The dilemma

A spoiler from some advanced chapters :)

Shizuka Kimura is crying on Angemon´s arms and the twins are more than suspicious about what´s going on between those two!


Meet Kouichi and Koji´s cousin

It´s a must that in every family there must be the annoying sister or, in this case, cousin.

Since Kouichi´s near death experience, Shizuka Kimura had been nothing but the self appointed guardian angel of the digidestined of Darkness. Albeit she doesn´t believe about his adventures in the digiworld she´s grateful she still can drive nuts her little cousin.

But even she won´t be able to escape Destiny and soon she´ll be dragged into the adventure.

Still, she won´t quit her favorite pastime, teasing both Kouichi and Koji 🙂

The Kimura cousins by Elizabeth2003