A tender hug in Lincoln Center

This scene takes place sometime before  Angemon returned to Nova´s life (fav.me/db204ry and fav.me/da0bn5l ).
Nova´s 16 now and living in New York. Ryo is 18 and is currently one of the new digidestineds known as Cavaliers, protecting both worlds with a lovely set of Patagato ;)


Time passed and much to Nova´s desperation nobody , even her own family, believed she had a brother. For a strange reason anything related to Magnus Takariyama was erased from the collective memories save for Nova and Ryo´s and their background stories were inevitably altered. Nova was adopted when she was 8 by the Takariyamas after her russian parents passed away in a traffic accident. Ryo never had a frenemy and was still the number 1 on the rankings while closely followed by Hideko Ichijouji who in turn considered him her sworn rival.

He should had consoled Nova and admit he also remembered Magnus but again, the shock from that time in the Digiworld prevented him from saying anything. The one who ended consoling Nova was Tia Yagami.


Ryo could not bring up his own experience to the light until, one year later, the day he was summoned as a Digidestined with Tia Yagami, Sora Takenouchi, Inori Izumi, Miyako Ishida and Yori Kido by Kabuki Sakuyamon….

The new set of digidestineds found themselves in a shinto-type temple and were greeted by Kabuki Sakuyamon, several renamons and an Angemon standing by her side. The chosen digimons for the chosen digidestineds were there as well.

“Long time, no see Akiyama-san…” the deity chose to address him before anybody else, even Tia Yagami who was already infatuated by her “As you can see, this place changed considerably since the last time… Gatomon, Patamon. Here´s your designated partner…”

Such familiarity baffled Tia and her friends and demanded to know what´s going on. Ryo was forced to confess he´d been in that strange world before like Nova. Because for some strange reason Nova´s digivice wasn´t responding to the calls from the Digiworld Sakuyamon had no other option but summon other people. The rules of compatibility lead to Tia Yagami & co due to their closeness with the former King.


That pill proved to be hard to swallow and neither Tia nor the rest of the group were able to forgive his cowardice. Had he opened his mouth earlier and support Nova´s pleas she may not had found her stay in Japan that unbearable. The girl could not stand being in a place filled with her brother´s memories and transferred to the USA. Because she turned to be a genius in the music field, Miyako Ishida ´s connections granted Nova a special invitation to study in Juilliard with all her living expenses paid. The group missed Nova dearly and always felt guilty about not being able to support her claims but after learning about Nova´s stint as a digidestined and how much she searched for her brother in that world pretty shocked everybody. Tia ´s heart felt it for the little girl who went through so much and could rely on nobody.

“YOU DON´T HAVE GUTS, DO YOU?” that was Tia´s somber remark towards Ryo

“Coward” were Sora and Makoto´s sentence.

Ryo  started his career as digidestined being at odds with the group and it would take several adventures until Ryo would finally regain his friends´ trust.

After some adventures the digidestineds gained the ability of navigating between the human and Digital Worlds and during one missing, Ryo finally gathered the enough courage to pay Nova a visit in the Sates and profusedly apologized to her.


“I´m sorry for keeping quiet for so long..I have no excuse”

Her eyes became filled with tears.

“So..you…you remember my brother…?”

“He´s the best frenemy I ever had…”

“Akiyama-kun..!” she rushed to his arms and cried like Saint Magdalene. Nova cried in relief. After so long she finally found somebody who remembered Magnus and forgave Ryo on the spot. Why he lacked the courage to speak before did not matter to her. The important thing was the fact that Ryo REMEMBERED. Because that meant she wasn´t crazy and could actually share stuff about Magnus that she longed for so long…! “Thank you…”


Reality XII Hypnos


Reality 12 Ryo Akiyama followed Steve Jobs and Bill Gates route: quitting college and start his own software company and become a billionaire at the age of 20.
In this case he founded HYPNOS.
At the public´s eyes Hypnos is just another Microsoft-type company but is indeed much more than that. It´s actually a quite complex system that serves as a connection between the Digital and Real worlds.

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Ryo Akiyama from Reality XII


Ryo Akiyama´s  reality nº 12 counterpart is a digidestined called…Ryo Akiyama!
In this reality  Ryo  is the Digidestined that holds the crests of Light and Hope and owns his own Patagato pair  and he´s certainly quite different from his tamer counterpart.

He´s bolder, much more assertive than the tamer and does no waste time to get the job done. Born a genius he also took the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs route: by the time he was 19 he left college and started his own software company and by the time he was 20 he was a billionaire as well. The name of his company is…HYPNOS.  Like the reality 03 Hypnos it is situated in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building although it is advertised as just another Microsoft-type company  instead of an organization. In fact, this Hypnos  has nothing to do with the government.
He founded it with Alexander McCoy , Yggdrasil´s human host, as a mean to monitor the activities between the Digital and Real world. Ryo acts , in public, as the genius yet somewhat irresponsible president of the company while Alex secretly runs the Digital business with his team (which consists of the AU versions of the tamers themselves)

The government is wary about Akiyama´s activities and his relation with digimons and several times sent its spies to the company and steal its secrets. One of them is none other than a fella named Mitsuo Yamaki…

The First Kiss

It takes place sometime after this scene:The Old Times by Ayhelenk, in reality XII.


After following her brother´s steps for almost an entire afternoon, being escorted by Akiyama (who would certainly was willing to join the fun of stalking his best frenemy) Nova Takariyama still was certain about one thing: Magnus had a secret girlfriend and was no one but the dreadful Miyako Ishida!

“I´ll never forgive that fox if she breaks his heart!” mumbled the overprotective sister
“No worries” answered Ryo “He´s too clueless for something like that”
“WHY THE HECK ARE YOU STILL FOLLOWING ME?!” she didn´t appreciate having a non-required escort.
“Because you are a cute brat and this city is filled with sharks” replied the teenager whistling a song

His voice sounded as soft as a melting butter but irritated the girl anyways.

“I know how to take care of myself, thank you very much”
“And of course I won´t leave alone my future fiancé ”
“My brother is going to kick your ass in the science project, you will see!”

He let escape a little laugh.

“You really sound confident, I like that. But I am wining the fair anyways”

She limited to ignore him and kept tailing her older brother´s steps. He was walking down the street with the mentioned Miyako. And Miyako, as a true Ishida, made him carry her cello all the way. Then they finally entered into a building and Nova sighed in disappointment, they were really heading to the music academy and she wasn´t allowed inside the building.

“Rats” she mumbled “I thought she would drag him to a café or something”

And her opportunity of confronting the pair had just flew away.

“So did you have enough espionage for a day?”


In the end, Nova relented and decided to go home. Ryo still kept escorting, whistling all the way.

“Could you please stop it? It´s hurting my ears” she was cranky that day and was trying her very best not to slap the hateful Akiyama´s face. His mere presence made her want to grab a bat and hit the guy until his face wouldn´t be recognizable anymore…

“Okay” instead, he pinched her nose “My, my, your eyes are sparkling so much that they could set a bush fire!” he teased the girl once again, he couldn´t resist it.
“humph! Why your insistence of following me everywhere? I thought you had a project that needs to be completed!”
“Completed two days ago, ran successfully the tests so it´s more than ready for Saturday” he smiled “I bet your oniichan hadn´t completed his yet”

Nova´s cheeks turned red. He actually nailed it.

“And speaking about Magnus-san, you should try not to be so glued to him…shouldn´t you?”

She said nothing.

“While you are a child, it´s cute. But it´s not possible to keep holding onto that brother complex for much longer”

Nova crossed her arms, deadly serious.

” I can´t help it, Akiyama-san”

“Someday he´s going to get a girlfriend for real, you know. And what about his dreams and projects? What about your own dreams and projects as well?”
“What you say may be true, but I am not ready to let him go. Not yet” she ended admitting that ” You may not understand but I have the feeling I came to this world to PROTECT HIM”

“WHAT?” Ryo finally succumbed to a good laughter “YOU, PROTECT HIM?”

She let him laugh, of course he wouldn´t understand. Everybody assumed Magnus Takaroyama was his sister´s protector but Nova had another perception of the situation…it was as if something deep inside her was pushing her to look after Magnus, and there was also fear. She had the feeling that something huge was about to happen to Magnus and dreaded it, because it felt like a premonition and that kind of things usually ended with something not so good. So like an attentive eagle, she´d been keeping an extra careful eye towards Magnus.

“The princess wishes to protect her prince?” Ryo bit his lips in order to stop laughing.

“No, I view myself more like a King than a princess” she kept walking, trying to ignore the annoying fella.

“Get out! A girl cannot be a King!”
“Yes I can” she didn´t look at him “Princes hold no true power and princesses are a pain in the ass”

“Wow! Don´t tell me that you plan to go like Utena, revolutionize the world?”
“Neah, that´s too much of a hassle” Nova smiled despite her annoyance “I was just speaking about chess”

Ryo declared himself defeated.

“Okay, then shall we begin playing chess next week? I am a helluva of a player and would gladly challenge you, King-sama, to a duel”

“…why not?”

They kept walking , now through a park, in complete silence.

Ryo , from time to time, squinted at his companion and admitted to himself how much he was enjoying her company. When she wasn´t in a defensive posture, she was really cute.
He could see the precious woman she would turn one day and he wouldn´t mind asking her out when that day arrives.

No, he could see something more than her future self. He was a guy who was born with a quite sharp sixth sense and there were moments that he could see beyond the superficial things…like the ghostly silhouette of an angel floating above Nova!

Suddenly he was able to view the angel in all her glory and Ryo opened wide his mouth. That wasn´t her guardian angel…he instantly realized that he was witnessing Nova Takariyama´s true essence…from the past, from the future…and then he realized how much he wanted that person in his life!

“Nova” he found himself leaning towards the girl “Someday you will understand that you are an extraordinary girl and when you let go of your complex and open your heart towards other men…then…”

“Then what?” asked her, intrigued.

Ryo kept looking at her eyes and couldn´t hold his feelings anymore and suddenly he took her in his arms and his lips touched hers!

“Oh Goodness!!” her heart almost exploded , that was her first kiss!

“..then I will definitely go after you…”