From Mirei-chan’s Notebook

From the mini short story “Promise from a Distant Dream”



After a while, she turned back to her computer and had a look at the file she was sent to her inbox  and did not want the bothersome-cute-servant peek that afternoon: a video taken from an unspecific place of the DIGIWORLD in which a bunch of digimons were running away for their lives while an annoying caped guy -with hideous hairstyle, golden glasses that look like a stolen good from the Tokyo Comic Con and wielding a wip like a wannabe SDM mistress – was creating chaos by spreading dark rings everywhere…

Mirei sighed, that was a pathetic foe! Nothing compared to the one they faced years ago during the so dreaded Omega event…


“When you are back in Odaiba you will be for sure entangled in more bothersome adventures…just keep flying high, Takeru-kun…”


A Reunion


A week before the main events, Ken Ichijiouji dreamed he was in the digiworld. Instead of being joined by either Wormon or Miyako-chan he found himself in an unspecified part of the digiworld and…having a rendez-vous with a guy!  (that wasn’t Daisuke-san and whom almost everybody teased that he was actually his soulmate instead of his girlfriend, by the way)

Tall, imposing and deadly solemn and the glasses would only remark the bishounen aura (if Miyako-chan was there she would had drooled a second Universal Flood, such was her fascination towards beautiful people). The scenery would certainly had ignited the imagination of countless of fujoshi fans had not the other guy being escorted by a  huge digimon with the word “feral” written in its three pair of ruby eyes.

“Who are you?” asked Ken trying to not feel overwhelmed by them.  Just a little squint through the glasses and Ken realized that the guy was way more intimidating than the digimon itself.

“All these years and you are unable to recognize your own brother…?”