From chapter 6:


” I´d rather not put on a scene in my friends´s wedding” Takeru finally spoke, pointing at the concerned people staring at them with curiosity” We can take it OUTSIDE. What do you say?” Takeru also an inheritor of the Ishida pride pointed at the door. Patamon´s face paled, when Takeru meant the word outside it usually meant a hand-to-hand fight.


“You can´t!”  Patamon cried clearly not wishing to see a brawl “You cannot risk hurting your hands!”

Dammit! The concert!

Takeru hesitated for a moment which of course Keruta interpreted as a chickening fact.


Takeru´s body tensed and clenched his fist. “Please, don`t !” Patamon tried to speak some sense into Takeru who  was so angry that he wanted to teach the other guy a lesson.

“You are so pathetic that I pity you” taunted Keruta “Being constantly babysitted from the very beginning…how can you look at yourself in the mirror every fucking morning…?”

“ENOUGH!” Takeru Takaishi´s patience  finally reached its limits. The Ishida Pride was already boiling in his  also Takaishi DNA “The Palm court is empty at the moment ” he proposed in a too suave voice  “What about some PRIVACY?”

“My pleasure” and the lads left the wedding venue…

* * *  * * *


“Compared to the others, you suck” declared the hateful lad “greatly!”

“UH!?” Takeru was taken off guard “What the heck are you talking about?”

“COME ON! ” Keruta yelled in disbelief “You are a fellow supreme, ain´t you?!”

Before Takeru had a chance to reply Keruta delivered a well studied, yet dirty kick on Takeru´s stomach.

“What..do..you mean …by that…?” he struggled to breath.

“The Digivice, you idiot!” Keruta attacked once again “I still don´t get how a wimp like you  own a bracelet” The antagonist kept attacking leaving almost no room for the other guy to either attack or defend himself  ” It´s so wasted in someone like you…!” Keruta decided to use some  Judo, surprising Takeru with the Kuzushi followed by a good lift  in the air and the following moment Takeru was unceremoniously thrown to the ground!



” Truth is a pill hard to swallow, I take?” laughed  Keruta ” Being a digidestined of this caliber isn´t an exclusivity of Good!”

“…I…I don´t know what you are talking about” Takeru gritted his teeth struggling to free himself from Keruta´s foot “But …you are..asking for it…”


Keruta limited to yawn and released the other guy .

“If I´m going to capture you , I´d rather do it via the FUN way” he looked again at his device and smiled ” Why don´t we settle our differences with a DUEL?”  a violet light emerged from his bracelet and much to Takeru and Patamon´s surprise a light saber-style sword showed up in his hands ” Without digimons. Just you and me! ”

Takeru´s forehead was literally raining sweat and the headache was almost unbearable.Yet he stood up.

” Are you in or out? ”  asked Keruta, impatient

“I don´t like fights” Takeru´s bracelet manifested a saber-light sword and with some reluctancy he straightened up his posture (despite his body aching like hell thanks to all the hits he got from Keruta) and pointed his weapon at his opponent. “But as Angemon once said, there are times I must do what I must…”


A tender hug in Lincoln Center

This scene takes place sometime before  Angemon returned to Nova´s life (fav.me/db204ry and fav.me/da0bn5l ).
Nova´s 16 now and living in New York. Ryo is 18 and is currently one of the new digidestineds known as Cavaliers, protecting both worlds with a lovely set of Patagato ;)


Time passed and much to Nova´s desperation nobody , even her own family, believed she had a brother. For a strange reason anything related to Magnus Takariyama was erased from the collective memories save for Nova and Ryo´s and their background stories were inevitably altered. Nova was adopted when she was 8 by the Takariyamas after her russian parents passed away in a traffic accident. Ryo never had a frenemy and was still the number 1 on the rankings while closely followed by Hideko Ichijouji who in turn considered him her sworn rival.

He should had consoled Nova and admit he also remembered Magnus but again, the shock from that time in the Digiworld prevented him from saying anything. The one who ended consoling Nova was Tia Yagami.


Ryo could not bring up his own experience to the light until, one year later, the day he was summoned as a Digidestined with Tia Yagami, Sora Takenouchi, Inori Izumi, Miyako Ishida and Yori Kido by Kabuki Sakuyamon….

The new set of digidestineds found themselves in a shinto-type temple and were greeted by Kabuki Sakuyamon, several renamons and an Angemon standing by her side. The chosen digimons for the chosen digidestineds were there as well.

“Long time, no see Akiyama-san…” the deity chose to address him before anybody else, even Tia Yagami who was already infatuated by her “As you can see, this place changed considerably since the last time… Gatomon, Patamon. Here´s your designated partner…”

Such familiarity baffled Tia and her friends and demanded to know what´s going on. Ryo was forced to confess he´d been in that strange world before like Nova. Because for some strange reason Nova´s digivice wasn´t responding to the calls from the Digiworld Sakuyamon had no other option but summon other people. The rules of compatibility lead to Tia Yagami & co due to their closeness with the former King.


That pill proved to be hard to swallow and neither Tia nor the rest of the group were able to forgive his cowardice. Had he opened his mouth earlier and support Nova´s pleas she may not had found her stay in Japan that unbearable. The girl could not stand being in a place filled with her brother´s memories and transferred to the USA. Because she turned to be a genius in the music field, Miyako Ishida ´s connections granted Nova a special invitation to study in Juilliard with all her living expenses paid. The group missed Nova dearly and always felt guilty about not being able to support her claims but after learning about Nova´s stint as a digidestined and how much she searched for her brother in that world pretty shocked everybody. Tia ´s heart felt it for the little girl who went through so much and could rely on nobody.

“YOU DON´T HAVE GUTS, DO YOU?” that was Tia´s somber remark towards Ryo

“Coward” were Sora and Makoto´s sentence.

Ryo  started his career as digidestined being at odds with the group and it would take several adventures until Ryo would finally regain his friends´ trust.

After some adventures the digidestineds gained the ability of navigating between the human and Digital Worlds and during one missing, Ryo finally gathered the enough courage to pay Nova a visit in the Sates and profusedly apologized to her.


“I´m sorry for keeping quiet for so long..I have no excuse”

Her eyes became filled with tears.

“So..you…you remember my brother…?”

“He´s the best frenemy I ever had…”

“Akiyama-kun..!” she rushed to his arms and cried like Saint Magdalene. Nova cried in relief. After so long she finally found somebody who remembered Magnus and forgave Ryo on the spot. Why he lacked the courage to speak before did not matter to her. The important thing was the fact that Ryo REMEMBERED. Because that meant she wasn´t crazy and could actually share stuff about Magnus that she longed for so long…! “Thank you…”

Reality XII Hypnos


Reality 12 Ryo Akiyama followed Steve Jobs and Bill Gates route: quitting college and start his own software company and become a billionaire at the age of 20.
In this case he founded HYPNOS.
At the public´s eyes Hypnos is just another Microsoft-type company but is indeed much more than that. It´s actually a quite complex system that serves as a connection between the Digital and Real worlds.

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