Commission for imaphantomfan


This is my newest commission and couldn´t be any better because I was requested by :iconimaphantomfan: to draw what´s my guilty pleasure:a set of  loving digital angels! :love:

In this case they are not Takeru and Hikari´s angels. First, instead of hanging around (or flying around ) with  Angemon this Angewomon – whose name is Kitty- is  dancing with Stephen, a quite sassy Piddomon. I initially drew him as a more genteel fella but my friend wanted him to show a more mischievous smile (like my OC Steve who´s also a Piddomon in my fic)

My friend also told me that her  working title for this piece would be “On the Wings of Love”….” the classic 80s music I would use to be their “theme song” if it makes any sense…” that´s what she said and yeah, it totally makes sense! :boogie: The 80s rock!

For this piccie, though, I was inspired by Masami Okui´s song “Birth”… ( I loved the Cyberteam in Akihabara anime XD)

Merry early :xmas: for you sweetie!!!!

Note: Because this is a paid commission I added the watermark and disabled the download button.


The Happy Couple


I couldn´t resist posting a  close up from one of the scenes from my latest fancomic The First Love- Hate Duel -pg2 by Ayhelenk, the loving re-meeting between Nova Takariyama and the winged individual that she never expected to see in her complicated life.

I was inspired by the Adolescence of Utena dueling sequences but the main idea for this loving scene came while watching Easy A, the part where Emma Stone´s character received a musical postcard from her granny (+ 5USD) and heard Natasha Bedingfield´s “Pocketful of Sunshine”

I drew the entire dueling sequence while listening to the song all over again. So Ange´s Nova´s Pocket full of Sunshine, they are so wishful and looking forward to a bright future…if they manage to survive the first week together! :laughing:

The First Love- Hate Duel -pg2

“There were times I dreamed about you, angel” would say Nova ” Many, many times I saw your face in my dreams. Now, in this dear, plain reality I finally have the chance to KICK YOUR CUTESY ASS UNTIL KINGDOM COME YOU WINGED BASTARD!!!!”


Two years passed since their bitter au revoir and Nova should had since then calmed down and forgiven the angel. At least that was the Takariyama way, her adoptive parents from Japan always advocated for forgiveness and dignity. Things like fights were nothing but uncivilized business unless you joined an art martial club or dojo. But as a true carrier of the Nikitich blood Nova was pretty much like her ancestor, Dobrynya, a hothead. Prone to talk with the fists when extremely angry, for instance. And like the bogatyr she held onto the grudge for a long, long time and was ready to give a lesson to the intruder who dared to show up at Juilliard and his flamboyant presence almost got her in trouble with the school´s authorities.


“UH?!” the angel thought he was dreaming when her digivice shone like a pink star and the following seconds a wingered Nova was heading towards him, with a pink saber in her hands and about to hit him with all her might!