“HEEELPP!!!! HEEELLP!!!! THEY ARE NUTS!!!!!” cried Jyou Kido
Izzy and Iori dared not to look back. They could easily figure out what was going on.

Since they met their reality 12 counterpart Jyou Kido, Koushiro Izumi and Iori Hida´s did not have any minute of peace. Not when their senpais were the most temperamental, witchy-witchy girls they ever met in their lives.
“It´s time you begin moving your cutesy asses, you little snots” and Yori Kido turned her swordish digivice into a whip, ready to terrorize the kids…




Joe , Cody and Izzy couldn´t appreciate Tk´s concert due to their digimons being stuck in the restroom.

“I told Gomamon not to eat the oysters” sighed Joe”I told him they tasted weird!”

“Does Gomamon ever listen to you?” asked Izzy

“Never in this life when it´s about food”

“Cody! I think I ran out of toilet paper!” whined Armadimon from his throne

Cody mumbled something before checking for more paper.

“Armadimon, after this you are going to be on a diet”

Cody´s digimon whined even more.