Ishida meets Takenouchi

Ishida meets Takenouchi by Ayhelenk

…despite his best efforts, despite being a proud Mega, this time Metalgarurumon was completely overwhelmed by the enemy.
“COME ON!” yelled Yamatto “YOU CAN DO IT!!”

The digimon kept fighting but proved to be no match for Arkadimon and the latter, with little effort, delivered a well studied piercing attack that robbed of his opponent several codes.

“OH SHIT…!” mumbled Yamatto´s Digimon before dedigivolving into its baby form. He didn´t have a choice, Arkadimon sucked so much of his vitality that his system reacted following the usual protocol: regression into a basic form or die on the spot!

“TSUNOMON!!!” Yamatto shouted in desperation because both him and his digimon were falling from the sky like a pair of rocks.

Arkadimon crossed its arms and looked down. No spark of compassion ignited from its heart, no moment of doubt came across its corrupted system. In fact, the digimon was looking forward to see that pair of idiots meet their impending death…

“COME ON, PAL!” the blond digidestined struggled to make his digimon evolve again but the digivice showed no will to follow through his commands “WORK! WORK!”
“I´m sorry, I am too tired…” Tsunomon was scared as hell yet he barely had any codes to sustain its tiny body “If only…”

If only they didn´t try to do it their way, having stayed at the safehouse  and listened to Mr Gennai and Takariyama´s words they wouldn´t had been surprised by the enemy like this. The other digidestineds were too far or too busy fighting to defend their own lives to assist the troubled pair on time…

I wish I could tell Sora how sorry I am for being such a jerk, thought Yamatto, and that I always believed that we had a wonderful future together…


The chosen of friendship felt like crying, he was going to die with Tsunomon and his conscience wasn´t giving him a break. People usually said that when someone is having a close call from death, his or he entire life is projected in front of the person´s eyes. His conscience, though, insisted on projecting every single moment in which he behaved like a grandiose jerk towards his friends…and especially the break-up scene. Sora´s painful words echoed through his mind, pierced his heart and his own responses were so hurtful that Yamatto wondered what the heck was thinking when he blurted that poison.

“Forgive me…” he whispered, closing his eyes.

“AND HERE WE GO, UP UP AND AWAYYYYYYYY…!!!!” suddenly Yamatto felt an abrupt  pull on his green T-shirt and   his fall ceased.


The chosen of friendship could barely articulate any word when he found himself being carried by Birdramon and a tall, strong masculine figure  standing by his side.

“Birdramon!! Thank goodness you made it in time!” exclaimed a relieved Tsunomon when he realized he landed on the giant bird´s head. Of course their friends would be in time, he knew it!!

“You are welcome, little one” smiled the bird “Are you OK?”

“Now I am…WAIT A MINUTE!” Yamatto´s digimon opened its mouth wider than a plate “WHO ARE YOU?!”

Tsunomon realized that this Birdramon wasn´t the one he knew. This one looked exactly like Sora´s save for its codes smelling way too different from the former´s. So who were their rescuers?!

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!” Yamatto finally managed to speak and his finger pointed at the teenager that was commanding Birdramon.Another guy would had been too grateful to his rescuer to mutter any question and would be kissing his feet. But not Yamatto.
Instead of feeling grateful, he was annoyed.

“You are welcome, princess” replied the other fella with a tone filled with sarcasm

“HOW DID YOU CALL ME?!!!” from Yamatto´s aura emerged a roaring tiger, ready to eat the other alive “I DARE YOU TO CALL ME LIKE THAT AGAIN!!!”

He received another burlesque smirk from the teenager.

“Sure, princess” and before the temperamental kid could burst in a fit of rage the other fella grabbed him again by the T-shirt.

“LET ME GO!!!” demanded Yamatto, with his feet and arms moving chaotically in the air, struggling to free himself from the hateful fella´s hand only to get a good shaking from the antipathetic fella “YOU ARE SO GOING TO REGRET THIS…!”

But the other seemed  amused with the threats and his smile grew wider.

”  Just a look at you and I can tell you are an Ishida”

Matt´s face paled


“The Ishida stubbornness is easy to recognize. In fact, it´s a trademark” replied the teenager with a smooth yet acquiescent tone.

Yamatto gasped, how come that asshole possessed the same hair and eyes as his girlfriend? was more than that. He looked so like her that he could pass as her elder brother! But he couldn´t be her family, Yamatto knew almost everybody in the Takenouchi clan and was positive that fella wasn´t one of them

“But in terms of bitchness you are 100 years too early if compared to Miyako” continued the lad ignoring the other´s incensed expression ” She usually has the likes of you for breakfast”



The other guy ´s smirk vanished and his chestnuts eyes sparkled with such energy that it could provoke a thunderstorm in a moment or other.  That was the look of an individual who possessed a huge temperament.

“TAKENOUCHI” answered in the end “SORA TAKENOUCHI”

Yamatto almost fainted.


In less than 30 seconds the rescuer went from the holy rescuer mode into a menacing one. He looked  so intimidating that Yamatto´s body shrieked.

“I never joke” declared the guy laconically.