Little Takeru and the King

Little Takeru and the King by Ayhelenk


This scene takes place between The portal XII by Ayhelenk and The Quarrel by Ayhelenk.

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This is a scene that I wrote for my fanfic years ago (but right now it´s being revisited and rebooted a bit)
Thanks to Lucemon´s plans, digidestineds from many seasons are trapped in the 01 Digiworld ; but they are not only trapped, they turned back into kids!
And with the age reversal, their personalities also were altered.
Calumon is still a cutie :heart:

Nova´s Angemon and Justimon are going to lead some of the digidestineds to assault Lucemon´s HQs and rescue some hostages. But it won´t be an easy task, the google boys while being friendly will wonder who´s the leader among them.
Yolei´s already crushing over Justimon and Angemon….Laughing