Pin Up: Tia Yagami

Had a little fun drawing Tia Yagami in a pin up pose, ready to conquer thousands of hearts 😉



Scene in Cinemascope


This takes part after Manga & Anime > Digital > Fan Comics” href=”″> The portal XII by Ayhelenk , because Nova and Takeru stood together against Magna Angemon using his Gate of Destiny against Piedmon the latter managed to win some precious time and found and took over Yggdrasil´s crown.

And boy! He´s wasting no time on using his brand new powers as a Digigod on Magna Angemon!


Piedmon used his brand new powers as a Digigod  by summoning several copies of himself to fight against Magna Angemon. Fight?  You´d better say the “Mouseketeer-vs-the-Cat” because for Piedmon Magna Angemon is just a joke and is playing with him before getting his so desired revenge!
Little Takeru´s struggling to understand what´s going on, why his Angemon seems so odd and unable to cope with the scene he seeks refuge on Nova´s arms.


“onee-chan! I …I don´t know what to do! I´m scared!” he sobbed “I can´t do anything without my friends..I wanna go back home!”


Nova could only hug the precious little kid, thinking carefully what to say…




I must say this, I was inspired to draw these scenes while  watching the 6th opening of Saber Marionette Again. I used to love that series ! And this opening is SO touching! Still teary *sob**sob*

Happy New Year!


This piccie actually forms part of a fancomic that´s still in WIP.

Little Takeru was summoned, in dreams, to fight by Magna Angemon and Nova Takariyama´s side and defeat for good Piedmon.

The little lad ended realizing that the girl´s far from being a princess. Not when the King ended being a Tsundere…!


Meanwhile I wish everybody a wonderful 2018!

Carpe diem!





The First Love- Hate Duel -pg2

“There were times I dreamed about you, angel” would say Nova ” Many, many times I saw your face in my dreams. Now, in this dear, plain reality I finally have the chance to KICK YOUR CUTESY ASS UNTIL KINGDOM COME YOU WINGED BASTARD!!!!”


Two years passed since their bitter au revoir and Nova should had since then calmed down and forgiven the angel. At least that was the Takariyama way, her adoptive parents from Japan always advocated for forgiveness and dignity. Things like fights were nothing but uncivilized business unless you joined an art martial club or dojo. But as a true carrier of the Nikitich blood Nova was pretty much like her ancestor, Dobrynya, a hothead. Prone to talk with the fists when extremely angry, for instance. And like the bogatyr she held onto the grudge for a long, long time and was ready to give a lesson to the intruder who dared to show up at Juilliard and his flamboyant presence almost got her in trouble with the school´s authorities.


“UH?!” the angel thought he was dreaming when her digivice shone like a pink star and the following seconds a wingered Nova was heading towards him, with a pink saber in her hands and about to hit him with all her might!