The Meme: Magnus Takariyama

The other day I came across :iconorpheelin:´s “The first time” meme ( and decided to do a meme of my handsome OC Digidestined Magnus Takariyama.

Magnus is one of the pivotal characters from my digimon fanfic , he used to be Takeru Takaishi´s past incarnation in reality 12 but he´s also one of Shukumeimon, a Digital Angel, multiple   forms. So let´s say Magnus is an unusual fella…


Takari Love of Future Past

Magnus Takariyama by chance arrived to reality 09, a Millennia before the appearance of google boy Tsurugi and his friends. Clavis Angemon summoned Magnus to the Digiworld despite Magnus was supposed to have landed in the Digiworld from reality 12 and gave him the task of defeating a digimon called Quartzmon which arrived from nowhere and was attempting to take possession of

Several digidestineds that were summoned before the lad ended all failing to accomplish the mission and became preys of Quartzmon themselves!

In order to rescue the fallen digidestineds and Yggdrasil, Clavis introduced him to Agumon and Gabumon and they would be guided through the entire quest by Clavis Angemon´s personal assistant Akarimon.

What Clavis never expected was the fondness Magnus and Akarimon would develop toward each other ..Love. Such a powerful, pure thing that they even swore, as soulmates, Eternal

Tragedy happened though and Magnus Takariyama sadly passed away after fighting a Lucemon…

Akarimon, heartbroken, swore that she would track down  her beloved´s soul and after selecting the next angel as Yggdrasil´s closest one she took off. Their bond proved to be powerful because she managed to follow Magnus´s leftover codes through the fabric of realities and lead her to reality 01 human world.

She learned that her beloved was about to reincarnate as new boy and after an unexpected meeting with toddler Taichi Tagami she decided she would reincarnate as a human as well!

Years later, because of the Digiworld´s crisis,   Hikari Yagami and  Takeru Takaishi would meet as the youngest members of the bunch Digidestineds , shining with the symbols of Light and Hope.

With an eye towards the Future, Magnus and Akarimon would sometimes leave their slumber state and watch over their current incarnations…

A Past and Present Love


A millennia ago in another reality, Magnus Takariyama met Akarimon  in the Digiworld from reality 09 and couldn´t help but fall in love…
They would meet again as Takeru Takaishi and Hikari Yagami…and  fall in love once again! :heart:



This scene takes sometime after this one and When Lucemon and his minions messed up with realities, most of the digidestineds were rejuvenated to their childhood years. Nova though, kept her adult form yet her memories reversed to her 18 year old self and so her personality. Courageous yet aloof, she lead the others with a firm nonsense attitude which brought nothing but frictions with almost everybody.  Especially Hikari´s  Angewomon which  had no qualms on arguing with the arrogant “supreme”.
But when it´s about Hikari Yagami the story is another. No matter how much antipathy showed Nova to the others, Hikari almost instantly became attached to the bossy blonde.
Whenever Nova appreciated her insistence of being by her side (which she certainly did not) Taichi Yagami´s younger sister was always there.

“Hey, you” sighed during a break “Can´t you convince your partner to rest somewhere else?”

Gatomon shook her head.

“Tell her yourself”

“Did it already and here she is!” an annoyed Nova looked at the sleeping beauty that dared to use her as a pillow ” So?”

The digital cat smirked. It was kinda amusing seeing the “Boss” (that´s how Nova insisted to be addressed) ´s distressed expression. She may be a bitch but even she couldn´t say no to Hikari!

“So what?”

“Can´t you do anything about this?” with only a part of her memories as digidestined available to her, Nova was trying to make some sense about the conflict without relying too much in Ange (Tempus Angemon) or Ryo Akiyama.  She hated depending on others, such was the hardest lesson she learned during her first time as a digidestined…the scar on her shoulder, courtesy of Piedmon´s sword, was a constant reminder…

“No way” the cat sat on the grass, next to them, and studied the scene. Hikari ´s face was relaxed, she seemed to be having a pleasant dream which could only mean that trusted the elder girl with all her heart “She likes you so I won´t interfere”

Nova grumbled. She was hoping to mope in peace and that wasn´t possible with a Yagami glued to her feet!


“Yep, it is. But guess what? Besides Taichi-san , Takeru-san and I she never lets her guard down before anybody” Gatomon was actually complimenting her “So that means that Hikari feels safe by your side”

The cat´s words surprised the moody Nova and the latter couldn´t hide her astonishment.

“I am a walking wreck right now and she feels safe?” the woman shook her head in unbelief “Your partner is weird”

Gatomon laughed for the first time.

“Who isn´t? That´s one of the requisites of being a digidestined!”

“….you are right”

They remained in a long silence. Hikari kept sleeping, dreaming about her beloved and Gatomon closed her eyes as well, ready to nap.

“Takeru…please, be safe…I miss you so much….” a tear rolled over her face. Nova noticed it and without giving a second thought carefully wiped it off.

Nova looked around, making sure there was nobody near them. After a while she whispered at the chose of Light´s ear “I promise that sooner or later we´ll find him. Just endure it a bit longer, everything will be okay. Yes?”

Her tone , this time, was filled with warmth. Hikari´s longing for Takeru reminded her of her own…her current 18 year old self couldn´t get why at her 25s Magnus was still nowhere to be seen.  Nova shook her head, impatient. She was never giving up! Never!

“Softie” Gatomon´s words caught her unguarded

“I am not” Nova´s cheeks reddened, obviously telling another story.

“You smell  like my other me. Of course you are!” the cat winked an eye “Are you really sure it´s a mere coincidence?”

Nova felt a momentary dizziness but refused to address it.

“Whatever” the cat jumped to Nova´s lap.

“Hey! What the hell do you think I am?!” the blonde began to protest but the cat ignored the woman´s irked expression suited herself.

“A comfy pillow. ZZzz…….” and the cat fell asleep as well…

Angels in Times Square

Angels in Times Square by Elizabeth2003

“So, Nova, you used to live in New York?” asked Hikari Yagami while flocking through the Great Apple´s skies.

“For a couple of years, yeah” replied the only Angewomon who wasn´t wearing a helmet.

“Did you like it? ”

“Pretty much. Ange loved this city even more!” Nova smiled while letting the memories dance in her mind. She lived in that wonderful city until she was 18, but she had collected memories that would last for a milestone. And Ange certainly had plenty of fun while living as a New Yorker, in fact, he turned to be the most cosmopolitan Angemon from all the known realities!

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tk-guardians copy

“Before embracing love, you ought to learn the true meaning of Friendship. Because sometimes you wish to be comforted without asking for it” declared Magnus ” Because, Hikari-san, a good friend takes interest in another person´s suffering and tries to do something even at the risk of being rebuffed. You may have restored an Andromon´s heart, yet you failed   the friend who needed you the most”Despite not remembering him, somehow his words echoed her mind.

Then , right after Malomyotismon´s defeat, Tk went missing for 3 days. Now he´s back but Hikari sensed a change in her friend. When she looked at him, he , once again fell asleep in his chair. Luckily it was self-study period ! Patamon emerged from under the desk.

“Woah!” said  the little digimon “A handsome ghost is tickling my ears!”

The ghost was Magnus Takariyama and the teen kept playing with Patamon´s ears.

“…zzzz…then ask for his number…zzzzz” was Tk´s semi automatic reply

“Tk!!” patamon ´s cheeks turned red


Kari ´s mouth opened with astonishment when she realized the ghostly presences of Magnus and Angemon around Takeru. Was she dreaming?!


“Hi there, Hikari-san” smiled Angemon “Lovely day, isn´t it?”

The girl , puzzled, greeted the angel by waving a hand.

“A bit cloudy, I believe” added the teenager Magnus ” Like her emotions”

Hikari may not remember him  but still she suddenly felt she couldn´t look him at the eyes. Unable to stand his gaze anymore , she stood up and fled to the bathroom.


“Is that delightful teasing poor Hikari?” asked Angemon

“Don´t pity her, she pretty much enjoys teasing her peers” replied Magnus in a casual tone “Her self confidence is so low that if she doesn´t tease someone, she´ll feel like a shadow. Poor Daisuke, poor Tk…nope, scratch Tk. In terms of naughtiness, he equals hers”

“How come?”

“My current self, Takeru, owns such a low self-confidence that he´ll too will cope with his insecurities by the teasing crap. I used to be like that too, so I know where´s going this whole thing” he tickled Patamon´s ears a bit more. Patamon may be able to see him but not actually listening to his voice “I think I am going to break some rules and push this brat´s buttons…”

“Why?” Angemon frowned “You said that as his past incarnation, you could only watch ”

“Yep, but then I caught a glimpse of a yet, distant future, and if I allow this brat go at this slow, dense rate…” Magnus made a little pause “My present self needs me”


From now own and for the upcoming years,  sometimes subtly and other times not so subtly, Magnus Takariyama would prepare Takeru Takaishi for the impending future. Takeru needed to outgrow his initial insecurities and truly learn to stand by himself.

“Before embracing love, a digidestined needs to acknowledge true friendship…and for that the digidestined in question also has to have the courage of doing so…and in order to gain the courage , he needs to embrace Sincerity as well. Because if he isn´t able to be sincere with his own heart, there´s no way he could be reliable to either himself nor the rest of world. Once the digidestined´s embraced the first 6 crests, then Light and Hope will lend their true powers…”sentenced Magnus “And I am speaking for all the digidestineds as well…”





Angewomon Power

The Power of Angewomon by Elizabeth2003

Fighting for the Digi-Multiverse from left to right:

Angewomon (Reality 012), Ophanimon (Reality 04), Angewomon (Nova Takariyama , Reality 012), Angewomon (Reality 01 with Kari) and Seraphiwomon (Reality 02)