Reigniting the romance

“Long time no see, my beloved…”
The following minute Makoto Tachikawa ended on the ground and Venusmon began to kiss him all the way, much to the public´s shock…

Reigniting the romance by Ayhelenk


The Goddess of Love got her Beloved

The Goddess of Love got her Beloved by Elizabeth2003


Mimi´s  reality nº 12 counterpart is a digidestined guy called Makoto Tachikawa (by the way,  the name´s been suggested by Flapinko)
He´s 28 years old and is  the Digidestined of Sincerity  but sometimes he tends to act more like the Digidestined of Love due to his playboy nature Giggle
And in his list of romances, there´s Venusmon!

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