Heading to reality 01 Omega



Sometimes it takes a little alteration from the past to create a butterfly effect in the future. Or an impulsive action may create a paradox that would endanger a whole reality.
And when a reckless action by Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon by saving Magnus Takariyama´s life caused the non existence of Takeru Takaishi and Hikari Yagami in reality 01, the wheels of Destiny went nuts hence reality 01 became Reality 01 Omega.
So they have no choice but clean up the mess, but the cleaning process would not be easy since the Omega effect was alerady taking a toll on other realities so they had to go through a taboo: reunite the past and present forms of the same person.

To undo Omega Takeru Takaishi, from reality 01, was reunited with his past incarnation from reality 012 Magnus Takariyama…


Hikari Yagami first crush

From chapter 1:



“That´s all” he relaxed on his seat “Now, let´s talk about your dream guy”

Hikari blushed.

“Come on! It´s time you spilled the beans once at all. ” Takeru smirked . He wasn´t the only one who had a secret crush years ago!”Who´s  Senapi-kun?”

“Oh! Who?” she appeared to be in shock but Takeru was no fool.

“The fella you said he was like a prince and made Daisuke-san cry for weeks” Takeru always wanted to know what he called one of Hikari Yagami´s best kept secrets. Years passed and even today nobody knew who was the guy she used to have a crush on…

“A lady doesn´t kiss and tell!”

“Oh yeah?” Takeru stole another kiss from her lips “but you already did the kiss part. Now you have no choice but tell! It´s a shame that you were able to learn my secret but never told me yours”

The girl responded with a pinch on his nose.

“Nope. Your teasings would had been endless!”

“True!” Takeru chuckled ” But hey! He almost erased your brocon status…and that´s quite remarkable!

Something flashed inside her mind and Hikari unconsciously smiled. Yeah, she  did have a secret crush in the past. Until then the 11 year old Hikari yagami´s mind was filled with her brother´s image when not busy digital responsibilities. Takeru himself noted this trait and bothered him quite a bit, as much as being targeted by Daisuke´s jealousy because of her. More bothersome was the day she spilled the beans by declaring she had  a someone in mind!

“Won´t tell! I bet you´ll tease me even today!” her cheeks blushed.

“I won´t!” promised Takeru. “Please, end my misery Hikari-chan. I really want to know who´s that mysterious fella that you said was so great!  I want to be able to stand up to him and not let him steal you away…!” Hikari was an expert when it comes messing up with a guy´s sanity!

“Really?”  his words warmed her heart “You would fight him…like in a duel?”

“Yes! ” Takeru gulped ” He must be a helluva of a guy if you liked him that much to the point of never revealing his name. I still remember your sighs whenever the others asked you about him…am I…a match against him…?”

Hikari almost succumbed to a laughter. Takeru-kun was jealous!


“I can´t believe what I´m hearing!” she placed a little kiss on his chin “Of course you would win!   …I certainly stopped thinking about him for ages!” she wasn´t lying “I thought the others forgot about this matter”

“Well, they had no choice but let it go since your remarked it was your business” replied Takeru “but I´m failry confident that  Daisuke-san will still want to kill him if he ever learns his identity ”

“No way!” her face showed a sincere astonishment.

“The poor guy went bonkers for  weeks, demanding to meet his rival” Takeru almost lost it in laughter when  Daisuke Motomiya´s irksome expression came to his mind.The google boy was so jealous that he patroled the middle and high school perimeter…because she admitted her fondness towards an older guy. “But you were damn secretive! None of us could figure out who the heck was him!”

The incident took place a couple of weeks after the former Kaiser joined the group. Daisuke had been so overprotective towards Hikari that she , a tad bothered by it, dropped the bomb during lunch break.

You always make it hard for Takeru-kun but guess what? I like hanging around with a senpai and is way cuter than him...” Daisuke never was so close to succumb to a heart attack. When the others asked why Daisuke was lying on the ground, apparently lifeless, the chosen of Light responded:

“I don´t know. I was talking about a senpai I´m friends with when Daisuke-san suddenly fainted…”

“A senpai?” Miyako ´s eyes sparkled” I SO GET YOU! IS TACHIBANA-SAN OR IGASHI-SAN?!”

Those were Miyako Inue´s crushes , two of the most popular fellas from seventh grade.

“None” said Hikari “He´s 16 or 17”

That revelation astonished her friends, especially Takeru.

You are making it up the blond lad said at that time laughing like the teaser he was” I can´t believe you would fall for an oldie! If you want to punish Daisuke, at least bring up a more believable lie!”

“It´s not a lie!” Hikari crossed her arms  “Now that I think about it, he´s  blonde like you and his eyes ´re blue and…oh my! He could pass as your relative!” at that time she seemed surprised by her own comment.

“Are you after my brother?” asked Takeru, incredulous

“As if! Senpai´s WAY classier than Ishida and you together” declared the missy, ready to challenge her best friend to a duel.

“Lovely! What else” he taunted the  girl as well . Miyako tried to make memory who fitted the description, she liked to watch over the high school grounds and sigh as a maiden in love when looking, from afar, at the high-schooler guys. Only a handful were blond and could match Hikari´s tale but never could guess which was the one Hikari-chan referred to.

“Handsome, full of confidence. Sometimes he can be a jerk” she retorted with her eyes shining with passion. “He´s also a talented musician…”

And that´s the moment Daisuke woke up from his shock and quite irked he yelled at Takeru:

“NO WAY! NOT ISHIDA-SENPAI!!!!” and never his eyes fumed so much until that moment “I AM SO KILLING THAT ASSHOLE…!!”

“But my brother´s 14…”

His words were in vain, having only heard a part of the conversation , Daisuke fled to the middle school ground and blatantly confronted the digidestined of Friendship demanding to know when he asked Hikari-chan out. Several minutes later the new google boy returned to the primary section with a huge bruise on the face and with stars floating around his head.

“Apparently he isn´t into primary grade schoolers…”

“You deserved it” declared Iori Hida shaking his rounded head, while he liked Daisuke he certainly wished the leader was a tad less ill tempered “Well, who´s the guy Yagami-san?”

“I will not risk his security after witnessing the leader´s bravado” and with that Hikari ´s lips remained sealed, never bringing back the issue again. Daisuke still attempted to identify the hateful rival by narrowing the possible candidates but the girl would always reply “Nope, that´s not him”


“Wish I can tell you but I already forgot his name” confessed Hikari in the end “and I´m not lying!”

“Get out! really?!” the lad semi closed his eyes, a bit skeptic.

“Well…!” she cleared up her voice ” you never told me you dream girl´s name either so it´s a tie!” the lady always knew how to counterattack.

The20 year old Takeru Takaishi stared at his girl for a long minute before bursting in a laugh.


His laughs echoed through the plane. Hikari´s cheeks became a pair of tomatoes and she instinctively punched his chest, in order to put an end to the  laughter. Takeru caught the hands in time .

“You are asking for a slap…”

Meetings new friends


After what seemed an eternity the Takariyama family succeed on adopting the orphans Nova and Magnus and moved back to Japan.
While the husband was still busy settling in his new job at the Diet, Reika Takariyama looked for a new home for the family. There was no way they would live in a hotel forever but at the same time it wasn´t easy find a place that was pet friendly (the kids would never part ways with their cat Marsha and the Takariyamas couldn´t bear to separate the kids from their pet after losing their biological parents)


In the end Reika Takariyama was told of an apartment complex in Odaiba and took the kids with her.
The apartment  wasn´t as beautiful or big as she hoped it could be, but it was okay.
When she asked the kids what they though about it, only Magnus said he liked it. Nova, who was still struggling to come to terms with her new life in the foreign Japan, would refuse to open her mouth. She would only cling to her elder brother.


“Come on!” they heard an excited yell when they headed outside, after a brief inspection to the place “You are hitting the ball like a girl!”
“Says the google girl?!”
“Whatever!” a brunette little girl and a light orange haired boy were playing football soccer in the patio. They were so immersed in their game that would let, time to time, escape some enthusiastic curses
“And Pele-sama is about to score a goal….goal!!!” and the girl kicked the ball so hard that sent it flying to the streets. The ball fell over a nearby car and set off its alarm!
“Damn!” exclaimed the boy covering his ears “You really scored it! Thanks to you I´m going deaf! ”
“What can I say? ” Tia giggled “I´m good!”

One passerby neighbor sighed and approached Reiko Takariyama.

“I hope you aren´t considering moving here, you will regret it” said the old lady “Yagami and Takenouchi are this neighborhood´s nightmare! Nobody can get a hold of these brats and …” and offered a generous amount of tales detailing how nasty were the kids.

The more she listened, Reiko Takariyama´s smile grew wider.

“I see” she replied in the end “Thank you for your concern” and the old lady , seemingly convinced that the newcomer would follow her advice said her goodbyes and continued her path.

But that same day the Takariyamas signed the deal.

And Nova and Magnus would become Tia Yagami and Sora Takenouchi´s new neighbors…

The Distracted Meme

I couldn´t help but join the latest fun going through the net: “Cheating Guy staring at Girl Meme” although in this case Magnus is the “cheating” party and admiring the passing Miyako Ishida while his little sister cannot hide her annoyance (Nova owns a huge brother complex and never made it a secret 😉 )



Since then Miyako made it to Nova´s black list…


The Meme: Magnus Takariyama

The other day I came across :iconorpheelin:´s “The first time” meme (fav.me/d2ax53o) and decided to do a meme of my handsome OC Digidestined Magnus Takariyama.

Magnus is one of the pivotal characters from my digimon fanfic , he used to be Takeru Takaishi´s past incarnation in reality 12 but he´s also one of Shukumeimon, a Digital Angel, multiple   forms. So let´s say Magnus is an unusual fella…


Exploring the Potentials of a Supreme Digivice

This scene takes after fav.me/da7y554 when Magnus Takariyama, 16, was approached by a digital angel of Destiny called Shukumeimon. When the lad woke up he realized that he was given a peculiar circular bracelet. It was no ordinary jewel. It was a digivice.

As the  science fair (fav.me/d9v746m) was approaching, Magnus consecrated his time (awake and asleep) on exploring the secrets of his unusual gift. He´s more than willing to kick his best frenemy´s ass, Akiyama by winning the mentioned contest. When Magnus´s asleep, Shukumeimon would often show up and chuckle when witnessing Magnus still working on the configuration of his device!  Sometimes he would leave some hints, others simply tease Magnus.

“You are a special case, Magnus. Aren´t you simply going to show the digivice in the fair?”
“Nope. I am building something else that will respond to the digivice, otherwise it would  be unfair to the other contestants”

Shukumeimon grinned.

“I already squinted at the monstrosity you are building in your basement. Come on! A Frankenstein version of an organ with some computer stuff? Are you serious about winning your bet with THAT?!”

(By the way this scene takes few weeks before fav.me/d93stkv)

“Yup!” Magnus didn´t bother to look at the angel, he was more than entertained figuring out certain algorithms ” It certainly looks ugly, but hey! My highschool does not allow part-time jobs and father rarely gives more than 7,000 yens in my monthly allowance. So I am literally a poor, starving student!”

Of course he wouldn´t tell the part where he had so many fangirls that he rarely had to buy his lunch. Everyday he was given several delicious bentos, courtesy from his adoring classmates. Yet he could never beat Tia Yagami´s record. Tia was the most popular student from the entire school…or district!

“But you put in shame my gift! That thing you are building is HORRIBLE!” Shukumeimon facepalmed “Okay, young man. What´s the PURPOSE of that asquerosidad?”

“I am going to emulate the Stargate movie, it will open portals” explained Magnus” Einstein always said that it was possible to travel through time , and I say that through time and space. I am also following Pythagoras because music will be the key to open the gates to wherever place I want”

Shukumimon didn´t reply but his smile grew wider. Given some more time his current human incarnation may nail Yggdrasil´s code frequency!

“You are nuts” finally declared the blond long haired angel “Totally my type”

“Sorry, you are not my type” replied Magnus.

“Bummer!” Shukumeimon got closer to Magnus and caressed one of the lad´s fringes “Is because of the Y chromosome stuff? ”

“Neah!” Magnus finally stared at him and showing a solemn expression he continued “I am not into winged assholes, if I had to share a closet with an asshole I already have Akiyama!”and winked an eye.

Shukumeimon ended exploding in laughter.

“Holy digimentals! You are really a piece of art!”

And shukumeomon kept laughing during the entire session, not everyday he was outsmarted by one of his human counterparts…


The Death of Magnus Takariyama

This scene comes sometime after fav.me/dap6ily, when Magnus Takariyama by chance arrived to reality 09, a Millennia before the appearance of google boy Tsurugi and his firneds. Clavis Angemon summoned Magnus to the Digiworld despite Magnus was supposed to have landed in the Digiworld from reality 12 and gave him the task of defeating a digimon called Quartzmon which arrived from nowhere and was attempting to take possession of Yggdrasil.

Several digidestineds that were summoned before the lad ended all failing to accomplish the mission and became preys of Quartzmon themselves!

In order to rescue the fallen digidestineds and Yggdrasil, Clavis introduced him to Agumon and Gabumon and they would be guided through the entire quest by Clavis Angemon´s personal assistant Akarimon.

What Clavis never expected was the fondness Magnus and Akarimon would develop toward each other and those feelings would eventually turn into love.

And what NOBODY expected was Magnus´s  death  after fighting against Lucemon fav.me/d8ren6x

Akarimon could only reach to her beloved in time and held him tightly against her chest.

“I regret nothing…I fought until the very end and I won…” Magnus said while his codes were dissolving in the air ” Please, don´t cry Akari-chan…because I will be okay. I am so happy I was given a digivice..because it made it possible the miracle of meeting my first and true Love. No matter what, I promise that you and I will meet again and when that happens we..we..will fall in love again and …we´ll build a family together….I promise we´ll have our happy ending…I promise…”

Siblings bond


From my digimon fanfic: angeangemon.wordpress.com

When he was a toddler, Magnus had a special encounter with an Angewomon fav.me/da5hbua and few months after that his parents welcomed a baby girl into the family.
And Nova would always say, firm and loud: “My brother will always be my number 1! ” thus embarrassing Magnus every time. Magnus could not dream that the Angewomon he met as a child was adamant on protecting him as Nova and always assumed she had a brother complex.fav.me/d9v746m

Ironically, when he reincarnated as Takeru Takaishi, he would tease his own elder  brother with the same phrase thus embarrassing the hell out of Yamatto Ishida…:laughing: