The other Mirei Mikagura


“I woke up after a long, almost eternal, slumber only to find out someone´s been impersonating me. I will never forget that impostor…!

But there´s the thing. Who´s actually the true Mirei Mikagura? The one who´d been assisting Aiba and the other cyber sleuths? Or the one who´d been trapped in a slumber until Saturn Angemon arrival?

Where´s the truth and where´s the lie? Because sometimes a lie may look too much like a truth and sometimes a sworn truth may end up being a well crafted lie…

With Seraphiwomon by her side, unable to trust in anybody else but a fallen angel of time´s words, this Mirei is,  at the moment, playing in Lucemon´s team. And she´s been hunting Gods…


Summoning Nexus



A millennium ago, in reality 04 (Frontiers) Angemon and Angewomon used to be Lucemon´s greatest  generals.
Until one day they met the 11th from the Ten Legendary warriors and realized how a madman was Lucemon.

When Lucemon was defeated by the Legendary 10, only the 11th survived.

Joining powers for the first time the generals and the new Great Angels (sorry for not drawing cherubimon but lacked space) , Shizuka Kimura did the last thing for the Digiworld:

And powers united, Nexus was summoned for the first time.

Nexus resurrected the dying reality and a new Reality 04 was formed…