It began like any other day, pure boredom at work in reality 05.

“Waaaaahh..”  Miki Kurosaki and Megumi Shirakawa  simultaneously yawned in front of their computers

“Well” said Yoshino  Fujieda stretching her arms “This isn´t CSI, is it?”

The others sighed, again.

“If only!” was Miki´s lamentation “Fiction or not, I would kill to get a job in Grissom´s laboratory!”

“Ughh…the entomologist?” Megumi shook her head “Oh no, if I were to choose I would go to the one in New York. You cannot get bored in the Big Apple!” and she leaned back on her chair “Besides Mac Taylor is a cutie!”

“Your taste in men is weird” declared Miki yawning again “And what about you Yoshino?”

“What about me…?”

“If you were to join CSI, which lab would you choose?”

“The one in Miami” admitted Yoshino in the end”I am a die-hard fan of  Horatio Caine ”

“What?! ” the others almost fell from their chairs “HIM?!”

Yoshino crossed her arms, a bit indignant.

“So what? I LOVE the way he puts on his sunglasses and tilts his head to one side before he makes a comment. Especially after delivering a speech to a suspect… So regal!”

The other women shared a puzzled glance.

“Megumi, I´m taking back what I said before. Yoshino´s taste is even weirder!”

“Thank you!” and exchanged a laugh “And Yoshino, we already have our own pompous, boss who never fails to instill fear in a criminal´s heart..”

“Who also wears a pair of sunglasses EVERYWHERE, even in dark places. His ophthalmologist must be so proud…”

“About what?”

Megumi and Miki almost fell from their chairs when a deep, masculine voice joined the conversation.

“Co…commander Satsuma !?”

Just shoot me thought the trio at the same time, wishing to crawl into a hole and hide for the next 5 years!

“The meeting ended sooner than expected”   Yoshino tried to ease the embarrassing atmosphere “The superiors must be quite satisfied with your reports, Commander”

“Captain. ” replied the man harshly”We are not in DATS anymore”

“My apologies, Captain Satsuma”

“And about my report…the superiors practically REJECTED my suggestions” added the man

“That´s so unfair!” protested the women “We could improve considerably the police system if allowed…!”

“They are too content with the current one. In their eyes, there´s no room for any sort of improvement. They  just want more cuts in the budget”

“Imbeciles!” Yoshino felt so enraged that she kicked the bin next to her desk. “It´s so frustrating …when compared to DATS this place is prehistoric!!”

“True!” the others  shared Yoshino´s feelings.

While the ladies sigh in boredom let´s have a little recount of events. Five years passed since King Drasil´s defeat. After the digimons decided to go back to their world it´s established that all kind of links between both worlds should vanish as a meant of preservation which started by erasing  the memories about digimons from the collective minds including the digidestineds´(save for Masaru that went to live to the Digiworld) themselves.   Without digimons around anymore, DATS was officially terminated since it lacked its original purpose. When the word Digimon was erased from Rentarou and his people it was rewritten  in their memories they´ve been working in a sort of “Roswell” agency, tasked on giving tangible proof of paranormal activities in and out of this world; because they were never able to provide with the specified material the Government  decided to fund something else and declared the Project DATS no more.  No more Dats, Rentarou Satsuma  and the others had no choice but seek a job somewhere else.  Having gained a reputation of useless no other entity was willing to employ any  DATS former employees  …even agencies from  USA or Russia laughed at their faces. After several months of getting doors slammed at his face, Satsuma finally managed to get a spot in the police force and took part of his staff with him.


“I miss our Pawnchessmons…”

“I wonder how´s Lalamon…”


The memories of Digimons were supposed to gone for good and for the next two years since their departure neither Yoshino nor her comrades had the slightest clue about being part of an elite squad of digidestineds that helped to save two worlds. For two years they remained in the dark living ordinary lives as cops. (Ok, Yoshino first had to graduate from high school before officially join the law & order world) until one day a mysterious light showed up in the middle of the sky and a red winged being descended to Tokyo. Massive terror followed almost immediately because as soon it set its feet on Japanese ground it began to  spread a campaign of destruction. The police immediately responded to the frantic calls and found themselves unable to do a thing against the masshup of a red winged vampire, with monster arms (and quite large arms!) and beast type furry legs. No matter how many bullets they launched against the creature none was able to make even a scratch on the monster´s face. Its name was VenomMyotismon.

The monster took care of the entire squad almost the same way he would deal with mosquitoes, tearing apart  the cars with just a light beam from his fingers and making the cops themselves run away fearing for their dear lives. Only Yoshino Yoshino stayed behind , ready to fight until the very end. And at the same time, of all the citizens, the only one who did not run away was a passerby Tohma Norstein. He just happened to be walking on the site  when he was caught in the midst of a crossfire between the police and the monster.   When he saw Yoshino shooting at the monster and they simply bouncing back , Tohma´s instincts kicked in and picking up a fallen bumper from one of the destroyed police cars,  he attacked VenomMyotismon with all his might. The villain, annoyed, hit back almost KOeding the Norstein fella. Yoshino rushed to the lad´s side and kept shooting at VenomMyotismon until her last bullet ran off. The evil creature would had cheerfully killed both of them on the spot had not  happened the unimaginable: a gate opened right between the two and Masaru, Agumon, Gaomon and Lalamon emerged from it ready to kick asses!

“Long time no see Yoshino-san, Tohma-san” were Masaru´s words before gifting Venomyotismon with a goddammed punch on the face. The following moment  a digivice manifested in front of Yoshino and Tohma its light restored their memories as  digidestineds ,  Lalamon then became Rosemon  and Gaomon into MachGaogamon both in their Burst Modes forcing the villain to flee!

After that the group reunited and reawakened Rentarou and the other ladies´s memories and reunited them with their digimons as well, tasked on taking down the threat of the moment. They also happened to be joined by a bunch of   other digidestineds they never heard about before and all-together they chased after the threats until they finally found out the true conspirator´s identity and restored peace once again. Once the crisis was over, much to the DATS team,   it was demanded the return of the digimons back to the real world like the first time;   Masaru also declared that as the appointed peacemaker between the worlds he would leave again to the Digiworld despite him stating how much he missed his family but promised he would, someday, return to his world when Yggdrasil wakes up from its slumber. Masaru then vanished and so the other digidestineds, much to Yoshino and the others´sadness.

But that was a well received sadness because it meant  this time the digidestineds  were allowed to keep their memories of their digi-adventures !

Three years passed since then and nobody heard about Masaru and the digimons again.  Time passed , life continued.  Rentarou and the girls remained in the police squad while Tohma continued with his medical research hoping to cure his sister Relena´s illness. From time to time they would meet to talk about the old times, wondering how Masaru and the digimons were faring.


That was the most painful part of the current present,  the digimons´absence. Life kinda sucked without them and  even the stoic Rentarou missed them.

“At least they aren´t alone … ” said Yoshino after a while “Glad that Masaru-kun is looking after them”

“Masaru!  I bet that he´s got a huge lumberjack beard!” assured Megumi

“God, I hope not! beards are so icky and ugly…! ”

“Com..captain, do you think we´ll ever see him again?”

A mantle of silence covered the whole room. That wasn´t the first time Yoshino brought up that question and probably wouldn´t be the last.

“Yes” he said without hesitation ” That brat is a little something, so you can rest assured he´ll come back to the real world”

“Of course! He´s Masaru Daimon…!”

“Nothing´s impossible when it´s about the  Daredevil !” Megumi´s comment made the others laugh but the boss still wasn´t finished.

“if I were you, I ´d rather wish for that re-encounter happen later than sooner”

Then he went to his desk and  began to work in a file. Yoshino and her companions shared a puzzled look, not sure if they heard correctly.  Yoshi would have asked him to repeat his statement but something in the tv caught her attention.

“Hey girls! look at this!” she exclaimed “Thomas is in the tv!”

“WHat?! really?!!”

“He looks so hot in a tuxedo!”


“Shh!!! I want to listen!”

Walking out from Stockholm City Hall, surrounded by a sea of cameras, Tohma H. Norstein , now 19, was proudly showing off his most recent conquest: a Nobel Prize.
Standing by his side was none other than his sister Relena, now in her 15s, was the personification of health.

“Congratulations for your win, mr Norstein” said a reporter “How does it feel being the youngest person to be awarded with the Nobel Prize in Medicine?

“Pretty well, thank you” replied Tohma courteously.

“No way! He finally  did it!” Yoshino couldn´t hold her emotions and punched her desk “I´m so happy for them!”

” Millions of lives are going to be saved thanks to your discovery, that´s huge isn´t it?”

“Of course!” said a cheerful Relena ” My brother is the best!

“Thanks Relena..”

“I am the luckiest girl in this world, I couldn´t ask for a better elder brother….It feels so good not to be on a chair anymore, being free to chase after my dreams without worrying about collapsing and so…!”

” And I am the luckiest guy to have the sweetest girl as my sister…” and everybody in the office squealed with delight when the camera showed a tender hug between the siblings.


“Damnit! I should had asked him out while he was still in Japan!” Yoshino couldn´t believe she actually said that and hid her face , embarrassed to the core.
“So much adorableness should be made illegal!” Megumi almost drooled on the tv.
” The hottest former digidestined from DATS, that´s for sure…!”

Even the former commander was pleased with the news.

“The little bastard actually found the cure, impressive”  Said Rentarou to himself,  smiling  slyly behind his computer ” Good for him

“What are your plans, from now on?” asked another reporter

“I don´t know yet” replied the boy “Until now, all I could think about was finding a cure for Relena´s illness. I think I will take a little break before deciding which is my next goal…”

Suddenly, Sampson felt an itch in one of his arms. His smile evaporated.

While everybody was busy cheering at the tv, he carefully removed the right sleeve and partially uncovered a bracelet. It wasn´t an ordinary bracelet. It was a digivice.

Oh my!  it´s been so long since the last time I´ve been summoned as a Supreme..

And that wasn´t good news.


 Reality 01

Takeru was feeling more and more awkward. The way that unknown patamon was staring at him was a bit disturbing.

“You grew up a lot ” continued the digimon “But I can still see the child..”

“I´m  devastated to say this”  the young man began to say in a soft, yet apologetic tone”but I don´t recall meeting you before”

Pain crossed in the dark Patamon ´s eyes, yet he managed to keep smiling.

“I understand” the little creature actually expected that kind of response ” But WE DID  meet before, long time ago…”

Something in that Patamon´s words sent an ache to Takeru´s heart. He put a hand on his chest, the ache continued. His eyes widened. It was crazy but the young man could feel  a  nostalgic feeling emerging from his soul…he stared at the digimon, the feeling was becoming stronger and stronger.

“You are about to remember!” the digimon put his little hands on his cheeks “Please! open your heart and allow them to surface…it´s important! Time´s running out so…REMEMBER!”

His  head was now like a roll coaster, again several images were rampaging in the core of his mind. hey were showing so fast that it was virtually impossible to get a grip, but within them certain feelings were about to reach the light…

Suddenly a very unpleasant voice cut short the moment.

“So here you are, little bastard!” the black patamon was suddenly pulled by his ears”Again wandering by yourself, huh?

That was Keruta and extremely annoyed  to find the digimon speaking with an insignificant loser.

The dark Patamon said nothing, so Keruta began to shake him like the despot he was.

“Hey! Whoever you are, there´s no need to treat him like that!”  exclaimed Takeru , pretty shocked .

“Mind in your own business!” Keruta wasn´t willing to be lectured by some insignificant person ” He´s MY DIGIMON, not yours!”

Takeru clenched his fists, incensed to see such deplorable treatment on a digimon.

“He´s a living creature! No digimon deserves to be treated like a punching bag!”

“Oh yeah?” Keruta ´s fist hit the pilar, missing by mere centimeters Tk´s face “Let me set this straight. MY DIGIMON, MY BUSINESS”

The chosen of hope  ´s eyes hardened.

“THE DIGIWORLD AND ALL THEIR LIVING CREATURES WELFARE ARE MY BUSINESS” he was ready to get into a fight; like Yamatto Takeru Takaishi  dreaded bullies even if they were fellow digidestineds.

“Oh, it is? ” the brat crossed his arms, still not letting go of his digimon “GUESS WHAT. I DON´T LIKE YOU”

There was something in Takaishi that made Keruta so nauseated that could vomit. Was the genteel aura, him also owning a Patamon? Or all the stories he heard about the original 8 that his master constantly spoke about  reminding him how an insignificant loser was if compared to them…?

“What´s going on? Why are you bothering my partner?” Takeru Takaishi´s Patamon made his appearance and in no time stood between his human and the rude intruder.

Keruta bursted in a laugh.

“Are you serious?” the annoying teen , still holding his digimon, shook his head in desbelief “Coward! Are you so afraid to fight that you need to be rescued by the pig?”

“I am not a pig!” Patamon´s mood was quite fiery “And I could kick your annoying ass anytime!”

For a brief moment Patamon´s eyes met with Keruta´s and had an unpleasant déjà vu feeling…a painful feeling of sorrow…

Takeru took his Patamon in his arms, he didn´t want his little friend joining his battle.

“I am not afraid, I´d rather not put on a scene in my friends´s wedding. We can take it OUTSIDE” Tk had his share of pride “What do you say?” and pointed at the door.

Keruta smirked. Why not?

“You can´t!”  Patamon cried, clearly not wishing to see a brawl “You cannot risk hurting your hands!”

Dammit! The concert!

Takeru hesitated for a moment which of course Keruta interpreted as a chickening fact.


Patamon had to hold Tk by the hair , the latter was so angry that he wanted to teach the other guy a lesson.

“You are so pathetic that I pity you”

Takeru remained expressionless.

“Release him. NOW”


They looked at each other for a long while, their hostility was so evident that their eyes sparkled like they never did before, ready to summon a storm.

“The Palm court is empty at the moment ” declared Takeru Takaishi “What about some PRIVACY?”

“My pleasure” and the lads left the wedding venue…

* * *  * * *


Once the video-chat ended, the British trio was ready to move on.

“Hey Boss, thank you very much for lending us your Gibson” said Steve to Bruce Sprignsteen and gave him back the instrument  “I loved every second”

The musician muttered something like you are welcome, you aren´t too bad before leaving with his manager. The other musicians patiently exchanged a few greetings with Elizabeth and Logan and allowed the scottish  to immortalize the big moment via selfie. Then they turned their backs and went back to their own businesses. Paparazzi, agents, bodyguards, fans…the digidestineds looked around and sighed.

“Well, we gave Mimi a helluva of a present ” said Logan ” now all we have to do is head to her party and  personally apologize for our tardiness”

“Our? ” Elizabeth pinched her brother´s cheeks “I would had been ready if not for your terminal lack of time! ”

“Well, we could had accepted Tempus Angemon´s offer and go back through time instead of going lineal”

“No thanks” Elizabeth shook her head several times “After all that wild tour through so many realities and going forth and back through today, tomorrow and yesterday in a row? My head´s still spinning, you know!”

Being a member of the elite group of digidestineds known as Supremes was anything but an easy task. It meant doing impossible things like time traveling and crossing to other dimensions like 24/7 in most of the cases and not loose it in the process. So for now Elizabeth needed to regain some sense of normalcy and that meant letting go some time shortcuts even if that meant being late to Tachikawa´s wedding.

steve“So what story do we cook up this time?” asked Steve in a half-hearted tone. All what he wanted was to dance with Sora…

“Dinnae” the twins said at the same time “Any suggestion, milord Worthington?”

“Uh…Just forgot she´s the digidestined of Sincerity” the black haired guy sighed “She can sense a lie from miles! ”

“What about the truth?” asked Gabumon “You were on duty on space..”

Elizabeth pinched her digimon´s cheeks this time.

“AS IF!”

Sorry madame we missed the ceremony  because we´d been chasing a bad guy in space ?” Logan laughed “To infinity…. and beyond…!

“You will never get tired quoting that movie ,won´t you?” the twin sister pulled his hair “23 years old and you are still behaving like a child!”

“Toy story rocks” digidestined Steve came in Logan´s defense .

“Oh yeah!” applauded Elizabeth´s digimon, Gabumon “I love that movie!”

“Oh shut up!” said the girl “Now. Think about something PLAUSIBLE to appease Mimi-chan or we´ll never hear the end of her rants”

“We can always blame our  bosses  ” Logan was suddenly inspired “It´s the truth though, Tempus Angemon and Nova screwed up so badly that we were forced to work overtime and hence didn´t make it in time for the happy event”

“…plausible enough”

The trio´s path suddenly got interrupted by a guard´s silhouette. Elizabeth and Logan snorted,  the man was huge and his expression was comparable to an irascible hound; you don´t want to meet this sort of character alone, in an alley after midnight…


“May we help you, sir?” asked Steve in a casual tone.

“Yes” said the man in a quite displeased voice “I´ve been told you´ve been pestering the singers …shall we check your invitations?”

“Sure” replied Steve looking at his pockets “Uh…forgot mine”

That was the type of response the guard was expecting and he showed his teeth. But when he was about to call the other guards in order to  throw  the intruders to the street, Steve without losing his cool added:

” You know, mate? ” he put a hand over the guard´s shoulder “Father constantly  says that  I am a  a useless loser, always forgetting stuff like invitations at home…. but why should I bring a bloody paper to my OWN hotel?”

His friends put a mouth on their faces, trying not to explode in a frenzy laugh.

“Oh dear Lord” the employee suddenly realized who he was talking to and the mad dog suddenly turned into a poodle “Sir Richard Worthington II´s son…?”

“Huh Huh. And here´s my ID to prove it!” Steve extended his card increasing the man´s embarrassment.

“No need sir! Sorry sir!” and after a dozen of apologies he left them alone.

Steve sighed and put back his card on the pocket.

“Such a fool, we are leaving  anyway…”

Logan, Elizabeth and Gabumon were still laughing their lungs off when they  left the building and reached Kensington High Street.

“It´s such a classic!” the woman wiped a tear from her face “How come THEY rarely recognize the Imperiale ´s owner´s son?!

“Because I am a low profile guy. And I like it that way”

“Neah! You’re all bum and parsley, sir!” replied the girl with irony.

The digidestineds then switched on their digivices and opened a portal, ready to go to New York.


“Boooooring! ” They jumped and like always, they found themselves surfing through the local reality internet. ” This is England, you are supposed to be like the rest of the aristocrats…rich, licentious and capricious to the core! ”

“I already lead a complicated life.  ” Steve´s  voice sounded almost sad   “Guess what? Sora  once told me  that Ishida also worships Buzz Lightyear! ”

His friends couldn´t handle such revelation and immediately were caught in another wave of laughs.

Yer bum’s oot the windae! ” Elizabeth squealed “It´s a lie, there´s no way Takenouchi would tell such thing!”

“Oh yes she did. And sent me a photo  to prove it ” and his digivice projected his latest files and a picture of the mentioned toy brought more laughs “Apparently lady Takenouchi knows how  to uncover hidden treasures inside Yamatto Ishida ´s apartment. She´d make a great archaeologist”

The toy Yamatto firmly believed was secure and forgotten in the bottom of the closet made it into the light thanks to Sora´s efficient way of cleaning…

“This is GOLD” Elizabeth was already grinning her teeth, she never liked the Ishida guy very much despite her fondness toward Takeru”But..but..why did she share something like that with YOU?”

Steve winked an eye.

“Oh no, no, no” Elizabeth pulled her friend´s arm, quite serious ” Steve, don´t tell me you are actually STILL PURSUING  that girl! ”

“But Lizzie, my intentions are pure…”

“And it´s Springtime in Hell! ” added Logan, not buying his friend´s words at all “You’re the wee hen that never layed away!”

“You’re the wee jerk that never learns!”put a laid a her finger, accusingly , at her best friend´s chest “You should leave them alone!”

“Easier said than done”

” It´s not okay to go after a girl who´s already in love with her boyfriend. Even if the boyfriend is a reverenced twat” Elizabeth was deadly serious “Quit messaging her and just face it,  she will never fall for you”

But Steve Worthington shook his head.

“And I seriously doubt he´s much better than I. He´s been so nice towards Sora that the poor girl cried in my arms the other day” he declared “He´s been neglecting Sora and whethever you like it or not, I am seriously considering stealing her away…Ouch! ”

This time he received a kick from Gabumon.

” Well done ” said both Elizabeth and Logan “Despite your wings, you are a spoiled rotten guy!”


“You can´t have her and you know it”

“Can´t help it, I am in love with Sora” Steve wasn´t bluffing. He had strong feelings for her for a long time…years, actually.

Elizabeth gritted her teeth yet she tried to slam some sense to her friend.

“But you are pretty aware about the rules, Steve. You know that as Supremes we musn´t attempt to mess up with certain threads of destiny, we are supposed to protect their destinies…not change them to our convenience!”

Gabumon and Mihiramon said nothing but the winged tiger tenderly rubbed his head against her waist. Elizabeth was being vocal yet gentle. She really cared about her teammates and was most of the times the motherly figure of the trio.

“Well, ask Nova and Ange about OMEGA” he said in a bitter tone “Our destinies were altered enough thanks to their selfishness, dont´t you?”

The memories of that time sent the shivers to the friends. Of course the mentioned bosses offered several alternatives to make up for their imprudence yet in the end the brits chose to become supremes.

“Of course I´m aware of that” Elizabeth shrugged off the bitter memories “But that´s in the past. We made our choices and moved on. And you won´t prevent me from oicing my concerns about the CURRENT YOU and that so called love. That will bring you nothing but disasters…”

“Give me a break, mama!”

“As if!”

“Cut me some slack, please?” he insisted but she kept shaking her head”Just wait until you, dear Lizzie, meet LOVE. You´ve been quite good evading it so far but you won´t be able to do it forever. And once it BITES YOU, you won´t be able to fight against the feeling much better than I”

Elizabeth, as a good teaser, limited to laugh it off.

“I am Britain´s Top Cynic!” was her response “I ain´t having any business with sentimentality ! I have much more worthy things to do than worrying about love!”

“Amen!” teased Logan and Gabumon at the same time “Pigs will fly first before someone is brave enough to fall for Lizzie!”

Elizabeth limited to kick  both her brother and digimon´s asses.

“I can be quite charming if I want to!”

“Yeah, yeah” Logan rubbed his ass, showing a pained expression. His dear sister certainly delivered a good kick! “By the way, is it me or the net looks a bit weird today?”

The others frowned.

“It looks the same for me” Elizabeth replied, she was still thinking on how to convince Steve about quitting his love obsession.

“No, he´s right” added Mihiramon sniffing the air “It smells different from last time”

Steve opened his eyes, concerned.

“Do you think there´s a virus lurking in the shadows…?” he looked around, intrigued.

“Maybe HE´S already here!” shouted Gabumon “The Boss warned us!”

The digidestineds sighed.

“Won´t make it to New York, then. Sorry Mimi” declared Logan “Digivice, change the coordinates…”

“Should call Herr Ludwis as well” suggested Elizabeth”Hey! I don´t recall seeing him among the guests!”

“Bollocks! ” Steve muttered a curse “Are you sure?! ”

“He was supposed to be keeping an eye over there!” added Gabumon “Can´t believed he skipped the wedding as well!”

Elizabeth let escape an exasperated sigh. She would so kick his German ass when he dares to show up!

Ludwig Faust was a member of the elite team of  the Supremes and like in every group, it didn´t escape the cliché of owning its local lone-wolf member. Ludwig Faust was the wolf, most of the time going solo in missions and rarely showing a warmth attitude toward the other members. Yet his teammates were puzzled with his unexpected absence since , despite his grumpiness, always followed through all his tasks. It was pretty unlikely of him failing to show up to a mission (going to the party was actually a mission) without contacting his fellow members.

“He would at least had called!” insisted Steve and decided it was time to contact the mentioned member and uncovered his bracelet a.k.a the digivice. He didn´t get to do it though, at that precise moment all the members´s  bracelets (yep, each was wearing a strange, circular bracelet) began to shine at the same time.

“RED CODE” they could hear Nova´s voice coming through the devices “Move your asses right now and join us!”.

“Yes Madame!”

The following minute, the digidestineds from Britain vanished from the net…

* * * * * *

“Shoot!” she moaned “Where did he go?!” Hikari   didn´t chat with Mimi for too long but by the time she and Gatomon were  back , her boyfriend´s chair was empty. Patamon wasn´t there either.

“Could they be in  the restroom?” said Gatomon at first.

That was the most plausible thing and the pair sat down and waited for their return. But time passed on and neither showed up yet.

“Probably Patamon  is having a diarrhea, those oysters tasted a bit funny” assumed the cat.

“It´s plausible”  Concerned, they headed to the restroom when they came across Daisuke and Iori who were just leaving.

“Hikari-chan!” Daisuke was pleased to see her “What are you doing here?”

“I´m looking for Takeru and Patamon” Hikari replied “Err…are they still inside?”

Daisuke and Iori exchanged a surprised look.

“Well, they´re not” Iori replied

“And I´d been waiting forever until  a jon became available “added Daisuke “Takeru didn´t come  in any moment”


“Do you need any help…?” Daisuke asked but  Hikari already walked away.

The uneasiness was there again, piercing her heart. She looked around , among the sea of people and digimons, wondering about her beloved´s whereabouts.




Mitsuo Yamaki looked at his clock, it was 11:45 PM.

“Well, it´s almost midnight” he said “How ´s the data ?”

“Until now, everything´s going smoothly” replied Tally working as usual.

“Great!” Layla Hagiwara clapped a bit “Once Father Christmas makes his appearance, CHRONOS will be swimming in the world´s system…”

Yamaki began to walk around, looking carefully at each screen. The current project was way too important and wanted to make sure everything was, as assured, going in the right path. He wouldn´t stand another Delipa gaffe, otherwise everything he ´s worked so hard for would turn into dust!

“Ryuu…” whispered.

Why he wanted to work so hard, so he could leave behind a legacy. He always wanted to create something that will  make the world a better place…or in this case, release a wonder on both digital and human worlds and thus leading them to a higher level. No more virus around the net…no more using data as weapons…he WOULD finally SHOW everybody his VISION… HIS DELAYED TRIUMPH.
“Are you sure you don´t want to see your son?” asked Layla in a tender voice “He must be missing his father”

Tally and the other assistants exchanged a silent glare, they still weren´t buying that woman´s intentions.

I hope Shibumi´s already neutralized that thing, she thought , I did everything I could to buy him some time…but the rest´s on him.

“Tomorrow I am going to Okinawa” he said “Right now, I need to stay…I hate leaving a project unattended”

“15 minutes before CHRONOS´s release… ” announced an operator


“Yay! It´s almost Christmas!” Guilmon was exultant “I can´t wait to open my presents!”

“Neither can I! ” Terriermon joined the other digimon´s excitement ” Jianglian, I hope Santa won´t forget Final Fantasy XII in the bag…I´m DYING to play that game!”

“He won´t, I promise” replied  Jianglian Li with infinite patience. Terriermon´s been asking the same for the last hour.


In the end, Takato invited his friends  to his place. Juri wasn´t in Tokyo that day, much to his dismay she ended spending Christmas at her maternal grandparents house in Hokkaido.

“I wish I could be with you, my love. I truly do!” she apologized the day before, at the train station”But this year I promised I would celebrate it with them…they still miss my mom very much…”
“I know, Juri-chan. You are the sweetest girl from this world and that´s why I love you so much!” and after a long, tender kiss, he gently escorted her to the train “But you are spending New Year with me, ok?”
“It´s a promise!!!”

It kinda sucks spending Christmas all by himself, his parents were right now relaxing in an onsen in Hakone, Kanagawa and Takato refused to go with them thinking he would have the house for…well, Takato could scratch off the romance from his list. Later, that day, he got a message from Jianglian asking him about his plans. The other tamer was supposed to be on a date but unfortunately his girlfriend woke up with a flu and was barely with enough strength to speak.

” So Yumiko´s down with the flu?” Takato poured some more sake “That sucks!”

“Pretty much”

“Poor Yumiko, I bet she´s feeling pretty depressed” at least, he was! Christmas´s supposed to be the time in which couples could have fun together. Christmas shopping, drinking hot coca, maybe watching a movie…skating! And the best part, exchanging presents under the Christmas Tree and being lovey dovey…

“So do I” then Jianglian drank his sake in a shot “They didn´t let me in ”

Her family didn´t like him and the father never bothered to hide his disapproval the day he introduced himself as Yumiko´s beau.  This morning he tried to visit Yumiko but he was only allowed to leave a present at the door. Just that.

“Oh shit! You are kidding!”

“Nope, they are still afraid of Terriermon”

They wouldn´t let him in the house while being followed by Terriermon. His girlfriend could only watch from her window, sending a kiss from afar while feeling utterly ashamed of her narrow-minded folks.

“That´s not an excuse” Takato bit his lips, annoyed “Jerks”

“I agree!” and the friends kept drinking their sakes. Only the digimons were in the mood for singing the Jingle Bells….




“You were right, there´s nobody around ” Keruta whistled unimpressed “SO BORING”

Takeru clenched his hands.

“WHO ARE YOU?” the chosen of Hope demanded “I´m 100% positive that you aren´t a guest”

“I ain´t, indeed” Keruta once again shove his digimon by the ear as if it was a toy “We were just merely paying a  visit of courtesy , right ? ” his digimon nodded. Takeru frowned, that was an odd digimon. Thought it was a Tsukaimon but with a ♄ on his forehead.

“A visit of courtesy?” asked Takeru “What do you mean by that?”

Keruta shrugged his shoulders and shook his digimon once again.

“Let him go!” the digidestined couldn´t stand the way that strange digimon was  treated “That´s no way to treat your partner!”

“If you insist” Keruta finally let go of his digimon  by throwing him to the ground as if it was a trash bag “Better?”

The response he got from Takeru was a direct hit on the cheek which almost sent Keruta flying.

“Takeru!!” patamon yelled “Don´t do it!”

“SCREW THE CONCERT ” the digidestined of Hope was in a foul mood. Whenever he saw someone abusing another creature his blood boiled “If you aren´t a guest. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT´S YOUR PURPOSE BY CRASHING INTO MY FRIEND´S WEDDING?”

This time Keruta was able to dodge the fist.

” AIN´T TELLING!”  Keruta showed the finger “BUT THIS IS FUN!” and  replied with a punch of his own, narrowly missing Takeru´s nose by an inch.The volcano then erupted and during the  following minutes the antagonists engaged into a nasty brawl. Punch after punch, kick after kick much to Patamon´s horror.

“Compared to the others, you suck” declared the hateful lad “greatly!”

“UH!?” Takeru was taken off guard “What the heck are you talking about?”

“COME ON! ” Keruta yelled in unbelief “You are a supreme, ain´t you?!”

Before Takeru had a chance to reply Keruta delivered a well studied, yet dirty kick on Takeru´s stomach.

“ mean …by that…?” he struggled to breath.

“The Digivice, you idiot!” Keruta attacked once again “I still don´t get how a wimp like you  own a bracelet”

The antagonist kept attacking leaving almost no room for the other guy to either attack or defend himself.

“Leave him alone!!” Patamon couldn´t stand watching it anymore and despite Keruta not being  a digimon Patamon decided to put an end to the fight”BOOM BUBBLE!!!”

“BOOM BUBBLE!” Saturn Patamon launched his technique at the same time, defending his human. The attacks clashed violently, sending a destructive wave all over the Palm Court…chairs, tables, plants were trashed in a matter of seconds!

“No!!!” Takeru yelled “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE PATAMON?!”

“AWESOME!” Keruta laughed “Your digimon is   wonderfully stupid!”

“You lack true determination” smiled the dark skinned Patamon at the other digimon ” so weak” added with disdain.

“Like his owner” added Keruta and uncovered a black bracelet from his sleeves. Takeru´s eyes opened like plates. How come that asshole owned the same kind of digivice ?! “Let´s get over this and take him with…”

“NO!” Saturn Patamon flew towards his partner and shook his head.

“YOU DARE SAY NO?!” erupted Keruta, incensed.

The black version of Patamon assented. ” You are too reckless, Keruta. If you do it we´ll attract the others´attention and it´s still too soon”

Takeru was still gasping, the kick proved to be so bad that he feared he had a broken rib or two.


“You failed the last time” the digimon known as Saturn Patamon smirked when the lad´s face reddened in frustration “And every time you came across those people. Damned be you if you, reckless boy, screw up on this one” then he stared at Takeru “He isn´t  in the list anyways”

Keruta gritted his teeth.


” Then explain why were you being so chummy-chummy-pals with him?”

“I don´t know what you are talking about” and his golden eyes darkened for a moment “We are leaving, aren´t we? ”

Takeru was still struggling to breath, whoever was that Keruta fella was malice incarnated. He was brutal, reckless and awfully reminded him of Ken Ichijouji as the Kaiser only blonde and way more vicious. Keruta stared at his digimon and surprisingly gave in.

“Rest assured, Takaishi, we ´ll leave this matter for another time” the teen spitted at the ground with contempt.

All what he could think is that the digidestined that was panting like a loosened sock had nothing to do with everything he heard about the original 8 or the Supremes. He looked rather weak, pathetic and wondered how did he manage to go so far.

“One thing is for sure” Keruta headed to the door ” You are no warrior material. I wish you good luck…because you and your stupid friends are going to need it!”

The dark Patamon assented but before flying off, he stared at the other Patamon  .

“IMPOSTOR” he said before following his human to the exit.


“You are not the one supposed to be by the chosen of Hope´s side” added the other digimon in a cold tone  “Soon you will find out”

“Wait a minute! What does that mean?” asked Patamon , irked but Keruta and his digimon already walked past the door.

Patamon, annoyed, decided to go after the rude version of himself  but when he reached the street for his surprise   the annoying pair was nowhere to be seen. They seemed to vanished in the air!

Confused, Patamon scratched his forehead and wondered what he was going to do next when Gatomon and Hikari arrived at the site.



Reality 09, best known as “NEXT“.

Six months passed since Neo´s apocalyptic showdown, the Digiworld was still in the recovering process. The 8 Digimemories , onces stolen by the evil Barbamon in order to create the most destructive Digimon that walked in this realm, while providing a new structure to the digital people they still lacked their former glory.

“It will take some time , Norun-Sama” said Datamon, a former villain now turned into a loyal follower of Yggdrasil, while monitoring the territories in the core of the System World “until they regain their full capacity”

“Thank you, Datamon” smiled Norun

“According to our last survey, each digimemory´s regained a 25% of strength”

” So Andromon, Megakabuterimon and the others are still far from reincarnating…save for Agumon, who´s still an egg , and Pichimon”

“About Barbarmon,  we HOPE you had taken the necessary measures to prevent any leftover code of his to be embedded with the digimemory of Darkness”

Originally the Digimemories were divided into eight pendants , as a way of preserving the holy equilibrium of the Digiworld.8 different digimons were given the task of guarding the pendants in order to prevent the evil Barbamon from taking over the Digital World. An Andromon was chosen to guard the Machine DigiMemory (symbolized as cogs), Pichimon was given the Aquan DigiMemory (symbolized as a dolphin), Megakabuterimon gladly accepted the task of guarding the Insect-Plant DigiMemory (symbolized as a beetle horn) , the prideful Gaomon took the Beast DigiMemory ( symbolized as a wolf head) , Agumon guarded bravely the Dragon DigiMemory (symbolized as a dragon) , Piximon owned the Holy DigiMemory ( symbolized as a cross) and Peckmon received the Bird DigiMemory, (symbolized as a bird). Unfortunately the evil Barbamon managed to claim for himself the Dark DigiMemory (symbolized as a dark skull) and gathered an army of minions in order to retrieve the rest of the memories in order to create what he called what he viewed as the digimon who´d surpass in form and power the rest of the digimons, even Yggdrasil: NEO. Eventually his plans backfired and the almost indestructible Neo ended realizing that in order to create a future, he should leave it alone….

“That matter´s already been taken care” assured Norn with a sweet voice. “The next digimon is going to possess a pure heart and won´t be corrupted by the digimemory of Darkness…He´s still an egg but I am certain he´ll do a great job. Datamon, I appreciate wholeheartedly your dedication”

Datamon mechanical´s face almost succumbed to a blush.Being flattered by the actual God of the Digiworld was huge!

Norun Mikihara was Yggdrasil . It was said that the God , wishing to know more about the humans and their relationship with the digital world, chose to send it´s conscience to the human wold in the form of a beautiful human girl , dressed in a white and blue lolita dress, and while exploring that intriguing world she happened to made friends with the future digidestineds Tsurugi Tatsuno, Yu Inui, Ami Kitajima, and Sho Kahara. But she ended being tricked and having her powers sealed by Barbamon so he could take possession of Yggdrasil´s original body: a super complex computer. And Datamon was still finding hard to forgive himself for taking part of such horrendous conspiracy.

“It ´s nothing compared to all the harm I contributed to cause…” sighed the machine digimon ” I swear that am going to restore any data that´s still damaged” added with pride. Since the day the digidestineds went back home, Datamon and his army of clock-type digimons, the Hagurumons, consecrated themselves into fixing the remaining bugs that were inside the System World. Despite Yggdrasil´s original body being purified and the Castle returned into it´s true form, Datamon and his men were going to make sure the data was 100% virus free. Barbamon, despite being dead, could had pretty much had implanted something else…

“I am sure you will” said the girl, depositing a little kiss on the digimon´s crystal helmet before taking off.

“Master Datamon, your face…” inquired a Harugamon. Datamon literally turned into a red hot chilli pepper!

“DO. NOT. SAY. ANYTHING. GOT IT?!” he dedicated a nasty gaze at his subordinates.

“Yes, master”



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