Summoning Nexus



A millennium ago, in reality 04 (Frontiers) Angemon and Angewomon used to be Lucemon´s greatest  generals.
Until one day they met the 11th from the Ten Legendary warriors and realized how a madman was Lucemon.

When Lucemon was defeated by the Legendary 10, only the 11th survived.

Joining powers for the first time the generals and the new Great Angels (sorry for not drawing cherubimon but lacked space) , Shizuka Kimura did the last thing for the Digiworld:

And powers united, Nexus was summoned for the first time.

Nexus resurrected the dying reality and a new Reality 04 was formed…


Death,Rebirth and a promise from the future.

It takes place no much longer after this scene: Switching sides by Ayhelenk

” Lucemon unleashed Hell in order to bring Paradise. Because of his vision of Justice he initiated the Apocalypse. He believed…no, no matter what were his original intentions he,in the end, failed to live up to the dreams of the Past. The creatures he so looked down knew it pretty well. But in the midst of so much Chaos, 10 weren´t enough to put an end to this madness while scattered in doubt and sadness. So, I, the 11, was summoned to gather the 10. Summoned by the very same being that allowed Lucemon to rule this world of dreams: Yggdrasil. And I had to go through all the stages of the Quest, even death, until I realized that there was a Future awaiting for us…and the Future decided to lend us a hand…”

And once Lucemon was gone for good, since no angel who served under his orders considered worthy of being a holy ruler of the Digiworld, 3 innocent ones decided to take up the mantle of holIness…and that day Cherubimon, Seraphimon and Ophanimon showed up….

The Angemon and Angewomon who used to be the most loyal towards Lucemon were the first to kneel and swore   that from now on, they would protect the Future…