Digidestined Logan – Tri version


I drew Logan Montgomery when he was 16, during the time he and his friends went to Odaiba as exchange students and having a blast driving Taichi & Co to insanity while investigating some anomalies taking place in both the real and digital worlds.

logan-triI will say this: Logan´s life is far from being bed of roses. His twin sister Elizabeth constantly bosses him around and his chosen digimon (or better said imposed) is a feral Mihiarmon that must watch over 24/7. Deva Mihiramon is as trustworthy and feisty as Ryo Akiyama´s Cyberdramon and even being under a spell -Tempus ANgemon, yhe boss, managed to turn Mihiramon into a cat so Logan can control it (Just like Elizabeth turning an unwitting Lobomon into a Gabumon as her chosen digimon much to the latter´s chagrin) and go to school, etc… of course even as a cat the Deva is quite feisty and poor Logan cannot trust it wandering by itself through the town like many of his neighbors do with their felines because Bengalmon (everybody assumed it´s a Bengal so Logan nicknamed it like hat when he´s not calling him ·the Damned cat from Hell”)

Only when it´s allowed to digivolve into the holy Baihumon Logan can have a peaceful (or something close) chat with his digimon.

I can say that Logan is still seeking for a girlfriend that´s not scared of his digimon…


Reality XII: Jiahua Li and Lopmon


Besides the AU of Taichi Yagami & co, there´s also the reality 12 AU of the tamers.
In this case, Li Jian-Liang´s ( Henry Wong) AU counterpart is a girl named Jiahua!

In terms of personality she´s as earth grounded, stoic and brave as her reality 03 counterpart. She´s a tad more stubborn, though!

The rhythmic gymnastics used to be her entire life, her skills were so outstanding that by the time she was 14 everybody predicted that she would qualify to the Olympics and score several medals. She´d been holding tight to that dream, promise of a glorious future. Nothing could stop her , she was as powerful and unstoppable as a train…until an accident during one performance , a bad fall ended tearing apart her ligaments; her injury was so bad that Jiahua was told that she could compete no longer. She was 15 at that time.

Jiahua struggled terribly to go on with her life. She wished to win the Olympics more than everything and that dream was no more. Depression took over her, barely paying attention at school, refusing to talk to anybody…Jia was in her darkest days when she came across, for the first time, with Digimons.  A battle between the digidestineds and the Olympos XII took place in Fukuoka  and she, like her future comrades, witnessed it firsthand!

She watched in an awe Tia Yagami ´s group  and their digimons holding an extraordinary fight against a deranged Jupitermon (a virus infected at least half of them and were acting as deranged psychos ) and once it was over, Jian realized that she was able to put behind her old memories and start anew.

Not too long after that, Digimons were revealed to the public albeit as part of a virtual game created by   the so called Hypnos company. Nobody (even the future tamers)  recalled a huge battle taking place in Fukuoka,  after the digidestineds chased away the digi-invaders Alexander Mc Coy (current Yggdrasil´s host) erased everybody´s memories about the incident.

Hypnos´s president, reality XII Ryo Akiyama,  introduced Digimons into the public as a 3-D virtual reality rpg ; the public loved the concept and millions from each corner of the world joined the fun. With an odd feeling of familiarity Jiahua created an avatar for herself and joined the digi-tournaments.  She found it so fascinating that made it her aim to defeat the “King of Digimons”  and steal both  the first place and the King tile from Riku Makino fav.me/dboh7fr .

The digigames was just a ploy designed by Ryo Akiyama and  Alexander Mc Coy (current Yggdrasil´s host) who were actually searching among the contestants somebody worthy enough to be recruited as the next batch of Cavaliers (that´s how digidestineds were called in that reality) fav.me/daj3deq in order to protect the gates between digital an real worlds.

Jia would be eventually picked by Yggdrasil as a future cavalier and was granted a Lopmon as digital partner. But hey! This is not the average Lopmon. This one is a white, completely different from any lopmon and terriermons from any reality. The golden rings certainly point out holy codes!

Reality XII: Riku Makino and the Sistermons

Besides the AU of Taichi Yagami & co, there´s also the reality 12 AU of the tamers.
In this case, Ruki Makino´s AU counterpart is a lad named Riku!


Like  his 03 female counterpart he´s a cute yet poison-ivy-esque , introvert geek that avoids all sort of sentimentalism. Because of his ethereal , unconventional beauty he´s often mistaken as a girl (which he HATES with passion) and is ready to kill whoever dares to call him “cute”!
Having grown up in a broken family (like his 03 female counterpart he took his folks´divorce pretty bad) he´s not the type of pursuing either friendships nor romantic relationships. He viewed both concepts as eyesores so  and every time he received a  confession(from both sides) or an invitation to join a cliqué he would always tell them to get lost.  He was fated to follow the lone wolf path for the rest of his life until he came across  with the word Digimon  ( the so called Hypnos company launched a 3-D virtual reality rpg with Digital Monsters ) and became so engrossed with it that in little time he created an avatar and  joined the digi-tournaments. He lived, breathed the games, collecting countless of trophies…and eventually he became known as the “King of Digimons” because of his number of victories!

Yet Riku´s goal was to beat Ryo Akiyama, Hypnos´s president and the equivalent of Bobby Fischer in Digital Games. Riku would never believe he was the King until he defeated Akiyama. fav.me/dbaphp6

Akiyama, though, with Alexander Mc Coy (current Yggdrasil´s host) was actually searching among the contestants somebody worthy enough to be recruited as the next batch of Cavaliers (that´s how digidestineds were called in that reality) fav.me/daj3deq in order to protect the gates between digital an real worlds.

So the day he became a chosen, he found himself in the digiworld, at Kabuki Sakuyamon´s temple and two digital twin girls were standing before him and exclaimed at the same time: “ON YGGDRASIL´S NAME, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!”

The twins were known as Sistermons and used to be Anubismon´s assistants until he ordered them to leave the digi realm of death and partner with a digidestined and learn about humans that way. The sistermons agreed only because they wished to become the former King´s new companions fav.me/d9ylwkf and declared they would be much better suited to serve Nova Takariyama than the ANgemon that was currently by her side. So when they asked Kabuki Sakuyamon to summon the King , the deity limited to smile and replied:” So you want to serve the King, right…?”

And the priestess did as asked and used her powers to summon the King, her pwoers navigated through the gate only to get a hold of the person who´s currently going by that title and was none other than Riku Makino!

So let´s say that neither Riku nor the Sistermons had a promising beginning. The Sistermons expected a girl and got a fella instead. Riku wished to be given a wonderful, powerful digimon like Omegamon and got a set of female brats which promised to turn his life into a nightmare since he dreaded girls above everything! (He kinda had a girl phobia )

“SERIOUSLY?! GIRLS?!”was Riku´s horrified response “NO THANKS!”

“You wished to become a full fleshed digidestined and the Sistermons wished to serve the King” was Kabuki Sakuyamon´s sweet response “So technically there´s no mistake and it´s not a match that can be dissolved…”

So Riku had no choice but to keep the Sistermons as his new digipartners and get used to live with two nutsy-nutsy sisters. It wasn´t easy but they managed to put aside their differences, become proper partners and ended becoming a nice little family.

Despite Riku not being Nova Takariyama they ended becoming pretty attached to Riku, so attached that -like Angewomon and Ladydevimon for Mirei – they ended competing for his affections and had been like that for years…