“The existence of parallel universes may seem like something cooked up by science fiction writers, with little relevance to modern theoretical physics. But the idea that we live in a ‘multiverse’ made up of an infinite number of parallel universes has long been considered a scientific possibility – although it is still a matter of vigorous debate among physicists. […]

It is important to keep in mind that the multiverse view is not actually a theory, it is rather a consequence of our current understanding of theoretical physics. This distinction is crucial. We have not waved our hands and said: “Let there be a multiverse”. […]

The universes predicted by string theory and inflation live in the same physical space (unlike the many universes of quantum mechanics which live in a mathematical space), they can overlap or collide. Indeed, they inevitably must collide, leaving possible signatures in the cosmic sky which we can try to search for.[…]Nevertheless, since collisions with other universes must occur in a particular direction, a general expectation is that any signatures will break the uniformity of our observable Universe.

These signatures are actively being pursued by scientists. Some are looking for it directly through imprints in the cosmic microwave background, the afterglow of the Big Bang. However, no such signatures are yet to be seen. Others are looking for indirect support such as gravitational waves, which are ripples in space-time as massive objects pass through. Such waves could directly prove the existence of inflation, which ultimately strengthens the support for the multiverse theory.
Whether we will ever be able to prove their existence is hard to predict. But given the massive implications of such a finding it should definitely be worth the search…”
Extracts from an article  written by Eugene Lim from King’s College London,  originally published by The Conversation.


When it´s about the Multiverse, few were as well versed as the being called Tempus Angemon. The digital Angel of time was one of the privileged to transit  through the gates between the universes…allowed to peek through the past , present and the future of the reality of his choice, going lineal and non lineal whatever he felt it, wherever he wanted.

As an Angel of Time, his main task is to recollect information and preserve the history behind each reality. While being bestowed a god-like power, the responsibility is as tough as power itself. Watching the constant struggles between Good and Evil, Order and Chaos, Light and Darkness…so many terms for essentially the same thing, the angel ´s original task is not to interfere with local conflicts. He´s supposed to watch the heroes and villains journeys and only, time to time, lending a hand to the character in question. An angel of time must be fair, subtle and have in check his emotions. Being able to look beyond the initial response and letting the threads roll as smooth as possible;  sometimes a bad event will become a brick into a wonderful future awaiting the hero or despite being so hateful, letting the villain taste his moment of triumph because , invariably, the coin will flip out and the capricious Goddess of Fortune will make sure to change the scenery.

During the last decade or centuries ( depending the universe) Tempus Angemon and so his human worked hard to preserve the equilibrium between universes ;from  time to time, realities are bound to collision and thus endangering the well-fare of everybody. Sometimes they arrive in time to save a universe, others they weren´t that lucky and had no choice but let it die. And when a universe reaches its end, there´s no coming back. Another universe is created, right in the spot, and takes the previous one´s place.

But when someone else is granted the power and  seeking on purpose to bring up a collision , pretending to be God…then the guardians must put aside some golden rules and join the twisted race.

And right now, Tempus Angemon and Nova Takariyama were racing against time, no matter how exhausting, heart-breaking it was…they won´t stop  until they´ll find the root  of the  conflict and revert it before it poisons the current  universe and affect the others.

“Right now we are in the so called Tamer reality,  20 YEARS since Delipa´s defeat” said Nova while still looking through her digivice´s info

“And  while we are speaking, Nova” replied Ange standing up from his seat (when in his civilian attire, Angemon becomes Ange) ” Ryo Akiyama is paying a visit to his former colleagues, 10 years prior”

“Yup, destiny has a wicked sense of humor”

For them the difference in years is little, as stated before, in their profession going back and forth from the past to the future or from the future to the past was a daily routine. And while for a normal individual´s perceptions a decade mean a huge distance, for the time-reality travelers was like crossing a street.

“This isn´t a coincidence” Ange looked at the sky, as seeking some guidance from the stars “While I didn´t give specifics instructions to the gate of Destiny, I can´t shake the  feeling that we were summoned to this place”

Nova stopped looking at her device, surprised by her partner´s words.

“Are you sure?”

Still looking at the sky, Ange nodded.

” It ´s required to have an awful stock of cosmic powers to figure your exact location while going through the dimensional interface!”

As she spoke a sudden breeze mixed with the electric sound of a guitar,  shook violently the treetops depriving them of most of their leaves. Nova and Ange immediately assumed a defensive position, a blade of light emerged from  the digivice (alla Magnaangemon´s Excalibur) and Ange was ready to resume his Digital Angel form.

“You are indeed GOOD”   a metallic voice  greeted them  “Congratulations for finding it out”

The couple did not relax.

“It certainly took a helluva of  power to sort the river” continued the voice, jokingly “But I´m a good fisher”

Ange and Nova didn´t appreciate the comment.

“You´d better show up right now or I´ll assume we are dealing with enemies” demanded Ange, firm “And I mean BOTH”

A couple of silhouettes emerged from the shrubbery. Nova was surprised to find out that the summoners were an 18ish boy and a Kotemon. The boy was a brunet with brownish eyes and his T-shirt prayed a KISS logo. AND THE TATTOOS! Nova couldn´t unglue her eyes from the boy´s arms. He´s true to the image of a rock n´roll guy. And speaking about the rock, his fingers were still playing the guitar, which Nova immediately recognized as  Gibson. The style and rhythm reminded her of Slash, a virtuoso rock n´roll guitarist…
“Children” Ange , solemn, walked in their direction “You´d better have a good reason for interfering with our paths. We are in the midst of a temporal race and every minute in this place may mark a significant difference on it”

The boy and his digimon shrugged their shoulders, unimpressed.

“Well?” Ange raised an eyebrow, waiting for an answer.

“We do” replied the boy

“Order or Chaos?” Nova threw her question.

“The first” the teen looked at Ange firmly in the eye.

“Your partner´s powers cannot match mine” added the angel “When you say fishing, even in a Mega state, there´s no way he could summon enough power to trace my steps and alter the gate of destiny´s coordinates. Speak now, on whose behalf are you acting?”

The boy finally seemed impressed.

“Wow, you are exactly as they said” and the teen stopped playing his guitar ” And the answer for your question is simple: we´re acting on the 4 great Gods behalf…”


“Madame, we have reached our destiny”  announced Trailmon slowing down his march.


“You are telling the Master, right?” added the mechanical digimon, a bit anxious “Because I´ve been nothing but useful! Right?”

“…sure, darling”

As soon as the doors opened, an apathetic Darcmon stepped on the platform. She looked around and the first thing she noticed was the floor. It wasn´t the typical concrete door, it was made of crystal! It was like walking on a mirror, she could see her whole self reflected on the surface.

“Neat” she mumbled, hardly impressed.


“Welcome , lady Darcmon to the Master´s current realm”  the female angel´s beautiful face did not hide a grimace when   Baromon approached her “What have you brought this time?”

“A bunch of losers, just like you” was her candid reply “And I´m not going to carry them”

And before Baromon could say anything, she simply opened her wings and took off. She had enough for a day. Baromon, despite the rudeness, smiled under his mask.

“BITTER AND BEAUTIFUL” said the  mardi gras-esque masked demon digimon with sarcasm “If only she knew her future…. ” smirked the former historian from his digiworld “Of course I am not telling!”

Even if Darcmon had a more mellow temper, Baromon´s moodiness wouldn´t have lifted anyways.

“SOMEBODY TAKE THESE S****Y KIDS FROM MY F***ING WAGON!” yelled Trailmon, impatient “There are other places waiting for my @*** arrival!”

“Uh, yes” the other digimon finally got back to reality and began to move. Five digidestineds were already lying unconscious on the ground.

” Kanbara,Minamoto, Shibayama, Orimoto, Himi…” he  knew those kids; in another life he  allowed them in the Tunnel of History and delivered the secrets from the past, the present and about the future…But that was  another life. Baromon shook his head, hopeless when remembering the Prophecy. The last one he received  from the cave before  Lucemon´s latest irruption … what´s the use of fighting when everything´s going to be destroyed? he said to himself.


“Hey, Trailmon. Where´s the last one?”

“HUH? What do you mean by that?” asked Trailmon, annoyed.

“There were supposed to be 6 kids. Minamoto´s twin is missing”

Trailmon growled.

“Ask Darcmon! ” yelled the living train “it was HER task to fetch them!

The grumpy digimon afterwards  exited the stage leaving behind  a smoke wall which naturally covered Baramon from head to toes.

Baromon barely noticed the smoke, he was already having a migraine. He needn´t have to be a clairvoyant to predict  Lucemon´s joy when he learns  about the mistake….


“That´s it?!” howled Lucemon, pretty much irked.

Baromon gulped, wondering if he was going to be exterminated after this. On the ground were lying the newly captured digidestineds but of course, Lucemon knew his maths.

“Where´s the sixth one?!” the evil kid angel yelled his lungs out, making the whole place tremble like a pile of cards.

“I don´t know” admitted Baromon “I wasn´t the one assigned with this task in the first place…”

Baromon didn´t finish his phrase, the kiddie angel delivered a punch at his subordinate, sending the unfortunate digimon flying. Baromon ended crashing against a pillar.

“I don´t want to hear excuses” declared Lucemon and then looked at the rest of his subordinates. His minions could only kneel and pray not to inflame the Master´s fury, but Darcmon shrugged her shoulders and said:

“There´s no need to worry, sooner or later we are getting Kimura”

Lucemon looked at the female angel with contempt.

“For your sake” asked the little one “you´d better have it done by yesterday”

Darcmon limited to nod.

Then Lucemon looked at the unconscious group, not only Takuya and his friends were on the floor. Lying next to the kids, passed out too, the spectators´s eyes could recognize Bokomon, Neemon, Patamon, Lopmon and Salamon.

“I never thought that one day I would have my replacements at my feet” Lucemon half smiled “The Holy Trinity of Useless Angels! Hah!” and picked Lopmon “But I guess this one was quite amusing, his lust for Ophanimon certainly HELPED with my first resurrection. Ahhh Cherubimon, your non requited  love will always be appreciated!”

“Ugh, love sucks” Darcmon ´s face showed revulsion “It makes you weak”

Her words echoed the crystal walls, gaining an instant approval from the rest of Lucemon´s followers.

“It certainly didn´t do anything for Seraphimon and Ophanimon ” admitted the one known as Daemon staring at the unfortunate  digimons “The first one ended playing the Sleeping Beauty role and the second never escaped the lady in distress cliché. It´s almost shameful to recognize such useless beings as supreme angels”

” I concur, it´s a shame a group of kids were summoned to another world in order to fix the holy trio messes” added Murmuksmon with arrogance “What are you planning to do with them?”

Lucemon threw Lopmon back to the ground.

“The kids, for now, will join the OTHERS downstairs” he replied “Ice Devimon, Lady devimon…take the holy idiots to the Central Room”

His followers did not waste any minute to follow his orders, yet Darcmon managed to bring up another question:

“What about them?” asked, pointing at Neemon and Bokomon.

“They are trash, do whatever you want with them…”

Murmukusmon shook his head , feeling some pity towards the little ones. Lucemon was certainly disgusting, he certainly knew what he planned to do with the rookie´s incarnations of his fellow angelical partners and even at his standards, it was  sick.   But Lucemon was his Master now and had to go on through the plan.

“So I shall go after Kimura” added Darcmon.

“NO” interrupted Murmukusmon “I had already somebody else to retrieve the remaining frontier”


“Besides, there´s another mission for you…”


“what´s this?” asked Magna Angemon , intrigued to the core.

” Strauss ” answered Norun “It´s beautiful, isn´t it?”

After the routine check-up with Datamon, Norun went to the Castle´s terrace and was greeted by Piximon and two more people. Pixiemon already had a table for the Tea Hour, with a victorian feel from the lace mantle to the white and pink porcelain tea set . There were sandwiches and cake, french and german sweets and a whole bowl filled with fruit. The centerpiece was a little masterpiece, filled with white roses, courtesy from the new garden in the terrace. Because Norun ´s tastes were so Western oriented (something neither Piximon nor the others had the slightest idea what it meant) , the Digiworld had its first English landscaped Garden.

The rigid walls now were full of climbing roses, especially white roses. Soft and shiny grass filled every inch of the floors making it comfy for the visitors´feet; pansies, marigolds and hydrangeas were carefully planted , a couple of shrubs were a must and let´s not forget about the little fountain!

Pixiemon loved the whole scenery, the others weren´t so sure about fitting in that peculiar place.

“It is” nodded the Ultimate Angel looking above, astonished “ something you brought from the human world, I assume?”

Norun ´s powers materialized a huge silver-framed screen right above their heads and it was projecting a live concert in the human world, more precisely at the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna.


“Haven´t I been punished enough for my sins?” lamented Zanbamon wrinkling his nose. Being a digimon who ´s used to live for the Warrior´s Code, he´d rather being in jail than spending another afternoon in the so called Tea Party (which he already dreaded since the first time)

“No, Sir” Norun´s tone was as soft as melting butter, sweeter than honey and yet firm as a sword “There´s more in life than fighting. And that goes for you too, Magna Angemon”

“….” The angel would never argue the Goddess´s will, but why she was so adamant about HIM learning about human stuff?

“Ohhh! What are those humans doing?” asked Pixiemon , pointing at a group of dancers , the ladies wearing white gowns and the men tuxedos.

“Dancing the waltz” explained the girl

“I like it! I like it!” and the winged pinkie digimon couldn´t help but attempting to copy the moves, although flying in this case “I wish I could join those humans, they seem to be having so much fun!”

Magna Angemon and Zanbamon exchanged a glance, they still couldn´t get the fun.

The Tea Party. by Elizabeth2003

Ok, Magna Angemon already was liking the music, something pretty unheard in the digital world. Still, why Norun´s insistence of teaching him about human customs?

“While you assisted, in the end, the digidestineds against NEO…” it was as if Norun read their minds ” That doesn´t excuse your previous naughtiness”

Zanbamon groaned, annoyed to the core. Every single afternoon, the former commanders had the duty of going to the Castle and have tea with the Goddess of the newly reformed Digiworld.

“I wish I was dead” all this romantic setting was pure torture.

“It´s a unique form of punishment” added Magna Angemon holding his cup of tea “Ok, I think I´m getting used to this beverage…”

“Punishment? Oh no my dear warriors! It´s called ENLIGHTENMENT” corrected the girl “And I am going to spread music all around the digiworld. While being around humans, I discovered that music possess HEALING properties and this world CERTAINLY NEEDS IT”

“Is that so?” the angel was beginning to believe, partially, in that statement. The other day, when forced to listen to something called The Méditation , from an opera called Thais, his heart felt lighter. The same happened when listening to some selections from a couple humans known as Mozart and Beethoven…there were times, once the meeting´s over, he would rush to his place and cry like a Magdalena.

Right now, the orchestra, lead by a man called André Rieu, was playing one of the girl´s favorite pieces: Rosen aus dem Süden, Op.388 (Roses from the South) a beautiful meddley composed by Johann Strauss II. Why did Magna Angemon ´s feets were moving under the tablecloth? The rythm was bewitching or something! Norun seemed to notice and hid a smile under her cup.

“Your main problem, sirs, is your tendency of disliking humans “She continued “But whenever you like it or not, both worlds share an unbreakable bond. One world cannot simply exist without the other. Digimons, no matter if they belong to the pure breed or the ones created for the Digi tournaments, are human´s counterparts. And it goes the other way too. Everyday, a digimon is born due to a human´s dreams and hopes and everyday a digimon dies, when a human is either depressed or simply gone from the living realm…”

Magna Angemon abruptly placed his cup on the plate.

“What about poor Chibimon? He died because he lacked a tamer´s love! That poor little soul never had a chance to live!” he said incensed.

Norun sighed.

“Unfortunately, a child´s heart can be fickle. It´s INEVITABLE. It happens MOST of the time. Initially they want to join the adventure and so, a new digimon is summoned but when the adventure isn´t as fulfilling as they imagined…could be by the inability of winning a single battle, boredom or or whatever´s the cause, invariably the digimon in question ends being discarded. But hating humans is WRONG. Neither CHILDREN, nor ADULTS are aware about those digimons being the REAL THING. Because in their world, our world is JUST A GAME”

Magna Angemon bit his lip, what she was saying was true. But Chibimon´s death still continued to haunt him.

“WHATEVER” said Zanbamon once the song ended “I´m getting out of here. I stayed for a full HOUR so my duty´s done” and before Norun and the others could say anything else, he jumped over the walls and vanished in the act.

“He´s such an ass” protested Pixiemon “I bet he isn´t sorry at all! Norun, that was the guy who willingly joined Babamon in his twisted quest. Magna Angemon, at least, was brainwashed”

Norun sighed. She knew that much already.

“You can also leave, Magna. As your former comrade said, time´s off”

But the angel politely declined the offer.

“I´m ok with this” and looked again at the floating screen ” Perhaps…we..could try THAT?”

The orchestra was already performing another melody, the well known Kaizer-Waltzer .

“Really?” Norun´s eyes shined.

” I think that humans aren´t that bad” the angel gasped, shy “…shall we…dance, Lady Norun?” and he proceeded to offer his hand, imitating the male dancers.

“Yes, please”

And Magna Angemon ended dancing his first Waltz…



Again back to the Tamer´s reality, this time the readers´s attention will be focused in Sydney, Australia.

Australia had already received Father Christmas´s visit (because of  the hour difference between Sydney and Tokyo,  the reader should get noted that it was two hours ahead in the aussie teritory) , so right now it´s 1:45 AM , December 25th in Sydney.
The majority of the citizens were still very in the mood for celebrations and were willing to fill the sky with so many fireworks that it almost was a declaration of war! There were fireworks everywhere, really, and the best view was , of course, at the beach.

Or the Bridge.


Alice Mac Coy let escape a  sigh filled with melancholy while staring at the sky.

“The fireworks are really beautiful tonight” she whispered “Flocking through the celestial vault, leaving the stars in shame..”

Tears flooded through her porcelain cheeks. The thought of so many happy families, friends celebrating Christmas right now was crushing her heart. If only she could be one of them…! If only..!
She should be watching the fireworks at her home in Melbourne, with her family and friends…not marching through the Sydney Harbour Bridge, alone, with no company except her violin.

“I wish Ryo´d been present at my concert” she hugged the case which contained her instrument “He promised!”

Her grandfather wasn´t feeling very well lately so he couldn´t travel to Sydney this year and as much as the tamers begged her to stay in Tokyo for a bit longer, Alice had to return to Australia in time for the Christmas concert;that year, her orchestra had the honor of being invited to play at the Sydney Opera House. And Alice had to be there.

“It´s my  concert! My freaking Christmas concert!” she sobbed, inconsolable ” How dare he ditch his promise…he knew how much it meant to me!”

He wasn´t her boyfriend yet she still hoped…while none of the tamers knew about Ryo´s whereabouts, Alice was the only living soul in touch with him.

“And I  kept his secrets all these years! ” she stopped only to shout at the sea “Damn you, Akiyama! I was really counting on you…”

Her sadness was so big that she  refused going on an after concert party with her musician peers and even passed a car offer . She  needed to walk and vent her frustrations otherwise she would turn crazy…

Suddenly the fireworks were no more in the sky. And the noise of the passerby cars seemed to cease as well!

Alice at first was too involved with her sadness and only after a couple of minutes, she finally noticed. She actually began to take notice when a bright, white feather fell over her nose.

Then it began to rain feathers all over the Bridge!

“Oh no! No! No!” she shouted “You are not real!”

An angelic being was standing on the bridge, with silver hair and black and white clothes. And he was carrying a golden scythe. Alice ´s blood froze in fear.

“Denying my existence is foolish, Alice Mac Coy. You KNEW this day would come”

She shook her head, frantic.

“Shall I remind you about our oath…?”

“It´s a dream…a dream…”

The angel almost felt compassion toward the terrified girl.


“Even if you truly managed to convince yourself during the last decade…” he spoke in a tender tone  but then his words turned into a brick wall “It´s the same, we´re leaving”

“I…I… changed my mind…I am not going!” and Alice began to run away, desperate.

The angel  couldn´t say he was surprised with her response. He seemed to expect it.

While running, the girl frantically rose her special bracelet, the one that looked like Ryo´s and pressed a button in speed dial.

“Ryo! Help me!! He´s going to …!”

But the call was abruptly interrupted when the divine being, calmly, grabbed the bracelet from her hands and crushed it.

“You won´t need it anymore” said the angel, now pulling her into his arms.
Alice struggled for several seconds in his arms, but the angel relented nothing. He was there to pick her up and no plea or threat would work on him.

“You don´t own your fate anymore” said the angel, finally “Not since that day…”


“You should had let me die at that time” Alice still struggling to free herself  “What are you planning to do with me?!” she demanded.

“Soon you will find out”

He simply smiled and his scythe opened a portal in the sky…



“Ruki…there´s something I need to tell you”

She almost choked, the moment she waited finally arrived.

“Guess what? You had your share of fun so save it!”

And she sprinted away from his arms, overwhelmed by her emotions. If only she didn´t allow herself to be excited by Akiyama´s charms!

“Wait! ” begged Ryo, chasing after her “Don´t leave like that! Please listen to me!
“What´s the point?” she yelled at him “You are leaving again!”

But Ryo managed to catch one of her hands and in a tone reeking of love and desperation, he exclaimed:


She slowly turned around.
“Akiyama….” when she looked at him, she noticed the tears flowing from his eyes “Ryo…”

The once powerful, arrogant almost invincible tamer was showing his deepest feelings. He looked so fragile…she wanted to hug him and assure him that everything´s going to be all right. But she kept still. Trust…that´s something to be earned.

“I left, years ago, in order to become a Supreme” he uncovered his right sleeve, exposing his bracelet. It was silver and blue and the design kinda resembled Magna Angemon´s “This is DIGIVICE is the proof of my current status”

Cyberdramon gave a faint explanation about his comrade´s secrets.

“Renamon, when Ryo left years ago…he not only left this city. He practically left this reality”


Renamon finally let go of his parts, shocked.

” A digidestined from another universe showed up one day” continued the black dragon with his tale ” and ended booking my partner into her team…”
“Do you remember my last tournament?” Ryo asked and Ruki slowly nodded. How could she forget such event? That was the first time she never made it past the preliminaries…her pride was so hurt that she didn´t want to stay any longer and left before the finals were celebrated “Well, that´s how I met HER”


“My boss”

The woman opened her mouth, puzzled.

“Well, at that moment I had no idea who she was; all I could see in the finals, sitting in front of me, was a foreign woman who kicked everybody´s asses. If my memory´s not bad, you may had played against her…”

Ruki´s cheeks turned red. OF COURSE SHE REMEMBERED! How could she forget the face of the first a grown-up that was unable to beat? Tall, blonde and whose poker face fooled her so many times! Rika never stood a chance against that woman, receiving the most humilliating defeat from her life. And because of that witch, Rika quit the roleplaying for good!

“Oh, boy! That´s the woman you call Nova?”

Ryo assented.

“I  hate her!” exclaimed the girl, annoyed to the core “She must have lured you away from the tournament and you ended being kidnapped!” that sounded quite plausible, right? Right?

“No, I left voluntarily”

Ruki felt as being punched on her stomach.


She forced herself to listen. Ryo said something about being another type of digidestined…

He took a breath before answering her questions.

“It´s not like he wanted to become a Supreme” added Cyberdramon quite slowly “But Nova Takariyama offered a bargain that Ryo could not refuse”

“A deal?” Renamon closed her eyes , listening carefully every word “what kind of deal ´s so big that he would leave everything in a sudden?”

“Ruki, my love” Ryo ´s voice was filled with nervousness ” I agreed to leave…she had something that meant a lot to me…she restored  my memory”



Finally the so awaited moment arrived.

The bride was going to toss the bouquet.

Ready to go for it or die in the way, the ladies were waiting anxiously for the event. The bride was standing on the top of the stage, enjoying the view. So many times she´s been there, competing against a crowd of wishy-whishes for the prize! And she certainly did everything to catch it by pushing, screaming and God forbid, she still remembered the time she stepped over a couple of bridesmaids backs in order to win the flowers! When princess Mimi wants something, she gets it. That was her motto.

She wondered if someone would dare to play as dirty as she did…probably yes.

“Ok girls! Here I am!” she waved her flowers “Are you ready?”


“Good Lord” said Tentomon to Koushiro “That´s a HUGE gathering!”

“A bit scary, isn´t it?” the chosen of knowledge said in what he felt a safe distance. “Do not go over there when it happens. Believe me, you don´t want to be there”

The last time Koushiro Izumi went to a wedding he had the unfortunate experience of being stomped by the ladies because, while looking for a drink, he happened to be near the event and the infamous flowers ended landing over his head. He barely made it alive back then!

“Noted. Should I warn Gatomon, Piyomon and Palmon? They are in the crowd..”


The bride tossed the bouquet and just as Izzy feared, the crowd went insane.
“Wow! The NBA´s nothing compared to them!” said Takeru, whistling
In the end Hikari and her boyfriend ended staying a bit more, when she approached Mimi and told her about Takeru-kun´s schedule, the bride decided to move forward her plans.

Michael and I were planning to sneak off early, anyway. Just wait another 15 minutes, ok?

Taichi surrounded Takeru´s shoulders with his arm.

“Well…my little sister is there. You are going to cheer for her…right?” Tk smiled nervously, was Taichi-san  implying about not getting too comfortable around his sister or he actually wanted to a see proposal?

“Of course!”

“You lovey-dovey birds!” Tai jokingly pinched the digidestined of hope´s cheeks” I wanna hear a GOOD cheering for sis”

“Go Kari! Go!” Takeru began to cheer his girl.

In the end Hikari was now relaxed and willing to put a good fight against the other hopefuls. Takeru was found and that´s all what mattered.

The lad, meanwhile, was doing his best to cheer up the ladies without letting anybody suspect about the incident with the so called Keruta.  As soon as he heard Hikari and Gatomon´s voices, despite suffering like a miserable due to Keruta´s beatings he rushed out of the room and greeted them. He did not want them to learn the extension of the fight…he would later ask his friend Steve to send a compensatory check to the hotel to pay up for all the damages….

“My!” Hikari eyes opened wide in horror when her boyfriend showed up in front of her completely disheveled “WHAT HAPPENED?”

“A drunkard was molesting  some girls and got rid of him” Takeru was actually quite good making up stories and before Patamon could say anything else he continued: “Tried to convince him, in a peaceful way, about taking a hike. Instead I got a beating…”

“OH MY! !” Hikari rushed to his boyfriend´s side and when she tried to hug him he couldn´t hide a pained expression”Are you okay?!”

“Yup!” he smiled like always “Couldn´t dodge a couple of punches but I´m fine”

“WHERE´S HIM?!” the Yagami´s blood began to boil, ready to teach whoever was the jerk a lesson.

“don´t worry, the security guards already dealt with him…”

“Is that true?” Gatomon asked Patamon.

Patamon replied with an hesitant “yes”. He wasn´t sure why Takeru wanted to keep the true incident a secret but got along with the facade anyways.  Hikari and Gatomon , by the way, weren´t 100% sure about buying that story but Mimi was going to toss her flowers in a minute or other so they let it slip anyways.

Now, ten minutes later the ladies were gathered around the bride, waiting for the prized flowers.

“OH MY!” Patamon hid his little face behind his head ” WHAT ARE THEY DOING?!”

A duel between Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson could was nothing compared to that craziness , the way some of those women leaped from the ground could pretty much put in shame the NBA stars. Miyako and Maria were the fiercest ones, Hikari stood no chance at all.

“It´s mine!” shouted Miyako, the tigress.

“Mine!” yelled Jyou´s girlfriend with a panther aura.

“I am so getting it!” yelled Sora. But unlike the others, she wasn´t that desperate. Truth be told, she was merely following the protocol. Her cheerful tone couldn´t hide her inner disappointment, her movements were mechanical . Unlike the time at the ceremony, Sora´s priorities suffered a change.But to prevent from others catching up, she  pretended she was as boy-crazy as the others….

Meanwhile, Gatomon , Piyomon and Palmon were following the insanity with amusement.

“I am definitely tempted on joining this game” said Piyomon “It looks like fun!”

“So do I!” said Gatomon “But…it´s a human thing”

“So what?” said Palmon “We could always reenact the whole thing in the digiworld!”

“That´s QUITE INTERESTING” smiled Piyomon “I´m in!”

“I bet the others might wanna try it” added Gatomon “But who ´s supposed to be the bride and the groom?”

Palmon and Piyomon looked each other with complicity.

“You will be the bride, of course!” said the pair at the same time.

“Me? Why?” the cat looked at her friends, incredulous.

“Because you are the closest when it´s about humanity!”

Gatomon frowned, not really getting it.

“Hello, Angewomon…”

gatomon copy

“You are kidding, right? Just because I assume a female form doesn´t mean I am a full woman!”

“Still, you are the closest ” insisted the friends

“What about Rosemon…?” Gatomon tried to reply back but the others ignored the last part.

“I so wish I could be like you…!” insisted.

The cat thought about it for a moment, her other self…when turning into Angewomon everything seemed so different! The others were quite right, when she was Angewomon her inner feelings were pretty much expanded…

“Ok, let´s say I am doing this. Who will play the groom´s character? Weregarurumon? Or Atlurkabuterimon?”

The others burst in a laugh.

“You silly goose! Of course the groom will be Angemon!”

Patamon suddenly sneezed.

“Are you ok, Patamon?” asked Takeru
“Huh, huh” Patamon kept sneezing over his human´s head.
“Somebody must be talking about you” said Agumon, standing between Taichi and Takeru.

“You don´t need to say 1 + 1 = 2 when it´s about Angemon and Angewomon” Palmon kept her chit-chatting “You are the only humanoid types from the group. The angels of light and hope, configured to work together…”

“And you make a hell of a couple” concluded Piyomon ” We believe so!”

For a moment Gatomon imagined herself and Patamon in their angelic forms, doing the very same things Mimi and Michael did. Angewomon wearing a beautiful dress…Angemon waiting for the bride wearing a tuxedo…her cheeks blushed.

“I…I…why not?” she said feeling timid for a moment “We…could…ask …Patamon what he thinks about …it, right?”

“If you ask, he´ll say YES” assured Hawkmon, joining the others “Well, I wouldn´t be surprised if someday, you are getting married for real!”

Gatomon´s heart suffered a huge beat.

“Ur…you really believe so…?”

“Well, mating isn´t such a rarity in the Digiworld” began to say miyako´s bird “It´s not imperative, of course. It´s not like watching all those Animal Planet´s documentaries.. mating isn´t really required to ensure our race´s survival …Yet , even in our data´s world, there are digimons that actually chose to embrace human emotions, especially LOVE. ”

Gatomon remembered the time Veemon confessed to her, Daisuke Motomiya´s digimon certainly chose to embrace his emotions! And going back into a more distant past, Wizardmon might have done pretty much the same albeit in a more subtle way. Now, thinking in Patamon and his other Angemon, Magna Angemon or Seraphimon…her heart certainly tended to beat in a different way…but was she ready to embrace Love?

“I am going to consider it” she promised in the end.


None of them realized their conversation was being heard by other digital ears.
Not too far from them, Veemon let escape a pained exclamation:

“welcome to the club” Daisuke petted his digimon´s head “Life´s pretty unfair, isn´t it?” Veemon began to sniff.

“Here, here” Davis lent him his handkerchief ” I SO get you. I still wish Hikari´s my girl instead of HIS” and he gave another acrid look towards Takeru.

“Your chances would had been better if you actually tried confessing” Daisuke almost fainted when Taichi suddenly showed next to him ” And let´s be clear,  your obsession on filling MY shoes was a bit CREEPY…believe me, trying to become MY TWIN never works on a girl. Especially  Hikari”

Daisuke wished to slam his head on a wall. How many times did he listen  the same song?

“I wish I could travel to the past and give advice to my past self!” he whined ” Then I…”

“You would probably fail”

“There´s no use , Daisuke. You cannot force your feelings on someone else no matter how much you believe how much you are in love with that person” Koushiro joined the group “Been there, done that” during high-school he kinda had an insane crush towards Mimi , not that it lead to anywhere but there was a part of him that still didn´t want to let go of that emotion. ” Besides, according to Mr Gennai, time travels rarely work that way”Izzy joined the group

Tai looked at Koushiro, puzzled.

“You mean..that ACTUALLY is possible?”

“Oh yes!” the other guy  opened his laptop (that he always carried everywhere, it was like an extension of himself) and looked through his files. Once he found what he wanted, he made his friends look at the screen. Agumon and V-Mon wanted to look too, so Koushiro knelt a bit . ” Gennai once spoke aboutdigital angels which   possessed such ability…we all met Cherubimon, remember?” the group nodded. Wallace´s lopmon turned into a psycho-mega digimon that had no better idea than turning the digidestineds back into their kiddie´s forms” Well, Cherubimon only knew how to reverse time…but these other angels” And the screens showed two images “Can actually travel through time and space. They are the  Digital Guardians of Time”

 photo card-clavis.jpg photo tempus-card.jpg

“Wicked!!” exclaimed Taichi, fascinated.

“WOW!” Agumon yelled, impressed”Never heard about them”
“Neither did I”V-mon whistled “Dammit!  PATAMON  can actually DIGIVOLVE into THOSE?
“Dunno” admitted the digidestined of Knowledge”Gennai ´s pretty vague about them. Besides, I am not sure if they are real,  as far as I know, they are LEGENDARY Digital Angels…whenever  Patamon is able to achieve either form, only time will tell…”
Taichi kept looking at the images, intrigued. Suddenly he found himself more interested in knowing more about those mysterious angels than the wedding itself.
“I WANNA KNOW MORE ABOUT THEM ” he said in a loud voice “The next time we go to the Digiworld I am SO going to pay Mr Gennai a visit…”
“Agree!” added  Daisuke, equally intrigued.
“I must confess I am dying to know more about this matter” admitted  Koushiro smiling. He so felt like a kid again!

Meanwhile the bouquet was far from touching the ground, it was the eternal struggle among the women. But eventually, the flowers found their way.
And the one who ended catching the bouquet was….


Meanwhile, back at the reality 09.

It´s been six months since their return. Their digital adventures were now a memory and the former digidestineds were doing their best to move on.

Yu Inui, the youngest member from the bunch, gained enough courage to go back to the hospital in order to go through   the  surgery he avoided for so long.

“Are you sure about going through it?” asked his father the night before the surgery “You could die!”

“I know, but I am not afraid anymore”

Such response, spoken with serenity left the man on the verge of the tears despite being an inspector in the police squad.

I am so proud of you, Yu!

“I am going to live, Dad. Because NOW I have CONFIDENCE”

Well, fighting against a mighty foe who could destroy an entire universe and create another one certainly helped. It´s incredible how a maniac´s actions were all what he needed to finally overcome  his fear towards death. .. and so Yu faced his biggest challenge and he passed his surgery with flying colors!

Yu barely could wait to go back to school and make new friends. But even more, going back to the arcade and rejoin Tsurugi, Ami and Shō in the Net Battle and hopefuly seeing his Gaomon again. According to Norun, before sending the digidestineds back to their world, the deceased Arbitrators VictoryGreymon and ZeedGarurumon would for sure reincarnate pretty soon. 

Tsurugi Tatsuno already received his former´s digimon soul back into his device. It was still an egg but Tsurugi had no rush, he´s rather raise his digimon in a proper way.  Giving love and tender care was a must, such was Magna Angemon´s lesson. And when his agumon hatches from the egg, he swore to raise him to its fullest potential.

So for now , Tsurugi could only walk into the arcade and watch the other kids´ digital battles. It was practically all the same,  going to the Net Battle and see digimons dueling against each others.

“It´s so boring being a mere spectator!” he yawned that afternoon “I wish I was back in the digiworld”

“Yeah, I concur” said Ami Kitajima, the third member sitting next to him “I miss Pichimon”

She never expected getting so attached to a digimon, but Pichimon was special. Thanks to their beautiful bond, when Neo destroyed the digital universe, allowed the tamers to locate the crazy being and catch up! And as Marine Angemon, he proved to be quite a challenge to Neo, giving the nasty villain more than one headache.

“Oh yeah, Your digimon ROCKED!” Tsurugi would always felt grateful toward Ami and her digimon. Despite Ami dread of violence, she gave her heart and soul to help restore peace in the other world. Her sweetness even helped Shō to regain back his self-confidence, by assuring him that darkness is a part of being human and by recognizing its presence would help him regain his own light.

“Nobody beats Pichimon in bravery and cuteness” laughed the girl ” You know…” she held one of Tsrugi´s hands ” …I may be able to make it in time for your next game”

“Really?” Tsurugi´s cheeks blushed “Then I will score 5 goals!”


“At least!” he smiled at her, filled with self-confidence “But you really must come and cheer for my team!”

There was still a long road before they were brave enough to confess their feelings. But Valentine´s was only a couple of months ahead, so Ami probably will chose that date in order to speak properly her feelings…and hopefully her chest had grown a bit more (she would never forget how delighted was Tsurugi the day they went to a digital onsen and the boy practically drooled over Angewomon´s curves …until she turned to be a fake)

“I wonder how´s Shō-san” asked Ami in the end , resting her head over her friend´s shoulders “Didn´t see him yet, not since our return…”

Tsurugi felt a bit sad.

“Neither did I. I bet he misses Norun-chan very much”

“And I bet that she misses Sho dearly…”

The friends nodded at the same time,  they certainly learned one or two things from those adventures!


“My Goddess ” said Magna Angemon after a while “Despite the waltz, your mind seem to be far away from here…is everything alright?”

The angel´s words startled Norun and she  tripped; fortunately she was caught right in time. Magna Angemon was always attentive.

“Yes, thank you” was her soft, gentle reply “I think we had enough dance for a day”

And she went back to the table, serving herself some more tea.

“Aww..Pixiemon” she smiled at the other digimon which was also by the table, eating happily the last slices of chocolate cake”I think you had became addicted to the Sachertorte!”

” Sacher…what-pi?” the little winged digimon was so busy eating her cake that barely paid attention to the name.

“Don´t worry, I´ll make sure to get more of these from the human world”

“Oh yes, please  pi! And strawberry cupcakes too!”

“Sure, sweetie” but Norun ´s eyes went to  the floating mirror and sighed.  Magna Angemon crossed his arms, the new Goddess again was acting in a pretty unusual way. Her beautiful smile couldn´t hide her uneasiness and her eyes were filled by a feeling he could not identify. Was she perceiving an invisible threat in the air but keeping it to herself?

He knelt next to her and firmly, yet delicately, put one of his hands over her chin and made her look at him.

“My Goddess, you still didn´t answer my question” he spoke “I beg you, please confide your inner thoughts to your sworn guardian”

The girl ´s eyes were shinning in an unusual way; Norun couldn´t stand Magna Angemon ´s firm gaze any longer   and tears began to run through her face. Both Magna Angemon and Pixiemon were shocked, it was the first time they saw such reaction from the Goddess.

“I´m sorry!” Magna Angemon apoloized immediately, regretting his insistence.

“Norun! Are you hurting?” Pixiemon forgot about his cake and turned around immediately, ready to give the girl some medical assistance.

“I´m fine” Norun replied, quickly “I didn´t mean to …I am surprised myself..never expected I would be feeling…” she began to cry “It´s my heart, my dear friends. I…” her throat was overwhelmed by her emotions and she couldn´t pronounce any other word for a minute.

“Your heart?” Magna Angemon was astonished. For a moment he could see himself through Norun , crying because of Chibimon´s tragedy..whom was Norun mourning ?!

It wasn´t  exactly a mourning but the feeling was pretty close; every time she peeked at the human´s world, Norun ´s heart ached with nostalgia.

“I can´t help it” she finally spoke “I miss them very much”

Pixiemon ´s eyes shined too, ready to drop some tears herself.

“So do I – pi! So do I- pi!”

Magna Angemon sighed. No wonder she insisted on watching the human world´s movements every day, she was still pretty attached to the so called tamers! A part of him would be always grateful to those kids for helping saving the digital world but a tiny bit of himself was still wary about them. He still didn´t like humans and no amount of beautiful music and waltzes could change those feelings.

“But my Goddess, it was necessary to send them back. They don´t belong here”

“I know” she cleaned her tears with a handkerchief. Despite everything, she enjoyed sharing the adventure with the digidestineds; from them she learned so many things…

Courage…Friendship..Sincerity…Knowledge…Love…Reliability…Light…Hope…Thank you for showing me all those traits….Especially love…every time I think in HIM , my heart aches as being pierced by a thousand of needles. 

She put a hand on her chest, trying to regain some serenity. But Sho´s face kept appearing in her mind, worsening her pain. She missed him more than everyone.

My dear Knight, I wonder how are you doing…are you happy to be back? If I was an ordinary girl…could we…?

As if reading her thoughts, Magna Angemon suddenly said in an annoyed tone:

“If that´s so, shouldn´t you try and move on? Humans and digimons, by rule, should not interact beyond the Net”

Norun felt as being poured cold water.

“Are you implying that I shouldn´t had paid attention at the human world… ” she said in a low voice “Was it really a mistake longing to interact with humans…leaving behind my original body…?”

That certainly caught him by surprise.

“No, my lady. You got it wrong!” he exclaimed “I…I meant something else…I didn´t mean to offend you , Goddess Norun…” he wasn´t sure how to fix the situation “I…I…I will never question your actions…not again!”

Norun put aside her cup and sighed again.

“No, you have the right to question your Superior” she said in the end “I am a selfish being. Had not chose to separate myself from my first body…from Yggdrasil, Barbamon would had never being able to set his hands over the Divine Intelligence and thus preventing the original owner reclaiming it back! Countless of lives were lost because of my selfishness “added the girl “And while every soul is going to be back in a form or other, this world´s still pretty shaken. Barbamon´s powers grew that strong because of the constant feeding of humanity´s dark side…” she showed a sober expression “I take responsibility for my foolishness”

She then put her hands in her dress´s pockets, looking for something. When she found it, she extended an arm to the sky and much for Magna Angemon and Pixiemon´s surprise, she opened her hand and showed a golden key.


“Pixiemon, Magna Angemon” added the Goddess “This is a Cosmic Key”

The digimons were in an awe, despite being a tiny thing they could feel an unknown, yet an extraordinary power emanating from it.

“It was given to my former self a millennium ago, way long before either of you came into existence. The Digiworld was also a different place, unrecognizable to the current eyes. I, as Yggdrasil, was also different. I believed I was the most powerful being in the whole existence…until I met HIM” Norun ´s eyes were glued to the key “And when I say that, I mean Powerful beyond both human and digital capacity. Even Neo wouldn´t stand a chance”

“Who are you talking about, Norun -pi?” asked Pixiemon astonished to the core

Magna Angemon , under his helmet, had his eyes opened wide. What kind of secret had Norun been keeping so far ?!

“As Yggdrasil, as the Super computer of this world, I am the one with the task of preserving the holy equilibrium between our world and the humans´one. I was configured to be perfect, unreachable…and, regrettably, I ALSO used to look down to humans”

Magna Angemon paid full attention to each word.

“Norun-sama pi!!” Pixiemon couldn´t hold her surprise “Really?!!”

Norun petted Pixiemon´s fur.

“Oh yes, I did. I dreaded them…they were so imperfect and their heart´s fickleness pretty much annoyed the core of my system. But my first guardian had a much more open-minded perspective. Clavis Angemon never failed to criticize my posture and insisted that even Yggdrasil needed to humble, learn from the lesser beings. I wish my former self  listened to him…”

Magna Angemon stood up abruptly.

“Clavis Angemon? ” he was dying of curiosity “How come I never heard about him before?”

“He´s a digital angel like Magna Angemon – pi?” Pixiemon also thought she knew everything about the digiworld´s secrets.

Norun sighed.

“Because he´s no longer in this world ” the goddess spoke in an almost inaudible voice “And I am also responsible for that loss…” she shook her head, nothing would ever fill the void left by her first guardian´s absence

“So that Key belonged to Clavis Angemon?” Pixiemon pointed at the golden key.


Magna Angemon and Pixiemon, again, exchanged a puzzled glare.

” It was given to me by another Angel.  An angel of Destiny, that´s how he referred himself” her eyes saddened a bit “A lot of stuff happened at that time, a major incident in the digiworld shook tremendously the very own core of this world…but I am not going to talk about that. But what I can tell is that HE showed up and criticized Yggdrasil´s posture. At first he throw at my former self back all the sins and mistakes… and Yggdrasil could do nothing but stay still. That angel could pretty much had erased Yggdrasil´s existence if he wanted” Her words made the other two gulp. The computer Host was in such a dire danger at that time?!” But  instead he offered his friendship”

Pixiemon couldn´t contain an awe bu Magna Angemon forwned.

“What happened at that time that lead to such encounter?” although he knew pretty well that Yggdrasil lead an existence longer than life itself, Norun´s bold confession still blew his mind. He suddenly realized he had no clue about the Goddess´s background and that was a pill hard to swallow.

“I see your face Magna and soon this tale will make a bit more sense”  she caressed one of the angel´s cheeks “Why did I assume a girl´s form? Why leaving behind my original, computerized body behind?… WELL, I did what I did because I was inspired by  HIS actions”

The digimons opened their mouths , the word shocked  could hardly describe their feelings at this precise moment. But Norun carried on with her explanations.

Yggdrasil meets the Angel of Destiny by Elizabeth2003

“I witnessed the rise of an angel of almost limitless powers only to transfer his  consciousness into a much humbler form, erasing in the process his own memories and powers… to be reborn as a  HUMAN”

Magna Angemon fell to his knees.

“Before bidding his farewell  I was confronted by the following question:

How are you supposed to protect both digital and human´s equilibrium when you, a holy computer, actually possess no understanding of their hearts?

I wasn´t able to offer any answer. The angel then smiled.

Yggdrasil I´ve been doing this for an eternity; changing forms, going through different stories and each time   amuses me.I am about to be reborn as a human boy and can´t wait to see how the new story unfolds.

My data became a turmmoil.  Isn´t being an angel magnificent enough? I asked, shaken.

And the angel replied: Because nothing amuses me the most than the adventures, and I believe you also need one, Yggdrasil. Allow yourself to live an adventure and see what I mean…

Norun held tight her key.

KEY2 copy

“He was right. Despite Barbamon´s insanity and Neo´s infamous actions, I regret nothing.  Understanding both sides, as a digimon and as a human,  enriched my very own soul. I enjoy being Norun Mikihara and that, Magna Angemon is something that you have  yet to experience”

Magna Angemon said nothing but his inner self was shaking violently.

No way! I ´d rather be degraded into a Numemon before I embrace humanity!

“This key seems to possess a huge deal of power” Pixiemon kept staring at the little thing “Why didn´t you use it against Neo?”

Norun shook her head.

“Because of two reasons. The first one, I had an unshakable CERTAINTY that my dear digidestineds would SUCCEED NO MATTER WHAT, going against all odds and in the end I was right. They summoned the miracle with the power of their own hearts. The second reason…a cosmic key shouldn´t be used unless something  completely, irreversibly , wrong is unleashed against our worlds. And I pray that day never arrives…”





And the lucky person to get the bouquet was…


“NO WAY!” shouted the crowd.

In the end the flowers fell right in front of Tk´s feet, making the men laugh and the women shout.

“Tk´s the next bride?” laughed Michael “Well done!”
“Not fair! Throw them back!” yelled Miyako, bummed.

Tk, still puzzled, picked up the bouquet and stared at it. It was so bizarre!

Never in a million years expected having such thing in his hands, Destiny certainly had a twisted sense of humor.

“I am not qualified to become a bride” he spoke slowly “But I will not do a disservice to these beautiful flowers by throwing them”
He began to move his feet, going where Hikari was standing. She was already resigned to the fact of not getting the prize but when she saw her boyfriend kneeling in front of her, offering the bouquet her eyes shone.


“I am aware we are still very young. We are barely 20  but…when I close my eyes and wonder about the Future…I cannot imagine any future without you!” his words, spoken with such tender, made her eyes teary ” When the right time comes, will you become my WIFE?”

So much love in Takeru´s speech. So serious and sweet at the same time.

Hikari´s couldn´t hold her tears anymore.

“I DO!!!” and jumped to his arms and the couple exchanged a long, tender kiss.
The public burst into a wave of applause.

“Well done Kari!” congratulated Mimi “Congratulations!”

Yamatto and Taichi , once they recovered from the shock, wasted no time on joining their siblings.

“OH, FINALLY!” they hugged the takari couple “We are finally going to be family!”
They´ve been waiting for so many years for that moment, there was nothing they wished more than seeing their little siblings getting engaged . Taichi was over the moon, he could never envision a better brother-in-law than Takeru-san and Yamatto always wished having Hikari-chan as his sister-in-law.

Michael and Mimi congratulated the newly engaged couple once more before saying their good-byes to their families and friends.

“Ok, OUR HONEYMOON´S WAITING FOR US!” declared Michael, princess carrying Mimi to the limousine.

“Good-bye everybody! See you in a month!”



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