A tender hug in Lincoln Center

This scene takes place sometime before  Angemon returned to Nova´s life (fav.me/db204ry and fav.me/da0bn5l ).
Nova´s 16 now and living in New York. Ryo is 18 and is currently one of the new digidestineds known as Cavaliers, protecting both worlds with a lovely set of Patagato ;)


Time passed and much to Nova´s desperation nobody , even her own family, believed she had a brother. For a strange reason anything related to Magnus Takariyama was erased from the collective memories save for Nova and Ryo´s and their background stories were inevitably altered. Nova was adopted when she was 8 by the Takariyamas after her russian parents passed away in a traffic accident. Ryo never had a frenemy and was still the number 1 on the rankings while closely followed by Hideko Ichijouji who in turn considered him her sworn rival.

He should had consoled Nova and admit he also remembered Magnus but again, the shock from that time in the Digiworld prevented him from saying anything. The one who ended consoling Nova was Tia Yagami.


Ryo could not bring up his own experience to the light until, one year later, the day he was summoned as a Digidestined with Tia Yagami, Sora Takenouchi, Inori Izumi, Miyako Ishida and Yori Kido by Kabuki Sakuyamon….

The new set of digidestineds found themselves in a shinto-type temple and were greeted by Kabuki Sakuyamon, several renamons and an Angemon standing by her side. The chosen digimons for the chosen digidestineds were there as well.

“Long time, no see Akiyama-san…” the deity chose to address him before anybody else, even Tia Yagami who was already infatuated by her “As you can see, this place changed considerably since the last time… Gatomon, Patamon. Here´s your designated partner…”

Such familiarity baffled Tia and her friends and demanded to know what´s going on. Ryo was forced to confess he´d been in that strange world before like Nova. Because for some strange reason Nova´s digivice wasn´t responding to the calls from the Digiworld Sakuyamon had no other option but summon other people. The rules of compatibility lead to Tia Yagami & co due to their closeness with the former King.


That pill proved to be hard to swallow and neither Tia nor the rest of the group were able to forgive his cowardice. Had he opened his mouth earlier and support Nova´s pleas she may not had found her stay in Japan that unbearable. The girl could not stand being in a place filled with her brother´s memories and transferred to the USA. Because she turned to be a genius in the music field, Miyako Ishida ´s connections granted Nova a special invitation to study in Juilliard with all her living expenses paid. The group missed Nova dearly and always felt guilty about not being able to support her claims but after learning about Nova´s stint as a digidestined and how much she searched for her brother in that world pretty shocked everybody. Tia ´s heart felt it for the little girl who went through so much and could rely on nobody.

“YOU DON´T HAVE GUTS, DO YOU?” that was Tia´s somber remark towards Ryo

“Coward” were Sora and Makoto´s sentence.

Ryo  started his career as digidestined being at odds with the group and it would take several adventures until Ryo would finally regain his friends´ trust.

After some adventures the digidestineds gained the ability of navigating between the human and Digital Worlds and during one missing, Ryo finally gathered the enough courage to pay Nova a visit in the Sates and profusedly apologized to her.

“I´m sorry for keeping quiet for so long..I have no excuse”

Her eyes became filled with tears.

“So..you…you remember my brother…?”

“He´s the best frenemy I ever had…”

“Akiyama-kun..!” she rushed to his arms and cried like Saint Magdalene. Nova cried in relief. After so long she finally found somebody who remembered Magnus and forgave Ryo on the spot. Why he lacked the courage to speak before did not matter to her. The important thing was the fact that Ryo REMEMBERED. Because that meant she wasn´t crazy and could actually share stuff about Magnus that she longed for so long…! “Thank you…”


The Friendly Rescue

It will take place sometime after fav.me/dam5scw , Taichi´s group was attacked by a group of rogues lead by Lilithmon and Beelzemon and Hikari Yagami found herself in real trouble when one of the minions managed to go beyond Angewomon´s guard and attempted to kidnap Hikari Yagami.

Taichi´s Wargreymon, severely injured mid battle, was back as Koromon and falling from the sky with Taichi and both would had met a certain death had not Ange caught the pair in time! There were just a few seconds left before Hikari was about to be dragged to a portal opened by Lilithmon and thrown there…Ange and Angewomon were too far to catch her in time and plenty of enemies were having them entertained.


The portal exploded just before the girl was about to be sucked….

“….!!” Hikari barely could believe her luck when she found herself in a pink haired warrior ´s arms. The whole outfit was pink save for the four body-sash blades that extend from its armor. “I don´t recall seeing you before but thanks!”

“Really?” mumbled the rescuer “You ought to have your eyesight checked, of course we know each other!”


Beelzemon shrugged his arms but said nothing. He´d rather show his annoyance in silence.

“Great to see you finally joining the battle, Nova!” exclaimed Ange in a cheerful tone. Until that moment his partner used to walk away from any participation since she did not like what she called “the group of digi-brats” and found them an eyesore. All she wanted to do was seek for her missing brother and nothing else. Fighting a war ? There were more than enough digidestineds to foil Lucemon (or whoever went by that name)´s plans!

Taichi and the others contemplated with surprise the newly arrived  Nova. She´s usually blonde and wearing a white and blue outfit..and now she looked so different! Nobody could guess that as a Supreme she was  now wielding Lordknightmon´s codes (fav.me/db1qu4v) hence her appearance was radically altered and being, for a limited amount of time, the owner of part of the royal knight´s powers…

“I KNEW IT!” Hikari recovered enough from her shock and hugged Nova “I KNEW THAT YOU WOULD NEVER ABANDON US!”

For a moment Nova´s eyes shone with was an apparent delight.

“You remind me so much of Angewomon…I´m looking forward fighting together…” the digidestined of Light was so excited, hopeful that anybody would had melted with her sweetness. Not too far from them Angewomon smiled as well. The so called Nova proved herself as a noble, courageous person by rescuing dearest Hikari-chan…! She was more than willing to forget about the previous nastiness between them  (fav.me/d9td2fr) …

Nova looked at the hopeful girl and smirked. The following moment Nova´s arms moved by themselves,  unceremoniously letting Hikari fall to the ground!

“WHAT THE FUCK?!!!” yelled Taichi


The villains ´s mouths opened wider than a swiss cheese, shocked.

“NOVA!” chastised Ange “You naughty girl, let her fall on purpose?!”

“WHAT?!!!!” exclaimed the rest of the public . Angewomon´s eyes flamed under the helmet and Ange, after making sure that Hikari was just seeing the stars floating above her head but out of danger nevertheless, continued with his remarks “WHAT´S GOING ON WITH YOU?!”

Nova was supposed to be 25 years old but the digiglobal spell erased most of her memories, was back into her 18s and blinded by her wish of rescuing her missing elder brother Magnus she was at a volatile stage…

And much to everybody´s dismay Nova replied ” Everybody must  protect the digidestined of Light that caught Homeostasis´s eyes and may own  one or two special effects  under the sleeve…But guess what? There are TONS of digidestineds with special features!” and she finally condescended to stare at Hikari  ” All it takes is  a self recognized bitch to recognize an INSUFFERABLE BRAT.  Get a damn grip of yourself and stop whining about the goddamed darkness…!”

Yep, Nova was more than willing to spread some tough love…




The Rival Suitors

Illustrated for chapter XVI : angeangemon.wordpress.com/chap…

Note: It´s unbelievable that looking through tumblr, through the Dustin Hoffman tag I came across a bunch of Teri Polo shots posing for  Playboy Magazine February 2005. In the end, Teri became my inspiration and reference for how Angewomon and Ladydevimon may picture their Mirei in their yuriesque fantasies…





“WE GOT A DEAL!” the blonde angel clenched her fists “REMEMBER?!”

“What deal, my dear enemy?”

Ladydevimon feigned ignorance.

Her tone irked Angewomon so much that she was ready to slap her sworn rival. But managed to contain the impulse.

“You pretty damn know well what I´m talking about!”yelled the angel

Ladydevimon shrugged her arms, indifferent.


“Yes, THAT” retorted the angel of Light “And while I commend your contribution in the resolution of the last conflicts..I STILL DON´T TRUST IN YOUR INTENTIONS”

“Well! Guess what?” the female version of Devimon a wide, sarcastic smile “I DON´T TRUST IN YOURS EITHER!”

Their eyes sparkled dangerously, ready to summon the perfect storm inside the LABORATORY. That was the problem when a digidestined was granted TWO digimons instead of one. And the gods of Destiny had no better idea than granting Mirei Kimagura two polar opposites of a digimon: Angewomon and Ladydevimon. Naturally configured to be sworn enemies, in a normal environment they would ended fighting to death. None was particularly happy to learn about their new society but the motive of their rivalry ended turning into a more complex one!

“Don´t you think I haven´t noticed your antics “the dark fallen angel walked towards her rival and pointed at her metallic, golden chest plate “Compared to the other losers from other realities, THAT ´s way TINIER. Aren´t you ashamed to be THAT EXPOSED?”

Angewomon finally replied with her trademarked slap!


The other party, of course, did the same!

“No dear. How YOU dare! THAT´S PLAYING DIRTY!”

“I am the angel of Light! I don´t cheat!”

“Of course you do! ” Ladydevimon kept accusing the other party “I freaking know you better than anyone. When we turn into MASTEMON I can hear all your DISGUSTING THOUGHTS!”

“And you are the angel of CHASTITY?! I could pretty watch the cursed mental AVs of yours…and there´s no way I will let dear Mirei alone, at your mercy!”

“My feelings INDEED!!!!”

And they kept exchanging insults and kicks. There was the thing: Mirei Mikagura was a very special digidestineds and the female digimons certainly knew it; and it wasn´t all that surprising that each party ended falling hard for the human. But in order to carry on the missions assigned and not messing up, both the Angel of Light and the fallen Angel of Darkness agreed to lead a peaceful coexistence as long as none of them tried to OPENLY SEDUCE Mirei.(Be noted, not all the Angewomons are fated to fall for an Angemon or Ladydevimons for Devimons or the other way. Infinite realities, infinite stories thus infinite possibilities when it´s about the Cupid´s business ) If the human actually happened to fall for one of them and FREELY choose to make that digital-partner her official girlfriend..well, the loser party would have no choice but to respect it. Easier said than done! Mirei , despite her occasional personality issues (although Mirei never wanted to be tested, both parties suspected she may have a borderline identity disorder. But without any tests, they couldn´t be 100% sure) they were mad about her anyways!

Until now, neither party ´s subtle attempts worked so far. Mirei always treated them equally and seemed pretty unfazed towards her girls, despite them being a pair of flying pheromones!

The eternal fashionista

Here I portrayed Nova Takariyama, again,  when she´s 20. Nova is the human incarnation from an Angewomon from reality 04 although she´s a digidestined from reality 12. For years she´d been unaware of her origins but eventually will learn about her other self and learn to embrace her.

Meanwhile she sees herself as an avant-garde digidestined and whenever the seasons change, so do her wardrobe. Besides, she loves to doll herself for her partner Ange, a very special Angemon ;)

I can´t help but love designing these outfits :flirty:



Tempus Angemon Palace



Tempus Angemon ,like Seraphimon and the others, also possesses a digi-palace.

Like like Clavis Angemon he´s a digital angel of time and there are gears of Time going across all over his palace

When Ange gifted Nova with a Victorian house (fav.me/dbliqhf)as their new home and headquarters for the so called Supremes (elite group of digidestineds) he also announced that it served as a direct access to the palace , just going through a certain door and they would show up in another realm  and reach the holy building…


The other Mirei Mikagura


“I woke up after a long, almost eternal, slumber only to find out someone´s been impersonating me. I will never forget that impostor…!

But there´s the thing. Who´s actually the true Mirei Mikagura? The one who´d been assisting Aiba and the other cyber sleuths? Or the one who´d been trapped in a slumber until Saturn Angemon arrival?

Where´s the truth and where´s the lie? Because sometimes a lie may look too much like a truth and sometimes a sworn truth may end up being a well crafted lie…

With Seraphiwomon by her side, unable to trust in anybody else but a fallen angel of time´s words, this Mirei is,  at the moment, playing in Lucemon´s team. And she´s been hunting Gods…