Reality XII Hypnos


Reality 12 Ryo Akiyama followed Steve Jobs and Bill Gates route: quitting college and start his own software company and become a billionaire at the age of 20.
In this case he founded HYPNOS.
At the public´s eyes Hypnos is just another Microsoft-type company but is indeed much more than that. It´s actually a quite complex system that serves as a connection between the Digital and Real worlds.

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Yggdrasil from Reality 08


When Lucemon got a handle, for the first time. of Nexus his insanity drove him to destroy reality 08. Reality 08 was none other than the  X-Evolution world not too longer after being resetted by Ominmon X.
The destruction was almost instant, the X-Evolution reality was no more.

Except that Tokomon X survived.
And so did Yggdrasil which, in the last minute, before being given the final blow by Ominmon X managed to send part of his codes to the neighboring human world. His codes traveled through the net and ended taking possession of a google boy called Takeshi who was just playing a videogame at that time. Takeshi became one with Yggdrasil but before he could fully understand what´s going on he was drawn to the Digital World. There he was greeted by the newly digivolved Tokomon X, now Patamon X which declared that from now on he was is partner. Takeshi was supposed to be given a mission about stopping a lingering corruption in the new Digiworld but Lucemon´s antics in Nexus caused the entire reality to collapse !

The dormant Yggdrasil then activated its powers and both Takeshi and Patamon X were teleported in the nick of time. When the pair finally opened their eyes they would find themselves in another Digiworld and inevitably dragged to a new adventure…

The encounter of two Yggdrasils II

There´s a moment in the story by Calumon´s grace reality 012 Yggdrasil will end up meeting Yggdrasil from reality 03 counterpart…Siblings without being siblings, reality 012 Alexander Mc Coy will face reality 03 Alice Mc Coy at last!

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Yggdrasil from Reality 03

During her coma days Alice McCoy´s soul traveled to the Digiworld and met the Gods. She made friends with them and was given the task of leading Dobermon to the Human world in order to deliver new powers to the tamers…unbeknownst to everybody, even herself, when she finally woke up from her coma Alice became Yggdrasil´s human host as well…

Yggdrasil from Reality 012


After Nova refused the crown and was returned to her homeworld, Yggdrasil announced it would fall in a slumber in order to heal the digiworld´s wounds.
Unbeknownst to everybody, the Host Computer would also split its conscience and transfer it to a human body….

Years later Alexander Mc Coy (Alice Mc Coy Reality xii´s male counterpart) would show up requesting the  digidestineds´ help. A war among the Olympus XII erupted and threatened to break apart several levels of the Digiworld.

Since then he became best friends with Ryo Akiyama and when Ryo is away for digital business, Alexander runs Hypnos (Ryo founded it in reality 12) in his place…


The encounter of two Yggdrasils


Relena was enjoying her ride with Supreme Elizabeth , Gabumon, Impmon and even took a fancy to Cherubimon when she was suddenly kidnapped by someone else. In a whim she was pulled to the sky.

“Elizabeth-chan!!! Gabumon!!! HELP!!!!”

“Relena!!!!” yelled Elizabeth and her digivice shone with the light of evolution, Gabumon and Impmon assented

“Don´t bother, we are leaving” said the captor and much to Elizabeth and the others´annoyance the captor opened a gate and jumped into it. Not even Cherubimon was able to cach them in tiem

“BOLLOCKS!!!!!” Elizabeth shouted in frustration “BOLLOCKS!!!!

Relena would had kept shouting and struggling to free herself but the captor said:

“It´s not wise trying to put a fight while we are going through an interface. Just stay still until we are out…”

When the girl finally opened her eyes they were already out of the gate and flying in the blue sky. The she proceeded to look at the asshole who dared to separate her from Elizabeth-chan and gasped. She was being carried by a young, handsome man; his hair was shiny silver and his eyes were as blue as the sky. His tanned skin was the total opposite to hers.

“WHO ARE YOU?!” she demanded to know “AND WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!”

The guy smirked.

“I´m Gabriel Mikihara, an incarnation from Yggdrasil from reality 09” was his response. Then he winked at her “It´s quite  nice meeting a fellow deity”


“No need to play dumb, sweetie. ´Why don´t you show your true colors…Yggdrasil-sama?”

Relena´s heart froze.

“No use to deny it..shall we confirm my words?” and he immediately let her go. Relena, scared to death, yelled  while falling from the clouds.

“I am NOT going to save you!” he laughed while following on her fall “Come one, miss Norstein. Just let go of your facade!”

Relena struggled and struggled but in the end Gabriel refused to catch her. When she was about to touch ground a silvered light emerged from her body and a transformed Relena jumped back to the skies.

“HOW DID YOU KNOW?” she asked , her heart was stil beating like crazy due to the fear of almost turning into a tortilla. She had  never  transformed before…

“Information goes across time, space and realities as well” he explained and his hand played with her bangs ” Especially when it comes to Yggdrasil. The activities of a local Computer Host is always registered and shared with the other Hosts…ALWAYS. ” he made a pause “You are an interesting one though. I confess being amused with YOUR story”

“And what´s my story?” Relena asked, not sure if she wanted to know the answer.

“The one you SWORE never tell to a certain onii-chan” Gabriel´s smile was filled with Malice “How would he feel the day he learns that his supposed cure was bullshit and you made a deal with the leftovers codes of Yggdrasil in order to heal?”

The colours abandoned Relena´s face.

” NO!!!!”

“The so called genius may had found a way to cure normal people of that shitty disease. But you? An hybrid? ” he patted her head “If your stupid father wasn´t so obsessed on torturing  digimons  in the name of science..well, Tohma-san may had been able to cure you in the upcoming years. But the Norstein are a shitty family that never know how not to cross certain boundaries” the more he spoke the more Relena wanted to cry “And you are the RESPONSIBLE for all that crap. So many digimons died because of YOU”

“Stop it!”

“Why should I? I´m just saying the truth “his tone was as soft as a serpent and lethal as well ” You brought nothing but trouble since the very first day in the mortal world. So when Yggdrasil approached you, you had no choice but to become one with him. Of course your motives weren´t quite pure. You just wanted to relieve your brother from the burden of…you. So when he finally thought he cured you, Relena-chan, you lacked the courage to confess the truth”

She was on the verge of tears.

“I don´t blame you though. In fact, I´m pleased with that fusion of yours and my reality 05 sibling…that´s the least you could do to atone for all the damages inflicted to the Digiworld. So I like you already”

The girl gulped. Gabriel Mikihara was the handsomest guy she ever met in her life but freaked the hell out of her.

“I…I don´t”

“Of course you can´t, you are quite busy with your taboo stuff. I actually admire you a lot, I am not sure I would have the balls to confess to my sister “and he burst in an hysterical laugh “I would had killed to see HIS reaction!”

“STOP IT! ” she ended slapping him ” IT´S NOT FUNNY!”

“For you, maybe not” he wasn´t bothered in the least ” Well, shall we go on with our deal?”

“I am not doing anything with you!!” she was already beginning to hate Mikihara

“Well, it´s inevitable that you´ll meet Tohma-kun again. And I will be present as well…ready to spill some beans…”


Gabriel replied with a whistle. And the girl realized that he was capable of that. She could still recall her brother´s horrified expression when she confessed her feelings…if he knew about her other secret he would hate her forever! She couldn´t bear that thought. It was hell.

“Okay” she finally spoke “What do you want?”

Gabriel kissed her on the cheek and whispered “You and I are going to set on a very interesting adventure. We are going to find NEXUS…”

Gabriel Mikihara True Form

In a moment of the story Goddess Norun Mikihara, Yggdrasil´s human form, revealed to Magna Angemon that Yggdrasil actually split his conscience into two human beings.
While she´s back at the Digiworld, ready to assume her duties as the Digiworld´s Goddess..she admits to Magna Angemon that everything would be easier to her if Yggdrasil´s other part also returns to the Digital World.

Google Boy Tsurugi already met Gabriel and believes is nothing more than a handsome asshole. But what neither Tsurugi nor Magna Angemon know is Gabriel´s true form…


And soon some of Lucemon´s minions will learn about that fact…

Other piccies of him:

The Angel, the Google Boy and the God by AyhelenkGabriel Mikihara by Ayhelenk

Yggdrasil meets the Angel of Destiny

Yggdrasil meets the Angel of Destiny by Elizabeth2003


From chapter 7:



“So that Key belonged to Clavis Angemon?” Pixiemon pointed at the golden key.


Magna Angemon and Pixiemon, again, exchanged a puzzled glare.

” It was given to me by another Angel.  Unlike you  or Clavis, he wasn´t a  digital angel…an angel of Destiny and Justice; that´s how he referred himself and acknowledging my past sins   he, at that  time,  could pretty much had erased my existence. Instead,  I was offered his friendship”

Pixiemon couldn´t contain an awe bu Magna Angemon forwned.

“Your past sins?” although he knew pretty well that Yggdrasil lead an existence longer than life itself, Norun´s bold confession still blew his mind. He suddenly realized he had no clue about the Goddess´s background and that was a pill hard to swallow.

“I see your face Magna and soon this tale will make a bit more sense”  she caressed one of the angel´s cheeks “Why did I assume a girl´s form? Why leaving behind my original, computerized body behind?… WELL, I did what I did because I was inspired by  HIS actions”

The digimons opened their mouths , the word shocked  could hardly describe their feelings at this precise moment. But Norun carried on with her explanations.

“I witnessed the rise of an angel of almost limitless powers only to transfer his  consciousness into a much humbler form, erasing in the process his own memories and powers… to be reborn as a  HUMAN”

Magna Angemon fell to his knees.

“Before bidding his farewell  I was confronted by the following question:

How are you supposed to protect both digital and human´s equilibrium when you, a holy computer, actually possess no understanding of their hearts?

I wasn´t able to offer any answer. The angel then smiled.

Yggdrasil I´ve been doing this for an eternity; changing forms, going through different stories and each time   amuses me.I am about to be reborn as a human boy and can´t wait to see how the new story unfolds.

My data became a turmmoil.  Isn´t being an angel magnificent enough? I asked, shaken.

And the angel replied: Because nothing amuses me the most than the adventures, and I believe you also need one, Yggdrasil. Allow yourself to live an adventure and see what I mean…

Meet Gabriel Mikihara

Gabriel Mikihara by Elizabeth2003
In a moment of the story Goddess Norun Mikihara, Yggdrasil´s human form, revealed to Magna Angemon that Yggdrasil actually split his conscience into two human beings.
While she´s back at the Digiworld, ready to assume her duties as the Digiworld´s Goddess..she admits to Magna Angemon that everything would be easier to her if Yggdrasil´s other part also returns to the Digital World.

Magna Angemon offers to search for him in the human world, and his only clues are Yggdrasil´s current name and a picture.

But who says that when Magna Angemon finds the elusive Gabriel he´ll be willing to go back…?