An unexpected meeting


After Shukumeimon foiled Lucemon and Saturn Angemon´s plans a convergence of realities took place.

Reality 02 (V-Tamer universe) nurse Angewomon, Leo, Gabbo and their newest (and the tiniest) member Moonmon found themselves in an unknown jungle. And there they would cross paths with the so called Taisho Digidestineds from reality 09…(

“Easy, easy. Leomon-sama” whispered the silver haired Hiyo “I don´t think they are the enemy”
“Humph!” after everything they witnessed he wasn´t too prone to trust in anybody he had never met before in their lives even if there was another Leomon in sight…!

“Nice! There´s another you” giggled Moonmon “Isn´t that great?”
“Humph!” reality 02 Leomon wasn´t thrilled either. His warrior instincts were claiming, dearly, to first speak with the fists and then chat.

“Hel….OOOOPPSSS!!!!” The google boy Taiki attempted to salute the other group but tripped instead. Well, he couldn´t help it! The most beautiful lady was on the stage and was so mesmerized by her charm that the poor lad succumbed to his natural clumsiness and his cute ass once again met the ground.

“Are you alright?”asked  the female angel , concerned.

“Don´t worry madam, he´s used to it” a handsome brown haired boy  assumed the greeting duty ” Kamiya Hikaru at your service” and properly bowed before Angewomon

Despite the heartbreak of being unjustly separated from Lord Angemon and facing the prospect of him taken away by the dark forces, Angewomon smiled.  That lad was quite different from the hyper Taichi Yagami and the hateful Neo Saiba , he emanated an aura of tranquility and smoothness that could calm any distressed heart in a whim.

“I assume you are digidestineds, aren´t you?” spoke  Angewomon. She was already feeling at ease, like finding fresh water in the middle of the desert.

“Your assumptions are spot on, madam” replied Hikaru ” Reverencing you from the ground, Tatsuno Taiki” the google boy blushed vividly, he  was so fascinated by her beauty that he forgot to stand up! ” Zenko Kiyo, proud comrade of our little Pichimon  ” Kiyo released Leomon´s arm and greeted with a well studied reverence “And last but not least important, Josephine Whitemore and Pixiemon”  Hagurumon moaned in protest, making sure he wasn´t forgotten in the introductions “And that ´s Hagurumon, proud guardian angel of Taiki-san”

“Leo-san, Gabumon-san and Moonmon”  pointed Angewomon to her comrades “Did you, by chance, see Lord Angemon…?”

The kids shook their heads. They didn´t meet any angel  until now.

“After defeating Quartzmon some of our friends got separated from the group and we´re looking for them when a strange light showed up in the sky and covered everything. Then we showed up in this strange jungle…did you see, by chance, our friends?”

The nurse and her companions exchanged a look.

“One of them is a tall, blond guy and is partnered by  an agumon and gabumon. Then there´s  Akarimon-san…?”

“I´m afraid we didn´t meet anybody with those characteristics”

“Shoot!” mumbled Taiki “I don´t like it! Not a bit!”

It was bothersome being involved in another situation so soon , Quartzmon´s body  – if it still had it- would still be warm and the kids could barely hold a breath before being dragged to another adventure.

“You forgot to mention Kuremi-san…” said Josephine.

A tense silence befell on the group and Angewomon´s side wondered why, even the gentlemanly Hikaru ´s expression hardened when he heard that name. He clenched his fist so hard that it almost bleed.

“He doesn´t need what he never wanted” whispered Hikaru in a tone filled with grief ” And that´s why we´ll never see Patamon again….”


Becoming Yggdrasil




“I am aware” Rei Saiba spoke in a tone full of contempt “about my oniichan´s actions. What he did and why he did it…”

The giant sphere , which was none other than Yggdrasil , said nothing. The DigiGod knew perfectly what was going to happen next. The Multiverse´s destiny was at stake, an ill-fated fusion of realities was nothing but the prelude of digiworlds and human worlds on the path of becoming a virtual nothing; so, as the Host Computer of Reality 02 (V-Tamer´s) and in order to effectively take action did what many of his counterparts already accomplished: seek for a human host, with a special kind of empathy, and the two become one.

Despite being Neo Saiba´s sister , the nasty digidestined that nearly destroyed everything, and the main reason why Neo wanted to rebuild the world from scratch and build his own kingdom..despite her being the cause of so many deaths, she was the best candidate for Yggdrasil´s next form.

“I am also aware that regardless of circumstances Neo would had still followed the dark path” her heart ached when she spoke those words ” Even if I had never been involved in that car accident. I KNOW”


There was a fact about Neo Saiba that for a good while she feared to see: the inherent greed and a worrisome lack of empathy. What he always wanted was being the best in everything, especially games. And once taken over by obsession, there´s no place for anything else. Even her. She would never share this thought with Taichi Yagami nor Hideto-kun : Neo was so predisposed to the Dark Side that her accident simply gave him the excuse to spread his insanity.


“So you acknowledge the darkness that still sleeps inside him?” asked Yggdrasil ” He harmed my world, he took pleasure on killing my people. Despite Yagami´s intervention he would not had stopped with his madness until you, human, threw yourself from a cliff. Only because of that, he stopped”

” If you ask me if I had forgiven him, the answer will be YES” she looked at the sphere “But that doesn´t mean I forgot. I love my oniichan yet I am still ANGRY at him”

“How come?” Yggdrasil needed to hear the words before proceding with his plans.

“While the digimons that died by Neo´s hands are already reborn as digieggs that doesn´t mean the tragedy can be forgotten. Because those digimons should had lead long, happy lives and were cut short in the cruelest way possible” a solitary tear rolled down her cheek “Hikeo-kun and the others should never had be turned into his puppets and their hands will always be tainted with blood. And my damned chair…! I dread it not because of the accident itself but it´s a reminder of how I was used as an excuse to destroy a precious world and its inhabitants!”


She would never forgive Neo for initiating a Holy War because of her sake.

“But he vanished in front of your eyes” continued the God ” He won´t be able to harm anybody else, I presume?”


“He´s my brother and nothing will change the fact that he´s my PRECIOUS brother” her eyes flamed ” Somebody STOLE him from me and I want him back! This time I am going to go forth and back, trespassing my own limits just for his sake. He´s in trouble and I am going to RESCUE him”


“So you are willing to go through the deal because of that reason? Not because of healing your legs?”


Rei Saiba shook her head.


“I don´t need your powers to heal my legs ” was her tranquil response “When we were returned to our world I realized that there was a slight itchiness going through my nervous system. I could FEEL them. I said nothing, of course, but I realized that everything was okay. I just needed to go ahead and begin rehabilitation. When the crisis is over I am 100% confident that I will be able to stand by myself and leave the chair for good. By my own merit”


“FAIR” declared the Digigod


A beautiful crown suddenly appeared in front of the girl, shining like hundreds of diamonds.




An embarassing hint of the future

This scene takes place sometime after

“It was awesome teaming with you, Nova-chan” said  a very satisfied the V-Tamer  Taichi “It was fun. We should repeat it!”
“Why not” smirked Nova “I can´t be bored when I´m hanging around with a Yagami”

In the end the adventure went much better than expected, the other tamers were rescued and Chaosmon was erased for good. The adventure proved to be quite satisfying to both tamer and supreme because they grew up considerably as both digidestineds and as people.

“It´s a pity you live in another reality” added the google boy “I may have asked you out”

“You don´t want to woo a brocon like me, believe me” there was no need to tell that she had a boyfriend waiting for her in her native reality 012…

“Thank you for your help” Lord Angemon and Nurse Angewomon, tenderly holding hands, profusely gave their thanks to everybody.
“Tempus Angemon, I hope next time we´ll meet under much better circumstances” added Lord Angemon “You are welcome here  anytime”
“It´s a promise” was the angel of Time´s response “But now, Nova and I must leave. There are several realities waiting for us”

Nova´s heart ached. She wished she could be there a bit longer…!

Teaming with Taichi and the others left her with a lovely feeling of friendship and comfort that didn´t feel for a long time. It kinda reminded her of the old times, before her brother Magnus went missing.

She sighed.

Nurse Angewomon noticed the girl´s reluctant expression and caressed her cheek.

“I shall miss you as well, sweetie” the nurse was a very gentle Angewomon , one of the few that Nova actually liked. Unlike the others the nurse treated her with an incredibly sweetness and without a trace of contempt “Before you leave though, let me show you something that will cheer you up…”

“Really?” the girl´s eyes opened in excitement “Can´t wait!”

“And I was dying to show it to you…” much to everybody´s shock, save LordAngemon and Tempus Angemon, the nurse took off her helmet.

“OH MY GOD!” the digidestineds opened their mouth wide , it was the first time an Angewomon uncovered her face!

“She SO looks like YOU!” Taichi thought he was dreaming, his eyes couldn´t stop looking at them “Are you sisters or what?!”

They were almost like twins, their faces were nearly identical save that Angewomon´s hair was in another tone of blonde and was way taller.

Nova dared not to say a thing. Her eyes threatened to fall from their orbits due to the shock.

“Whatever destiny has stored for you” added the female angel “In the end, it´s worthy. Right, dear?”

“Absolutely” Lord Angemon couldn´t resist the impulse of kissing his wife ” A bright, happy future lies at the end of the road…”

And they exchanged several kisses, much to everybody´s amusement. Well, almost everybody.

“Shoot!” Taichi then proceeded to look at Nova and Tempus Angemon “So that means that you two are also going to…?”

“ANGE!” the girl shouted before Taichi could finish his phrase “I WANT TO LEAVE. NOW!”

Tempus Angemon hid a smile.

“I thought you wanted to stay a bit longer…”

“NO WAY IN HELL!” her face was so red that there was little differences between an apple and her ” COULD YOU OPEN THE DAMNED PORTAL, PLEASE?!”

Tempus Angemon obliged.

“Of course” he wondered why she became so grumpy in a sudden. He, like her, was a bit dense at the time and couldn´t get that they were getting a hint of the future..their future!

But Taichi caught the subtlety and before the supreme pair jumped to the portal, he managed to yell the following words:


A Yagami Matter

A Yagami Matter by Ayhelenk

When reality 01, 02 and 12 Digidestineds Yagami met at the same stage it was a given that it would be a quite interesting meeting. Reality 02 Taichi Yagami was puzzled to meet a 22 year old self from reality 01, it was like looking through a mirror albeit some years in the future!

“So am I supposed to become you or what?” it´s not like he didn´t like what he saw but wasn´t completely sure about wanting to become like the other Taichi. The elder one seemed pretty laid back and a bit boring for his taste. Taichi from 02 was all into digi-adventures, the wackier the better!

“In your dreams, little bro!” the elder Taichi considered the other fella a bit too feisty for his taste. Was he such an insufferable  brat when he was his age…? If that´s so, no wonder why Yamatto Ishida claimed about Yagami getting on his nerves most of the times. Elder Tai shook his head, erasing those thoughts. Yamatto may be his best friend nowadays but was quite bitchy back in the old days.

“Well, I bet your adventures weren´t as interesting as mine” younger Taichi couldn´t help himself, it was quite tempting teasing his other self “Nothing beats defeating an all powerful Arkadimon”

“You are still a baby” replied the other Taichi “Wait until you are my age and then we talk…if you manage to defeat an Apocalimon after having your data completely trashed by him!”

“Any time, anywhere” and the two engaged into a heated argument about who was the best representative of both the Yagami family and digidestined.

“Oh goodness” Tia Yagami´s agumon, the one with the tattoo, sighed “They are SO like Tia”
“You mean the gorgeous google girl?” asked Gabbo, one of the younger Taichi´s best buddies besides the veedramon known as Zero.

Zero was chilling up, the previous battle against one of the Seven Lords´s men left him a bit tired. But was quite satisfied because he was able to shine in battle and his skills impressed the other digimons so much that were asking him for tips. Tia was a bit distracted, looking around the beach as if expecting something and wasn´t really paying attention at the Taichis´s bravado. Yet she liked Zero pretty much and ended complimenting him by saying that his digidestined made a good job raising him and deposited a kiss on his cheek. Zero , who had never received a kiss in his life, was still in the 9 cloud.

“Yup!” assented agumon “No matter which reality you look at, a Yagami is always a Yagami. Fun to watch most of the time, you never get bored!”

“Agree!” 01 Agumon couldn´t agree more “Even as an adult, he is still a kid. Look at those, arguing as if they ´re in the kinder!”

The google fellas were so alike that they could almost not stand each other, they couldn´t help but trying to impress the other party and at the same time make a statement about their own superiority. Younger Taichi wished he had more adventures to flaunt about so he could make his “elder brother” eat some of words while the latter wished he was once again 11 (not counting the recently dissolved deaging spell , by the time V-Tamer Taichi and 01 met the spell was undone) so he could teach him a lesson.

“I´M THE COOLEST YAGAMI” ended both of them yelling at the same time “YOU ARE NOT! I AM!!”

“Oh boy” the digimons sighed “They are a pair of Prima donnas”

“OH !!!! FINALLY!!!!” a very excited Tia Yagami yelled in complete happiness “WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?!!!”

The waters suddenly separated when a pillar of light showed up from the sky, making its way to the land. A majestic, dreamy figure emerged from the light and Tia did not hesitate to greet the recently arrived Goddess with an enthusiastic hug.

“Sorry, there were hindrances that attempted to slow me down ” the Yagami fellas ´s dispute died on the spot. Their eyes opened wide in admiration , besides Angewomon and Rosemon they had never met such a beautiful digital deity on their lives…if only they belonged to the digital species…!

“I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!” Tia did not hold down and jumped to the goddess´s arms.

“Hopefully you behaved well enough” smiled the Kabuki “Because I will know if you dared to cheat on me!” and winked under her mask.

“I swear that I only have eyes for you, my dearest…you are the sun, the moon and the entire universe for me….” And the Taichis got the shock of their lives when Tia and Kabuki Sakuyamon began exchanging several sets of spicy, torrid kisses!

“WHAT THE HECK…?!” the younger Taichi almost fainted. He never expected to see something like THAT!

“Meet Kabuki Sakuyamon” explained Tia´s agumon “Our boss, the closest intermediary between Yggdrasil and Homeostasis besides Tempus Angemon”

“So can a digidestined do that to a digimon?!” Veedramon and Gabbo ´s eyes almost fell from their orbits. The ladies were more than busy making out, they didn´t see each other for entire days and missed their soulmate like crazy.

“Kabuki isn´t Tia´s digimon” added Agumon “She´s Tia´s wifey”

“GET OUT!!” Taichi and Taichi were astonished “REALLY?!!!”

“Amazing!” Gabbo never thought it was possible such thing.

“After hitting on miss Sakuyamon for a good while, Tia finally managed to get her heart” Agumon sighed, remembering the old days with fondness “It´s a miracle considering Tia´s a well known Casanovas back in the old times”

While they were recovering from the shock of Tia´s current lifestyle, Tia´s digimon briefly told them how was Tia back in high-school and her infamous love life before being summoned as a digidestined .

“With her record of dates she should had been the digidestined of Love instead of Courage!” Tai´s agumon was baffled “Unbelievable she´s Taichi´s counterpart!”

The fellas exchanged a glare. Until that moment they´ve been discussing about who was the coolest Yagami but Tia did not voice her opinion…because she needn´t!

“I can´t believe what I´m watching” mumbled younger Taichi ” It´s not possible!”

The elder Taichi sighed, he couldn´t help but be on her shoes right now. Kabuki Sakuyamon was beauty incarnated mixed with sexiness galore, a dream of a goddess and Tia Yagami dared to go against the odds and make her hers!

“And it´s not possible that we´d been bested by someone who has kissed more girls in high-school than I in my entire life!!!!”

When Tia and Sakuyamon finally slowed down and rejoined the others, they were quite puzzled when the two Taichis bowed before Tia and  with a tone filled with anxiousness they said at the same time:


The digimons couldn´t hold it anymore and bursted into an hysterical laugh…

Joining V-Tamer Taichi

Nova Takariyama was 17 when she was brought, by chance, to reality 02 a.k.a the V-Tamer world. Taichi Yagami, now 14, was summoned back to the digiworld in order to rescue his friends who happened to be kidnapped by a new, deadly foe. Most of the digimons went missing as well, even Zeromaru and Gabbo! . The google boy escaped in time and found his way to Lord Angemon´s castle.

“Sorry for always burdening you with our world´s affairs, Taichi-san” said Lord Angemon “If I could, I would leave the castle and join you in the rescue. But I´m afraid I must remain here and protect the ones who are remaining, besides my wife and child…”

And that´s when Nova Takariyama entered on stage, ready to give a hand. Despite not finding any trace of her missing brother in that reality, instead of either going back to her reality or trying another one, by Tempus Angemon´s insistence, she had no choice but to stay a bit longer.
Joining V-Tamer Taichi by Ayhelenk

“Thanks a bunch for helping me” said Taichi sometime later “It´s comforting having another digidestined by my side…but where´s your digimon?”

“I don´t have a digimon” she smirked

“But you are a digidestined, right?!” Taichi was puzzled, they were heading to the enemy´s headquarters all by themselves with no digimon supporting them!

“Yup..well, I have an associate” she smiled  “But he opted to skip the job and went snoozing somewhere else!”

Her smile seemed sweet but Taichi felt a shiver. After his several encounters with Neo Saiba he ended learning one thing or two about him, especially the smile. That was the smile of the madman, or in this case, madwoman. She certainly couldn´t wait to lay a hand  over Ange a.k.a her Angemon, a.k.a Tempus Angemon, a.k.a the Winged Nightmare and make him kneel in front of her feet.

“That jerk!” exclaimed Taichi “How could he do such thing?”

“Neah, it´s okay” she kept running “It´s just part of my training”

She shared an unusual relationship with her digital angel, he was more than a comrade. He, following Kabuki Sakuyamon´s orders became a mentor besides her guardian. Traveling through different timelines was just part of her preparation as a digidestined. She wasn´t willing to join this mission this time, since there were no clues of Magnus whereabouts,  but managed to offer another incentive that she couldn´t refuse.

“hum…okay. I am confident enough to make it inside the building without being noticed and such…but why are you so interested on helping when this is not your reality?” just a few hours with her and he learned that she wasn´t a sweet, meek , selfless girl. She was into the job but …

“If we manage to defeat the enemy in less than 3 days, I´ll have HIM doing 3 months of  laundry”

“You are kidding!” the more time he spent with Nova,  the more incredulous became Taichi-san.

“I wish!” her eyes sparkled in excitement “There´s a mountain of clothes piled on the spare room since we are usually really busy and the laundry machines in Juiliard are always occupied…” she made a pause “So we always fight about who´s the one sticking with that horrid task”

“And how´s that related with rescuing my friends?”

“Once they are free, I WIN. You don´t know how much of a relief will be for me not touching that individual´s tights for a while. Especially after all the fighting, it´s hateful how much a digital angel can sweat…”  she almost laughed when she noticed Tai´s horrified face “Yup, I spend a fortune every month only by buying deodorant…and let´s not mention the tons of shampoo and hair conditioner as well! Having an Angemon as your partner can be SO TROUBLING…!”

Not too far away, hidden under the shadows, the mentioned angel sneezed. Of course he wasn´t going to let them stray from his sight. If things ended going south he would certainly intervene…if she pleaded for help!

“No dear” he smiled as well, like hers under under his shiny smile there as a naughty spirit  “You are the one doing the 3 months´s laundry”

“AND I THOUGHT THAT NEO SAIBA WAS INSANE!” declared Taichi “Who the hell are you people?!”

Nova limited to laugh. In the upcoming years she would remember those early adventures with fondness, Taichi-san from reality 02 proved to be one of the funniest fellas she ever had the pleasure to work with. So it was a given that the google boy would join the Suprem rooster…

A happy Moment

A happy moment by Elizabeth2003

Today I learned about Wada Kouji ´s passing away and my heart aches for both his beloved ones as for the entire digimon fans.
I loved his songs and I believe Digimon won´t be the same without that talented soul…

But instead of drawing a mourning scene, I just wanted to share one of the most touching moments from my fic. While I can´t talk in Kouji´s name, I think he would liked it.

The good Leo from V-Tamers is lending his shoulders to a troubled Angewomon and after talking a bit with him, she gains courage to do something she was afraid to: accepting Lord Holy Angemon´s marriage proposal! (And yeah, I copied Leomon´s epic expression from Tri. Because I always knew he was a SOFTIE :heart:)

From chapter XIV