Inside Nexus



After finally getting rid of Oikawa Malomyotismon launched a gruesome attack over the digidestineds and they ended, for some time, trapped in their dreams.

Daisuke Motomoya supposedly was the only one who didn´t fall for that…but….he ended appearing somewhere else.

The whole deal just took place for a couple of moments but for Daisuke felt like an eternity…Shukumeimon gave a hand, surely, and told Daisuke how to help his friends.
Daisuke and veemon would never talk about how terrifying was meeting with Shukumeimon…



An odd friendship




Another yawn escaped from Bagramon´s lips and, like a pinball, echoed repeatedly through the invisible walls and the mirrors  until it finally met the exit.


“Why am I not surprised? ” laughed Shukumeimon, finally “ungluing” his eyes from the golden wheels “Welcome back, holy skipper!”  he greeted his friend with a reverence “May Homeostasis rejoice when it realizes that one of the most powerful Digital Angels from reality 06 ( note to the reader, reality 06 is Digimon Fusion) is fooling around another server…again!” and pretended to be horrified.


“Stop making it sound dirty” Bagramon opened his wings and joined his friend ´s side.


“Just admit it already” Shukumeimon winked an eye as the teaser he was “MY server is way more interesting than YOURS…”


“Your nose  is asking for a good beating”


“Meanie!”  giggled Shukumeimon feigning fear “Leave my poor nose alone!”
“As you wish” grumbled Bagramon and despite his apparent boredom he too stared at the holy wheels.
For a long moment the friends remained in silence. Shukumeimon slyly studied his friend´s expression and his childish smile subtly turned into a sober one.

Shukumeimon and Bagramon   were like  the sun and the moon; Shukumeimon was the sun, blessed with an Apollonian beauty in every inch of his form: beautiful, youthful appearance that couldn´t beat the 18s, long golden hair that reminded a golden cascade, sparkly opal eyes that shone as a pair of stars. Golden wings complimented his white robes and a pair of golden wheels were already constantly spinning over his shoulders. Bagramon was the moon, presented as a white-haired, bearded man with dark skin, golden robes, white cape and 8 pair of silvered wings.


Their tempers were alike as well, Shukumeimon tended to behave like a mischievous child while Bagramon was seriousness personified. Yet opposites tend to attract each other and they shared a long time friendship…

The Challenge of Destiny


Shukumeimon, a digital angel of Destiny decided to challenge both sides, involving a bunch of realities in a race against time…and destiny itself!

“I am the one proposing a NEW game. Whoever finds Nexus FIRST shall be the winner but for now…GOOD LUCK. YOU ARE GOING TO NEED IT…”