The Power of Angemon

The Power of Angemon by Elizabeth2003


Fighting for the Digi-Multiverse, Angemon and his counterparts!

From right to left, Seraphimon (with Tk, reality 01), Dominimon (reality 02), Slash Angemon (with Ryuu Yamaki, reality 03), Clavis Angemon (reality 09), Tempus Angemon , Seraphimon (reality 04), Angemon Golden armor (rality 012), Piddomon (reality 010), Magna Angemon (with Shizuka Kimura, reality 04), Angemon

Tk really leads an army of Angemen from several realities 🙂

Took a little while but I´m glad that I drew this! :heart:


Back from the future…

Tempus Angemon and Slash Angemon by Elizabeth2003

This is a scene from my digimon fanfic, t will show up pretty soon in chapter 10.

Tempus Angemon and Nova without intention ended traveling 20 years in the future, in the tamers timeline. 20 years since Delipa´s defeat.
But their arrival was sort of expected by Ryuu Yamaki, the 18 year old son of Mitsuo and Reika Yamaki. Something that happened in Christmas Night , 10 years ago, triggered a catastrophe that almost extinguished the digital World. With the 4 Gods´s leftover powers, Ryuu and his digimon managed to summon Tempus Angemon and plead his help.
So now they are going back ten years before in order to prevent Mitsuo Yamaki and Hypnos releasing the so called Chronos Proyect into the net before it´s too late…