Clavis Angemon and Akarimon

Teacher and student! 🙂




Alteration of Destiny

ears ago, Meiko traveled to Tokyo searching for her digimon.

But the Supreme who wielded Clavis Angemon´s Key , Steve,  unwittingly changed destiny.  Believing he was following his superiors´orders intercepted the Digimon when it was about to enter the city.

“Please, tell me you are not the threat I was told you were” mumbled the digidestined.

Meicocoonmon ´s response was turning into the deadly Meicrackmon VP.

“Just a sight of you and the air´s rotten” Steve chose not to change forms instead he summoned his higher´s self Key “I´m sorry but I´m afraid that I must carry on with my duty….EXECUTION OF TIME!!!!!!!!”



When Tempus Angemon and Nova learned what happened instead of going back in time and undo Steve´s action they decided to let things follow their course.

“Whoever impersonated me is a much bigger threat than any current crisis in reality 01” said Tempus Angemon “Until we figure out who´s the main responsible we´ll let this reality live in another paradox”

“Your actions were regrettable, Worthington” added a quite disappointed Nova “You could had began another Omega effect!”

The British digidestined said nothing.

“While we are speaking Mikagura and Faust are already on their tasks” Tempus Angemon could already see them in action.

Mirei and Mastemon lost no time and tracked down Mr Gennai.

Gennai  was supposed to be carrying on his own plans when he came across Mirei Mikagura and Mastemon in the Digiworld.

“Who are you…?” he didn´t finish his phrase when a powerful punch from Mastemon came across his face. He ended laying on the ground , barely able to move.

“I dread puppets” declared Mirei adjusting her glasses “Especially obsolete ones”

“Shall I finish him off, Mire-sama?” asked the female angel. The mere sight of Mastemon sent the shivers to Gennai´s system.

“I am not screwing up like oniisan did” Mirei shook her head “Just a slight RECONGIGURATION of his obsolete date is enough…”

At the same time Digidestined Faust and his Sorcerymon  headed to the human world. More exactly to the so called Incorporated Administrative Agency.

“I can forgive being followed and investigated because of my past as a villain. I understand it” smirked Ludwig while letting his Sorecerymon do his job and it was hunting all the people from the organization “YET. Sie sind alle verdammt Arschlöcher”

“YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET THIS!!!” exclaimed Maki Himekawa , the last to be captured. She tried to escape only to fall miserably on the floor “YOU DON´T KNOW WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH…!”

Ludwig shrugged his arms, unfazed with the woman´s angry yet terrified expression.

“I care nothing about your past as a digidestined neither your cause. Rebooting a Digiworld is crap when I am among the ones who can alter entire REALITIES” he made a signal to his digimon and  just like he did with the others, Sorcerymon used his wand and everybody had their memories erased. The agency vanished.

And neither Maki, nor the other digidestineds from the past would ever remember about Digimons…

“Done” Ludwig left the building without looking back. Not even once.

Time passed and Meiko Mochizuki arrived to Tokyo.  But in the end she never found her digimon.


Destiny was altered  once more and Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon eventually would have to answer for that….

The Angel of Time and the kids

When Clavis Angemon from reality 09 passed away instead of following the usual protocols , being reborn in a digiegg and become a new digimon, he opted to embrace humanity.
His soul traveled through time, space and realities until he settled into reality 01. He could had been reborn as a digital angel from that new reality instead he went through the most unconventional route: split his holy self into two souls!

The digital Angel of Time then was reborn as a boy and a girl at the same time in two distant places. The boy ´s born into the Worthington family house in Guilford, Surrey, UK; the girl was born into the Mikagura household in Tokyo, Japan. And if things weren´t interesting enough, they shared the same father. Neither kid realized this fact until their 11s when Mirei learned the truth about her biological father  from her mother.

“I want to meet him” declared Mirei and after begging for a good while she finally managed to convince her mother to travel to London and pay a visit to the Worthington family. The mother , who used to be mrs Mikagura on and off lover until he called it the quits, initially was against the idea. But in the end relented. Despite feeling nothing but   bitterness towards Sir Richard Worthington and his misogynist ways  Mirei deserved to know where she came from and free to decide about building a bond with him or not.

After arriving unannounced to the mansion and the subsequent acrid welcome from the Worthingtons, Mirei headed to the gardens.

“Mother was right, father is a reverenced rat and is surrounded by idiots… ” the girl had to admit that meeting with all those witty people left her a bit tired “I wonder if the other kid is as messed up as the rest of the bunch…”

She was searching for the only person who wasn´t present in the meeting which was a shame because according to what she heard from the servants e “the little master” was the most adorable thing from the entire England.

“Adorable , huh? ” muttered Mirei ” certainly doubt it if he ´s born into this house”  her thoughts were suddenly cut short when the figure of a boy emerged from the bushes. Until that moment Steve Worthington had been happily napping  in the open instead of being in his room and doing his homework.

“Hey!” his emerald eyes opened wide in surprise when he realized the girl´s presence ” I didn´t know we had visitors today” and he brushed off the leaves from his hair.

Mirei limited to smile.

“Pleased to meet you, miss” the boy offered his hand ” Steve Worthington at your service”

“Likewise” she blinked in surprise when he courteously kissed her hand. Dammit, she thought, he´s adorable! “Mikagura.  Mikagura Mirei”

“Judging by your accent I presume you are not from this land, am I right?” he tried his best not to laugh. That girl had the weirdest accent he heard in his life!

“You are right. I come from another island” after looking at him for 40 seconds  the girl had reached  a conclusion. He was cute and the type of guy who was raised as a gentleman but in reality Steve Worthington was a condescending asshole…and she LOVED to mess up with that type of people!

“Really? ” he was unaware about Mirei ´s true colors. All he saw was a cute foreign girl and just wanted to be friends with her “Where are you from?”


“You are kidding! really?!”  he was delighted. Until that day he never met someone from that distant nation “Wow! that´s so cool! I always wanted to visit that country and…”

And he couldn´t help but immerse into an enthusiastic monologue about Japan and its wonders and everything he wanted to do when given the opportunity. He unceasingly  spoke about the Tokyo Tower, Shibuya, ramen and his favorite animes. Mirei patiently heard his speech and let him spill his beans.

After 15 minutes of incessant speech , the boy realized that during all this time she did not open her mouth.

“Shoot! ” he reprimanded himself “I´m sorry, miss Mirei. I talked and talked and didn´t let you in the conversation…or the conversation between myself and myself!”  he called himself all sort of names for being such an ass. Well, in fairness, he rarely spoke with girls besides his female cousins (which he found dreadfully boring ). He studied in an exclusive all-boys school and was expected of him to consecrate his time for studying. Steve dared not to complain but he would wish he was born in a more conventional household and going to public school and hang out with friends like in the the telly . Especially like in some American sitcoms “Shall we start again…?”

“Sure” her smile grew wider “You can begin by telling me your name again”

“Nice to meet you, I´m Steve Worthington” and he offered once more his hand.

“Likewise” and before he could kiss her hand she added  “Oniisan”

“Excuse me?” he frowned, he knew some Japanese words and wondered if he heard wrong.

Mirei did not let go of his hand, instead she pressed it harder.

“Nice to meet you, Steve Worthington. ” her eyes shone dangerously “I´m Mikagura Mirei and I´m your sister….”

Invisible to them, their former selves Clavis Angemon was watching. He barely could contain a joyful smile, he certainly wouldn´t be bored in his current incarnations.
Not at all.

Magnus Takariyama and the Angel of Time

Magnus Takariyama and the Angel of Time by Ayhelenk

This scene comes afterThe Old Times by Ayhelenk and  The Portal by Ayhelenk , Magnus Takariyama managed to open a portal with his new invention and without thinking anymore he jumped onto it!

Little could he recall what he saw while diving into the unknown but when he opened his eyes he found himself in a strange world and an almighty angel was standing in front of him.

“Welcome to the Digiworld, Chosen one” his voice sounded as metallic as his wing “You look exactly as I was shown by the Key.Please, defeat the entity that is corrupting the holy Server and restore Order…”

Magnus, at first, believed he was dreaming. He pinched his cheeks several times before he realized that he wasn´t immersed in either a dream or hallucination.

“SO MY INVENTION WORKED!!!! ” he yelled and jumped several times in excitement.

Clavis Angemon frowned, confused. What was that supposed to mean?


“I take you accept the mission, human?” asked the angel

“SURE!” Magnus was too excited to realize what he was promising “HOLY BALLS! ARE THOSE REAL?!” he couldn´t help but touch the wings which were swiftly moving along the breeze.

“As real as your presence” replied the angel not too sure how to handle the just summoned champion “I would appreciate keeping your hands from them, would you?”

“Yosh!! Cool armor!”  Magnus opened his mouth, impressed “Wait a minute. Did I reach HEAVEN?”

“No, this is  the Folder continent. The heavenly realm is several levels above this current plane”

Magnus looked around and his eyes and mouth opened wider. The scenery was unlike everything he knew…it felt as if he was sucked into a videogame or something?


If Tia and the others were there and heard that phrase they would had laughed their asses off. Magnus was a true geek and loved watching old sci-fi movies and would often quote entire phrases taken by the likes of Star Wars or , in this case, Tron.

“Excuse me?” Clavis Angemon was in a complete loss. The human was speaking yet Clavis was unable to get a thing. The digidestined was employing such a  confusing dialect!

“And I thought I traveled to another universe….!” he sighed “well! close enough!”

“Are you done with your nonsense?” Clavis Angemon had no time to waste in nonsensical stuff. Time was actually against the world he swore to protect and since none of the previous digidestineds succeeded on accomplishing the mission, he let his Key look through the fabric of time and space and search for someone more fitting for the job. This was the first time he chose not to rely on a kid but in a more grown up individual, someone who still retained some innocence but at the same time ready to push the limits.

“Okay, I am inside a game and you were sent to deliver the speech” Magnus was about to burst in joy. He could savor his imminent victory in the science fair and humillitating his frenemy. Being sucked inside a game was awesome anyways! So he would follow the tide , clear  the levels, get the champion title and then go back home and show his sister his accomplishments. He hardly could wait.

“Okay, let´s go for it. What´s your name, oh holy one?”

The angel smiled. It was refreshing meeting someone so eager to follow his orders!

“Clavis Angemon, the closest one to the Holy Server: Yggdrasil and shall I know your name as well…?”

“Magnus Takariyama” he offered his hand. Clavis Angemon at first was slightly confused by the gesture but Magnus seemed not to care and grabbed one of his holy hands and pressed it “Nice to meet you, Clavis-sama”

“Likewise, Magnus Takariyama. So you are willing to save our world, I take?”

“Of course! Then I will bring my sister and let her play as well!” she so would love to be there.

Clavis Angemon smiled but his smile couldn´t hide the anxiousness. Magnus Takariyama was too keen , too enthusiastic. Was he really aware about the dangers outside there…?

Time would tell…

Meet the Digidestined from England

Meet Steve Worthington III, a digidestined from England!
He´s 23 years old and ready to conquer hearts!:giggle:
Meet the Digidestined from England by Elizabeth2003
Originally from Reality 01Ω , Steve was one of the 4  chosen by Tempus Angemon to join a select group of digidestineds known as the Supremes.
Since then they ´ve been residing mainly in Reality 01 (Taichi & co´s universe) but when the angel of Time is in need of assistance, they are ready to travel to several timelines and fight against those who make use of the forces of Chaos to threaten the Holy Equilibrium of universes.
But guess what? Steve is a digidestined who owns no digimon because he´s his own Digimon! He´s half human, half digital angel so that makes him an Hybrid.

He usually evolves into Piddomon but he´s in fact the human incarnation of a much more powerful Digital Angel: Clavis Angemon.

There´s another fun fact, he holds a deep borderline obsessive love towards the Digidestined of Love: Sora Takenouchi. He´d been infatuated with her for years, which of course Yamatto Ishida is pretty aware of and no wonder the Digidestined of Friendship holds a deep grudge against the English digidestined. Who wants to be friends with the fella who´s wooing your girlfriend?

But sooner or later Steve will learn to let go of those feelings and when he finally does, then he will  be able to embrace true Love ….

The Power of Angemon

The Power of Angemon by Elizabeth2003


Fighting for the Digi-Multiverse, Angemon and his counterparts!

From right to left, Seraphimon (with Tk, reality 01), Dominimon (reality 02), Slash Angemon (with Ryuu Yamaki, reality 03), Clavis Angemon (reality 09), Tempus Angemon , Seraphimon (reality 04), Angemon Golden armor (rality 012), Piddomon (reality 010), Magna Angemon (with Shizuka Kimura, reality 04), Angemon

Tk really leads an army of Angemen from several realities 🙂

Took a little while but I´m glad that I drew this! :heart:

Little Meiko meets the Brits.


It happened long time ago in reality 01´s past  when the british digidestineds , following Tempus Angemon´s orders, chased Zeedmillenniummon through time and space.

They caught him in Tottori, 13 years before 01 events were unveiled. The digimon threatened to destroy the whole prefecture and seriously  cause adamage the 01 timeline so Steve had no choice to turn into Clavis Angemon and summon his Key.

The battle was gruesome yet the Brits did neither waver  nor call for reinforcements. They were 100% confident they would clear up the challenge without problems and so they did.

What was unexpected though the presence of  4 year old child. Her name ´s Meiko Mochizuki and ended witnessing by chance the whole thing; fearing the child  could be harmed Elizabeth left the battlefield and protected the whole time. Logan, Mihiramon and Lobomon fought against Zeedmilleniunmon while Steve digivolved into his holy self and called for his Key.

“HOLY EXECUTION OF TIMES!”  chanted Clavis Angemon and  finished the monster for good.

“Finally!” yelled the trio and their comrades.

“Heck! That asshole had been a real pain in the ass!” Logan cleared the sweat from his forehead “Are you okay, Steve?”


Clavis Angemon nodded but inside he felt floored.

“You should avoid becoming Clavis Angemon, Worthington” he remembered Tempus Angemon´s words “Your body may not be able to resist his power..remember that Clavis Angemon is on a different league from the average Angemon. If you abuse his powers it may bring fatal consequences to you…”

The young lad shrugged his shoulder. He knew his body better than anybody and was firmly convinced he could perfect handle his digital powers. Or he wouldn´t had been invited to join the Supremes…!

“Okay, all what´s left is the clean up and we can go back home…”


The others assented. The clean up meant a complete erasure of the territory´s collective memories and like the MIB guys, clean up their traces so the rogue digimon never showed up and brought so many troubles to this part of Japan. It was their average Monday, they pretty did this sort of things once or twice their week. Supreme meant that they were an elite yet secret group of digidestineds whose mission was to protect several realities´timelines from external interference.

“Please no!” begged little Meiko  tightly hugging Elizabeth , despite her tender age she realized what was going on”I don´t want to forget!”

“Sorry, we have to. Digimons aren´t supposed to be of public knowledge until some years later” explained Lobomon standing next the girl.

Lobomon´s presence only altered Meiko and hid her head on Elizabeth´s chest.

“You are not helping!” she grumbled. The last thing she needed was a little girl glued to her when all what she wanted was to go back home and dive into the jacuzzi.With plenty of bubbles. She gently caressed Meiko´s head and using her softest tone she remarked “But sweetie, you must. Otherwise your own destiny might be altered”

“I won´t tell anybody! I swear!” she was a shy, lonely child and having lost any hope of being accepted among her peers in the kinder she at least wanted to have this. The memory of the fairy tale adventure. Elizabeth looked like a princess and the others were their knights, despite their strange looks.

Steve, still as Clavis Angemon smiled and also caressed the little girl´s hair .

“Then let´s say you have dreamed the whole thing…”

And Meiko would only remember a little part of this scene, was a dream…