Creating new Life


It didn´t take too long since the King´s departure and the return of the Angemon who failed to guide her to the missing Magnus Takariyama.
Not Tempus Angemon anymore and unable to go back to his original Digiworld, Angemon accepted Kabuki Sakuyamon´s offer and lived in the temple as one of her apprentices.

Whilst the Renamons did not like his presence, both because they adored Nova and really felt sorry for her and also became terribly jealous about the Priestess being so friendly towards him, Ange had no problems settling down and gained another friend in Merukimon. The Olympic deity remained for a while in the temple, helping to rebuild the Digiworld after Piedmon´s death; Merukimon neither judged nor justified the angel´s fall out with Nova but declared that his peers in the Olympus XII were far more selfish and bothersome.

One day the Priestess , during one of her meditation sessions, was granted a new vision.

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Echoes from the past: Digidestined Kiyo



When Magnus Takariyama by chance arrived to reality 09, a Millennia before the appearance of google boy Tsurugi and his firneds. Clavis Angemon summoned Magnus to the Digiworld despite Magnus was supposed to have landed in the Digiworld from reality 12 and gave him the task of defeating a digimon called Quartzmon which arrived from nowhere and was attempting to take possession of Yggdrasil.

Several digidestineds that were summoned before the lad ended all failing to accomplish the mission and became preys of Quartzmon themselves!

One of the captive digidestineds  was Kiyo Zenkō. A girl  you could call the personification of discretion, who would rarely speak unless she considered she needed to communicate something important and would rather spend her time on her books than dealing with people…until she was chosen by Clavis Angemon. And she was granted a Pichimon as her digimon.

Thanks to her new comrades she slowly learned to open herself to other people and that it was okay to have friends and not consecrate her entire time into studying. But it was during her captivity under Quartzmon´s claws when she came across something that changed her perception about life. When Magnus Takariyama, his digimons and Akarimon went to their rescue Kiyo was the first to learn about Magnus and Akarimon´s love.

Magnus´s unexpected death and Akarimon´s grief moved Kiyo´s heart like no one did before. Kiyo realized how precious were those moments and how deep, pure was that love. Feeling guilty of not being able to help more, when she was returned home she gave up her status as digidestined for good.

She grew up, went ahead with her life and never spoke about her time as a digidestined. But her heart never forgot. Destiny wanted her back in digital business though, when she passed away in her 70s her spirit was transported to another reality, Reality 03 and was reborn as a Digimon…and she´d eventually become Ruki Makino´s Renamon!

For a long time  Pichimon waited for Kiyo. The digimon could never dream that Kiyo would never come back and kept waiting for her tamer. Akarimon eventually would pity the digimon and placed a slumber spell over Pichimon. The digimon would sleep for a milennia until she finally was chosen by Digidestined Ami as her new partner!

But eventually the past will catch up with the present and when Pichimon finally meets Renamon, she´ll certainly recognize Kiyo´s scent underlying Renamon´s codes…




This scene is situated during Nova Takariyama´s first adventures as a digidestined. She was summoned against her will to a world called Digiworld and was tasked by a Taomon to form an army and free the world from a madman called Piedmon.

In order to gather an army she first needed to gather the scattered Royal Knights and make them regain their will to fight. The first one who agreed to pick up his sword and go against the tyrant was Gallantmon , Nova decided to assume the role of a king and managed to convince the Royal Knight by suggesting a new code of honor so he would be able to fight against Piedmon without any hesitance.

She would eventually gather almost all the warriors and they would become not only her followers but teachers as well, especially in the sword arts.

But Taomon always insisted that warrior skills weren´t enough to win a war, the spiritual aspect needed to be trained as well.

So on certain occasions,  Taomon chose to dedigivolve into Renamon and taught her how to meditate.

Mediation by Ayhelenk

“To win the war it´s essential learning about your true self. Because it doesn´t matter if you are a digimon or a human, each soul can hold the key to unimaginable powers…if you can open your heart…”

“Do you think I will be able to discover my own powers?” she was at the first stages as a digidestined, when the digivice was nothing but a troublesome puzzle. Since Magnus wasn´t with her she had to discover the bracelet´s secrets all by herself, by instinct. Sometimes it felt as if she had to jump from a cliff with her eyes completely bandaged, risking everything until she was able to unlock one or two secrets.

“Of course, king-sama” replied the fox in a quite gentle tone “Otherwise you would had never made your way to our world…”


“I don´t know what are you trying to pull, miss” he said “But nobody aside Tk is allowed to give me orders. You are not my partner! Got it?”
“You mean the little boy?” Nova felt dubious for a second but her motivations didn´t wave ” Wait…there´s something I still don´t get from my digivice…mr angel…have you ever used this technique before?”
“I am Magna Angemon!” the angel bit his lips, trying not to loose it” And what´s that question?”
“Your first time using the technique, yes or no?”
“My first time in this form!!! satisfied?”

“Look at Magna Angemon´s face” interrupted Ryo , joking” He looks like Nova just  asked him if he was a virgin!”
His words were a bit unfortunate and Ruki channeled the group´s feelings with a studied slapping.
“You cannot be more stupid, can you?”
“waaa!!” Agumon shouted “Akiyama died again!”
Ruki´s strength could rise godlike level when in tsundere mode and for a minute the digimons could see Ryo´s soul emerging from his body. But the group continued viewing the movie anyways…


Piedmon also didn´t realize that he gave an opening to his opponent.


And that was the first time Piedmon saw literally the stars….


Tai, Agumon and the rest of the audience felt their jaws collapsing  to the ground.

The little girl had just applied at the powerful  Piedmon the nastiest, dirtiest technique ever…a kick on his groin!!

And smirking, little Nova added:

” …always wondered if digimons also had…those. Now I can say, yes they do.”

Ruki Makino , still livid, looked at Ryo Akiyama and said:

“Dammit Akiyama! How in the world did you end up following that lunatic?!”

“Wow, I never knew that part. The Boss is a really something!”

Renamon couldn´t decide to feel horrified or admired by Nova´s actions. That must hurt!, she thought.

Tai looked at Nova and as if wanting to ask about the scene, Nova began to answer his question before he had time to put it in words.

“Oh yes, Taichi. Despite looking like Tk, I am quite different…. Unlike him, after spending a whole year in the digital version of Jurassic Park, I don´t mind fighting dirty…”

The Slap



Ruki never liked Nova and now she liked the blonde digidestined even less.

” AND WHY SHOULD I GIVE ANY EXPLANATIONS TO THE SO CALLED QUEEN OF DIGIMONS? ” berated Nova, quite pissed off ” It´s fine if you dislike me, I 100% dislike you even more!

Taichi and Agumon were about to intervene but when Agumon began to say:

“Hey girls, let´s chill out a bit….”

The girls stared at them and Taichi  realized he could never be considered the digidestined of Courage anymore the minute he looked at their faces…the girls were much like tigresses, ready to eat them alive!

“Ok…go on” he mumbled, completely terrified.

” I HATE YOU MORE! ” Ruki shouted at Nova”WITCH!”

World War III would have begun had not Ryo Akiyama arrived at that moment.

” And here they´re my favorite girls! Are you in the mood for a good fight in the mud or what?”

30 seconds later, Ryo landed in the ground, KO.

“We don´t need your condescendence Akiyama!” yelled Ruki and Nova at the same time.

When Renamon and Angemon joined the others, Ryo was lying on the ground completely KO. The girls opted to greet their partners instead of checking on the fallen tamer.

“What happened?” asked Renamon shocked to see Ryo in that state.
“Akiyama was being Akiyama” replied Rika, unfazzed.

“Ryo is dead!” agumon cried “they killed him!”
“Oh no, he´s just fine”said Tai after a couple of minutes”He just wish they did!”