Clavis Angemon from Reality XII ´s realm





A Millennia before the Digimon Next manga´s events, another angel served as Yggdrasil ´s closest one: Clavis Angemon.
From his realm, besides the Digiworld´s affairs,  he constantly protects the “Zenith Gate” which is sealed by means of 360 doors. But he also protects something even more important, the threads of time and space that connects his reality with others…and the entrance to Nexus as well.

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New tie in story

I uploaded a two part short story , “The Illusion”.

anubis copy

It´s a bit different from the other short stories, not only because I had to divide it in two parts due to its length but it also turned to be one of the most bizarre from the bunch.

By Anubismon´s orders Nova and Gallantmon must help a confused digidestined, who accidentally made it to Anubismon´s realm of the Dead,   go back to her reality. But dealing with the digidestined of Sincerity won´t be an easy task!





Creating new Life


It didn´t take too long since the King´s departure and the return of the Angemon who failed to guide her to the missing Magnus Takariyama.
Not Tempus Angemon anymore and unable to go back to his original Digiworld, Angemon accepted Kabuki Sakuyamon´s offer and lived in the temple as one of her apprentices.

Whilst the Renamons did not like his presence, both because they adored Nova and really felt sorry for her and also became terribly jealous about the Priestess being so friendly towards him, Ange had no problems settling down and gained another friend in Merukimon. The Olympic deity remained for a while in the temple, helping to rebuild the Digiworld after Piedmon´s death; Merukimon neither judged nor justified the angel´s fall out with Nova but declared that his peers in the Olympus XII were far more selfish and bothersome.

One day the Priestess , during one of her meditation sessions, was granted a new vision.

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Reality XII: Akiyama and his angels

Just a follow up from the Reality XII Akiyama and his Digital Angels Heart

Yup, this AU version of Ryo Akiyama has got Angemon and Angewomon as his digital partners.
And they are quite UNIQUE.
Unlike Takeru and Hikari these angels are GOLDEN ARMORED versions; one time, in the midst of a battle against a nuttso Cherubimon  they  released the digieggs of Destiny and Miracle to assist the digidestineds  and ended merged with the eggs. Their codes drastically changed for good and gained new powers and a new line of evolution that no average Angemon or Angewomon can achieve.  Ryo simply adores them :love:

Angemon and Angewomon from Reality XII


Just a follow up from the reality XII´s digiangels :heart:

Angemon and Angewomon from reality XII are QUITE different from Tk and Kari´s angels.
For instance, they are are Ryo Akiyama ´s digimons ( ); they are ARMORED versions due to they had not only released the digieggs of Destiny and Miracle in the midst of a battle but also ended merging with the eggs as well thus becoming a new type of digital angels.




Digiland of the Dead- Reality XII

Designed for one of my short stories that compliment my digimon, “The Illusion”. Anubismon guards this land and when a digimon passes away he regulates its resurrection. Everyday he watches over the living and the dead through the Clock and whenever he decides to send the soul for its next incarnation they must go through a door that lays beneath the clock.
But sometimes the Clock will react to alterations through the fabric of time and space , threatening to cause distress to Anubismon´s mental health (he´s a control freak and hates it when something disturbs his routine)


The Clock


From the short story “The Illusion”

When it comes to the Beyond limits are nothing. The Great Clock of Life and Death from Reality 12  kept tickling; be it clockwise, be it anti-clockwise but never stopping its course. At least that´s what one of its appointed guardian, Anubismon, made it sure it never happen  in all his thousands of years at duty. That was expected from him and wholeheartedly believed he could do it without a stain in his book..

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Shukumeimon and Akarimon

reencounter copy

Magnus and his Digimons defeated Lucemon but also ended passing

Akarimon almost lost it in grief after witnessing the deaths of her teacher and boyfriend when a mysterious angel emerged from Magnus´s leftover codes…

“Ma…Magnus?!” she couldn´t believe what´s going in front of her eyes “HOW…?! You…you are alive?!”

” Life and Death are just two sides of the same coin my beloved Akarimon” spoke the angel in a very sweet tone “This is my true form”

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Reality XII Hypnos


Reality 12 Ryo Akiyama followed Steve Jobs and Bill Gates route: quitting college and start his own software company and become a billionaire at the age of 20.
In this case he founded HYPNOS.
At the public´s eyes Hypnos is just another Microsoft-type company but is indeed much more than that. It´s actually a quite complex system that serves as a connection between the Digital and Real worlds.

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Ryo Akiyama from Reality XII


Ryo Akiyama´s  reality nº 12 counterpart is a digidestined called…Ryo Akiyama!
In this reality  Ryo  is the Digidestined that holds the crests of Light and Hope and owns his own Patagato pair  and he´s certainly quite different from his tamer counterpart.

He´s bolder, much more assertive than the tamer and does no waste time to get the job done. Born a genius he also took the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs route: by the time he was 19 he left college and started his own software company and by the time he was 20 he was a billionaire as well. The name of his company is…HYPNOS.  Like the reality 03 Hypnos it is situated in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building although it is advertised as just another Microsoft-type company  instead of an organization. In fact, this Hypnos  has nothing to do with the government.
He founded it with Alexander McCoy , Yggdrasil´s human host, as a mean to monitor the activities between the Digital and Real world. Ryo acts , in public, as the genius yet somewhat irresponsible president of the company while Alex secretly runs the Digital business with his team (which consists of the AU versions of the tamers themselves)

The government is wary about Akiyama´s activities and his relation with digimons and several times sent its spies to the company and steal its secrets. One of them is none other than a fella named Mitsuo Yamaki…



At first it was as bright as 10 suns together and even Lucemon could not stand it. When the light ceded a bit Angemon, Magna Angemon ,Seraphimon and Norun  were surprised to see a 4th Angel was standing in place of the two lads!

“YOU CALLED, HERE I AM. YGGDRASIL-SAMA” spoke the newly arrived angel “AND YOU” he pointed a finger towards the monster ” Nexus? You DARE to lay a finger over Nexus?!”

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!!!” screamed the monster annoyed by the other angel´s luminous aura “NOBODY WILL PREVENT ME FROM FULFILLING MY HOLY MISSION!!”

“WHAT holy mission?” demanded to know the angel , frowning.

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