A Bizarre Meeting

A scene from chapter 26:



“NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

That was the new vox populi phrase of the moment, echoing in several places at the same time in identical horrified notes that would make Mozart proud if he was still alive and hanging around in the Digiworld.

“NO WAY! NO WAY! NO WAY!!!!” that was Mimi Tachikawa ´s glorious Cantata of shock “IT CANNOT BEEEEEE!!!!!!!!NO! NO! NO!!!!!!”

Forget about being on the brink of death in the sky , the  spectacle of a giant-nasty-horrendous dragon that almost tore the plane followed by a not less impressive giant white bird , a winged greymon-style digimon that also showed up from nowhere and  the immense light that covered everything…nothing of those mattered to Mimi at the moment.

” WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!”  Mimi Tachikawa,  back into her 10s and wearing the frilly-pink-cartoonish cowgirl outfit emerged like a torpedo from the plane. ” I´LL KILL SOMEBODY, I SWEAR!!!!”

Nobody dared to cut short her hysteria moment. Michael and his digimons, who woke up  sometime before the princess were still getting accustomed to the new reality.  The weird transformation wasn´t as important as the fact as they SURVIVED and miraculously landed in the Digiworld.

“Is she always like  THAT?” asked a female voice that certainly did not come from Mimi.

“Gosh, I take back everything I said about Makoto-san. That person is more INSUFFERABLE than HIM” a second female voice took the word “SO NOISY!”

“Uh….who..are you…?” Michael ´s mind was like a milkshake. It was quite hard for him to adjust to the current reality when he hardly could make any sense  of it or the strangers that were by his side.Two teenager girls and a set of Agumon and Gabumon were contemplating Mimi´s hysteria, the brown haired and tanned girl with googles smirked, apparently delighted with the scene while the blonde gal (who suspiciously could pass as Yamatto Ishida´s elder sister) seemed bored.

“The ones who saved your asses from an imminent death” declared the blonde “Gosh! How longer does she plan yelling like that? She´s worse than a gaudy trumpet…!”


“MICHAEL! MICHAEL!!!!!” Mimi rushed to her husband´s side “OH NO! IT HAPPENED TO YOU TOO!!!

” Uh-HUH”

“WHYYYYY?!!! WHYYY?!!!!” and she pointed at her now flat chested body “AND RIGHT BEFORE OUR HONEYMOON!!!!I HATE THISSS!!!”

“Holy digimentals, you are kids again!” exclaimed Palmon

“Just like in the first day” Betamon almost tripped with the last step from the stairs “And why are we in the Digiworld?”

The only reply they got was a tremendous bawl from Mimi. She was so  immersed in the ocean of misery because of her looks that practically forgot to ask Palmon and Betamon what were they doing in the plane instead of staying back in New York as they were supposed to be.

The Digidestined of Sincerity was also too busy crying to pay any attention to the Cessna that was standing a few metres from Michael´s jet, the two teenager girls dressed in high school uniforms staring at them and the Agumon and  Gabumon set which, by the way, was trying not to laugh.

While hugging his de-aged wife, Michael  again asked who they were.

“Hello fellow digidestineds, are you okay?” asked the brown haired girl. Michael´s heart went into a turmoil of emotions when he noticed the googles. They were identical to Taichi-san´s!

“I guess so..?” gosh! even his voice was back to his 14s.

“Oh Lord! I hate sopranos!” added the second girl . Michael´s heart shrieked a bit because she kinda reminded him of…  Yamatto? The hair, the blue eyes, the sober yet fierce expression…!

“Kiddo, I am really going to lose it if you don´t zip that hysterical diva´s mouth once at all” grumbled the blonde, crossing her arms. Her tone sent a chill to Palmon and Betamon´s spines. From what they could appreciate she wasn´t kidding!

“Uhh..please bear it a bit more. She`ll soon calm down, I promise!” he patted Mimi´s head , trying to calm her hysteria.

“Really?” The girls exchanged a skeptic look “We are talking about a Tachikawa!”

“UH-HUH!” their digimons assented.

” How doyou know about my wife´s maiden surname?!” Michael ´s eyes were like a pair of lamps. Opened wide and sparkling with curiosity “Wait! Unless you were present in our wedding…you are Taichi and Yamatto´s relatives, right?” Yep, that should be the case. It was quite plausible since more than 300 people attended the event…

“Yes! they look like Taichi-san and Yamatto-san very much!” Palmon clapped with  enthusiasm “How come they never introduced you to the rest of the gang? ”

The girls again exchanged another glare and shook their heads.

“A wedding you say? Not a chance!” laughed the google girl ” But yeah, you could say we are…err..distant relatives of those guys” and pinched her friends´s arm when the other opened her mouth to rebuff her words “Very distant relatives, right Miyako-chan…?”

The pinch hurt quite a bit and Miyako-chan replied  “You are right, Tia-chan. We are distant, very distant cousins…”


“HEEELPP!!!! HEEELLP!!!! THEY ARE NUTS!!!!!” cried Jyou Kido
Izzy and Iori dared not to look back. They could easily figure out what was going on.

Since they met their reality 12 counterpart Jyou Kido, Koushiro Izumi and Iori Hida´s did not have any minute of peace. Not when their senpais were the most temperamental, witchy-witchy girls they ever met in their lives.
“It´s time you begin moving your cutesy asses, you little snots” and Yori Kido turned her swordish digivice into a whip, ready to terrorize the kids…


Alteration of Destiny

ears ago, Meiko traveled to Tokyo searching for her digimon.

But the Supreme who wielded Clavis Angemon´s Key , Steve,  unwittingly changed destiny.  Believing he was following his superiors´orders intercepted the Digimon when it was about to enter the city.

“Please, tell me you are not the threat I was told you were” mumbled the digidestined.

Meicocoonmon ´s response was turning into the deadly Meicrackmon VP.

“Just a sight of you and the air´s rotten” Steve chose not to change forms instead he summoned his higher´s self Key “I´m sorry but I´m afraid that I must carry on with my duty….EXECUTION OF TIME!!!!!!!!”



When Tempus Angemon and Nova learned what happened instead of going back in time and undo Steve´s action they decided to let things follow their course.

“Whoever impersonated me is a much bigger threat than any current crisis in reality 01” said Tempus Angemon “Until we figure out who´s the main responsible we´ll let this reality live in another paradox”

“Your actions were regrettable, Worthington” added a quite disappointed Nova “You could had began another Omega effect!”

The British digidestined said nothing.

“While we are speaking Mikagura and Faust are already on their tasks” Tempus Angemon could already see them in action.

Mirei and Mastemon lost no time and tracked down Mr Gennai.

Gennai  was supposed to be carrying on his own plans when he came across Mirei Mikagura and Mastemon in the Digiworld.

“Who are you…?” he didn´t finish his phrase when a powerful punch from Mastemon came across his face. He ended laying on the ground , barely able to move.

“I dread puppets” declared Mirei adjusting her glasses “Especially obsolete ones”

“Shall I finish him off, Mire-sama?” asked the female angel. The mere sight of Mastemon sent the shivers to Gennai´s system.

“I am not screwing up like oniisan did” Mirei shook her head “Just a slight RECONGIGURATION of his obsolete date is enough…”

At the same time Digidestined Faust and his Sorcerymon  headed to the human world. More exactly to the so called Incorporated Administrative Agency.

“I can forgive being followed and investigated because of my past as a villain. I understand it” smirked Ludwig while letting his Sorecerymon do his job and it was hunting all the people from the organization “YET. Sie sind alle verdammt Arschlöcher”

“YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET THIS!!!” exclaimed Maki Himekawa , the last to be captured. She tried to escape only to fall miserably on the floor “YOU DON´T KNOW WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH…!”

Ludwig shrugged his arms, unfazed with the woman´s angry yet terrified expression.

“I care nothing about your past as a digidestined neither your cause. Rebooting a Digiworld is crap when I am among the ones who can alter entire REALITIES” he made a signal to his digimon and  just like he did with the others, Sorcerymon used his wand and everybody had their memories erased. The agency vanished.

And neither Maki, nor the other digidestineds from the past would ever remember about Digimons…

“Done” Ludwig left the building without looking back. Not even once.

Time passed and Meiko Mochizuki arrived to Tokyo.  But in the end she never found her digimon.


Destiny was altered  once more and Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon eventually would have to answer for that….

Takari Love of Future Past

Magnus Takariyama by chance arrived to reality 09, a Millennia before the appearance of google boy Tsurugi and his friends. Clavis Angemon summoned Magnus to the Digiworld despite Magnus was supposed to have landed in the Digiworld from reality 12 and gave him the task of defeating a digimon called Quartzmon which arrived from nowhere and was attempting to take possession of Yggdrasil.fav.me/dap6ily

Several digidestineds that were summoned before the lad ended all failing to accomplish the mission and became preys of Quartzmon themselves!

In order to rescue the fallen digidestineds and Yggdrasil, Clavis introduced him to Agumon and Gabumon and they would be guided through the entire quest by Clavis Angemon´s personal assistant Akarimon.

What Clavis never expected was the fondness Magnus and Akarimon would develop toward each other ..Love. Such a powerful, pure thing that they even swore, as soulmates, Eternal Love.fav.me/dass8ka

Tragedy happened though and Magnus Takariyama sadly passed away after fighting a Lucemon…

Akarimon, heartbroken, swore that she would track down  her beloved´s soul and after selecting the next angel as Yggdrasil´s closest one she took off. Their bond proved to be powerful because she managed to follow Magnus´s leftover codes through the fabric of realities and lead her to reality 01 human world. fav.me/daszpyl

She learned that her beloved was about to reincarnate as new boy and after an unexpected meeting with toddler Taichi Tagami she decided she would reincarnate as a human as well!

Years later, because of the Digiworld´s crisis,   Hikari Yagami and  Takeru Takaishi would meet as the youngest members of the bunch Digidestineds , shining with the symbols of Light and Hope.

With an eye towards the Future, Magnus and Akarimon would sometimes leave their slumber state and watch over their current incarnations…

A Past and Present Love


A millennia ago in another reality, Magnus Takariyama met Akarimon  in the Digiworld from reality 09 and couldn´t help but fall in love…
They would meet again as Takeru Takaishi and Hikari Yagami…and  fall in love once again! :heart:

The current self of a Bagramon


A Millennium ago, in reality 01, the closest one to Yggdrasil was none other than a digital angel named Bagramon.
Everyday would pass and he would loyally stand by the God´s side, no matter what.

So when the holy Data suddenly announced it would leave the Digital World´s affairs to the 4 Great Gods and assume another form, Bagramon followed his master…

Destiny had a lot under the sleeve and Bagramon was reborn as a human… Ludwig Faust.

He once stood as a villain and gave the digidestineds a heck of a headache. Then he was unwillingly recruited as a Supreme and swore to fix his wrongdoings.
Yet he´s still an ambiguous character.

The question arises: which side is he going to choose this time?

The Angel of Time and the kids

When Clavis Angemon from reality 09 passed away instead of following the usual protocols , being reborn in a digiegg and become a new digimon, he opted to embrace humanity.
His soul traveled through time, space and realities until he settled into reality 01. He could had been reborn as a digital angel from that new reality instead he went through the most unconventional route: split his holy self into two souls!

The digital Angel of Time then was reborn as a boy and a girl at the same time in two distant places. The boy ´s born into the Worthington family house in Guilford, Surrey, UK; the girl was born into the Mikagura household in Tokyo, Japan. And if things weren´t interesting enough, they shared the same father. Neither kid realized this fact until their 11s when Mirei learned the truth about her biological father  from her mother.

“I want to meet him” declared Mirei and after begging for a good while she finally managed to convince her mother to travel to London and pay a visit to the Worthington family. The mother , who used to be mrs Mikagura on and off lover until he called it the quits, initially was against the idea. But in the end relented. Despite feeling nothing but   bitterness towards Sir Richard Worthington and his misogynist ways  Mirei deserved to know where she came from and free to decide about building a bond with him or not.

After arriving unannounced to the mansion and the subsequent acrid welcome from the Worthingtons, Mirei headed to the gardens.

“Mother was right, father is a reverenced rat and is surrounded by idiots… ” the girl had to admit that meeting with all those witty people left her a bit tired “I wonder if the other kid is as messed up as the rest of the bunch…”

She was searching for the only person who wasn´t present in the meeting which was a shame because according to what she heard from the servants e “the little master” was the most adorable thing from the entire England.

“Adorable , huh? ” muttered Mirei ” certainly doubt it if he ´s born into this house”  her thoughts were suddenly cut short when the figure of a boy emerged from the bushes. Until that moment Steve Worthington had been happily napping  in the open instead of being in his room and doing his homework.

“Hey!” his emerald eyes opened wide in surprise when he realized the girl´s presence ” I didn´t know we had visitors today” and he brushed off the leaves from his hair.

Mirei limited to smile.

“Pleased to meet you, miss” the boy offered his hand ” Steve Worthington at your service”

“Likewise” she blinked in surprise when he courteously kissed her hand. Dammit, she thought, he´s adorable! “Mikagura.  Mikagura Mirei”

“Judging by your accent I presume you are not from this land, am I right?” he tried his best not to laugh. That girl had the weirdest accent he heard in his life!

“You are right. I come from another island” after looking at him for 40 seconds  the girl had reached  a conclusion. He was cute and the type of guy who was raised as a gentleman but in reality Steve Worthington was a condescending asshole…and she LOVED to mess up with that type of people!

“Really? ” he was unaware about Mirei ´s true colors. All he saw was a cute foreign girl and just wanted to be friends with her “Where are you from?”


“You are kidding! really?!”  he was delighted. Until that day he never met someone from that distant nation “Wow! that´s so cool! I always wanted to visit that country and…”

And he couldn´t help but immerse into an enthusiastic monologue about Japan and its wonders and everything he wanted to do when given the opportunity. He unceasingly  spoke about the Tokyo Tower, Shibuya, ramen and his favorite animes. Mirei patiently heard his speech and let him spill his beans.

After 15 minutes of incessant speech , the boy realized that during all this time she did not open her mouth.

“Shoot! ” he reprimanded himself “I´m sorry, miss Mirei. I talked and talked and didn´t let you in the conversation…or the conversation between myself and myself!”  he called himself all sort of names for being such an ass. Well, in fairness, he rarely spoke with girls besides his female cousins (which he found dreadfully boring ). He studied in an exclusive all-boys school and was expected of him to consecrate his time for studying. Steve dared not to complain but he would wish he was born in a more conventional household and going to public school and hang out with friends like in the the telly . Especially like in some American sitcoms “Shall we start again…?”

“Sure” her smile grew wider “You can begin by telling me your name again”

“Nice to meet you, I´m Steve Worthington” and he offered once more his hand.

“Likewise” and before he could kiss her hand she added  “Oniisan”

“Excuse me?” he frowned, he knew some Japanese words and wondered if he heard wrong.

Mirei did not let go of his hand, instead she pressed it harder.

“Nice to meet you, Steve Worthington. ” her eyes shone dangerously “I´m Mikagura Mirei and I´m your sister….”

Invisible to them, their former selves Clavis Angemon was watching. He barely could contain a joyful smile, he certainly wouldn´t be bored in his current incarnations.
Not at all.

A Yagami Matter

A Yagami Matter by Ayhelenk

When reality 01, 02 and 12 Digidestineds Yagami met at the same stage it was a given that it would be a quite interesting meeting. Reality 02 Taichi Yagami was puzzled to meet a 22 year old self from reality 01, it was like looking through a mirror albeit some years in the future!

“So am I supposed to become you or what?” it´s not like he didn´t like what he saw but wasn´t completely sure about wanting to become like the other Taichi. The elder one seemed pretty laid back and a bit boring for his taste. Taichi from 02 was all into digi-adventures, the wackier the better!

“In your dreams, little bro!” the elder Taichi considered the other fella a bit too feisty for his taste. Was he such an insufferable  brat when he was his age…? If that´s so, no wonder why Yamatto Ishida claimed about Yagami getting on his nerves most of the times. Elder Tai shook his head, erasing those thoughts. Yamatto may be his best friend nowadays but was quite bitchy back in the old days.

“Well, I bet your adventures weren´t as interesting as mine” younger Taichi couldn´t help himself, it was quite tempting teasing his other self “Nothing beats defeating an all powerful Arkadimon”

“You are still a baby” replied the other Taichi “Wait until you are my age and then we talk…if you manage to defeat an Apocalimon after having your data completely trashed by him!”

“Any time, anywhere” and the two engaged into a heated argument about who was the best representative of both the Yagami family and digidestined.

“Oh goodness” Tia Yagami´s agumon, the one with the tattoo, sighed “They are SO like Tia”
“You mean the gorgeous google girl?” asked Gabbo, one of the younger Taichi´s best buddies besides the veedramon known as Zero.

Zero was chilling up, the previous battle against one of the Seven Lords´s men left him a bit tired. But was quite satisfied because he was able to shine in battle and his skills impressed the other digimons so much that were asking him for tips. Tia was a bit distracted, looking around the beach as if expecting something and wasn´t really paying attention at the Taichis´s bravado. Yet she liked Zero pretty much and ended complimenting him by saying that his digidestined made a good job raising him and deposited a kiss on his cheek. Zero , who had never received a kiss in his life, was still in the 9 cloud.

“Yup!” assented agumon “No matter which reality you look at, a Yagami is always a Yagami. Fun to watch most of the time, you never get bored!”

“Agree!” 01 Agumon couldn´t agree more “Even as an adult, he is still a kid. Look at those, arguing as if they ´re in the kinder!”

The google fellas were so alike that they could almost not stand each other, they couldn´t help but trying to impress the other party and at the same time make a statement about their own superiority. Younger Taichi wished he had more adventures to flaunt about so he could make his “elder brother” eat some of words while the latter wished he was once again 11 (not counting the recently dissolved deaging spell , by the time V-Tamer Taichi and 01 met the spell was undone) so he could teach him a lesson.

“I´M THE COOLEST YAGAMI” ended both of them yelling at the same time “YOU ARE NOT! I AM!!”

“Oh boy” the digimons sighed “They are a pair of Prima donnas”

“OH !!!! FINALLY!!!!” a very excited Tia Yagami yelled in complete happiness “WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?!!!”

The waters suddenly separated when a pillar of light showed up from the sky, making its way to the land. A majestic, dreamy figure emerged from the light and Tia did not hesitate to greet the recently arrived Goddess with an enthusiastic hug.

“Sorry, there were hindrances that attempted to slow me down ” the Yagami fellas ´s dispute died on the spot. Their eyes opened wide in admiration , besides Angewomon and Rosemon they had never met such a beautiful digital deity on their lives…if only they belonged to the digital species…!

“I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!” Tia did not hold down and jumped to the goddess´s arms.

“Hopefully you behaved well enough” smiled the Kabuki “Because I will know if you dared to cheat on me!” and winked under her mask.

“I swear that I only have eyes for you, my dearest…you are the sun, the moon and the entire universe for me….” And the Taichis got the shock of their lives when Tia and Kabuki Sakuyamon began exchanging several sets of spicy, torrid kisses!

“WHAT THE HECK…?!” the younger Taichi almost fainted. He never expected to see something like THAT!

“Meet Kabuki Sakuyamon” explained Tia´s agumon “Our boss, the closest intermediary between Yggdrasil and Homeostasis besides Tempus Angemon”

“So can a digidestined do that to a digimon?!” Veedramon and Gabbo ´s eyes almost fell from their orbits. The ladies were more than busy making out, they didn´t see each other for entire days and missed their soulmate like crazy.

“Kabuki isn´t Tia´s digimon” added Agumon “She´s Tia´s wifey”

“GET OUT!!” Taichi and Taichi were astonished “REALLY?!!!”

“Amazing!” Gabbo never thought it was possible such thing.

“After hitting on miss Sakuyamon for a good while, Tia finally managed to get her heart” Agumon sighed, remembering the old days with fondness “It´s a miracle considering Tia´s a well known Casanovas back in the old times”

While they were recovering from the shock of Tia´s current lifestyle, Tia´s digimon briefly told them how was Tia back in high-school and her infamous love life before being summoned as a digidestined .

“With her record of dates she should had been the digidestined of Love instead of Courage!” Tai´s agumon was baffled “Unbelievable she´s Taichi´s counterpart!”

The fellas exchanged a glare. Until that moment they´ve been discussing about who was the coolest Yagami but Tia did not voice her opinion…because she needn´t!

“I can´t believe what I´m watching” mumbled younger Taichi ” It´s not possible!”

The elder Taichi sighed, he couldn´t help but be on her shoes right now. Kabuki Sakuyamon was beauty incarnated mixed with sexiness galore, a dream of a goddess and Tia Yagami dared to go against the odds and make her hers!

“And it´s not possible that we´d been bested by someone who has kissed more girls in high-school than I in my entire life!!!!”

When Tia and Sakuyamon finally slowed down and rejoined the others, they were quite puzzled when the two Taichis bowed before Tia and  with a tone filled with anxiousness they said at the same time:


The digimons couldn´t hold it anymore and bursted into an hysterical laugh…

Race to the End of the World

This is a scene from chapter XXIII

Race to the End of the World by Ayhelenk

“AWAKE, THEN, AND DO WHAT IT MUST BE DONE…GO AND DON´T LOOK BACK”whispered the newcomer and touched the bracelet “IT´S OUR CHALLENGE AFTER ALL….”

“Yes…” that was the last conscious phrase that came from  Takeru Takaishi ´s lips before being engulfed by a golden light.

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Ishida meets Takenouchi

Ishida meets Takenouchi by Ayhelenk

…despite his best efforts, despite being a proud Mega, this time Metalgarurumon was completely overwhelmed by the enemy.
“COME ON!” yelled Yamatto “YOU CAN DO IT!!”

The digimon kept fighting but proved to be no match for Arkadimon and the latter, with little effort, delivered a well studied piercing attack that robbed of his opponent several codes.

“OH SHIT…!” mumbled Yamatto´s Digimon before dedigivolving into its baby form. He didn´t have a choice, Arkadimon sucked so much of his vitality that his system reacted following the usual protocol: regression into a basic form or die on the spot!

“TSUNOMON!!!” Yamatto shouted in desperation because both him and his digimon were falling from the sky like a pair of rocks.

Arkadimon crossed its arms and looked down. No spark of compassion ignited from its heart, no moment of doubt came across its corrupted system. In fact, the digimon was looking forward to see that pair of idiots meet their impending death…

“COME ON, PAL!” the blond digidestined struggled to make his digimon evolve again but the digivice showed no will to follow through his commands “WORK! WORK!”
“I´m sorry, I am too tired…” Tsunomon was scared as hell yet he barely had any codes to sustain its tiny body “If only…”

If only they didn´t try to do it their way, having stayed at the safehouse  and listened to Mr Gennai and Takariyama´s words they wouldn´t had been surprised by the enemy like this. The other digidestineds were too far or too busy fighting to defend their own lives to assist the troubled pair on time…

I wish I could tell Sora how sorry I am for being such a jerk, thought Yamatto, and that I always believed that we had a wonderful future together…


The chosen of friendship felt like crying, he was going to die with Tsunomon and his conscience wasn´t giving him a break. People usually said that when someone is having a close call from death, his or he entire life is projected in front of the person´s eyes. His conscience, though, insisted on projecting every single moment in which he behaved like a grandiose jerk towards his friends…and especially the break-up scene. Sora´s painful words echoed through his mind, pierced his heart and his own responses were so hurtful that Yamatto wondered what the heck was thinking when he blurted that poison.

“Forgive me…” he whispered, closing his eyes.

“AND HERE WE GO, UP UP AND AWAYYYYYYYY…!!!!” suddenly Yamatto felt an abrupt  pull on his green T-shirt and   his fall ceased.


The chosen of friendship could barely articulate any word when he found himself being carried by Birdramon and a tall, strong masculine figure  standing by his side.

“Birdramon!! Thank goodness you made it in time!” exclaimed a relieved Tsunomon when he realized he landed on the giant bird´s head. Of course their friends would be in time, he knew it!!

“You are welcome, little one” smiled the bird “Are you OK?”

“Now I am…WAIT A MINUTE!” Yamatto´s digimon opened its mouth wider than a plate “WHO ARE YOU?!”

Tsunomon realized that this Birdramon wasn´t the one he knew. This one looked exactly like Sora´s save for its codes smelling way too different from the former´s. So who were their rescuers?!

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!” Yamatto finally managed to speak and his finger pointed at the teenager that was commanding Birdramon.Another guy would had been too grateful to his rescuer to mutter any question and would be kissing his feet. But not Yamatto.
Instead of feeling grateful, he was annoyed.

“You are welcome, princess” replied the other fella with a tone filled with sarcasm

“HOW DID YOU CALL ME?!!!” from Yamatto´s aura emerged a roaring tiger, ready to eat the other alive “I DARE YOU TO CALL ME LIKE THAT AGAIN!!!”

He received another burlesque smirk from the teenager.

“Sure, princess” and before the temperamental kid could burst in a fit of rage the other fella grabbed him again by the T-shirt.

“LET ME GO!!!” demanded Yamatto, with his feet and arms moving chaotically in the air, struggling to free himself from the hateful fella´s hand only to get a good shaking from the antipathetic fella “YOU ARE SO GOING TO REGRET THIS…!”

But the other seemed  amused with the threats and his smile grew wider.

”  Just a look at you and I can tell you are an Ishida”

Matt´s face paled


“The Ishida stubbornness is easy to recognize. In fact, it´s a trademark” replied the teenager with a smooth yet acquiescent tone.

Yamatto gasped, how come that asshole possessed the same hair and eyes as his girlfriend? No..it was more than that. He looked so like her that he could pass as her elder brother! But he couldn´t be her family, Yamatto knew almost everybody in the Takenouchi clan and was positive that fella wasn´t one of them

“But in terms of bitchness you are 100 years too early if compared to Miyako” continued the lad ignoring the other´s incensed expression ” She usually has the likes of you for breakfast”



The other guy ´s smirk vanished and his chestnuts eyes sparkled with such energy that it could provoke a thunderstorm in a moment or other.  That was the look of an individual who possessed a huge temperament.

“TAKENOUCHI” answered in the end “SORA TAKENOUCHI”

Yamatto almost fainted.


In less than 30 seconds the rescuer went from the holy rescuer mode into a menacing one. He looked  so intimidating that Yamatto´s body shrieked.

“I never joke” declared the guy laconically.


A scene from chapter XXII.

“ENOUGH!!!!!!!” Takeru Takaishi couldn´t take it anymore “STOP IT!!!!!!!!!”


With his emotions boiling like a volcano, the chosen of Hope freed his body from the trance and shouted like crazy.


“Takeru!!!” Hikari yelled as well.

“What´s the deal with that fella?!” asked Daisuke, scratching his chin. Why was him behaving like a madman on stage instead of playing anymore boring music?

“Brother!!” yelled Yamatto, anxious as well

Suddenly a light emanated from  Takeru´s body and  without giving a thought, the chosen of Hope rose his right arm. And a  rounded bracelet showed up on his wrist!


AWAKE, THEN AND DO WHAT IT MUST BE DONE, the invisible fella who´d been showing Takeru the visions finally made himself visible to everybody´s eyes.


Taichi and the others´s could hardly believe what´s going on but Hikari, yelled like crazy when she saw a young, blonde lad standing next to Takeru Takaishi.

Patamon was already rushing to his human´s side to pay attention to the other guy…

GO AND DON´T LOOK BACK, whispered the newcomer and touched the bracelet , IT´S OUR CHALLENGE AFTER ALL….


“Yes” Takeru touched the bracelet as well and much to everybody´s astonishment both him and Patamon were surrounded by a golden light and vanished in the air.

“BROTHER!!! BROTHER!!” Yamatto shouted his lungs off, livid.

“TAKERU-KUN!!!!!!” Hikari nearly lost it and would had jumped from the balcony had not Gatomon and Daisuke caught her in the act.

“DON´T DO THAT AGAIN!” yelled Daisuke but Hikari kept yelling, desperate.


And that was when the digidestineds´s devices began to shine and suddenly, a mantle of light showed up from nowhere and covered everything…..