A visit from Angewomon


This scene takes place a year after the Omega incident and Nova and Ange ´s relationship evolved from partners to lovers.
They finally went through all the way, discovering the wonders of love; it was like meeting each other for the first time while surrounded by a pink cloud.And when she finally fell asleep in his arms, with a smile on her face Ange couldn´t help but surround her with his arms and wings.”If time should freeze, I wish it´d be right now” he whispered at her ear “My Angewomon…”He was ready to fall asleep as well when suddenly Nova´s body began to emanate a pink aura!”That´s the loveliest thing I heard from you for a long, long time…”

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This scene precedes An angel in Juilliard by Ayhelenk and Watching over his sleep by Ayhelenk and happens after this one The unfortunate discovery by Ayhelenk.


The fact is that since her initial adventures in the Digiworld and having gained nothing but a huge disappointment, 16 year old Nova Takariyama grew up as spoiled, capricious gal.
And the main culprit of her disappointment is now back into her life and already making himself home in what she called her sanctuary.
She never wanted to share her dorm in Juilliard and after scaring away every appointed roomate from it, now karma (or Kabuki Sakuyamon )was bitching back and had no qualms on throwing at her door the winged nightmare.

“Both of you have unsolved business” said her former teacher the first day “And the Renamons don´t want him back at the temple, sweetie. So, from now on,  he´s YOUR responsibility and you are HIS”

“OVER MY DEAD BODY!” despite adoring the deity so much, the girl was still too heartbroken, too resented to take back the angel “AND I´M FINDING MY CURSED DIGIVICE AND LET THIS ASSHOLE BECOME SOMEBODY ELSE´S NIGHTMARE!”

From day 1 he held her device hostage and she´d been looking for it like crazy. She kept looking everywhere , from floor to roof, behind the cupboards and the fridge (which thankfully was cleaned up and shone nicely since the unwanted visitor made her clean the whole dorm. He threatened to bring Akiyama and the entire group of digidestineds to her place and show them the slob she became…the mere thought of their horrified faces gave her the enough motivation to move her ass and in a matter of hours the dorm finally looked like a dorm and not a dumpster anymore. Yet she declared that he was the most hateful being from either world) to no avail.

But she was no ready to give up. The device must be somewhere!

So when Ange decided he needed a shower, an idea came up into Nova´s mind.

“OF COURSE! IT MUST BE WITHIN HIS TIGHTS!” so she waited behind the door until the shower was activated. Ange took gladly his bath, singing in the process. He had a nice baritone tone…

“You can sing whatever you want, Sinatra. Because I am sending you back to your hole…” she swiftly began to look through the laundry basket (and she felt a bit annoyed when she found his clothes carefully folded) , more than certain her bracelet was among his stuff.

But no. It wasn´t there.

She was about to manifest a frustrated exclamation when the water was turned off and the baritone angel stood right behind her.

“I thought we agreed that the bathroom is off limits” she turned around and her cheeks almost exploded!  Michelangelo´s David  had just came to life. The towel barely covered his parts, he was wet from heat to toes and God forbid her! Her nose began to itch so much that if she didn´t do anything she would succumb to an imminent nosebleed. Angel kept drying his hair , nonchalant. Her surprised  expression made him smile, though. “PERVERT”

And that was the magical word that made her fled the room.


From that moment Nova never tried to peek through his things during shower time….