Guide to the Digi-Multiverse – Redesigned

Guide to the Digi-Multiverse - Redesigned by Ayhelenk

Among other stuff for my Digimon fansite I redesigned what I call the “Digi-Multiverse”, like Grant Morrison’s but with digimons :laughing:
The old one=>

This is a map (and I admit it, I NAVIGATED through Grant Morrison´s Multiversity map) created for my digimon fanfic.
I am doing like mr Morrison, a crossover of several Digimon seasons (and some nods to the mangas and games as well) and in order to guide myself (and probably mess with everybody´s minds as well) I settled the different realities.

Reality 01: Adventures 01-02
Reality 02: V-Tamer manga.
Reality 03: Tamers
Reality 04: Frontiers
Reality 05: Data Squad
Reality 06: Digimon X-ros or Fusion
Reality 07: World Dawn & Dusk
Reality 08: X
Reality 09: Next
Reality 010: D-Cyber
Reality 011: Sleuth
Reality 012: Supreme

In my fic, the frontier Lucemon somehow revived and wants vengeance…only that this time, he´s not only after the digidestineds that defeated him. With a fallen Digital angel of Time as an ally he aims to  take possession of every universe and recreate according to his own ideals.
So, digimons and digidestineds from several timelines will be dragged to a hell of a digi-adventure….


Tempus Angemon -Redesign

Tempus Angemon -Redesign by Ayhelenk

Born and Ikemen, always an ikemen 😉

Among other characters, I also wanted to redesign my OC Mega Tempus Angemon in order to look a bit less “Seraphimon”
Then I came up with the conclusion that the Tempus form is actually a Seraphimon embedded with the Crest of Time (which I also redesigned) and liked the idea quite a lot 


This is Ange´s Mega form and for the majority who never read my fic it’s about an Angemon from reality 04 who used to be   one of Lucemon´s most loyal soldiers. That until he came across  digidestined Shizuka and thanks to her he ended realizing about the madness of Lucemon´s “peaceful mission” and eventually switched sides. 

He would eventually be reborn , centuries later, in reality 01 as Takeru’s first Angemon and eventually Nova’s future husband 

:) (Smile)

Yup, I think I re-fell in love with him once more 


Millennium Holy Angemon

Millennium Holy Angemon - Updated by Ayhelenk

This is Ange´s past life, in reality 04,  as one of Lucemon´s most loyal soldiers until meeting digidestined Shizuka and realizing the madness of Lucemon´s “peaceful mission”
He would eventually be reborn , centuries later, in reality 01 as Takeru’s first Angemon and eventually Nova’s future husband :) (Smile)
I tweaked his staff (he was the only angemon to wield a staff with the symbol of Hope while his partner, Angewomon wielded the staff of Light as well) by making the crest float and surrounded by wings.Colours will come later.Enjoy!

By the way, I was inspired by this wonderful theme from Fate/Stay Night


Commission for Paula: Digidestined Jiahua Li

Commission for Paula: Digidestined Jiahua Li by Ayhelenk


This is a lovely portrait of my OC  digidestined Jiahua Li ,  Li Jian-Liang´s ( Henry Wong) reality 12 counterpart in my fanfic , requested by :iconpaulavlc94: who likes my fanfic and took a special liking to this character of mine :)

Why did I draw a koto?

Because the digidestineds from that reality can accomplish many interesting stuff with their digivices, besides making their digimons evolve the digivices themselves can assume other forms. They also “digivolve”

Like Tia Yagami, for example => or Miyako Ishida => , I refer them as their special items (hence the obligatory change of costume XD) and I chose the koto as Jia’s special object (and by the way, this digi-instrument can float)

Paula also wished to see Jia-chan wearing a beautiful dress like Miyako’s so I naturally agreed. Let’s say that Takato Matsuda will never be the same after seeing Jia-chan looking like this ;)

Other piccies featuring Jiahua=> and , her digimon is a white lopmon.

Ange – Updated Design

Ange - Updated Design by Ayhelenk

Lately I’m all for creating my own “opening” for my digimon fanfic fansite so, after drawing my digimon fanarts in several styles for a good while, I decided to simplify them into the typical anime style and take it from there if I manage to make some animations.

The other day I posted a slight redesign of my ocs Nova Takariyama,  her elder brother Magnus and Hikari Yagami.
While the other digidestineds are on the way today I’m posting my newest revision of Ange, – who just happens to be Takeru Takaishi’s first Angemon which died defeating Devimon but in my story his soul was sent to another digiworld -from reality 012- instead of being allowed to rejoin his other self patamon inside the newly created digiegg and another Angemon took his place much to his annoyance- in both his civilian and digiangelic forms.

After living for a while with his new partner Nova he learned to embrace his humanity and have fun besides protecting the worlds.
When he dons his wings his hair is brown but when off duty Ange prefers to have it blond (and because Nova told him that he looks way handsomer like that XD )

Handsome, sometimes naive and sometimes a bit of a smartass, Ange would eventually form – with Nova- an elite group of digidestineds known as Supremes and would, for many years, protect the holy equilibrium of several realities.