The Origin of Saturn Angemon


“Because of the sins of a fake you and his partner your reality is no more. Because of Yggdrasil and Homeostasis ineptitude an angel of Nexus was allowed to do whatever he pleased. And because of your inability of protecting the children that were entrusted to you you lost everything. Awake as a new angel and bring on the order that should had been….”

Angemon from reality 01 Omega was supposed to be non existent until he was resurrected  by Hetereostasis  and given the holy scythe. And since then he swore to restore what´s rightfully his even if he had to summon Chaos…


The Crush



Sometimes it takes a little alteration from the past to create a butterfly effect in the future. Or an impulsive action may create a paradox that would endanger a whole reality.
And when a reckless action by Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon caused the non existence of Takeru Takaishi and Hikari Yagami in reality 01, the wheels of Destiny went nuts hence reality 01 became Reality 01 Omega.

Without the existence of the digidestineds of Hope and Light, not only Taichi Ygami and Yamatto Ishida never met their siblings  the very own configuration of the Digiworld was altered as well…

From the original 8, only Sora Takenouchi remained as digidestined. In this paradox reality none of the others were granted a digivice hence she became part of a very different team …but Love is still Love and while going through different circumstances Sora Takenouchi ´s spirit remained pretty much the same: strong, beautiful and ready to protect everybody…


“Hey! You don´t need to hide them from me” smiled Sora to the crying boy “I understand…”

Steve Worthington ´s body tensed considerably. How did she find out?! He was so damn sure he found a good spot where to be alone and let go all his tenseness without making the ridiculous in front of the others…! But he was not alone anymore and his eyes, moments before covered in tears, were sparkling in a complete embarrassment.

“I wasn´t crying!” he protested quite quickly

The girl ´s smile grew wider and her fingers touched Steve´s wet cheeks.

“Were you peeling some onions, then, Steve-san?”  she tried not to sound too tease-tease but the English boy´s face looked so adorable ! With those black curls, green eyes Steve Worthington resembled a doll and she had to contain an impulse of pinching his rosy cheeks.

The lad brushed off what was left of his tears and crossed his arms, attempting to show some manly pride only to look frailer than before. He wasn´t willing to admit to anybody that he was scared to death. He always assumed that he would face an uncertain destiny filled with unpleasant events and having to fight monsters once the day to go to Eton arrives. And now, in his 11s, he was going to fight against monsters for real in a parallel world called Digiworld assisted by friendly creatures called Digimons.
He already had his quota of stress, beginning from a strict aristocratic family, struggles on going along with a half sister he never knew he had – until Mirei Mikagura crashed into his place some months ago ( and turned his life into a holy mess- the fearsome perspective of going to Eton and finally – but not less important- that little Digidestined business. He was dragged to an unfamiliar world with other kids to defeat the so called Dark Masters and free the mentioned Digiworld otherwise they would not be able to go back home. So it was quite understandable that all the stress he´d been accumulating became too much of a burden to Steve´s sensitive heart and hoped that crying his lungs off would alleviate it.

But now the damn girl and her Piyomon witnessed the petty scene!

“No! And again, I wasn´t crying!” he was a Worthington for Heaven´s sake! If his father ever heard about him letting a girl catch him off guard, crying, he would lecture the boy until his 40s!

You SO remind me of Yagami-kun, he would say the exact thing! If I wasn´t so damn sure that you two belong to different islands I would say you are birds of the same feather! Right Piyomon?” and she knelt besides him. Piyomon assented, amused by the scene.

“What brings you here? “ demanded to know Steve, frowning “If you want to laugh feel free to do it!” he used the usual sarcasm. They  had an awkward beginning when they landed for the first time in File Island , Sora was quite assertive brat and Steve a quite spoiled brat and those types of personalities were destined to clash. They certainly exchanged a good quota of arguments which Sora won most of the times.

She just meant to go for him and call him back to the group. The leader – Takumi Shiro- was busy planning their next moves with Akiyama-san and Tentomon , Mikagura-san decided that taking a nap was more fitting to her tastes than hearing an endless chorus of ideas that might lead them to nowhere. Sora wasn´t too keen on bringing back the lost lamb to the herd but offered anyways. When she found out his tears all her feelings of dislike towards him  evaporated on the spot. She ended realizing that under that cantankerous, presumptuous facade Steve Worthing was just a kid like everybody else…

“I won´t laugh” she vehemently shook her head ” I am also overwhelmed by the current situation and so is the rest” she pointed at their comrades, sitting under a nearby tree ” If I could I would also cry my heart out”

Her words puzzled Steve.

” What do you mean by that? You are a girl, of course you can cry!”

Piyomon said nothing thinking how she never saw, even once, her human cry.

” Not this girl “ replied Sora ” I can´t cry neither in public nor alone no matter how much I try” the last time Sora  cried her mother ended belittling the child and declared that as a Takenouchi she had to strengthen her resolve and tears were nothing but weakness. Something inside Sora broke that day and hadn´t been able to cry ever again which puzzled her friends , greatly.

“Then I envy you!” sighed Steve “Please, lend me some of that ability. It would save me a lot of trouble, especially when I´m dealing with father´s perpetum mobile of dickness!”

Sora finally laughed.

“Only if you trade some of those tears with me! I would be grateful indeed then everybody at school would stop calling me a freak!”

Steve smiled for the first time.

“I wouldn´t mind being called freak. It´s way better than being called sissy “  being born with a delicate, subtle template was something he hated about himself;  Steve was at a stage in which he still didn´t look too masculine and could be easily confused as a girl if he wore a skirt. How many times did his peers at school made fun of him because of his unique beauty ? He could write a dozen of books! He kinda hoped that by the time he was going to Eton his looks would be less “adorable” and way manlier otherwise he may follow Dante´s pilgrimage from the Purgatory (primary school) to Hell (middle and high school). “Whatever. I wasn´t really crying, there was some dust in my eyes”

” Okay, if you say so…” Sora kept looking at him and in a particular tender voice she added “ But let me tell you this:  no matter what, I swear that I am going to protect you!”

“UH?!” the boy and Piyomon let escape the exclamation at the same time.

Sora kept talking, unfazed by their reactions.

“I really mean it for all she knew Steve-san was the weakest of the group due to his sensibility and undeniable innocence. He was also the only non Japanese fella from the group and could barely properly  speak  their language – which Ryo said it was a pain in the ass attempt to establish a dialogue with the foreigner digidestined and Mirei was unwilling to make a bridge. Takumi and Sora´s English vocabulary was limited- ” You are my friend and I always protect my friends “

Steve frowned not sure he understood her words but then a smile emerged in his lips.

” Really?

She placed a hand over his cheek and gently caressed it.

It breaks my heart seeing a friend cry alone. Whatever´s your burden , please, share it with me. I may suck on crying but I am a good listener “ her tone sounded as sweet as the most delicious honey and Steve found himself being drawn to it. It wasn´t a fake sign of sympathy, the girl really meant those words! ” I am going to protect you”

Her words could had easily sparkled his pride and he would had given a crude response about him not being a princess and that it was a man´s duty to protect the lady. But he did not. It was the first time someone told him that kind of thing and whenever it came from a boy or a girl it felt quite good being shown that interest. From what he could tell Steve always lead a lonely life and seldom had friends except the Montgomery siblings. And he like a castaway thirsty of affection so he would take in any kindness.

Are you a candidate for Lancelot or what?” he took Sora´s hand and kissed it “But I cannot say I dislike the gesture. Thank you…”

Sora ´s cheeks reddened like a pair of apples.

“HEY! Don´t do that! “ she was never kissed like that before “ It´s outrageous!” and took back her hand .

Steve´s smile grew wider, amused by her flustered face. He was beginning to see the girl under a new, much pleasant light.

I don´t mind having a guardian angel. Especially a Japanese angel his green eyes shone like a pair of emeralds. The more he looked at Sora the more he felt attracted to her ” When we grow up , please continue doing that as my wife…” he added in an impulse.

The following moment he was back on the ground with the mark of a slap stamped on the cheek.

“YOU ARE AN IDIOT!” the girl furiously went back with the rest, fuming. She was beginning to care about the Englishman only for him to throw another joke at her face..!

Piyomon sighed and followed her comrade.

But it wasn´t a joke…” would mumble Steve. And one thing´s for sure, even when they later learned that this was an alternate reality, the so called reality 01 omega and forced to witness Shukumeimon´s display of powers to fix the reality mess his love for Sora Takenouchi would remain intact….

Heading to reality 01 Omega



Sometimes it takes a little alteration from the past to create a butterfly effect in the future. Or an impulsive action may create a paradox that would endanger a whole reality.
And when a reckless action by Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon by saving Magnus Takariyama´s life caused the non existence of Takeru Takaishi and Hikari Yagami in reality 01, the wheels of Destiny went nuts hence reality 01 became Reality 01 Omega.
So they have no choice but clean up the mess, but the cleaning process would not be easy since the Omega effect was alerady taking a toll on other realities so they had to go through a taboo: reunite the past and present forms of the same person.

To undo Omega Takeru Takaishi, from reality 01, was reunited with his past incarnation from reality 012 Magnus Takariyama…

Hikari Yagami first crush

From chapter 1:



“That´s all” he relaxed on his seat “Now, let´s talk about your dream guy”

Hikari blushed.

“Come on! It´s time you spilled the beans once at all. ” Takeru smirked . He wasn´t the only one who had a secret crush years ago!”Who´s  Senapi-kun?”

“Oh! Who?” she appeared to be in shock but Takeru was no fool.

“The fella you said he was like a prince and made Daisuke-san cry for weeks” Takeru always wanted to know what he called one of Hikari Yagami´s best kept secrets. Years passed and even today nobody knew who was the guy she used to have a crush on…

“A lady doesn´t kiss and tell!”

“Oh yeah?” Takeru stole another kiss from her lips “but you already did the kiss part. Now you have no choice but tell! It´s a shame that you were able to learn my secret but never told me yours”

The girl responded with a pinch on his nose.

“Nope. Your teasings would had been endless!”

“True!” Takeru chuckled ” But hey! He almost erased your brocon status…and that´s quite remarkable!

Something flashed inside her mind and Hikari unconsciously smiled. Yeah, she  did have a secret crush in the past. Until then the 11 year old Hikari yagami´s mind was filled with her brother´s image when not busy digital responsibilities. Takeru himself noted this trait and bothered him quite a bit, as much as being targeted by Daisuke´s jealousy because of her. More bothersome was the day she spilled the beans by declaring she had  a someone in mind!

“Won´t tell! I bet you´ll tease me even today!” her cheeks blushed.

“I won´t!” promised Takeru. “Please, end my misery Hikari-chan. I really want to know who´s that mysterious fella that you said was so great!  I want to be able to stand up to him and not let him steal you away…!” Hikari was an expert when it comes messing up with a guy´s sanity!

“Really?”  his words warmed her heart “You would fight him…like in a duel?”

“Yes! ” Takeru gulped ” He must be a helluva of a guy if you liked him that much to the point of never revealing his name. I still remember your sighs whenever the others asked you about him…am I…a match against him…?”

Hikari almost succumbed to a laughter. Takeru-kun was jealous!


“I can´t believe what I´m hearing!” she placed a little kiss on his chin “Of course you would win!   …I certainly stopped thinking about him for ages!” she wasn´t lying “I thought the others forgot about this matter”

“Well, they had no choice but let it go since your remarked it was your business” replied Takeru “but I´m failry confident that  Daisuke-san will still want to kill him if he ever learns his identity ”

“No way!” her face showed a sincere astonishment.

“The poor guy went bonkers for  weeks, demanding to meet his rival” Takeru almost lost it in laughter when  Daisuke Motomiya´s irksome expression came to his mind.The google boy was so jealous that he patroled the middle and high school perimeter…because she admitted her fondness towards an older guy. “But you were damn secretive! None of us could figure out who the heck was him!”

The incident took place a couple of weeks after the former Kaiser joined the group. Daisuke had been so overprotective towards Hikari that she , a tad bothered by it, dropped the bomb during lunch break.

You always make it hard for Takeru-kun but guess what? I like hanging around with a senpai and is way cuter than him...” Daisuke never was so close to succumb to a heart attack. When the others asked why Daisuke was lying on the ground, apparently lifeless, the chosen of Light responded:

“I don´t know. I was talking about a senpai I´m friends with when Daisuke-san suddenly fainted…”

“A senpai?” Miyako ´s eyes sparkled” I SO GET YOU! IS TACHIBANA-SAN OR IGASHI-SAN?!”

Those were Miyako Inue´s crushes , two of the most popular fellas from seventh grade.

“None” said Hikari “He´s 16 or 17”

That revelation astonished her friends, especially Takeru.

You are making it up the blond lad said at that time laughing like the teaser he was” I can´t believe you would fall for an oldie! If you want to punish Daisuke, at least bring up a more believable lie!”

“It´s not a lie!” Hikari crossed her arms  “Now that I think about it, he´s  blonde like you and his eyes ´re blue and…oh my! He could pass as your relative!” at that time she seemed surprised by her own comment.

“Are you after my brother?” asked Takeru, incredulous

“As if! Senpai´s WAY classier than Ishida and you together” declared the missy, ready to challenge her best friend to a duel.

“Lovely! What else” he taunted the  girl as well . Miyako tried to make memory who fitted the description, she liked to watch over the high school grounds and sigh as a maiden in love when looking, from afar, at the high-schooler guys. Only a handful were blond and could match Hikari´s tale but never could guess which was the one Hikari-chan referred to.

“Handsome, full of confidence. Sometimes he can be a jerk” she retorted with her eyes shining with passion. “He´s also a talented musician…”

And that´s the moment Daisuke woke up from his shock and quite irked he yelled at Takeru:

“NO WAY! NOT ISHIDA-SENPAI!!!!” and never his eyes fumed so much until that moment “I AM SO KILLING THAT ASSHOLE…!!”

“But my brother´s 14…”

His words were in vain, having only heard a part of the conversation , Daisuke fled to the middle school ground and blatantly confronted the digidestined of Friendship demanding to know when he asked Hikari-chan out. Several minutes later the new google boy returned to the primary section with a huge bruise on the face and with stars floating around his head.

“Apparently he isn´t into primary grade schoolers…”

“You deserved it” declared Iori Hida shaking his rounded head, while he liked Daisuke he certainly wished the leader was a tad less ill tempered “Well, who´s the guy Yagami-san?”

“I will not risk his security after witnessing the leader´s bravado” and with that Hikari ´s lips remained sealed, never bringing back the issue again. Daisuke still attempted to identify the hateful rival by narrowing the possible candidates but the girl would always reply “Nope, that´s not him”


“Wish I can tell you but I already forgot his name” confessed Hikari in the end “and I´m not lying!”

“Get out! really?!” the lad semi closed his eyes, a bit skeptic.

“Well…!” she cleared up her voice ” you never told me you dream girl´s name either so it´s a tie!” the lady always knew how to counterattack.

The20 year old Takeru Takaishi stared at his girl for a long minute before bursting in a laugh.


His laughs echoed through the plane. Hikari´s cheeks became a pair of tomatoes and she instinctively punched his chest, in order to put an end to the  laughter. Takeru caught the hands in time .

“You are asking for a slap…”


Since the first time those people  set their feet in Odaiba High school , Taichi knew they were the synonym of “trouble”.

Instead of following the rules the newcomers would ignore them in a pretty British fashion. Elegantly scandalous, that seemed to be their motto. Especially Elizabeth Montgomery.

“I SWEAR I´M GOING TO DIE!” yelled the digidestined of courage in his most spectacular horrified voice “WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT HORSE, MONTGMERY-SAN?!”

“Skipped classes, went for a walk and found the horse riding club ” replied the blue haired girl, nonchalantly ” GABUMON! DON´T YOU DARE PEEK UNDER MY SKIRT!”

” I AIN´T LOOKING!” the digimon feigned innocence, of course he peeked. How could he not ? “AND DON´T YOU DARE EITHER, GOOGLE BOY!”

“I AM NOT!!!” exploded Taichi but his face turned carmine when his eyes casually looked down and noticed the silky pink undergarment “PINK?! SERIOUSLY?!”

“HE SAW!” Gabumon exploded “MAY I KILL HIM, PLEASE?” the digimon was quite overprotective of his Scottish girl wherever she was a nutso digidestined or not. Of course she was 90% of the time plotting something and nobody, even her twin brother, was safe from her schemes. In terms of craziness, at her 16s,  she was quite close to Mirei Mikagura´s and Taichi Yagami and his troupe only saw the top of the iceberg. Gabumon did not like either Taichi nor the rest of the Japanese gang very much but the Brits were sent to Japan anyways in order to find out the current threat to both worlds, digital and real.

“Not today!” replied the girl “We are in a rescue mission!”

“AGAIN, WHY THE HORSE?” the lad was still assimilating the fact that his agumon was kidnapped by a rogue digimon and took off;  the next scene showed up Elizabeth  with the horse and the trio were chasing after the kidnapper. Everything seemed so bizarre that he was almost certain he was dreaming. But his butt was shaking so much and the ups -and-downs of riding a horse were too realistic to be a dream. And it hurt.

“Because I damn love horses!” declared the girl ” I ought to borrow this specimen more often!”

Taichi gulped. He was already dreading the upcoming future. They would rescue agumon and make it safely back to school, that part was okay. But he could also see the scenery waiting for them, the cops looking for the presumed stolen horse, the headmaster already being told by half the entire student population about Elizabeth-san showing up in the playground with the animal and picking him up…making him the unwitting accomplice. And having to stay in detention once again thanks to the actions of the exchange students from Great Britain.

” WHY DON´T YOU GO BACK TO YOUR ISLAND ALREADY?!” moaned the google boy

Elizabeth limited to laugh. It was so delightful bashing the glorious digidestineds from Japan…!




A Bizarre Meeting

A scene from chapter 26:



“NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

That was the new vox populi phrase of the moment, echoing in several places at the same time in identical horrified notes that would make Mozart proud if he was still alive and hanging around in the Digiworld.

“NO WAY! NO WAY! NO WAY!!!!” that was Mimi Tachikawa ´s glorious Cantata of shock “IT CANNOT BEEEEEE!!!!!!!!NO! NO! NO!!!!!!”

Forget about being on the brink of death in the sky , the  spectacle of a giant-nasty-horrendous dragon that almost tore the plane followed by a not less impressive giant white bird , a winged greymon-style digimon that also showed up from nowhere and  the immense light that covered everything…nothing of those mattered to Mimi at the moment.

” WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!”  Mimi Tachikawa,  back into her 10s and wearing the frilly-pink-cartoonish cowgirl outfit emerged like a torpedo from the plane. ” I´LL KILL SOMEBODY, I SWEAR!!!!”

Nobody dared to cut short her hysteria moment. Michael and his digimons, who woke up  sometime before the princess were still getting accustomed to the new reality.  The weird transformation wasn´t as important as the fact as they SURVIVED and miraculously landed in the Digiworld.

“Is she always like  THAT?” asked a female voice that certainly did not come from Mimi.

“Gosh, I take back everything I said about Makoto-san. That person is more INSUFFERABLE than HIM” a second female voice took the word “SO NOISY!”

“Uh….who..are you…?” Michael ´s mind was like a milkshake. It was quite hard for him to adjust to the current reality when he hardly could make any sense  of it or the strangers that were by his side.Two teenager girls and a set of Agumon and Gabumon were contemplating Mimi´s hysteria, the brown haired and tanned girl with googles smirked, apparently delighted with the scene while the blonde gal (who suspiciously could pass as Yamatto Ishida´s elder sister) seemed bored.

“The ones who saved your asses from an imminent death” declared the blonde “Gosh! How longer does she plan yelling like that? She´s worse than a gaudy trumpet…!”


“MICHAEL! MICHAEL!!!!!” Mimi rushed to her husband´s side “OH NO! IT HAPPENED TO YOU TOO!!!

” Uh-HUH”

“WHYYYYY?!!! WHYYY?!!!!” and she pointed at her now flat chested body “AND RIGHT BEFORE OUR HONEYMOON!!!!I HATE THISSS!!!”

“Holy digimentals, you are kids again!” exclaimed Palmon

“Just like in the first day” Betamon almost tripped with the last step from the stairs “And why are we in the Digiworld?”

The only reply they got was a tremendous bawl from Mimi. She was so  immersed in the ocean of misery because of her looks that practically forgot to ask Palmon and Betamon what were they doing in the plane instead of staying back in New York as they were supposed to be.

The Digidestined of Sincerity was also too busy crying to pay any attention to the Cessna that was standing a few metres from Michael´s jet, the two teenager girls dressed in high school uniforms staring at them and the Agumon and  Gabumon set which, by the way, was trying not to laugh.

While hugging his de-aged wife, Michael  again asked who they were.

“Hello fellow digidestineds, are you okay?” asked the brown haired girl. Michael´s heart went into a turmoil of emotions when he noticed the googles. They were identical to Taichi-san´s!

“I guess so..?” gosh! even his voice was back to his 14s.

“Oh Lord! I hate sopranos!” added the second girl . Michael´s heart shrieked a bit because she kinda reminded him of…  Yamatto? The hair, the blue eyes, the sober yet fierce expression…!

“Kiddo, I am really going to lose it if you don´t zip that hysterical diva´s mouth once at all” grumbled the blonde, crossing her arms. Her tone sent a chill to Palmon and Betamon´s spines. From what they could appreciate she wasn´t kidding!

“Uhh..please bear it a bit more. She`ll soon calm down, I promise!” he patted Mimi´s head , trying to calm her hysteria.

“Really?” The girls exchanged a skeptic look “We are talking about a Tachikawa!”

“UH-HUH!” their digimons assented.

” How doyou know about my wife´s maiden surname?!” Michael ´s eyes were like a pair of lamps. Opened wide and sparkling with curiosity “Wait! Unless you were present in our wedding…you are Taichi and Yamatto´s relatives, right?” Yep, that should be the case. It was quite plausible since more than 300 people attended the event…

“Yes! they look like Taichi-san and Yamatto-san very much!” Palmon clapped with  enthusiasm “How come they never introduced you to the rest of the gang? ”

The girls again exchanged another glare and shook their heads.

“A wedding you say? Not a chance!” laughed the google girl ” But yeah, you could say we are…err..distant relatives of those guys” and pinched her friends´s arm when the other opened her mouth to rebuff her words “Very distant relatives, right Miyako-chan…?”

The pinch hurt quite a bit and Miyako-chan replied  “You are right, Tia-chan. We are distant, very distant cousins…”


“HEEELPP!!!! HEEELLP!!!! THEY ARE NUTS!!!!!” cried Jyou Kido
Izzy and Iori dared not to look back. They could easily figure out what was going on.

Since they met their reality 12 counterpart Jyou Kido, Koushiro Izumi and Iori Hida´s did not have any minute of peace. Not when their senpais were the most temperamental, witchy-witchy girls they ever met in their lives.
“It´s time you begin moving your cutesy asses, you little snots” and Yori Kido turned her swordish digivice into a whip, ready to terrorize the kids…


Alteration of Destiny

ears ago, Meiko traveled to Tokyo searching for her digimon.

But the Supreme who wielded Clavis Angemon´s Key , Steve,  unwittingly changed destiny.  Believing he was following his superiors´orders intercepted the Digimon when it was about to enter the city.

“Please, tell me you are not the threat I was told you were” mumbled the digidestined.

Meicocoonmon ´s response was turning into the deadly Meicrackmon VP.

“Just a sight of you and the air´s rotten” Steve chose not to change forms instead he summoned his higher´s self Key “I´m sorry but I´m afraid that I must carry on with my duty….EXECUTION OF TIME!!!!!!!!”



When Tempus Angemon and Nova learned what happened instead of going back in time and undo Steve´s action they decided to let things follow their course.

“Whoever impersonated me is a much bigger threat than any current crisis in reality 01” said Tempus Angemon “Until we figure out who´s the main responsible we´ll let this reality live in another paradox”

“Your actions were regrettable, Worthington” added a quite disappointed Nova “You could had began another Omega effect!”

The British digidestined said nothing.

“While we are speaking Mikagura and Faust are already on their tasks” Tempus Angemon could already see them in action.

Mirei and Mastemon lost no time and tracked down Mr Gennai.

Gennai  was supposed to be carrying on his own plans when he came across Mirei Mikagura and Mastemon in the Digiworld.

“Who are you…?” he didn´t finish his phrase when a powerful punch from Mastemon came across his face. He ended laying on the ground , barely able to move.

“I dread puppets” declared Mirei adjusting her glasses “Especially obsolete ones”

“Shall I finish him off, Mire-sama?” asked the female angel. The mere sight of Mastemon sent the shivers to Gennai´s system.

“I am not screwing up like oniisan did” Mirei shook her head “Just a slight RECONGIGURATION of his obsolete date is enough…”

At the same time Digidestined Faust and his Sorcerymon  headed to the human world. More exactly to the so called Incorporated Administrative Agency.

“I can forgive being followed and investigated because of my past as a villain. I understand it” smirked Ludwig while letting his Sorecerymon do his job and it was hunting all the people from the organization “YET. Sie sind alle verdammt Arschlöcher”

“YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET THIS!!!” exclaimed Maki Himekawa , the last to be captured. She tried to escape only to fall miserably on the floor “YOU DON´T KNOW WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH…!”

Ludwig shrugged his arms, unfazed with the woman´s angry yet terrified expression.

“I care nothing about your past as a digidestined neither your cause. Rebooting a Digiworld is crap when I am among the ones who can alter entire REALITIES” he made a signal to his digimon and  just like he did with the others, Sorcerymon used his wand and everybody had their memories erased. The agency vanished.

And neither Maki, nor the other digidestineds from the past would ever remember about Digimons…

“Done” Ludwig left the building without looking back. Not even once.

Time passed and Meiko Mochizuki arrived to Tokyo.  But in the end she never found her digimon.


Destiny was altered  once more and Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon eventually would have to answer for that….