Back to the wedding scenario, Jyou Kido was finishing his Best Man´s speech:

“ know, I am not the best when talking in public…but I want congratulate Mimi and…Michael…”

“You are doing it pretty well, Jyou-kun!” cheered Gomamon from his seat

“Just imagine everybody´s naked and you´ll be fine!” exclaimed digidestined  Wallace  from his table”It worked for me!”

“Don´t you dare!” laughed Michael “At least, save my wife, picture the rest of the world as you please…”

“You naughty boy!” Mimi pinched her now husband´s cheek “Jyou-kun, don´t you dare to imagine my hubby looking like the day the Lord brought him to this world!”

Mimi´s comment made the whole public go hysterical.

“Er…er..right!” Jyou was spilling an ocean of sweat while watching everybody laughing their asses off,  such was his stage fright “…as I was saying…I want to congratulate Mimi and Michael for their day and may God bless them with a fairy-tale marriage and plenty of babies to ..err.. ”

“…drive them insane?” suggested Sora, blinking an eye to her married friends.

“…to be happy forever!” said the digidestined of Reliability, incensed. Why nobody could take his words with consideration and insisted on behaving like kids? They were in their 20s, dammit!

Despite the teasing everybody liked his speech; the whole room applauded with enthusiasm while he went back to his seat. He was a sweet, honest guy who wished nothing but happiness to his former girlfriend and the same for the rest of the world. Once back to his seat he received a candid kiss on the lips from his current love, Maria, the Austrian beauty that had the rest of the male (and many female) population drooling non-stop. Her digimon, Marine Angemon imitated her and much to Gomamon´s annoyance, threw a little heart at Jyou´s face .


“I´m so proud of you, lieb…” Maria´s words almost sent Joe´s heart to Nirvana. beautiful Maria..” Yup, now Jyou Kido became fluent speaking German. Gomamon, not so much. His digimon was never fond of learning new languages, Japanese was hard enough already!

“Bootlicker” mumbled Gomamon only to receive a cheerful smile in response, which irked Gomamon even more.

Marine Angemon was the exact, irritating type of creature that usually drives him mad like 24 hours a day. The little one was practically glued to Gomamon and Jyou´s digimon could barely go anywhere without being  followed by the   pink winged hound. Marine Angemon, by the way, considered Gomamon the most amusing digimon!

“Someday…!” swore the fuming digimon .

After the cheer ups it came the  slide show moment, showing the couple´s most memorable moments and the public expressed  their “awwws” and “so adorable!” stuff when looking at Michael and Mimi as babies and sharing their cheers when shown scenes from their adventures in the digiworld. Other guests were frankly  bored with the spectacle and were about to succumb to their yawns when suddenly  the  screens went blank.

“WHAT THE HECK?!” yelled Mimi, quite annoyed.

“A malfunction…?” asked Michael.

The blankness was soon followed up by another scene.The newlyweds and the rest of the congregation opened their mouths when  a very lively party showed up in the screens. Mimi and Michael were puzzled. They did not recall adding  this kind of scene to their video!

“I´m so firing the guy!” complained Mimi “He messed up our video! WHAT´S THAT?”

“Woah!” said a guest “Looks like a  Rock n´Roll  Hall of Fame!”

“Look! Aren´t those Elton Johan, Bruce Springsteen and Mick Jagger?!”

“OHHH!!!”  Wicked!”

The sight of super famous musicians gathered right at the heart of a hall, singing and playing their instruments at the same time took everybody by surprise…in a pleasant way. It was different, cool. And it was certainly a welcome change after viewing so many anodyne childhood photos.

“Hello there!”  a blue haired girl with sapphire eyes showed up in front of the camera, selfie-style. “Lang time nae see!

Yamatto and Taichi almost dropped their drinks. How not to recognize that woman? ”

“Elizabeth! ” Mimi replied with excitement “So you are the one who messed up my video?!”

“Aye!Just a little improvement, dear.” Elizabeth winked an eye

The camera then pointed at the other two guys who were already waving at the public. The one named Logan was obviously Elizabeth´s twin sibling,  same hair color and similar facial features; the other guy  had a wavy black hair and odd paired eyes (one blue, the other green) and the most charming smile.The guys were each holding a guitar, playing among the stars.  SOME OF THE MUSICIANS WERE A BIT WARY OF Logan´s digimon, Mihiramon but Steve cheerfully announced that the winged tiger was tamed and wouldn´t possess a threat to anybody. Elton smiled but maintained a prudent distance from the feline while other musicians preferred patting Gabumon´s head because he was smaller, cuter and nobody was going to risk being bitten by the tiger anyways.

 Whit like are ye? ” Elizabeth feigned surprise “Oh my! what are you doing dressed like THAT?!”

”  I just got married!” laughed the Mimi “Lizie-chan you devil, you are supposed to be here!”

“Really?” the blue haired girl raised an eyebrow “Steve, Logan. Were we supposed to be in the bloody New York?”

“Ask Sting!” Logan pointed the finger at the mentioned musician “He´s the so called Englishman in New York!”

The musician smiled and as the courteous sir he was he saluted the fans before resuming his playing.

“I am SO going to throw up” muttered Yamato, showing a sincere horrified face.  “Thought they weren´t coming and now THIS?!”

” Until now the party´s perfect!” whined Tai, equally displeased ” The British are invading America…again!”

Michael with all intention added his own part.

“Oh yeah! Taichi and Yamatto had  been bored as hell …whatever you are doing, switch on your digivices and get your butts here!”

And everybody´s eyes focused on the Taito guys, waiting for their reaction.

“Hiya  mongooses!” said the blue haired woman “It´s such a bliss seeing your ugly faces!”

“We are pretty much delighted seeing yours!” replied Taichi with the same sarcasm.

“Aren´t you supposed to be back in the woods chasing unfortunate souls,  Blair-chan ?” added Matt in an acrid tone. Gabumon and Agumon rolled thier eyes, here they were again!

“Not at the moment! ” was her reply “ Just the sight of yer faces is gie’n me the boak!”

“QUIT IT WITH YOUR SCOTTISH GIBBERISH!” yelled Taichi and Yamatto at the same time “At least speak  English!”

“Sure,  Bakas!

The rivalry between the Japanese and British digidestineds was as lovely  as ever. Well, that was actually a feud between the  Ishida and Yagami team vs the Elizabeth and Logan Montgomery (digidestineds from Scotland)  and Steve Worthington III (from England) team.

The feud began the first year of high-school,  when the British trio were invited to spend 6 months in Japan as part of an exchange program. And right after the introductions, the groups realized they couldn´t stand each other and spent the whole semester engaged in a constant war of words.  Taichi and Yamato dreaded  the woman the most and she ended nicknamed  as the scottish Blair Witch by them.

“Taichi-kun! Yamato-kun! Behave!” warned Mimi “Gosh! Lizzie! WHERE ARE YOU?!”

“Stopped by this little place  to deliver your present” explained Steve “You just don´t need another blender, do you?”

Mimi erupted in a laugh.

” Nope. But explain me WHERE  are you now and WHY you didn´t attend the ceremony ”

“Rock n´roll hall of fame in London , baby” Logan said pretty excited ” We sneaked into this party JUST FOR YOU”

“YOU SNEAKED INTO A CELEBRITY PARTY?!” Michael couldn´t decide if wanting to slap his friends or congratulating them for their luck. Yamato bit his lips unable to surpress the envy, if he didn´t dread  the other party so much he would had switched his digivice and took off to  the much more interesting party  in London. The Ishida pride harshly reminded the lad how much he disliked the Brits and that  Music itself had nothing to do with him anymore…

Mimi crossed her arms but her eyes sparkled as well “So shameless!”

“Hell! I can see Mick Jagger, Paul Mac Cartney, Slash…YOU LUCKY BASTARDS!” added digidestined Wallace “I WOULD SELL MY MOTHER IF I WAS INVITED TO THAT EVENT!”

“WALLACE-SAN!!!!” the bride cried “Aren´t you Michael-kun´s best man?!”

Wallace  opted to hide his answer by drinking some more champagne. His digimons were already ZZZZing on their chairs having secretly drunk some of that sinful beverage. Luckily they were the type of falling asleep instead of going into drunkard rampages…well, at least virus-free!

“Well.. we weren´t exactly invited to this event…” began to say a Gabumon, next to Elizabeth. Immediately one of her Loubotin shoes landed accidentally over his foot.”OUCH!!! That hurt!”

The British trio laughed.

“Guilty! But… THEY still agreed to play…”

“And why did you miss the ceremony?” Mimi insisted.

But her question remained unanswered because the trio  made a signal to the artists and the stars began to play the next song.  ” A special  song for the happy couple…”

For the following minutes, the absentees focused the camera toward the stars. Paul, Mick & company sang  The Beatle´s song “I saw her standing there”  with such groove and enthusiasm that surrounded the public with magic. The married couple, the friends and digimons began to sing along with the musicians.Michael lead Mimi to the center of the room, ready to dance. The following minute they were joined by their friends and soon the whole floor was following the beat. Even the waiters were shaking their heads , enthusiastically. That was a great song!

“Enjoy the first of the best days of your lives, Mimi and Michael ” said Steve at the end

“We wish you the best of marriages” greeted Elizabeth with a huge smile “And whoever gets the bouquet, good luck!”

The public began to sing, totally wired up. The only people who did not get into the fun were Tai and Matt who kept drinking their boozes. Couldn´t those people be  more conceited?

The other indivudal who did not join the fun was the mentioned Keruta;  the minute he saw their faces, paled and in a flashlight he hid behind a column. His dark Patamon hid under a nearby table as well.

“Shoot!” grumbled the moody blond fella “NOT THEM!”

They had no choice but hide as the duo  was warned about the British Supremes,  Keruta himself  wasn´t especially confident  he could go against the 3 at the same time. His superior was adamant on his orders about not engaging into any physical battle with them, especially Steve Worthington.

“He´s the most dangerous from the trio. Avoid him at all cost until all the pieces are settled down…”


“WOW! Mimi yelled as soon as the song ended “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! IT´S THE BEST PRESENT I EVER RECEIVED!!”

“You are welcome milady” the Brits bowed “Sorry we didn´t make it in time for the church ceremony”

“No problem!” answered Mimi “But you can still make it to the reception party, can you?”

“…probably?” but Steve´s smiling face indicated they couldn´t wait to be there!

There was some hesitance among the trio.

“Come on, Steve-kun! ” exclaimed Takeru from his seat ” The more the merrier!”


Sora face palmed and so her Piyomon.

“I thought you enjoyed our last meeting…” Steve smirked “Still having problem washing off the frapuccino from your hair…?” when they were forced to spend the night behind bars they didn´t exactly behave like gentlemen.  The cops offered the detainees some coffee and sandwiches to pull through the night and the lads had no better idea than pitting the  comestibles  against each other. As they were going through another Streetfighter session  the police chief ´s patience ran out and threatened to have them locked for a month unless they stopped. With their clothes stained and their hair reeking of coffee and half eaten shrimps  and tuna, the lads finally behaved….

“AS IF! ”

Takeru opted to intervene.

“Save the bravado for another time, yeah?” and he looked at Mimi “This is Mimi-chan´s day”

Yamato relented and Steve assented.

“If miss Takenouchi wants, I´ll come”


Sora´s face turned blue and hid her face behind the napkins.


“Huh…just…do whatever you want. Don´t ask me…”

But Takeru, as the teaser he was , interpreted it the wrong way.

“Don´t tell us you were like Akiyama-kun..again lured away by a  beauty!”

“You wish, Takaishi!” laughed Steve

“You are punctuality personified except when you come across somebody else!” declared the blond lad “WHO´S SHE…or a HIM?” Takeru smirked, he knew those people better than anybody else. He already took a liking at them when he was at middle school despite their feuds with his brother ; Takeru Takaishi   was 15 when landed a spot in an exchange program with the UK. During that time he was going through the lowest moment in his life and  longed for a change of environment so he jumped at the opportunity , believing that moving to London for 6 months would cheer him up. And he was right, he loved the experience so much that ended staying for 2 and a half more years. The chosen of Hope couldn´t help but feeling captivated by the UK and its culture, so different from Japan and! During those 3 years he had the fun of his life going around with  the british digidestineds whom made sure he received a candid  welcome  to their land (ok, the real  welcome came the third week after his arrival because the first two were filled  by an endless set of pranks played at the newcomer. As they explained that time, they just had to follow the  tradition) Once passed the rite of fire, Takeru became really attached to the brits especially  Steve Worthington. Steve was the oldest of the bunch and his gentlemanly mood and amicable nature won Tk´s admiration,  becoming  a second big brother for the sweet hearted Takaishi. And it was thanks to Steve-onnisan that he discovered his passion towards the piano…But if you ask about Steve´s love life, he´s  a well-known playboy!

“Spit it out, Steve. Who made you forget about the wedding´s day?”

“No girlfriend or boyfriend at the moment ” and Steve got closer to the camera and did what he promised NOT to do  “But there´s a certain JAPANESE angel that stole my heart a long time ago and still didn´t give it back …” and winked at the camera,charming the female population.

“OOOOOHHH!” the public was captivated and looked around, wondering who he was referring to.

The girl in question tried her best to hide her face behind a centerpiece.

“Please…don´t!” pleaded in a low voice

“No way! ” laughed Wallace and turned his gaze at one of the nearest  tables. The original 8´s table. Only one girl from the bunch was blushing vividly  with Steve´s speech.

Yamatto ´s face turned red as well… livid red.


Steve showed a bright smile.

“She´s the angel of Love, so kind and beautiful…Whoever takes her to the altar will be the LUCKIEST guy in this world…” and ignoring Matt´s bewildered face, the Englishman threw a kiss at the camera. The public , delighted, began to whistle and cheer for Sora whose burning face could pretty much melt the North Pole.


Tai , Agumon and Gabumon got closer to him just in case. The digidestined of Friendship was emitting such terrifying aura that they feared he would turn into the nippon version of the Incredible Hulk.

“Brother! Please! He´s just joking as always!” Takeru joined Tai and the digimons, again, just in case.

“No need to be jealous, Ishida-kun. Let´s make up for the last time, yes?” Steve nonchalantly threw another kiss at the camera “That ONE´s for you!”

For Yamato´s  dismay he  received even more cheers and whistles from the public  than Sora herself! The digidestined almost succumbed to a spontaneous combustion. Taichi and the others hid a smile while convincing their irked friend to go back to his seat.

Mimi laughed for several minutes before speaking again.

“Oh Worthington-kun! You are indeed English!”

Steve made a little reverence at the bride.

“Miss Tachikawa…well, not single anymore.. Mrs Washington…Now speaking seriously, you never looked so radiant.  Michael, you lucky bastard you´d better bring her a lot of happiness…!”

And the screens turned back to normal, sliding more boring pictures.

The ladies giggled with that comment but Hikari, although as impatient as the others, felt a  pain in her chest. It felt as if Elizabeth´s words were  sending an ominous message…she couldn´t help but notice that while Logan and Steve were playing their instruments along the famous, Elizabeth, at one point of the video-conference, looked down at the bracelet she was wearing and her expression momentarily turned sour. Hikari knew pretty well that bracelet…

She shook her head, ignoring those thoughts. I´m probably being paranoid, she said to herself.

“Are you OK?” asked Takeru, visible concerned.

“Oh yes” she said “And we are dancing the next piece!”

As if her words were heard, the DJ, who had been in a break, was ready to resume his job. After the british´s chat-conference , the DJ, fired up, decided to put on  what he considered the best music from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

“PEOPLE..ARE YOU READY TO BURN THE DANCE FLOOR?” he yelled at the audience.

“YEAH!!!!!” people and digimons screamed back, fired up.

“GOOD! ” the DJ switched on his equipment “FOR THE BRIDE, THIS WAS CHOSEN ESPECIALLY BY THE GROOM” and for everybody´s delight, it was DISCO time.

“This SO fits Mimi!” laughed Joe in the end.

“ABsolutely!” declared Izzy and Tentomon

“No way Michael!” Mimi thought she was going to cry “ABBA?! How did you know…?”

“Because YOU are my DANCING QUEEN” and Michael kissed his girl

And for the next hour, the entire hall was crowded with enthusiastic dancers.


Back to the tamer´s timeline…

“Mom, can I open my presents now?”

“Not yet”

“But mom! I don´t think I can resist any longer!”

“Yes you can”

It was Christmas Eve at the Ohtori´s home and little Ryuu, again, was pestering his mother about the present business. Like every kid  around the world, he hated waiting.  His presents were right under the tree, why should he wait for Santa?

“Mooom…please…..? Just one?” begged Ryuu Yamaki , once again “Even Kuro can´t wait!”

Reika, who had just finished warping the dinner´s leftovers, almost gave in. How could she resist her child´s beggar techniques? He was standing next to the Christmas tree, with the cat in his arms, showing such a melodramatic face that  could put Little Orphan Annie in shame. He was only 8 and she could already see him having a career in Hollywood!

“Oh dear! In 15 minutes it will be Christmas!”

“I can´t wait that much!” he pouted “And neither can Kuro”

As if echoing´s his master´s feelings, the black cat began to meow loudly.


Reika could not hold it any longer and kissed her child´s cheeks.

“Mom!” protested the son “I didn´t ask for that!”

“I know!” and wanting to troll her son a bit more she delivered another set of kisses “But mommy kisses are available anytime!”

And the child of course protested again , mumbling something unintelligible.

“OK, just ONE” she conceded in the end.

“REALLY?!” now the kid´s mood was brighter than the sun “THANK YOU!!”

The kid and the cat rushed to the tree, wondering which box to open first. Reika sighed, thinking that her son was the most charming child from the whole nation of Japan. Took the camera and filmed the scene, Ryuu looked too darn cute with his cat and wanted to immortalize the scene. She couldn´t wait to show it to Tally and the rest of the Ohtori family…she would also make sure that the Yamaki side would have some copies.

Oh Mitsuo! ,  she  bit her lips, you are a fool!

It was impossible not to feel sorrow when thinking in her husband, part of her was mad at him and the other half missed him terribly. Two months passed since the last time she saw his face and…she clenched her fists. How dared HIM  to REASSIGN his own wife to Hypnos´s branch in Naha ?!  She DESERVED  A MUCH BETTER treatment.

Okay, I get it. You ´d rather be with that slut o, ok. People´s feelings change all the time and I wouldn´t have forced you to stay in this marriage when love´s over. BUT SENDING ME AWAY LIKE THAT? And not making any effort to visit your precious son? Mitsuo Yamaki, from now on you are DEAD to us.

She took a breath, trying not to show a sour face. Ryuu was only 8 and he needn´t to know about his father´s crappy actions, the day they moved to the Okinawan prefecture only Tally and Shibumi were at the train station.

I´m deeply sorry about that, Tally said at that time, I never expected such horrible attitude from the boss. I am tempted to quit!

But Reika, despite her shock and anger, begged her friend not to take such action.

You are not, she remembered saying to Tally, don´t give in into Hagiwara´s bullshit. You quit, she wins. Besides, I want you to keep an eye around Hypnos….there´s something awfully fishy about that slut and I want YOU to find out .

I concur, added Shibumi, since that woman walked into the organization everything turned into hell. Hagiwara  has a hidden agenda, that´s for sure. And I bet she´s following some blockhead´s orders..give us some time, and we´ll expose her true nature.

I am counting with you, Reika hugged the old man, that´s why I accepted the job transfer and  didn´t quit at the spot. Once you expose her, I am coming back to Tokyo. 

And after a tearful sayonara, Reika and her son took the train. The first weeks were hard, Ryuu couldn´t help but asking for his father all the time.

When´s daddy coming home?

Daddy is busy at the office, dear. But I bet he´ll come for Christmas!

At least, she believed he would do it. Before Hagiwara´s arrival Mitsuo usually tried to finish his work as soon as he could so he would spend his precious time with his son. Mitsuo wasn´t the type who would  show openly his emotions but he LOVED his child. Playing chess every night after dinner, watching cartoons together…

But now mr Yamaki proved to be a poor excuse of human being. He could at least give his son a call! She would certainly INFORM her lawyer about this and may God show the fool some mercy because Reika was going to SMASH his butt in court.

“I am opening this!” said Ryuu in the end, waving a red box.


Kneeling  next to her child, she kept filming.

“RAD!!!” he shouted unable to contain his excitement uncovering the coolest device he ever saw, silver with blue borders. “It´s much better than a Nintendo DS! Thanks mom!”

Reika´s eyes almost fell from their orbits.




Reika was barely holding it together. She  certainly KNEW how to recognize a D-POWER…a DIGIVICE.

And her motherly instincts began to ring , something for sure was about to happen…


After dinner, Ryo and Ruki walked around Shinjuku. It stopped snowing hours ago so it was the perfect occasion to walk instead of waiting for a taxi. But neither him nor her were in a hurry to go back to their respective places, they were enjoying each other´s company so much that Ruki suggested going to the  Shinjuku Gyoen.

“Let´s buy a cake and have a midnight picnic in Gyoen” she said in a whim, surprising herself ” I´m sick of dealing with people..can´t even buy a latte  without crashing with someone who´s in a hurry!”

“But the park is closed at these hours…”

“I know” Ruki attempted to show a poker face “So?”

“You want us to fool the guards and SNEAK in…am I right?” Ryo was falling hard for that girl, Rukiwas certainly Ruki!

“Of course. We are tamers, aren´t we? ” her eyes could lit a whole world, such was her joy “Unless you find the whole idea too frightening…”

“I´m in!” and with some help from Renamon and Cyberdramon, the duo  headed to Gyoen, a huge park that was originally the Naitō family´s residence during the Edo period. Ruki called it an Eden within the city, having been there many times when she needed some time to ease her mind. She loved walking among the cherry trees even if the hadn´t blossomed yet, admiring the english and french landscapes when she was in the mood for something unique…but she asked Renamon and Cyberdramon to land right next to the great lake.

“I know it´s cold but I cannot think of a better place to watch fireworks”

“I like the idea!” Ryo barely noticed the freezing temperature, he was so happy spending this particular night with her…he wished time would freeze as well.

While the couple settled, relaxing on a nearby tree, the digimons amused themselves watching the date.

“It´s much better than watching TV” said Cyberdramon finally “right, Renamon?”

“Humm…” the fox grumbled.

“Such a rare, peaceful, moment.” added Cyber in a casual tone ” Pity it won´t last for too long”

Renamon glared at Cyberdramon.

“What do you mean by that?”

The dragon-like creature shook his shoulders , showing indifference.

” He´s bound to lead a life filled with sacrifices ” was Cyberdramon´s casual response “What else can you expect from a Supreme?”

Renamon almost fell from her branch.

“A Supreme?”

“Dang! I forgot it was a secret!”

The following minute, a very inquisitive Renamon was leaning toward Cyberdramon.

“Ok, NOW you´ve got my full attention…”


Reality 01

Liebe, are you ok?” said Jyou´s girlfriend in the meantime.

“Not really” replied a moody Sora, still washing her hands. After Steve´s declaration and her boyfriend´s outburst she couldn´t take the embarrassment   anymore and fled downright to the ladies room.

Maria Brenhausen wished she could do something to alleviate Takenouchi´s mood. That was for sure a less than flattering scene! Things like that could easily lead to misunderstandings and people usually enjoyed feeding gossips with more juice than what the actual events had.  And commentaries like”oh this girl must had been two-timing!” and “what do those hunks saw in that meh girl?”  were still in the air , making the poor digidestined feel even worse.

” If I were in your place I too would feel like running away” added the benevolent digidestined from Austria

“Thank you”

Maria  didn´t know Sora very well and was merely acquainted with her boyfriend´s original circle of friends so she wasn´t sure how to speak to Jyou´s childhood friend without sounding too intruding. But she culdn´t leave Sora alone, the lady seemed to desperately need some support.

“I know it doesn´t help, coming from a complete stranger and so…”

“Oh no, Maria-chan. Your words are actually helpful… At least someone doesn´t think I am a slut

Maria wondered if she wouldn´t overstep her bounds by offering the other girl a hug.

“What are your plans?” asked instead.

“Humm…going back to Tokyo in the first plane, I guess” Sora was still in tears, cursing  both Steve and Yamato “And pretend this whole thing´s a dream”

Miyako and Hawkmon entered into the room at that precise moment.

”  WHAT?! ” the purple haired girl  exclaimed “ARE YOU LEAVING?”

Sora sighed.

“How can I stay after such embarrassing scene?” and wasn´t the only one. The Yamato vs Steve rivalry stuff had been going around for a good while. Years, actually. But never  this crisp. She adored both guys. Yamato was her beloved boyfriend but Steve was a kindred spirit. Sora always had the feeling they knew each other from another life although she actually didn´t believe in stuff like incarnation.  But the sense of familiarity was there and for instance  she couldn´t help but cry in his arms the other day, when they met in Shinjuku. Moved by her tears Steve promised he was going to help her. But now she wished she had a knife and throw it at him because  instead of being helpful he worsened things.!

But Miyako, a true representative of Love,  had a different perspective.

” No freaking way! Being pursued for years by TWO HOT GUYS is HEAVEN! I SO WISH I WAS YOU!

“Never happening” blurted Hawkmon at once.


“It´s the truth, isn´t it?” the birdlike digimon had no qualms when speaking his mind.

“I am a cute girl! And I SO could make plenty of guys fall for me” and  the violet haired girl emphasized her statement by putting her hands on her hips.

Sora gritted her teeth , Miyako Inue´s well-meaning  phrases weren´t helping at all.

“Then you are free to take BOTH of them” declared the chosen of Love in the end  “I had enough of their testosterone ´s war” and closed the tap.


“They are free to a good home”

“But..but… you can´t! I love this  love story of yours! Just like in a the books” Miyako´s eyes shone with enthusiasm ” The famous triangle… the heroine who is in love with her lone wolf childhood friend but at the same time struggling  not to  fall for the handsome prince that also wants her.  I can´t wait to  see them engage in a duel for real , fighting for the maiden´s heart…” Miyako´s eyes were the shiniest star from the galaxy and if she added more sugar to her phrases, she would end up barfing rainbows.

“MY LIFE ISN´T A ROMANCE NOVEL!” Sora finally lost her patience. She barely ate and her stomach was threatening to bring up a gastric revolution due to stress. “AND I´M SICK OF IT!”

Miyako immediately backed up, regretting everything she said.

“Sorry,  Sora” Yolei was on the verge of tears”I ´m such a klutz! I didn´t consider your feelings at all….”

Sora ´s mood softened a bit. Miyako Inoue had nothing to do with her current crisis.

“I am the one who should be apologizing… sorry for lashing it on you” and took her friend´s hands, in an offer of peace “I actually got your point…but lately things aren´t going very well between Yamato-kun and I and..well! that rock-n roll scene was a bit TOO much!”

What actually bothered Sora wasn´t the rivalry itself (which was there since their high school days) but the way Yamato had been behaving during the last weeks. He was more distant and bitter than his 11 year old self from the past and lately she couldn´t help but wonder if her boyfriend loved her anymore.

She wondered if moving  into his apartment was such a really good idea after all. Lately it felt awfully smaller than usual and hard to breath due to the lingering tension between them. It became like this since their last meeting with mr Hiroaki Ishida, three months ago. Yamato and Takeru´s father happened to be around in the neighborhood and paid a surprise visit to his elder son and ended staying for dinner; the meeting apparently went smoothly, mr Ishida openly praising Sora´s cooking and congratulating his son for choosing suh a wonderful lady. He even hinted how much he was looking forward to meet the future grandchildren which naturally made the young couple blush to death; but once the father left, Yamato´s expression showed the first signs of introversion. The following days  the lad put a subtle distance, arriving late each night to the point of not even having dinner with either his girl nor Gabumon because he “already ate”; Yamato  became too busy with his stuff everyday, sometimes not arriving home until dawn! And the occasional days he made it somewhat early at home  the guy was unapproachable! He would seldom took her out for a date unless she insisted and always seemed bored when he did;when she wanted to cuddle in bed he would mechanically pass an arm on her shoulders but nothing else. She hoped to build a home together with their digimons but lately they seemed more like roommates than anything else. Gabumon and Piyomon were astonished with his attitude as well and tried their best to cheer up Sora.


“Something must had happened” Gabumon said one time “I wish I knew. Maybe if Taichi speaks to him…?”

“No” answered Sora shaking her head “I don´t want him involved in this. If anything, at least I wish Yamato have a good friend to confide in…”

And for a good while she kept her feelings to herself. Nobody in her circle of friends knew what was going on and were already looking forward to Mimi´s Big Day. Why sadden them with her issues? Was this relationship destined to be the happiest or fated to doom?  But when Steve-kun shows up, that´s another story.

Today Yamato-kun remembered he had a girlfriend! Or so did his Ishida pride speak  his sense of possession? He could pretty much said  “me Tarzan, she Jane” for all she knew.

Right now she wasn´t sad, she was irked.

“It was” admitted both Maria and Miyako at the same time.

The purple haired friend ´s face suddenly showed a concerned expression.

“You are not going to break up with him, are you…?”  Miyako almost choked but still needed to know . Sora lately seemed a bit restless, sad…

Sora looked at her friend for a long minute before answering.

“Not in my plans” in fact, all this time she´d been trying to save this relationship!

Both Miyako and Hawkmon sighed in relief.

“Thank God! You two look so good together! And you´ve been through so much…it would be a shame if you two break up…”

“But that Worthington isn´t so bad either” added Maria, pensive “He´s tall, handsome, rich and has a nobility title . And he´s also digidestined. I am surprised you didn´t fall for him ”

Sometimes even Sora wondered about that. They met the Brits during the first year in high-school when the latter joined their school as part of a student exchange plan. They studied for a semester before they went back to the UK but nobody had been able to forget them. At first, Nippon and European groups clashed but eventually they were able to put away their differences when the Digiworld was in danger once more and the groups joined forces. A rogue digidestined, Ludwig Faust, was the main culprit of the incidents and because he proved to be a monumental threat (way, way worse than the Kaiser and the dark masters together) there was no way the nippon chosens were able to fight him. The Brits lent a hand, alleging it was part of their training – which she never understood that part- and after some struggles Ludwig Faust was defeated for good.  Since then Steve showed an on-and-off interest towards her but Sora never took him seriously.

“I like you, miss Takenouchi and no matter what you can always count with me…” he confessed the first time only for her turning him down. She could still remember the disappointment in his eyes yet he kissed her hand and said anyways “If not as my lover at least shall I be allowed to  be your friend…?”

Something in his tone made her say yes and had been friends since then. Unlike Taichi and Yamato she liked Takeru´s british friends and knowing Steve would never overstep his boundaries, she welcomed them into her circle. Years passed and Steve became her closest male friend besides Taichi-kun which always bothered Yamato but Sora insisted that friendship between a man and a woman was possible.

Lately, though, because of her loneliness  and not wanting  to burden Taichi and the others, (Taichi was too busy with his career and girlfriend, Hikari joined Takeru on the tour, Mimi was so excited with her wedding that Sora had no heart to break her happy bubble and in fairness, Miyako wasn´t the most reliable friend to confide in. She liked the others but wouldn´t confide that much in them) she  ended relying on Steve…a tad  more than she should, perhaps?

How could she refuse when meeting him by chance in Akihabara not long ago, after just one sight, asked her what´s wrong.

“I don´t see the bright, splendorous Sora I know” he declared, quite concerned “You look pale and I see dark circles under those eyes. What´s going on?”

He sounded so concerned that she finally broke down and told him everything.

“I just don´t get it” Steve said in the end, while they were sharing a café. He insisted on inviting her to a delicious frapuccino and a chocolate cake so she could regain some of her serenity. After 2 slices of cake she finally told him everything. Steve listened carefully but could not contain a slam on the table, such was his indignation” BOLLOCKS!! You are his girlfriend!!”

He was genuinely angry about the situation and Sora finally felt a little relief when he added: ”  While it´s not required to be a mushy-mushy relationship he ought to be more considerate! There´s no way you can be in love when there´s no respect!”

So Sora allowed herself to rely more and more on him. Maybe it was wrong but it´d been comforting having a friend to talk about her problems. He was gentle, sensible and took her on several platonic dates to cheer her up; much like Taichi-kun save for him belonging to another island and having a noble title. In fact, it was slated that this year the Queen would name him a Sir due to his acknowledged actions as the Digidestined from England and serving his digital duties in the name of the Queen.

That closeness , though, ended causing more troubles. The jealousy part did not work the way she expected this time . Yamatto certainly went into a series of brawls with Steve but instead of fearing of losing his girl, he remained as cold as always.

“Don´t worry, sweetheart. I won´t give up” said Steve the  week before the wedding  via web-chat” He´s just as stubborn as a Mustang  but the horse is actually more clever than your boyfriend. Sooner or later I´ll make him `kneel to your feet!”

But all she got was more indifference from Yamatto.In the end, realizing it had been a waste of time, Sora concluded she needed to solve her issues by herself. She couldn´t reach him the day before and didn´t see him at the wedding…until that video-chat!! Now she wanted to dig a hole in Central Park and jump into it.Steve-kun finally crossed the line and she ended regretting asking for his help in the first place.

“Why don´t you leave Yamato-san and go out with Steve-san instead?” insisted Miyako, still drooling. The black haired digidestined was handsomeness personified and rich!

“Because I can´t reciprocate his feelings” was Sora´s frank response. Even she wasn´t blind to his constant flirting towards her but she´d been so lonely that pretended not to notice  “And I am not quite sure he knows what True Love is…”

When she owned the crest of Love, despite losing it sometime later she still retained some of the crest´s characteristics embedded in her heart. As if something from her very own soul was awakened and from that moment, her perception of the world changed forever. And somehow she could sense the power of love inside every single living being´s hearts. And was Steve actually in love with her? Or the image he created about Sora Takenochi…? Her instincts pointed at the latter…

“I see” whispered Maria “Hopefully he´ll realize and move on”

“So do I” smiled Sora in the end.  Once Mimi´s party and Takeru´s following concert were over, she   would have a good TALK with Yamatto. She was crazy about him but wouldn´t allow things going on like that… wasn´t a relationship like a Tango? It cannot work unless BOTH PARTIES are dancing it.  “Well, Mimi´s has gone disco . Shall we go back?”

“Oh Yeah!!!


A couple of  hour passed but for most of the attendees felt like minutes. The party rocked, the DJ ´s selection of music was superb. The bride and the groom were still in the center of the stage, dancing tirelessly; for most of the concurrence it was one of the best wedding parties ever!

Sora mood seemingly improved and was dancing like never before; after the conference she suddenly became the most popular girl from the party besides the bride. Almost all the single men became curious about the “angel of Love” and wanted to dance with her, much to Yamato´s annoyance. Sora, still disappointed with  her beau´s attitude, not only didn´t mind  being asked but did it with passion and brío. Yamatto hated dancing anyways (well, when he´s not on a stage and leading a band). Her boyfriend´s  mood  worsened after his rival´s web-cam flirting and kept getting wasted with  Taichi.

“Tell me the purpose of evil in this world” grumbled Yamatto in his 10th beer.

“You can´t get rid of bad weed no matter how much you try” was Tai´s answer “Elizabeth-chan still exists!”

“True!” but then he frowned “Funny though, they didn´t show up in the end”

They had been preparing for the impending war but their opponents , after the classy videochat, didn´t teleport to the party in the end much to Mimi´s annoyance.

“They are so lovely! If they were planning to ditch my party they could had at least RSVPed!” she would never get those people and their british egos, SHE was the only one allowed to behave like a spoiled snob.

The rest of the digidestineds, especially Takeru, were also stunned.

“Hopefully everything´s okay” said the chosen of Hope “I know they lead very busy lives and such but they would never ditch…”

“Pity, I was looking forward to another heartwarming boxing session between Ishida and Worthington”admitted V-Mon to Armadimon “This wedding thing´s been a bit boring so far..”


“Not that I am complaining though!” laughed Yamato “That asshole must had chickened up in the last minute”

“Amen!” Taichi was also relieved not dealing with any of them , he drunk so many beers that he wasn´t sure he had enough strength to put up a war of words against Elizabeth Montgomery. She was beautiful yet deadly gal and knew all the tricks to destroy a guy´s ego. He still couldn´t get what Jyou Kido saw on her during the brief time they dated, in his last year in high-school “WE WON!”


Meanwhile Ken Ichijouji was begging for a rest.

“Miyako, my dear.. can´t we rest for a bit? I can´t feel my feet!”

“Not yet! ” she happily kept dragging her boyfriend through the whole place, the DJ had such a wonderful taste in music that she wanted to dance every song!

“…already dead!” sighed Ken , resigned to his fate. Miyako had more energy than the Duracell bunny…

Iori Hida , initially reluctant to dance, had been enjoying himself . He wasn´t the best dancer of the bunch but since he got a girlfriend he became more adventurous and open-minded  and didn´t mind looking ridiculous.

Daisuke Motomiya turned to be the best dancer from the bunch and  got  to dance with several girls, much to his delight. The brunet guy never looked so good, with a better haircut, a more amiable nature (and considerable  less bratty!) and the fact he was dateless proved to work on his favor and by the 10th song, his pocket was already full of telephone numbers!

“I so love America!” said while dancing with an american beauty. Yep, maybe he will be finally be able to move on…or  not. His resolution went to the sewers   when  two songs later, the Takari couple  ended dancing next to them.

“Hi Daisuke-kun!”


Oh dammit!, he internally screamed , WHY SHE NEVER PICKED ME?! NOT FAIR!!!!

And he almost cried when a quick peek showed Hikari kissing her boyfriend. Maybe he should join Taichi and Yamatto at the drinking table…

Meanwhile a very annoyed Gomamon already gave up trying to go anywhere without being tailed up by Marine Angemon.


But the pink little angel insisted on following Gomamon, being by itself was so boring!

“OK, YOU WIN. BUT I AM NOT GIVING YOU MY SHARE” All his efforts on trying to elude the other digimon awakened his appetite again and had no choice but pick some delicacies. Patamon, Wormon and the others were still assaulting the buffet…



Reality 03

In the end Ryo was unable to hold his feelings any longer, he grabbed her neck and pulled her toward him.
” Ryo…” she whispered

“I´m sorry, I cannot hide it anymore” his lips were almost over hers ” I cannot think in anything else…may I…?”

Ruki nodded, she also wanted to do it. She wanted Ryo so bad that it wasn´t funny anymore!

“Thank God!” and they kissed with such passion that they forgot about the fireworks .

“I should came back sooner…much sooner” he said filling her  face with a trail of kisses ” I forgot how fast years pass…”

“I KNOW!”  whispered Ruki”You changed quite a lot Ryo, I barely recognized you!”

Ryo ´s hands were on her waist, doing everything to have her glued to his body.

“I was a fool. I never should had left for so long…we ought to reintroduce ourselves, right?”

“Reintroduce ourselves?”

“Of course. In your eyes I am still the handsome jerk you wanted to beat in the digicard tournaments…right, Queen of Digimons? ”

She giggled.

“And you owe me a game, my King”

“So you still REMEMBER that!”

Both recalled the time in which, while fused with their digimons, right before facing Delipa in battle, Ruki ´s admittance to Sakuyamon about how the world knew her as the Queen of Digimons and nothing else; Ryo, inside Justimon, ended saying in a loud voice: “If you are the Queen, then I am the King”. Ruki replied “You are annoying!” Takato sighed and said: “You people are just the same!”

“Wonderful days…”

“Oh yeah, my love…they were…”

Renamon kept staring at Cyberdramon.

” What the hell are you talking about? What does Supreme mean?

The black dragon digimon mumbled a curse.

“Just forget it, Renamon”

“I WON´T. You´d better spill your beans or I will do it in your stead”

Cyberdramon began to laugh.


“Absolutely. I am a hunter, I don´t joke”

“But not as bloodthirsty as I am” smirked the dragon “You have restraints, I don´t”

And Cyberdramon was speaking the truth, even after a decade he was still a feral digimon. Just because he was Ryo´s comrade didn´t mean he turned into a homely, nice digimon. He was still lusting for blood.
“And you have balls, I don´t” the fox, merciless, pushed her knee on his holy parts “SHALL I SMACK THEM?”

Even a savage digimon like Cyberdramon had an Acquiles spot and began to sweat.

“OK! OK! YOU WIN!” he mumbled, desperate “Can you move, please?”

Renamon smiled.



They exchanged more passionate  kisses. They were mad about each other and had the weather being warmer, they would be doing something more than kissing…

“This is like a dream…I´ve never been happier…”

“Indeed, Akiyama-kun. Indeed”

Their bodies were raging with passion and desire that they hurt.

Suddenly Ryo broke out the embrace; despite wanting her with desperation, Ryo forced himself to slow down his desire.

“I love you so much and yet I realize I don´t know the current Ruki Makino and you don´t know anything about the current me” he kissed her hands “The kids who fought against Delipa are in the past…”

His words caused a turmoil in her heart.

“So what? But the memories are still there”

And she kissed him again.

“Yes, they are. And I will always carry them in my heart…” he almost choked “Thank you for going out with me during these days. I loved every minute, even during our arguments”

“Why are you saying this…as if going to say good-bye?”

“Because…” he stopped “Please, hit me hard”

“Why should a hit you?” she was puzzled.

Ryo´s eyes now were filled with sorrow.

“You are staying…. right?” added Ruki ” Right?!”


 Reality 01

Hikari yagami had another vision while dancing a ballad.

It hit her like a shooting star. Images of mirrors floating in the midst of nowhere…an entire digiworld being engulfed by a vortex…a silhouette standing among Chaos, laughing non stop…Kari began to shake. What´s going on?  She struggled to focus her mind but the more she tried to analyze the images, the faster they dissolved…leaving her unable to grasp whatever those visions tried to tell her.

“Earth to Hikari,…are you ok?” asked Takeru pressing gently her hands.

Still feeling  dazed, she turned her head.


Something came to my mind but it´s funny, I can´t remember what was. That´s what she wanted to say but in the end, she decided to dismiss everything. Today was Mimi´s day and didn´t want to spoil the big day with any sort of negativity.

“I´m ok, thanks” she smiled ”  It´s just that I am not used to dance so much and I feel  dizzy!”

“So am I!” he said after a moment “I think I need to sit down and rest a bit…there´s still  MY event waiting for me!”

Kari shook her head, poor Takeru-kun! Despite  enjoying the party he was obviously exhausted!

“And that´s why we are leaving soon”  and before Tk could argue she continued ” The cake´s been cut and you are going to take a nap, mister”

“But..what about the bouquet?” he asked while being dragged out of the stage “You don´t want to miss that part!”

“I will survive” she kept pushing her boyfriend ” Takeru-kun, you really need to do something about that manager of yours. Mimi settled her wedding date first, with  a full year in advance and yet he placed your concert in the very same day! How on earth are you going to be 100% functional after spending more than 10 hours by plane arriving barely in time to the ceremony and then getting ready for the Metropolitan?”

“It was much easier fighting against the Dark Masters…right? “now Takeru´s face showed a lot of concern “Never thought going on tours would be so troublesome! What time is it?”

“It´s almost 5 o´clock and you are playing the piano at the at 8 PM! Your manager is either sloppy or a sadist…”

“Oh my God!  Is that late? ” now the digidestined of hope was beginning to feel his head spinning like crazy “And I drank champagne! I don´t think I will be able to make it at the rehearsal and the concert without fainting on the piano!”

“Coffee and couple of  Redbulls will have to do the trick ” his girlfriend sighed, sometimes her boyfriend could be pretty clueless. “Oh, darling! We are going to say our good-byes to Mimi ” and Takeru Takaishi dared not to argue, mis Yagami always won the discussions. Always.


* * * *

While Takeru  was waiting for her return, he wished he had some ibuprofen at hand. His head was aching pretty much since getting off the plane and it was getting worse.

Nice time to have a  some jet lag. He thought, massaging his forehead once again.

Leaning against a column, he closed his eyes. She was right, he was awfully exhausted ; the DJ was playing the music too loud , the hall was overcrowded and dancing for the last two hours already gutted him. As soon as he closed his eyes, he began to feel a bit somnolent and lots of images began to rain in his mind, uncalled. He could barely made sense of them, each image vanished in less than a 5 seconds…some felt familiar, others not so much. Each showed up in a subtle, transparent way making it practically impossible distinguish any recognizable feature or any sort of meaning . It was quite bizarre.

“Hi there” said a tiny voice, quite near his face.

“Patamon?” smiled the young adult


Takeru opened his eyes and almost tripped when he saw a dark version of his digimon floating in front of him. He had a tiny mark on his forehead..and it looked like the  astrological sign of saturn!

“Hello…?” he managed to overcome his astonishment “What can I do for you, little one?”

The creature smiled.

“Don´t you remember me?”

Takeru´s eyes now were opened wide, like plates.

“Excuse me?”

The little creature smiled melancholic at the young man.

” I wish you did. I´ve been waiting for this moment for so long…”

The creature´s eyes shone like jewels, as if the human actually meant a lot to him. But Takeru could not recall meeting this particular digimon in his whole life! That was weird…

“Really?” despite his smile, the lad  was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

* * * *

Meanwhile, not far from them Patamon was finishing what´s left of the cake with Tentomon , Veemon and Armadimon.

“Mhhh…I wish we were invited to more weddings” burped Armadimon “These cakes are the best things ever!”

“So do i!” Veemon with his mouth full of cake “People should get married everyday!”

“Amen!” Patamon loved pastries as much as his friends.

“Minus the ceremony part, weddings are so fun!” added Veemon “I hope Daisuke gets married soon”

“First he needs a girl” noted Armadimon and when Veemon was about to reply, the armadillo digimon added quickly “which´s not Hikari-chan!”

Veemon sighed.

“I KNOW! ”

He needn´t turn back his face and see Daisuke sighing like a weeping soul while watching his first love dancing with his first rival. Years passed and Taichi II was still longing for the Yagami girl´s affections despite her clearly friendzoned him since the first day.

“Poor fella, unrequited love must suck” Patamon spoke with sincerity

“Tell me about it!” Veemon sighed again, this time looking at Gatomon who was dancing with Piyomon and Palmon “It really sucks!”

Unlike his human, veemon actually had the courage of confessing to Gatomon not too long after Malomyotismon´s incident. And while the lovely cat appreciated his feelings she politely turned down his confession. I´m sorry, you are cute and that but even if I´m looking for a mate..that will never be you.

“I so wish I was YOU” Veemon pinched Patamon´s ear “Not fair! not fair at all!”

“That hurts!” protested Patamon

Veemon kept pinching his winged ear, annoyed.

“You share so many things in common with her…you lucky bastard !”

“HUH?!” Patamon didn´t get it. He was still a kid in his heart.

Armadimon smiled while watching the silly pair. He DID get it.



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