Ruki Makino opened her mouth, puzzled was a poor choice of word to describe her inner feelings.
“Memory?” even for her standards, that was awfully weird” Explain that mister, because I am not following!”
She tried to sound firm but in reality, her womanly instincts were freaking out. She had the feeling once Ryo speaks up, she would never be the same.

Renamon ´s feelings were quite similar.
“Cyberdramon…what had you been doing all THIS TIME?”
The dragon shrugged his shoulders.

“Does it really matter, anyways?”



Ryo took a breath; he wasn´t supposed to be spilling his secrets but hey! It only took 3 days to realize that he´d always had strong feelings towards miss Makino and they wouldn´t change. Only 3 days to get the fact that she was his one and only true Love. And in 3 days, Akiyama realized that he wanted to change his life…no more being the eternal wanderer, he wanted to set in one place and more important, he wanted to achieve happiness.

“I …how can I say it?” Until the blessed digicard tournament finals, I always believed I belonged to this reality” he made a little pause “I never got along with the person I thought he was my dad but I loved him anyways…but I met Nova and everything changed”

Ruki never saw such sadness within a guy´s eyes and her heart was falling to pieces.
” That day, while dueling…or better said, while she was pretty much kicking my ass, she suddenly looked at me in the eyes and said: I wonder how you managed to keep your sanity during all this time while being far away from home. I dropped my cards and replied You are already winning, there´s no need to pull a psicological trick! She laughed So you really don´t remember! Ange was right, you´ve got amnesia!

“No way” muttered the girl “How?”

“It´s a long story. But in order to simplify it a bit, I was pretty shaken by Nova´s words and the more she spoke, the more unstable I felt. And when she said the following statement, my head was a complete mess. Akiyama, darling, have you ever felt that you never completely fit in…? The feeling of nostalgia, missing deeply something but you don´t know what…? And my brain froze, such was her accuracy. The day you went to this universe´s digiworld, you had no qualms onto traveling to a distant place for an uncertain time without thinking in your family…because you weren´t that attached to them, right?

“Now that I think about it, you were pretty casual about you and Cyberdramon stuck in the digiworld” the girl spoke, reflexive.

“Nova was damn right, I didn´t miss my home very much. And when Nova touched my forehead with her hands, my mind suddenly began to open itself and I finally learned the truth: I came from another reality…reality 01. A reality in which I witnessed , for the first time, an extraordinary  fight between an Omegamon and  Diaboromon in the net. That was the time I WISHED WITH ALL MY HEART I WAS A DIGIDESTINED like the kids who were riding Omegamon…I wished it so much! ” his eyes shone for a second, reviving his childhood dreams “I knew  that time that my destiny would involve digimons. And my prediction would turn true in no time…when I finally entered into the Digiworld! There I met another child, Ken…oh god! It turned to be a helluva of adventure! I…I can tell you this, a big baddie called Milleniunmon was about to destroy everything but Ken and I managed to seal this guy. But when we thought everything was solved…I´d rather skip that part” the memories weren´t particularly happy and he´d rather not discuss them at the moment “I remember  a vortex opening under my feet and when I finally opened my eyes, I was in an unknown bed and a tearful man exclaimed: Ryo! I never thought I would see you again! It´s a miracle!” and sighed “I didn´t know at the time… the Ryo Akiyama from that reality died a couple of months prior to my accidental arrival thanks to a drunken driver…” his body trembled, even now that was shocking “Those poor people …they thought it was  a miracle… insisted on raising me as their own and I, being amnesiac, wasn´t in a position to argue. I always had an odd feeling towards them but hey! They TRULY believed I came back from the death!”

“Oh my, oh my!” she covered her mouth , horrified.

“And I admit that their attitude was a bit weird, insisting on having an eye over me every time. Their love became my burden, my prison. And my only moments of peace were the digicards…the digimons felt so familiar to me! And that´s why I joined the tournaments, because digimons felt more familiar than my family itself…and then, Nova came. I left because that´s what I had to do. I couldn´t fool myself anymore…”


Back in the digital world of reality 01…

Mr Gennai´s  counterparts were supposed to be traveling through the net, doing the usual check ups and deleting the occasional virus. That day they ended encountering a bazillion of virus and, after the initial shock, they were running for their lives.

Hooy na ny!” shouted Ilya , the russian counterpart “WHAT´S GOING ON?!”

Cómo carajo voy a saberlo?!” yelled José, the mexican replica of Gennai sweating his digital codes “They are getting closer and closer!”

“I thought Diaboromom was fully erased from the net” said Jackie , shaking off one of the nasty creatures from his feet”How´s possible we missed  his leftover codes during all these years? ”

“Leftover? ” Ilya looked around , the net was becoming darker and darker “This is practically  a bloody sea of Chrysalimons!”

“There´s no time time be wingheys!” shouted Hogan , the aussie version “We need to warn Gennai and the digidestineds ASAP!”  and he turned his attention to Benjamin, the american counterpart who was trying to open an access to the human world.

“SHIT! SHIT ! SHIT! ”  screamed Benajmin with despair “THIS DOOR IS ALSO SEALED!!”

“WHAT?!” yelled the others

Benjamin was the first of the bunch to notice an unusual activity in the net…an abnormal amount of digimemories were being consumed  high speed for several minutes through the american servers and then it suddenly stopped. Despite the net looked the same as always, Benjamin  couldn´t shake an ominous feeling and  ended gathering the others, (save for Gennai who was at that time in a meeting with the Gods) to look for the source of the abnormality. And when they finally found it, nested in a proxy from Japan…they suddenly were surrounded by the Chrysalimons!

“You´ve got to be kidding!” Jackie bit his lips

“I´m so glad I´m part of this surf because  the surf is really going off this day!” said Hogan with sarcasm “So we cannot either access the human world or go back to the digiworld!”

Benjamin nodded. They couldn´t even reach Gennai and tell him what was going on!

Good on ya!” the aussie sighed , the paths were closing around them.

“We are doomed, right?” Ilya suddenly stopped fighting, it was impossible to beat off such amount of virus.

“ESTAMOS MÁS QUE JODIDOS” admitted José “We have no choice but to leave everything into the digidestineds hands”

The others sighed.

“Let´s believe in them, once more…”

And soon they were engulfed by the Chrysalimons…


Gennai finally was able to break  free from the debris. With some effort, he pushed the last stones that were blocking the exit and made it to the outside; once the sun´s rays touched his face, the Agent fell exhausted to the grass.

“Holy !” he gasped “I thought I would never be able to get away!”

He looked back and his heart sank; that used to Azulongmon´s palace! The beautiful sapphire palace was now gone, turned into nothing else but a dumpster…and that happened in a matter of minutes!

“Damn you Ludwig!” he yelled, furious  “How dare you!!!! How dare you!!!”

Gennai kicked a rock, frustrated. From  all the digidestineds…why did it have to be Ludwig Faust?!

His actions were fresh raw in Gennai´s mind. The sudden irruption, the shakesperean speech…the attack! Oh holy Yggdrasil! THAT ATTACK! No ordinary human could do that. No ordinary digimon had that kind of power!

ludwigThe Agent ´s body trembled with both fear and disgust. There was no way he could had foreseen THAT. How come neither Nova nor Tempus Angemon ever told him about Ludwig Faust´s true form? The Gods were as astonished as him and didn´t defend themselves in time…and suddenly the gods were no more.

“Why did you do it, Ludwig?”

Until that day, besides Koushiro Izumi,  Gennai showed a fondness towards the digidestined of Germany; it was fascinating meeting a human capable of wielding both a digivice and magic at the same time -something really unheard in both human and digital worlds- , a unique hybrid among hybrids. Ludwig, while being an aloof character, did not mind frequenting Gennai  and exchange information (he kinda OWED it since Herr Faust once played the villain role, years ago) when visiting the Digiworld with his wife. Gennai believed that he reformed completely and considered one of his closest friends…well, reality spoke otherwise.

His mind kept recalling  the horrifying event.

Ludwig´s transformation. The Gods being trapped inside Sorcerymon´s staff and his own futile attempts  to rescue them only to find himself crushed against a wall and seeing the entire palace falling over his head. And he couldn´t move ! Ludwig´s magic prevented the agent from even winking an eye!

“Nice bravery, Gennai” he would never forget Ludwig´s gelid smile “But futile

Why, Ludwig? Why?

The human didn´t bother to offer an explanation.

“Speak up! Why the treachery?!”

Zugzwang” was the white wizardmon´s laconic answer before vanishing in the air with his human. And then the palace began to fall in pieces….

Gennai vomited, unable to assimilate the fact that how one of the most powerful digidestineds was again in the path of Darkness. Unless…

He suddenly opened his eyes.

“Zugzwang!” repeated Gennai in the end. He just realized… “I see!”



Let´s take a peek through another reality´s events. Reality 02.

Or let´s better call it the V-Tamer universe.

“See you later!!”


“SORRY!” grinned the Taichi Yagami , rushing to the street. “TODAY´S AN IMPORTANT DAY!”

And before his mother could give him a set of complaints, the kid already left the house.

“You are going to hear me when you come back, you heard!!” yelled the mother still at the door. It was no use, Taichi ´s ears were far from her reach. May God protect this child´s soul when he returns home because he would be grounded for the rest of his life!

Tai was too focused in the present to even bother to worry about his impending, grimmy future.

“Today´s an important day!…right, Zero?” he giggled while fastening his run. He couldn´t wait anymore, the V- Tournament was about to begin and he WOULDN´T MISS IT for anything in the world.

While he was running, though, his mind flown back to a certain place…the digiworld.

How are you doing Gabbo!?

Tai almost shed a tear while thinking in Gabumon. He was back to his world and already missing the other one!  Was he a jerk because he wished he was in the digiworld for a bit longer?

“Hi Tai!!”

He immediately cheered up, he had friends waiting for him…The first one greeting him was none other than Hideto Fujimoto, one of the strongest  former Alias III member now turned to be a friend. And a helluva of a Digimon V-pet Tamers, strong candidate to win the V-Pet tournament.

“Hideto!” and exchanged a high five.

“You are late!” a pig-tailed blonde girl reprimanded Tai “And I hate waiting!”

“Come on, Mari!” said another boy “Waiting for 5 minutes isn´t such a big deal”

“But Hideto, it´s summer! and the sun´s rays are killing me!” and she fanned her face with her hands

Tai and Hideto exchanged a glare. The other 2 former Alias II members were behaving like they were supposed to be, nice people. At the world´s eyes, they were just kids…not pawns who contributed to harm so many…! Mari was still a bit feisty and such but she had the potential to become, in the future, a great woman.

It seems time flows differently in our world. That long adventure  was just one day of summer vacation here…

“Hello everybody!” said another boy, entering the gates. His full name´s not disclosed, the others only knew him as Sigma.

“WHOA!” Tai suddenly pointed at  Sigma , whose strange haircut and awkward mood could fit perfectly in the Yugioh anime “WHERE´S THE MASK?!”

Until the very last moment, Sigma used to cover his face with a mask. Symbol of his huge shyness and a weapon in the digiworld…

“Well…I…I think I don´t need it anymore…” his cheeks blushed like a pair of apples, he wasn´t still used to his new reality. Used to be a poor, lonesome soul without friends caring about him…it was a bit weird being called a friend but he wasn´t going to complain! Tai thought that perhaps he was beginning to build on a new self-confidence and one day, he would truly shine. If he was able to bond with one of the most hateful virus, Piedmon and call him his friend, then there wasn´t anything Sigma couldn´t achieve.

“But I still cannot see your eyes!” Mari protested “You need to cut your bangs, ASAP!”

“What?! No thanks!”

Mari pinched her former comrade´s cheeks.

“I know the best hairdresser from this town and I am going to take you there once the matches are over!” Mari´s expression scared  the guy, again she was showing that sadistic face that made everybody fear her!

“No thanks! I´m fine like this!” and Sigma chose to escape.

Baka!” sighed Mari “I bet he´ll become a hippie when he grows up!”

Tai and Hideto laughed.

“Hello people!” Tai and the others turned back and saw the former villain, Neo Saiba pushing his sister´s wheelchair.

“Rei! Neo!” Tai greeted them back “Great to see you!”

Neo Saiba seemed to be as happy as Tai although he chose to maintain his cool , barely showing a smile. Rei, his sister, showed a much brighter smile. The former villain that almost destroyed the digiworld in his attempts to heal her paralysis was back to his senses; but the guilt of causing so many deaths would haunt the siblings forever. At least, that was they felt. Although Rei never meant to be the cause of so many disasters, Neo had no qualms of selling his soul and morals if those meant to see her walking again. But Rei eventually managed to force back sense into her brother´s darkened mind (and after  Rei threatened to stop the fight between Neo and tai by jumping off a cliff) Neo and Taichi finally stopped  their rivalry and worked together to save the digital world. But deep inside their hearts, they knew there was still a long road to overcome their emotional issues. Neo had bigger issues to overcome than Rei´s chair because despite being forgiven by Lord Angemon and the rest of the digimons, it would take an eternity to make amends with himself.

Tai  shook Neo´s hand , showing no resentment at all.

We´re doing well, Tai´s thought flown again to the digiworld.

“Are you ready to kick asses?” asked Tai, pointing at the huge sign which announced the upcoming tournament.

“Always” smiled Neo “Let´s go!”

Today´s the D-1 Grand Prix. Tai continued with his reflections while walking inside the hall, OF COURSE I´M AIMING FOR FIRST PLACE. OR AT LEAST I WAS…

Moments later, reality crushed Tai´s dreams…


“You can´t” insisted one member of the staff , preventing Tai from joining the other contestants.

“WHY NOT?!” Tai was on the verge of tears “ZERO´S MY DIGIMON! I RAISED HIM!”

He saved the digiworld, Lord Angemon and Leomon recognized him as a true warrior…and again, he was booted from the Grand- Pix!

“That digimon isn´t listed anywhere. Maybe he´s a bug…”

“HE ISN´T!!!” Tai´s yells echoed through  the halls.

While the digiworld´s reality changed for better, Tai´s reality changed nothing! Hestill couldn´t play because the Digimon in his V-Pet still wasn’t recognized as being a real Digimon.

Hideto hid a grin. I knew it, he thought.

“Looks like the hero in the digiworld isn´t recognized here” smirked Mari with a tiny bit of malevolence.

“They wouldn´t even let V-dramon in” even Sigma couldn´t get rid completely from his former, villainous self ” so of course no one knowns about alforce”

Mary Magdalena never cried so much as Tai in that moment.

And Neo didn´t try to alleviate his suffering at all.

“OF COURSE they wouldn´t recognize a crazy tamer and digimon like you, guys” he declared, sadistic as always.

If gazes could kill, Neo Saiba would be long gone…

“JUST WAIT” added quickly, barely paying attention at Tai´s irated gaze “The REAL BATTLE ´S STILL TO COME”




“OH. C´MON!” yelled Leomon at the screen “Just let the kid play!”

“Oh yeah! He´s a true tamer, your assholes!” Gabumon was as incensed as Leomon. After begging Lord Angemon for a while, they finally managed to convince him to switch his palace´s computers and watch the human world´s affairs. They missed Tai and the others so much that they wanted to know about them and that´s when Lord Angemon finally relented.

And a multitude was gathered in the Communications room, ready to follow The Grand `Prix. But when the camera focused on Tai´s rejectal, everybody booed at the man.

“Let him play! let him play!” sang many digimons at the same time.

“Not fair!” added a group of Angemen

“Agree!!” an greymon booed as well “It´s boring without Tai!”

The dragon´s yell frightened a nearby group of patamons which, cautiously chose to fly to another direction. But no matter how much the digital public booed and yelled, in the end their favorite tamer wasn´t admitted in the competition.

“Lord Angemon, can´t you do something about that…?” asked Gabumonto the angelic ruler but got no response.  He turned around but the angel´s seat was empty “Hey! where´s the lord?”

“I think he´s still in the infirmary” replied Leomon “He said he wanted to visit the patients and also make sure his injuries are completely healed up”

“AGAIN?” Gabumon frowned. Lately the Lord ´s visits to  the infirmary turned to be more frequent than usual. Ok, many digimons were still recuperating from the big battle but still…!

“Nurse Angewomon insisted”

Leomon hid a smile, he wouldn´t tell Gabumon WHAT was really going on in the infirmary. Whatever Lord Angemon and Angewomon were doing…it was THEIR business.




In the end Sora´s good intentions went to the pits.

The talk she hoped to have with Matt the day after Mimi´s wedding and Takeru´s concert happened right after Mimi´s au revoir. Her boyfriend´s tempestuous mood worsened considerably and when Sora  picked up her coat and purse, he didn´t want to wait to say their goodbyes to the rest.

Gabumon and Piyomon sensed something wasn´t going well when they saw the couple rushing to an empty hall. Judging by Yamatto´s face, he wasn´t seeking a place to have some intimacy and looking at Sora´s , she wasn´t expecting it.

“What´s going on?” asked Gabumon

“Shh…I can´t hear” Piyomon was trying to listen, the digimons were hidden behind a large vase.

“I hope everything´s ok…I´m beginning to worry”

“So do I, Gabumon”

The digimons were neither blind nor deaf to what was going on lately between their humans. They could sense the hostility in the air despite neither she nor him openly admitting it ;  but it was in a crescendo and sooner or later, the bubble would explode if feelings were not expressed in a proper way. They prayed that the pair could solve whatever was bothering them and quickly!

“What´s the game, Sora?” demanded him.

“The game?” Sora wasn´t sure to get her boyfriend´s message. Her heart was beating pretty fast, almost frightened.

” Don´t put that I don´t know what you are talking expression! ” he rolled his eyes “What the hell is going on between you and Worthington!?”

She sort of expected, yet, it still caught her off guard.

“Nothing” she replied.

“Really?” he  wasn´t really buying it. Yamatto´s head was still fuming about the web-cam incident. No, from weeks ago. “He´s apparently your new boyfriend!”

Well, at least he finally paid some attention!

“A friend, yes. Boyfriend? No” she crossed her arms “Despite HIM wishing for something happening between us…you know that I am not!”

It wasn´t a secret that the digidestined from England had been crushing towards Sora during the last 3 years. It sort of became a joke among Japanese and UK sides about Steve´s perpetual flirtation towards the digidestined of Love and her not giving him any hour of the day. Except for Taichi and Yamatto. Taichi Yagami had been Sora´s first boyfriend;  he was Yamatto´s best friend so he would always side with the latter. While Steve was known to be  quite charming,  he would had to be insane to side with Matt  the guy who wanted both Yamatto´s girl and Takeru´s brotherly attention.Yamatto couldn´t spell his rival´s name without spitting fire.

“So why the hell did he throw you a kiss via camera, clearly letting  every single soul know about his intentions?!”

She felt a pinch on her stomach.The speech she was rehearsing during the last hour suddenly vanished from her mind and know she hadn´t any idea what to say.

“At least…he´s clear on that” she said quite slowly “About yours, I can´t figure them out”


She looked at the beautiful face of the guy she was proud to call her boyfriend. His blue eyes, the dark blond hair that fascinated since the first day…if she stared at him quite closely, maybe she could find any traces of the digidestined of friendship she grew to admire so much?

“I am not sure about knowing about your true feelings anymore” she touched his face but he almost immediately moved his head away, uncomfortable. That movement saddened Sora´s heart even more, a mere gesture could speak more than a thousand of words! Especially in Japan, where the slightest faint of a smile could bring a good or bad omen!

“MY feelings?” Yamatto Ishida  couldn´t believe what he´s hearing” And what about YOURS?”

But before Sora could pronounce a word, he put a finger on her lips. In other circumstances, the gesture would be romantic…but not that day. Again, beware the gestures!

“Moving into my place wasn´t enough, right?” he said with a sardonic smile “You´ve been dreaming about a ring…a true symbol of commitment! ”

That was the Ishida´s classic the best defense is to attack first attitude.  Sora ´s face turned livid with the mockery.


“Yes” his acid smile grew bigger “I know you more than anyone else. You are dying to see me kneeling, saying those words…but because I am not, you started playing around with  that idiot!”

Each word pierced Sora´s heart like a dagger. There was a great deal of raw truth behind them which only made them more dangerous…a bit more, just a bit more and her heart will explode!

“It may seem that way” her eyes couldn´t contain her tears anymore “But I will admit this: I ASKED FOR HIS HELP”

She made a pause, her throat ached so much that she could barely speak.

“He put on that RIDICULOUS show because lately you´ve been so COLD towards me that I BECAME DESPERATE” she bit her lips “He did it on PURPOSE.  Steve-kun offered to provoke you .because he´s  concerned about us”

“Us? Or about you?”

His words pierced again her heart. He certainly didn´t buy the story.

“I AM AFRAID, Yamatto. I am truly afraid for us. I LOVE you so much and I just wanted to see if you loved me too…!”

“Well, I HATE these kind of tests!” he muttered but deep in his heart was truly shaken by Sora´s desperate words. Yamatto never really meant to make her feel so insecure, he actually loved her very much ! But his pride, the Ishida pride wouldn´t allow him to speak his true feelings…

“But the more I´m chasing after you, the more you are eluding me” Sora almost yelled “I only hoped you would become so jealous that you would put your moodiness aside and fight for me! I only wished you to say: Do not lay a hand on my woman because I love her!” Sora couldn´t stop the tears anymore “What happened to us? What happened to the bond we shared since we were summoned to the Digiworld…?”

“Sora…” his tone calmed down , finally beginning to see things in another perspective.

But his change of tone mattered little to Sora now. She was giving up.

“I am tired of fighting” she moved a few steps aside ” You were right from the very beginning, I shouldn´t have insisted on moving together.It was too soon. I apologize for bringing you nothing but unnecessary  pressure”

Now his heart finally sank.

The break-up by Elizabeth2003

” Wait, wait! Are you implying that…” now it was her turn to shut him down, sealing his lips with a finger.

” I barely recognize ourselves. I wish we could relieve our first adventures…meeting again…” she tried to show some dignity but it was hard to do it while crying “Let´s give us a time to figure out. I´d rather do this than…going ahead and allow my Love turn into Hate”

And without waiting for his response, Sora couldn´t hold her feet anymore and sprinted away.

“Sora! Wait!” yelled Piyomon emerging from the vase when Sora passed running next to them.

When Gabumon finally gathered enough courage to check on Yamatto, he thought he was dreaming. He found him sitting on the floor, looking down…he seemed lifeless.

“What…happened?” gasped Gabumon.

He kept looking at the floor, but his digimon noticed a solitary tear flowing through his human´s face.

“We are taking a break” admitted the digidestined “That´s all”


Reality 05.

“I say it again: MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!” those were Masaru Daimon´s words at a a pair of Mammothmons.

The digital versions of the mammoths barely paid attention to the silly human who insisted on getting their way. They had territorial issues and a fight to death was the only way of solving the issue!

“OK, YOU WERE WARNED. ” And the now 19 year old teen smirked “Agumon, are you READY?”

“Hell yeah!” his digital partner clenched his fists, excited.


And like usual, Masaru was the one to begin the fight. He didn´t mind being a simple human being and facing the perspective of being stomped by a pair of wild elephanty nutsos…oh no! He was Marcus Damon and a day in the digital world´s not called a day without giving the first punch!

Marcus Damon was pretty much enjoying his current life in the Digiworld. 5 years passed since he voluntarily chose to join Agumon and the other digimons and despite missing his family, he couldn´t say he regretted leaving everything behind.  Somebody had to do this job and his father, Spencer, already spent too many years in that world…

The minute Masaru punched one of the mammothmons faces, the digicode passed through his hand and voilá!


After training for so long, Agumon considered he could easily beat the crazy ultimates  in his champion form.

“MEGA BURST!!!!!” and that´s it, the terrifying mammoths couldn´t take the impact and the following minute they dedigivolved into a pair of adorable Tapimons.

The Tapimons, though, tried to run away but their paths were blocked by Lalmon and Gaomon.

“Oh no” said Lalamon shaking her flowery head “You aren´t allowed to leave yet”

“No bad deed goes unpunished” declared Gaomon , firmly ” Unless you stay here a bit longer and listen to what Masaru ´s about to say”

The Tapimons, still trembling, had no choice but to stay still and allow the human get close to them.

“You guys need to figure out a better way of displaying your powers…fighting because of territorial disputes? You are digimons! You are much better than that! ” the digidestined was the official peacemaker from both the digital and human worlds “But you still insist on fighting each other, rampaging everything that blocks your paths…without caring about the other digimons´ welfare. And that´s plain unforgivable!”

Then he showed them the fist.

“Geogreymon ´s blasts effects will prevent you, coconuts, from digivolving into your ultimate forms for a GOOD WHILE. So enjoy your rookie forms!” and then he pointed at a nearby koromon´s tribe which was almost destroyed had not Masaru and his digimon being called in time by Gaomon “They are agumon´s family, by the way. You dare to do something else to bother the koromon´s tribe and I will make sure EVERY Koronmon evolves into WARGREYMON and they WILL KICK YOUR ASSES FOREVER!”

The Tapimons nodded, nervously.

“Lesson learned?”


“Leave and don´t come into this forest anymore!”

The former mammothmons ran for their dear lives, of course they would never show in the koromon´s territory anymore!

Gaomon and Lalamon laughed.

“Well done !” congratulated Lalamon “I loved your speech!”

“Oh yeah, especially about the family part” GeoGreymon turned back into Agumon “Hell! since when can you make other digimons digivolve?!”

“As if that´s possible!” Masaru shrugged his shoulders

” Hopefully those idiots won´t realize that your speech was pure BS” added Gaomon, serious as always “But I wouldn´t mind seeing that kind of powers. I certainly miss my superior forms”

Lalamon remained silent but a tiny light in her eyes accused similar feelings.

Masaru´s heart felt a tiny pain, if only he could help! But he wasn´t either Gaomon´s nor Lalamon´s partner. Tohma Northstein and Yoshino Fujieda were and would be forever their destined comrades despite not seeing them for years.

“But we cannot complain” added Gaomon “It´s better that both worlds remain separated”

They owed it to the former King Drasil, Yggdrasil, who in order to save both worlds ended sacrificing its own essence. And such thing would not have been necessary if Kurata´s deep hatred towards digimons would not have caused the release of Gizumon- XT and Merukimon´s death. Merukimon used to be one Drasil´s most trusted digimons and his death shocked Yggdrasil so much that he ended believing that humanity was a threat to digimons and went as far as possessing Suguri Daimon´s body. Eventually Masaru´s digimon would go through a Burst Digivolution creating a huge hole in Drasil´s core. A crystalline figure with a female appearance shot out of the robotic body and Masaru promptly punched it in the face, shattering it and finally defeating it. Recognizing its defeat and the real power of the combined efforts of Humans and Digimon, King Drasil’s last act was to bring Spencer back to life before entering a state of hibernation saying, “I would like to see how things turned out”.

“Until Yggdrasil shows up again, we must respect his wishes” added the teen in a low voice.

Until the day Yggdrasil reawakens, there would no be further contact between humans and digimons. Until that day, Masaru Daimon would not to go back to his world. That´s what he swore.

“Well, your chances on going to high school weren´t that great” said a feminine voice and the group turned around, intrigued. It didn´t belong to a digital being.

Much to his and the digimons´s astonishment, a beautiful short-haired blonde woman and a digital angel showed up right under their noses! How..?when..?

“NO WAY!” he yelled , excited “YOU?!”

He hadn´t seen those people  for a good while but he would never forget about Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon.

“Hi Masaru-san, nice to see you again” greeted the Angel in a formal tone

“You certainly grew up a bit, didn´t you?”the woman , much more candid, greeted the digidestined with a kiss on his cheeks!

The guy, who was not used to such thing, almost turned into a tomato. Never having a single girlfriend in his whole life that kind of attention was unsettling!

“And you…you look exactly the same as 3 years ago!” stuttered he, still shinning red.

“Thank you” she caressed his hair, softly “I couldn´t ask for a better compliment…”

Agumon and the others exchanged a glare. Something felt odd…

“What…what brings you here?”  Masaru  awkwardly stepped back. It´s been so long since the last time he talked to a girl! He wasn´t especially good talking with females aside his mom, sister and Yoshino…but that´s another story!. But now, at his 19s, he admitted he sort of missed that type of interactions. But Nova moved forward, as if not wanting to let him escape. The boy looked at her partner but Tempus Angemon kept standing in his spot,  like a statue.

“Something´s not right ” whispered Gaomon to his friends “That smell..”

Nova got closer and reeking of femininity , which disturbed the digimons even more, grabbed Masaru by the arm.

“Things are about to become chaotic in many universes” she said “I am asking you again: Are you willing to JOIN THE SUPREMES?”



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