Digidestined Elizabeth – Tri version



I drew Elizabeth Montgomery when she was 16, during the time he and his friends went to Odaiba as exchange students and having a blast driving Taichi & Co to insanity while investigating some anomalies taking place in both the real and digital worlds.

She´s pretty much the most vocal from her group, constantly bossing her brother and friends without feeling sorry. Fiery like her ancestors from the Highlands and ready to fight dirty if needed.
liz-triBack in her first adventure as a digidestined, while venturing into the future Ophanimon´s castle in order to retrieve the legendary digiegg of miracles, Elizabeth met an hostile Lobomon who, by the way, wanted nobody irrupting in the place he was ordered to guard for centuries. Because she would not leave Lobomon attempted to scare the intruder off by attacking…which ended him being
degraded into a Gabumon! (Being mentored by Tempus Angemon and Nova she certainly learned to how to unlock several functions from her digivice )

“I am a maiden yet you dared to attack me” she said “You shall remain as my servant until I forgive you…!”

And to make sure he would obey as such Elizabeth , with her acting skills (she ´s a natural actress as well) managed to convince him she belonged to the same circle as Connor MacLeod:

” We are immortal warriors who can be killed only by decapitation..try to pull a stunt and I shall take your head!” her threat sounded so real, so vehement that poor Gabumon swore his loyalty


Several months later the digimon would finally learn the truth, while watching tv and came across the goddamed movie.

” SHE´S SO MEAN!!!!”


And the same phrase would be chanted by Taichi and his troupe during the brits´stay in Odaiaba….


An Intimate Wedding


When Magnus Takariyama by chance arrived to reality 09, a Millennia before the appearance of google boy Tsurugi and his firneds. Clavis Angemon summoned Magnus to the Digiworld despite Magnus was supposed to have landed in the Digiworld from reality 12 and gave him the task of defeating a digimon called Quartzmon which arrived from nowhere and was attempting to take possession of Yggdrasil.

Several digidestineds that were summoned before the lad ended all failing to accomplish the mission and became preys of Quartzmon themselves!

In order to rescue the fallen digidestineds and Yggdrasil, Clavis introduced him to Agumon and Gabumon and they would be guided through the entire quest by Clavis Angemon´s personal assistant Akarimon.

What Clavis never expected was the fondness Magnus and Akarimon would develop toward each other and those feelings would eventually turn into love.

Their love grew so pure, so strong that they realized that they could not bear the thought of being separated once the crisis was over. So the night before the big battle, before they were going to go against the monstrous Quartzmon ,  much to Agumon and Gabumon´s astonishment Magnus knelt before Akarimon.

“Will you come home with me…as my wife?” he said while uncovering a golden ring “Or let me stay here as your husband…?”

Akarimon ´s heart melted at that moment.

“We don´t need to stay “she whispered “and sobbing like a baby she nodded her acceptance “I want to leave this world and live in yours as your wife. I want to meet your sister and your friends…”

Moments later a small yet adorable ceremony took part in that side of the Digiworld

“What are they doing?” whispered Agumon at Gabumon´s ear “This is SO strange”
“Beats me” Gabumon was as intrigued as his comrade. Magnus and Akarimon were holding hands and reciting weird stuff”

“I, Magnus Takariyama, take you, Akarimon, to be my wife. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love and honor you all the days of my life….” he said, in a tone filled with emotion

“I, Akarimon, take you, Magnus Takariyama, to be my husband. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love and honor you all the days of my life….” she was wearing Magnus´s handkerchief as a  veil and the lad couldn´t imagine a more beautiful wedding veil adorning her pink locks. Correction, Akarimon was the most beautiful bride he ever seen in his life.

He slid the ring on her finger and continued:

“May I kiss the bride?” that wasn´t exactly part of the mandatory ceremony but since there wasn´t anybody who could perform as a priest and Magnus wanted his digimons as his best men so he made some improvisation.

“Yes “ she whispered with  tears of joy rolling over her reddened cheeks and prepared her lips.

Magnus ´s face leaned to hers and sealed the deal with the sweetest kiss.
With this kiss  I shall pronounce us as husband and wife…”

It was such a touching scene that even the digimons were unable to hold their own emotions and sobbed like babies.

“When everything´s solved then we´ll have another ceremony” he promised “In a church, surrounded by family and friends…and I will buy you the most beautiful dress…”

“I can`t wait to meet your sister, my husband ” Akarimon giggled “Do you think she´ll like me?”

Magnus thought it for a while. Nova owned a huge brother complex and used to boycott his dates, he could imagine her surprised face the day he comes back home and bringing a bride instead of a girlfriend. Nova would probably faint.

“She´ll love you as much as I do ” facing Quartzmon the next didn´t seem as scary as the possibility of his little´s sister going Destroyer Mode the moment she´ll learn that she´d finally have to share him with another girl. “We´ll have to give her some time…yeah, no problem at all”

But their happiness as a married was fated to be short lived , because only one of them outlived Quartzmon….


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An unexpected meeting


After Shukumeimon foiled Lucemon and Saturn Angemon´s plans a convergence of realities took place.

Reality 02 (V-Tamer universe) nurse Angewomon, Leo, Gabbo and their newest (and the tiniest) member Moonmon found themselves in an unknown jungle. And there they would cross paths with the so called Taisho Digidestineds from reality 09…(fav.me/db0ux75)

“Easy, easy. Leomon-sama” whispered the silver haired Hiyo “I don´t think they are the enemy”
“Humph!” after everything they witnessed he wasn´t too prone to trust in anybody he had never met before in their lives even if there was another Leomon in sight…!

“Nice! There´s another you” giggled Moonmon “Isn´t that great?”
“Humph!” reality 02 Leomon wasn´t thrilled either. His warrior instincts were claiming, dearly, to first speak with the fists and then chat.

“Hel….OOOOPPSSS!!!!” The google boy Taiki attempted to salute the other group but tripped instead. Well, he couldn´t help it! The most beautiful lady was on the stage and was so mesmerized by her charm that the poor lad succumbed to his natural clumsiness and his cute ass once again met the ground.

“Are you alright?”asked  the female angel , concerned.

“Don´t worry madam, he´s used to it” a handsome brown haired boy  assumed the greeting duty ” Kamiya Hikaru at your service” and properly bowed before Angewomon

Despite the heartbreak of being unjustly separated from Lord Angemon and facing the prospect of him taken away by the dark forces, Angewomon smiled.  That lad was quite different from the hyper Taichi Yagami and the hateful Neo Saiba , he emanated an aura of tranquility and smoothness that could calm any distressed heart in a whim.

“I assume you are digidestineds, aren´t you?” spoke  Angewomon. She was already feeling at ease, like finding fresh water in the middle of the desert.

“Your assumptions are spot on, madam” replied Hikaru ” Reverencing you from the ground, Tatsuno Taiki” the google boy blushed vividly, he  was so fascinated by her beauty that he forgot to stand up! ” Zenko Kiyo, proud comrade of our little Pichimon  ” Kiyo released Leomon´s arm and greeted with a well studied reverence “And last but not least important, Josephine Whitemore and Pixiemon”  Hagurumon moaned in protest, making sure he wasn´t forgotten in the introductions “And that ´s Hagurumon, proud guardian angel of Taiki-san”

“Leo-san, Gabumon-san and Moonmon”  pointed Angewomon to her comrades “Did you, by chance, see Lord Angemon…?”

The kids shook their heads. They didn´t meet any angel  until now.

“After defeating Quartzmon some of our friends got separated from the group and we´re looking for them when a strange light showed up in the sky and covered everything. Then we showed up in this strange jungle…did you see, by chance, our friends?”

The nurse and her companions exchanged a look.

“One of them is a tall, blond guy and is partnered by  an agumon and gabumon. Then there´s  Akarimon-san…?”

“I´m afraid we didn´t meet anybody with those characteristics”

“Shoot!” mumbled Taiki “I don´t like it! Not a bit!”

It was bothersome being involved in another situation so soon , Quartzmon´s body  – if it still had it- would still be warm and the kids could barely hold a breath before being dragged to another adventure.

“You forgot to mention Kuremi-san…” said Josephine.

A tense silence befell on the group and Angewomon´s side wondered why, even the gentlemanly Hikaru ´s expression hardened when he heard that name. He clenched his fist so hard that it almost bleed.

“He doesn´t need what he never wanted” whispered Hikaru in a tone filled with grief ” And that´s why we´ll never see Patamon again….”


Since the first time those people  set their feet in Odaiba High school , Taichi knew they were the synonym of “trouble”.

Instead of following the rules the newcomers would ignore them in a pretty British fashion. Elegantly scandalous, that seemed to be their motto. Especially Elizabeth Montgomery.

“I SWEAR I´M GOING TO DIE!” yelled the digidestined of courage in his most spectacular horrified voice “WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT HORSE, MONTGMERY-SAN?!”

“Skipped classes, went for a walk and found the horse riding club ” replied the blue haired girl, nonchalantly ” GABUMON! DON´T YOU DARE PEEK UNDER MY SKIRT!”

” I AIN´T LOOKING!” the digimon feigned innocence, of course he peeked. How could he not ? “AND DON´T YOU DARE EITHER, GOOGLE BOY!”

“I AM NOT!!!” exploded Taichi but his face turned carmine when his eyes casually looked down and noticed the silky pink undergarment “PINK?! SERIOUSLY?!”

“HE SAW!” Gabumon exploded “MAY I KILL HIM, PLEASE?” the digimon was quite overprotective of his Scottish girl wherever she was a nutso digidestined or not. Of course she was 90% of the time plotting something and nobody, even her twin brother, was safe from her schemes. In terms of craziness, at her 16s,  she was quite close to Mirei Mikagura´s and Taichi Yagami and his troupe only saw the top of the iceberg. Gabumon did not like either Taichi nor the rest of the Japanese gang very much but the Brits were sent to Japan anyways in order to find out the current threat to both worlds, digital and real.

“Not today!” replied the girl “We are in a rescue mission!”

“AGAIN, WHY THE HORSE?” the lad was still assimilating the fact that his agumon was kidnapped by a rogue digimon and took off;  the next scene showed up Elizabeth  with the horse and the trio were chasing after the kidnapper. Everything seemed so bizarre that he was almost certain he was dreaming. But his butt was shaking so much and the ups -and-downs of riding a horse were too realistic to be a dream. And it hurt.

“Because I damn love horses!” declared the girl ” I ought to borrow this specimen more often!”

Taichi gulped. He was already dreading the upcoming future. They would rescue agumon and make it safely back to school, that part was okay. But he could also see the scenery waiting for them, the cops looking for the presumed stolen horse, the headmaster already being told by half the entire student population about Elizabeth-san showing up in the playground with the animal and picking him up…making him the unwitting accomplice. And having to stay in detention once again thanks to the actions of the exchange students from Great Britain.

” WHY DON´T YOU GO BACK TO YOUR ISLAND ALREADY?!” moaned the google boy

Elizabeth limited to laugh. It was so delightful bashing the glorious digidestineds from Japan…!




The Meme: Magnus Takariyama

The other day I came across :iconorpheelin:´s “The first time” meme (fav.me/d2ax53o) and decided to do a meme of my handsome OC Digidestined Magnus Takariyama.

Magnus is one of the pivotal characters from my digimon fanfic , he used to be Takeru Takaishi´s past incarnation in reality 12 but he´s also one of Shukumeimon, a Digital Angel, multiple   forms. So let´s say Magnus is an unusual fella…