Love Rivals

A belated piccie for Valentine Day, here’s a  fun scene from the reality 12 version of Sorato and the unexpected third party in discord.
Much to everybody’s surprise, Sora Takenouchi and Miyako Ishida decided to give it a go and became a couple. Tia and the others wondered how two souls that apparently had nothing in common , he, a biker and feared streetfighter  while she, supposedly married to her cello for life managed to hit it off let alone dating.
But nobody was as shocked (and annoyed) as Sora-kun’s digimon, the usually dotey-cutey Piyomon.
If in the past Miyako had to bear with the bad temper of a brocon nutso named Nova who mistakenly believed she was dating her beloved ikemen older brother Magnus, Nova’s brattness was like a pile of feathers compared to Piyomon´s!
At the early stages of their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend, the digimon would make sure to act as a proper bodyguard.
For example, the other Sunday Sora wanted to take Miyako for a ride in his brand new bike.While never being a fan of motorbikes, Miyako was actually looking forward to the ride as she always enjoyed watching him riding that stuff and challenging other bikers. And he was sooo manly like that!
“WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!” yelled Miyako as Sora-kun did not make it alone to the date.

“Hiya, Miyako-san!” greeted the digimon now in her Joou  Hououmon form, contently sitting on the back seat  “Nice day for a ride, isn’t it?”

“Hey! Why are you in your Superior form? ” moaned Sora “There are no enemies around, no need to keep an eye on me!”
“I insist!” insisted the female digimon “If anything should happen to you, my dear Sora, I will not forgive myself…!”

” I AM NOT GOING ON A DATE WITH YOUR DIGIMON!” exclaimed Miyako , already fuming.
” Great, because I am the one who qualifies to date Sora-kun whatever the word “date” means!”

“AS IF!” Miyako owned the Ishida pride, there was no way she allow herself to be defeated by a digimon…even if she looked like a goddammed goddess! ” Back off, I ‘m the one who’s riding that thing!””I am not giving it up, it’s my spot!”

If in reality 01 Yamato Ishida had it easy being a chicks’ magnet, reality 12 Sora Takenouchi had it easier. In the end, to prevent the beginning of World War IV, Sora parked the bike and invited the antagonists to eat an ice-cream….


The Digi Violinist

This scene takes place sometime during Nova’s first adventures in the Digiworld and while she bravely took upon herself the mission of building an army to free the world, there were times she’d be prone to fall onto sadness. All she could think was finding her missing brother.
Omegamon, one day, asked what she missed the most about her brother.

“Play music together” she whispered, on the verge of tears. “He plays the piano like a pro. I am just  a beginner with the violin… Magnus always helps me with the difficult parts…” Nova sighed “Well, used to. Because of  that witchy-witchy of Ishida and her malevolent tricks, my brother wouldn’t have been so busy being her accompanist for her damn concerto! ”

She made a pause, blaming the person she called her archenemy was pointless.
” If I had my violin, at least I could practice a bit everyday and surprise him when we’re finally reunited. But there’s nothing like that in the Digiworld, isn’t it?” the girl sighed, a tad melancholic.

“No” said Omegamon “But that’s something that can be arranged” and placing one of his huge hands over her bracelet-type digivice, Omegamon was able to scan the girl’s data which included her memories.

Moments later, a customized violin emerged before the astonished girl.
“What’s this?!” she gasped
“The stuff you call violin” declared Omegamon sitting on the ground “Would you mind…?”
He didn’t finish the sentence yet Nova understood. He wanted to listen to her music and wouldn’t take a no as an answer.

“Unlike my brother, I am not a genius. Won’t you mind if I make mistakes on some notes…?” she asked carefully. She was still getting used to him and the other Royal Knights. She dared to call herself the King and carry on the mission of saving the Digiworld but it was quite naive believing that the digimons, especially the so called Royal Knights, would accept such thing from a tiny human.


“…okay. I’m going with Kalinka…”

And so, for the next minutes the notes of Kalinka filled the Forest….


This is my first piccie of 2019 and I hope everybody likes it as it´s also my first artwork since the death of my cat Roma (which, by the way, I am dedicating this humble piece to her)
The Kalinka Nova is playing is based in this video… although I imagine Nova  playing it in a slower tempo.

Tempus Angemon -Redesign

Tempus Angemon -Redesign by Ayhelenk
Born and Ikemen, always an ikemen 😉
Among other characters, I also wanted to redesign my OC Mega Tempus Angemon in order to look a bit less “Seraphimon” Then I came up with the conclusion that the Tempus form is actually a Seraphimon embedded with the Crest of Time (which I also redesigned) and liked the idea quite a lot
This is Ange´s Mega form and for the majority who never read my fic it’s about an Angemon from reality 04 who used to be   one of Lucemon´s most loyal soldiers. That until he came across  digidestined Shizuka and thanks to her he ended realizing about the madness of Lucemon´s “peaceful mission” and eventually switched sides. He would eventually be reborn , centuries later, in reality 01 as Takeru’s first Angemon and eventually Nova’s future husband
:) (Smile)
Yup, I think I re-fell in love with him once more

Commission for Paula: Digidestined Jiahua Li

Commission for Paula: Digidestined Jiahua Li by Ayhelenk


This is a lovely portrait of my OC  digidestined Jiahua Li ,  Li Jian-Liang´s ( Henry Wong) reality 12 counterpart in my fanfic , requested by :iconpaulavlc94: who likes my fanfic and took a special liking to this character of mine :)

Why did I draw a koto?

Because the digidestineds from that reality can accomplish many interesting stuff with their digivices, besides making their digimons evolve the digivices themselves can assume other forms. They also “digivolve”

Like Tia Yagami, for example => or Miyako Ishida => , I refer them as their special items (hence the obligatory change of costume XD) and I chose the koto as Jia’s special object (and by the way, this digi-instrument can float)

Paula also wished to see Jia-chan wearing a beautiful dress like Miyako’s so I naturally agreed. Let’s say that Takato Matsuda will never be the same after seeing Jia-chan looking like this ;)

Other piccies featuring Jiahua=> and , her digimon is a white lopmon.

Ange – Updated Design

Ange - Updated Design by Ayhelenk

Lately I’m all for creating my own “opening” for my digimon fanfic fansite so, after drawing my digimon fanarts in several styles for a good while, I decided to simplify them into the typical anime style and take it from there if I manage to make some animations.

The other day I posted a slight redesign of my ocs Nova Takariyama,  her elder brother Magnus and Hikari Yagami.
While the other digidestineds are on the way today I’m posting my newest revision of Ange, – who just happens to be Takeru Takaishi’s first Angemon which died defeating Devimon but in my story his soul was sent to another digiworld -from reality 012- instead of being allowed to rejoin his other self patamon inside the newly created digiegg and another Angemon took his place much to his annoyance- in both his civilian and digiangelic forms.

After living for a while with his new partner Nova he learned to embrace his humanity and have fun besides protecting the worlds.
When he dons his wings his hair is brown but when off duty Ange prefers to have it blond (and because Nova told him that he looks way handsomer like that XD )

Handsome, sometimes naive and sometimes a bit of a smartass, Ange would eventually form – with Nova- an elite group of digidestineds known as Supremes and would, for many years, protect the holy equilibrium of several realities.