Impmon joins the adventure

Initially he was captured by Lucemon, got brainwashed and fought the children. Then, he regained his sanity and overwhelmed by guilt, instead of joining the digidestineds he ran away.

And he would end up meeting another digidestined: Elizabeth.

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Relena Norstein joins the adventure

Relena Norstein joins the adventure by Elizabeth2003

“I am so relieved to find another soul in this weird place, Onee-san!” and Relena stomped over Elizabeth. The blue haired digidestined almost tripped with her bike, the little blonde was stronger than what she imagined!

“Onee-san?!” she mumbled, puzzled.

“Onee-san?!”yelled Gabumon and Impmon at the same time”Witch-san fits her better!”

Elizabeth dedicated a glacial glare at the digimons.

“I was so scared being by myself! And when I was scared the most…you suddenly showed up with your bike and chased away the bad guys…like Utena-sama!”

And she hugged Elizabeth so tight that the scottish digidestined barely could breath. Besides, she wasn´t used to being around kids; she was the type who swore never to have kids in her whole life!

“I see” of course she read the manga, but her being like Utena? No way! “Alice, could you please let me breathe?”

“My name is Relena Norstein, not Alice! ”

“Well, you look more like Lewis Carroll´s Alice” declared Liz as antipathetic as usual “Relena sounds like a screech on the blackboard so I´ll be calling you from now on Alice”

Relena laughed.

“Ok! May I call you Utena, then?”

Gabumon ´s stomach was hurting with so many contained laughs.

“NO WAY IN HELL” replied Elizabeth “Ok, kid. Hop on !”

“Yes Utena-sama!”  Relena was shining like a morning star, ready to join the adventure.

Elizabeth had to count up to 10. She finally had met someone more annoying than Nova Takariyama…