Reality VII Digidestined Yoshino


During many of their interdimensional adventures,  there was a time that Nova Takariyama and Ange met the AU Masaru Daimon & Co Savers. After joining forced together to defeat a big baddie Knowing  the couple ended convincing the former Savers not only to join the Supremes (albeit in the reserve team and not as the main regulars) but also helped them to convinced to  rebuild DATS in order to protect both the Digiworld and ensure their children`s future as well. Masaru was the first to accept since he dreamed of his little girl, Minami, who was just a baby at that time, that someday she would become a digidestined like him. Yoshino felt the same as Masaru since she had a little boy of her own that she wanted to inherit the digidestined status as well. Tohma, who could never guess he actually had a child somewhere,  accepted if only to learn more about the events from other realities…

Yoshino Fujieda is now Yoshino Tsubasa since in this reality she married former villain Kouki Tsubasa.
She`s 41 year old and more determined to kick asses than ever!
She gained a Supreme bracelet although her team is rarely summoned to other realities unless a catastrophic event takes place. She once visited reality 12 and a team up with Makoto Tachikawa ended being quite productive since she learned how to make her Lalamon digivolve into Joou Rosemon.

Nowadays is concerned about her son.
Issue number one:  pray that  he doesn`t get expelled from school this time due his his Streetfighter nature
Issue number 2:pray that his incredible stubborn-thick-rocky-temper won´t be the cause of an early death now that he became a digidestined.