were formed after that, even after Ken embraced his gentle side and let go of the Kaiser. And without a true welcoming, Takeru chose not to open himself either. And certainly Daisuke ´s bratiness towards Tk and other people (like his sister, which he showed no respect at all something that irked not only Kari but Tai and Matt as well) forced Hikari to  realize that she didn´t like him very much. With such chain of insincere friendship, it´s a given that they never were able to defeat the likes of Blackwargreymon or Malomyotismon in a proper way. Blackwargreymon sacrificed himself and the group required the help of every single digidestined across the world to defeat Malo..who was WEAKER than the Apocalymon they defeated years prior. The only time he dared to do something close as confessing,   the time he asked her to go to the beach with him, she turned him down. After that he never had the guts to try something like that for her relief…but now?  Miyako was right, for his sake it was time to have a heartful, sincere talk and move on.

Even if she never fell in love with Takeru, she would never imagine herself dating Davis.Their souls were simply incompatible.

“You are right Miyako-chan” said Hikari in the end ” Nobody deserves to suffer like him”


Meanwhile a very annoyed Iori Hida was still in the gentlemen´s restroom. Armadimon was still in the toilet and God knew when he would finish.

“Armadimon, are you alright?” asked  guarding the door annoyed as hell.

“I am shitting fire!” cried Armadimon “I am never eating oysters in my entire life!”

Iori sighed again. His digimon was suffering a helluva of a diarrhea and currrently afraid of leaving the john.

“I wish I could believe that” the digidestined  was in a foul  mood “But I know you too well!”

“…oh my! oh my! my butt´s burning!” the digimon kept crying “damned oysters!”

Hida had the feeling he would spend the whole concert in the restroom.


At Taichi ´s balcony, Gabumon almost passed out due to the friends´s alcoholic breath.

“Urghhh…” he was lying, almost unconscious, under his seat “Never again”

“Damn” said Yamatto  almost nodding “I wonder how the hell my brother´s pulling Beethoven without being knocked on the bloody piano”

“Yeah” added Taichi, feeling his eye lids so heavy as if they were injected with mercury ” How are we still alive after the Mimifest? Kinda wished the concert was held tomorrow…I´m dying!”

“Tk should fire the idiot he calls his manager” sentenced the digidestined of Friendship, bored “Next time, sorry Tk, I am skipping”

“Sora certainly bailed out” added Taichi nonchalantly “Speaking about your girl, how are you planning Worthington´s murder?”

Matt grinned his teeth.


“If Sora´s mine and that guy makes a move like that, I would hunt him and hang his damned head over the fireplace! It´s a miracle you didn´t raze down the whole hotel!” Tai couldn´t help but smile a bit, while he was loyal to Yamatto´s relationship he had to admit that Steve Worthington knew how to pull a show. And there was another fact, Steve Worthington was a pretty famous Casanovas…who had no qualms on playing both sides. He could swear that Steve also flirted with his pal in the video-chat much to the latter´s annoyance; if he wasn´t so sure of his heterosexuality Tai wouldn´t have minded too much if Steve flirted with him. He kinda felt an admiration towards good-looking fellas.

Matt clenched his fists, the mere mention of that name was enough to boil his blood.

“But she´s not” he said in a foul mood “Could you please say something that´s not about the shitty love triangle?!”

And he kicked the balcony´s border.

The hit sobered Taichi´s head a bit and the digidestined of courage began to wonder if Sora ´s absence was really due to a sickness…or was Ishida´s volatile´s mood that made her sick? She certainly didn´t look so cheerful during the wedding after the Brit´s clownish show and the fact that Yamatto stayed glued to his seat instead of dancing with her, allowing other people lead her in the dancing room was a bit weird. But was he in position to say anything? Taichi remembered how, during their second year at high-school , his best pal and him passed through a stormy batch because he kinda didn´t like how he´s been treating Sora at that time. He tried to support his friends the best he could but Yamatto didn´t appreciate his meddling and their friendship at that time almost died. Had not a maniac from another world began his cliché attempts to screw up both digital and human worlds..(destroying a good part of Odaiba in the process) would their friendship survived?
Tai gasped, for now it would be better leaving Steve and Sora´s names out of the table…

“I still cannot believe Takaishi turned to be a musician” he said in the end “I always thought music was your business and you would be competing against Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones and such…”

“Yep, it´s pretty shocking” admitted the other guy “And hell, sometimes I don´t know if I am happy for Tk or hate him for owning my dream”

“But you yearned to be a rock star and he´s gone classical” said Tai, puzzled
“While this and that are completely different matters, seeing him playing the piano bothers me a lot” Yamatto ´s tone reeked of jealousy  ” It´s not just plain jealousy, Yagami. Please, listen carefully at the notes”

Yamatto closed his eyes and paid fully attention to each note. The technique was limpid as crystal, the tempo was unquestionable and his ear could not grasp any single mistake. It was pure perfection…and that, bothered the elder brother even more.
“I know my brother better than anyone. And that guy, downstairs, is not the Tk that I know” he declared “His technique is terrifyingly good” how could he express his thoughts without sounding a complete jerk? “Until he was 11, he sucked at music. He could  barely  hold two notes together on the flute and that´s being nice! When Malomyotismon´s defeated, Tk goes missing for 3 days. When he comes back he suddenly begins to play the piano as if he´s the bloody Mozart?! He´s been  always a cleverchild but then he turns into a bloody genius?”

That was the mystery that nobody, even Izzy could solve. Takeru´s disappearance and his change of personality. He has never been able to explain what happened to him during those days or his new-founded abilities. Yet he suddenly found himself speaking fluently in another languages, playing instruments that he never touched before, improving even more his physical abilities…and then there was the personality issue. He became a more confident, open-minded guy and hell! His pulse never trembled when being friendly with plenty of girls. In the following years Takeru ´s popularity rocketed and even overshadowed Matt´s! And how many girls did he flirt with before going to England?…It was kinda  a miracle that Hikari  managed to make him her boyfriend!

“I think we´ll never know” sighed Tai “Maybe´s for the best, I suppose?”

“I seriously doubt it ” replied Yamatto in the end”Frankly, I sort of expected another future…”


While Jyou and Maria were holding hands, enjoying the music, Gomamon was staring at Marine Angemon which was napping on Maria´s lap. Izzy was fully concentrated working on his computer (and he kinda forgot to record the concert) while Tentomon was making his best effort not to fall asleep on his seat.
Meinn gott! wonderful” said Maria
meinn gott! wonderful” repeated Gomamon,annoyed “So you think you can sleep like an angel, right?” And without any sense of shame, ended biting Marine Angemon´s butt.

“eohhhh!!!! ” yelled the tiny winged digimon.

“No sleeping during Tk´s concert” declared Gomamon, not feeling sorry at all.

Marine Angemon , irked, counterattacked.

“OUUUUCH! THAT HURTS!!” Marine ended biting Gomamon´s tail “YOU ARE DEAD!”

And they ended fighting like two cats inside a carrier.

“OH FOR LORD´S SAKE! ENOUGH!” yelled you, attempting to separate them “QUIT IT!

And the fight didn´t go unnoticed, soon people from neighboring balconies began to express their displeasure.


Jyou Kido never felt so ashamed of being a digidestined and when he finally managed to catch the little troublemakers, his eyes almost melted his glasses, such was the fire they were emitting right now!

“You pull another stunt like this one and you are grounded for life…and I mean BOTH of you!”

“Not fair!” cried the digimons. “He began!” and they pointed each other´s faces.

“I. DON´T. CARE” the lad was pretty firm that time “ANOTHER STUNT, AND YOU ARE GROUNDED”

“Please, my dears” begged Maria “Look at each other and apologize”

Gomamon and Marine Angemon exchanged a glacial glare

“Sorry” mumbled Gomamon
“Sorry” Marine Angemon wasn´t as enthusiastic.

“Much better” smiled Jyou´s girlfriend “Friends?”

Gomamon and Marine exchanged another hostile glare but suddenly their faces paled and yelled at the same time:


Jyou and Maria looked at each other, surprised.

“Jyou, I need to go…now!!!” pleaded Gomamon, with tears on his eyes.
“Maria…” Marine Angemon pointed at his belly

Suddenly Tentomon almost jumped from his seat and pulled Koushiro by the sleeve.

“What´s going on, Tento?”

“I…I am not feeling very well…”

The digidestineds sighed and with the digital trio in their arms, the guys hurried to the men´s restroom.
The digimons also ate oysters at Mimi´s Wedding….


Tamer Reality

I hope Shibumi´s already neutralized that thing, she thought , I did everything I could to buy him some time…but the rest´s on him.

“4 minutes before CHRONOS´s release… ” announced an operator and Tally suddenly began to feel butterflies in her stomach.

Layla Hagiwara leaned her head over Yamaki´s shoulder.

“How does it feel ?” she asked in a sugarcoated tone “You are about to change the world, mister!”

Mitsuo ´s expression was icy as always.


“I thought you would me more excited, it´s an upgrade of your lifetime project…isn´t it?”


Mitsuo kept watching the screens but after thinking in his son, he suddenly wasn´t feeling so sure of himself. It was like the time he launched Delipa; moments before, a vague but undeniable sound of a bell began to ring in his ears and right now the very same bell was playing the same song… Irritated, Mitsuo shook his head, trying to switch off the noise . Instead, the bell began to ring louder and louder making his head hurt like hell.

“Dammit!” he yelled “Somebody gets me an aspirin!”

“WHAT ABOUT A SPY?” said a guard entering the room .

Tally and the rest of the staff barely contained a horrified shout when a group of guards made their appearance, dragging Shibumi.


“Shibumi?!” Yamaki opened his mouth wide, shocked to see the man. The men mercilessly threw at Yamaki´s feet.

“Nice to see you Mitsuo” Shibumi managed to show an ironic smile “You got a lot paler since the last time, did you join, by chance, a vampire clan?”

Yamaki did not appreciate the joke.The guard, which was as almost as tall and brute like a true gorilla, was ready to give Shibumi a good beating. But Yamaki shook his head and knelt down.

“What the hell are you doing in this place?” demanded while grabbing the elder man by his uniform collar, forcing Shibumi to stand up “You aren´t allowed to enter these premises anymore , remember?”

“I certainly do” replied the bearded man in a tranquil tone “But it´s not like it´s my first time infiltrating a governmental building dressed as a janitor…”

Tally´s stomach fell to her feet.

Oh no! They caught him!!

“I bet it isn´t” said Mitsuo, harsh “SPEAK UP”

Shibumi still played dumb.

“Oh! This certainly brings me memories!” he said in a cheerful tone “It was like the time I sneaked into the Diet in 1960… I was just a student and was quite annoyed with certain blockheads…er, I mean politicians..but somebody had to give them a piece of mind…And guess what? I got my first arrest! ” added, quite proud of himself.

Yamaki almost lost it.


One of the gorillas, er, I mean, guard took the word.

“I caught this miserable using one of the computers. Spying, of course” and he showed his fists “Boss, give the order and we´ll make sure this cretin will never see the sun anymore”

To Tally´s dismay, Yamaki seemed to consider the offer.

“NO!!” she yelled “DON´T HARM HIM!”

Layla Hagiwara ´s face showed a grimace.

“Now I get it!She´s another traitor!” and made a signal to a couple of men. But when they tried to apprehend her, Tally delivered some well studied Aikido attacks, knocking them off.The rest of the staff dropped literally their jaws to the ground, they never imagined Tally was that strong!

“Tally Onodera?!” Mitsuo momentarily forgot about Shibumi , due to the shock “Are you betraying Hypnos?!”

Tally bit her lips while making her way to the boss.

“No “replied Tally firm and her finger pointed at Hagiwara “SHE´S THE ONE WHO BETRAYED HYPNOS!”

“YOU ARE INSANE!” Shouted Layla Hagiwara “Guards! catch that bitch!” and the remaining guards obeyed only to be KOed, again, by Tally Onoreda. Mitsuo sighed incredulous.

“Tally I love you!” laughed Shibumi “I didn´t know you were such a fighter!”

“Reika and I are black belts” she shook her hair, nonchalantly “We trained in the same Dōjō.”

Mitsuo Yamaki ´s expression was pretty much like a statue. Of course he knew about his former assistants hobbies.

Ah darling, he remembered his wife´s words during a date, you´d better don´t piss off Tally. She´also a third Dan.

And Tally without in no time ran to where mrs Hagiwara was standing and grabbed her hand.

“You bitch, you´d better confess!”and began to twist Layla´s wrist in a non-natural direction making the other woman scream in pain.

“Tally Onoreda!!!” shouted Mitsuo “Leave her alone!”

“NO ” and kept twisting the black-haired woman´s wrist “Mrs Hagiwara, you´d better confess before I break your bones..”

“You are nuts! Mitsuo, please do something!!”

But Shibumi gently posed a hand over Yamaki´s shoulder and said:

” Yamaki. I , indeed, hacked into your system” admitted the Monster Maker “And guess what? CHRONOS is not the wonderful software that the beautiful mrs Hagiwara ade you believe…”


A golden portal had just opened over of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, more specifically right on the top of the Main Building No. 1 or, as mentioned before, Hypnos HQs.


A majestic Saturn Angemon emerged from the portal and landed next to the observatory.

“Well, here we are sweet Alice ” he finally released his hostage “Just in time for the event”

Alice Mac Coy at first was too shocked to move, a minute ago she was in Sydney and now she was in Tokyo?! What kind of sorcery was that?!

“Beautiful, isn´t it?” the angel took one of her golden locks and began to play with it “You can see the whole city from this point…this place certainly offers a much better view to watch the fireworks than the Bridge, I presume?”

Alice immediately brushed off his hand from her hair.

“You are dreaming if you, holy dill, believe that I´d watch the fireworks with the likes of you” she declared in a foul mood.

The dark angel showed a rascally smile.

“But isn´t much better watching them accompanied …?” he strangely found himself enjoying teasing his hostage “…than alone, especially in Christmas season? Oh, wait, you were expecting someone else…”

Get stuffed” Alice crossed her arms, absolutely furious with that winged jerk. But soon she began to feel cold, unlike the summery Australia Japan was a virtual freezer.

The angel surrounded her trembling body with his wings , Alice only felt more contempt towards her captor.

“Don´t look at me like that ” he pleaded “You may not like my wings but they are warm and will prevent you from getting an hypothermia”

If the weather wasn´t so horribly cold she would had rejected his so called chivalry. She sighed and forced herself to be still. And as if seeking to build a wall, she hugged her violin case.

“You may not be aware, sheila“he whispered at her ear ” But I´ve been at your concert”

She said nothing but her eyes widened.

“You played beautifully tonight, it´s such a pity that Akiyama never showed up. He´s a real dipstick

A tender kiss from a fallen Angel by Ayhelenk

The aussie girl ´s hand moved ready to slap his face but the angel caught it in time.

“There´s no need to harm your beautiful hand” and for her horror, he kissed her palm . And he kept kissing it for several seconds, making Alice pretty uncomfortable. Feeling his lips on her skin made her heart beat like a terrified horse.

“What do you want from me?” she asked in the end , panting “You can´t be interested on me!”

“True ” Saturn Angemon released her hand “If you were an ordinary human”

“What do you mean by that? ” she inquired “I am not a digidestined!”

He offered no explanation for the first statement , she would freak out badly.

“Also true. But HE is and I can´t wait to see his face when he learns about us” and before she could say anything else Saturn looked at the snowy sky. He could see the golden rays flocking through the clouds that for humans and radar perceptions were undetectable “mmmhhhh…so Tempus´s about to arrive to this timeline …” and he summoned his golden scythe “This is going to be fun”

“Fun?! You figjam! What are you planning ?!”

The angel wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

“Another concert is about to begin ” the angel announced and made a sweeping motion with his hand “and I´m the First violin…”


“….And that´s why I joined the tournaments, because digimons felt more familiar than my family itself…and then, Nova came. I left because that´s what I had to do. I couldn´t fool myself anymore…”

Ryo made another pause and stared at Ruki´s face. She was listening carefully to each word but he realized she was barely holding it together. Her eyes were filled with confusion, almost fear.

“Nova not only restored my memory during the tournament ” he added “She made me realize my irresponsibility as a worlds wanderer. Had I made a false step and I could had caused an multidimensional disaster…”

You have an huge potential but at the same time you may pose a threat. That´s what Milleniunmon saw through you and tried to infuse one of his dark seeds into your heart…thankfully there was Ken Ichijouji to save your ass. But what´s going to happen next time ? You may not be aware of this but your name´s been ringing through many ears, agents of Chaos sooner or later are going to chase after you. You need a proper training, Akiyama. You cannot be wandering all by yourself anymore…

“I joined the Supremes in order to become a proper digidestined, helping to maintain the balance between several realities. I fought against countless of foes that tried to mess up with Time. I was sent to several scenarios to sometimes assist the local digidestineds in their own digiworld´s conflicts… or my favorite one, the time I was sent to the UK because I had the task of keeping an eye over a guy so nobody would mess with his destiny…hey! I passed through so many adventures that had not this digivice recorded everything I wouldn´t be able to remember half of them!”

Ruki bit her lip, frustrated. Hearing all of this made her feel there was a huge gap between them.

She couldn´t contain her emotions anymore and slapped his face.

“I so hate you!” she said in the end “You´ve been through a helluva wave of adventures and I thought you´ve been dead all this time?!”

Ryo sighed, completely hopeless.

“I can´t forgive you, Akiyama” she added and his heart sank even more. What could he expect from her? He certainly behaved like a jerk, leaving without saying good-bye, hurting his friends in the process. And he thought he could come back in a whim and expect a happy welcome? How could he call himself a man when all what he did was run away for years?

He had no right to fall in love with Ruki Makino after all…he deserved nothing.

“I don´t have enough words to apologize for my stupidity” he admitted in the end “I should had listened to Ange and came back way earlier and apologized then…”

Suddenly her expression softened and for his surprise, she grabbed his face”You damned bastard, you´ve been living my dream!” and she kissed him fiercely on the lips.” I should had been recruited as well!!”

Ryo initally was shocked but then he felt such relief that he, again, released more tears.

“You know what? You´d been a hell of a Supreme…”

And he was about to kiss her back when suddenly his digivice began to shine. Ryo muttered a curse and had no choice but to attend it.

“Yes?” he spoke as if it was a telephone.

Ryo! Help me!! He´s going to …!” Ruki ´s jaw almost fell to the ground. Was that Alice Mac Coy´s voice?!

“Calm down Alice!” he replied “What´s the matter?”

“…” But the call suddenly died and all what Ryo could hear was the busy signal.

“Alice!!” he attempted to recall her but to no avail.The he shook his head with remorse”Oh shoot! I forgot about the concert!”

And he began to walk in circles, completely nervous. Again he tried to communicate with Alice , worried stiff about her.

Suddenly a golden light emerged from the clouds and the lake´s waters began to withdraw as if scared of it.

“What ´s that?!” yelled Ruki, surprised.

Ryo muttered a curse.

“ちくしょう!” he yelled “I knew it!!”

“What´s going on?” Renamon ´s eyes were widened, such was her surprise but Cyberdramon limited to grunt and immediately fled to Ryo´s side.

A golden gate appeared right in front of the couple´s eyes and a Nova and Tempus Angemon emerged from it. Ruki and Renamon almost fell to their knees , impressed by the angel´s sight. His armor kinda reminded them of Seraphimon but his aura was way more imposing than Patamon´s mega form.

Nova wasted no time and grabbed Ryo´s arm.

“Akiyama, we need to go. Now!”


Reality 04.


After Lucemon´s defeat, the stolen codes were released and once again, there was a Digiworld. With the revival of the Digiworld, the digisouls were free to reborn again and after a good while, everything was almost like before.

Among the first returnees was one of Ophanimon´s most loyal servants: Angemon.

Standing proud at the gates of Steel Town, the angel was again at his duties. He´d been like that for a long time, barely moving a muscle. A passerby Saberleomon offered to take his place but the angel refused.

“C´mon!” said the other digimon “You cannot be like that forever! You need to rest a bit”

But the angel still said no.

“Everything´s ok” insisted Saberleomon “You don´t need to push yourself like that”

“I am a failure as a guardian” replied Angemon “I am not leaving this spot until lady Ophanimon´s back ”

“Whatever” the lion shrugged his shoulders and left him alone “Enjoy your funeral”


The citizens admired Angemon very much and wondered about his attitude. Since his resurrection he seemed to have changed a great deal, he became an introvert and nobody remembered seeing him smile like before. Even the sight of the baby digimons wouldn´t move his heart, all what he did was greet them with cordiality but his expression will still remain the same: empty.

 photo ang17.jpg

The angel was trapped in a predicament. While he appreciated his revival, the memories of his previous life were still haunting his heart; he certainly remembered the task given by Ophanimon.

As you know, my dear guardian, I summoned several human children to our World but only a few can wield the Spirits. I finally found the rightful ones so please, send back those who were not chosen…

And he did what she asked, he´d been looking for the kids who didn´t make it and gently sent each of them back home. Until the day he met the ones called Katsuharu, Teppei, Chiaki, and Teruo.

From all the kids he met, those turned to be quite preponderant and rebuffed his pleas each time; the angel had no choice but to guard them from the Digital World’s dangers and took them into Steel Town. He patiently took care of them until the day the chosen ones arrived to the city.

I already like them, lady Ophanimon. He said at that time , they have traits that my guests don´t possess.

Of course both human groups argued, the DigiDestined shared Angemon´s perspective, the non chosen needed to head back home. Katsuharu and the others, filled with jealousy wanted to have nothing of it.

Why should we go back when we OWN Angemon?

The angel remembered how much those words bothered him. No wonder they weren´t chosen, a human cannot own a digimon. The true essence of a digidestined was the ability of forming a bond with the heart of the digimons , otherwise it would be useless.

Just because you are a kid that doesn´t mean you can get a digivice. I bet that an adult with a kind and open heart could wield the digispirits as well!

Of course, he never dared to say that to the capricious kids..but he couldn´t deny he was really tempted to say it. Instead, he met with the DigiDestined afterward and recognized them as those who inherited the Spirits. Eventually a resented Sagittarimon and an army composed by Centarumons attacked the city; Angemon insisted on taking the army by himself so the Chosen ones wouldn´t expose themselves. . Unfortunately, Sagittarimon had another Centarumon team ambush them from behind to prevent Angemon from helping the Digidestined, Saggitarimon clashed with the angel. The DigiDestineds took care of the centaurumon and Angemon finally defeated Sagittarimon for good. The four rebels finally saw the light and finally decided to leave….and that´s when Angemon met tragedy.

When he was to say his farewell to the kids the Royal Knights showed up..and the following second he´s killed in one strike. One strike!

He clenched his golden staff with such frustration that he almost tore it in two pieces.The memory of his humiliating death was so raw, so painful that he couldn´t sleep in the nights. And there were times he almost attacked an innocent visitor when being approached by his back, taking him by surprise. Of course he apologized each time but nowadays, only a few citizens would greet at him.

“NEVER AGAIN!!” he showed his fist to the sky ” NEVER!”

His sudden reaction scared a group of passerby floramons and palmons and rushed their way so they would not have to attract his attention. They, like the majority, grew afraid of the current Angemon and would avoid his gaze as much as possible.But Angemon was too abstracted in his PTSD to perceive his own people´s feelings… or the beautiful rain of golden feathers that was happening right now!

“Good heavens” said a feminine voice “I don´t recall such brashness from my guardian!”

The angel´s body froze for an instant. He slowly lifted his head,with his heart pounding and tears began to show beneath his helmet when he witnessed a beautiful, yet familiar silhouette descending from the sky.


“Lady Ophanimon?!”

It must be an illusion, was Angemon´s first coherent thought , it´s not possible that she´s finally back!

He wasn´t the only one shocked by the vision, everybody at Steel Town suddenly stopped their activities and were watching in an awe. Ophanimon graciously waved one of her arms at her people and the town immediately exploded in cheers.

“Lady Ophanimon´s back!!!!” sang the digimons “She´s back!!!!”

And in a matter of minutes, the whole town turned out for a celebration, welcoming back their beloved queen in full flesh. Despite the Digiworld was back in a piece, without their angelical sovereigns, the digimons weren´t willing to fully go on with their lives. They were their Light, their Hope and inspiration…but now one of them was back !

Ophanimon landed in front of Angemon and the male angel wasted no time to kneel before her feet.

“May the heavens bless your sight, my Queen” he managed to say , his throat was barely functioning due to his emotions. His heart finally was able to grasp some light.”Welcome back”

The return of Ophanimon by Elizabeth2003

“My dear angel” she smiled sweetly at him “May the heavens bless you as well” and she offered her hand.

He couldn´t contain his emotions anymore and cried while kissing her hand.

“Why are you crying?” asked her, gentle as always.

“Because I never thought this day would arrive” he admitted ” This world hasn´t been the same without the Holy Three…”

Even if it was well known that the 3 Celestial Angels were resurrected as Patamon, Lopmon and Salamon and being taken care by Neemon and Bokomon , the digital people hadn´t been feeling too reassured. It wasn´t that Neemon and Bokomon were hated, oh no! Au contraire, since they helped the Digidestineds a huge deal there wasn´t anybody who wouldn´t feel grateful toward them but… Angemon, at least, wasn´t 100% sure about their skills. Years passed literally in the Digiworld and the holy beings were still stuck in their rookie forms; so their hearts and strength were far from achieving any sort of maturity.

Just like him.

“I know” she cleaned his tears “And I´m sorry”

Ophanimon then looked at the rest of her people and with a heartful tone she said:

“My dear digimons, I´m so sorry for everything! ”

And like Angemon, the whole town wept in happiness.


Kouichi Kimura ´s current dilemma in his life had another name: Shizuka.

“How on earth does a girl manage to be chronically late for…everything?!”
“I don´t know! Just keep running!”
“It doesn´t hurt waking up 10 minutes earlier, does it?!”
“Shit! shit! shit!”

There they were again, running like crazy through the train station´s stairs and praying the 8:15 train hadn´t left yet. Of course it wasn´t easy make their way to the platform without constantly struggling to get across the multitude. It was the typical rush hour and Kouichi could swear they were having a fight against half Tokyo!

“That´s why I say there´s no need to babysit me the 24/7 !” Kouichi was already running out of breath ” I can go to school by myself!”
“And as hell I will leave you alone!” said his companion firmly, unlike Kouichi she could run for hours and not lose a sweat “I promised auntie”

The Kimura cousins by Elizabeth2003

Kouichi frowned , since THAT DAY , his cousin had been nothing but his shadow.

“I am not going to have another accident, Shizuka!” he yelled

“Yeah, yeah”

“I mean it!”


” Shizu, do you have to carry that thing all the time?” he pointed at the hockey stick she had on her hand.

Sephiroth is my baby, of course he´ll go wherever I go” Like all her teammates, she too gave her stick a pet name. But unlike the other girls who´d name them after their favorite actors or boyfriends, Shizuka was a hardcore fan of Final Fantasy VII and her stick ended being baptized after her favorite (and impossible love) silver-haired villain “Despite the operation was a success you are still frail and too vulnerable”

“And I say I can take care of myself pretty well, thank you!”

And that was the exact moment when he stepped over one of the lose laces from his sneakers and tripped!


He didn´t have time to shout and he, for an instant, wondered if it would hurt as much as the first time. But Shizuka´s strong, yet slender arms caught him in time.

“See?!” said Shizuka , victorious and to add more salt to Kouichi´s injured ego, she picked him up “You are still a hopeless klutz”

And for his embarrassment she began to run again, princess carrying the boy.

“Hey! put me down!” he yelled, red as a tomato but Shizuka only fastened her steps “Everybody´s laughing at us!”

Some of passerby high school students wasted no time and not only laughed their asses off but immortalized the scene with their phones. Not every day an 11 year old is carried in arms by a high-school girl in the train station and it was like watching an anime. Of course they would attract the rest of the world´s attention.
“NO! NO PICTURES!” Kouichi covered his face in shame “Shizuka!!!”
“Ok! Ok!” she giggled and stopped at the end of the stairs ” I thought you´d appreciate the lift since you were out of breath”
“Please put me down in this instant” he demanded.

So she let him go. Kouichi took a deep breath and began to walk but when they were about to enter the platform the familiar sound of the whistle sent a chill to his bones. The Kimuras were just in time to see the train leaving without them!
“Shoot! !” he shouted and irked, he pointed an accusatory finger at his cousin “Happy?!”

Shizuka shrugged her arms.
“When it´s about school I´m never happy” she winked an eye “But you are the teacher´s pet, she´ll forgive you again!”
Her casual tone irritated Kouichi even more and he finally began to scold her.
“I never, in my life, got a tardy until you began living with us ” he was still pointing his finger at Shizuka ” I love you, you are my favorite cousin and I love going to your hockey games…but your daily overprotection is driving me crazy!” he made a pause ” I beg you, don´t escort me to school today” He was sick of being teased every day by his classmates when going to school accompanied by his third-year in high-school Shizuka Kimura. The escorting wasn´t so bad, it was her mushy-mushy personality his worst nightmare because unlike most of the japanese, she was an open hugger and she would never leave before kissing him on the cheeks. Both cheeks!
Are you engaged to your cousin or what?!
That and several more stupidities became daily bread. While he understood her good intentions, her mere presence was literally destroying his reputation.
Shizuka´s smile disappeared from her face and her lips began to tremble. Kouichi muttered another curse, oh please! don´t! , he prayed, not the orphan kitten face!; and Shizuka began to sniff.
“No, no! Please don´t cry !” he begged. A woman´s tears was sort of his kryptonite, especially when they came from his family. Kouichi was raised by the sensible soul that was his mother and he would never dream to make a woman cry “You can come! Ok?”
“Ok!” and for the boy´s inner embarrassment, she hugged him in public.

“Awww… so cute!” commented a passerby granny
” Lovely girlfriend you´ve got there, boy!” congratulated a group of salarymen making Kouichi wish he´s two feet underground.

“Shizuka, please?”
The girl finally let him go.

“Sorry, cousin” she finally apologized “It´s just…I still cannot take off my mind that image of you lying unconscious on the hospital…I…”

An unexpected yell interrupted her speech.
“THIEF! ” cried somebody and the following moment a mugger pushed his way through the multitude, with a purse on hand, and was about to reach the stairs before the guards could get a hold of him. Her eyes met the guy´s and when he was about to pass by her side, she instinctively moved one of her hands and in a slow motion, her hockey stick (which she´s been carrying all this time) met the mugger´s feet and he ended falling obstreperously to the ground.

“Dammit!” screamed the mugger “You imbecile!! You broke my nose!”

His fall was so bad that his face ended hitting the pavement and his nose was bleeding so much that it looked like a cascade.

“I´m deeply sorry sir!” she feigned innocence “Are you ok?”

“No! And you won´t!” the man ´s expression was borderline insane and stood up, ready to punch Shizuka´s face.

Kouchi, like his cousin, didn´t think it twice and his foot went across the mugger´s way, making him fall again. The following minute, the guards were all over him.
“YOU ARE ARRESTED!” and like in a movie, the Kimura cousins were congratulated by the rest of the commuters with applauses and cheers. But the authorities weren´t so grateful.
“Thank you for your assistance, but please do not pull that kind of acts again” they said in the end “Leave it to the police, ok?”

“Ok!” replied the cousins.

Once the emotive scene ended, Kouichi looked at his clock and sighed again.

“8:30!” he made Shizuka look at the clock “Another tardy in my bulletin!”

” Sorry, I guess?” she replied

“But” he smiled in the end ” I can´t wait to tell Koji about our stunt at the train station. He´s going to be so jealous…!”



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