” When you think you have achieved everything you dreamed about…time will show you that such statement isn´t quite true.
Because you will pulled in the next adventure whethever you want it or not…”


June 20th, YEAR  2010

The 8 original digidestineds grown up by Ayhelenk

Many years passed since that day.
Time, inexorable, never failed to announce impending changes. The digidestindes eventually moved on, leaving behind many of their childhood dreams while discovering their future. It was college time, the discovery of the adult world…still, their hearts remained unchanged in many ways.

They were still Digidestineds.
The Digimons were still by their side, lovingly, loyal and pretty excited about the upcoming future.
The gates between the worlds were fully opened since Malomyotismon´s defeat and in the upcoming years the Digiworld was nothing but thrilled to receive new digidestineds from all the continents.

So Hikari Yagami´s Yagami dream came true: human world and digital worlds coexisting in complete harmony.  Seemingly in peace.  Although the worlds were in good terms, from time to time, a grey cloud of discord would show up   threatening to poison the still fragile relationship  between the U.N and the Digiworld…History ´s the best witness when it comes to  difficulty on acceptance of changes and no few  countries weren´t  too keen about a fraternization with a world they knew so little about and presented a potential for massive destruction…

Mirroring certain political and military hotheads´s hesitations  not everybody in the Digiworld was pleased with the current reality. Certain factions of digimons were  wary about the human-digimon alliances and ocassionally a discontent minority would shake things up and attempt to start a war. Of course  each plan ended in zero success, every time being foiled by the digidestineds and their digimons. Like in the movies, good would always prevail over evil … until now.

Years passed like in a dream yet the original 8 never failed to keep an eye in the digital world and the most committed to the cause was none other than a certain google boy…

Now let´s take a peek in the original digidestineds´s current lives.


It is often said that Love and Friendship go hand in hand. This is Yamatto  Ishida and Sora Takenouchi ´s case.  Having fallen for each other during junior high they naturally became an item much to another lad´s happiness.  The  Digidestined of Courage did his very best to be their good friend without letting his true feelings for Sora-chan get in the way. Easier said than done! Sometimes is hard to move on from your first Love (truth be told they shared many thing including their first kiss) and  the poor lad had his share of struggles , during the first weeks,  on putting a cheerful front while seeing Sora longing for Yamatto-kun.  If he wasn´t so damned sure that his best frenemy (yep, he kinda had a love-hate relationship with Ishida-san) held feelings towards the girl he may had tried to win Sora back. Nobility prevailed instead.  In an unlikely move he ended playing Cupid and helped Sora  confess her feelings to Yamatto-kun back when they were 14.


“I guess I am destined to be the good guy who´ll never get the girl, right Agumon?” said one time to his digimon, trying to pass his sighs as a joke while watching from afar the Sorato couple walking hand by hand after school.
“You will meet your special one” was Agumon´s gentle reply “Sora-chan´s not the only girl in the world!”
“Yeah, I guess I might find someone else..I hope”

In the end Agumon was right.  By Christmas season Taichi  met that  someone else  during the time  both him and Takeru went to Paris to deal with digimon business with the local digidestined:

La belle Catherine!

They were sent to retrieve some rogue digimons and ended infatuated by her parisine magic. “She´s a beauty!” they yelled in  unison , drooling for the petite blondie. Even the digimons were bitten by Cupid´s mosquito by finding her Floramon beautiful as well. Boys and digimons went through the extra mile in order to rescue the pair,-who were held hostage by the meramons inside Versailles-  while competing against each other to get the ladies attention. Cupid seemed in a foul mood that night,  no matter how much they tried to impress the cute digidestined from France  she barely paid attention to any of them and laughed at their faces while leading her attention towards a not so young third party:Takeru´s  grandfather. Monsieur Michel was in the scene – the lads would had never be able to sort Paris without a local guide and the old man was bored anyways- and Mademoiselle seemed  more delighted by  his perfect gentlemanly  manners than being showered by the Japanese enthusiastic courtship…

Despite their failure in wooing mademoiselle neither the google boy nor the younger  fella were  going to leave France  without a final fight! Catherine was caught off guard with a spontaneous Christmas kiss on her cheeks which made her blush tremendously. If they wanted to make sure she would remember them they were damn right!

The second time Taichi Yagami met Catherine  Cupid was in a  much more favorable mood. Oikawa was done and so was Malomyotismon  thanks to the collective efforts of digidestineds from across the globe; Catherine was among the bunch and certainly recognized Taichi and so, worthy of the Courage crest, this time he did what he dared not the first time:  ask  for her e-mail.

Mademoiselle , giggling,  accepted. Of course, at that time, she was looking forward to make new friends and nothing else but Taichi , as a true Japanese fella, said he was okay if they started first as friends. All he needed was time to make the beautiful french girl fall for him for real….

The first messages were short and a exuding with shyness. With a newfound patience Taichi worked his ass off to learn  french, Catherine´s Japanese was quite rudimentary and no love would be able to hatch if the communication sucked; eventually the pair managed to sort it off, Catherine grew fonder of Taichi´s amiable personality and gleefully improved her Japanese. Taichi sternly learned french hence the mails blossomed and slowly but steadily he won over her heart.
The day he finally got the courage to ask her out for real she said “oui” making the digidestined of Courage so happy that he could scream, something he did during the following two weeks  driving Agumon and the rest of his family to the verge of insanity.

Because the gates were open between the worlds, a distance relationship could be treated as a local, daily one. Teleporting via digivice and computers from one city to anothe- or  the digiworld- made easy the dating stuff .Distances didn´t matter anymore.  Sometimes they would meet in Tokyo, sometimes in Paris or heck! They could have a pizza in New York and end the day having an ice-cream in Rome!  Taichi would sometimes say during a cuddle session with his girl:

“I am so lucky to be a digidestined, bless the Saint Patron of Technology!”

Nowadays  their relationship seemed quite solid and the lovers ´re doing their best in college:  Catherine dealing with a bunch of exams  every term  in la Sorbone while Taichi surviving his time in Tokyo U; their timetables were challenging yet they always managed to squeeze some time and spend it altogether. Graduation day´s coming closer and, lately, Agumon and Floramon ´re whispering about looking forward the day their partners would “tie the knot”.  They certainly´re looking forward to it.


Similar thoughts were going through Piyomon and Gabumon´s minds as well, making bets about the day  Yamatto Ishida would pop the question to Sora; “I betcha he´ll do it if only to beat Taichi-san!”  would say, joking. Truth be told, Yamatto and Sora were still an item and asting the “pre-married life” since Sora moved to his place since  since they were 20.

mattThe Digidestined of Friendship, now 23, was pursuing an unlikely dream. He once  believed that his destiny was to be a Rock Star,  his skills were  good and had the looks of a Bon Jovi. The guitar was his first girlfriend (something that poor Sora never quite agreed with) and would rehearse like no tomorrow every free time he had in his hands ;sometimes he was so engrossed with his rehearsals that he would forget, more than once, to pick up his girl for a date much to Sora´s chagrin. Such was his love for music until  an unfortunate event;  months prior from graduating from High-school a nasty argument with his mates made the  digidestined of Friendship  quit the band.

When asked by Sora and the others he simply said it was exam season  and  he needed to stop fooling around, go to cram school and get into university .
His peers´s version was another one. The lead´s  temper grew unrully with the passing of time, frustrated and impatient during the rehearsals. The songs did not attract as many fans as in their first year and had no success being scouted  in the discography industry. Being born an Ishida, Yamatto ´s pride suffered a huge deal with each  rejection and more than once, in a fit of desperation, the lad of friendship screamed at his peers in the most unfriendly way:



And that marked the day his band mates booted their lead from the band.

Since that day he swore he would never play in a band anymore and pretended the whole thing never happened. When asked by Taichi  he would say “that it was just a hobby and nothing else, no big”. But he could never fool Gabumon. The digimon´s sharp eyes could read that beneath that stoic pose there was regret. If only his pride wasn´t that tough…! Both Sora and Gabumon had a good taste of what Takeru used to say “that´s the Ishida pride“, once Yamatto took a decision he rarely take it back.

After scratching off the music world from his list, the digidestined of Friendship ended pursuing another  career: Aircraft navigation technology.

“so what?” he  said when asked by both his skeptical teachers and friends during his last year in high school “I always wanted to be an astronaut “

When he was a little kid, right before his folks ´divorce, he was wondering how it would be to go to the sky and see the stars from above…

If his choice of career took his peers by surprise, everybody became more shocked when he actually made it into the top 20 from Tokyo´s university!

“DID YOU CHEAT OR WHAT?!” asked a puzzled Izumi at that time. Izzy was the geek of the group and walking computer.

“HOW COME YOU GOT THE 11TH PLACE WHEN I RANKED 27TH?!” Jyou, who until that moment was the studious maniac  from the bunch and couldn´t understand how Ishida got a better score than him on the first try to an elite university.

“Ask your brain” was Yamatto´s laconic answer “I just don´t care”

So yeah, he was heading to a starry sky future, hoping to one day surpass American Neil Armstrong; he was pretty confident he would make it. Everything was possible when you´re the owner of an incredible stubbornness !

The girlfriend did not question very much his change of career, in fact, she was  the happiest of the group with the unexpected turn of events. She loved his music dearly but loved it even more not having to deal with  rabid fangirls (and fanboys too!) chasing after Yamatto-kun wherever place he decided to go. Sometimes she considered his stardom  a curse, interfering with their personal lives -even  a simple date in a cafeteria could turn into a nightmare! and let´s not talk about the jealous type of fans…-

Well, all that musical stuff was located in the preterite. Period.  Sora would call them fond memories of the past and smile, it was quite a deference having him for her and not fear on being targeted by jealous psychos  anymore!
soraSpeaking about miss Sora Takenouchi, her dreams of the future were never quite the same. When she was 11 she dreamed to be the ace in football and lead the nation of Japan on the World Cup ; when she was 14 she was sure her destiny lied on tennis but, like many people, ended  following a different path. Firstly, her senpais made her sweat tears and blood with their spartan training before finally allowed to be a regular which happened in the second year in middle school; once she got there things accquired a different shade that forced her to reconsider.  First she realized she could never be a Navratilova or a Seles – not because she lacked strength or ability, that was never the case – but  after some matches she realized that  Wimbledon was too far from her reach and her passion towards tennis wasn´t as firm as she initially believed she possessed. She was 15 when, after a smashing defeat in a match, she quit the club  for good and her tennis stuff ended in the basement alla Brontë .

After that Sora-chan tried several things while looking for something that could make her heart beat in excitement. It´s a long journey and nothing seemingly awoke the desired feeling for a good while. She graduated high school feeling  bit frustrated and wondering if she would find her dream at all. One thing was engraved in stone: There was  no way she would inherit her family´s shop. She respected the old traditions at the core but couldn´t fathom the slightest possibility of living by them when she was the embodiment of independence. Her mother would often call her tomboy and unrefined , which bothered the girl when she was a child and learned to laugh it off in her teens, but somehow would pave miss Takenouchi´s path to so called  avant-garde future.  Her heart became pierced by  Cupid´s arrows the day she watched “Devil wears Prada”; Meryl Streep´s fiery Miranda Priestly  marked a deep impression on the hopeful Sora that as soon as she left the cinema took the decision of switching careers.  She shocked her peers the next day by  casually dumping accountability for Fashion Design, right in the middle of the term,  with the same attitude as changing hairstyles (which she also did, a visit to the hairdresser earned her a beautiful new color  in her head and carrying on a Carrie Bradshaw spirit also spent her savings of a month by raiding the shops and bought a good deal of clothes, shoes and makeup)

Nowadays, in her 23s, was a lovely fashionista and aiming to join the ranks in Vogue  (which is way more difficult than being accepted in a good university)  much to her mother´s delight while still lamenting about Sora not inheriting her shop at least she learned to embrace femininity at least! (Although in her free time, when not hanging around with her sweet-heart, Sora would still embrace her 11 year old self and play soccer with some kids in the park)

Looking at the current events in the present Sora´s  in her last year in college, hunting for a job in  the  fashion magazines  and doting on her boyfriend and their digimons. Six months after celebrating the Coming out of Age ceremony  Sora and Piyomon looked for an apartment with Yamatto and Gabumon and moved together,  enjoying the “pre-marriage life” at their fullest.

The first time Yamatto Ishida  was hesitant on taking that step but when given her key, Sora´s face shone so much in happiness that he couldn´t help but smile as well. Besides he was sick of living with his father and having to do all the chores (the workaholic mr Ishida still worked in the Tv station and never remarried or even got a new girlfriend) and Sora would giggle every time she recalled that day:

“Father, I´m moving with Sora-chan” was his laconic announcement ” Sorry to tell you this but its damn time for you to PAY somebody to look after your damned place and cook for you. I´m done being your salary-free housekeeper” Yamatto knew how to put in shame his folks without flinching an eye.

Plenty of people (including the boyfriend´s parents)  wondered how they were able to make it work for so long. They´ve been together for almost 9 years which many called a miracle. When asked, Sora would always say “I never believed in the typical prince Charming stories and never expected having an overly affectionate boyfriend. I just love the way he is”

Okay, sometimes Yamatto Ishida could be a handful and tempt a saint´s temper with his moodiness ( nobody was better to give that affirmation than Gabumon who despite adoring his human there were times that  the digimon had to refrain the temptation of kicking mister Ishida´s cantankerous butt) and show the lone-wolf face in his bad days…but she remained by his side,unconditional .

In the current present  the 3 year anniversary ´s around the corner and  Sora´s looking forward to have a special celebration with her boyfriend.

The date was marked with a capital heart on june 28th, just 8 days after Mimi Tachikawa´s wedding. The first of the original 8 to get married!

Sora couldn´t be happier for her best friend but at the same time made her feel a bit miserable. Weddings are said to awake either the best or the worse in people; the event that could inspire other couples to walk the same path or , God forbid, push them to an imminent end. In her heart she was  holding onto  aand they lived happily ever after fairy tale ending.  If Yamatto´s application to switch from Tokyo U to University of Florida was accepted (he aimed to work in NASA)  she will follow him to USA and finish her career in the States.For three years she had that picture engraved in her mind…


If only she hadn´t been waking up in the middle of the night, in tears, wondering if that future  would really take place…



Taichi Yagami once believed that soccer was his true passion but in the end he did not make it into the J-league. Not that he lacked the skills or the will but at some point of his life, during high-school, he realized what he really wanted to do in the future and soccer wasn´t his highest priority. It involved Digimons. His concerns and love toward the Digiworld outgrew his kid´s dream and nowadays he´s working hard in college to become a diplomat.

Political science was a pain in the ass but the worldwide governments proved to be a worse nightmare. Mr Gennai became the official  ambassador from the digiworld but due to certain events from the past his presence still inspired a sense of dread towards the UN,  especially with the representatives from the USA and Russia; dealing with them in normal grounds was nightmarish enough but when it comes to Digimons the headaches multiplied up to 10. Gennai himself  was a tough character  despite his apparent smoothness, since day 1 he made it plain evident that he would not share most of the digiworld´s secrets, alleging they could be used in a stupid way…

Taichi was standing next to Gennai the first time he entered into the UN building and made his statement. The UN folks´s faces..he would never be able to forget them!

“It was like the beginning of a Second Cold War” the digidestined of Courage would later tell to his digidestined peers “Those dinosaurs   made me feel so angry that I took the microphone and  declared that I was done with their shit and would personally take responsibility on the digimons behalf”

It was a miracle he wasn´t kicked off from the building that day, Gennai, the smooth-talker, prevented that by assuring that the lad was the best suited for the job than any ambassador. “None of you, dear representatives of the human world, is able to understand the true ramifications of the Digiworld as well than Yagami-san. Digimons will only listen to the words that come from a digidestined´s mouth…or do you , any of you misters, actually own a digivice?””

“…so  due to my first hand experience with digimons I was given the job. As long as I don´t mess up, the governments won´t meddle in the Digiworld business…at least, not too much. But I am not stupid,  those dinosaurs are always plotting something and are already driving me crazy! “ added Taichi afterwards “I ´ve been appointed as an honorary ambassador between the 2 worlds yet I receive no respect !”

“It´s hard to show any kind of respect to you  when you are still wearing the damned googles and your hair is the bird nest from your 11s” was Yamatto´s cheerful response which earned a nasty glare from his best friend“Come on, Taichi! You are as nuts as them just by stepping in that shitty board. Digimons and governments are a recipe for disaster…wasn´t it better to pull a MIB stunt and erase everybody´s memories?”

“Gennai-san can only erase information from the servers, collective mind-whipping? I don´t think there´s a digimon capable of such thing! Or there is..? Well, it doesn´t matter anyways! I am not the digidestined of Courage for nothing!” laughed Taichi “I am aware that the honorary thing is not enough. All I have to do is study politics and become an ambassador for real and keep an eye on the Digiworld like that…”

He was 18 when he was appointed as a honorary ambassador by the UN. Yet that wasn´t enough and Taichi Yagami certainly knew it to the point of letting go an offer to join one of the most prestigious football teams from Japan after graduating high-school  and entered university instead to study politics.

His decision certainly surprised his circle of friends but everybody supported his decision, even his teachers.

Google booy had the guts, the will and stubbornness for that path, his notes rocketed like they never did before impressing his teachers so much that gladly wrote recommendation letters for him. He applied to one of the toughest universities and wearing his old googles as a luck charm he took the exam. He almost fainted the day he got accepted and now,  as a 23 years old, he was on the path of success.

His looks also blossomed, (despite the hair) having turned into a very handsome fella which made more than a girl drool in class. But he only had eyes for his girlfriend….

Resuming his love life, it was supposedly as beautiful as a rose. But  roses wouldn´t be roses without thorns. His career was so time consuming that  nowadays barely had time for his girlfriend.

Catherine-chan proved to be an understanding girl, always wishing him the best and never protested when he had to cancel a date in the last minute due to homework or having to study for an exam he forgot he had the next day. Or called by the “dinosaurs” from the diet. If she was another type of person Taichi would had gone back to his “solo” days. His friends believed that it was a miracle Tai still had a girlfriend …
Surprisingly, Agumon was way more  bothered by his human´s timetable than the girlfriend herself and much like he used to point out “it´s a pain in the ass going back and forth to the digiworld by myself”

“I promise I will do it better” Taichi constantly apologized to both Agumon and Catherine ” I will soon graduate and have much more time to spend with you…”

In the end both of them would nod and smile.

“The Digimons are lucky to have you” sentenced Catherine, as sweet as always.

izzyEverybody supported Taichi´road , especially Izumi Koushiro . He certainly  shared Tai´s views about the 2 worlds´relationships and it was a natural choice when he chose to graduate from computer engineering. Izzy knew every inch of the digiworld way better than any so called scientist and he certainly was the best qualified in the digimon field.

He was doing great as one of Jyou Kido´s eldest brother´s assistant. Shuu Kido had at least 3 PhDs and his name was huge among his peers. Tentomon, in the meantime, was having the best time of his life. He liked living among humans and assisting both Joe and the others in the laboratories and he would gladly share every bit of information about his world´s customs and different digimon species. He also became the unofficial “pet” of the lab, called the cutest digital insect and was daily pampered by  the girls.

Iori Hida ,now in his teens, used to assume that he would inherit his grandfather´s dojo;now, 16, already knew what he wanted to be in the future. It would involve the law. He discovered it no too long ago during a couple of days he had to stay home due to a nasty flu, while watching a marathon of the “Law &Order” series. He became so engrossed by the  series that he bought the whole set via Amazon.
When asked about his aspirations after graduating high school his answer was always the same:

“I am going to be would be a lawyer”

He dreamed of  becoming the nippon version of Jack Mac Coy, played by actor Sam Waterson, and being a DA as strong and courageous as the fictional character. His grandfather initially was   disappointed when the lad announced that he wasn´t planning on  inheriting the Dojo anymore.

“You will keep practicing Kendo while sending the bad men to prison, I assume?” asked his grandfather during a training session.

“I will!” the question popped out during a duel session

“And you swear that you won´t follow the path of Lies no matter what?” Iori hesitated for a moment and fell to the floor. The following moment he had his grandfather´s sword pointed at his face “Are you sure you will be able to stick by the principles of Virtue?”

The old man, if he wanted, could send him to the hospital with a few moves of his wooden sword.Iori , still on the ground, thought carefully his answer. It was true, there´s no way he wasn´t aware about the implications. He was willing to pursue  a career where he would have to constantly battle against liars, where many cases were solved and unsolved due to manipulations of lies and sometimes truths.

The Future promised an endless chain of battles…but that was his challenge. He could do it.

I WILL!!!” and energetically picked back his sword, stood up and resumed the duel. Armadimon, who had been watching the fight from afar, smiled. That was the Iori Hida he met back in the Digiworld, filled with dreams of the future. If he said he was going to  Iori was the toughest fella he ever met, when he had something in his mind he would go after it even if he had to walk barefeet over lava!

“Then, grandson, you have my blessing” the granfather smiled with pride. “Go ahead and win!”


Miyako  Inoue used to have high profiled dreams especially during the times she was forced to help  in the family´s business. (Which she rally hated, by the way) After growing tired of  being a cashier in the supermarket, unpaid and bored as death,  as soon as she turned 16 she applied to every available part-time job  in order to win some Yens. She worked as a Starbucks barista, as a mangaka helper…she even worked for a short time in  a Cat Café until she realized she was allergic to cats (which was a bummer because it was her dream job)

Well, poor Miyako´s  still seeking for her dream.

It was expected that as  the most promising and nerdy member from the second string of digidestineds would shine in an elite university and graduate with honors. Reality: she  never  made it to college.

Everybody was shocked when she flunked all her universities choices. The entire Inue clan cried rivers of tears.In fairness to the poor purple girl, it wasn´t because of lack of studying but  a string of bad luck.

A nasty break up with her then boyfriend Soichi Yoshimono began the bad luck chain; first,  the  jerk chose to dump Miyako  the night before her first round of exams which left her in the slumps. The heartbreak was so bad that she couldn´t sleep and her body system collapsed, by the next morning she had a serious case of  a flu and it was so bad that she was forced  to stay in bed for a whole week! She missed the dates for the three elite universities she applied to and when asked for a second chance, she got the same answer:

“You can always try your luck in a year”

How much she cried, only God and Hawkmon know. She remained like a lifeless body on her bed for weeks, weeping  at the prospective of being  a ronin student until  destiny intervened. One day her mother suddenly threw her out of the bed and said:

“There are three choices: go back to cram school and take the test again next year, look for a job or become a weeping homeless. Your pick.”

Mrs Inue , when in a foul mood, could be the scariest thing from the world. For Hawkmon ´s opining, Chimeramon and Malomyotismon were nothing compared to Miyako´s mom nasty temper. So Miyako reluctanctly signed for classes and stopped hiding from her friends. That´s when Destiny lent her a hand. While grumbingly leaving a cram class, feeling disheartened and at the lowest she casually came across  one of her relatives´s friend. The woman  happened to be an editor in chief from one of the most  important editorials and kindly offered the digidestined a job. Miyako gratefully accepted the offer and nowadays she ´s an OL. (Office Lady)

Now 21, she had a stable job in the manga section (which she loved! Mangas were one of her guilty pleasures!) and should be contented…unfortunately, she wasn´t. In all honesty , most of the times Miyako would go back home feeling completely drained off. At first she joined the company with high expectations, believing she would  make friends with her favorite mangakas, reality spoke otherwise. The artists were always in a hurry and would rarely step in the office, let alone join invitations  to drink sake with the rest of the staff  (unless it was mandatory, but even those times, Miyako was always seated far away from the mangakas) when they were at their wits end with deadlines and then there was the daily mountain of paperwork that Miyako had to sort out. She rarely went back home before 9 or 10 PM, which frustrated her a lot and only the cuddles she received from her dear boyfriend and Hawkmon refueled her will to live.
So her biggest hope, at the moment,was the arrival of the day in which her beloved Ken Ichijouji would propose to her. (and she would give him the obvious hint after she caught the bouquet at Mimi-chan´s wedding!)

And then she could say au revoir to her OL days!
( And for the people who´s scratching their foreheads, in Japan is quite a custom that a working woman quits her job as soon as she gets married and become a housewife. It´s sort of expected although is not mandatory. Why, even I don´t fully understand that sort of customs)

Speaking about Ken Ichijouji , after graduating high school (and not being on the top of the class as he used to be during his Kaiser days, baffling his parents who still did not understand why their child wasn´t a genius anymore) he directly enrolled in the police academy.  His reasons to become a member of the law and order was pretty much like Iori´s, although his Eureka moment came after watching  CSI: Crime Scene Investigation . Ken worshiped Gil Grissom, detective and forensic entomologist. (he would had applied to forensic medicine had he not dreaded the mere vision of blood. After being cleansed from his Kaiser seed he couldn´t stand the thought of opening a body despite how much his parents wished him becoming a doctor) Sensibility apart, he loved CSI and  wondered how    Grissom would react after meeting Wormon.

Wormon was such a cute insect!  Of course that was a mere fantasy,  Grissom was just a tv character. But one day Ken took a selfie about him and Wormon posing over a police car and sent it to actor William Petersen´s twitter account. Surprisingly, Peterson liked the tweet and ended retweeting it himself.
The following days Ichijouji and Wormon´s picture surfed the net and   less than 48 hours he had at least 1 million retweets!

Nowadays Ichijouji is looking forward to graduate and join the police squad with his digimon. If destiny was kind  he may  someday become a detective…

Daisuke Motomiya, once graduated from high-school, imagined he would still have a chance with Hikari-chan if they went to the same university. Reality spoke otherwise: the girl was still very much in love with Takeru-kun and despite studying with all his might Daisuke flunked his exams. Being unable to attend Hikari-chan´s university left him heart-broken but also being rejected by his second and third university choices  bombed  his self-esteem. He became so depressed and lifeless about his failures  that even veemon grew sick of him.

“It´s not fair! I studied like a miserable only to become  a Ronin!” he wept “And I must   wait for another year before I can join Hikari-chan…!”  And then he wondered if he would actually be that lucky the following year, considering the odds were never in his favor when it came to the elusive Hikari Yagami. Every time he attempted to build a bridge towards her, it would inevitably fall down. Besides, he wasn´t sure if his pride as a Motomiya would be able to digest, if he managed to make it to the university next year, being  in a  lower grade than her. So going to cram school  became hell for him, the classes were horrid and the mock exams kept pointing how useless were his efforts. Besides, what the heck was he planning to study…?

“I DON´T KNOW! “ he yelled to the pillow more than once, frustrated “I JUST WANTED TO GO TO THE SAME SCHOOL AS HER..!”

In the end he quit. The google boy was at his wits end when one night, a casual conversation via webcam with digidestined Michael made him consider the path he´d been walking through.

“I admire your tenacity” declared the American guy “If I were in your shoes I would send to hell college and travel around the world!”

“…yeah?” speaking with Michael indeed made him change his mind. Instead of waiting for another year and face the improbabilities of entering university why not leave everything behind and try his luck in USA?

So Michael gladly lent him a hand. The first thing he  did was offer his Japanese friend a ticket to New York and  a place to crash on during his stay  (and it was in the Soho neighborhood!)
Because cooking was his highest point, Daisuke took a cuisine course while working as a dishwasher in a  restaurant. Yet  the Land of Freedom proved to be quite challenging and Daisuke would never forget about his first year in the USA.

Because  he never bothered to study English in a proper way, the first months all  he could do was  washing dishes and little more. To make it possible to sign into proper cooking lessons he  had  to enroll in English lessons. There was also the Green Card matter, a tough cookie to obtain especially when your English sucks!;  Michael, again, proved to be his lifeboat. Being the son of a Hollywood star was the sort of of guy who could easily open doors to the less unfortunates and Daisuke´s application was finally approved. Feeling more confident after that and by Michael´s suggestion, the brunette google boy  gambled his luck by joining  chef Gordon Rampsay ´s ” Kitchen´s Hell”´s reality show.
And he would regret that decision forever!
The digidestined  managed to qualify in the initial rounds but at the  second episode, Ramsay´s volcanic temper became too much for Daisuke (quite temperamental himself!)  and Michelin star chef and digidestined ended having  a Boxing session mid air!

Now the poor  fella was with the morale under the drains. Ramsay ended hating Daisuke so much (not veemon whom he took actually a liking) that  swore that the annoying nippon would never find another job in a restaurant.

Ramsay´s words proved to be true, nobody was willing to hire Daisuke after that.  But Daisuke still had a huge will and was determined to fight for his survival, USA was the land of Freedom and everybody who wanted to work hard they would triumph!
“We kicked Malomyotismon´s balls, so I am going to make it in the ****ing country!” told to Wallace and Michael while drinking  away his misery with a Tequila,  the American duo  had no better idea to cheer up Daisuke than dragging him to a bar.

“Someday, you´ll do it!” what else could they say?

“AND IF I CANNOT HAVE HIKARI-CHAN, AT LEAST TURN ME INTO A MILLIONAIRE..!” and that was the last thing the google lad said before passing out.

“Sure, sure!” laughed his friends “Keep dreaming…!”



Jyou Kido followed sternly his childhood plans. He wanted to be a doctor and nowadays he was one of the best interns. Nobody was surprised.He was holier than a priest   when it´s about his studies and his self-confidence was solid as hell.  Gomamon cheering for him every day, especially during exam season. “Never give up hope, you are good in this!” the little digimon used to say as a way of cheering him.
The day he graduated high-school, he did it with the highest notes, making both his parents and older brother very proud. He also bloomed into a very handsome young man, attracting a lot of interest in the female department! When he turned 20, the  Kido´s family began to receive several Omiais invitations begging to introduce Jyou to their beautiful daughters.

joeSurprisingly the digidestined of Reliability wanted to have nothing to do with that stuff, his heart was already engaged with his career and had no room for love. Destiny lent a hand and by  his second year of med school, as a recognition for his enormous efforts to be the number 1 in his class he won an invitation to continue his studies in Germany. It was a huge deal and the Reliable digidestined didn´t think about it twice; both flattered and willing to escape the marriage arrangements, he left his natal island and fled to Germany.

It was in Berlin where he discovered the true wonder of studying abroad…  a classmate called  Maria Brenhäsen. Blonde, much taller than him and with the likes of a Claudia Schiffer she stole his heart in less than a minute. The extra bonus,  she  also happened to be a digidestined from Austria and  her digimon was a cutie called Marine Angemon.

Joe finally understood the meaning of  Love at First sight .

“I am SO  going to marry this girl!”  declared in the end.

His friends liked her girlfriend although some kinda expected him becoming Mimi TACHIKAWA´S eventual beau. But life is life and sometimes, first love isn´t meant to be forever. Jyou and Mimi had a little thing when they were kids but never lasted more than a couple of months.

mimiAnd speaking about Mimi´s love life, her heart already belonged to the American digidestined   Michael Washington. And they were about to tie the knot!
Michael nowadays was a Hollywood actor and Mimi had her own segment in a show and gaining, little by little, fame  by herself.

Right after Malyomyotismon´s defeat, Mimi parents decided to go back to Japan, much for Michael´s dissappointment because he enjoyed having Mimi around.
Mimi also had mixed feelings about returning to Japan, she missed her digidestined friends but didn`t want to part ways with Michael.  But since it was her parents´s decision little could do but go along, finishing middle school with Tai &Co and spending her high-school years in Tokyo.
But as soon as she graduated High-school, she flied back to New York. She always thought she was better suited living in America than in Japan (an truth to be told,  she kinda wanted to be  like Carrie Bradshaw and her friends in “Sex & the City”)
Michael was delighted to have her nippon beauty back and did his best to tighten their friendship.
Mimi skipped university and instead  tried her luck by auctioning in America´s Next Top Model; despite Tyra Banks falling for Palmon´s cuteness and the Jays delighted by Mimi´s cheerful personality and her adventures in the digital world…Mimi never made it past the preliminaries.

Poor Mimi!

Michael was there for her when she cried like a Magdalena and did his best to cheer her up. Mimi then tried American Idol, only to be told by Simon Cowell that they wanted talented singers and not a cute girl who only sang in Karaokes. Palmon, annoyed, ended slapping Cowel´s face. Since then, Simon never liked Digimons.

Feeling bad for Mimi Michael ended taking his girl to a tour. A carriage trip through Central Park, then a shopping spread through Madison Square, a concert in the Carnegie Hall…
He did his best to cheer her up which of course earned him a set of grateful smiles.  But what really cheered up Mimi´s mood from the entire tour was the moment they visited Hobokken.
“You are going to taste the best cakes from the whole town” promised Michael after lunch “I can guarantee you that!”
Mimi, although skeptical, accepted going to that area in New Jersey. She almost left in disgust when she found out that there was a huge line outside Carlo´s Bakery, she SO hated waiting!   But Michael insisted that joining the queue  was worthy and should really give it a try.

“Why not going to another one? I´d rather join a line for an Elton John´s concert than a simple bakery!” she protested “And I´m cold!”

“I´ll lend you my jacket, then” and Michael put it over her shoulders “These pastries will rock your world, I promise!”

His sweet words and confidence won over her impatience relented, they queued for a good while before being allowed inside the store. Still a bit skeptic and unsure of what to order, he gentile Maddalena Castano suggested the couple to taste some crostinis…After just a bite Mimi´s heart began to sing in happiness.  And then she was offered a couple of   cake samples and the girl´s heart exploded.So that was the taste of heaven, wasn´t it?! So she did the following thing:  walk to la cuccina and demand to meet the master pattisiére: Buddy Valastro.

As soon as he shook her hand, Mimi declared in a plain, loud voice:

Buddy at first didn´t know what to say, not everyday a  Mimi would storm into his sanctuary and ask for a job.Ask? Better said demand!

“But cara mia, we aren´t currently hiring…”
“I don´t care! I´d work for free! I am so in love with these cakes that I would give everything to learn from you!”

Buddy said no and gently dispatched the girl from the store.

But Mimi´s pride was like a queen and during the following weeks, without fail, Mimi would land on the bakery and, of course, pestered Buddy almost non-stop until he agreed to interview her.
“Are you from Napoli, bela?” ended asking the man, relenting for the first time “Well! I respect your will. You are going to be working here for a month…only a month! And then let´s see…”


After her adventures and misadventures in the digital world, working in Carlo´s would be a piece of cake. Right?
Well, the first weeks were less than heavenly due to Buddy, Mauro Castano, Danny Dragone and Co.´s constant pranks!
But the girl kept her will strong, laughing after each prank and determined to make the best of the lessons. Eventually the staff ended considering her as one of their own and even Palmon got a lovely treatment. Palmon became Carlo´s digimon and even the children grew fond of him.
But she wasn´t destined to be in the bakery forever, one afternoon, Michael visited his now girlfriend at the bakery and he was being accompanied by a tv producer.
Mimi´s charms and Palmon´s cuteness caught the producer´s attention and ended offering Mimi a little spot in a tv show!
So Mimi ´s now working as a pattisiére in a segment in an NBC program and while it wasn´t the biggest part, Mimi had the confidence that one day she would be another star in Hollywood.

Eventually, Michael proposed.

The wedding would take place in New York and the press was already aware about that.  It would be the Wedding of the Year.
Their many friends were flying from many parts of the planet, unwilling to miss the happy event.

And the event was going to be in June 20th…which meant TODAY.
“Hikari-chan, sweetheart  wake up. We must put on our seat belts. We are landing in ten minutes” whispered Takeru Takaishi at Hikari Yagami´s ears
“Are we already  in USA? ” she yawned, so submerged was in her thoughts that lost track of time.

“The captain announced we are landing in 15 minutes”

“No way!” she opened her eyes in surprise “Time really flies fast”

“Yup! Although we could let them sleep a bit more… ” the lad smiled when his eyes stopped by Gatomon and Patamon, happily napping over their humans´legs.”…so I can do this!” and an amorous Takeru  kissed his girlfriend on the  lips ” Hum…I could kiss you all day and never get tired of it! Besides, you looked so beautiful while dreaming!  Now I wish to arrive to our hotel and …” he whispered something else at his girlfriend´s ears, making her blush.
“Takeru-kun! You are so shameless!” she giggled but it´s not like she didn´t find the idea tempting, she would SO follow through!” But THAT will have to wait. The moment we leave this plane we´ll have to run!”

Sometimes life could be a bitch; no matter how carefully you plan an itinerary  when a flight is delayed for several hours the plans could go to hell.

“We only have time to leave out suitcases, get dressed ..we are supposed to be in the church in 55 minutes if the God of Traffic is on a good mood!  So the lovey-dovey en la suite business must wait” she already could say adieu to the hairdresser and fix her hair the best way she could, probably letting it loose and hold a side with a pink hairpin…so, like always. Except that this time Hikari let her  hair grow instead of  constantly cutting it;  nowadays she had it long and barely below her shoulders and had to admit it suited way better.
“Ughhh! And there´s also the damned concert  !” sighed Takeru  already feeling dizzy ” Can you believe it? Right after Mimi´s  Event!” unable to hide his annoyance, the blond lad  shook his hair” What was my manager thinking?!”

The girlfriend smirked. A  crazy itinerary was awaiting dear Takeru the moment the plane lands into the States.

Issue number one: Mimi was getting married at noon and of course they HAD to be there!

Issue number 2: That night  night Takeru had a concert waiting for him at the Met! It was a luck though that Mimi was getting married during the day and not by the evening otherwise he would not  be able to participate in the happy event. If asked, he would had picked the wedding over the concert and cancel the latter without remorse thus making the manager  go bonkers. Takeru smirked, he almost wished he did just to see his desperate  face!

Issue number 3: he was awfully exhausted!

The night before he had a concert in Madrid , 2 days before, he played in Barcelona. Before that he survived a round of concerts in Vienna and Berlin. So let´s say that the Takari couple barely had the time to get a break before rushing to the next flight and to make things better, their last flight was delayed for 4 hours. They got off Madrid on the 11:35 am instead of the 7:15 am flight and after almost 9 hours in the air, it would be a miracle if they could  make it in time for the wedding …well, at least before they say “I do” !

“Why don´t you just switch agents?” asked Hikari, frowning “For all I know you´re being exploited!”

“That´s what my brother says” Yamatto Ishida never liked the guy and never missed a chance to speak his mind “Poor Takeshi-san, it´s not really his fault ”

“But he signed you on a helluva of dates and you´ve been working almost non-stop” Hikari caressed his cheeks “Lately, you´ve barely slept! ” her fingers touched one of Takeru´s eyelids, showing the typical black circle due to lack of sleep.

Takeru remained silent and proceeded to caress Patamon´s ears, who was sound asleep over his human´s lap. She was right, though. Lately  he didn´thave a lot of sleep and perhaps that´s why he´d been feeling like he was moving across a dream…?

To be fair, he never imagined he would follow  the path of music. One random afternoon he tried playing the piano and suddenly he was hailed as a genius! Before he could realize what was going on it was decided his career as a musician…

“…I´ll manage” he said in the end “But look at our digimons. Will they  be able to be awake during the wedding and my concert?”

“Poor babies” replied Kari caressing her cat´s ears as well “Sometimes I forget that digimons can be tired as well! This past week had been  insane” and she kissed Gatomon´s forehead “If we were on a less cracked timetable I would have all of us hibernating for the entire weekend in the suite!”

“Only a weekend?” Takeru bit his lip, trying not to laugh. He would sleep for an entire month! Only in the last week he´d been playing the piano at 3 different countries and barely got a moment to sleep since his last concert. And now they had to rush to the USA…”I say for the next 2 weeks!”

“Of course you would” Hikari  kissed his lips”The second thing you mastered the best is the art of sleeping! If I don´t show up in your place from time to time , my Sleeping Beauty, you´d sleep all your way to the 30s!”

“But then I wouldn´t receive the first Kiss of my True Love, Ouji-sama!” he winked an eye.

Her response was a pinch on his cheeks.


“I am, right?” he giggled “But in the end you CHOSE to go out with this baka”

“Of course” she pinched his cheeks again ” I wouldn´t want it any other way!” and again covered his lips with hers “My love…”

Years passed since Malomyotismon´s defeat and we can rejoice with Takeru Takaishi and Hikari Yagami´s current present as the loveliest couple from the whole digital business. Since the first day they shared a connection that only soulmates could have.

Of course they were little kids at that time and couldn´t give it a name, when they met again in their 11s, it was still too early to call it love but their bond grew anyways. Middle school came and the feelings grew stronger and stronger with each passing day and right before entering high school they finally admitted their mutual love and became a proper couple.

kari tk

Hikari smiled, she was very much in love with him at that moment like in the school days!

He was her everything  and she was his. Period.

Never mind the little crushes they had in the past. When Takeru dated a couple of girls in the past, Hikari certainly knew they  would be ephemeral crushes and vice versa from Takeru´s perspective.
Of course because she was a Yagami and he a Takaishi with a good Ishida mix in the blood they owned  a sweet yet sometimes dense nature. And I mean BOTH.

Hikari could laugh about it in the current present but only God knows the nutsy road they went through before becoming a proper Takari, especially during middle school. When they were in primary school she paid little attention to any kind of feeling that wasn´t friendship. It was much more amusing for her childish self toying with Daisuke Motomiya ´s feelings, inciting oniisan´s biggest fanboy ´s jealousy against Takeru-kun than giving a proper thought about romance.

When she was 11, it was too soon to call it love but when time passed and he became what she called “chicks´s magnet” Hikari finally had to admit that she wasn´t  so pleased when  her best friend began to act so friendly toward the rest of the female population! And she was 14sh when she decided to that she didn´t like the “Reflection” song very much…

One afternoon after learning that Takeru-kun would invite another girl to his brother´s concert she calmly went back home, made some tea, reminded his brother about some chores that he had to do…the minute  she entered  to her bedroom and switched on the mp3…the device player played  the blessed song. Then she  finally lost it.

“What was I thinking when I said that our relationship was too cute to be called love?…screw it! ” The  device met a regrettable fate after being thrown through the window, almost hitting a poor deliveryman´s face while the Digidestined of Light was crying an ocean of tears on her bed,  cursing  Takeru and his endless army of fans. Despite her annoyance with Takeru´s growing popularity the then 14 year old  Hikari Yagami still  lacked the courage to properly self confess being in love with him.  Every time Takeru got a girlfriend she would hide her annoyance under a sweet smile and jokey mood. How long would she remained in her stubbornness had not a catastrophic event that threatened the Digiworld, the subsequent adventures and meeting new digidestineds on the way that  Hikari finally got the guts  to acknowledge her true feelings?  And let´s not talk how much courage she needed to properly confess to Takeru!

Nowadays the Takari couple was pretty much in love and making plans for the future; Takeru became a concerto fella (which certainly shocked the gang the day he revealed his sudden interest on the piano) while Hikari , currently on a 2 week vacation from college,  took the opportunity of building a portfolio by taking shots of several locations (that´s the advantage of having a boyfriend whose career was blossoming so well, free tickets to amazing places  and staying  in 4-5 star hotels) while her beloved one was busy in his rehearsals and was planning to show her works to the magazines back in Tokyo . Takeru-kun always said her pictures were masterpieces and so did Taichi; hopefully she could have her big start as a freelance photographer for at least one of the biggest names and become, by the time, as great as Annie Leibovitz!

Whatever destiny had in store for them Hikari was at least  sure about this: no matter what,no matter which reality they lived in,  they were soulmates and their love would prevail.

Takeru´s thoughts sang the same song. He was so damn lucky to be in love with the most wonderful girl from the world! When he envisioned his future, Kari was in that future. He could see nobody else as his future wife, the mother of his children…Their love was forever. Even after studying abroad in the UK during his high-school years, their love proved to be stronger than steel.

Everything should be perfect. If only…

The question once again erupted in his mind, making him suddenly frown:

“I wish I knew what happened to me  after Malomyotismon´s defeat. Years passed since then and I still don´t remember a thing! So bothersome!”

Sometimes he would revisit the Malomyotismon´s defeat in dreams, the celebration and that. Then he could see himself leaving the party and…that´s all. And lately he´d been having that dream…when he was able to sleep. Takeru wouldn´t admit to anybody that he´d been going through an insomnia phase and during those sleepless nights he would  find himself thinking in certain things from his past and the future and questioning his own election.

“Why do  I have the feeling that my destiny´s not supposed to be like this…it feels like I am wearing somebody else´s shoes?…”

The oddness began right after the beginning of the tour. He liked the piano dearly but the more he went ahead with his tour the more  Takeru would have second thoughts about it.

“Am I really living my true dream? Was I really fated to become a musician?”


Hikari-chan ´s words took him back to the present.

“It´s been a good while since the last time we´d been in the good old  USA” she said  “Do you remember our first time there?”
Takeru smiled.”Of course, we were visiting Mimi. That was quite an interesting trip!”

“The adventures were amazing, right?”

“Yep! Especially for  Daisuke-san!” He couldn´t help but add some more teasing, Hikari giggled once again.”His face was  MEMORABLE!”


The couple exchanged a good laugh. How could they forget how the inheritor of the crests of Courage and Friendship almost committed the capital sin of murder because  Wallace-kun  DARED to kiss the girls on the cheeks! Daisuke Motomiya the google fella II   almost turned into the Incredible Hulk  because some random guy had the guts on kissing Hikari-chan when he never had the courage of even holding one of her hands. But in America ´s quite common kissing someone on the cheek  while in Japan, much more conservative, that kind of gesture was kinda seen as outrageous.


“Oh yeah, Wallace was such a flirt! I was a bit surprised myself…” Takeru didn´t want to admit, at that time, that he wasn´t so pleased with the scene either even if Wallace held nothing but friendly feelings toward the girls.
“Payback for kissing a french girl back in Paris!” her finger pointed at his face, challenging him to deny it.
“So Taichi-san told you in the end!”

Hikari once again pinched her boyfriend´s cheeks.”OF COURSE. I was truly worried for a while, thinking that you´ve got a thing for blondes ” and she kept pinching his cheeks, of course she wasn´t the jealous type! “I was even afraid you were pinning for Angewomon!”

“Uhhh… about that” the lad´s cheek´s turned red “WHO DIDN´T AT THAT TIME?”

Seeing her eyes gaining a sudden flame, he pinched her nose.”IT´S A JOKE!”

Because Hikari kept frowning Takeru quickly added: ” I am fairly convinced that if you ask Tai-san and the rest of the MALE population you´ll get another sort of answer! Well, Angewomon is the goddess of beauty with wings and…”

“You were saying…?” if she pinched harder his cheeks he would become cheek-less!

“But you are much more beautiful than a thousand of Angewomons!!” he blurted

Hikari then released his face, he always knew how to say the most beautiful phrases!

“Nobody can be more beautiful than Angewomon but thanks for saying it” she leaned on his chest “Glad that you never went seriously after Catherine-chan…”

When Taichi announced he was dating the digidestined of France Hikari couldn´t help but feel relief. Learning about the Christmas kiss certainly bothered her a lot but as possessor of the power of self denial , she did exactly that: deny it. What she could never got past over was the enigmatic answer Takeru-kun gave to Taichi when  the latter teased  Takeru about losing the race.

“Sorry, little brother. Good luck getting your own  girlfriend…” Taichi said with condescendence while patting Takeru´s head. It was sunday at that time and the  group gathered in the park, Taichi brought Catherine and couldn´t resist boasting about his girlfriend. Sora , Mimi (who made a sporadic visit from the States) and Miyako were delighted with the Digidestined of France while Koushiro and Jyou were a tad shocked. Yamatto smirked and joked about the French people having weird tastes after all.

“No problem, Taichi-san” Takeru replied with a tranquil smile “There´s another person who´d been in my mind for a while…”

“Get out! Really?!” the entire group was shocked “You´ve got a girlfriend?!”

“Nope “ he giggled “To begin with she´s out of my league”

“UH?!” Daisuke yelled, shocked “YOU ARE LYING!”

“You are making this up, right?” Yamatto was not convinced “You don´t look like someone who´s been hit by Cupid´s arrows”

“Neither do you and yet you are dating Sora-chan”replied Takeru and the friends laughed their socks off. Yamatto blushed and Sora smiled, Takeru was SO right!

“YOU AREN´T TALKING ABOUT HIKARI-CHAN, RIGHT?! RIGHT?!” Daisuke was ready to punch the lad he considered his rival if the answer was yes.

“It´s a secret” was Takeru´s response and left it there.

“He made it up as the trickster he is” fummed Daisuke in the end “I hate this guy!”

No matter how much they asked him afterwards the digidestined of Hope never revealed the girl´s name and his friends eventually gave up.  Hikari seemingly never dared to insist too much fearing it would be misinterpreted as something else…at least, not in front of their friends.


But that was then. Hikari placed a hand over her boyfriend´s and nonchalantly said:

“Do you still dream about the  girl you were in love with?”

Takeru coughed. He certinly didn´t see that coming!


“Remember when oniichan teased you about you losing  Catherine-chan to him?”she smiled but Takeru knew perfectly well that the sweeter the smile, the more jealousy it irradiated ” EVERYBODY WONDERED WHO WAS HER” Hikari ´s smile grew wider ” I still cannot believe how long it took me to make you cough up the truth! ”

Takeru snorted. Hikari-chan, like a true Yagami, -when nobody was looking- pestered him  for entire weeks until he finally gave in with the condition that she would keep it in holy secrecy. The first time he told her she laughed so much that got a stomachache. The girl  teased him for a good while after that and whenever the occasion showed up Hikari-chan would say quite on purpose “hey! next time you are back there why don´t you take me with you and introduce us?” making the rest of the gang frown and ask what  Hikari was talking about.

“You were just jealous, weren´t you?” Takeru smirked .

“Of course I wasn´t!” she crossed her arms, feigning indignity.

“Of course you were” his smile grew wider ” So much teasing could only mean that you already had feelings toward me!”

“I won´t admit a thing!” her cheeks reddened, even at that time it was hard for her ego admit that in her 11s-12s she was already crushing on Takeru. If she was to admit it he would tease her as mercilessly as she did back in the childhood days. “At least I kept your secret!”

The chosen of Hope proceeded to kissed his girlfriend´s forehead,  reassuring that she was his only love.

“And for that, thanks”  and kissed her lips once again ” I wouldn´t had told anybody else but you anyways” they always shared a bond that was beyond an ordinary friendship that eventually developed in a beautiful love story “And let me reassure you.  I was just 8 and simply in an awe with someone I dreamed about. She´s not real, you know!”

“Really?” Hikari leaned on him “Yet she marked a deep impression on you. Despite my laughs I still remember the fondness that emerged from your face every time you talked about her. I was indeed a bit jealous of that girl, dream or not!” hearing Hikari speak like that made him surround her in a tight hug.

“As I told you before” he spoke in a tranquil tone “It was just a dream that accompanied me for a good while. But she was never a crush, just plain admiration. Your brother was just acting like an ass and I had my pride, so I blurted something in order to zip his mouth” Hikari sighed in relief. He was so vehement, so sincere that whatever stint of jealousy evaporated on the spot. Besides, she kinda understood it.

“So you weren´t really in love at that time?” no matter how many times she heard the tale, she kinda needed a reassurment.

He shook his head.

“With a dream?”  he kissed Hikari´s hand” Even if I did, it wouldn´t had lasted anyways. Nobody can compare to True Love…no dream girl can compare to Hikari Yagami”

Something in Takeru´s voice soothed Hikari´s heart. She studied his expression and nothing in his eyes indicated nothing else but a brotherly  affection.

“If my memory isn´t that rusty, you were 8 or 9 when you had that dream. Right?”

“Mhh…remember that time when Diaborom attacked Tokyo?” Hikari opened her eyes, surprised “Well,   I never told that the dream took place the day before that incident”

“REALLY?!” Hikari bit a lip. That was too much of a coincidence, wasn´t it?

“That´s why I was never able to let it go. I rarely have lucid dreams but this one felt so real and happened the Eve of Diaborom´s doom that I….well! It felt like a premonition at that time”

At that time he dreamed he was in the digiworld, in a very different from the one they knew. In the dream Takeru was 8 and standing besides a 13 or 14 year old blonde girl. She was  wearing a yellow and green shirt and white shorts, looking pretty much like Takeru when he was in his 11s…the odd thing was that Takeru was 9 by the time the dream took place. Magna Angemon was floating between the girl and a fallen Piedmon. The angel was about to launch a Gate of Destiny against the villain but much to everybody´s surprise she stood in front of Piedmon and spoke against the attack.



“Well, the most I remember is about her bossing Magna Angemon. ” continued Takeru “And boy! He was pissed off ! It was crazy, she was actually defending Piedmon from Magna-san´s attacks!”


Hikari began to laugh, no matter how many times she listened to that tale she found it amusing “THAT´S REALLY CRAZY!” even in the imagination almost nobody would have the balls to confront the mighty angel of justice. Angemon in champion form was a sweet-heart but in his Ultimate form was intimidating.


“Pretty much” Takeru laughed as well ” That´s why dreams are so strange! WHICH SANE PERSON would PICK Piedmon over Magna Angemon? ”

“But you were as crazy as her” Hikari winked an eye “Didn´t you tell me that you JOINED HER side?”



“Seriously, what the heck I was thinking ?” his face turned red ” Why would I ever side with the psycho that tried to kill us back in the real events in the digiworld?!  I will never get it!”

The girlfriend kissed him on the cheeks

” Well, she had her reasons. , hadn´t she? You really didn´t ask her why she protected that asshole?”

“I never got to  remember that part. What she said escapes my memory even today. Surprisingly  the angel relented. He was pissed off but stopped. All I remember , before waking up, was her sweetness… telling me that everything would be ok…and that´s all.”

He made a pause. Although he had forgotten most of it a warmth feeling still remained there “and I got my first kiss on the cheeks by a foreign girl” Tk ended his tale with a joke.

“OH! You silly goose!” Kari pinched his cheeks “So that´s all?”

“That´s all” he relaxed on his seat “Now, let´s talk about your dream guy”

Hikari blushed.

“Come on! It´s time you spilled the beans once at all. ” Takeru smirked . He wasn´t the only one who had a secret crush years ago!”Who´s  Senapi-kun?”

“Oh! Who?” she appeared to be in shock but Takeru was no fool.

“The fella you said he was like a prince and made Daisuke-san cry for weeks” Takeru always wanted to know what he called one of Hikari Yagami´s best kept secrets. Years passed and even today nobody knew who was the guy she used to have a crush on…

“A lady doesn´t kiss and tell!”

“Oh yeah?” Takeru stole another kiss from her lips “but you already did the kiss part. Now you have no choice but tell! It´s a shame that you were able to learn my secret but never told me yours”

The girl responded with a pinch on his nose.

“Nope. Your teasings would had been endless!”

“True!” Takeru chuckled ” But hey! He almost erased your brocon status…and that´s quite remarkable!

Something flashed inside her mind and Hikari unconsciously smiled. Yeah, she  did have a secret crush in the past. Until then the 11 year old Hikari yagami´s mind was filled with her brother´s image when not busy digital responsibilities. Takeru himself noted this trait and bothered him quite a bit, as much as being targeted by Daisuke´s jealousy because of her. More bothersome was the day she spilled the beans by declaring she had  a someone in mind!

“Won´t tell! I bet you´ll tease me even today!” her cheeks blushed.

“I won´t!” promised Takeru. “Please, end my misery Hikari-chan. I really want to know who´s that mysterious fella that you said was so great!  I want to be able to stand up to him and not let him steal you away…!” Hikari was an expert when it comes messing up with a guy´s sanity!

“Really?”  his words warmed her heart “You would fight him…like in a duel?”

“Yes! ” Takeru gulped ” He must be a helluva of a guy if you liked him that much to the point of never revealing his name. I still remember your sighs whenever the others asked you about him…am I…a match against him…?”

Hikari almost succumbed to a laughter. Takeru-kun was jealous!


The Dream by Ayhelenk


” I can´t believe what I´m hearing!” she placed a little kiss on his chin “Of course you would win!   …I certainly stopped thinking about him for ages!” she wasn´t lying “I thought the others forgot about this matter”

“Well, they had no choice but let it go since your remarked it was your business” replied Takeru “but I´m failry confident that  Daisuke-san will still want to kill him if he ever learns his identity ”

“No way!” her face showed a sincere astonishment.

“The poor guy went bonkers for  weeks, demanding to meet his rival” Takeru almost lost it in laughter when  Daisuke Motomiya´s irksome expression came to his mind.The google boy was so jealous that he patroled the middle and high school perimeter…because she admitted her fondness towards an older guy. “But you were damn secretive! None of us could figure out who the heck was him!”

The incident took place a couple of weeks after the former Kaiser joined the group. Daisuke had been so overprotective towards Hikari that she , a tad bothered by it, dropped the bomb during lunch break.

You always make it hard for Takeru-kun but guess what? I like hanging around with a senpai and is way cuter than him...” Daisuke never was so close to succumb to a heart attack. When the others asked why Daisuke was lying on the ground, apparently lifeless, the chosen of Light responded:

“I don´t know. I was talking about a senpai I´m friends with when Daisuke-san suddenly fainted…”

“A senpai?” Miyako ´s eyes sparkled” I SO GET YOU! IS TACHIBANA-SAN OR IGASHI-SAN?!”

Those were Miyako Inue´s crushes , two of the most popular fellas from seventh grade.

“None” said Hikari “He´s 16 or 17”

That revelation astonished her friends, especially Takeru.

You are making it up the blond lad said at that time laughing like the teaser he was” I can´t believe you would fall for an oldie! If you want to punish Daisuke, at least bring up a more believable lie!”

“It´s not a lie!” Hikari crossed her arms  “Now that I think about it, he´s  blonde like you and his eyes ´re blue and…oh my! He could pass as your relative!” at that time she seemed surprised by her own comment.

“Are you after my brother?” asked Takeru, incredulous

“As if! Senpai´s WAY classier than Ishida and you together” declared the missy, ready to challenge her best friend to a duel.

“Lovely! What else” he taunted the  girl as well . Miyako tried to make memory who fitted the description, she liked to watch over the high school grounds and sigh as a maiden in love when looking, from afar, at the high-schooler guys. Only a handful were blond and could match Hikari´s tale but never could guess which was the one Hikari-chan referred to.

“Handsome, full of confidence. Sometimes he can be a jerk” she retorted with her eyes shining with passion. “He´s also a talented musician…”

And that´s the moment Daisuke woke up from his shock and quite irked he yelled at Takeru:

“NO WAY! NOT ISHIDA-SENPAI!!!!” and never his eyes fumed so much until that moment “I AM SO KILLING THAT ASSHOLE…!!”

“But my brother´s 14…”

His words were in vain, having only heard a part of the conversation , Daisuke fled to the middle school ground and blatantly confronted the digidestined of Friendship demanding to know when he asked Hikari-chan out. Several minutes later the new google boy returned to the primary section with a huge bruise on the face and with stars floating around his head.

“Apparently he isn´t into primary grade schoolers…”

“You deserved it” declared Iori Hida shaking his rounded head, while he liked Daisuke he certainly wished the leader was a tad less ill tempered “Well, who´s the guy Yagami-san?”

“I will not risk his security after witnessing the leader´s bravado” and with that Hikari ´s lips remained sealed, never bringing back the issue again. Daisuke still attempted to identify the hateful rival by narrowing the possible candidates but the girl would always reply “Nope, that´s not him”


“Wish I can tell you but I already forgot his name” confessed Hikari in the end “and I´m not lying!”

“Get out! really?!” the lad semi closed his eyes, a bit skeptic.

“Well…!” she cleared up her voice ” you never told me you dream girl´s name either so it´s a tie!” the lady always knew how to counterattack.

The20 year old Takeru Takaishi stared at his girl for a long minute before bursting in a laugh.


His laughs echoed through the plane. Hikari´s cheeks became a pair of tomatoes and she instinctively punched his chest, in order to put an end to the  laughter. Takeru caught the hands in time .

“You are asking for a slap…”

Gomen! ” the chosen of Hope had to contain another set of laughs “But I can hardly picture you falling for a much older guy, everybody believed you just wanted to mess up with Daisuke-san´s mind…”

“You were right on that one, I certainly used him as a mean to troll Daisuke-san  ” she then sighed “But on the other hand I  liked senpai . I really did…”

Recalling  her 11 year old self, at that time  wasn´t ready for stuff like dating and stuff. She wasn´t blind about Daisuke´s fondness towards her but it became more evident when Takeru-kun transferred to their school. Not wanting to get a confession she played the dense girl role, betting  that  neither were Takeru-kun nor Daisuke-san were ready to go the romantic route yet. Then, one day, she came across someone who marked a deep impression on her…he hadn´t been around for too long but nevertheless gained a spot in her heart .

” But one day he left” a sense of sadness momentarily clouded her eyes “Never saw him again… ”

Her words took the boyfriend by surprise and wondered what really happened between them.  He was no psychic but he could read the word “regret” inside her chestnut eyes…

Before he could ask, Hikari regained her smile and caressed Takeru´s cheeks.

“But for me, true love begins and ends with you

Her words brightened Takeru´s eyes.

For me it´s the same!” and Takeru grabbed her by the waist and kissed once more.

They kissed for a long, tender minute but suddenly Takeru felt an unexpected chill on his bones.

He broke the kiss, suddenly distressed. Had someone  just whispered at his ear?

“Takeru-kun?” her voice brought him back to the plane.


“Are you okay?”she wondered why he suddenly looked so distressed. Was he still jealous about the senpai stuff?

Takeru nodded. In the end they´ve been in a hellish flight all the way from Europe to New York! He was suffering a helluva of a jetlag and his body was still rebelling against the musical itinerary,insisting on  clocking by natal Japan´s timeline…

“Yup! It´s just the jet lag” he yawned

“Poor thing” Hikari caressed her boyfriend´s cheeks once again” Let me tell you this, I wouldn´t trade you for anybody else!”

“Thank you…”

“And about  your dream girl I think she´s pretty badass!”

He snorted. “Well, not everybody dares to boss Magna Angemon! Gosh, she got me there.I even tried to match my clothes with hers! weird”

It was Hikari´s turn to snort. So when he came back to Odaiba during 5th grade his wardrobe choice was influenced by her?!

“Unbelievable!” Hikari frowned “Sometimes you are as weird as the hats you used to wear! Hum…did she also wear a hat?!”

“Nope. That´s a 100%original idea of mine”

“So hats were YOUR THING!”

“Yeah until I went to London.. Elizabeth-chan called them hideous and made sure to make them disappear!”

Takeru smiled with nostalgia. During his time as an exchange student his new British friends played all sort of pranks to him and the mentioned Elizabeth  did not hesitate to burn all his collection of hats. Takeru still missed his collection…

Hikari shrugged her arms. She never liked the hats either so she would always be grateful to Elizabeth and her critical eye when it comes to fashion sense.

“But my hats were nothing compared to the pranks they played.Still remember the one they played to  Wallace-san the time he went on a holiday to London…” It was always uplifting when the topic was about a certain group of digidestineds who had the word “troublemakers” imprinted on their foreheads.

The mentioned Wallace and his twin digimons were visiting a relative in Chelsea,  affluent area in southwest London. Having heard from his japanese friends about Takeru and Patamon staying at the Montgomery´s lair the American and his digimons naturally had to pay a visit. A visit that  they would regret for the rest of their lives. The Montgomery siblings insisted to act as benevolent guides only to play pranks during the tour. Wallace and his digimons, despite being experienced in threat matters, ended  tied on the top of a lamppost right in front of the Big Ben! Takeru and his best buddy from that time, Ryo Akiyama tried to intervene only for them ending suffering the same fate!

And their suffering did not end there, the feisty Elizabeth Montgomery  had no better idea than posting the whole incident in the Internet .  Her camera also captured  the firefighters´s arrival and how they finally released the unfortunate guys from the post. Takeru, Ryo and Wallace received a  good scolding from the police and even got the stinky eye from a passing member of the Parliament!

“Youths and their incredibly stupidity! Shame on you!”

The next day the unfortunate lads gained an instant stardom as laughing stocks; Ryo and Takeru almost died of embarrassment while Wallace swore never to trust in anybody that came from the UK for the rest of his life!

” Wallace-san hasn´t visited the UK since then?”  the day Hikari received the e-mail with the shots she almost chocked while Taichi and Agumon laughed so hard that their stomachs hurt for hours.

“As far as I know, they never set a foot in the UK again”

“Cannot say I am surprised, Wallace-san ´s always been  kinda a trouble magnet. Right?”

Takeru´s smile lost a bit of it´s cheerfulness.

“I wish I could say no but past facts points to a yes” he made a pause ” I still remember that horrible battle against his beloved digimon…!”

“Oh yes! His poor Lopmon looked so corrupted! And when he turned  into the dark version of Cherubimon..brrrr! distorting time and space…” she felt the chills every time she remembered that misadventure in the USA  ” I  HOPE that battles of this kind are REALLY IN THE PAST.”

“SO DO I!” Takeru said it vehemently “I really do!”

A sudden sadness showed up in the guy´s beautiful blue eyes and it didn´t pass unnoticed by the girl´s sharp ones.

“Are you worried about the possibility of another crisis happening again?”

He nodded. Sometimes he wasn´t sure if the current peace would last for good..if only there´s a guarantee about the digiworld´s affairs…!

Hikari´s thoughts were quite similar but she´d rather focus on the positive than negatives.

“Many years passed since we defeated the dark forces. And if something, God forbid, should happen..we will defeat them again!” declared the girlfriend.

Takeru , touched by her words, hugged her tightly. And that was the moment where Hikari received her first premonition.
An image crossed her mind, it was only for a second but the image showed her an angelic silouette…embedded with a golden aura shinning at such intense that it almost blinded her. The angel was in the sky of Tokyo..Kari and many other digidestineds were watching from afar, worried sick about their future. Behind the angel there was Chaos…What was going to happen?!
The image vanished as soon as it emerged, she shook her head.


That cannot be true!


Takeru´s voice eventually brought her back into reality.

“Kari, the stewardess wants us to fasten our belts. Let´s wake up our digimons because the palne is about to land”
“You really got a premonition, right?” said Tk, quite serious

She was about to nod but ended shaking her head instead.

“Actually, I am not sure”


Kari smiled and again her hands caught his cheeks.

“WHATEVER! If some jerk is planning to play dirty , we will defeat him. Ok?”

“Of course!” he suddenly felt better “We always win in the end!”

“Besides, we are not alone. This whole world is filled with digidestineds!”

“More than one hundred digidestineds around the globe. I dare the damn bastard to show up and try his best!” Takeru clenched his fist, as if preparing to go into battle.

Kari felt laughed, Tk was right. If gathered, they coul easily summon an army of digidestineds! But then, another thought crossed her mind.

“But why do I have the feeling  it´s related to that mysterious disappearance of yours years ago? what happened to you during those 3 days you were missing? Do you really don´t remember anything at all? Even today..?”
Kari was about to manifest her thoughts in a loud voice but the stewardess arrival made her reconsider. The woman was reminding the passenger about the belt policy but as soon as she laid her eyes on the Takari couple, her eyes sparkled.

“Hello there!” she greeted them “I´m so happy to see you!”
“I doubt you remember me” continued the woman, in a candid tone “But I do! I was one of the kids that were kidnapped by Oikawa´s group!”
Tk and Kari looked at her, shocked. That lively person was so unlike the dark, depressive little girl who helped the villain! And there was a Piyomon walking next to her…
“At that time, I saw nothing but darkness. I was deprived of hope, I couldn´t see a bright future ahead…but you showed up! Thanks for helping us, I always wanted to say it. I was able to believe again in my dreams, cherish my family and friends…and I ´ve got my digimon, after all! Meet Piyomon…

Piyomon made a gentle reverence, enlighting the couple´s hearts.
“Thanks for allowing us to meet” said the bird “I´ve ben waiting for her for so long…!”
“I´m glad everything turned right for you, miss” said Tk “But remember, the real deal happened because you opened your heart”
“No matter how dire the situation is, never forget there´s a light at the end of the tunnel. Ok?”
The stewardess nodded, impressed.
“We will, now I must go back with my companions. The plane´s landing right now. Ciao!”
And soon Tk and Kari were setting their feet in the Great Apple…



Meanwhile, at the heart of the Digital World, the 4 Digimon Gods finally reunited.
They rarely see each other faces unless it was because of an important reason.
And their expressions were quite sober..they knew something was happening.

There was the possibility of an impending  War.


“Are you sure is THAT grave?” asked Azulongmon still unconvinced.

“There´s a huge disturbance in the fabrics of time and space among several realities. We narrowed the possible responsible but it´s bad enough to raise an alarm ”

“We discovered  some anomalies showing up in the fabric of several realities when we came across a Lucemon” added the woman´s companion “His  codes matched the distortions and when we confronted him about it, he launched a surprise attack and  escaped. The subject is still on the run ”

“And has been evading us for a good while” added the angel “No average Lucemon should be able to jump through realities. He´s breaching the pact between the Holy Hosts about the laws of no interferences between realities”

“He´s been stealing codes in order to empower himself and already drained off more than a Digiworld by the time we learned about him. The possibilities of him  showing up in this reality are quite high, so be prepared….”

The Gods seldomly would receive visitors . After their ressurrection they scarcedly would interact with anybody save Mr Gennai but today a blonde woman and a Digital Angel were allowed into their realm.

The Dragon God shared a glance with his companions. the others shared the same skepticism.

“If what you are saying is  true…” began to say Baihumon “When?”

The woman sighed.

“We aren´t sure. From one moment to other, a week or a month since today…can´t really say”

“It could happen in any minute” added the angel “Meanwhile our people are  trying to determine the exact nature of the cosmic distortion while chasing down this rogue Lord. You must take  the proper measures in case he makes it to reality 01, again, we are not dealing with the average villain… ”

“Aren´t you supposed to be dimensional travelers yourselves?” mocked Zhuqalomon “How come you cannot be certain about the event you are warning us about?”

The angel took the word.

“Because I am subjected to the Rules of Nexus Just like you are subjected to Yggdrasil and Homeostasis” responded the angel ” I am not allowed to take harsh actions that could affect an ongoing thread of destiny. There are countless of possible future scenarios but only a handful are the correct. My fear is this:  this being called Lucemon had been able to elude us so far and possibly acting as a Digital Angel of Time makes him a  DANGEROUS threat. Activate  the maximum protection and warn your local digidestineds about him, ready to fight until we finally catch him…”

“Gennai and the other´s been constantly checking on the servers and until now they found no sign of threats from anybody like him” spoke Azulongmon “Are you that positive that our world´s in dire danger?”

The woman looked at her angel and her blue eyes shone with irritation.

” Just double check the gates and make sure the Digiworld´s Core is 100% protected” she was deadly serious “And  the lad´s must be protected as well.”

The Gods shared a surprised glance.

“We ´ll try to capture that asshole before he makes his way here” she said in a firm voice ” It would be too risky if he discovers  that  digidestined´s  secret , he musn´t! ”

Gennai while hearing everything and not daring to speak was mentally taking notes. His eyes certainly showed some concern.

“If he finds out  things could really go south” continued the digital Angel as well “I´ll assume that  he already did. (Secrets sooner or later will be exposed, anyways) If so , time´s already running out and could lead to an uncalled awakening”

“And he certainly must NOT be awakened  ” insisted  the woman “EVER”

Baihumon let escape an annoyed growl.

“Why don´t you keep an eye 24/7 on him if he´s so powerful?”

“There´s always someone near him. Still, you, Gods, are also responsible for his well being” replied the Angel as firm as the woman “And that includes every single living from each world be it a human or digimon”

Never an Angemon dared to speak so harshly at the Gods. But this wasn´t an ordinary Angemon…

“You are warning us about a possible  danger posed to the so called holy equilibrium of realities …” Ebonwumon, beginning to feel more respect at the strangers.

But the Phoenix God shook his head, negatively.

” I believe nothing” Zhuqalomon was the least likely to buy the story ”  I can attest, during all these years that this peculiar human  have never showed up any signs of possessing such DIVINITY. He´s a mere digidestined. Why not freeing  us from the Dark Masters´trap from the very beginning? Why not defeating every single enemy by himself, if he had such limitless powers? WE WATCHED HIM OVER THE YEARS AND SAW NOTHING THAT PROVED YOUR AFFIRMATIONS. He won´t show what he doesn´t possess and that´s it!”

The woman let escape an irritated sigh. No matter how many times they had this very same conversation, the gods were stubborn! Despite all the data she showed up to their ancient eyes, they still refused to believe her! At their eyes, it was implausible that a human being could be a cosmic´s force vessel of nearly endless powers.

Or it was  a matter of ego?

Probably it was hard to those gods move past the time that a group of mere villains, insignificant in powers compared to the gods,  managed to fool  the deities and had them trapped in the core of the world for centuries! And they still refused to believe a mere human could change it all?

They never learn, do they?

The angel pressed gently her hand, letting her know that she wasn´t alone.

” We are doing our best . This reality´s tissue is still too weak since Milleniunmon´s …” but the gods´expression disheartened Nova  in the end “Just…keep your guard  regarding your own reality…and Yggdrasil”

All what the pair received was a gelid glance.

“Mr Gennai, please show the visitors the door…” ordered the Phoenix, indifferent.

Mr Gennai , who had been watching the whole time, made a reverence.

“Yes, Sir”

And he waved an arm to the couple, inviting them to follow him to the exit.

The pair had no choice but leave the palace.Nova looked at Azulongmon, Zhuqalomon, Baihumon and Ebonwumon with a bit of sadness. Their only business was to take care of their own reality and although they were grateful for the warning she had given, she knew she couldn´t expect anything else from them.


Once outside, Mr Gennai finally spoke at them.

“Nova, Ange. I´m sorry about this. They aren´t the easiest public”

“From all the realities we´ve been, these 4 are among the most skeptical…they wouldn´t recognize the truth even if it slaps  their cantankerous faces!”

“They are scared” said the angel “And fear sometimes clouds  ones´s mind”

Mr Gennai shook his shoulders.

“Been with them for a decade and your statement is true. Well, but I can attest the facts being true…I still remember what happened THAT day. Right after Malomyotismon´s defeat…and I would love to SEE HIS TRUE FORM once again”

“If only..!” the woman returned his smile with a nervous one” “He could bring Magnus back…”


The Angel surrounded her shoulders with an arm.

“Leave it dear, we are not doing that again” his tone was gentle, yet firm ” As he said once, there are certain events that must be left alone. Remember Omega?”

She blinked her eyes  for a minute, struggling to maintain in check her emotions. Of course she remembered…and she would regret it until the end of her days….

“Of course I am fully aware of my worst mistake!” her response was more vehement than wished “And I certainly don´t wish to see such a thing happening again!”

Angemon felt an ache all over his beautiful heart. She spoke about her mistake? That was a tango and it required TWO to be danced, HE also had his own share of shame in that matter!

“Gennai…Just keep an eye on that lad, ok?” Nova´s tone softened considerably, sounding almost as a begging.

“I will, as always!” he promised. He considered those people his friends and knew the entire story so he certainly didn´t want to see Nova´s face surrounded by sadness “Go ahead with your mission and give us a shout if things take a turn for worse”

Angemon smiled and his arms surrounded his girl´s shoulders. Such act made her cheeks blush and leaned on his broad chest.

“I must admit this though, because of HIM  I was granted this Angel as my partner in crime”

Angemon kissed her hand,  amused with her choice of words.

“Ditto, dear” and then he proceeded to kiss the only ring that adorned her left hand , the symbol of their union “I wouldn´t want it any other way”

Gennai hid a smile. Those two were a quite unconventional digidestined-digimon set…!

Nova then looked at the sky. It was so vibrant! It was like an endless sapphire vault filled of flying of sparkling data. This Digiworld was indeed, very beautiful…

“Gennai, we warned them” said Angemon “There´s nothing else we can do except moving on ”

“I ´ll be monitoring this timeline´s affair. Everything will be taken care…just in case…”

“Thank you Mr Gennai. You are good friend” Nova gave Gennai a little hug

“Nova, time´s running short” declared the angel “There´s still a lot to figure out”

“I know!” she broke the embrace and rejoined her angel´s side ” Well Gennai I´m counting with you on this one, ok? We must gather the others and prepare our next strategies, take care!!!”

Angemon took her hands, tenderly.


The light of evolution was like a shining sun, beautiful and almost blinding. When the light vanished, so did the visitors…



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