Love vs bakas – pg 3


This is a fancomic from an event that compliments my fanfic, it’s 2004 and the eldest digidestineds should be having fun during their first year at high school (save Jyou who’s already in the second year and immersed in his studies so the upcoming year’s exams wouldn’t take him by surprise)…well, the only fun they are getting is the tumultuous exchange of insults between Taichi Yagami and Yamato Ishida…until a third candidate makes it to the stage ;)



Sora hang up her phone and after concluding that it was a hopeless cause to help her best friend and former boyfriend reach an amicable end to their bitterness, she decided to act in a very unconventional way.

“I AM SO SICK OF YOUR MACHO WAYS!” her own hand did the talking and with a supernatural strenght she ended KOeding the antagonists with a well aplied super slap “I’M DONE BEING THE HELPLESS PACIFIST!”

Yamato and Taichi never saw the fist until it was too late and their egos earned the most humiliating deafeat. If they were channelling their interior Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon, Sora was definitely channeling the fearsome Zhuqiaomon!

Sora Takenouchi was the wielder of the Crest of Love and was burning an aura of the toughest form of love. She cared so much about those bakas yet it was heartbreaking seeing her most important people trapped in their stubborness and refusing to make amends.

No matter how much she tried, neither Yamato nor Taichi were willing at that time to put down their defenses…even for her.

” ARE YOU NUTS?!” exclaimed the lads at the same time touching their reddened cheeks “WHAT’S  WRONG WITH YOU?!”

“It hurts, you know?!” Taichi moaned, that was the most powerful slap her ever received. Not even Yamato could hit that hard!

Yamato was as livid as his best frenemy, it was the first time Sora behaved like that!

Scrap that , he thought, since she befriended those foreigners she’s being quite unlike herself … Yamato Ishida was the type of not paying attention to his surroundings and certainly tended not to note the small detailes when he and Sora dated back then…but his instincts were sharp on this one. Weeks ago the school welcomed three exchange students from the UK and the trio did nothing but cause ruckus wherever they put their noses on. Especially the one called Steve Worthington who insisted on pestering Sora-chan…!

It was a bothersome thing that Taichi tried to intrude into his business after the Sorato break  up , (which took place the past winter) Yamato dreaded nosy people above everything else even if it came from his best friend. He hoped that Taichi would leave the matter alone after the welcome ceremony but nope, Taichi kept asking why he broke up with Sora and reconsider his decision. Sick of it, Yamato  did what he felt it was needed: stomp they weren’t on speaking terms unless it was about digital business.

” You know?” Sora kept talking ” I think I’m done acting like the mother of the group. There’s no use try to play the peacemaker role when you insist on behaving like a pair of 11 year old children…! ” she looked at the sky and sighed ” I think that Steve-san and the others were right about you two…Yamato-kun,I can’t say I like your music as much as I did before because I agree with him that it lacks something fundamental ” Yamato’s face almost turned blue “I can see it now because of your stubborness towards Taichi-kun”

Taichi was about to give a victorious  told you! but Sora wasn’t done delivering her bomb.

“Taichi-kun, I also don’t like the way you play football nowadays. Steve is also right on this one, you are back to the old ways in which you won’t make a pass and hog the ball all for yourself….” her following words felt like a pile of bricks “Right now, YOU BOTH SUCK”

“WAIT A MINUTE…!” before the Taito fellas could argue back a   breeze suddenly messed up  their hairstyles followed by the sound of a bonnet cut short their words. A red Ferrari made its entrance and the sound of the wheels almost burning the paviment due to the brusque stop – moments ago it raced across the streets of Odaiba-   narrowly missing the curb for a few inches.

Much to their annoyance a black haired guy with prince manners and Colgate smile made waved his hand at them.

“I hope I didn’t make you wait for too long, miss Sora…”


A Reunion


A week before the main events, Ken Ichijiouji dreamed he was in the digiworld. Instead of being joined by either Wormon or Miyako-chan he found himself in an unspecified part of the digiworld and…having a rendez-vous with a guy!  (that wasn’t Daisuke-san and whom almost everybody teased that he was actually his soulmate instead of his girlfriend, by the way)

Tall, imposing and deadly solemn and the glasses would only remark the bishounen aura (if Miyako-chan was there she would had drooled a second Universal Flood, such was her fascination towards beautiful people). The scenery would certainly had ignited the imagination of countless of fujoshi fans had not the other guy being escorted by a  huge digimon with the word “feral” written in its three pair of ruby eyes.

“Who are you?” asked Ken trying to not feel overwhelmed by them.  Just a little squint through the glasses and Ken realized that the guy was way more intimidating than the digimon itself.

“All these years and you are unable to recognize your own brother…?”

The two faces of Sora Takenouchi

Some weeks before traveling  to the States as Mimi´s bridesmaid Sora had a very strange dream.
She dreamed she´d navigating through some unknown interface from the digiworld only to meet a twin of herself..and naked!


Some weeks before traveling  to the States as Mimi´s bridesmaid Sora had a very strange dream.
She dreamed she´d navigating through some unknown interface from the digiworld only to meet a twin of herself..and naked!

” The current you is drowning in fear and sorrow…wondering if there´s actually a future by Yamato Ishida´s side” spoke the other Sora.

The digidestined gulped.

“Truth be told, if a threat happens to manifest in the nearby future none of you are powerful enough to bring on an easy victory” continued the twin “Years passed and none of you, actually, overcame the true issues from the past.   And If you want to have a future with Yamato Ishida…do not rely in Steve Worthington´s help” warned the other Sora “ Because he´s immersed in the dreams of a past long time gone…and such dreams can be terribly dangerous. Omega must never be brought back….”

Sora at that time couldn´t imagine that she was given advice by an alternate self, a Sora that existed in the extinct reality 01 Omega.
And while at the next day she forgot most of the dream , the warning concerning Yamato and Steve remained fresh on her mind….

The Teaser


This is a scene from the past, when Sora was 16 and was being pursued by one of the new exchange students and fellow digidestined, Steve Worthington.

Sora´s dating Yamato Ishida yet Steve doesn´t care, he likes her very much and would constantly tease her.

No wonder why both Taichi and Yamato ended hating his guts during the upcoming years…:)

Digidestined Steve – Tri version

This week I´ve been testing the Photoshop CC 2018 and I´m so in love with it!

Pity the trial version will end in 4 days…



steveworthington-hughschoolMeanwhile I drew Steve Worthington when he was 16, during the time he and his friends went to Odaiba as exchange students and having a blast driving Taichi & Co to insanity while investigating some anomalies taking place in both the real and digital worlds.

I will say this: Steve ´s hotness personified , both as himself and as Piddomon. (He actually becomes the angel , he´s an hybrid type of digidestined)

He could have anybody he wishes…yet he´s still trapped in an unrequited love towards a certain digidestined of Love…

Note: I used :iconnelanequin:´s brushes  Digital Cyberworld - Brush Set by NelaNequin , they are superb!