Reality 01 Digiworld.

Luwdig Faust and Sorcerymon made it back the Headquarters, escorted, of course by Murmuksmon.

” Well?” asked Lucemon , still on the throne.

“The task´s been fulfilled” replied Murmuksmon, undaunted.

“Oh, really?”

He got no response from the surly digidestined.  Ludwig stood emotionless in the hall, his eyes  deprived of any trace  of warmth inspired fear among some of Lucemon´s followers despite  being a human.

“The Gods are down and their acolyte passed away” assured Murmuksmon “As  requested, I watched the whole thing”

The kiddie angel ´s eyes, for a moment, showed skepticism. Murmuksmon was nowadays one of his newest generals and until the moment had no complaints about his efficiency. But…

“Never expected seeing such an exemplar efficiency coming from a mere human” his tone yet sounded unconvinced.

Sorcerymon  made a reverence and elevated his crystal flaked staff.  Four beautiful gems emerged manifested in the air.

“The Gods” said the digital wizard “contained in a special seal”

The codes emanating from the crystals indicated Lucemon that Sorcerymon was speaking the tuth.

“Never expected seeing such proof of efficiency coming from a mere human” the angel stood up “Now bring them here”

Sorcerymon was about to hand over the crystals but Ludwig made him stay where he was.

“COME AND GIVE THEM TO ME!” Lucemon gritted his teeth.

Ludwig shook his head.

“Not yet. Before you get those I DEMAND proofs”

Lucemon´s men gasped. How dare a simple human give orders to the Master?!

Shocked to their bones Ladydevimon, Ice Devimon and the rest stared at Ludwig.

“You are not going to make it alive from this place” said Ladydevimon “Obey immediately!”

Keruta, the other human present  in the whole room, could barely could keep his composure; that german was such an ass! Daring to act cooler than HIM?! Unforgivable!

Ludwig ignored the stares and crossed his arms.


And the crystals went to Ludwig´s hands. He did not drop a sweat, he was the kind of person who hated bluffing. When he said he had the power to destroy a holy core, he really meant it.

“Ludwig Faust is more than what he seems” Lucemon remembered his new associate´s words “Among the digidestineds he´s the most dangerous of all”

The angel, annoyed, opened his arms and created a huge sword of light. He pointed the sword directly at the insolent digidestined. Terrified by the sight of the sword, Lucemon´s men save for Keruta , the commanders and a few others  run for their lives.

“Master! please! ” begged  a Tankdramon “If you use that technique it could destroy the entire place!”

“Oh shut up!” Keruta pointed his digivice at Tankdramon and shoot a beam of light. Tankdramon immediately dedigivolved into a Commandramon, a tiny cyborg digimon” Nobody interferes!”

The digimon, ashamed to be seen in his rookie form, zipped his mouth and hid behind a couple of  Digimons composed by an Ogremon and a Leomon who were following the confrontation quite interested.

“You´d better sprint away ” spoke Ogremon pretty annoyed “or I shall eat you for dinner!”

Commandramon fled the scene too.

“Coward” mumbled the green digimon.

Ludwig´s expression was still the same: cold and composed. He didn´t seem intimidated at all by the sword´s presence. Lucemon marched towards the insolent man being followed by his holy weapon.

“This is at least ten times more destructive than Seraphimon´s  Excalibur” warned Lucemon “Are you sure you want to have a taste of my Divine Feat?”

The german digidestined kept his cool.

“And you are going to end up destroying the Gods´s Codes anyways” replied the man , shrugging his arms “Show it, Lucemon. Or I shall assume that my wife´s long gone from this world”

For a moment Lucemon felt compelled to unleash his attack over the hateful human. It was a war of wills and even someone like Lucemon wasn´t used to deal with someone so insane as Ludwig Faust ! The human was either crazy or suicidal by defying a supreme angel´s orders ! Lucemon looked at his rival´s eyes and realized that he was willing to die at that moment, for real.

“I hate you!” he yelled and made the sword vanish in the air “You want to see, huh?” And Lucemon opened one of his hands and manifested a gem in the air. Ludwigs face finally showed some emotion, he recognized the jewel.

“Émeraude!” Shouted Leomon and Ogremon at the same time.

The jewel shone like a little green sun and the pair couldn´t help but stare at it with desperation.

Ludwig delivered a cold stare at them.

“Keep your sentimentality for yourselves” he warned “I don´t need a pair of clogs”

Leomon and Ogremon lowered their heads, feeling completely powerless. He was right , there was nothing they could do.

Keruta semi closed his eyes, intrigued by the scene. They  weren´t simple minions!

I thought they were like the others, useless. But I may find a use for them…

Moments later, Lucemon took back his jewel and yelled:

“As you could see, her codes are  still INTACT! ” and pointed at Ludwig with his finger “The Gods, please”

Ludwig reluctantly gave away his crystals. Leomon and Ogremon clenched their fists and Ludwig sighed with resignation. Once Lucemon had the crystals in his hands, he began to laugh like the maniac he was.

“YESH! FINALLY!” and danced a little gig “NOW I CAN BEGIN THE PARTY!”


REALITY 03, distant future.

“I see” said Ange in the end “So that´s why this current timeline is so DIFFERENT from what I REMEMBER. A paradox took place while we weren´t looking…”

Nova´s heart ached when she saw Ryuu Yamaki and Kotemon clenching their fists after a talk with Ange. While they were talking, Nova pointed her digivice at them and scanned their DNAS ; Ange checked his own data and was astonished to find out that a paradox took place without him noticing. As Tempus Angemon he had a record of events from every timeline…those which could be subtly changed for better…and  the ones that must be left  untouched no matter what. But now he came across the news of  the Tamer reality having suffered an unexpected alteration…he still found that pill hard to swallow.

“So things really were supposed to be different! ” yelled the guitarist digidestined passionately, after hearing from Ange how the Tamer´s future (or the present) would turn to be.

“The Gods were right all this time!!”  Kotemon yelled his lungs out “If  that imbecile had never messed with both worlds´system there would still be a Digiworld! Please, take me back to that time so I can EXECUTE that man before he lays his hands on the system!”

The moment he heard his digimon´s words, Ryuu ´s face paled.

“No” declared Nova firmly “We aren´t killing anybody in cold blood!”

“So what?! You are going to ALLOW that bastard doing what he please?!” the digimon ´s tone got louder and louder “EVERYTHING´S AT STAKE, STUPID WOMAN!”

“You aren´t the brightest one, are you Kotemon?” she retorted “Look at your tamer! ”

Ryuu said nothing but his eyes could not hide this agony.

“Kotemon and I already discussed it, if everything else fails..we may..”

The girl walked towards the tamer and slapped his face.

” That´s plain insanity ” she declared “And after a while in  in this business, as a Supreme I learned that  THERE are SEVERAL WAYS   of changing the future ”

Ryuu´s face regained his original color. Nova pretty much repeated the 4 Gods words…if only there were still around!”

“We won´t harm your father, Ok?” she caressed the boy´s face  trying to ease his worries “Even if he´s  the real villain, which I can assure you he´s NOT, Ange and I are against taking such extreme actions”and she looked at her partner, who´s still had his eyes closed. Ange was in a full meditation mode, studying carefully the invisible threads that were across time and space. “Ange. What kind of measurement are we taking?”

Ange  changed back into Tempus Angemon leaving both Ryuu and his digimon  in an awe , that´s such a gorgeous form! The following moment Ryuu´s D-POWER emerged from his pocket and for the teen´s astonishment, it changed into a bracelet!

“Welcome to our ranks, Supreme Ryuu” declared Tempus and without waiting for the ten´s response he summoned a Gate of Destiny “Let´s go!”

Nova took Ryuu´s hand and whispered something to his ear. He, still dumbfounded , nodded; Nova and Ryuu jumped at the same time and soon they disappeared inside the golden door!

Tempus stared at Kotamon which was a bit wary of the gate.

“Weren´t you wishing going BACK?” the angel smirked “Or are you THAT afraid ?”

The ninja digimon´s eyes flared.

“NOBODY CALLS ME A COWARD!” and he too leaped into the golden door.

Tempus Angemon smiled .

“The leap of faith..I have the feeling that´s what´s needed to win this race…” he mumbled before entering the portal.


Digiworld from reality 05

“I am asking you again: Are you willing to JOIN THE SUPREMES?”

Nova Takariyama´s question echoed through Marcus´s ears.


“WHAT?”” yelled the digimons in cannon.

The woman took Masaru´s hand and squeezed it , he kinda felt between flattered and slightly horrified. Were western people so open-willed?

“I am not joking, Masaru Daimon. I want you in my team”  and she kissed his hand ! He felt his mind blowing up but she continued with her list of blandishments “You are strong-willed, fearless and oh boy…I ADORE the fact that unlike the OTHERS, you don´t wear googles…!”

OK, she was flirting with him.

The poor fella nervously stepped back again only to trip with a rock and ended falling his ass down. The digimons usually would laugh their asses off when seeing such thing but not today, in fact their expressions turned livid when they watched Nova leaning over him.

I don´t like it...” mumbled Agumon, unsure if intervening or not. But it was a human´s matter, right?

“Masaru, Masaru” Nova giggled  “Don´t tell me you are afraid of girls?”

And her face got closer to the teen´s , settling a mere centimeters of distance. A potential kiss distance. Masaru, who always hated having his personal space invaded did not know how to react ; it kinda felt like being in a movie when the protagonist is suddenly approached by a very beautiful girl and in the end they…ahem! He´d better not recall the kind of movies he watched back in the old days… Nevertheless, he´d normally not hesitate  push away anybody who dared to get too close at him…but Nova? He kinda liked her the first and last time she set a foot on the digiworld and her sweet temper while trying to recruit him. A very sweet yet discreet girl who , at that time, with her partner helped him make his current lifestyle more bearable…

“It´s not like that…you..seem different from the Ma´am I met before..”

With his cheeks on fire, Masaru looked at the girls´partner but Tempus Angemon only crossed his arms. He wasn´t going to intervene at all! More than a digital angel, Tempus looked more like a lifeless statue. Wasn´t  that angel  the possessive type when it´s about his partner? Or maybe he got his memories wrong.

“People change” She almost sounded like an AV actress “So what?”

Agumon and the others tensed even more. Should they intervene? Masaru seemed to be troubled but…he wasn´t wrestling against a digimon. The woman was behaving a bit mushy-mushy and so sugary that their teeth were in danger of getting cavities…but she wasn´t doing anything that a human female wouldn´t do.   And there was the fact that Masaru was now a grown-up and he could easily overpower that lady handcuffed and with his eyes blindfolded… right?

“I wonder if we should leave them alone” said Lalamon “After all our friend needs to be in touch with other human beings…”

Agumon sighed , sad. Lalamon had a point but…

The trio almost had the same thought, perhaps it´s time for Masaru going back home? The Digiworld had already reached a stability and irradiated peace, there were still no news about Yggdrasil but they could always elect a new leader to keep a balance…Marcus only needed to give his approval and then pack his stuff and rejoin his family and friends at the other side…

“You are an adorable dork” continued the seductive woman playing with his bangs ” If I were to kiss you right now, would it turn to be your first kiss?”


He abruptly brushed her away. The last sentence irritated the hell out of him, he hated the so called condescension! Unfortunately he used more  more strength than intended and Nova´s back ended hitting a nearby tree.

“Oh shit!!!” Masaru immediately regretted his actions and rushed to her side

“Ouch!” her body was still trembling due to the shock “Man! I was just joking!”

“I´m deeply sorry! I´m such a brute!” he was now in a self-loathing mood, ready to kick his own ass for his stupidity.

While the teen helped Nova stand back, Agumon looked at Tempus Angemon. Again, the angel did nothing..

“That´s odd. The  angel I remember would had intervened in a whim” and the orange dragon´s nose began to sniff “Hum….” and without thinking he began to walk to the angel´s direction.

“Agumon?” asked Gaomon

“Something smells weird” added Agumon and Gaomon without hesitation joined him; he too had been feeling it for a while. And their curiosity turned into suspicions when half-way, they had to stop. The odor that  Tempus Angemon as emanating was a bit too much.

“UGH!” said Gaomon covering his nose “WHAT´S THAT STINKY SMELL?!

Agumon almost barfed.

The first time I met this guy, years ago, he smelled nice…like sandalwood” Agumon shook his head  ” and now he stinks like a Carrion?! ” Agumon ´s skin shivered; he certainly knew a lot about plants; during his short stay at the Damon´s house he  once accompanied Marcus´s mother to the Botanical Garden. After spending  the whole afternoon sniffing plants  when he came across the legendary Amorphophallus titanum…oh memories! It looked so appetizing! But before he could give the first bite, he almost fainted. He´ll never forget that smell in his whole digital life!

“Oh boy” Gaomon whispered “Then you KNOW what that means…”

They gave signal to Lalamon and the flowery digimon nodded. She decided to do the same with Nova.

Masaru, meanwhile, helped Nova to stand up.

“Are you ok?” he asked in a pained tone “I didn´t mean to push you that hard…”

“I´m fine”

“hell! I shouldn´t had done that!” His mom would be so ashamed of his behavior! In the end he turned into a crappy guy, not knowing how to treat a dame…!

“Shhh” she put a finger on his lips ” I get it, living alone in this world away from humanity…it´s easy to lose touch with reality ” and again she turned into the flirtatious mood

“I guess it is…?” He had to concede that.

The character named Nova was about to keep with her Aphrodite  pose but suddenly, as if tired of such role, abruptly switched her mood into something less sugarcoated.

“You know what? As a digidestined…you SUCK!” and she crossed her arms “You aren`t even a strong one!”

Her words pierced the guy´s ego, nope. Devastated was a much better term.

” A true, full-fleshed digidestined is the one who´s able to balance everything” she kept talking, each word was like being pierced by a Murasama sword “But you?  By swearing  loyalty to one world, you renounced to everything ! What about your studies,  friends that aren´t digimons…and what about  the opportunity of falling in love?”

Her words felt like a kick on his groin.But she wasn´t finished!

” Yggdrasil is going to reawaken in a moment or other. And when that moment arrives, what will happen with you? You aren´t going to be needed as a peacemaker anymore” if words were knives, Masaru would have ended with his throat split “The more you spend your time here, the more you are losing your social skills. And soon there won´t be a world to be part of, you aren´t a digimon yet you are losing touch with your humanity…”

Exasperated  Masaru  brushed her for good albeit not so rudely.

“I gave up the idea of being normal long before I met the digimons” he shouted “I know who I am and I vehemently refuse to go with the tide! And I still maintain my position: Unless  there´s a bloody appointed ruler in this world I refuse to join anybody´s group ! Got it!?”

The woman´s expression turned livid for a moment but then, she smiled again. And this wasn´t a flirtatious smile, this time she showed all her teeth.

“You keep saying that to yourself ” she said in the end and shook her head “I´d rather not waste anymore time in this charade. I´d better go down to true business: Yggdrasil”

And was about to leave when he, intrigued at least, held her by the shoulder.

“Mind if you repeat that, Ma´am?”

The blonde woman let escape a bored expression. All that she wanted is to be done with the damned mission!

“Whenever you become a Supreme or not, it doesn´t really matter” she shrugged her shoulders, indifferent “We actually came here because of Yggdrasil´s codes…”

The memories flocked through his´s mind and within the events, his regrets. His father´s role in the digiworld´s conflicts,  Ikuto Noguchi´s solitary life, Merukimon and Bancholeomon´s tragic deaths……and finally, Yggdrasil´s ultimate sacrifice. The God of the Digiworld chose to give up his body and powers in order to set new pillars to the almost extinct Digiworld and due to Kurata´s hatred towards digimons.A human was the responsible of bringing so much misery and destruction to the digimons so Masaruthought it was only fair that another human, a digidestined, had to stay back and help rebuilding the Digital World. And without looking back, he bid farewell to his family and friends and crossed the borders; after spending two years living like a modern version of Robinson Crusoe , one afternoon he received an unexpected visit.

It ´s still fresh in his mind as if happened the day before and not years ago; it was late in the afternoon while dealing with a Velgemon when a light showed up right in the middle of nowhere and when he went to investigate, there were 5 individuals waiting for him. Marcus was 16 at the time and still getting used to his new life, and he was truly shocked to recognize his former boss, commander Rentarou Satsuma among those strangers!

“Long time no see, brat” that was Satsuma´s cheery tone, as usual “Ok Nova, here´s the boy. What do you think?

And the cutest girl Masaru ever saw in his life had no qualms on greeting him. Her hair was a tad longer at that time, wearing a very stylish dress that accentuated her beautiful curves. And the angel  -who was also wearing the funniest yet stylish garments Masaru saw in his life- was  grabbing her by the waist in a possessive way…


“Hi, nice to meet you!”  her voice sounded so pristine and pure that could make any guy feel like a complete dork “I hope you won´t mind having us around for a little while. The commander always spoke greatly of you and I couldn´t help but wanting to meet the great Masaru Daimon in person”

He was 16 and he really retained that angelic image for a looooong time, especially in the solitary nights! But rewinding at that time, he remembered feeling icky and awkward towards the beautiful stranger. He also remembered Tempus Angemon´s glacial glare,subtly saying “she´s nice to everybody, don´t hold any illusions”; there was also a 15ish boy who she introduced as Ryo Akiyama and a Cyberdramon. Initially the visit´s purpose was focused in Ryo Akiyama´s training; he was the newest member and his superiors wanted to test his vitality. And Masaru, who loved fights, had no impediment to do what he was asked to do: challenge Akiyama into a duel! And that was a day that Akiyama never forgot because he was forced to fuse himself with Cyberdramon in order to survive Marsaru and his agumon-turned-to.-be-Mega form´s tough love session while the others were watching!

But hey! it ´d been fun! He kinda liked Akiyama´s determination, wished to speak more with the rookie. When the visit was about to end, Nova finally made the offer.

” Masaru, you are indeed a worthy digidestined. Why don´t you join the Supremes?”

He almost choked at the time. That was the first time he received an invitation without coming from  a blackmail…Much better!

Satsuma at the time shrugged his shoulders   acknowledging his past brashness.

“Are you serious?” even agumon was on the verge of tears, the duo rarely received compliments from the DATS bosses.

“We are” Tempus Angemon ´s voice was still unnerving but sincere “Going beyond the Mega limits, fighting against Yggdrasil´s corrupted version without losing it in the way. You don´t get to see something like that everyday. And I am an angel of Time”

“Boy, this is a lifetime chance” the commander´s tone puzzled the teen “These people are WAY MORE SKILLED AND ADVANCED than DATS…hey! they are ahead of any organization. Ahead of  any digidestined from any reality. Daimon, this is your chance of upping your game, gaining  powers beyond your imagination”

Masaru then was told about  the Supremes and what they stood for; consisted by a group of digidestineds and digimons, especially selected from different timelines, lead by Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon their goal was  to protect the holy equilibrium of universes. They were time-interdimensional travelers and were required to preserve the main events untouched, protected from evil forces which may try to alter the past or the future for their own greed. As a prize, the Supremes were granted advantages no ordinary digidestineds would dream to possess and the adventures would be by far, the most exciting. Just like he wanted! Agumon was already dying to go after making friends with the rookie form of Cyberdramon, Monodramon and Ryo made it clear that he would love to have him as a teammate!

“Unfortunately, neither Agumon nor I can accept. Without Yggdrasil´s  or Merukimon´s presence, this world will fall apart if I am not around. But thanks anyways”

“We owe it to all the lives lost due to  Kurata´s insanity” added a weeping Agumon “Especially Merukimon”

During the whole Digimons´incursions to the real world , the Savers firmly believed  Merukimon was the main responsible of the conflicts but the digimon only tried his best to protect his world. And at the time, he even took Masaru´s father under his wing when he got lost in the Digital World. And despite Merukimon´s best intentions, fatality still got him…when he chose to sacrifice his life in order to protect the digidestineds from Gizumon XT´s attacks.

“And what´s more unforgivable is the fact that his digiegg´s been destroyed. So he´ll never come back!” added agumon crying that day. Masaru since that day felt he was carrying a cross over his shoulders. If only he´d been stronger!

The afternoon would had turned into a funeral mourning had not Tempus Angemon extended his arm to the sky.

“Normally, yes, when a digiegg is destroyed a digimon´s chance to come back are null. Without codes, without a recipient the soul´s lost in the limbo” said Tempus with serenity “But as energy cannot simply disappear because it´s converted into something else, codes cannot simply disappear…you can still trace a broken code , it just takes a little more time…” he summoned a golden light and the following second a couple of digiegg were standing in front of Masaru´feet“Never say never”

Human and Agumon wondered if they were dreaming. They recognized those eggs!


“There´s only a tiny difference between the living and death realms. Life itself is just a dream” added Nova tenderly “Someday, both Leomon and Merukimon are going to be taking care of this world…just like in the old times”

Masaru remembered almost losing it, it was a miracle!

“That´s their smell!” cried agumon happily “Thank goodness!”

“Now I can rest assured everything´s fine ” added Satsuma, hardly maintaining his cool “So what do you say, brat?”


“No, it´s ok”  Nova noticed Masarus´s hesitation and opted not to force him “Let him be. When Merukimon and Leomon are they way they were, then we´ll come back and ask again. Is that ok with you, Masaru-kun?

The boy nodded.

“When the right time arrives, ask me again. And I may say yes!”

“See you then…” and the group vanished in the air and didn´t see them again. Not until today…

That was the Nova Takariyama from 3 years ago. But why she behaved so differently from that time? Something wasn´t right…

“Then, are you going to bring them back too?”

“What?” she looked puzzled “What are you talking about?”

“Don´t you remember?”he crossed his arms “The eggs…?”

“What eggs? What the hell are you talking about?”

The woman bit her lips and looked at Tempus but he shook his head in response. Masaru suddenly grew suspicious. She was behaving WAY TOO DIFFERENT from the Nova from the past. Was he dealing with her evil twin or what?

“Don´t you remember ?” and this time he marched towards the woman “Or you actually DON´T KNOW?”

“SEED BLAST!” Lalamon suddenly  fires solid nuts from its mouth and without fail reached Nova´s face.


Agumon and Gaomon attacked the angel at the same time:


“Masaru!” Lalamon kept blasting the woman “Get away from her! She isn´t human! !!!”

His eyes became filled with rage but at the same time, he had a sense of relief. That meant Nova wasn´t a lunatic bimbo and that he needn´t hold himself anymore…

“GREAT!” and he delivered a tremendous punch to her face making her fall to ground. His hand immediately felt the familiar touch of digicodes bursting….”AGUMON! ARE YOU READY?!”

Agumon never felt more ready than that moment.

list_of_digimon_data_squad_episodes_13“OH YEAH!!!” and digivolved into Rize Greymon and wasted no time in pursuing a fight against the angel. The angel began to deliver his own set of punches but oddly, didn´t attempt to throw any special effect attack. And he seemed weaker than his past self,  didn´t he? He didn´t have that imposing was more like a living statue. Gaomon, despite not being able to digivolve by himself, assisted in the fight.

“YOU. ARE. GOING. TO .PAY” the woman´s eyes flared with hate. Masaru put a foot on her chest, warning her not to move.

“Oh yeah?” the digidestined giggled “How, Miss Fake?”

“So you realized! As if I enjoyed impersonating such person!” yelled the woman but instead of revealing her true self she,  for his astonishment, began to punch herself.  When a river of blood began to ran through her face, she turned to her bracelet and yelled:

RED CODE!!! Move your asses right now and join us!

Suddenly, a golden gate opened in the middle of the field!

“Good heavens!” yelled someone “Where´s the Apocalypse?”

And Supreme Steve, Elizabeth and Logan (with gabumon and Mihiramon, of course) emerged from the portal. The first thing they saw was RizeGreymon and Tempus Angemon fighting each other and Marcus holding their leader to the ground. And she looked like a horror victim! Masaru frowned. Rats! Was that English?!

“HOW DARE YOU?” said Steve Worthington irked to the core.

Masaru sighed.  That was English! That was rather bad, he always got a D in English!

Oi..hallow…?” he tried to muster something but to no avail, his English was below standard ;  his attempts of communication fell short when he saw the visitors clenching their fists.

Besides he had no idea who the hell were these guy… but judging for their raging looks and their bracelets, he guessed they were part of Nova´s team. He had a very bad feeling on what was going to happen.

“Wait! This isn´t what it seems …” he tried to explain at least in Japanese.

But the fake Nova, now in tears, said to the trio in the nippon language:


“WHAT?! Marsaru´s face turned   livid “She´s the fake one!”

The British digidestineds, who apparently understood Japanese, wasted no time showing their teeth.

“GABUMON, DIGIVOLVE RIGHT NOW TO LOBOMON!” yelled the blue-haired girl to her digimon.

“MIHIRAMON, GO AFTER THEM! !” shouted her twin brother Logan.

Steve, who owned no digimon, astonished the local digidestined and the other digimons by turning himself into Piddomon!

“You shithead, you are SO going to regret laying a finger on the boss…”


 Reality 01

After Mimi´s wedding the digidestineds had another event to attend: a piano concert at the Metropolitan!

It was almost 7:30 pm and before the curtains were lifted, the majority of the digidestineds were already yawning on their seats. It´s not like they dreaded classical music (save for Daisuke who was never able to hear Mozart without passing out the very first minutes) but everybody wished the concert took place the day after tomorrow. If it wasn´t Takeru-kun´s special event they would for sure skipped the concert and gone directly to sleep.

After eating, dancing until their feet hurt and having drinking so much champagne they were exhausted; and let´s say that Taichi and Yamatto were doing their very best to keep their eyes opened, and despite having had tons of coffee they were  semi-wasted. Hikari, and Gatomon a practically refused to sit by their side and chose to let them have her VIP box (which Tk especially reserved for her)

“Sorry brother, we wont be  able to breath the same air  without dying half-way”

So the girls ended sharing Miyako, Ken , Daisuke and  Iori ´s box. Davis was already too sleepy to notice that his longtime crush was sitting next to him!

“Oh poor thing!” said Miyako poking the google boy ´s nose “He´s missing his chance to impress Hikari-chan!”

“So ´s V-Mon!”laughed Armadimon doing the same with his friend.  V-mon was so engulfed by Morpheous charm to even realize that the cat was also there.

Hikari and Gatomon giggled.

“Thanks for sharing your balcony with us” said Taichi´s sister “I love my brother with all my heart but even I have my limits…”

“I am amazed they are still able to stand on their feet after all that beer” Ken smiled on his seat “How can they hold up that much alcohol in their bodies?”

Gatomon was the one to reply.

“Because they can´t stand the fact they are unable to beat Worthington and his friends in the drinking games. They loose every time and they hate it!”

Miyako shook her head.

“Of course they can´t ! They are from the UK!” and when she looked at Ken´s skeptic expression she added “For them  beer is like water!”

Ken sighed.

“Well, what about you and the Sake contests?” and he showed a malevolent smile “Yagami-san, I am proudly  engaged to the Queen of Sake! Miyako-chan´s the only one  from the company  who still keeps it together in the drinking parties…

Miss Inue  ´s cheeks blushed violently and immediately put a hand over Ichijouji´s mouth.

“He´s just joking! He´s just joking!” and laughed hysterically.

Gatomon giggled when Hawkmon and Wormon discreetly nodded their heads.

“Oh Miyako…!”

“So annoying!” protested Iori Hida  at the time”The concert hasn´t began yet and this pair of dummies´s are already snoring! I wish they  skipped the concert like Sora!” He was sitting right behind the duo and was annoyed as hell.

“I wonder why Sora didn´t come in the end “asked Armadimon. .

Miyako remembered the talk in the ladies room and felt an ache in her heart. She could only hope everything would be OK between her friend and Yamatto.

“Yamatto-kun said she wasn´t feeling very well” replied Hikari, totally oblivious to her future brother-in-law´s troubles.

“It must be the oysters” added Armadimon “I ´d been a bit nauseated since I ate those and now my stomach´s acting funny.”

Iori´s eyes turned blank.


And the successor of the crests of Knowledge and Reliability had no choice but to excuse himself and lead his digimon to a restroom.

Meanwhile Gabumon and Agumon, loyal to the core , chose to stay with the drunkards; after what he witnessed with Piyomon Gabumon certainly didn´t want to leave Yamatto´s  side. Wanted to admit it or not, the Ishida guy had been pretty  depressed afterwards and it was by Gabumon´s insistence that he made it to the concert ; it was better forcing him spending the time in a theater than seeing him wash away his misery in  a bar. HE KNEW YAMATTO too well. He could pretty much seek for another brawl in the bar and may end injured. At least with Taichi and Agumon by their side, things might smooth a bit.

Agumon had the same idea,  it was better for Taichi to be at the concert instead of moping in the hotel room because of Catherine-chan.  Right now, the digimons  were regretting their selfless decision. The guys´s breaths reeked of so much beer that they were a living hell to Gabu and Agu´s ultra sensitive noses.

“I´m an idiot” whined Gabumon in the end.

“Me too” Agumon was trying to cover his nose, nauseated as well.

“Did you bring a paper bag?”

“Hoping you did…!”

The lads, meanwhile, tried to make the best of a boring, insufferable situation. None of them were in the mood for classical music despite their unconditional fondness toward the artist.

“So Yamatto, today we are having the box all for ourselves” said Tai putting his feet over another seat.

“Yup!” Matt did the same “No girls around so no need to be careful!” and he leaned his head.

“Pitty Sora isn´t comming” Tai sighed”Hope she´s feeling better!”

Yamatto showed a halfhearted smile. He didn´t want to share the recent news with anybody and was easier to give away  a white lie. He could still remember her paleness when he delivered his cruel speech about marriage and he could swear she was about to puke during their argument. And her desperate words were still haunting his mind.

“I ASKED FOR HIS HELP…He put on that RIDICULOUS show because lately you´ve been so cold towards me that I was DESPERATE. He offered to provoke your reaction although he didn´t tell me HOW or WHEN…because I WAS DESPERATE. I LOVE you so much and I just wanted to see if you loved me too!”

His forehead was already experimenting the hangover´s effects , as if someone´s been pressing his skull with a corset! Yamatto rubbed it, hoping to alleviate his pain. It didn´t work.

“So do I” said in the end. At least he was being sincere this time…

Meanwhile, Jyou and Koushiro shared their box with Maria and their  digimons . Gomamon was by far the  worst-humored from the bunch not only because his aversion towards classical music but he also didn´t want to sit next to Marine Angemon. The pinky little shit annoyed the hell out of him during the whole wedding and now  was napping over her human´s lap like a kitten!

“As if I am letting you get away after driving me crazy during the afternoon!” Gomamon whispered to himself “I am going to make you pay, you´ll see!”

“You were saying?” asked Tentomon, curious.

“Oh, nothing!”

Koushiro Izumi , while waiting for the event, was again busy with his laptop.

“Humm…that´s weird, I can´t have a videochat with Mr Gennai” mumbled, completely absorbed into his own world.

Herr Izumi, you can´t be serious” reprimanded Maria “Your friend´s concert is about to begin and you are playing with your computer?! That´s tacky!”

Koushiro blushed. It felt as if he was being lectured by his mother.

“Be easy with him” Jyou tried to ease the situation ” Maria, computers are like an extension of himself”

The austrian digidestined shook her head.

“It´s TACKY” she insisted “We are here to support a friend and he deserves our full attention!”

“I promised Takeru that  I would record his entire concert” added Koushiro, quickly “He wanted to show it in the digiworld…”

Maria´s face softened.


“Uh, uh”

“Then THAT´S another story” she smiled “Sorry for being such a´s just I dread it when people are completely hooked into their devices while I am assisting to a medical conference or  the cinema..their eyes glued to a tiny screen, checking their messages like crazy! I wish we were still in the 90s!”

The chosen of Knowledge suddenly felt ashamed of himself. She actually 100% nailed his personality …and now he had to turn his lie into truth! He grumpily began to set the webcam in order to record the damned concert. He wasn´t willing to be lectured again by Kido´s girl.

The screen momentarily  went white.

“Ugh! not again!” mumbled Koushiro “I hate it when it happens!”

Ok, it wasn´t something he couldn´t fix but it was annoying having to deal with screen issues.

A minute later, the screen turned normal again.

“Phew!” he sighed in relief. But even the chosen of Knowledge couldn´t imagine what was actually going on in the net…until it would be too late.

The curtains finally were lifted and the lights pointed at the Steinway, waiting to be played. Moments later  the star of the show made his arrival to the stage. Tk, elegantly dressed up in a tuxedo, never looked so radiant. The public began to applaud. Before going to the piano, the young man raised his eyes and looked through the boxes; Kari stood up and threw a kiss with her hand. Tk giggled and pretended to catch it and then he did the same. Kari ´s cheeks blushed.

“Awww!!!!” sighed Miyako “THAT´S SO ROMANTIC!”

And she stared at Ken and the boyfriend gulped. He knew his woman pretty well.

“Tomorrow I am taking you to a very special place, I promise!” he said quickly.

Barbie relented and kissed her Ken.

“Can´t wait!”

Gatomon sighed too, suddenly remembering about what she spoke with Palmon and Piyomon. Since that moment she could swear a bell was ringing through her ears, all the time! And she still didn´t ask Patamon about the wedding reenact thing, after Mimi left she could had done it but she suddenly lacked the courage and ended talking about other things. Besides, Patamon seemed to be quite absent-minded after the wedding. More than usual.

“I am asking him after the concert” she swore.

Meanwhile, above the curtains, Patamon was looking at Takeru . Since his encounter with the other patamon he couldn´t help but feeling a bit paranoid; that asshole of Keruta dared to provoke Takeru and was still angry. But what  he couldn´t take away from his mind was the hasty comment he received from the other Patamon: Impostor!

It was a nonsense, of course, but he was still haunted by it. And the way he approached Tk annoyed him a lot, acting as if HE was his digimon!

“Are you sure about keeping this from the others?” he remembered asking Tk right after Mimi and Michel bid their farewells.

“Yes, I think it´s better this way”


“Because we know nothing about this guy. He could just be a cantankerous jerk and nothing else…”

“But he sounded pretty much like Ken when he was evil”

“Even so, he left before we could interrogate him. How could I dream of spoiling MImi-chan´s day with something like this? I can´t. No, if that jerk effectively poses a threat  sooner or later he will make another move. THEN, we will tell the others. Ok?”

“OK, Takeru Takaishi” whispered Patamon while watching his human sitting on the piano “Good luck!”

And the concert finally began


“Sora, are you really sure you don´t want to go to the concert?”

“Yes Piyomon”

“Are you sure?”

“I am”

Piyomon sighed and kept walking with her partner. After the nasty scene, Sora left the Plaza crying and ended entering the Central Park. Two hours later, the chosen of Love kept wandering through the immense park instead of going back to her hotel and get ready to the concert. Besides, she never received any call from Yamatto so what´s the point of going anyways?

“Takeru-kun will be disappointed” added the bird “Don´t you think?”

“Probably. But he´ll live”

Had she gone to the Metropolitan, she would had switched seats; then her friends would ask why and she could pretty much picture herself crying hysterically about her troubling relationship with Yamatto…and she´d rather being hit by a car.  The alternative was sitting with him and pretend everything´s ok…and she wasn´t confident about not succumbing to a sudden wish of punching his beautiful, arrogant, half-arsed face!

“You seem more serene…at least?”

“Oh yeah!”

Sora at first planned a  little walk through the park until her nerves calmed down a bit only to end becoming a 2 hours trip. The park was indeed  huge and so filled of wonders that both digidestined and digimon lost track of time; the Zoo, the buggies,the Strawberry fields (which at first saddened a bit because she planned to visit John Lennon´s Memorial with Matt the day after) , Alice´s statue! Sora´s camera almost ran off memorie due to all the photos she´d been taking. Now, at Bethesda Terrace , they were in an awe with  an angel.


“She´s so beautiful” sighed Sora taking shots of the famous Angel of the Waters, rising above the terrace, smiling at each passing visitor.

“Oh yes, she is” and the bird flied to watch the statue more closely “I think she´s my favorite from everything we saw”

“I wish I had at least half of her temperance ” added the girl “She would had stayed, right?”

“You mean, Yamatto?” Piyomon was now resting over one of the statue´s wings.

“We didn´t talk, we just exchanged insults and then I took off like a coward. I wish I…”

Before she could conclude her speech, Piyomon let escape a horrified shout.


“Piyomon? what´s wrong?”

“Look at yourself!”

Sora frowned and looked at her hands. Suddenly they were translucent!

“What´s this?!” yelled the girl watching in horror how the rest of her body was suffering the same effect “Piyomon help!”

“OH NO! SORA!!!!!”

The bird rushed to her partner´s side but it was no use, Sora was vanishing in the air. Just like years ago, the exact way when Wallace´s twisted digimon captured the digidestineds.

“Piyomon!!!”yelled Sora before she disappearing completely.

“SORA!!!!” cried Piyomon “SORA!!!!!!”



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