Reality VII Digidestined Tohma



During many of their interdimensional adventures, after their wedding, there was a time that Nova  and Ange met the AU Masaru Daimon & Co Savers. After joining forces together to defeat a big baddie   the couple ended convincing the former Savers not only to join the Supremes (albeit in the reserve team and not as the main regulars) but also helped them to convinced to  rebuild DATS. Not under the government´s eyes anymore but as a true, independent agency that would  to protect both the Digiworld and the human world as it was supposed to be. Besides, it was needed to ensure their children`s future as well.
Masaru was the first to accept since he dreamed of his little girl, Minami, who was just a baby at that time, that someday she would become a digidestined like him.
Yoshino felt the same as Masaru since she had a little boy of her own that she wanted to inherit the digidestined status as well. Tohma, who could never guess he actually had a child somewhere,  accepted if only to learn more about the events from other realities…

Tohma H. Norstein  is 38 years old and still a bachelor. He lives for DATS and all Digiworld business. He is proud to be a digidestined  again but still resents Masaru for eloping with his cute sister Relena and now having “the idiot with muscles” as part of his family.

He never imagined falling in love and forming a family himself but destiny ended sending him , in the upcoming years, the living proof of a moment of humanity when a little girl called Kita´s sent to his home

When Nova and Ange recruited the former DATS digidestineds as part of the Supreme rooster, Mirei Mikagura and Mastemon took a special interest on Tohma and insisted on  training him themselves. Neither Nova nor her husband questioned their interest and let them do with Tohma whatever they pleased.

“I loved meeting messed up people” was Mirei Mikagura´s declaration “You may be all brains combined with handsomeness but deep inside you are screwed up. You are perfect”

Never Tohma and Gaomon  passed through such a spartan, hellish training in his life until they met those women. How many times did they wish they were dead until they finally managed to go to the next level and develop a digievolution that was beyond the Mega form and may reach divinity…?

And Gaomon from Reality VII became Sabakugaogamon….