Something was about to happen in the Digiworld from Reality 04.

Or better known as the Frontier Reality.

Oblivious to their surroundings, Bokomon and Neemon wandered through the crowded streets of    Beanstalk Village. Bokomon , as usual, was carrying a shopping list (a  quite large one, by the way!)  and was enumerating whatever goods needed to be purchased.

“Besides vegetables, butter and the milk we are in serious shortage of toilet rolls… we´d better get a good discount because we are going to buy at least a ton of rolls! ”

“Yeah, it´s unbelievable how much poop three tiny tings can produce…” replied Neemon, bored.

“But who really ends clogging the toilet? ” Bokomon pointed an accusory finger at his comrade “YOU. And I KNOW”

Neemon attempted to deny everything but Bokomon kept pointing.

“Ok! I admit it! It´s really me, ok?!”

“And we are getting more fruits and vegetables for your lack of fiber and less donuts in your diet”

“WHAT?! No please! DON´T TAKE AWAY THE DONUTS!” begged the rabbit digimon “Otherwise, Lopomon will be devastated. You know Lopomon cannot live without them…”

“Lopmon is allowed to keep the donuts. But you, dear, you are beginning a diet” and Bokomon´s finger pointed at Neemon´s tummy “And soon!”


Eventually they made it into the market and Neemon began to worry when Bokomon began to collect a mountain of goods.

“How are we going to carry all that stuff to the house?” asked in the end.

“We aren´t. YOU are the digimon in charge”

“WHAT?! WHY ?!!”

“Because I say so!” and not keen to listen to Neemon´s complaints, he pulled his comrade´s pants.

“OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! ” the yellow bunny protested “That hurts! And it´s not fair..Patamon, Salamon and Lopmon should be helping with the shopping!”

“And risking my sanity?” Bokomon shook his head “I cannot go shopping and look after my babies at the same time. Last time we took them to the market, they got so bored that they sneaked off without us noticing…and  we ended looking for them for  3 entire hours! And you aren´t precisely  the brightest star..! ”

Neemon had no choice but to give in.

Despite the complaints, Bokomon and Neemon couldn´t lead a more satisfying life. Since Lucemon´s defeat, the Digiworld  was regaining its  glory . The stolen codes were returned to their points of origin and the missing territories not only were restored, they became more beautiful and vibrant than before.
Within the world, a sense of certainty was restored inside every digimon´s heart. Time ´s a great healer and it´s true when applied to the digimon´s culture. Many years passed since Lucemon´s menace and nowadays his   traces were almost non existent in  the  digital memories.

Bokomon himself was beginning to forget about those events despite revisiting them in his Book, in the nights, during the Story Hour  with the babies . The babies were none other than Patamon, Salamon and Lopmon, the actual incarnations of the 3 Great Angels: Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon.

Once Lucemon was erased from continuity and the kids were returned back home, Bokomon ended offering the trio a home. Until you are able to regain your angelical forms, you need someone to take care of you . Patamon and his friends gladly accepted Bokomon´s offer and Bokomon was pretty much relieved of not having to depart from the little fella he raised as his own, when Seraphimon reverted into an egg long time ago…

“I wish I ´d gone to Toy Town with them” sighed Neemon a bit later. It was great that Pandamon offered to baby-sit the trio but Neemon was depressed anyways “I wish we could do something else besides shopping..I am dying of boredom!”

The pink belt digimon finally complied with Neemon´s feelings.

“Ok, once we are done with this ..if there´s still time, we could go and watch  the Trailmons Race. Fine?”


An unexpected gust of wind ripped of the list from Bokomon´s hands. The next minute the digimons were chasing after the paper.

“Rats! We cannot lose it!” cried Bokomon while dragging Neemon “I spent 2 hours working on that list!”

I wouldn´t mind if that cursed paper gets lost forever. Neemon wasn´t sorry at all…

“Come back!  Otherwise I´ll forget at least half of the items!” but the wind was pretty strong and none of the digital couple possessed the ability to fly.

After chasing the flying paper for several minutes, when they were about to give up the paper slowly began to reach the ground.

“Finally!”  said Bokomon, completely relieved “I am never losing it again!”

Before he could reach the paper, someone else picked it up.

“This belongs to you, I suppose?”

The pair opened their mouth wide ..there was an angel  standing right in front of them!

“Oh…wow! An angel!!”

The celestial being showed a tender smile, the little ones were so cute!

“I guess you can call me that” and he returned the shopping list to a delighted Bokomon whose emotions were rolling up and down like a roll coaster “Nice to meet you, little ones”

“” gasped the duo “We are Bokomon and Neemon and you are..?”

“Saturn Angemon” and he exchanged a handshake with each of them “Although you can call me Saturn”

“Saturn Angemon?” Bokomon frowned, never heard about him in his life. Bokomon wasted no time looking through his Guide Book. “First time hearing that name”

“Oh, it is?” the angelical being ´s smile became wider ” What´s that book?”

“A Guide. It´s supposed to have recorded every single living digimon´s data…but yours..I cannot find it anywhere!”

“You are very different from Angemon or Seraphimon” said Neemon “What type of digimon are you?”

saturnangemonThe angel chose to remain silent. His nature was, indeed, very different from the likes of Seraphimon.

His helmet slightly reminded of Magna Angemon although it was black instead of purple and had golden borders instead of white. His hair was silverish, he wore black and white robes, golden ornaments and ..was that a scythe what he was carrying in his hands?!

“Thanks for giving back our list. I´d be lost without it” smiled Bokomon , completely trusting.

“Bokomon would be lost, not me” Neemon was as fascinated as Bokomon. The angel looked so impressing! “I am just Bokomon´s delivery guy”

“Do you want another pull in your pants?!” Bokomon ´s threat worked on Neemon who chose to sip his mouth “Well, you must be an Outsider, mr Saturn.  The book rarely misses a digimon unless he belongs to another world…”

“I am, indeed”

“That explains it! If you are new in town, please, do not hesitate on asking ANYTHING. We know everything about this world!” Bokomon wanted so badly to be useful that was blind and deaf toward any presentiment that attempted to cloud the angelical´s presence.

“Then I´ll gladly accept your offer” said Saturn Angemon in the end “You may be able to tell me where I can find the 3 Great Angels..”

“Of course! They are…What?!!!”


 Reality 01

By Michael´s family´s insistence, the wedding reception was being hosted at the legendary Plaza. The Central Park view, superb service and luxury everywhere was pretty much many brides´dreams. And there´s no way you could ignore the huge masterpiece called Wedding Cake, courtesy from Mimi´s former boss, Buddy.
Everybody was astonished when it came the time to cut the cake, it was pretty much unlike other bridal cakes…while the bride and the groom were on the top of the cake, the whole cake looks was pretty much bizarre! There were intricate details, a spash of colours and the layers were adorned by  strange patterns…Buddy certainly modelled the cake, based on photographs and videos, after the Digiworld! There were even digimons around the cake, pleasantly surprising friends and digimons.

Mimi and Michael certainly were pretty surprised when Buddy brought the cake and fell in love with it so much, that they felt it would be a crime to cut it. But they did anyways, and everybody applauded when the happy couple exchanged their first slice of cake.

“Delicious!” declared Mimi with her beautiful face filled of cream “The best cake I tasted in my whole life!”

There wasn´t a single soul who would pass the opportunity of tasting such delicacy and according to Agumon and his friends, it was a unlikely there would be any leftover. When there are hungry digimons around, food rarely lasts…

“It looks so much like me” said Palmon later, while savouring her slice with a replica of her “I think I´ll keep it ”
“So will I ” Betamon was astonished with his mini-me version, whoever made the doll was a genius.

Taichi barely touched his share , the poor lad was still in a foul mood. The pastry remained untouched on the table since the frustrated Romeo was quite busy sending messages to his now ex-Juliet  demanding to know why she dumped in the first place. But at the moment, he received no responses from Catherine which irked him even more. Agumon, not willing to join again the large crowd of people waiting for a second serving  gave in into his craving and ended eating Taichi´s share.

“Agumon!” yelled the google boy . Yes, Taichi Yagami could be still considered a google boy because even in his 23s, a supposed full grown up man, still loyal to himself he went to one of the most elegant weddings in the Big Apple flaunting a tuxedo and wearing his old faithful googles.A Fashion Police reporter had already tagged Taichi into the “What not to wear” list.
“Sorry, I couldn´t resist” and the little dragon let escape a burp “mmh…so good! Please hire the guy who made the cake for your wedding!”
“As if!”

The digidestined of Courage wanted to dig a hole and jump into it. He could already picture his family´s reaction when going back to Japan and let them into the news of his  return   to Singletwon . His mother would be SO  disappointed! Since she had already spread the voice around the  entire neighborhood about Taichi and Catherine´s possible wedding plans and had already  booked a temple, the honeymoon and wondering when she would meet her future grandchildren …

“Hiya” Yamatto sat by his side  and petted his friend´s head, annoying Tai even more”Already making wedding plans?”

“No way. What about you?”

“As if!” the blond fella made an exaggerated gesture of relief “Glad you weren´t bitten by the marriage bug!”

“Does that thing exist?” asked Taichi putting away his phone.

“Look at the girls´ faces and tell me about it”

The guys looked around and raised an eyebrow. No matter where they look, they could swear the could see the word MARRIAGE imprinted all over the ladies´s foreheads.

“Damn! They look  fired up!” Taichi gulped “I bet someone from our group will become the next one to go through the altar”

“As long as isn´t Sora, I don´t care”

Yamatto´s comment puzzled Taichi.

“Are you implying that you don´t want Sora-chan catch the bouquet?”

“I am not implying” said the digidestined of Friendship. ” I just don´t want it happening”

“WHY?” Taichi opened his mouth wider than a plate. Agumon, who was devouring some leftover cake acquired from the nearby tables, forgot momentarily to eat due to his own astonishment.

” Because marriage is like diving into the Niagara Falls” declared the Ishida guy in one of his rare, philosophical side “Why the rush on wrapping the rope around our necks when we are just in the beginning of our 20s?”

Tai managed to laugh.

“You are mean!”

“Why girls insist on  having a ring in their finger (especially diamonds) if going through a race?”  Yamatto moaned “It is SO annoying!”

“But Sora-chan is a wonderful girl! ” commented Taichi and he had the authority to speak about her since she was his FIRST love. For him Sora was the type of girl who would make any guy the luckiest human being in this world because of her loving heart and down-to-earth personality “Aren´t you very much in love and all that?”

Yamatto sighed.

“Yep, but lately she´s been quite clingy and moody” Yamatto´s eyes darkened “When I am not responding to what she´s supposedly expecting from me she can SO be a drama-Queen!” he made a pause” I just don´t like sentimental scenes!. You get it, right?”

The friend didn´t know what to do next: nod like an idiot or throw a chair over his handsome yet sometimes jerky head. This was the guy Sora left him for during the second year in middle school and crushed Taichi´s self-confidence for a long while. Of course he never held a resentment towards her, it wasn´t her fault that her feelings changed or the fact that she fell for his best frenemy. Because compassion and loyalty were his second names Taichi did what a Yagami would do:  ease his ex´s  worries by acting as CUPID. Taichi Yagami   gave Sora takenouchi the needed push  to CONFESS her feelings to the Ishida lone wolf. He did it because he was damned sure Yamatto wouldproperly cherish her.

And now, years later, the wolf was growing bored of sweet Sora?! Taichi gritted his teeth.

But in the end he resisted the impulse of punching his friend and opted to tell a joke. The preach stuff  could always wait…


“That´s why you are aiming to be an astronaut?” his tone was filled with sarcasm though.


Matt frowned, not liking the teasing at all.


“Ooookkk…maybe I should change careers and become Mike Tyson II?”


“Neah. It´s ok ” said Tai quickly  and then it was his turn to frown “Always thought you were going to be the next Mick Jagger or something”

“In your dreams, Yagami”


An uncomfortable silence befell over the friends. Taichi was dying to know more about Sora and him , he wasn´t the Google boy for nothing. Sora´s late sadness did not pass unnoticed to his courageous eyes but his busy timetable at school and his girlfriend took almost all his free time. Besides, there was an asshole doing the inquire in his place…


“All this time and I still cannot get what´s inside this idiot´s mind” he thought to himself “If I have to make a bet about the near future, I may not be the only one back to Singletown…”


Instead he said:

“what the heck are you hiding under your sleeves?”

Yamatto finally showed a more genuine smile.

“Oh, you noticed!”  and he uncovered a  couple of  beers from his sleeves.
“Where did you get these?” asked his friend grabbing a can.

“Met a guy from the kitchen and asked him to get me some true,cold dutch beer instead of that watery thing they call champagne.”

“How many of these do you have?” asked the digidestined of courage after having a good drink

“A couple of packs, at least” replied Matt in a casual way ” I can´t stand weddings without a goddam beer” Mimi´s family insisted that for the drinking side, the guests should be offered wine, juices and everything but beer (for them offering beer in a wedding seemed of poor bad taste)

“Mhh…If you are  getting wasted, sign me in” and Tai showed his cellphone. After a peek through its content Yamatto opened his mouth, puzzled.

“Oh Hell!” he almost yelled “The french girl finally dumped you?!”

“Yes” said Taichi laconically “And what the heck you mean with finally?”

The blonde guy sighed.

” No wonder you are grumpier than I today!” he really felt it for his best friend, being dumped really sucked (not that he could say he suffered such fate). And still holding his beer,he held up his arm and as if going to call for a cab, shouted at a waiter “Hey! WE NEED MORE BEER! I KNOW YOU HAVE ANOTHER BATCH IN THE FRIDGE” and he showed the most maleficent smile “Or you´ll become Garurumon´s dinner!”

The Ishida´s words scared the  employee to death and the poor fellow  almost tripped in his way to the kitchen. Once the new batch of cans were delivered, Yamatto added:

” Now that´s more like it. Sorry for Catherine-chan although I can´t say I´m really surprised”

“Don´t tell me”

“It´s just that a long distance relationship rarely work and it´s a miracle it lasted like…8 years?”

“If we keep talking about that, I am going to force one of these cans down your throat” declared Taichi in a harsh tone  “Let´s just get wasted, okay?”

“Sure” Yamatto wasn´t really interested in digging his friend´s love business anyways. He dreaded love stories or so he usually said” Shall we toast ?”

“Oh yeah!..For what?”

“I don´t know!” he shrugged his shoulders “Everybody already toasted about Mimi and Michael´s big day”

” What about worldwide´s peace with the Digiworld?”

“Boooring…besides, Hikari-san already filled that part”


When it came to Hikari Yagami ´s turn, she couldn´t help but deliver a hearty speech about the digimons´ roles toward Mimi and Michael´s destined encounter and the importance of peace between both worlds. It felt so like a Miss Universe speech…!

” About our siblings, then” Tai´s suggestion was welcomed this time and looked surreptitiously at Hikari and Takeru, who were lovingly sharing their share of the cake with their digimons. She seemed to notice a tiny creamy spot on one of her boyfriend´s cheeks and gently brushed it off with her hand.

“For  the day the Ishida and Kamiya families will be joined by their so-waited marriage!” on that Yamatto would not argue. If there was a couple that was a pleasure to watch was the Takari one. Maybe he was biased but he could see the words true love floating in the air…


Tai then looked around and showed a wider smile.”And then…what about the fact those annoying Brits aren´t around today ?”

Now Matt was in a mood to celebrate. They didn´t show up in the church ceremony and it was half past 3 and the Plaza still felt like a decent place. Did Mimi  actually fulfill  her threat about not inviting the hateful trio after the café incident?

The digidestined of Sincerity made clear to both parties that she would not tolerate a boxing session in her party since  SHE was the star and would KILL anybody who dared to steal the spotlight from her. Or so whispered Palmon to her friends the other day while enduring one of Mimi´s Bridezilla moments. Had not been Sora for her Mimi may had gone bonkers with the preparations and all. As Elizabeth Montgomery said, she was still a wee Princess.

” Bless Mimi-chan for not bringing the annoying 3 today!”

“Especially Worthington!” and the blond stroke his beer with Tai´s ” Cheers!”


* * *

Meanwhile, back at Azulongmon´s palace, the 4 gods were still arguing.

“Why should be take those intruders´word? ” that was the Phoenix God´s narrowed perspective ”  A mere digital angel   having the power to endanger  universes? ”

“An angel gone rogue is always bad news” Azulongmon was the only one from the group who was willing to believe in the story “Unlike other digimons, the angelic type is the closest to divinity..and if their core is altered, the consequences can be disastrous….”

“You mean the one who was corrupted by the Dark Maters and turned into Devimon…?” growled Baihumon “now that you mean it…”

“And the initial reason why  Gennai summoned the digidestineds to File Island ” added Azulongmon “Devimon, as a former angel, had the power to break the seals between our world and Chaos. That´s how he was granted the Black Gears and would spiraled out of control, had not another Angemon  intervened at that time”

“Which turned to be insufficient” interrupted Zhuqalomon, harsh “Martyrdom rarely solves things in a long term. ”

“Zhuqalomon, please, there´s no need to speak with such harshness”  the giant turtle´s sober  sighs shoved the branches of its trees “That Angemon tried his best…”

“and he proved to be weak in the end” the phoenix God did not relent in his criticisms “Those kids ended with a lifetime trauma, especially the one entrusted with the Crest of  HOPE”

The others could not argue with that statement, being true.

“He was supposed to be stronger, Azulongmon. You ´re the one created the digieggs that contained the codes of the future angels of light and hope …the keys in case something bad would happen to us” The giant bird flapped his fiery wings, irritated “And they´ve proved to be quite  disappointing!”

“So you are actually more wary about the girl´s Angemon  than the girl herself?” asked Azulongmon in the end.

The bird said nothing.

“I am with Zhuqalomon on this one ” the giant white tiger god spoke “I don´t trust that angel either. While I appreciate his concerns about our world, I am not entrusting the words of a being who reeks of secrets himself. There´re too many unspoken elements surrounding this being. And I don´t like it”

A tense silence befell on the dragon´s palace halls.

“So in the end, should we share this information with the digidestineds?”  asked the dragon god after a while “Or we just proceed to  directly seal the gates until everything passes?”

The others opened their mouths, ready to give an answer but before another word could be pronounced ,  the sound of a thunder hit the ceiling making it crack. Holes of considerable size emerged like weed. Almost immediately  blue rays made their way into the realm!



“Quite fair” said a voice through the light and a couple of silhouettes showed up  in front of the Gods “You are owed, at least some sincerity”

The light ´s shininess toned down a bit, allowing the digimon gods appreciate the intruders´full features. Azulongmon and the others´faces turned livid…they KNEW these people!


“Digidestined Ludwig?! ” the 4 said at the same time.

The German digidestined  said nothing while making his entrance, and he marched towards the Gods; marching a few steps behind the human, the second individual was a white version of Wizardmon.

“Human, what brings you to Azulongmon´s palace without invitation?” demanded Baihumon ´s claws were at mere centimeters of the digidestined´s face “No human is allowed in these chambers unless summoned!”

Ludwig´s partner , in response, pointed his magical staff at Baihumon.

Noch nitch, Sorcerymon” said the man and his digimon begrudgingly put down his weapon.

The digidestined cared little about Baihumon´s fiery presence and kept walking.


Ludwig ´s feet stopped marching and smiled at   Baihumon. The beast´s eyes met the human´s and he felt a chill running through his spine. Those were the coldest eyes he ever met!  The digidestined then looked at the rest and carefully studied them. He had a task and  was going to fulfill it in spite of their holy nature.

From Ludwig´s lips the following words began to fill the holy room:

For heaven’s sake,  let us sit upon the ground
And tell sad stories of the death of kings…

The Gods exchanged a puzzled glance.

How some have been deposed, some slain in war,
Some haunted by the ghosts they have deposed,
Some poisoned by their wives, some sleeping killed,
All murdered. For within the hollow crown
That rounds the mortal temples of a king
Keeps Death his court, and there the antic sits,
Scoffing his state and grinning at his pomp...”

The gods couldn´t help but being confused by the grim words.
Allowing him a breath, a little scene
To monarchize, be feared, and kill with looks,
Infusing him with self and vain conceit,
As if this flesh which walls about our life
Were brass impregnable. And humored thus,
Comes at the last, and with a little pin
Bores through his castle walls, and farewell king.”

Ludwig opened his arms while  reciting Shakespeare´s  Richard II ´s famous speech.
Cover your heads, and mock not flesh and blood
With solemn reverence. Throw away respect,
Tradition, form, and ceremonious duty,
For you have mistook me all this while:
I live with bread like you, feel want,
Taste grief, need friends. Subjected thus,
How can you say to me, I am a king?

His eyes shone for a second feeling each word as it´s own.

Then he looked at his bracelet and without hesitation pointed it at the Gods. Sorcerymon wasted no time doing the same with his staff.

“But in the current play there are 4 kings. And the way I see it, their foolishness go on par with King Richard ´s… Holiness isn´t an exemption to stupidity.  Dummheit ist nicht nur unendlich, sondern omnipräsent…”

And a powerful beam of blue light was shot at the Gods…


Reality 04

Takuya was beginning to feel uneasy. The train had already passed by the 5th station and again, no stops. But he couldn´t had mistakenly ridden on the express! Takuya was a bit dreamy but not stupid. He was  100 % positively sure that he rode on the regular line.

But even the express would had stopped at the 5th station so why the damned thing kept rolling on? He looked at the rest of the passengers, the majority office men. Some were reading their mangas or newspapers while others had their eyes glued to their cell-phones. Strangely, none of them seemed concerned about the train´s activity.
Weird, usually there´s a crowd getting off at this point, thought Takuya.
“Could it be they hired a new rider and forgot how to put on the brakes?” the kid ´s mood wasn´t as bright as before “Whatever, I´ll pull the chord down and make the train stop if the idiot doesn´t find his goddam manual!”
The train passed the 5th, the 6th and 7th stations without slowing a bit.
“That´s it!” and Takuya pulled the emergency chord when the train began it´s entrance to the 8th station. The trick worked and the train´s march began to slow down more and more…
“Oh! C´mon! Just stop!” the kid shouted , impatient.
And after what he felt like an eternity , the machine finally stopped and the doors opened.
“Neat!” Takuya sighed in relief and put back on his backpack “I was sweating my socks off”
But when he was about to leave, the doors closed again!
The train began to move again.
“Hey! Hey! THAT´S WAY TOO SOON!!! ” and began to hit the door “GO BACK!!!”
The train kept marching, and Takuya suddenly got a very bad feeling about the whole thing. He frantically pulled the chord again but this time the trick didn´t work.
Suddenly Takuya´s phone began to ring. The kid´s heart was beating like crazy, he didn´t like what was going on at all.
The ringtone kept sounding.
Takuya finally decided to attend the call.
Takuya thought he was dreaming.



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