The Power of Angemon

The Power of Angemon by Elizabeth2003


Fighting for the Digi-Multiverse, Angemon and his counterparts!

From right to left, Seraphimon (with Tk, reality 01), Dominimon (reality 02), Slash Angemon (with Ryuu Yamaki, reality 03), Clavis Angemon (reality 09), Tempus Angemon , Seraphimon (reality 04), Angemon Golden armor (rality 012), Piddomon (reality 010), Magna Angemon (with Shizuka Kimura, reality 04), Angemon

Tk really leads an army of Angemen from several realities 🙂

Took a little while but I´m glad that I drew this! :heart:


Meet Angemon and Angewomon from Reality XII


They are QUITE different from Tk and Kari´s angels.
For instance, they are are Ryo Akiyama ´s digimons (; they are ARMORED versions due to they had not only released the digieggs of Destiny and Miracle in the midst of a battle but also ended merging with the eggs as well thus becoming a new type of digital angels.
And then, they are involved in a loving relationship and have a perception about the worlds that neither Tk and Kari´s angels can still reach.

They will certainly fulfill a role in the story but for now, it´s still a mystery.