Kabuterimon Ikemen Mode


This is a B-day present for my bff :iconlerato:!

We’ve been best buddies for more than a decade and my life’s been much better thanks to him. Been there for me in my best and worse times, encouraging me  whenever I needed it and rejoicing with me when I had something to celebrate :heart:

I drew a very special Kabuterimon for Lerato. Besides Angemon, my friend ADORES Tentomon and all his forms, especially Kabuterimon. So,I had to draw Kabu in “Ikemen Mode” and I was pretty much inspired by my friend’s original designs (Lerato used to draw Kabu in a bishie-humanoid-type years ago and being best pals with Angemon ;)) and ready to make everybody drool :laughing:

Happy Birthday darling! :glomp:


Digidestined Alphonse – Close Up


From my newest fanart, (fav.me/dcgcimv)a close up of a Digidestined called Alphonse.

A true  digi-ikemen , exhuding an aura of aloofness and mystery that could make any girl (or boy) ‘s heart to ache in an awe…if he’s actually a human! Alphonse is actually Alphamon in disguise and agreed to pass as a digidestined in order to participate in a digitournament and compete against Taichi and other digidestineds for Yggdrasil’s sake.

Even as a guy, Alphamon won’t hold back and will make the digidestineds go through a rollcoaster. But when he finds out that he’d been tricked by Gabriel Mikihara, the mastermind of the digitournament …will both the digiworld and the human world still standing in one piece?;)

I posted this close up because I adore drawing ikemens and Alphamon as Alphonse is one of the hottest ocs from my gallery :love:

A Rival Team


This takes place during Taichi’s first year in high school , when he and Yamato aren’t on their best terms (which I delightfully portrayed in a mini comic called Love vs Bakas :pointr: fav.me/dccv9mf) and will be forced to join a Digi Tournament in order to win back Sora’s friendship.

What none of the heroes know is that  the whole tournament , like D-1, is nothing but a ruse to attract and eventually capture all the digidestineds and steal their “sources of power”. The mastermind of what he calls “a mockery of tournament” is Gabriel Mikihara (in my fic one of Yggdrasil’s human forms from reality 09 and elder brother of Norun from the digimon next manga) whose constant desire of amusement (thus jumping from one reality to another and never bothering on helping his sister on ruling their native digiworld) lead him to convince a local digidestined from reality 01, Ludwig Faust to join forces.

Ludwig would never had gotten into this story had not Mikihara revealed himself as Yggdrasil and  Emeraude was also one of the server’s forms (Ludwig’s girlfriend and fellow digidestined as well) and that her apparent illness (her health had been mysteriously weakening and nonbody, even Ludwig, could find out the reason) was linked to the infortunate events between the digiworld and human world and the Malomhyotismon incident proved to be especially nefarious towards Emeraude’s system.

Enraged, Ludwig accepted the deal and called in two more allies to prepare the trap: Sorcerymon and Alphamon.
As the condition to participate in the tournament was forming a team of 5, the latter two assumed human forms. Sorcerymon became a 14ish year old lad and goes by the name of Sor while Alphamon became a darkish ikemen and goes by the name of Alphonse.

And Taichi’s troupe will have a hell of a ride in this adventure…

Inheritance of Digivice


After chatting with my best pal :iconlerato: who adored Nova’s outfit in my latest fanart fav.me/dcf19rs I decided the draw it in its full glory. At first I was going to draw Nova wearing again but since her digivice will – in future chapters-  be passed to Hikari  (I have an old fancomic portraying it which I will redraw sometime in the future :pointr:fav.me/d925b6v) I decided to make the latter donning it :giggle:So this piccie is dedicated for Lerato :hug:

Note: I used and edited a couple of screenshots as bg in order to convey better this silly scene :)


“OH MY!” yelled Hikari surprised by the sudden sparks coming from her brand new digivice “WHAT’S GOING ON?!”

Nova couldn’t help but giggle. She was teaching the newbie the wonders of being a supreme and hence how to unlock the bracelet-type digivice that came with the job. But handling such device was everything but easy! It was a box full of suprises, certainly. Unlike the other digivices it required a hell lot more of will and strength otherwise it would not release any single data.

After several tries, Hikari finally managed to unlock one feature..in this case, a  change of outfit!

“I see that you accessed my old wardrobe” explained Nova trying her best not to laugh “And I cannot believe you unlocked the pinup one”

Gatomon , who’d been watching all this time, barely could believe what she was seeing.


“You actually wore this?!” Hikari’s cheeks reddened. It was a mix of swimsuit and a dress and shamelessly exposing most of her skin!


“And Ange allowed you to go into missions dressed like this?!” Hikari couldn’t decide which part was the most outrageous…but at the same time she kinda loved it…

The blonde sensei snorted. She could still recall his flustered expression when she wore it the first time although he did his best to look unfazed. But when the time of them becoming something more significant than mere partners Ange would often beg her to wear it for him when they were alone.

“Let’s say” continued Nova, winking an eye  “that Takeru-kun will for sure LOVE IT. If you, pair of lovebirds, are still virgins THAT will soon become a preterite…”

“HEY!!!” yelled Gatomon and Hikari at the same time, quite embarrassed.

“100% guaranteed” the blonde winked her eye again, teasing the Digidestined of Light and her cat was so amusing…!



This scene follows fav.me/da0bn5l and fav.me/dbtvmfg

“I’m giving it back” said the angel in the humblest tone “Whether you hate me or not, if you rather exile me again than becoming my partner…the choice is yours. No day passes without feeling regret my past actions, I should had helped you back then instead of being so angry…”

The girl was on the verge of tears. From his hands emerged the digivice he held hostage for so long and she never managed to recover…!

It wasn’t a mere device. It was her older brother’s memento who was still MIA.

At first she didn’t know what to say , she never expected this day to come. He was allowing himself to show his fragile, human side before the person he swore he would never serve years ago. He even ditched his helmet!

Looking at his sapphire eyes she could sense his anxiousness. He wasn’t putting an act, he was  unsure of his fate for real. No, more than that. He was longing to stay and didn’t know how to ask…

Don’t you realize, Nova-chan? Tia Yagami’s words echoed through her heart Regardless of the past, despite your constant bickering…you became his family. Even during those past 2 years you were separated… Tia was the most adamant of the fellow digidestineds on letting go of their past differences and begin anew, as true comrades. Nova ‘s heart ached while looking at Ange. He was willing to give up his pride as a digital angel if he could atone, at least a bit.

The digivice was still floating, waiting for her answer.

Nova finally  understood. He was pretty much like her, fiercely loyal and ready to throw away his life for somebody’s sake. She dreamed of finding her  brother as much as Ange dreamed to be reunited with the little child he left behind after defeating Devimon…and they were lonely. Holding grudges did not help either of them…

Instead of taking her digivice, she caressed Ange’s cheek.

“Then, let’s call for a truce and start again” she smiled ” Shall we?”

Tears of relief and joy emerged from his eyes.

“We shall”

And to seal their deal they fused into the most candid, affectionate embrace…

Commission – Lilithmon Eden Mode


I was   commissioned by :iconavdermisprime: to draw a variation of Lilithmon : “Lilithmon Eden Mode”

Following his description she’s a holy form of Lilithmon. For starters, her  overall appearance is angelic and bright with feathered wings, she has no  armored hand instead wears a  white glove. I was asked to draw her blonde but at the same time I thought it would be a bit boring giving her the same type of blondiness as Angewomon’s so I chose other palette for the hair.   The Crests are etched on her skirt  due to her backstory. (which, by the way, if you are curious about it just visit my friend’s page :))
Drawing this took a helluva of time but I’m quite pleased with the result.

I added the watermark and disabled the download button since this is a paid commission.

Commission – HolyAngewomon Genesis Mode


I was   commissioned by :iconavdermisprime: to draw a variation of Angewomon : “HolyAngewomon Genesis Mode”

Following his description she resembles my oc Lady Angewomon but her face is visible unlike the former. He also asked to have  her wings’ lower edges all along were golden to the tip with  all 11 Crests are behind her, all in golden, around the Evolution Crystal (a NEXUS shaped crystal which by the way corresponds to an oc digiserver of mine).  She wields the Staff of Light  in her right hand and the sword of Imperialdramon PM  hanging on her left side on a golden belt, on which she also has ten pairs of different colored crystals.

Drawing this took a helluva of time but I’m quite pleased with the result.

I added the watermark and disabled the download button since this is a paid commission.