Angewomon from reality IV – A Millennium ago – V



This is Nova Takariyama´s past life as one of Lucemon´s most loyal soldiers until meeting digidestined Shizuka and realizing the madness of Lucemon´s “peaceful mission”
In the distant past Angewomon was a very feared enemy and gave the 10 legendary warriors a helluva of problems!

This Angewomon forms part of a bigger piece I´m currently working on. I just wanted to post it individually as well because I love how she looks :)


Scene in Cinemascope


This takes part after Manga & Anime > Digital > Fan Comics” href=”″> The portal XII by Ayhelenk , because Nova and Takeru stood together against Magna Angemon using his Gate of Destiny against Piedmon the latter managed to win some precious time and found and took over Yggdrasil´s crown.

And boy! He´s wasting no time on using his brand new powers as a Digigod on Magna Angemon!


Piedmon used his brand new powers as a Digigod  by summoning several copies of himself to fight against Magna Angemon. Fight?  You´d better say the “Mouseketeer-vs-the-Cat” because for Piedmon Magna Angemon is just a joke and is playing with him before getting his so desired revenge!
Little Takeru´s struggling to understand what´s going on, why his Angemon seems so odd and unable to cope with the scene he seeks refuge on Nova´s arms.


“onee-chan! I …I don´t know what to do! I´m scared!” he sobbed “I can´t do anything without my friends..I wanna go back home!”


Nova could only hug the precious little kid, thinking carefully what to say…




I must say this, I was inspired to draw these scenes while  watching the 6th opening of Saber Marionette Again. I used to love that series ! And this opening is SO touching! Still teary *sob**sob*

Happy New Year!


This piccie actually forms part of a fancomic that´s still in WIP.

Little Takeru was summoned, in dreams, to fight by Magna Angemon and Nova Takariyama´s side and defeat for good Piedmon.

The little lad ended realizing that the girl´s far from being a princess. Not when the King ended being a Tsundere…!


Meanwhile I wish everybody a wonderful 2018!

Carpe diem!





The Happy Couple


I couldn´t resist posting a  close up from one of the scenes from my latest fancomic The First Love- Hate Duel -pg2 by Ayhelenk, the loving re-meeting between Nova Takariyama and the winged individual that she never expected to see in her complicated life.

I was inspired by the Adolescence of Utena dueling sequences but the main idea for this loving scene came while watching Easy A, the part where Emma Stone´s character received a musical postcard from her granny (+ 5USD) and heard Natasha Bedingfield´s “Pocketful of Sunshine”

I drew the entire dueling sequence while listening to the song all over again. So Ange´s Nova´s Pocket full of Sunshine, they are so wishful and looking forward to a bright future…if they manage to survive the first week together! :laughing: