Angemon and Angewomon from Reality XII


Just a follow up from the reality XII´s digiangels :heart:

Angemon and Angewomon from reality XII are QUITE different from Tk and Kari´s angels.
For instance, they are are Ryo Akiyama ´s digimons ( ); they are ARMORED versions due to they had not only released the digieggs of Destiny and Miracle in the midst of a battle but also ended merging with the eggs as well thus becoming a new type of digital angels.




Going against Angewomon



When Lucemon goes against several universes at the same time…secrets once well kept in the dark will  emerge to the light.

Once in the very distant past, Ten Legendary Warriors joined their forces altogether in order to stop Lucemon´s madness.
But in order to succeed, a human intermediary was needed.
A human whose heart was capable of wielding both light and darkness was needed.

When Shizuka Kimura, at that time 9, was dragged into the Digital conflict she had no choice but to accept the challenge.
Accompanied by Bokomon, Neemon and three rookies known as Patamon, Salamon and Lopmon Shizuka began her quest.

The first Warrior to be tamed was Ancientgreymon , which was sort of a miracle because he almost burned the girl from head to toes. But Shizuka was gifted with something unique: her oratory skills.The second Warrior that agreed to join the cause was Ancientmermaidmon
The third was AncientKazemon who had no trouble joining the group since Lucemon made her feel sick.

The fourth was none other than Ancient Sphinxmon who initially did not want to join any cause until his riddle is solved. Shizuka´s group wasn´t the only on trying to woo Ancient Sphinxmon, one of Lucemon´s generals, an Angewomon with a staff of Light wanted him as well.

“I´ll join the party who correctly guesses my riddle. Otherwise , please, get lost”

The digital sphinx was someone with a very peculiar, personal philosophy and was the hardest to impress.

Angewomon was the first one to offer an answer but failed to answer correctly.
Shizuka offered to answer the riddle since she, the only non powered member of the group, at least she should be given the chance to be useful. And much to everybody´s surprise she offered the correct answer. The digimons were thrilled and Ancient Sphinxmon sighed, finally giving in.

“I gave my word and I shall join your cause, human. I´m still puzzled that someone so tiny and apparently insignificant  could answer my riddle”
“My grandpa loves riddles and always have one in store whenever I visit him” Shizuka´s heart was still beating like a wild horse. She couldn´t believe she really did it!

“He´s the one who behaves like a madman!” yelled AncientMermaidmon “He´s destroying everything!”
“He whipped for good my tribe!” Ancientgreymon was more than ready to fight against Angewomon and her army of Angewomons. Yep, the staffed one had gathered her army “WHAT KIND OF HOLY DEITY KILLS AN ENTIRE POPULATION  WITHOUT GIVING A SHIT?!”

“YOUR PEOPLE WERE CORRUPTED !” replied Angewomon “And if corruption isn´t taken care by burning its roots it will tun into a massive wave of destruction!” Angewomon  , until that day, never questioned Lucemon´s actions. He was the purest of the angels and Yggdrasil  even blessed him as such, letting him descend to the world and set things in order. The different tribes were constantly fighting against each other making Yggdrasil´s core suffer. And Lucemon did as requested, set peace in the Digiworld. But lately the little angel was taking his view of law, order and justice into another level…a bit extreme, sure. But how dare those people call him evil?!

“Angels are supposed to protect everybody!” cried Shizuka “The so called Lucemon is no angel at all and we´ll prove it!”

“ONE LAST CHANCE” Angewomon spoke at Ancient Sphinxmon ” Shine with us or seek your destruction with them”

The mentioned digimon limited to smirk.

“I can tell that you are a honest one” he spoke at Angewomon “You really believe in the cause and I can tell that you wouldn´t retort to violence unless forced to” then he looked at Shizuka and her group “But the little one also shines with honesty. So here I am, facing the two sides of a coin. And both hold the truth. But if I were to measure which truth is the correct one…then I shall believe in the little girl…”

And so Ancient Sphinxmon joined the legendary 10 warriors….

Angewomon from reality IV – A Millennium ago – III


This is Nova Takariyama´s past life as one of Lucemon´s most loyal soldiers until meeting digidestined Shizuka and realizing the madness of Lucemon´s “peaceful mission”
In the distant past Angewomon was a very feared enemy and gave the 10 legendary warriors a helluva of problems!

This Angewomon is a close up from my latest fanart and I liked her a lot :)

Millenium Angewomon from reality IV attack

This is Nova Takariyama´s past life as one of Lucemon´s most loyal soldiers until meeting digidestined Shizuka and realizing the madness of Lucemon´s “peaceful mission”

After I drew my newest artwork I kinda wanted to expand a bit more her background beginning with one of her attacks, which is considerely different from the average Angewomon. Just like Magna Angemon with Excalibur this Angewomon owns a weapon that can be as deadly as beautiful. When Angewomon turns her Light staff into a violin she´d launch a special attack (and a quite fearsome one) called “Hikari no Symphony” (Symphony of Light” , shooting several light beams her degree of power ´s such that could match Seraphimon´s.

In the distant past Angewomon was a very feared enemy and gave the 10 legendary warriors a helluva of problems ;)

The Two Faces of an Angewomon II

A Millennia ago, from reality 04, an Angewomon was one of Lucemon´s generals  until she meet a Digidestined named Shizuka swho compelled her to switch sides
Eventually she would make her way to Reality 012, completely weakened and disheartened and was about to succumb to oblivion when a casual meeting with a toddler called  Magnus reawakened her heart and she ended being reborn as a human.

While Nova remembers nothing about her past life as Angewomon she´d eventually regain some of her past abilities including certain attacks that no other Angewomon possess. In the past Angewomon used to summon a violin of light and when she played her notes, she was virtually unstoppable.

Nova expected to follow her brother´s passion with the piano yet her heart ended leading her to the violin…

The Angewomon Dilemma


This scene takes place sometime before and in Reality 04.

Nova and Ange landed in reality 04 and were looking for Ophanimon´s palace when they came across a group of Angewomons.

Nova still cannot decide which is more troublesome: the annoying Angewomons that were all shiny and flirty with Ange (their first time meeting an Angemon that doesn´t wear a helmet and dons human clothes and looks terribly hot) or the over affectionate  Angewomon that finds Nova so cute that would like to explore the yuri territory…?

One thing is for sure, Nova will never forget this adventure! :laughing:

Siblings bond


From my digimon fanfic:

When he was a toddler, Magnus had a special encounter with an Angewomon and few months after that his parents welcomed a baby girl into the family.
And Nova would always say, firm and loud: “My brother will always be my number 1! ” thus embarrassing Magnus every time. Magnus could not dream that the Angewomon he met as a child was adamant on protecting him as Nova and always assumed she had a brother

Ironically, when he reincarnated as Takeru Takaishi, he would tease his own elder  brother with the same phrase thus embarrassing the hell out of Yamatto Ishida…:laughing:

Echoes from the past: Digidestined Hikaru

When Magnus Takariyama by chance arrived to reality 09, a Millennia before the appearance of google boy Tsurugi and his firneds. Clavis Angemon summoned Magnus to the Digiworld despite Magnus was supposed to have landed in the Digiworld from reality 12 and gave him the task of defeating a digimon called Quartzmon which arrived from nowhere and was attempting to take possession of

Several digidestineds that were summoned before the lad ended all failing to accomplish the mission and became preys of Quartzmon themselves!

One of the captive digidestineds  was Hikaru Kamiya. A 14 year old guy from the Taishō period who learned too soon about the harshness of life. Having grown up without a father and being the eldest child,  he always took it upon himself help his widowed mother raise his 5 younger siblings. Everyday he would diligently deliver newspapers before going to school….

One day he was magically transported to another world and became a Digidestined. He was granted a Leomon as his partner and clicked almost immediately.
Leomon was adamant about his duty as a fighter and Hikaru proved to be as equally committed to the mission as well.
Hikaru proved to be  the most mature member of the digidestined team and  was often relied more as a leader than the google boy in turn. Not that the google boy minded at all but his reliability would often provoke another Digidestined´s jealousy, Haruki Kuremi (future Keruta and Kyoko Kuremi´s reality 09 male counterpart) which ended bringing misfortune over the entire group when they eventually failed to defeat Quartzmon.

Quartzmon kept them trapped for such a long time and was about to consume Yggdrasil´s Core that Clavis Angemon, the closest angel to the Computer Host at that time, had no choice but to summon another digidestined in order to free them and finish the job. Hence Magnus Takariyama from reality 012 was brought to the Digiworld from reality 09…

Magnus´s unexpected death and Akarimon´s grief marked deeply Hikaru and Leomon´s hearts and they ended blaming themselves for not being there when it happened and wondered if had they been stronger…if they weren´t captured by Quartzmon Magnus would had lived.

When it was time to go back home Hikaru and Leomon manifested the same words: IF ONLY I´D BEEN STRONGER..!

Akarimon, despite the grief, assumed her new role as Yggdrasil´s closest guardian in Clavis Angemon´s name (who also passed away) and sent the digidestineds back home. The Digiworld was in peace again and it lasted for almost a millennia so the Taisho Era digidestineds were never summoned again…

Hikarugrew up, went ahead with his life and would occasionally share about his  time as a digidestined with his grandchildren. But his heart never forgot about the tragedy and his wish remained the same: become stronger.
When he passed away in his 80s his spirit was transported to another reality, Reality 01and was reborn as an angel Digimon…Hikari Yagami´s future Angewomon!

Leomon, meanwhile, lived his good life until he passed away when Barbamon began his awful campaign and died fighting against the Black Knight´s minions.

Instead of being reborn immediately as a digiegg, this Leomon´s soul was dragged to another Digiworld, from reality 02, (the V-Tamer reality) and was reborn as Lord Angemon´s most loyal Leomon. While he consciously remembers nothing about his past life his obsession about becoming stronger never faded…

Summoning Nexus



A millennium ago, in reality 04 (Frontiers) Angemon and Angewomon used to be Lucemon´s greatest  generals.
Until one day they met the 11th from the Ten Legendary warriors and realized how a madman was Lucemon.

When Lucemon was defeated by the Legendary 10, only the 11th survived.

Joining powers for the first time the generals and the new Great Angels (sorry for not drawing cherubimon but lacked space) , Shizuka Kimura did the last thing for the Digiworld:

And powers united, Nexus was summoned for the first time.

Nexus resurrected the dying reality and a new Reality 04 was formed…

An embarassing hint of the future

This scene takes place sometime after

“It was awesome teaming with you, Nova-chan” said  a very satisfied the V-Tamer  Taichi “It was fun. We should repeat it!”
“Why not” smirked Nova “I can´t be bored when I´m hanging around with a Yagami”

In the end the adventure went much better than expected, the other tamers were rescued and Chaosmon was erased for good. The adventure proved to be quite satisfying to both tamer and supreme because they grew up considerably as both digidestineds and as people.

“It´s a pity you live in another reality” added the google boy “I may have asked you out”

“You don´t want to woo a brocon like me, believe me” there was no need to tell that she had a boyfriend waiting for her in her native reality 012…

“Thank you for your help” Lord Angemon and Nurse Angewomon, tenderly holding hands, profusely gave their thanks to everybody.
“Tempus Angemon, I hope next time we´ll meet under much better circumstances” added Lord Angemon “You are welcome here  anytime”
“It´s a promise” was the angel of Time´s response “But now, Nova and I must leave. There are several realities waiting for us”

Nova´s heart ached. She wished she could be there a bit longer…!

Teaming with Taichi and the others left her with a lovely feeling of friendship and comfort that didn´t feel for a long time. It kinda reminded her of the old times, before her brother Magnus went missing.

She sighed.

Nurse Angewomon noticed the girl´s reluctant expression and caressed her cheek.

“I shall miss you as well, sweetie” the nurse was a very gentle Angewomon , one of the few that Nova actually liked. Unlike the others the nurse treated her with an incredibly sweetness and without a trace of contempt “Before you leave though, let me show you something that will cheer you up…”

“Really?” the girl´s eyes opened in excitement “Can´t wait!”

“And I was dying to show it to you…” much to everybody´s shock, save LordAngemon and Tempus Angemon, the nurse took off her helmet.

“OH MY GOD!” the digidestineds opened their mouth wide , it was the first time an Angewomon uncovered her face!

“She SO looks like YOU!” Taichi thought he was dreaming, his eyes couldn´t stop looking at them “Are you sisters or what?!”

They were almost like twins, their faces were nearly identical save that Angewomon´s hair was in another tone of blonde and was way taller.

Nova dared not to say a thing. Her eyes threatened to fall from their orbits due to the shock.

“Whatever destiny has stored for you” added the female angel “In the end, it´s worthy. Right, dear?”

“Absolutely” Lord Angemon couldn´t resist the impulse of kissing his wife ” A bright, happy future lies at the end of the road…”

And they exchanged several kisses, much to everybody´s amusement. Well, almost everybody.

“Shoot!” Taichi then proceeded to look at Nova and Tempus Angemon “So that means that you two are also going to…?”

“ANGE!” the girl shouted before Taichi could finish his phrase “I WANT TO LEAVE. NOW!”

Tempus Angemon hid a smile.

“I thought you wanted to stay a bit longer…”

“NO WAY IN HELL!” her face was so red that there was little differences between an apple and her ” COULD YOU OPEN THE DAMNED PORTAL, PLEASE?!”

Tempus Angemon obliged.

“Of course” he wondered why she became so grumpy in a sudden. He, like her, was a bit dense at the time and couldn´t get that they were getting a hint of the future..their future!

But Taichi caught the subtlety and before the supreme pair jumped to the portal, he managed to yell the following words:




This scene takes sometime after this one and When Lucemon and his minions messed up with realities, most of the digidestineds were rejuvenated to their childhood years. Nova though, kept her adult form yet her memories reversed to her 18 year old self and so her personality. Courageous yet aloof, she lead the others with a firm nonsense attitude which brought nothing but frictions with almost everybody.  Especially Hikari´s  Angewomon which  had no qualms on arguing with the arrogant “supreme”.
But when it´s about Hikari Yagami the story is another. No matter how much antipathy showed Nova to the others, Hikari almost instantly became attached to the bossy blonde.
Whenever Nova appreciated her insistence of being by her side (which she certainly did not) Taichi Yagami´s younger sister was always there.

“Hey, you” sighed during a break “Can´t you convince your partner to rest somewhere else?”

Gatomon shook her head.

“Tell her yourself”

“Did it already and here she is!” an annoyed Nova looked at the sleeping beauty that dared to use her as a pillow ” So?”

The digital cat smirked. It was kinda amusing seeing the “Boss” (that´s how Nova insisted to be addressed) ´s distressed expression. She may be a bitch but even she couldn´t say no to Hikari!

“So what?”

“Can´t you do anything about this?” with only a part of her memories as digidestined available to her, Nova was trying to make some sense about the conflict without relying too much in Ange (Tempus Angemon) or Ryo Akiyama.  She hated depending on others, such was the hardest lesson she learned during her first time as a digidestined…the scar on her shoulder, courtesy of Piedmon´s sword, was a constant reminder…

“No way” the cat sat on the grass, next to them, and studied the scene. Hikari ´s face was relaxed, she seemed to be having a pleasant dream which could only mean that trusted the elder girl with all her heart “She likes you so I won´t interfere”

Nova grumbled. She was hoping to mope in peace and that wasn´t possible with a Yagami glued to her feet!


“Yep, it is. But guess what? Besides Taichi-san , Takeru-san and I she never lets her guard down before anybody” Gatomon was actually complimenting her “So that means that Hikari feels safe by your side”

The cat´s words surprised the moody Nova and the latter couldn´t hide her astonishment.

“I am a walking wreck right now and she feels safe?” the woman shook her head in unbelief “Your partner is weird”

Gatomon laughed for the first time.

“Who isn´t? That´s one of the requisites of being a digidestined!”

“….you are right”

They remained in a long silence. Hikari kept sleeping, dreaming about her beloved and Gatomon closed her eyes as well, ready to nap.

“Takeru…please, be safe…I miss you so much….” a tear rolled over her face. Nova noticed it and without giving a second thought carefully wiped it off.

Nova looked around, making sure there was nobody near them. After a while she whispered at the chose of Light´s ear “I promise that sooner or later we´ll find him. Just endure it a bit longer, everything will be okay. Yes?”

Her tone , this time, was filled with warmth. Hikari´s longing for Takeru reminded her of her own…her current 18 year old self couldn´t get why at her 25s Magnus was still nowhere to be seen.  Nova shook her head, impatient. She was never giving up! Never!

“Softie” Gatomon´s words caught her unguarded

“I am not” Nova´s cheeks reddened, obviously telling another story.

“You smell  like my other me. Of course you are!” the cat winked an eye “Are you really sure it´s a mere coincidence?”

Nova felt a momentary dizziness but refused to address it.

“Whatever” the cat jumped to Nova´s lap.

“Hey! What the hell do you think I am?!” the blonde began to protest but the cat ignored the woman´s irked expression suited herself.

“A comfy pillow. ZZzz…….” and the cat fell asleep as well…

Destined Lovers

Destined Lovers by Ayhelenk
A millennia ago , in a far far away reality they used to be Lucemon´s most loyal soldiers.
Events happened.
They saw the light, switched sides and helped the 11th to reunite the 10 legendary warriors.

Much, much later they would join the battlefield once more in order to defeat a much worse threat…and they couldn´t help but split ways.

Through a cycle of death and incarnation, reborn in distant realities, following different timelines it was unlikely they would ever meet again.

But Destiny had other plans and via unconventional, extraordinary circumstances they were reunited once again.

She was reborn as a human, he as an hybrid.

Initially they did not recognize each other yet somehow they couldn´t be apart much longer.

And when they finally were able to open their hearts to love and dream of a wonderful Future, Past would catch up to them…

Now they have no choice but to gather every available digidestined and digimon, ready to take down Lucemon and his minions once at all…

Proud Parents

This is a present for :iconyuna0306: who is an ardent Angewomon x Holy Angemon couple Heart
Based on a RP that she started with someone very dear to her, this pairing is  her favorite as a Digimon fan. She wanted  a scene a bit after the birth of Hikari’s Angewomon and Takeru’s HolyAngemon first child , in this case a daughter. Her name is Gabrielle though is called Gabi for short.