The Gate of Destiny finally lead Tempus Angemon and his human to an exit.

This time they found themselves flying through Tokyo´s sky. It was late in the night, probably past midnight yet the lights of the city were shinning like jewels; the pair would had enjoyed the view had not been going through so much in the last weeks and feel so  tired…

Leaning Copy by Elizabeth2003

“In which Tokyo are we?” asked Nova. In most of the timelines, there was little to no difference when it´s about this peculiar city´s appearance.

“Beats me, I forgot to give precise coordinates to the gate” admitted Tempus Angemon, sighing “When everything´s over I think I´ll follow the bear example and hibernate!”

“You look exhausted, darling!” she exclaimed and looked frantically around “Let´s land over there and have some rest!” she pointed at a park. It looked pretty empty at these hours and they could certainly use some privacy.

The angel complied and as soon as his feet touched the ground, he switched forms. The wings and holy armor disappeared as the angel assumed a civilian form. Nova´s cheeks warmed, no matter how many times she watched that transformation she was always in an awe , even as a human he was incredibly handsome!

The Gallantmon-armor she´d been wearing until now also vanished and Nova resumed her usual working clothes.

“I´m floored” said him sitting on a nearby bench “Damned bastard!”

“Agree. I can´t wait to have Lucemon at my mercy and twist his neck” Nova kindly caressed his shoulder “How did he  sneak into the Nexus!? ”

“…with a key, that´s for sure” Ange reclined his head, trying to order his thoughts “Only  Angels of Time own the knowledge and access to Nexus”

“So you believe he´s gotten the information from one of them?”

“The key  is proof enough” until that moment Lucemon kept running away from them by creating random holes in the sky, more by instinct than knowledge. It was quite worrisome that he had a replica of Clavis Angemon´s key in his hands…that meant he either learned or stole the technique from another party…or both.


Ange sighed.

“Since we´d been through this road before” he closed his eyes, thinking on how to voice his conjectures without sounding too grim “My best guess is that one of my brothers or sisters has either fallen prey to his hands or gone rogue and is helping to create disruptions all the way the Multiverse.”

Nova gulped.

“So we besides Lucemon are we going against  an  Angel of Time ?!”

Tempus nodded.

“The latest events certainly point in that direction”

“Oh shoot! not again!” long time ago they had to face one of them and the experience had been especially nefarious for Nova. Her body shivered when recalling that particular moment from her past,  at that time she was in her 18s and still pretty shaken after  the Omega incident; she was a literal mess and even parted ways with Ange – she  begged Ange to go back to his native reality and return to Takeru´s side because he was his first Angemon and already fulfilled his part of their deal –   only for her falling prey to a fallen angel´s hands, being kidnapped and brainwashed all the way and forced to fight against her own friends. Both the Digiworld and real worlds suffered a huge deal and were on the verge of destruction  when Ange reappeared on scene once again and joined his forces with the digdiestineds in order to rescue her and defeat the foe for good. ” I really hope it´s not like that…!”

“So do I, dear…!”

Nova  sat down next to him and Ange   passed an arm over her shoulders, making her lean on him. The blonde rested her head over his broad chest and muttered something almost inaudible but made him smile. An embrace followed through and the pair remained like that for several minutes, seeking to comfort each other.

” We have an entire life to make up for all our mistakes, dear” he caressed her ring “Besides, you shouldn´t be so harsh towards your 18 year old self. For instance, I shouldn´t had left you all by yourself while you were still grieving…”

“I was the one who told you to leave…” she whispered “Your part of the deal was fulfilled at that time and…”

He silenced her words by putting a finger over her lips.


“And then I chose to come back” he kissed the top of her nose  “You certainly created a nice ruckus while I was gone! But guess what?  We joined forces, defeated the bad guy and became stronger than ever…! And no matter what destiny throws at our faces ,together, we can deal with everything”

His words made her feel better   and impulsively kissed him on the lips.

“You are right, dear”

“For now, all we can do is rest a bit and wait” Ange continued “While we still don´t know who´s the other angel I can tell that Lucemon wasted a lot of his vital energy at the moment. He must had run out of most of his powers at this hour so hopefully we´ll be able to locate and catch him before he tries another stunt ”

“I´m sure we will” Nova closed her eyes for a bit, more relaxed “But what about the other angel? He could be causing a ruckus inside Nexus while we are speaking”

“No, he isn´t”  Ange took one of Nova´s hands  “Remember, dear, what I said about that place´s rules? ”

“…let´s see. While Digital Angels of Time may be allowed inside Nexus is , at the same time, are tied to a series of Holy Rules that prevent them from taking possession of it…?”

Ange kissed her forehead.


“Because Angels of Time are supposed to look after the balance of Time but aren´t allowed to play God at the same time…?”

“Again, you are right Nova” he tightened the embrace” We are allowed to do so far, when it comes to travel through the multiverse and judge the flowing of the events..we rarely intervene in either human or digital affairs unless an external element break the equilibrium and threatens to cause paradox in that certain timeline. Nexus empower us and let us go through any process but besides that, no one can claim Nexus for himself or herself ”

“Until Lucemon showed up and tried to take possession, which of course failed”

“And he´ll fail all over again if he attempts to follow through this nonsense” added Ange “What worries me, though, is the other angel´s purpose by sending Lucemon to Nexus. Letting an external party inside the Holy Place is a taboo that even angels of Chaos wouldn´t dare to commit” Time had its bright and dark sides yet both parties had an implicit agreement of playing by the rules in order to keep the balance..

“Well, we had a good share of battles against those fellas” reflected Nova “And we won most of them. Who do you think is the rogue angel of Time ?”

Ange didn´t reply. His mind was narrowing the list of possible angels – they had dealt with a good deal during their career- and one name popped into his mind  but chose not to say anything until gaining more certainty. Nova would freak out , that´s granted and Ange didn´t want to stress her out more than she was.

“Sooner or later we´ll find out…”

Ange made a little pause before finishing his statement.”I hope..whoever is, he or she will see the light and cease this nonsense ”

“Oh Ange!” sighed Nova, pretty moved. There were, certainly,  other digital angels of time transiting through the multiverse like Tempus Angemon and no matter which side they belonged  they were more or less  like his brothers and sisters “Whatever is the case…I´m sorry!”

“Thank you, dear” and he kissed her forehead “Now, we need to focus on the river currents and find out what the waters are carrying on” he opened his left hand and manifested a little sphere of light”  I managed to contain some of the broken mirrors´s codes. Scan them, please”

Nova elevated her right arm and looked at the bracelet she´s wearing. It was silver with blue borders, and filled with buttons.

“Digivice, SCAN and INFORM”

The jewel-device began to shine, doing as commanded.

Residual codes from reality number 06 and number 08” explained the device after absorbing the codes.

“Show us what was going on reality 06 before it´s shut down” asked Nova.

The device shone again, projecting the images in the air. For long, minutes the pair watched the fragmented events…happening right in the  of the  battle against a digimon villain called Quartzmon.A year ago, Mikey Kudo and his friends saved the Digital and Human worlds from MegaDarknessBagramon´s menace; but peace wasn´t destined to last for much longer so the following year he digidestineds were required to face a bigger challenge… digimons from the so called DigiQuartz were being corrupted (mainly by the dark side of humans´hearts) and causing troubles to the human world. According to this timeline´s events, the chosen digidestineds ´s mission was beyond hunting down the creatures but claiming ownership of their codes in order to make their digimons stronger. The strongest chosen would have “the right” to fight against a being called Quartzmon, a nasty thing from the residual power that lingered after MegaDarknessBagramon’s defeat with the combined Digital Power in the human world…a messy way of “rebooting a timeline”. A mysterious man, the mentioned Clock Store Owner was in fact the main responsible of selecting the most powerful hunter in order to fight Quartzmon …with digidestineds from other realities!

“So Lizzie was right about that man” added Nova “Fortunately he stopped looking like a raccoon”

“He´s not an ordinary human, Nova” his angelic eyes were the sharpest thing and he clearly knew the difference between a human being and someone disguising as such.

The digivice kept showing the crystals´s information and their stomachs fell to the ground when shown his attempts to travel through time and space and being sucked by a vortex!

“Those poor kids. Thanks to Lucemon´s interference the Clock Store Owner won´t be able to go back to his timeline with…his reinforcements” whispered Ange, extremely sad “So here´s a paradox in the Fusion timeline ´s. Well, Fusion no more! In the current present, NONE of the digidestineds from the other realities WILL EVER REMEMBER FIGHTING TOGETHER  against Quartzmon because…how could they recall something that didn´t happen in the first place?”

“Fucking winged  wee bastard!” she whined “Is there any possibility that the Clock guy´s still out there..?”

Her companion shook his head, his eyes were filled with sorrow.

“If he still retains anything from his past self, then hopefully yes. But I´m afraid I have to speak with honesty. Considering the gravity of the Big Bang I doubt he´ll be  able to make it safe and sound from the cosmic debris. Unlike us, he recklessly jumped to the multiverse in THAT FORM and completely  UNPROTECTED. I can´t sense any  leftover trace of  his code though…” he prayed that he was safe and anyways “It would be a miracle if he survived such a catastrophic scenery”

Nova shook her head, sad.

“Poor people”  she massaged her forehead, attempting to ease her headache ” We´ll make sure their sacrifice won´t be in vain…!”


After learning about such tragic events from 06, none asked about the fate of the other reality. The X world went through the same fate so why bother? Besides, both Nova and Ange  needed to cool down a bit.

Even for an angel of time, everything ´s going so fast…so overwhelming…Ange closed his eyes and tightened his embrace. He would always thank the fates for letting him meet her! Her mere, sweet presence always gave him strength, he was able to face whatever challenge was thrown at his face because she was always by his side…

“By the way, Ange” said Nova in the end “In which bloody timeline are we?”

“Ask the oracle” was her partner´s response , still with his eyes closed.

“Digivice, information about this current timeline…now!”

The bracelet shone again and in less than a minute supplied the required information

Currently in reality 03” said the device  “20 years after Delipa´s defeat

Nova and Ange reacted as if they were suddenly bitten by fleas.

“OK. Didn´t expect THAT”




Now it´s time to have a peek at scene happening right at the moment in  reality 04


Takuya Kanbara´s curse echoed through every corner of the  train station. He had been running like crazy but still failed  to  catch the 8:15 train. The doors shut down right before his nose, as if laughing at the boy´s efforts.

“C´MON! C´MON!” he hit the the glasses “I NEED TO GET IN!”

As if begging would work ever on a machine!

And loyal to its schedule,the vehicle began to march.

In the end, Takuya felt to his knees and watched with impotence the train leaving.


He was going to be late and he´d for sure get scolded again by his homeroom teacher.

“What else could go wrong today?” he whined. If only he hadn´t forgotten his train pass at home, he wouldn´t had to buy a ticket and he would had caught the damned train in time!  “I bet sensei has a bucket waiting for me..” For every tardy, Takuya had to stand for 15 minutes in the hall holding a bucket filled with water as punishment. Nice reward after saving two worlds, isn´t it?

Dang! I wish I could go to the Digiworld again!

“I wonder how are Bokomon and Neemon. Never thought I would miss them so much!” said while waiting for another train. His heart ached in nostalgia. Half a year elapsed since digikids and digispirits fussed into Susanoomon and  defeated Lucemon for once…” And what about Patamon, Salamon and Lopmon? Had they finally retrieved their angelical forms…?  I wish I knew!!”

The sound of a whistle forced him to go back to reality.

“It´s already arrived?” he looked at his watch, it didn´t pass a minute and there was another train! ” Awesome!”

And his mood improved even more when he noticed the wagon wasn´t crowded this time, there were less half a dozen of passengers as much…so he could, for once, sit down!

The Train God must be in a splendid mood today…




The Demon Lord managed to escape from the Angel of Time and his partner once again which should please him but instead was fuming in frustration.

Now an exhausted child, he was barely holding it together when he finally could see the light that indicated the end of the Gate.

“So where am I headed this time?” he panted

“A place worthy of your grandiose “  a grave yet pristine voice  echoed through the fluxes of time-space “ I promise”

Lucemon sighed, reluctant. Until now all what that individual said proved to be true but…

“I must congratulate, Lord Lucemon” continued the voice, resounding like a fall of crystals all over his ears “You not only survived the ordeal but managed to outsmart Tempus Angemon by crushing two entire realities. Well done!

Lucemon smirked despite being almost out of breath.

“Destroying those was the easy part ” was his insolent response “And since those realities had nothing that I could call useful , so far so good” he made a pause “BUT THE FUCKING KEY DIDN´T WORK AS I WANTED, CARE TO ANSWER WHY I COULDN´T OVER NEXUS?!”

He got a laughter as response which tempted the little fallen angel´s temper.

“In you current level? You are dreaming!” the other party finally condescended to give an answer “I told you, my Lord Lucemon, that you need to be either a deity or a high ranked angel of Time to even have the privilege of being granted the entrance to that place. A mere Lord of  Evil has no access to it even if you are the most powerful of the bunch. All  what you´ve got is a little something that you, by chance, scratched off  from Clavis Angemon. And a little something will never allow you to rule the Holy Realm where you can witness the convergences of time,space and all as-far-as-known universes. Remember, smashing one or two mirrors inside that place equals to nothing. For Nexus is a Monday. Sooner  or later it will fill the void with a new set of mirrors if the server hadn´t done it already


But if that was true then why Tempus Angemon sounded so concerned about the storms that were caused by the shattering of 2 realities? He recalled hearing something about destroying the others…or not?

As if reading the villain´s thoughts, the voice proceeded to shed a light on the matter.

“When a reality is destroyed another is created, immediately, from it´s ruins. That´s the OMEGA effect and he certainly is well familiarized with it” 


“Yes. A universe usually has its own vibration beginning with alpha, and that same universe can be split in several variations, which can be beta, delta, gamma, epsilon and etc…but when an external force cause serious alterations in certain events. Be it from a subtle change in history, like Tempus and the other good-for-nothing travelers are used to or a magnificent Act of Justice like your stint at Nexus, an invariable change happens to the universe in question. If it was vibrating in the alpha frequency, it turns into beta. Or delta. Or Omega”

Lucemon opened his mouth impressed but a part of him didn´t quite understand the whole explanation. Nope, he actually didn´t understand at all! But his pride didn´t allow him to ask anything otherwise the other fella would believe he was plain stupid.

“But fortunately you weren´t THAT FOOLISH to try to smash all the mirrors at once” added the voice, tranquil “What you´d been through´s nothing but a test. You, insignificant,  cannot dream of beginning a new set of universes in a brute, unstudied way. If you want Nexus, summoning the power of Chronos is a must as I explained the first time”

“Yes” Lucemon crossed his little arms, annoyed “And I already figured out the perfect specimen to act as its catalyst. The creature known as Neo, ever heard about him?”

The voice whispered a yes.

“While inside, I watched how he e destroyed a universe and created another one!” he was pretty excited. “Even Yggdrasil couldn´t do a thing against him”

“Not a bad choice” the voice laughed harder than before “Sounds as  a suitable piece for  the game”

“The Game?” Lucemon frowned.

” I already set everything in motion. My people are already on the move while we are talking…” the voice proceeded to inform Lucemon about the plans and the steps he needed to follow afterwards. The conversation didn´t last too much but after listening  the details, a maleficent smirk emerged from Lucemon´s lips.

“I see. And I like it” honestly it would be way more interesting than his initial plan of revenge “So all what we need is that particular digidestined…?”

Yes, nobody else possesses the ability to accomplish the task” said the voice

“Very well, I ´ll go after him and…”

“No need, that matter´s  been already taken care of”

Lucemon frowned.


“As I said beforehand, we are going through the non-lineal customs”


The Demon Lord felt his head spiraling , he wasn´t used – to begin with- going forth and back through multiversal gates and jumping from past to present to future timelines from random realities , outrunning a digital angel of time, made him want to puke. More than that, he was on the verge of succumbing to insanity!

“Pray it´s worth it because I hate games that I don´t understand “grumbled Lucemon “Otherwise I will hunt you down…”

“Likewise, for now just stay tuned …”

And that was the moment Lucemon reached the exit. When finally  he opened his eyes he found himself standing in the middle of a giant , shiny hall.  Initially confused, he looked around and wondered where the heck he was.

A succession of cheers and chants followed immediately.

” Welcome our Lord and Savior Lord Lucemon! !! ” Lucemon ´s jaw almost dropped to the ground when he realized he was inside a dreamy palace and hundreds of minions kneeling before his feet. There were digimons from all kinds and species everywhere. In the main hall, the corridors…many floating above the ground, others hidden behind the shadows…They all were doing the same, chanting and  recognizing Lucemon as their Master. The little angel was baffled. He didn´t recall having so many followers since his time as the leader of the Digital Angels a millennia ago.

“Welcome! Welcome!” everybody chanted.

The angel realized that he was given a Headquarters. A quick scan revealed it was  hidden deep in the heart of Folder Continent, fated to be occupied by a still non-existent Seraphimon  and, for the readers´amusement,  placed in Reality 01… right under the local  Great 4 Gods´s noses!

Not, bad, not bat at all, he thought and began to laugh like the maniac he was.




 Reality 03

Back to the Tamer reality, three days passed since the party.

Today´s Christmas Eve and Ruki Makino still couldn´t believe she was out on a date.

Walking through the streets, almost nauseated by the sights of cheesy  ornaments in every inch of the city, struggling to walk among the flocks of useless sheep that were composed in almost their entirety of fastidious couples that were so engrossed buying cake and presents that she wanted nothing but scream…and of course, the cold. It was truly a White Christmas, Santa Klaus was sending the city his greetings with a magnificent snow.

Beyond bizarre was the fact her date was none other than Ryo Akiyama.

“What was I thinking…” she said in a whim looking at her glass of wine.

“You´re  saying?” said her date, smiling” This restaurant´s pretty good! I don´t remember eating such great tokishirazu in a good while. ”

“Yeah, yeah. No other salmon beats the ones caught in  Okhotsk…” the girl put aside her glass ” Are you going to spill out your beans or not?”

Ryo chuckled, Rika was still the strong-willed and persistent girl he remembered. She was certainly dying to know more about him although she became pretty good hiding her emotions behind a mask of indifference.
When she asked the first time, during the party,  what he´d been doing during these years  Ryo offered an evasive,  cheeky reply :

“Sure, in our date”
“As if!” was her quick response, frustrated at that time. Ryo acted quite friendly toward everybody and told some tibbits about his general life but shared virtually nothing . “Drop dead!”
” Are you afraid of going out with me?” Ryo pinched her on purpose, making everybody (including the usually sober Renamon and ugly tempered Cyberdramon) laugh.
” If Ryo-kun´s been a CIA agent all this time, please find out!” begged Takato at the time, joking himself “Or should I date Ryo in your stead?”
” Then you are braver than Ruki-chan” added Jianglian and the girl was so annoyed with such statement that almost exploded like a volcano.
” Cut the crap! I agree going out with you, Akiyama” conceded the girl at the end ” One date. And that´s all!”

Tonight was the third, consecutive date. And Ryo couldn´t be happier…Ruki had truly blossomed into a beauty!

He couldn´t stop admiring his companion, she  certainly let her hair grow into a long, wavy hairstyle. Her makeup was lovely as well and that dress…! Turquoise, probably from a class A brand. Nowadays she was a Top Model, right..?

” Are you going to keep eluding the question forever?” said the girl, a bit annoyed.

“Uh?” he was daydreaming! “what question?”

“Oh please!” she was about to get up from her chair but Ryo immediately caught her hands.

“Sorry” he sweetly kissed her right hand “I got distracted, you look so beautiful that I was amazed that you actually accepted dating me tonight…”

His words were sincere and she allowed herself to smile a bit. Just a bit.

” Apologies accepted” and she, this time, took her time to stare at Akiyama. He certainly blossomed into a very handsome man, and despite his jokes, she could distinguish a very masculine aura..something about a man who´d been through a lot and sometimes rough situations.

I sense he´s been through something big, otherwise why he´s been so elusive about his past?

“This whole scene is a miracle” admitted Ryo in the end “The Ruki I knew would had never dreamed of gathering her friends for a pre- occidental-style- Christmas party or agreeing going out with an arrogant ass like me…Bless Holy Father for the pleasant surprises I witnessed this week…”

She giggled.

” Such a way of speaking. Are you planning to become a priest ?”

“Already banned from Church” replied Ryo “So my chances of embracing priesthood are null since the day Cyberdramon crashed into a christening and ended drinking all the holy water…”


“Who knows?” he winked an eye “But believe me, there are times I could certainly be living a holy man´s life…having a Cyberdramon didn´t do very much for my love life…he´s the digital version of a chastity belt, if you ask me!”

The girl found his statement pure gold. That was SO plausible!

“So you ended not being the Casanovas everybody thought you would be?”

He nodded.

“Well, I did pursue a girl or two in the meantime…”


“Like Alice-chan?”


Ryo´s eyes opened in surprise.

“Huh? No!”

“But you´ve been in touch with her” insisted Ruki.

“Yes, but that doesn´t mean we have or had a thing” his eyes shone with intensity “I swear”

The girl mantained her cool yet she couldn´t ignore the relief she felt right now.

“But she´s wearing a bracelet like yours…” she pointed at his metallic jewellery.

“It´s just a communication device” explained the lad no giving too much importance “There are plenty of those so no big deal”


Ryo quickly changed topics.

“About my so called love life, it wasn´t that great. For instance I crushed over a gorgeous girl and  I tried my best but, wham! Total failure!”

That certainly caught Ruki´s interest.

“Tell meeeeee…” her tone was as swift and cuddly as a kitten´.

“It was a total mess. The first time I met her I believed she was the ONE” he showed a smile filled with fun and some nostalgia at the same time “I didn´t know at first. I was so fascinated by her – especially because she´s more intransigent and strong willed than you- that despite our age difference, I asked her out. But no charm or sweet note worked on her…”

“Ha!” Rika applauded “WAY TO GO PLAYBOY! What´s her name?! And how does she look?!”

Her expression was like a kid´s waiting to open her presents. Ryo sighed, he wasn´t planning to tell about his failed love life but Ruki seemed to enjoy so much…His date was quite a sado!

“Nova. And she´s tall, blonde, blue eyes…she could pass as a Victoria´s angel” Ruki´s eyes darkened for a while. Despite being a pro she never made it into Victoria´s Secret´s group of angels. “And is older than me”

“How much older?”

He initially didn´t know what to say. Even today he wasn´t relly sure about her true age…

“Honestly, I think she´s 2 or 3 years older but I am not really sure. I can´t ask a girl about her age, can I?”

The female tamer assented.

“And she´s also my boss

If Ruki´d been drinking at that moment her wine, she would had spilled it. Thankfully that didn´t happen. But she began to cough, that was really unexpected!

“Wanna hear the best part?” he added ” This unfortunate dog didn´t realize he´d been barking at the wrong tree until I was nicely told that she WASN´T AVAILABLE”

The female tamer snorted.

“Jings! What did you do?”

“Be a fool and pretend I didn´t hear a thing “Ryo smirked  ” She was so beautiful that I couldn´t resist keeping wooing her , of course her boyfriend wasn´t thrilled with the idea…” As a true Akiyama he was the stubborn type and ready to chase after his crush even if he stood no chance against her lover.  Since that day he was nicknamed the Idiot by his teammates.

” I am speechless. Truly speechless. How much of a fool can you be? ”


” Still figuring that out, I don´t think I reached the limit yet” he sighed “Nowadays I am a 24 year old foolish guy and  the Boss  still treats me  like a kid..!”

Ruki sighed and patted his head”Well! If you ask ME,  when I look at your idiotic face, you are still 14!”

Such candid statement made Ryo explode in a laugh.

“You are so much like her! she said the same, exact, phrase!”

For a moment she couldn´t decide if taking it as a compliment or not..but  ended joining his laughs.

“Oh Ruki-chan, Ruki-chan…I so missed all of this! Our adventures, our arguments…” said the young man after a while. His face was now more serious, his eyes were filled with a strange feeling of anxiousness “I wish I came back before…”

And he kissed her hands, again.

“Are you going to…”

He sealed her lips with a finger. She couldn´t know that everything was, for him, like a happy dream…but he knew that reality, sooner or later, would reach him.

“Later. I promise…” she wondered why his tone sounded so desperate but she ended nodding with her head.

Neither she was willing to get up from her dream.


Meanwhile let´s take a peek at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building´s offices or, best known, Mituso Yamaki´s current home.

A lonely and grinchy Mitsuo Yamaki was spending Christmas Eve at the office rather than waiting for Santa Klaus´s arrival  with the family. Oh no! Someone had to take care of the fortress instead of enjoying  a delicious supper, singing carols (which he ´d rather being shoot down with an AK- 47 rather than signing in public) and finishing decorating the tree (which bored him to death anyways) Nope, the Head of Hypnos was busy monitoring human and digimon activities . SOMEONE had to do it, right?

“Are you sure you are supposed to be here, on this particular night, boss?” asked Tally Onodera , one of Hypnos main operators while doing her usual screening.

“I could ask the same, Onodera-san” replied Yamaki , cold  “I thought you asked, several weeks before, to be free on Christmas Eve. Yet, here you are”

The woman sighed, her boss´s memory was as accurate as ever. But she ´d rather prefer to be eaten by a wild digimon before admitting that she´s been  dumped two days ago. Or that´s what her boyfriend called it right after being discovered two-timing her with another girl.

I´m so sorry sweetheart, I never meant to hurt you…. I couldn´t help it… I already fell in love with Akiko…

Tally wasted no time kicking his manhood  pretty hard before saying I guess you couldn´t… Sayonara, bastard!

“Destiny had other plans” she said in a bitter tone ” But unlike me,you´ve got family waiting for you at home. We can handle everything..what about going home with..? ”

“They are fine” replied the man with his eyes still glued to the screen “Activities are ok, nothing´s off the scale at the moment…”

“You are insane” mumbled the woman, while still upset about her failed romance she was even more tempted to leave her seat and kick her boss´s ass until leaving the fellow in a comatose state “Neither Reika-chan nor Ryuu-kun deserve such shabby treatment”

“Excuse me?” even being near the roof, Tally´s comment reached Yamaki´s ears. Tally might had forgotten about the microphone attached to her headphones…or not.


Mitsuo´s mood became grimmer and nobody else dared to make another comment. Hypnos might be a Shield-esque organization, with spectacular technology …spying everywhere while barely sharing any secrets of its own…but the entire staff was aware that the boss was having problems at home. A possible divorce.
Gossips insisted about the boss cheating the wife with one of the First Minister´s  representatives, mrs Layla  Hagiwara (a married woman herself!).. rumors flied in the air, like mosquitoes, albeit nobody dared to speak openly about the issue when the boss was around!

And Tally´s frustration grew bigger when the doors opened and the mentioned devil made her entrance.

“My, my” she greeted Yamaki with familiarity ” What are you doing here? Weren´t you supposed to be opening Christmas presents with your son?”

“Once Ryuu finds the X-box he will forget about my absence”

“Ha! kids and their  videogames, quite typical!”

Tally bit her lips, feeling really sorry for her friend . Reika-chan was pretty much like her, with horrible tastes concerning  men…but Reika´s turned to be the worst the day she picked the less- prince- Charming as her lover.   And when    her secret  relationship with the boss came into light…it became such a mess! Tally would never forget the scandal, the higher monkeys were less than thrilled when told about the boss – subaltern affair ( which was revealed almost as the same time when Digimons began their incursions into the human world!) While dealing with the digimon´s incidents, the entire staff  were expecting a break-up or a resignation letter from Reika. Surprisingly nothing like that happened and although not getting any cheers from the highest places, Mitsuo and Reika  remained together!
And by the end of the Digimon incidents they decided to get married…

It´s a miracle they lasted together for almost 10 years. 
That was truly shocking because she recalled, during the ceremony, listening to  most of the Hypnos staff sharing grim predictions about  the future of that couple. And also some gambling! Most of the staff was plainly convinced that the marriage would last, with some luck, a couple of years. Even the tamers were surprised when years passed and the marriage was still on.
Truth be told, Tally never wanted her friend being romantically involved  with someone like Yamaki-san .

“Are you sure about going ahead with the ceremony?” she remember having that conversation half an hour prior to the wedding, in a heart-to-heart talk with Reika “He´s  like a robot, cold, unapproachable. My guts tell me that he´s the sort of person that would never allow himself to pursue  happiness. Reika-chan, reconsider taking this train before it´s too late. Mitsuo Yamaki   ´s bound to bring misery to the ones closest to his heart, if he has one…”
“I know he´s far from being a prince” was Reika´s gentle reply ” But I love Mitsuo too much…”
“If that´s so…well, I won´t try to change your mind anymore. I wish you happiness to you and the Grinch…err..I mean Mitsuo. But I will say it once again:  I will  be there for you no matter what…”
“Thanks so much Tally-chan, that means the world to me..”  

For good and bad moments, she would always be standing by her best friend´s side. Even if that meant taking an extra dose of Ranitidine  to ease her stomach…right now, seeing the third apple in discord chatting with the boss sent Tally´s such storm at her stomach that threatened to dirty the screens with vomit.
Mitsuo ´s expression worsened her mood. The damned bastard´s face showed amusement and dared to even laugh while chatting with Madame Viper!

Oh Reika-chan, Reika-chan , once you give this bastard the boot I am so taking you to a goukon!

“I can´t wait for midnight! ” Tally cringed again with the woman´s voice” The world´s about to change, you´ll see!”

“That´s what I´m hoping” said Yamaki, in a sober yet slightly expectant tone ”  Even the digimons will appreciate  this program…!”

Please Shibumi-san, prayed Tally in silence, Whatever you are doing, hurry up!


Meanwhile, a silhouette managed to sneak into the building. Dressed as a janitor ,  Gorou Mizuno or best known as Shibumi, pretending to clean up an empty office right under Yamaki´s nose took possession of a computer.

“Very well…here we go…” and easily broke into the system. For him, the former member of the Monsters Makers it was like a piece of cake. The bearded man looked around carefully, once again. The office was completely deserted , he sighed in relief. He wasn´t allowed in the building since several weeks ago and if he´s discovered…only God knows what THEY would do to him. He sighed, as if he feared those blockheads!

He removed his sleeves and uncovered a silvered bracelet filled with buttons. He pressed one and a chord emerged from the bracelet, and reached an USB port.

“I´m in ” he whispered ” Everybody must  be ready. There´s one one chance, only one chance to bring it down”

“We are more than ready ” replied a man with an aussie accent ” It´s a damned risk. No plan B for this, right?”

“You ´re , Mc Coy.  CHRONOS  is a tough cookie…installing Process nº 1 from the Antivirus”

Another voice joined the conversation.

“Babel and I almost went insane with this…how the hell can we penetrate its system when the codes keep changing every second! Seconds!” that was a quite frustrated Johnny Beckestein from his New York´s headquarters” downloading process 3 and 4″

” And how on earth Yamaki is blind to the whole thing? ” sighed Rob Mc Coy, Alice´s grandfather “First Delipa and now this?! Process 2 downloading into Hypnos data”

“And he had the guts to fire the whole team instead of looking at all the data we gathered, pointing CHRONOS´s true functions…or what little we managed to get from it” professor Aishawarya, from her Dehli ´s office ” It´s worse than Delipa, that´s for sure. We cannot let that thing dive into the worldwide systems…so Shibumi, we are gambling everything into a single move”

” That´s what my source believes” he looked at his bracelet. Never imagined it would turn to be  a DIGIVICE . It was beautiful.

“Still curious about your that” smiled Rob Mac Coy “Can´t you give us a hint?”

” I´m afraid I cannot reveal his name”  Shibumi shook his head ” It´d be too risky”

Shibumi´s mind recalled the last couple of weeks.

Unlike Tally and the rest of the staff, he initially did not care about the supposed love affair between Yamaki and Hagiawa (although he doubted such thing rang true, Yamaki was such a workaholic that wouldn´t waste his precious time on getting it while missing a possible outer space, digiworld or whatever anomaly!)

And although Tally and Reika asked him to check on Hagiwara´s records, Shibumi, at first, didn´t want to interfere because he dreaded sentimentalism. He only made a half hearted investigation after being constantly pestered by Tally-chan and found out that the woman ´s records were clean. Besides  Shibumi himself was charmed by Hagiawara-san´s  smooth personality just like almost every male from the agency. Who could blame them? Layla Hagiwara was the epitome of the Asian beauty; with her shining black hair, silky and white skin, perfect manners… Reika and Tally constantly argued with Shibumi about mrs Hagiwara and now he regretted his initial partiality (or hormones) , choosing to  defend the newcomer instead of listening to his friends.

But not too long passed  since  her incorporation to the organization that Shibumi finally began to see the light.It began in subtle, almost invisible way. The woman, who initially was just a temporary supervisor began to  achieve a more prominent status within the organization…in an abnormal speed.
Always smiling, always insisting to work overtime, she managed to catch Yamaki´s attention. And NO NORMAL HUMAN was able to break down through  Yamaki´s coldness THAT FAST! And things worsened ; the closer she got to the head of Hypnos, unwelcome changes began to happen at Hypnos. The boss   began to  fire or demote most of his staff without giving any explanation. Things got into the lowest when Reika was ordered to transfer to another branch, because she was interfering with Mr Yamaki´s job according to the newcomer.

And when Yamaki gave the green card to a new project, CHRONOS, brought to his table by mrs Hagiwara suddenly  Shibumi´s Monsters Makers weren´t needed anymore…The excuse?  Budget´s cuts. The team was unceremoniously kicked out of the building and threatened to be sued if they dared to put a foot in the perimeter again.

But the Monsters Makers  were going to unmask mrs Hagiwara one way or other. Something about her rang too dirty…even for a gold-digger.  And so, lurking in the shadows,  the Makers ran another investigation, a more exhausting one…and this time they had to fight against a sea of encrypted codes that initially lead to nowhere.

And what they found shocked the team to the core.

Every single  data was a fake! A magnificent fake. She was never sent by the Prime Minister and nobody in the government had any idea about who´s her.

That woman was GOOD, to be able to fool the Japanese government and Shibumi´s hound nose! A true Mata Hari, indeed.

So what was really Project CHRONOS?

“I hate it when they pick the God of Time´s name. It´s wasted on trash like this”

The last time he tried to go inside the building, seeking to have a word with Yamaki, the guards did nothing but kick his butt to the streets. That´s when a stranger approached him and discreetly put a note in his pocket. When Shibumi read the note, while drinking away his misery in a bar, he almost lost it. The message was plain and grim:

If CHRONOS is allowed to spread it´s  data, the very future of both Human and Digimon worlds will be seriously compromised. Must be stopped before it ´s too late…

And within the grimy note, there was a pendrive containing information regarding Ares. The codes were almost impossible to grasp but Shibumi and his team somehow managed to get most of it, and while discouraged by CHRONOS´s complexity,  Shubimu´s been frantically  developing an antivirus. If the antivirus ends proving  to be useless against CHRONOS, they were doomed. There was no plan B.

“I´d better go offline now” said Shibumi at the end “Be ready in case everything goes KABOOM, ok?”

“We´ll be waiting for the signal…but take care, ok” said Mac Coy

“Monkey´s off”

He leaned over his chair, feeling like a 100 year old guy. This was going to be the most terrifying experience in his whole life…

That was the warning given by his new associates.
He looked at his clock.
35 minutes to midnight.



Changing the stage, once more.
Let´s go back to reality 01.

A beautiful wedding was happening right now at St. Vincent Ferrer´s church. The whole place was crowned by white roses, pretty much like the bride´s bouquet.
Mimi Tachikawa , radiant with her gorgeous Pnina Torné dress, made of silk and lace and her tiara! Even Tiffany couldn´t produce a more princes-like tiara! Diamonds were her best friends, complimenting both her dress and her expression of bliss.

The groom was as thrilled as the bride, a bit more composed yet looking in a splendid Armani suit…he could barely wait for the end of the ceremony so he could reclaim Mimi as his wife and fill her face with kisses.

While the priest was officiating the ceremony, everybody´s eyes were toward the young couple.
The bride´s parents, sitting in the first rowd, kept weeping almost non-stop. And going against the cliché, Mimi´s mom wasn´t the biggest weeper. The one who´s crying that much was none other than the father. His little princess was finally a grown up woman! And he barely could stand it!

The groom´s family was much more serene but happy anyways. Michael ´s parents never failed to show a delighted smile and while getting married at 22 was a bit early, they would never oppose to the couple´s happiness. And Mimi was such an adorable young lady! How not to fall in love with her?

Joining the sobbing session, almost all the girls were running out of Kleenexs. How not to feel touched by the couple´s tender and so sincere love? A Fairy tale wedding, that´s what it was.

And no one, absolutely no one would wish any ill-fated feeling at the couple.
Even the groom´s first man… Jyou Kido!

That was certainly an unexpected turn of events, asking Mimi´s first love to be by their side . In other circumstances, such request would be considered tacky and senseless…but not in this case.
Sometimes first love at 12 isn´t fated to be eternal love but it can be turned into a very cherished friendship, and Joe was such a sweetheart that even Michael was thrilled to have the blue-haired, glass-eyed digidestined included in the immediate circle.

Then there are the digimons.

Palmon and Betamon  were the designated rings´carriers. They were pretty much in an awe and excited as the rest of the concurrence, and when their task was finally accomplished, even they held hands.

Sora, Miyako and Hikari were already fantasying about their future weddings. And without shame they looked at their respective boyfriends, Yamatto, Takeru and Ken. The trio gasped. They needn´t Charles Xavier´s psychic powers to read minds…they already figured what´s going on a single glance. Their girls´s eyes were already sparkling with Cupid´s magic and even Yamatto ´s cheeks burned like Havanero chiles. Awww…love!

In the end Takeru and Hikari were able to watch the ceremony thanks  their digimons. As soon as they were cleared up by the TSA fellas, Gatomon and Patamon transformed into their angelical counterparts and faster than any jet they carried the Takari couple safely to the hotel  waited for them to change clothes (Hikari had to resign herself on just brushing her hair and not going to the hairdresser as she wanted) and  made it to the church just in time to catch  Mimi  walking to the altar…

Meanwhile the rest of the digital creatures were more or less enjoying the scene, the majority were curious about the ceremony customs  while others were bored as hell. Agumon was among the first group, still trying to figure out  the purpose of a wedding .He simply  wanted to know everything asking questions , almost non stop,  to his human. He would bring at least a question on the table every five minutes!

“Taichi..I just don´t get it why do people get married?” agumon asked, for the third time.

“Because they are in love and want to make it official” replied the digidestined of Courage, very much annoyed.

“I don´t get the ring thing. Why is jewellery so important?”

“Because people won´t realize they are married. Rings are a proof of marriage”

“But people wear rings all the time! and when asked, they say they are single!”

“Agumon…” Tai was in a bad mood that day. All he wanted was to get the hell outta there and have a drink.

Well, in every wedding is mandatory to have the grim character of the day. Taichi Yagami was playing the role. Catherine was supposed to be by his side, looking at him with the same devotion as Hikari, Sora and Miyako were dedicating to their guys…but no. At the end, Catherine-chan ended not leaving Paris and once Taichi´s plane reached New York…when checking his invoice mails, he was delighted with an unexpected Dear John e-mail. “Je suis desoleé, l´amour cést finis. I can´t be with you anymore , be happy. Catherine.”
How could he enjoy a wedding after being dumped the very same day? And being all by himself (agumon won´t count) without a girl…he was feeling like a total loser. He was the only digidestined without a companion! That´s really charming, isn´t it?

” Can I wear a ring too in your wedding day?” Agumon was really excited by these human customs “Can I? Can I?

Tai almost incinerated his little friend with his gaze.


* * * * *

The Digiworld

The minions kept showering Lucemon with cheers but the beloved Master practically ignored them while resting on the throne. Gosh! He was floored!

A group of digimons composed by Daemon, Lilithmon and Murmukusmon eventually approached the holy seat and knelt down to the angel´s feet.

“Bright blessings, Lord Lucemon” spoke Murmukusmon “Your sole  presence stirs excitement within our acolytes hearts…”

The little angel limited to yawn.

“Holy One” said Daemon “May your Will become ours…”

“…we beg you, our Lord! please guide our feet toward the new order through a baptism of chaos and destruction…” finished Lilithmon.

“Yeah, yeah”mumbled the tiny angel already bored of the ceremonious greetings ” What the heck do you want?”

Murmukusmon stood tall and within a move of his hands, he showed up what he´s ordered to get: a human.

“Meet Supreme Ludwig Faust” Murmuksmon wasted no time introducing the prisoner. A white haired, yet pretty young man, silver eyes and wearing white and blue clothes. Despite being chained from head to feet, the human showed  no fear. Instead, he gave a glacial glare at his surroundings “Digidestined from Germany and behold! Unlike the insignificant others, he´s a magic wielder besides a digivice carrier…!”

“Human, greet our Lord” and the prisoner was mercilessly pushed  to the ground.

Ludwig Faust showed a silent yet meaningful anger when his eyes met Lucemon´s.

“Where´s she?”

“A brave man, I see” smiled Lucemon for the first time “I could kill you in a minute, yet you show concern for others?”

“Where´s Émeraude?” the human was pretty determined “I´ll feed Pluto´s realm with every single bonehead´s blood if any of you,Schwachsinnige, dared to harm my wife  in any form. Even if she´s been touched by the petal of a rose” he warned.

Lucemon bursted in a laugh. So his associate was right, the minions were on the move and caught the digidestined he was told about…!

“I just spoke about the possibility of having you killed , yet you threaten back?” he pinched the man´s cheeks ” Although I despise humans, I think I am in an awe with you!”

The digidestined didn´t appreciate the admiration.

“My wife´s whereabouts. Now”

“Anything else?” Lucemon  felt wobbly for a moment; courtesy from the aftereffects of his recent confrontation against Tempus Angemon . He wouldn´t admit it to any soul since his stint in Nexus his head ached quite badly, spinning every now and every then “Very well” and he looked at his minions.

” She´s already used to her new…accomodation” was Lilithmon´s response “Although she´s in no place to complain, right Commander?” she giggled at Murmukusmon.

The latter chose to ignore the female demon lord´s giggles.

“Show him” ordered Murmukusmon.

Lilithmon touched Faust´s forehead and an image showed up inside his mind. His eyes opened wide and his body trembled, such was his anger.

Scheißkerl!” cursed the man, finally struggling to get red of his chains “That´s…that´s  beyond dirty!”

The chains immediately released an electric shock , almost knocking down the digidestined. Lucemon´s minions found the scene laughable.

“So the proud digidestined from Germany hides a passionate heart” Lucemon gave the man a moronic kiss on the cheeks “You care so deeply about your mate that you are willing to make a deal with the Devil, or am I mistaken?”

Faust grinned his teeth. He was so furious that a silverish aura was beginning to manifest.

“DON´T” warned Murmukusmon “No matter who you are, play that trick and there will be CONSEQUENCES”

Ludwig forced himself to regain his cool.

“Even the likes of you know about Love?” Lucemon snorted “Love supposedly conquers everything! Or so pray the fairy tales!” the little angel had no qualms on mocking the element he most hated from the very existence “You are a fool”

The digidestined grumbled.

“When a digidestined becomes a grown up, how come he or she still maintains the right to access the Digiworld?” continued the villain ” But as I said centuries ago in my own timeline, the Digiworld´s wonders should never be shared with humans anyways…human hearts are too fickle to be entrusted with the Digimons´s affairs. One day, suddenly , ten miserable warriors decide to rebel against my wisdom and…” the evil angel´s face suddenly turned sour “And I am GOING to make SURE such things WILL NEVER HAPPEN in the new order”

And he ended  slapping Faust´s face.

Zugzwang” said the german digidestined in the end”What do you want?”

“First, buck up your  secrets…”

* * * * *

Meanwhile, sitting at the very  back of the Church, a pair of wedding crashers were carefully following the ceremony.

“This is so cheesy that I think I am going to barf ” said one of them.

“Really, Keruta?”  his companion rolled his eyes.

“The whole thing is disgusting. The psalms, the priest´s bloody voice, the couple´s foolish smiles…shall I go on with my list of why weddings are a pure waste of time? Besides, such thing as true love is nothing but a myth”

“Sometimes, Keruta, I wonder if you are truly a human being”

“Oh! shut up, nasty little thing!”

A 16-17ish blonde boy and a black version of Patamon were among the guests despite nobody having the slightest idea of who they were. The groom´s side assumed they were from Tachikawa´s batch of digidestined friends, the bride was plainly convinced they were  the Washington´s acquaintance. Nobody would dream they were mere intruders or about their true purpose.

“Ugh…I think I am going to develop diabetes” said Keruta wrinkling his nose when Mimi surprised her husband with a kiss on his hands while they were still in the midst of the sermon ” That´s soooo annoying!”

His digimon sighed again. He wasn´t precisely fond of his partner´s bravado.

“Please, lower your voice” said the little digimon “We are going incognito, remember? ”

“Yeah, yeah! I know!” Keruta mumbled  “Gotta pick another loser for the gathering. Why not get rid of all these people  at once?”

“No. The master  is interested in one of the original 8” replied the dark patamon and he laid his eyes on a particular guest “Cannot afford to be reckless ”

” Whatever” the boy readjusted his seat ” I just don´t get it…why that person?”

“It´s not your business” the little Patamon frowned “Besides, there was no need for you to come along. I can handle everything on my own..”

“As if I would trust the winged pig!” Keruta pulled the patamon´s ears” The master made me your keeper, remember?”

How could I ?” replied the dark patamon with  disingenuous sarcasm “Your charm possess no limits”


The antagonists chat ended with a sudden scream.

“ARGH!!! AGUMON, JUST QUIT IT!!!!!” Tai finally lost it “Please! No more questions!!”

And stood up, completely annoyed. The following minute Tai´s been pierced by hundreds of eyes, judging the ill mannered young man by shouting in the midst of the ceremony. Who raised such impertinent individual?
Even the priest´s eyes were judging poor Tai.

“Mister, my brother in  the confessional booth shall be happy to listen to your problems…but right now, shall I remind you that we are celebrating  a WEDDING ?” said the holy father in an acrid tone.

Taichi, completely full of shame, wished to be Six Feet Under

“Ha! ha! Sorry!”  and sat down again, drenched in nervous sweat.

“Oh Takeru-kun!” whined Hikari hiding her face “Please, tell me that the one who´s sitting next to us isn´t my brother”

“C´mon , love” Takeru was doing his best to hold his laughs “It´s not that bad…besides, the ceremony´s about to end…”


“And so Agumon´s questions!” added Tai, fuming”Because I AM SO GOING TO USE MY BOW TIE AND ZIP MY DIGIMON´S MOUTH WITH IT IF HE DARES TO SPEAK AGAIN!”

“But Tai, I really want to know…” pleaded agumon

“Shh!” that came from Gatomon , almost as annoyed as Taichi. The cat barely got to hear the priest´s speech because of Agumon.

” I just want to know…” insisted Agumon.

Tai began to untie his bow tie.
Agumon shivered, he finally got the message.
Taichi´s mood was really, really foul that day.

“You may kiss the bride” said the priest.



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