Love vs bakas – pg 4


This is a fancomic from an event that compliments my fanfic, it’s 2004 and the eldest digidestineds should be having fun during their first year at high school (save Jyou who’s already in the second year and immersed in his studies so the upcoming year’s exams wouldn’t take him by surprise)…well, the only fun they are getting is the tumultuous exchange of insults between Taichi Yagami and Yamato Ishida…until a third candidate makes it to the stage ;) (Wink)


[…] “WAIT A MINUTE…!” before the Taito fellas could argue back a   breeze suddenly messed up  their hairstyles followed by the sound of a bonnet cut short their words. A red Ferrari made its entrance and the sound of the wheels almost burning the paviment due to the brusque stop – moments ago it raced across the streets of Odaiba-   narrowly missing the curb for a few inches.

Much to their annoyance a black haired guy with prince manners and Colgate smile made waved his hand at them.

“I hope I didn’t make you wait for too long, miss Sora…”

“Not at all!” Sora waved her hand at them “You really came in a breeze!”

The Taito lads weren’t as enthusiasmed as her. The last thing they ever wanted was to meet THAT GUY..!

“Oh , dear” said the purple haired co-pilot  “Aren’t those Sunou-san and Yankee-san?”

Her words sounded as diaphanous as the crystal but were as bitter as the wasabi. Who was more hateful? The cocky exchange student from the UK or the borderline sadistic Mikagura, who also happened to be another transfer student?

“IT’S NOT FUNNY!!” exclaimed the guys, of course being nicknamed as nest bird and juvenile deliquent was as lovely as being slapped on the face.

“You are right” conceeded Steve ” Mirei,  Blondie suits way better ” he couldn’t resist the pun as the Ishida fella was both blond and into music. l”What do you say, Sora?”

“I like Blondie” she replied innocently as she owned a couple of cds from that band.

“SORA!!!!” Yamato yelled, again not appreciating the pun.



“Who are these two bakas, again?” asked Mirei completely unfazed by their fiery expressions “I can never get their names right”

“TAICHI YAGAMI AND YAMATO ISHIDA!” exploded the guys, momentarily forgetting about their own issues.

“And they are my best friends” added Sora showing a bright, shiny smile “Hope you’ll forgive their rudeness, they aren’t on their best days…”

“They sound like two cats on heat” smirked Mirei “Right, Steve-san?”

“There’s too much love coming from them. They ought to be more considerate and think about the children ” his words made Sora laugh , while she was addressed as the mother Taichi and Yamato were the fathers among the digidestineds.

“It’s up to them” once she said those words, much to Taichi and Yamato’s astonishment, Sora jollily jumped to the car “After giving a though, I think I’d rather join your team”

“WONDERFUL!” applauded both Steve and Mirei

“SORA?!!!!!” exclaimed the Taito at the same time “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING…?”

It must be a dream, right? There’s no way Sora would jump like that and sit on the enemy’s car!

Sora looked at them and her smile widened.

“In the end you are right, your business is your business” when the usual would not work it’s time to make use of another kind of strategy, even if that meant kicking some balls “Looking forward to see you in the tournament…as your rival. Bye-bye!”

And the car took off before they could say anything!

“THAT GUY IS DEADMEAT!!!” the digidestineds of Courage and Friendship finally decided to sign a truce. They may have differences and occasional fights but  foreign bastard   dared to steal  Sora-chan from them! …yeah, nothing could beat their war of egos than being provoked by an arrogant digi-asshole from the UK , so the Omegamon spirit was reborn from its ashes thanks to their mutural hatred of Steve Worthington…



Note: I certainly used and edited few   screenshots and a Ferrari photo in order to convey better this wacky scene. (And kinda wished to see this in Digimon Tri)
I also used a Catwoman drawn by Balent as reference for Sora’s jump because nobody is sassier than Catwoman and the difficulty of the pose :)



Love vs bakas -pg 2

A continuation from  love_vs_bakas__pg_1_by_ayhelenk-dcba2fh


This is a fancomic from an event that compliments my fanfic, it’s 2004 and the eldest digidestineds should be having fun during their first year at high school (save Jyou who’s already in the second year and immersed in his studies so the upcoming year’s exams wouldn’t take him by surprise)…well, the only fun they are getting is the tumultuous exchange of insults between Taichi Yagami and Yamato Ishida.

[…] Sora’s heart sank, her adored bakas were suffering from the worst case of baka-nitis! Those two mules are SO right for each other, they were practically soulmates in terms of stupidity! Lovely thing they were as the wielders of the crests of Courage and Friendship!

But Love should be able to mend the wrongs…two wrongs, at least!

“So, before we head to the new about we let begones be begone and become friends again…?” she was the true wielder of both crests, as she had more balls than anybody to try to solve the problem instead of running away (Koushiro-kun and Jyou-senpai should had been here but bailed at the last minute , Mimi was busy preparing her own stuff and didn’t want to involve the younger siblings because the Taito animosity, originally,took place because of HER)

The lads unanimously stopped walking. The air froze and the familiar aura of a storm began brewing in their eyes.

The lightning struck and the Taito pair yelled at the same time: ” AS IF!!!”

And poor Sora found herself, again, playing the role of the witness  of a fiery quarrel…. […]


“THE REAL PROBLEM IS YOUR LONE WOLF DIVA BS!” were Taichi Yagami’s love letter to his best friend/ best frenemy






Sora was speechless. When she finally managed to get them spill their beans, she kinda expected they resuming the real cause of their animosity. But no, they were sort back to the old times in which they fought for the most nonsensical bittiy-bitties which Lord forbid, were an authentic nightmare back then. They were arguing like cat and dog but she, Sora Takenouchi, became an almost non existen character in that scene. So even her bff Taichi momentarily forgot about their real issue, which started when he tried to reunite Sora and Yamato again as a couple after their break-up. She couldn’t decide if cry or laugh…

They were really in the mood for a bloody fight, she could almost see the auras of Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon emerging from the boys’ back…which was quite grave because it could mean they were in a similar black spot like back then when Yamato ordered his mega digimon to attack Taichi’s…had not a possessed Hikari Yagami used strange powers to stop the nonsensical fight…Sora didn’t want to think about the what ifs. It was scary!

Thankfuly Sora had previously arranged to have Agmon and Gabumon leave with Hikari-chan and Takeru-kun to the Yagamis’ home and have some cake. The Takari youngsters heartfuly agreed with her plan because having to bear with their mody elder siblings was becoming a huge pain in the ass and feared it would affect badly their roles in the upcoming digi tournament.

Suddenly Sora realized that no matter how much she begged, the Taito antagonists were too into their rivalry to listen to anything from her mouth. In a moment or other they would go through the streetfight way (which wouldn’t be the first time, by the way) and let their fists do the “speaking”

Concern and sadness were finally replaced by annoyance in Sora’s eyes.

“I hate to admit it but the foreigners have a point…” she looked through her pocket and picked up her cellphone.

At the other side of the city, a red Ferrari was about to restart its way as soon as the traffic lights allowed it.

“It was unexpected, Mirei, that you suddenly decided to join us by transferring to the same school” was saying Steve Worthington, digidestined from England and currently an exchange student.

“I heard about the ruckus that you and your scottish companions were causing there ” smirked the purple haired girl sitting by his side “If you are up to a revolution, of course I’m joining!”

“Just take it easy with the others” pleaded Steve “The famous 8 aren’t prepared to become your toys. Lizzie herself is already doing a fine job driving them crazy. You are Japan’s mightiest sadist, for all I know…”

“I won’t promise a thing” declared the girl. Before Steve could argue his cellphone rang and he smiled when he recognized the number.

“What a wonderful surprise, Sora-chan. To what I owe the pleasure…?”

“Let’s do it quickly” Sora’s voice sounded really in a rush “Please answer me two questions: how far are you from the park and how fast can you make it here?”

Steve’s smile widened when he heard the Taito’s quarrel in the backgorund.

“In a breeze, my love” the following second the Ferrari ‘s wheels  responded to Steve’s comands and left behind a trail of fire, such was his wil to join the girl of his dreams’ side…

Sora hang up her phone and after concluding that it was a hopeless cause to help her best friend and former boyfriend reach an amicable end to their bitterness, she decided to act in a very unconventional way.

“I AM SO SICK OF YOUR MACHO WAYS!” her own hand did the talking and with a supernatural strenght she ended KOeding the antagonists with a well aplied super slap “I’M DONE BEING THE HELPLESS PACIFIST!”

Yamato and Taichi never saw the fist until it was too late and their egos earned the most humiliating deafeat. If they were channelling their interior Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon, Sora was definitely channeling the fearsome Zhuqiaomon!



From Mirei-chan’s Notebook

From the mini short story “Promise from a Distant Dream”



After a while, she turned back to her computer and had a look at the file she was sent to her inbox  and did not want the bothersome-cute-servant peek that afternoon: a video taken from an unspecific place of the DIGIWORLD in which a bunch of digimons were running away for their lives while an annoying caped guy -with hideous hairstyle, golden glasses that look like a stolen good from the Tokyo Comic Con and wielding a wip like a wannabe SDM mistress – was creating chaos by spreading dark rings everywhere…

Mirei sighed, that was a pathetic foe! Nothing compared to the one they faced years ago during the so dreaded Omega event…


“When you are back in Odaiba you will be for sure entangled in more bothersome adventures…just keep flying high, Takeru-kun…”

Digidestined Mirei- Tri version


I drew Mirei Mikagura  when she was 16, during the time (in my fic) the so called group of digidestineds known as “Supremes” were sent  to Odaiba as exchange students. Tempus Angemon detected an anomaly lurking around Taichi & co so he sent 4 digidestineds composed by Mirei Mikagura, Steve Worthington and the Montgomery twins in order to investigate and take care of the threat before it does something bad to the original 8.

Of course they had to go  incognito and, as stated before, they set at foot at Taichi Yagami ‘s circle  as exchange students. Steve and the Montgomeries arrived from Europe while Mirei simply presented herself as someone who transferred schools from Akihabara.
The group had a very serious mission to accomplish yet that didn’t prevent any of them from  having a blast driving Taichi & Co to insanity.
Each had an agenda of their own, Mirei ‘s involved  increasing her data by studying the people they were supposed to assist.

From the 4, Mirei proved to be the most aloof yet fearsome in her own right. Specially harsh towards Koushiro Izumi, constantly criticizing what she called “his mediocre knowledge of both Digital business and real world” and embarrasing the hell out of the poor lad whenever the opportunity showed up.

And let’s not forget about the cat which she simply nicknamed it Kirei. Kirei’s Mirei’s first Angewomon disguised as a cat. (This Angewomon precedes the current Angewomon and Ladydevimon from cybersleuth)

In the fic she’s also Steve ´s half sister (same father, differnet mother and conicidentally they were born at the same day and hour!) and is as spoiled rotten as Steve.

At that time she didn’t understand  romantic love (and wanted to have anything to do anyways)  but during that trimester in Odaiba she certainly learned one thing or two about true friendship thanks to the google boy and his friends…

The Rival Suitors

Illustrated for chapter XVI :…

Note: It´s unbelievable that looking through tumblr, through the Dustin Hoffman tag I came across a bunch of Teri Polo shots posing for  Playboy Magazine February 2005. In the end, Teri became my inspiration and reference for how Angewomon and Ladydevimon may picture their Mirei in their yuriesque fantasies…





“WE GOT A DEAL!” the blonde angel clenched her fists “REMEMBER?!”

“What deal, my dear enemy?”

Ladydevimon feigned ignorance.

Her tone irked Angewomon so much that she was ready to slap her sworn rival. But managed to contain the impulse.

“You pretty damn know well what I´m talking about!”yelled the angel

Ladydevimon shrugged her arms, indifferent.


“Yes, THAT” retorted the angel of Light “And while I commend your contribution in the resolution of the last conflicts..I STILL DON´T TRUST IN YOUR INTENTIONS”

“Well! Guess what?” the female version of Devimon a wide, sarcastic smile “I DON´T TRUST IN YOURS EITHER!”

Their eyes sparkled dangerously, ready to summon the perfect storm inside the LABORATORY. That was the problem when a digidestined was granted TWO digimons instead of one. And the gods of Destiny had no better idea than granting Mirei Kimagura two polar opposites of a digimon: Angewomon and Ladydevimon. Naturally configured to be sworn enemies, in a normal environment they would ended fighting to death. None was particularly happy to learn about their new society but the motive of their rivalry ended turning into a more complex one!

“Don´t you think I haven´t noticed your antics “the dark fallen angel walked towards her rival and pointed at her metallic, golden chest plate “Compared to the other losers from other realities, THAT ´s way TINIER. Aren´t you ashamed to be THAT EXPOSED?”

Angewomon finally replied with her trademarked slap!


The other party, of course, did the same!

“No dear. How YOU dare! THAT´S PLAYING DIRTY!”

“I am the angel of Light! I don´t cheat!”

“Of course you do! ” Ladydevimon kept accusing the other party “I freaking know you better than anyone. When we turn into MASTEMON I can hear all your DISGUSTING THOUGHTS!”

“And you are the angel of CHASTITY?! I could pretty watch the cursed mental AVs of yours…and there´s no way I will let dear Mirei alone, at your mercy!”

“My feelings INDEED!!!!”

And they kept exchanging insults and kicks. There was the thing: Mirei Mikagura was a very special digidestineds and the female digimons certainly knew it; and it wasn´t all that surprising that each party ended falling hard for the human. But in order to carry on the missions assigned and not messing up, both the Angel of Light and the fallen Angel of Darkness agreed to lead a peaceful coexistence as long as none of them tried to OPENLY SEDUCE Mirei.(Be noted, not all the Angewomons are fated to fall for an Angemon or Ladydevimons for Devimons or the other way. Infinite realities, infinite stories thus infinite possibilities when it´s about the Cupid´s business ) If the human actually happened to fall for one of them and FREELY choose to make that digital-partner her official girlfriend..well, the loser party would have no choice but to respect it. Easier said than done! Mirei , despite her occasional personality issues (although Mirei never wanted to be tested, both parties suspected she may have a borderline identity disorder. But without any tests, they couldn´t be 100% sure) they were mad about her anyways!

Until now, neither party ´s subtle attempts worked so far. Mirei always treated them equally and seemed pretty unfazed towards her girls, despite them being a pair of flying pheromones!

The other Mirei Mikagura


“I woke up after a long, almost eternal, slumber only to find out someone´s been impersonating me. I will never forget that impostor…!

But there´s the thing. Who´s actually the true Mirei Mikagura? The one who´d been assisting Aiba and the other cyber sleuths? Or the one who´d been trapped in a slumber until Saturn Angemon arrival?

Where´s the truth and where´s the lie? Because sometimes a lie may look too much like a truth and sometimes a sworn truth may end up being a well crafted lie…

With Seraphiwomon by her side, unable to trust in anybody else but a fallen angel of time´s words, this Mirei is,  at the moment, playing in Lucemon´s team. And she´s been hunting Gods…