Neo Cherubimon

In the story besides the AU of Taichi Yagami & co, there´s also the reality 12 AU of the tamers.
In this case, Li Jian-Liang´s ( Henry Wong) AU counterpart is a girl named Jiahua ( and is partnered with a Lopmon.

This is not the average Lopmon. This one is a white, completely different from any lopmon and terriermons from any reality and when the digivice´s light turns golden will reach an amazing mega form: Neo Cherubimon…


Cherubimon meets the Highlander by Elizabeth2003

“…am I fated to meet weirdos in my way or what?!” yelled Elizabeth after pressing the breaks in such a sudden that they almost rolled in the sand had not Cherubimon caught them in time. But the Scottish girl wasn´t thankful for the save, instead she was pissed off!


“I remember you! You are the sicko bunny from reality 04” she pointed an accusatory finger at Cherubimon “And YOU CERTAINLY  CONTRIBUTED to create  this digi-multiversity MESS!”

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