Certain Digidestineds will have the most unforgettable Christmas !


Reality 03

Another adventure. Another reality.Welcome to the Tamer Reality!

Ruki Makino looked through the window and watched the first drops of snow falling from the sky.

“So we are really going to have a White Christmas this year” said while drawing a doodle in the frosted window.

“Wonderful!” said Takato Matsuda”I´m dying to build a snow doll!”
“So do I!” added Guilmon with his mouth full of delicious goodies.

“Hey! Don´t eat all the snacks!” protested Jeri Katou “There are people who still haven´t arrived, yet!”

“But I´m starving!” cried Guilmon “Can´t I eat some more ginger dolls?”

“Just a couple” giggled the girl, passing a plate-

“Hey! They look like me!” said the digimon surprised to recognize  his silhouette in the cookies “I love them!” and the digimon gave a heartful hug to Jeri.

“Merry Christmas, Guilmon”

“Christmas is in 3 days” said Rika, joining the others.

“Ok…Merry Early Christmas!” joked Jeri

Ruki hid a smile, she was never fond of celebrating Christmas or any christian festival ( her cynical side always thought such events were just an excuse to make fools depart from their money) but this year..she sort of wanted to celebrate it, in the occidental fashion, with her old friends.

“I can´t believe 10 years passed since we defeated Delipa” said Li Jianglian “Time certainly flies in a whim..”

So many things could happen in a decade, the defeat of Delipa was just the beginning of many adventures shared by tamers and digimons. Saying farewell to their digimons fortunately ended not being a definite adieu. Destiny wanted both the human and digital worlds coexist and eventually another gate was opened. Takato and the others were fully convinced that Calumon was the responsible for re-linking both worlds such was his attachment to the human world: Calumon came back and so did the other digimons and  like in a digital fairy tale the tamers grew up happily with their comrades by their sides.
The Four Gods did not object Calumon´s actions this time and as a gesture of goodwill they even sent brand new  digivices to kids across  the world.


“The wonders of the digiworld should not be limited to only a handful of tamers. We are looking forward to new generation of digidestineds….”
Nowadays  both humans and digimons were able to interact freely- be it in the real world, be it in the digiworld- and blessed in a much peaceful reality albeit not exempt from the occasional villain-of-the-time attempts to spoil the fun.


“Hey Terriermon, don´t drink too much of that eggnog!” warned Li noticing that Terriermon was on his second cup.

“But it´s delicious!” replied the digimon ending the phrase with a burp.

“It´s got brandy, remember?” the tamer took away the cup  from his little comrade “Alcohol and digimons don´t mix, remember what happened last time?”

Terriermon shook his head.

“Well, I certainly DO” and he pinched his digimon´s ears “Last year, some of my peers made Terriermon drink from a barrel of Irish beer…the next hour a pretty wasted Galgomon was causing a mess in the streets. Had a headache trying to put an end to the disaster and I was the one who ENDED spending the whole night in jail!”

Laughs erupted.

“I didn´t mean to do that! I swear! ”

While Terriermon was apologizing  Renamon lazily rested at the roof beam looking  at the mistletoe branch that was hanging right next to her feet. The tradition was odd but fascinating.

” So it´s custom for people standing under these plants” said the fox ” and exchange a kiss, right?”

“It´s just a nonsensical tradition” replied Ruki  heading to the kitchen, Guilmon ate so much that the table needed more food or the guests who still haven´t arrived would find nothing but empty plates “And it´s not like somebody´s going to do it anyways”

But when she came back from the kitchen, much to her annoyance,  Takato and Jeri were sharing a long, languid kiss under the blessed mistletoe!


“Come on! Really?!”

The couple broke up the kiss  both blushing like Santa´s hat.

“Couldn´t help it” said Takato laughing nervously “Somebody had to do it!”

“And we are doing it again” and Juri took her boyfriend´s face and pushed him back to her lips.


Now it was Ruki´s turn to blush . She wondered if  celebrating Christmas was a good idea after all. If everybody was going t act mushy-mushy she would so scream…! She sighed, erasing any feeling of unruliness from her mind; besides, it  was too late to take  back the invitations since everybody was already there. How could she forgot that in  Japan  Christmas was better suited  for couples than anything else….?   And miss Makino, despite having grown into a very beautiful woman, a Top Model that worked for some of the most important agencies in Asia and Europe, actually dreaded the date when she was still single. Why life was so unfair?! That´s what she´d been grumbling about during the last weeks, dreading the impending holy date´s arrival…celebrating another Christmas without a boyfriend to brag about . She was feeling like drowning in the blues the other night when Renamon manifested feeling nostalgia for their first adventures as tamers that Ruki  decided it was time to  invite her old friends to have a Christmas dinner. Besides, maybe one of the guys could reignite her heart…?

For all she learned in a single afternoon (she wasn´t the type of getting in touch with her limited circle of friends more than once or three times every six months!) the hostess could scratch off Takato-kun and Jiang-kun´s names from her list. Takato ´s relationship with Jeri-chan was going steadily while Jiang, her first ex boyfriend, actually brought a girlfriend to the party. Her name was Yumiko and for Ruki´s standards  she wasn´t someone particularly beautiful or outstanding. Yumiko-san had a pretty fair of prettiness, yes, especially on her light brown hair and hazel eyes…but that´s all.

Whenever I look at that person I am reminded of Bambi, was Ruki´s conclusion which depressed the tamer even more. Of course Jiang liked the  sweet, docile, shoujo-esque type of girl! Until now she´d behaving in such adorable way, hogging his arm and emitting sparks like the typical girl in love that Ruki opted to maintain a certain distance in order not to barf rainbows in front of her guests.


“This is the last time I host a party like this in my place!”

And the proud miss Makino  wouldn´t consider neither Hirokazu nor Kenta´s names. Not at all. There was no way she could view any of them as viable candidates since she never felt any kind of compatibility toward them. Not when they were kids nor in their 20s.

Still under the damned mistletoe Juri kissed Takato once again . Ruki sighed feeling a tad jealous of them, they  were sparkling!


Someone please shoot at Santa´s sleigh for me, thought the tamer in a fit of desperation, so I can demand a customized guy to boss over as well!


Jeri mumbled something at Takato´s ear which made him blush like a tomato and Ruki , in the end,  smiled.  Despite her  jealousy she  was actually happy for them anyways. Especially for the girl who deserved the to be the happiest from all, Jeri Katou actually had a sadder childhood than Ruki herself.

Perhaps because it was Christmas season the hostess let herself dive into a moment of reflection. Being a child of a broken home (oh yeah, divorced with her mother, barely acknowledging his father…) wasn´t a bed of roses.  The father who´d rather leave his wife and child for a younger lover…ugh! Even now she´d still consider her progenitor a mere sperm donor. No wonder when she became a tamer, her perspective of men was so narrow and borderline misandrist. Her narrow perspective of men gradually changed after meeting Takato and the others which not only helped open her heart a bit more…she learned to embrace   compassion. And the one who taught her that was none other than  Katou.

The first impression she got from Jeri-chan  was the annoying type with her cheerful personality and shoujo-esque view of  the world. (And to point the obvious, Ruki always dreaded the shoujo mangas) Time passed and eventually the sugar facade would fall  when a Leomon joined the tamers´stage; the little girl felt an instant attachment toward the lion digimon, seeking to get from Leomon-ouji-san the paternal figure she yearned so much.

And there began to show up the similarities. Like Ruki, Jeri-chan also had father that turned to be an asshole . There wasn´t a divorce though but unable to get over his wife´s death he  acted as a damned jerk towards his own daughter. Which was worse? The deadbeat rat that abandoned his family for a mistress or the coward looser that chose to treat his child as garbage because she looked so much like her deceased mother?

Even now, as a grown up woman,  Ruki hadn´t   an answer for that.  Ruki could not rationalize the poignancy of a man who found it easier to mistreat a poor child instead of facing his pain. No wonder she took refuge  in Leomon´s figure…

Ruki´s eyes saddened when recalling the other events from the past.
Becoming a tamer like Takato, Li and Rika had been Jeri´s   Joy. Traveling to the digiworld with her friends and her “prince Leomon” was like entering into a fairytale, ready to kick some asses and go for  a happy ending. But few days inside the Digiworld, the Fairytale turned into a virtual Nightmare when a possessed Impmon showed up in  a sudden as Beelzemon and  coldly killed Leomon.

And that was the beginning of Jeri´s downfall.
“You cannot defeat Destiny” declared after that, her eyes completely devoid of any light. That was the moment Ruki realized that her own problems weren´t as bad as Jeri´s. Despite having such a hard life, until that moment Jeri tried her best to battle her depression and move ahead…but without Leomon, her special one…she had given up. No more smiles, no more trying to show a positive attitude…no more compassion toward anybody else…and Jeri ended becoming the perfect target for a nasty being called Delipa.

Ruki made an effort not to shed a tear. The memories were as fresh as if they happened yesterday instead of a decade ago…dammit!
Thankfully in the end with Takato´s determination, Calumon´s purity and that little light that was still inside the grieving girl , the light of hope shone in the midst of the darkness and Juri was finally able to overcome her prison and defy Delipa! Her loving heart was so strong that in the end she was able to forgive the people who harmed her in the first place, she ended forgiving her father and also Impmon.

She proved to be the strongest tamer of all, thought the tamer in the end. Because she was able to reach her catharsis…will I, someday, be able to do the same?

The tamers nowadays were in their early 20s, entering the stage of adulthood…but their hearts, in some ways, were still in their 10s.


“How long are you going to be standing there?” asked Renamon from above.
“What?” Ruki almost dropped her plate.
“You´ve been staring at Takato and his girl for a good while. Is kissing such an interesting activity?”

Renamon, of course, was joking.

“Depending whom are you kissing. This world tends to be filled with an overpopulation of frogs” replied Makino with studied indifference.”But I wasn´t thinking about that at all”

“Sure, sweetie”

Renamon´s cynical nature was worse than her tamer´s and her sense of humor was so subtle that the tamer herself, sometimes, found it hard to distinguish. Renamon beats England in sarcasm, I guess.

“I too find admirable Katou´s will” added the fox “Her kind is quite rare”
“Oh yeah, she is”

The doorbell rang and two other tamers made their arrival:

Hirokazu Shioda and Kenta Kitagawa  and their digimons, Guadromon and Marineangemon. Marineangemon did not waste any second to fly around and greet everybody!

“You are late!” said the hostess. A quick greeting at the pair confirmed her initial thoughts, while having blossomed into fine lads she really couldn´t see her dating any of them. There wasn´t anything in them which could ignite a spark inside her untamed heart…so she had no choice but to keep looking “But thanks for coming, anyway”


“It´s been a long time since our last reunion” greeted Kenta by offering the hostess a bottle of sake ” How many years…three?”

“Five” said a feminine voice at the other extreme of the hall.

“Alice Mac Coy?!” said both guys at the same time, astonished to see a  beautiful blonde girl entering the room. Tall and pale, dressed in a black Chanel suit, the girl was coming back from the bathroom when Ruki received her last guests.

“That´s my name, indeed” replied the lady in a serene tone.

“Wow! You look wonderful!” said Hirokazu “Are you an actress, model or something?”

Alice shook her head.

“No. I am a second violin in the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra” was her reply “Miss Makino is the one who´s involved in the modelling business, if my recall is correct”

“Really?!” the boys shouted at the same time “Unbelievable!”
Ruki´s cheeks turned red, when she was a child she despised her mother´s job…and now she was following the same path! The ironies of Life!

“So what?” she replied, a bit annoyed with the comment ” I´m warning you, let escape an unfortunate comment about my job and you are going to end in the bottom of Tokyo´s Bay!”

The boys looked at each other, terrified. The former Queen of the Digimons may be a beauty now but her personality was as fearsome as always! If any of them came considering asking her out, well, the idea had just ran away fearing for its dear life…

“Did you find the bathroom?” she focused her attention towards Alice, the blonde nodded. “Thanks for coming today, Alice-chan, it means a lot to us”

“My pleasure”

Hirokazu and Kenta  tried to hog the Aussie girl´s attention by making several questions, like about her current love life, if she had a boyfriend or looking for one, etc, etc. Alice smiled politely and admitted being single at the moment and she´d rather not being involved with anything but her music. The duo laughed and began to hint about applying to the job, if given the chance when Ruki pinched the guys´s cheeks and told them to get lost. The hostess´s fearsome expression made them quit the flirt mission and mumbling an excuse, they joined Takato and the others on the main room.

“Thanks, miss Makino” said Alice in the end “I appreciate it”

“You are welcome” smirked the other girl “Besides, I am quite confident you won´t be single for much longer. I bet that you´ll be taken by a magnificent specimen in any minute!” predicted Ruki “I can already picture him, tall, handsome, with gorgeous eyes and wielding an aura of mystery…like you!”

The blonde girl ´s cheeks blushed slightly but then her eyes suddenly turned sour.

“I think I already met someone like that” she mumbled “but I am not really looking forward to it…”


The Aussie girl shook her head and smiled again.

“It´s nothing. Shall we join the others as well? I think everybody´s here”

Ruki nodded and joined the friends. Still a question popped inside her mind:

Am I imagining things or Alice seemed scared for a moment?

Time passed and  Ruki´s mood lifted a lot despite not being used to host parties at her house. It was truly a rare occasion, lately the tamers rarely saw each other never mind the entire group.
After graduating primary school, the group slowly but steadily  followed different paths. It was part of Life, nothing was destined to remain the same.  Takato remained in town, helping with the family business after school. He´s about to graduate from a culinary college and was planning to inherit the bakery. He officially asked Juri out in their first day at middle school (which by the way, they were blessed after being accepted by the same school) and were the happiest couple from the entire nation! Their hearts were so synchronized that they even assisted college together (she loved making pastries) and the Matsudas were looking forward to the day Takato would feel confident enough and pop the question to Juri.

After the Delipa´s crisis, Ruki  developed a much better relationship with her mother and gladly joined her in some photo sessions; the moody, self-loathing  girl from the past became a more open minded person and learned to value her mother´s  modeling world and that fashion was a very serious business. Stopping blaming her mother for the divorce and acknowledging her father as the fickle human being he was softened her personality and Ruki was able to view her surroundings with a better perspective. It was during middle-school when she found herself more and more interested in the fashion world and ,  when by the time she reached her 13s, she  officially joined her mother´s modelling agency. It´s also interesting to point the other reason she so willingly chose the glamour path:  after failing on being in the finals at the Digimon Tournament and losing her Queen of Digimons´s status, her pride kicked in and decided to quit for good. Besides, she was still heartbroken for having to say good-bye to her digimon and was convinced she would never see Renamon anymore. (But that´s the thing with the Digimons, you cannot really say farewell to a creature of wonders…sooner or later, digimons will cross the digidestineds´s path and drag them to new, more exciting adventures. And it was during middle school that Takato & Co were given another chance to meet their digimons and never departed ways since then…but that´s a tale that will be told another day)  So in order to move on the girl focused her heart and soul in passing castings. She was 14 when she landed on her first important contract with Satoru  agency and was selected for a perfume campaign that became a hit nation-wide. Since then, she barely had time for anything else.

Jianglian focused himself in his studies and perfecting his martial arts skills  but eventually, at college, he found his true vocation in technology. He applied to a prestigious university and was accepted, but since it was in another city he had no choice but to leave his old friends behind. He studied hard and ended graduating with honors in computer engineering much to his current girlfriend´s joy, who also graduated from the same field .
Kazu and Kenta also moved on, currently living in other cities. Hirokazu moved to Chiba with his family and managed to be accepted to a local  university, after graduation  he ´s still working part time as a waiter and instead of saving his yens for a place of his own (which his father begged to do ) Hirokazu would gladly spend every yen he had on his favorite anime´s merchandise and going to whatever comic convention showed up in the map.

Kenta , still a down-to-earth guy, managed to be accepted in Tokyo University, graduate with honors as well and had just landed a job as a government official much to his family´s pride. A bright, brilliant future was waiting for him yet Ruki wouldn´t, again, consider him a potential mate. He was still too soft, meek and predictable for her tastes. The complete opposite of Akiyama…
And speaking about the devil, what happened to Ryo Akiyama? …well, nobody heard a thing about him since the last Digicard Tournament..the one she failed to classify.

I won´t recall his name. He´s a goner. She shook her head, almost in pain. He´s a cowboy, always acting as he wishes without any care..Never liked him when we were kids, he´d better never show up again in front of my face…

“Shit! I can´t waste my time thinking in that guy!” she almost shouted.

“Aren´t you supposed to carry that food to the table?” asked Renamon

“Uh..yes, of course!” and Ruki hurried her way to the table.

“I´ll help you” offered Alice who managed to escape, once again, from another round of enthusiastic questions from both Hirokazu and Kenta “Shall I bring something else from the kitchen?”

“Oh no, thank you very much. I think this is enough…unless certain digimons assault the table…again!”

Guilmon and Terriermon sneezed at the same time.

Alice Mac Coy said nothing else and sighed. Ruki wondered if something was bothering the aussie girl; her solemn expression was unsettling, as if she was carrying a whole world  inside her blue eyes. She was a girl filled with secrets and there was a particular one which had been burdening her heart for years, it began before the digimons´ incidents. What neither Ruki nor the others knew about Alice was how years ago the Australian was involved in a   gruesome accident and when she woke up from her coma, her life was never the same…

The tamers certainly barely knew Alice ; she was the girl who played a small yet pivotal role during the Delipa incident  when she, by a strange twist of destiny, met a digimon called Dobermon and guided him to the tamers´path. Dobermon was a messenger from the Gods and after delivering the tamers their new powers, he disappeared in the air…never to be seen anymore. Even as an adult, Alice could not help but miss that dog every day.

I would give everything just to spend another day by Dobermon´s side…!, that´s what her heart was thinking all this time. She wouldn´t dare say it in a loud voice but she couldn´t help but feel a bit jealous towards the others, being the lucky ones to share their lives with their dear digimons. It´s not fair!

“Are you feeling okay, Alice-san?” asked Renamon whose idle expression did not pass unnoticed by the fox´s sharp eyes.

“Yes, I am” and hurried her steps.

In the end everybody gathered around the table. A huge turkey was waiting to be cut (courtesy from a delivery service since Ruki would never, in her life, attempt to cook such monstrosity ) surrounded by several Japanese non-traditional-christmas-type delicacies including a cake; Guilmon and the other digimons (save guadromon who was a machine-type digimon) were already drooling over that irresistible spectacle and so were their humans.

“I can´t wait to dig in” admitted Takato “Ruki, dear, you really outdid yourself!”

“Thank you”

“I´LL HANDLE THE TURKEY!” offered Guilmon ready to attack the big bird.


“AMEN!” teased Terriermon.

“NOBODY TOUCHES THE TURKEY” declared Ruki, ready to kill anybody who dared to play dirty “Renamon will make the honors”

The divine fox assented with solemnity and faster than what human eyes could see  her right hand moved across the air and  suddenly the turkey was split in several pieces.

“WOW!” the audience applauded.

“And they look so neat!” Kenta was impressed “Renamon, no chef from Japan will ever match your cutting skills”

“Thank you” the fox sat back on her seat.

“So shall we dig in?” moaned Takato and his stomach made a noise.

Everybody was starving at those hours so everybody nodded, impatient as well.

“Wait” Alice rose her hand “Not yet”

“What?!” the digimons cried

“What´s the matter, Alice?” asked Renamon, intrigued

“How can we begin when we´re still missing a guest?”  the Aussie girl finally smiled. She´d been meaning to tell them before but there was a promise she had to fulfill and kept her mouth zipped  until she realized the time´s up.

“But we are all here!” declared Guilmon “Who are you talking about?”

“Guess!” the blonde girl winked an eye, oddly in a playful mood.

“It´s a tamer reunion and we are all here” added Terriermon

“It´s true” Alice said “And there´s a Tamer that still didn´t make it”

Ruki suddenly felt a chill on her bones.

“You can´t possibly be talking about…that guy?” Ruki  gulped and her cheeks reddened when Alice answered with a positive nod “But Alice, you must be dreaming! ”

Takato and Jiang began to give their own opinions.

“I am with Ruki on this one” spoke Jiang “There´s no way he´ll show up to an event he has never heard about!”

“Says who? ” and Alice uncovered a circular bracelet from her sleeves.

“Whoa!” Takato exclaimed “what´s that?!”

He couldn´t help but notice  it looked like an artifact from a sci-fi movie. The top was circular and had buttons and a mini screen, like a computer..?

“My phone” Alice said in a nonchalant tone “Will everybody, please, follow me to the backyard?”

“UH?!” Takato opened his mouth wider than a Swiss cheese “But why?!”

Ignoring the man´s statements, Alice left her seat and without hesitation opened the door that lead to the backyard. The rest, puzzled by her determination, ended following her.

“You may not have heard from him during these last years ” she stood up right in the midst of the patio and pressed one of the bracelet´s buttons “And you may had already forgotten about him but he never forgot about  you…” Alice stared at the sky. It was damn cold outside, snowing heavily but she seemed not to care about the weather. Suddenly the bracelet´s screen began to shine.

“What ´s going on, Alice-chan?” Takato asked again “That doesn´t look like the typical  piece of jewellery !”

“I smell codes coming from it…” Guilmon frowned “Like a digivice…?”

“He would never forget no matter the circumstances” continued Alice, ignoring Guilmon´s words “And he´s about to reach this place….10, 9, 8,7…”

“UH!?” Hirokazu and Kenta opened their mouths at the same time.

” 6,5…”

Renamon suddenly felt an electric wave surrounding her entire body. It was a premonition. Images of Delipa came to her mind, but this time it grew stronger than last time…fussed with another being…then a golden light repelled the creature´s powers…then..then what?! She could swear there was a winged being inside that golden aura but she wasn´t so sure…everything passed in a flashlight!


Suddenly a blue and silvery light emerged from the sky and the pond´s water began to shake violently. The koi fishes , terrified, began to swim like crazy…hitting each other , but the pond wasn´t big enough to allow a full freedom of movement. The light turned into a tube, ending its path over the water…a few seconds later, a silhouette emerged from it.

Guilmon, Terriermon and Renamon shouted at the same time:


“Hiya everybody!”

The entire group of tamers, save for Alice,  almost dropped their jaws.

“Sorry for my tardiness” added the warrior “I think my invitation got lost in the mail…”

Despite her shock Ruki managed to show a sardonic smile.

“I don´t recall sending you an invitation” she crossed her arms “Such an entrance, like the typical arrogant I remember you were. Who are you trying to impress, handsome asshole?”

Justimon began to laugh.

“Oh my, miss Makino, you are the same as ever!” and he made a reverence “Ok, Synergy…showtime off!”

And Justimon ended leaving the stage and instead, a quite grown up Ryo Akiyama and his Cyberdramon were standing in front of the group.

“Punctual as usual, Ryo-kun”  Alice greeted him with a huge smile and Ruki felt quite   bothered with the familiar exchange between Alice and Ryo. Since when they were so close?!

A fast glimpse of Ryo´s right wrist rocked her world, he was also wearing a bracelet! Could that mean that they were wearing a matching set…as lovers…?

“You are just in time for dinner” added the hostess, barely holding her tongue. There were so many things she wanted to ask …!

“Awesome!” he was enthusiastic as if he was 14 again “We are starving!”

“I smell turkey” Cyberdramon sniffed the air and gave a sign of approval “And I like it”

The rest of the tamers were still dumbfounded with the scene. Ryo´s appearance was something so unexpected, surreal that they couldn´t decide if erupting in joy or anger.

“The whole tamer group is together again” Alice patted Ryo´s shoulders “Perhaps a new set of adventures is awaiting for you, people?” her question sounded more like a prediction but an energetic Takato  took the word.

“Wait! Wait! ” shouted the former google boy “YOU KNEW  about his whereabouts all these years, Alice-chan?!

Alice nodded but offered no explanation;  she rarely frequented the tamers and vice versa so why should she give any of them an accountability about Ryo-kun´s movements?

If they ever gave a damn about him  they would had tried  getting in touch with him, Alice´s beautiful eyes darkened, lovely bunch of egoists…

“Well, she did” replied Ryo not giving too much thought in the matter “Despite being  a helluva of a nomad, Alice-chan had been the only person crazy enough to remain in touch with me…” a slight shadow crossed his opal eyes but he immediately dismissed it “But hey!   I hope I´ll be able to make up for my absence and catch up with all of you!” and before  anybody else could say something, he took from his sleeves a Dom Perignon ” Please accept it as a token of our past adventures as  tamers. Courtesy from one of my best friend´s grandfather´s winery—Takeru Takaishi, I hereby thank you  for letting me smuggle this bottle from your grandfather´s winnery in Paris…”

Takato was the first to crackle , followed immediately by Hirokazu and Kenta. The initial tension evaporated when the rest joined their laughs.

“Akiyama, you are really nuts!” sentenced Ruki after her share of laughs ” Let´s go inside and have our Christmas supper…it´s freezing as hell !”




The midst of nowhere, between reality 01 and 03.


Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon were riding through one of the cosmic waves. Tempus held his blonde comrade quite tightly who, in turn, was wearing a Gallantmon-type armor as a way to protect her body from the inclement cosmic weather. That was one of Nova Takariyama´s digivice´s special charms: it stored so many digimons´s codes that they could be used as an extension of the device´s wearer…like the Witchblade only less cheesy and more in a digital-type fashion. And she had a interesting past with the so called Royal Knights…


“Where could he be now?” asked the girl still staring at her bracelet (that was the shape of her device. a Jewellery) “Digivice, scan!”


“So that means he´s still jumping through the portals” sighed Tempus Angemon “And he´s mastering  the technique, it seems. He´s faster than last time!”

“THAT´S SO IRRITATING!” she moaned” Until the last digiworld it was a piece of cake locating this asshole!” she was dying to grab the asshole by his neck and teach him one lesson or two “I swear it´s getting the best of me! Jumping through ten universes in a row is so annoying…!”

“And so for us!” the device projected three people. Two boys and a girl, one of the guys had curly, long black hair and his accent was English to the core.

“Man, this dweebs ’s assholyness really doin’ ma dinger!” ranted the others, blue haired and  obviously twins,  in the typical Scottish slang.

“Hi you three” greeted Nova “Any updates?”

“Nope” answered Steve Worthington III, he was resting over the top of Ophanimon´s Castle in reality 04. He´d been making his rounds in that reality and everything looked as boring as a  sea devoid of waves ” This Digiworld is still on the mend but other than that, no novelty. I found no traces of either the abnormality or the winged asshole”

” I stopped by the Clock Store in reality 06, just like you said” explained Elizabeth cross armed “I asked around but Mr Tempus, ARE YOU SURE THIS GRANDPA IS A BLOODY INFORMANT?!” the camera focused in a a passed out old man filled with bruises all over his face. He looked like a fallen raccoon much to  google boy  Tagiru Akashi´s horror who was frantically trying to reanimate him.

“YOU KILLED HIM!” cried the google boy completely freaked out by the woman´s actions

“He wishes!” replied Elizabeth, acrid “Nobody tries to peek under my skirt and lives after it!” and the blue haired girl spoke again at her device “Before  KOeding him he said   not to bother him about stuff happening outside his jurisdiction…HEY! COULD YOU STOP WITH YOUR BAWLING?!” the girl wasn´t the sweet sister type and ended Koeing Tagiru as well. She then pointed her bracelet towards the passed out local digidestined and a light emerged from the device “When you wake up you will have forgotten about this scene!”

The unfortunate meeting by Ayhelenk

Tempus Angemon and the others smiled while Elizabeth pulled the MIB-mindwipe  stunt. That was one of the customs of the so called Supremes, interacting with characters from any reality and erasing the main characters´s memories about them once the mission was over in order to avoid messing up with  ongoing plotlines…

“I am never setting a foot in  this place again! And why bother asking for information to that good-for-nothing bearded  pervert anyways?!” Elizabeth humphed in disdain “Mr Tempus, you ought to keep  more dignified contacts in your book!”

The Digital angel of Time didn´t bother to explain that the old man  was no ordinary human and that he was actually a strategist . A Digital strategist , for instance he  was planning to gather a bunch of kids from some AU realities  to defeat a foe known as Quartzmon.

“He  showed some concern when told about the string of anomalies” continued the blue haired woman “Yet he  showed me the door. In the end  it´s been A BLOODY WASTE OF TIME!” her eyes were fuming,   if the old man attempted to open his eyes and stand up she would make sure to kick his pervy ass  until kingdom come .

 Tempus and Nova exchanged a sigh. They  knew  that individual well enough and even for the likes of an Angel of Time the fella could tempt a saint´s temper with his stubbornness; whenever he belonged to the Past or the Future,  he would never quit being  a stubborn airhead…And if Lizzie actually knew who was really the old man, would she still dare to slap him…?

“And what about your position?” asked Nova to the guy named Logan “What ´s going on in Reality X?”

“I am watching an Alphamon fighting Yggdrasil and jings! that´s a braw! It´s like a match between Manchester United and Arsenal! I wanna stay a bit longer and see who wins!”


Logan gulped. He´d forgotten how much her twin sister hated those clubs!

“I take back what I said, my dearest sister” he moaned “OKAY?!”

“Much better!” her tone became much friendlier, much to her brother´s relief.

Nova frowned and looked at Tempus, as if wanting to ask something. He surrounded her shoulders with an arm and smiled at her, as if saying that everything would be okay in the end.

“So that reality´s clean as well” declared the angel ” Thanks, Montgomery”

“You are welcome, sir” Logan sighed “Ah shoot! That Alphamon fella is a tough one!”

He was too engrossed watching the fight to pay attention to his superiors´s concerned expressions.

Nova and Tempus exchanged a series of glares. There was a string of  anomalies going across the multiverse and they´ve been trying to correct it ; the thing? it´s been   moving at hypertime speed and proved to be annoyingly  slippery!

Nobody could tell  since when it´d been lurking in the shadows of the Multiversity; awareness was raised by one of the digital servers from reality XII: Yggdrasil. The DigiGod was the first on noticing the signs of an anomaly running across the gates between the digital and real world, leaving a bunch of strange golden and silver codes behind.  Believeing it was a random virus Yggdrasil launched an defensive barrier in order to capture it but unfortunately the foreign force vanished in the air. Usually it meant that the threat was neutralized but the deity couldn´t brush off the uneasiness and just to be on the safe side he  voiced his concerns to Nova and Tempus  which lead them to the decision of investigate the matter.


“It´s unlike anything I ever dealt before” said the deity , leading the couple to the net and showing the leftover codes, carefully encapsuled in a crystal which in turn was surrounded by chains of light. Ygdrasil did not want those in either the Digiworld neither the human wold  ” I´ve got the impression it´s  generated by another server but the lectures I got from it are too faint to make a statement. All I can say is that it doesn´t come from Homeostasis  or any known server from the Digiworld…I don´t think it belongs to our universe either. Perhaps an angel from Nexus could give a better insight…?” 

 Tempus Angemon scanned the codes , attempting to  identify their source but like Yggdrasil he could only read that they proceeded from a foreign server  but unable to get anything else from them. He tried again only for causing a violent response from the mentioned codes and suddenly he found himself, along with Nova, abruptly teleported  to the middle of nowhere in open space. Frustrated, Tempus Angemon invoked a Time Key  and used it against the cursed codes (which showed up as well) which only caused them to explode  on the spot! The explosion, though, released some hidden information; fragments of images showered all over the couple and they were  shown   a similar phenomenon taking place  in random timetables, from differentes  realities; the couple immediately took off to  the appointed  places but as soon as they made their arrival  the anomaly vanished away  like an illusion. But it was no illusion at all, they also found out that the local servers had been touched by the anomaly and ended suffering  up a slight alteration in its configuration. Slight, tiny alteration that should not concern anybody but  Tempus Angemon. Small or big, no alteration should take place without an Angel of Time´s knowledge!

They have dealt with these type of situations in the past and would normally call it a Tuesday,  they usually managed to deal with the issue before it could cause any harm. At least most of the times. But even in the worst cases, they were able to figure out the root of the problem and after some struggles,  solve the crisis in the end without causing too much noise.

But the current situation was beginning to be less of a Tuesday and more of a Friday. Something or someone was creating disruptions in the fabric of the multiverse and was terrifying enough to play hide-and-seek with an Angel of Time.  Besides, in the midst of their inquiry they ended coming  across a Lucemon  who was causing trouble in the Digiworld from reality 07 ( which he wasn´t supposed to be because his codes indicated he was originally from reality 04) and a quick scan revealed that part of  his codes had an astonishing resemblance with the anomaly´s they were investigating; naturally this discovery settled the couple´s alarm hence they fought him following the usual protocols as guardians of Holy Equilibrium of realities. The battle did not last very long, Tempus Angemon proved to be too powerful for Lucemon even in his darkest form which of course made the latter fall in despair. Fearing being captured by Tempus Angemon and the girl he yelled:  “FIRST DEAD BEFORE SUBMITTING MYSELF TO THE LIKES OF YOU!!!” before opening a Gate of Destiny and escape through it before the couple could lay a hand over him.

Before leaving , though, Lucemon launched a surprise massive attack that threatened to erase the entire 07 timeline forcing  Tempus stay back in order  to annul it. It took a while, that reality´s world became so damaged that Tempus had no choice but to reverse time and fix everything, erasing from the collective memories everything about  the battles and bringing back to life the  casualties.

They managed to locate  Lucemon in another reality but as soon as they got there he opened more portals to other universes and slid onto them. And so they had been playing the cat and mouse game making top priority the capture of this Demon Lord.

Until now the results were the same: the guy attacking the Digiworld he stepped on, stealing codes and when Tempus Angemon and Nova arrived to put an end to his evilness …only for him to escape in the nick of time to another universe!

“Lovely” mumbled Tempus Angemon “, a bit impatient.


Following protocols Tempus Angemon and Nova had people from several realities investigating the anomalies matter  while they were chasing after the deranged Lucemon. Elizabeth, Logan and Steve were part of the troupe and  and quite eager to accomplish whatever  mission was thrown at their faces.

Again, Tempus Angemon and Nova exchanged a silent glare.  Lucemon´s activity NEEDED TO BE STOPPED.  If he shared a link  to the anomaly  it could only mean he´s the tip of an iceberg…

“It would be easy if Lucemon is the proved root of the anomalies “ thought Tempus ” But we can´t kill him in cold blood without finding out all the clues.” As a  guardian of Time Tempus was subjected to rules and never killing anybody in cold blood was one of them. Besides a reckless action (even when done with the best of intentions) could ignite a domino effect which could bring a serious harm to the harmony of realities. And Tempus swore he would never repeat the  mistake again…

Nova, by the way, considered it would be better to switch teams.

The young  Akiyama took a temporary leave but can be called back on duty anytime, she reflected, and we´ve also got  Mikagura on speed-dial despite dreading being on the same perimeter as her ladies-in-waiting and it´s been a while since she´d been summoned anyways. Or should we summon ALL our people at once just to catch a SINGLE Demon Lord…?

” Where shall we go?” Steve stood up, ready to keep going.

“You are returning to reality 01 ” contradicted  Nova “and wait for the next call”


“You´d been traveling with us for longer than advised” explained the blonde “You know there´s a limit when it comes to time-space travels and you need to watch over your stamina…”

“But we´re a team!” protested Gabumon, Elizabeth´s digimon who did not care at all for either the fallen clock store owner or the unconscious google kid “Aren´t we, Boss?”

“We still didn´t  catch that winged asshole” added Elizabeth “Why don´t YOU REST and  let US hunt him ?” The Brits hated leaving before fulfilling a mission and Elizabeth was the most annoyed of the bunch.

Tempus shook his head.


HAW, STOP YA BAWBAG!!! Everybody is a pro when dealing with garbage like him!” insisted Logan “I can still tackle him down and deliver  that asshole  wrapped with a huge ribbon! “

“This isn´t the average Lucemon that you can tackle by yourselves” explained Tempus “We are switching teams and that´s all”

The Brits exchanged a frustrated glare.  They had dealt with so many Lucemons in their entire careers as Supremes! How many Lucemons did they defeat and ended whipping the floor with their winged asses?

Quite a lot, if you ask them!

And they were going to be benched before given the satisfaction of kicking his ass?! The trio owned a pride as big as the Big Ben and hated it when they were in the midst of a mission and other Supremes were involved  as either as support  or their replacement.

“He may show up in reality 01 anytime, anyways” added the angel “So it´s not wasting time  standing guard in your territory… “

 “And judging by your faces you´ve been overworking yourselves” Nova insisted. ” Slow down and rest. You´ll be able to put up a much better fight in case he suddenly take you by surprise, won´t you?  “

Unbeknownst to their friends and families the Brits had been on the journey for  weeks although in their reality they´ve been absent for a day or two

” Go back and wait. He could show up and it´s not wise leave your homeland reality unattended…”


Reality 01 is NOT our homeland reality ” declared Steve and his green eyes momentarily shone with iciness. Elizabeth and Logan said nothing but Nova could not ignore their lingering feelings beneath their eyes. Steve then brushed off his seriousness and composed a soothing smile “But we grew fond of it nevertheless”

The siblings smiled too and the tension evaporated.

“Besides, there´s a certain wedding taking place at the moment…?”  inquired Tempus.

The trio opened their eyes, unable to hide their surprise.

“DON´T TELL ME YOU FORGOT?!” Nova said totally incredulous “For lord´s sake! Please tell me it´s a joke!”

Gabumon snorted.


“WE DID NOT!” replied Elizabeth quickly “Of course not. It´s tomorrow, right?”

Steve looked at his digivice and  bit his lips. He couldn´t decide whether laugh or cry.”It´s happening RIGHT NOW”

“OH BALLS!” Elizabeth shook her face several times ” And I am still not dressed!” she was wearing a plain t-shirt and a miniskirt, the most proper outfit to wear for a wedding gathering! The bride would eat her alive if she dared to show up dressed like that although Elizabeth didn´t really care about this matter very much…

“And what about our protege ” Nova adopted a harsher tone this time “Who´s watching over HIM at the moment?”

Herr Happiness and his wife, Boss” replied  Gabumon scratching his head

“Ludwig Faust?”

The Brits nodded. They weren´t especially fond of him but he was among the best of the bunch. So he was more than capable to look after that person…


Nova and Ange exchanged a doubtful glare.  He would never agree to look after someone else that wasn´t his wife !


 From the bunch he was the most introvert, antisocial and  the King of Jerks who would put the threatening Othello face when asked to do something he wasn´t interested to do. Like Mirei Mikagura he was rarely summoned to the field unless it was for  specific missions, the truly important ones. Unless the worlds were about to fall into the Apocalypse neither Mirei Mikagura nor Ludwig Faust would respond to the calls.

“Émeraude is one of the bridesmaids so he really can´t escape from it” spoke Elizabeth in a casual tone “She said he would do it and like it or not it´s that German eejit ´s turn!”

“Besides, isn´t it time to let it go?” inquired Logan ” He´s a full fleshed digidestined surrounded by an equally full fleshed circle of digidestineds and altogther  saved the worlds each time without a fail. The day he learns why we´d been hanging around his butt and buttsy friends, he won´t appreciate it. Just mark my words!”

“Don´t ask for the impossible ” teased Elizabeth “The Boss loves him too much! How come, mr Tempus, you never felt threatened by that ? ”


Nova´s eyes sparkled with indignity but the angel kissed her hand.” Because I understand the feeling ” was his laconic response ” More than anyone”

Steve ´s  device meanwhile was projecting  what was going on in the church “Gosh! Miss Tachikawa´s about to to tie the knot!”


Mimi and Michael exchanged their vows withing their rings and  delivered the most romantic, sugary kiss much to the public´s excitement. Everybody began to clap , cheering for the newly married couple.

“Shoot. We are SO late” Steve switched off the digivice ” She´ll kill us for sure”


Nova´s eyes softened.

” That´s indeed a beautiful wedding.” she said “I´m really happy for them, pity I can´t be there, at the moment,  to witness the happy event..”

She sounded  a bit sad but at the same time it was better that way. There were times it was okay to directly meddle in other digidestineds´s affairs and others to stay away….

“How come if none of them are aware about your existence?” remarked Logan “Whenever you go to a reality to chase after a baddie, in the end everybody that was involved ends mind-wiped!  HOW MANY TIMES did you play the MIB role and messed up with those people´s memories?”

The question remained unanswered.

A momentary feeling of guilt flowed through Nova´s heart but Tempus Angemon gently put a hand over her shoulders. It couldn´t be helped, it was part of their jobs. They were indeed like the Digital version of the MIB. An elite group of digidestineds and digimons lead by Temus Angemon and Nova Takariyama, the Supremes constantly had an eye over the different realities and their events. Known only by few, be it from human and digital worlds, the Supremes would, most of the time, move in  invisible ways.

Besides, until Lucemon´s caught and the anomalies fixed there´s no way they could afford to take the time to amuse themselves by crashing in a wedding anyways…

“Even if you mixed up the dates you must have done the rest of the homework. What kind of present did you pick up for the happy occasion?” Tempus asked,  curious . He kinda wanted to know what surprise they had in storage  for  the happy couple, he still remembered theirs…!

A silent, uncomfortable silence befell upon the three digidestineds.

Dinnae” answered the Scottish siblings at the same time.

“We´ve been so immersed in our businesses  that we forgot, Boss” Steve shrugged his arms “Blimey!”

“You are kidding, right?!” Nova was puzzled “Tachikawa doesn´t deserve such shabby attitude! Move your lazy asses, doll yourselves and don´t you dare show up to her wedding with empty hands!”

Logan shook his head .

” You talk about us being best friends which we are not. We like miss Tachikawa a good deal but that does not mean we are chummy-chummies with the rest, especially  the TAITO greyhounds”  and dedicated a glare at Steve “And for that, it´s thanks to HIM”

The last time   Steve and Logan exchanged some friendly words with Taichi Yagami and Yamatto Ishida was during a boxing session in a pub…

“You always brawl” added Gabumon “So what´s the difference this time?”

Steve smirked.

“Steve still doesn´t know when to give up  ” accused Logan “He´s been winding around miss Takenouchi  despite her being involved with  that asshole of Ishida”

Nova and her angel rolled their eyes and sighed.

“COME ON! REALLY?!” they knew the story yet hoped Steve called the quit about his interest on a girl that wasn´t free to be pursued by  another guy…

“The other day he dared to send a bouquet of roses at her place” Elizabeth shrugged her arms, annoyed ”  Of course the Ishida baboon wasn´t pleased…”

Steve smirked.  As far as he knew Sora lately had been on the slumps and learned about this fact during his last visit in Japan. Steve´s family was going to inaugurate a hotel in the Shinjuku district  and  tasked the so called heir with the supervisor duty… after an endless succession of dull meetings, Steve went for a walk and coincidentally met Sora. She was sitting by the window, savoring a latte and Steve recognized her on the spot. Soon afterwards he joined her table and what was supposed to be a 15 minute of friendly-yet-superficial talk became almost 2 hours of  very personal talk. And the girl ended crying in his arms lamenting about her boyfriend´s apparent lack of commitment. Steve always had a weakness towards Sora Takenouchi and Nova wasn´t the only one who struggled to let go of someone that meant so much to her heart…

“Let´s say that lord Worthington had no better idea than provoke him”

Steve feigned innocence.

“So? ” he caressed one of his curls.

“According to my brother-in-arms” spoke Gabumon (referring to Yamtto´s Gabumon) “Ishida was bewildered when Steve texted him the other day  saying  that he could go to space without worries because he would make sure his girlfriend would be okay”

“ didn´t” Nova face-palmed.

“Well!”” the black haired bishounen ´s smile grew wider “I just said that in the improbably case of an Apollo 13 event, I was willing to  be by Sora´s side  in case he didn´t make it back. Just in case!”

A wave of skepticism floored the group´s faces. Yamatto´s response was rushing to the yet-to-be-inaugurated hotel Imperiale and search for Steve. As soon as the latter showed up in the main hall the bewildered Yamatto showed the fists   ready to kill him! They exchanged  words, fists and insults and fists all over again putting the Streetfighter guys  in shame. The result? The cops arrived and both lads ended spending the night behind the bars.

Tempus Angemon shook his head in unbelief while Nova opened her mouth, incredulous.

“I can´t believe what I´m hearing!” she wanted to slap the guy who could actually transform into a Digital Angel “After all this time?! AND I THOUGHT THAT AKIYAMA WAS THE IDIOT!”

There was a fact about Steve Worthington II. He was the type of man that when he had a girl in his mind, no matter she was single or not…he would go after her. And he always had a thing for miss Sora Takenouchi  which naturally would piss off the Digidestined of Friendship. Handsome yet egoistical, there were times he would ignore the ethical rules and just do whatever he wanted. Like Prince Harry with a digivice.

“Don´t compare me to Akiyama. I´m just an incorrigible romantic” he wasn´t particularly bothered by the last brawl.


“Yeah, yeah. A romantic that´s still waiting for the impossible” added Elizabeth ” She will never be able to fulfill your true wish no matter how much you persist”

Steve ignored the last part.

“Yamatto Ishida is a good guy and face it, you would also hate it you were in his shoes” Nova´s words seemed to work on Steve because his expression sobered and he seemed to consider them ”  Why not take this chance to APOLOGIZE to him? Miss Tachikawa shouldn´t be stood up because of kindergarten-ly-assholiness-stuff. Just go, congratulate her and forget the rivalry at least today”

The trio exchanged a look as well. It felt as being bossed by their parents…which they dreaded!

“I wanna go and eat cake” replied Gabumon, Elizabeth´s digimon “Besides I like hanging around with my brother” he was referring to Yamatto´s Gabu.

Steve sighed. He actually wanted to go but  Sora probably wouldn´t want him there.

“About that thing we discussed about, please forget it. I am going to try it my way and…it´s better if you skip the wedding. Please…?” was her last text message. Until that moment he was willing to honor her request but…

“Just start acting your age for once, show your face and begin to act like polite human beings” insisted Nova

“You can make it in time if you wish ” added Tempus “I´ll gladly lend a hand towards the matter…” Tempus Angemon was the type of deity that worked in non linear ways….

“Neah! No need to bother” replied Elizabeth, nonchalant. The church part bores me anyways. Besides , what´s the point anyways?” sighed the Scottish girl ” Weddings are dreadful and I´ll for sure end up plastered before they cut the cake…”

“You always drink  Lizzie” remarked Gabumon which earned him  a hit on his head.

“Shut up!”

Logan nodded . He didn´t like these type of events very much and  wasn´t on the mood to go  to the pre selected stores and scratch the heads wondering which of the frilly stuff fitted the best to a frilly princess-wannabe´s taste. He remembered checking up the prices online and grumbled because most of the items were ridiculously expensive. (not that he couldn´t afford for any of them but still..!) and voiced up his concerns.

Dafty princess, does she believe money grow up in tress?” he certainly inherited from his highlanders ancestors an overzealous tendency to look after his pounds and questioned most of miss Tachikawa´s selected items. “No way!”

“You aren´t poor either” noted Steve

“But I spent a good deal in my newFerrari and I´ll be eating bread, sardines and cheese for the next month to make up for my impulsiveness”

“And here´s Scrooge MacDuck speaking!” laughed Steve “Dinna fash, if your wallet is suffering that much I can always wrap a juicy check in your name. Money is always welcomed in a wedding….!”

“A check is the most sincere way of laziness”  Nova shook her head “Put some effort for Lord´s sake!”

The Brits began to laugh.

 Nova kept insisting. “Please, just move your refined asses, mark your presence somehow at least for a while and give Michael and Mimi something that doesn´t look like a last minute buy from the supermarket!”

“Ugh” replied Elizabeth, bad humored “The Princess  is a wee pain in the ass when it comes to gift giving..even if we picked anything from the list she´s like Rachel, whatever you give to her she´ll always go back to the store and change the bloody thing!” she was a  fan of the  Friends sitcom, that´s for sure.

“And what will happen if we actually have the good luck on sharing a table with the Yagami and Ishida loons” moaned Logan “Will the place SURVIVE ? “

Nova´s eyes went blank. They were 23 years old and insisted on behaving like little kids from primary school.  Whenever the Nippon and Brits met, it was like fire meeting the TNT. Each meeting , invariably, would end in a quarrel. Armistice existed, though, especially during a couple of events, when in dire moments the groups ended working together (and surprisingly well!) and if nowadays there was peace in reality 01 it was in part thanks to their collaboration.

” We´ll see” smiled Steve “I have to settle down things with Ishida once at all” and his eyes shone with malice.”And I always fulfill my promises”

Aye, right ” Elizabeth scratched her chin “Because we didn´t make it yet, those  bampots must be celebrating …I kinda feel like coorsing those Yagmi and Ishida tools myself…” she smirked as well.

“So you would go, in the end, only to drive those guys insane?” Tempus smiled despite the insanity of the situation.

“Well,  they are feisty !” admitted the blue haired girl with a huge grin in her face.

“Messing up with their egos is Lizzie´s favorite hobby” declared Gabumon

“You may tease them as much as you want” Tempus sighed but couldn´t hide a smile from his majestic face ” There´s no harm in that. But there´s the BUT word . Let me remind you that you stand  over different platforms.  They are local digidestineds while you are Supremes. They must follow through a predetermined  timeline and Supremes must respect the main events. You must keep in mind the Rules of Canon, OK?”

The subordinates ´s eyes showed a huge disappointment and clenched their fists. Just because they knew about the rule that didn´t mean they liked it…in fact, they dread it all the way!

Steve scratched his chin .He was the one who dreaded the cursed rule the most since he held very strong feelings towards the chosen of Love and wished to have the power to change the rules in order to be happy with her.

We´d been working our asses like misers and we aren´t allowed to go after what we really want, unfair!, thought Steve, what sort of existence are we supposed to lead?

 “By the way, we are still holding our bets. Do you have anything to announce…?” asked Elizabeth changing to a much pleasant topic.

Nova´s cheeks reddened but Tempus smiled and replied.

“Not yet” and kissed Nova´s chin “But we are still working on that!”

“Ange!” the blonde cried, absolutely embarrassed. It was quite unnerving having their private affairs aired like that only because of her fellow comrades´constant bets.

Elizabeth and the others exchanged a delighted glare. The Boss may not approve of their bets but that only made things way more interesting!

 ” Then we are heading back to reality 01″ said Steve ” Nova, Tempus looking forward to hearing the news…” and he remarked the word news on purpose.

“good luck catching the bloody bastard!”Gabumon bid his goodbyes as well.

“Bye-bye” the bracelet´s stopped the communication. Tempus gave his girl a  bear hug and lovingly  embraced her for a good while.

“Well, darling, we are by ourselves at the moment” she surrounded his arms with hers, enjoying the embrace ” The Lucemon and anomalies stuff are getting a bit out of hand,  who should be call to assist us in this mission…?”

They had a lot of candidates to choose from but they usually tried not to call all of them at the same time. They were people who had their own lives and were busy taking care of their own realities. Unless there was a massive Apocalypse, Nova and Tempus lead only a handful of supremes at the time. That´s why the Supreme had a constant influx of rooster teams…

Tempus gave it a thought.

” I say about bringing Mikagura and Akiyama to the field ” was his response ” We´ll contact them on the way”

“As always, we are in the same wave. I was just thinking the same thing!”

Tempus kissed her forehead. Then his lips descended all over her face and looked for the neck…”After all this time, of course we are certainly synchronized”and whispered something at her ear that made her blush. His hands moved smoothly toward her back, enjoying the situation so much that soon his body began to demand something more…

“OF COURSE” she giggled “But we must first fix the mess and then we´ll keep trying….” they momentarily allowed themselves to be surrounded by a pink cloud , discussing certain topics about their future that couldn´t wait to happen. They were about to kiss when Tempus Angemon suddenly showed a disgusted expression.

” Dammit!” he looked to the sky, pretty tense ” I just sensed that asshole´s presence and I don´t like it where is coming from …!”

“From where?”

Tempus Angemon did not reply, he took Nova by her hand and opened a Gate of Destiny. His seriousness left Nova quite concerned but she limited to follow his movements, the Gate opened its door and welcomed the couple in…



NEXUS by Ayhelenk

Meanwhile or afterwards, in the past or in the future…those actually mean nothing at the Demon Lord´s eyes.Looking ahead, looking behind..everything was the same.

“Oh Holy!” even after living more than one thousand years as a winged lunatic, Lucemon was impressed with the place.

How could he not when he had just set a foot inside the Holiest place of all…  where universes were supposed to converge?  It was way more beautiful, by an infinite number of light-years, than in the descriptions. It was a place composed by crystal dreams and a bazillion of sparkling stars, the shiniest gem of gems in the middle of nowhere. How could he have lived for so many centuries without knowing about this fucking radiant place?!

“I already feel like the mightiest angel ” the fallen angel mumbled while walking through the corridors…or what he thought they were. Unlike the diamond shape exterior inside was another story: No ups or downs. It was like a cosmic Escher painting , filled with stairs and doors that apparently lead to nowhere but in reality it was a convergence of  time and space and an endless trail of realities, all coexisting in harmony …”Funny though, there´s no guardian in sight. Just like HE said”

A part of him felt it was a pity such wonderful place was deserted but another felt relief. He actually didn´t have too much time and energy to spare since his last clash with the annoying angel of time known as Tempus Angemon. So he ought to make it fast before his chasers learn about his current position!

“He said to go straight to the Hall of Mirrors” he randomly wandered through the doors until he finally reached a certain room filled   countless of mirrors floating everywhere “THERE!”

Lucemon couldn´t help but express his admiration in an awe. Countless of realities were standing right in front of him, each represented by an exquisite mirror. “They are indeed beautiful”it was the first time he almost succumbed to the compulsion of crying of happiness “Pure glory. I can see EVERYTHING!”

Lucemon´s wings trembled with the spectacle, even a lunatic like him couldn´t resist the charm coming from the crystals! Even him found  the  scenery overwhelming and could hardly focus when he was in the heart of the dreamiest place he ever been in his life.  No mirror looked the same, each had a unique, ethereal design..from rococo to minimalist styles…each possessing a unique beauty…oh boy! A fallen angel could spend an eternity just staring at them and trying to make some sense!Unfortunately, he couldn´t afford to waste time on such…

“It would had been more useful if that guy´s here as well!” he declared “´said  to pick  the one that represents my timeline. BUT WHICH  IS THE CORRECT MIRROR?!!”

He had to figure out quickly the correct mirror before  his presence was detected …Crap! He was 100% positive they would learn about his whereabouts in no time and he would have to run again…He bit his lips , desperate. Lucemon  had been outrunning them for what he felt ages! And thanks to their constant interference he´d been, until that moment, denied  of fulfilling his most cherished wish: revenge!

He looked carefully until he found the one which corresponded to his original timeline.It had the 04 number engraved to it´s frame.

“CURSES! THAT´S THE ONE!!” he was warned beforehand that each mirror had a number and his reality had the number 04 “SHOW ME EVERYTHING” And the mirror ´s crystal began to shine,  projecting in an incredible speed the events from the beginning of creation until the latest and most putrid battle that lead to his fall.

He watched the wars between humanoid and beast type digimons, how their stupidity almost doomed the Digiworld and how he ATTEMPTED to LEAD them onto the RIGHT PATH only for them to REBEL against their SAVIOR!  The mirror replicated the putrid fight against the 10 so called Legandary Warrios…wait, he shouldn´t forget the 11th…that annoying little human helped to cause more damage upon him that he ever expected!

Whatever! Seeing his first gruesome defeat was annoying enough but he couldn´t get over his SECOND DEFEAT. Damned those 6 kids and the digispirits…DAMNED BE SUSANOOMON!! His eyes became injected with blood  when the mirror showed him the digiworld in the current present: completely restored and everybody enjoying peace. Bokomon and Neemon were raising Lopmon, Patamon and Salamon yet he could see the figures of the 3 Great Angels projected over their current incarnations and were more than satisfied with their new lives. The digidestineds back to their world and their ordinary yet happy lifestyles.

“YOU MISERABLE RATS!” he yelled at the crystal “DO YOU THINK I WILL LET YOU DO AS YOU PLEASE?! AS LONG AS I´M BREATHING YOU SHALL NOT HAVE IT YOUR WAY!!!” Lucemon  rose the key, ready to put it to work. All this time, since he´d been resurrected in another universe, the evil angel´s been opening random doors in the fabric of time and space, jumping from one reality to another seeking the way back to his original world!

He tried so many times to go back home and get his revenge only to land in an incorrect reality! And within the mistakes hence the subsequent humiliations!  Every time he landed in what he called a trashy world he would, naturally,  give it a go and steal the local codes. By stealing codes, he would increase his powers and hence his chances of improving his skills when jumping to other universes …Yeah, he put so much effort only to those PEOPLE show up and interfere with his plans EVERY SINGLE TIME!  Every fucking time something would rob of his opportunity of glory…and that something had the forms of an annoying blonde girl and a digital Angel! That hateful pair had been chasing him almost non-stop, preventing him on finding his original world since he´d been constantly outrunning them…

“TODAY YOU DIE!!!”But now he finally had the correct gate standing in front of him and even his persecutors wouldn´t make it in time  to prevent him from getting his revenge!

“With this KEY I supposedly have the power to TRASH this cursed reality and then REMAKE IT as it was supposed to be!”

He actually had an authentic  Cosmic Key ( An exact replica of Clavis Angemon´s save for it being  way smaller than the latter´s since it was the same size as a normal key) and could practically  do whatever he wanted with its power  (although with some limitations since he wasn´t a true Angel of Time) But when the key was about to touch the crystal surface an idea came across his mind.

“WAIT A MINUTE!!” he yelled and his hand froze “WHAT AM I THINKING?!”


The evil angel suddenly realized that in terms of eternity, a universe was actually a small, petty thing. Why should he take revenge on the frontiers when at that moment he could reconfigure EVERYTHING from scratch,  according to his holy ideals?

“He´s right! After seeing all of this , going after a single  universe is nothing but pettiness!” Right now, he had the ACCESS to multiple universes…ready to be subjected to manipulation something he always wished to do instead of   just getting there…His mouth began to drool. Lucemon found himself wanting ALL of them…besides, it was a holy angel´s duty to seek the best for every living being…no matter which reality they came from….

“OK! Key…grant me the power to manipulate ALL the mirrors at once!!”

But the Cosmic Key , after shinning for a while, did not follow through.

“WHAT THE FUCK!!!!” he yelled “COME ON! WORK !!!”

The Key remained motionless. Instead it projected the following words:


“So the bastard was also right on this one! ” after spitting a list of foul words Lucemon forced himself to regain some serenity “Unless it´s fed with a huge deal of specific codes, it doesn´t work and  it quickly runs out of power!” Lucemon was ready to throw out the cursed key to the ground and jump over it several times, like in a cartoon due to its apparent uselessness  “FUCK IT!! If only I had stolen much more from that cursed angel of time…!”

He may be more powerful than the likes of Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon but if compared to an angel of Time he was lacking a good deal in terms of cosmic powers…

“So my powers are still shit if compared to those goddammed angels of Time” he shook his golden fringes, exasperated

He tried it the old fashioned way and that proved to be quite useless, every time he reached a world and began  to drain its powers ..the bothersome rats would show up and foil his actions! For the last ten worlds, he´s been suffering the same humiliation! And he was already sick of it.


So in the end he had no choice but to accept that guy´s offer of partnership?  Lucemon frowned. He couldn´t say he liked him…he was too mellow, too willing to form an alliance  but since HE WAS THE ONE WHO tipped him about that holy  place…well, for now everything he said proved to be true!

The evil angel kept   peeking through the  mirrors,as he expected, each mirror represented a universe, a reality. And much to his annoyance, there was always , at least one group of digidestineds per universe. And most of them, lead by a google boy!

“What the heck makes a stupid google such an important stuff?” wondered Lucemon “I don´t get it!”

He kept looking, studying each reality..each was so different. There were so many possibilities…so many things he could use to his advantage! He was like a child in a candy store. Reality 011 and its alternate selves , simultaneous stories were quite appetizing…but he couldn´t decide which character possess yet. Reality 08 was yummy as well and could certainly steal something from there…but it wasn´t enough.

“Rats” yelled again, this time while touching a golden framed mirror and the crystal immediately showed Nova and her  Angemon arguing with  the 4 Digimon Gods  in reality 01  “The insects are right on the track” he hit the crystal, almost smashing it “What the heck am I supposed to do? ” and the evil grinned his teeth “I can´t outrun them forever!”

Nova and Angemon bid their goodbyes to a being known as Mr Gennai before the angel turned into Tempus Angemon. Tempus, for a moment, seemed to look through the crystal and his expression was a bit scary. It was as if he was saying :


Suddenly they were surrounded by a golden light and  when it vanished, there were no traces of them.

“Dammit!” he shouted , frightened “That freaking angel of time´s already aware of my whereabouts! ”

And in a fit of rage and desperation,  he punched the mirror. He already used too much of his own energy to summon the damned key and the other guy wouldn´t come to his rescue.

“I am letting you into the holiest place but that´s it. I won´t assist you if THEY perceive your presence inside there. If you manage to make it back in a piece, then we are talking again…”

Lucemon wasn´t sure where to run. No matter where he ran, they would tail him again. Like in a vicious cycle. He punched and punched, seeking to smash it into pieces but the crystal, while so thin and pristine that almost felt like a silver fog rather than solid surface, all he could do was leaving a little scratch on its surface.

“Dang it!” he shouted at the mirror “Am I THAT WEAK?!”

Despite having absorbed  codes from several foes …he was still weak! He needed to reach a much more powerful being than the usual joes this time…

He felt a chill on his wings, he could sense them getting closer and closer!

“I certainly need to change  strategies  ” He moaned in the end “Just as  HE said, I SHOULD BE THE ONE   setting the rules of the GAME…”

And he began to concentrate “in order to have it my way, I need to outrun those fools once more and buy HIM some more Time…yeah. Even if  I  have to sacrifice my current Mode…”

The Foe opened his wings and while summoning all his powers contained in his Chaos Mode, he still looked through other mirrors. There must be something I could use before I leave! C´mon mirrors, show me something worthy of my time ! Then a silver-framed mirror caught his attention.  The crystals showed  a little winged being  giving the digidestineds from Reality 09 the toughest fight of their lives.

“The future is inevitable and irreversible…You cannot stop the flow of time…”

Those words immediately caught Lucemon´s attention.

Even if we can´t stop it we can change it!” declared the google boy from that reality, brave yet desperate.

The opponent cared nothing.

Then I´ll destroy it. Both your hopes and your promises

Lucemon looked at the fight more and more interested, the individual, while tiny, was a heck of a creature. No matter how powerful were the digidestined´s digimons and had the Yggdrasil´s support…none of them had the capacity of stopping the holy power of that digimon!

ZERO GENESIS” declared the little destroyer before launching the scariest attack Lucemon´s ever seen before.

“Victory Greymon´?!” the crystals showed the google boy opening his eyes, surrounded by ruins “Where´s NEO?

His digimon was in a messy state, unable to move or speak for a while.

A girl dressed in a lolita gothic style  , despite shaking to the core, managed to answer:

Neo is no longer here. Zero Genesis. Time and space have been altered…The universe´s been destroyed and Neo´s new universe is beginning…!

The Demon Lord ´s mouth opened wide, astonished.The little bastard was recreating an entire universe !

“THAT´S IT!” he declared

It didn´t matter that in the end the creature chose to dissolve itself and restore the old universe…the so called NEO COULD BE USEFUL…!


“Lucemon! Surrender once and at all!!” the sight of Tempus Angemon and his partner annoyed the fallen angel ” You cannot keep going like this!”

“Oh yeah?!” he pointed his finger at them “WE´LL SEE! YOU CAN GO AND DIE WITH THEM!” and pushed all his powers inside the  key.

ACTIVATING ATTACK MODE, prayed the key and it immediately  created a huge light beam. Moments later the light was launched  against a couple of mirrors behind Tempus Angemon´s back shattering the crystals in thousands of pieces. Following the attack, Lucemon immediately lost  his Chaos Mode into dedigolved back into his ROOKIE form.

The attack happened so quickly that even  Tempus Angemon couldn´t prevent it from happening and the sound of crystals smashing literally froze both his heart and Nova´s. They turned their head just in time to witness a raging cosmic storm emerging from the broken crystals …

“NO!” Tempus Angemon  had no choice but to shield both himself and his human from the attack “What have you done, Lucemon?!”

“SEE YOU SOON, IDIOTS!” laughed the little evil angel, caring little for the storm´s effects, rose up  key and with it´s remaining powers he managed to jump   through another mirror and escaped.

Such action filled Tempus with frustration and he would had immediately followed the bastard through the cursed mirror but…

“Ange…you need to do something! NOW” screamed the girl “The storm could harm  the other mirrors!”

Tempus mustered a curse.The mirrors normaly would be indestructible but Lucemon used a KEY! Because it was used in such a reckless way that instead of summoning another mirror,  a Black Hole took their places and right now was threatening  to suckle everything inside Nexus!

It wasn´t just a matter of ensuring their survival..everything they knew and and what they still have to learn about, past, present future from countless of realities were at stake! if it wasn´t stopped and allowed to suckle the rest of the mirrors…he didn´t want to think about the consequences. He had to do something and fast or there would be nothing left to protect! The damned bastard of Lucemon certainly managed to outsmart him this time!

“My supreme form´s time will considerable shorten after this” The angel sighed ” Do not leave my side , ok?”

She nodded.

Tempus Angemon closed his eyes and elevated his right arm, invoking the KEY. Usually in Clavis Angemon´s hands, it was one of the holiest elements a digital angel of time could summon…the MASTER KEY to EVERY DOOR in the whole COSMOS.

“TEMPUS FUGIT…TEMPUS FINIS!” the angel shouted. A huge golden door showed up right in front of him, absorbing the catastrophic storms…Nova sighed in relief. The golden door disappeared as soon as it showed up, taking all remains from the storms.

“You did it!” she hugged her partner.

The holy KEY vanished as well not without draining some of Tempus Angemon´s life force…

“The distortion ´s been dissolved for now” he shook his head “We need to leave this place! GATE OF DESTINY…!!”

And  a golden gate showed up and took the pair away from the Nexus. While being teleported by the golden door, Tempus Angemon and Nova Takariyama shared the same thought… no reality was safe as long as Lucemon´s still on the run. They would make Lucemon pay for all his sins…



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