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After finally getting rid of Oikawa Malomyotismon launched a gruesome attack over the digidestineds and they ended, for some time, trapped in their dreams.

Daisuke Motomoya supposedly was the only one who didn´t fall for that…but….he ended appearing somewhere else.

The whole deal just took place for a couple of moments but for Daisuke felt like an eternity…Shukumeimon gave a hand, surely, and told Daisuke how to help his friends.
Daisuke and veemon would never talk about how terrifying was meeting with Shukumeimon…



Meet the Second string of digidestineds from Reality XII

Second string of digidestineds from Reality XII by Elizabeth2003


Nova Takariyama dreaded going to middle school, especially her class which she says it´s “cursed by being filled by idiots”  due to the constant teading from her peers.

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