The other Mirei Mikagura


“I woke up after a long, almost eternal, slumber only to find out someone´s been impersonating me. I will never forget that impostor…!

But there´s the thing. Who´s actually the true Mirei Mikagura? The one who´d been assisting Aiba and the other cyber sleuths? Or the one who´d been trapped in a slumber until Saturn Angemon arrival?

Where´s the truth and where´s the lie? Because sometimes a lie may look too much like a truth and sometimes a sworn truth may end up being a well crafted lie…

With Seraphiwomon by her side, unable to trust in anybody else but a fallen angel of time´s words, this Mirei is,  at the moment, playing in Lucemon´s team. And she´s been hunting Gods…

Expecting Parents


This lovely scene was commissioned to me by   :iconyuna0306: who is an ardent Angewomon x Holy Angemon couple Heart

It actually precedes another piece I made for her several months ago Point Right in which , based on a RP that she started with someone very dear to her, Takeru´s Holy Angemon and Hikari´s Angewomon are pretty much in love and ready to begin a family. Angewomon is expecting their first child  a little girl who´ll be called Gabrielle. (  Gabi for short)
Angewomon´s pregnancy is at an advanced stage, ready to give birth one day or another yet her husband never fails to whisper amorous words on her ears, making her blush Giggle

Since this is a paid commission I disabled the download button and added the correspondent watermark.

Here´s the original lineart as well:





This scene takes place sometimes after their glorious night :pointr: , Nova is now 20 (and she´s also an Angewomon´s human incarnation) and happily became engaged to Ange….

Especially dedicated to :iconimaphantomfan: and @warrenthepatamon for always saying nice things about me and my fanarts :blowkiss:


Nova and Ange (a.ka.Tempus Angemon) spent a remarkable season working together with Supremes Sebastian and Ling Lugo. And yeah, Sebastian in the upcoming decades would keep nice memories about his friendship with Ling…

More about Ling,
More about Sebastian ,,



Partying at the Disco




4 months passed since the happy re-encounter in the Big Apple  and everyday was a challenge to both Nova Takariyama and Ange (a.ka reality 01 Angemon who´s stranded in reality 012 since his resurrection).
After the initial delight from both sides of having to , by Kabuki Sakuyamon´s insistence, 24/7 of the 24/7 , share the dorm in Juilliard +duties+ living expenses+ training + daily craziness they eventually began to sort things out.

“So you finally overcame your complex, huh?” smiled Nova pleasantly, surprised that Ange joined the dancing floor “It isn´t so hard, is it?”

There´s the thing, tonight was Nova´s 17th Birthday and her boyfriend, Ryo Akiyama, insisted on celebrating it by renting an entire discotheque for her. And it was one of the most exclusive discos from New York! (yep, the guy´s rich) Albeit for only two hours  before the  doors were opened to the main public (Nova wouldn´t want to celebrate her birthday anywhere without the digimons hence Ryo had to pull some strings in order to get the digital creatures inside without creating much fuss ). Ryo was the dream boyfriend that every girl would want to have and he  shouldn´t hold any doubt about his magnificent presence and manhood…until the cursed ANGEL came back to his girlfriend´s life!

Ryo´s eyes flamed when Ange, who´d been in his seat for most of the time, suddenly decided to join the dancing party…by choosing to dance between Nova and him!

“Who says I was afraid of dancing?” replied Ange, winking an eye”I just waited until I finally learned one things or two about that stuff you call dancing”
“You cheater! How come you are SO GOOD after just watching our moves?!” she winked an eye as well “After this you are not allowed to go back to your seat…!”

“NOVA!” exclaimed Ryo, not pleased with the chit-chat.

“Yes, dear?” she was so engrossed in her dance moved that did not realize Ryo´s displeased expression “Oh my! I love this song!”

Because she loved the 80s , the disco was displaying the most popular songs from that era and right now Kenny Loggins ´s Footloose was echoing through the walls. Unlike their human, Patamon and Gatomon ´s mood was completely party-like. They loved music and dancing happened to be one of their favorite hobbies.

“I love this song!” said Gatomon, gladly shaking her bandana “I could dance it forever!”
“So do I”
“That hat SO suits you., Patamon” added Gatomon “You ought to wear it more often”
“Thank you! And you look great too…”

Ryo struggled to fight off his jealousy and insecurities but failed. Totally.

“Angel-san, remember that she´s MY girlfriend. Okay?” gritted Ryo
“Of course” but the angel never looked at him, he was as engrossed with the song as much as Nova…


Meanwhile Sora Takenouchi and Miyako Ishida were too engulfed in their own world to dance. They´ve been making out since the very moment they set their feet on the stage.

“So you swear you are going to make sure no asshole will pester me, right Sora-kun?” Miyako caressed his cheeks.

“Of course, Miyako. If they want to live they´d better keep their distance!” he was the strongest fella from the group, former leader of a school gang and nowadays a promising raising star as a bike racer. Nobody could rival with either his looks, strength or personality.

“I wouldn´t mind seeing you throw out 2 or 3 idiots from this place” Miyako giggled “I LOVE seeing my best friend in action!”

“But my dear digidestined of friendship, I thought we already got past that stage…” and he kissed her on the lips “As the digidestined of Love, I hereby declare that you are MY woman!”

Miyako laughed.

“My beloved Digidestined of TOUGH LOVE, I hereby declare that I´ll rip off any fox´s eyes if they dare to make a move on you…!” a nearby Renamon almost drowned with her drink , puzzled by Miyako´s words. Miyako turned her head around and added “I meant HUMAN foxes, not digimons!”


“Where the heck are the guys, Comodoro?” reality XII Kido´s female counterpart meanwhile gulped  another sip of her beverage”Akiyama-san promised that there would be handsome men in this party. But all I can see are just our comrades and a bunch of digimons.”

“He said they would be arriving later” replied Gomamon drinking as well” Remember that he reserved the exclusivity of the discotheque for an hour or two so we, digimons, can be part of the party. Once the time´s up, the disco will open the doors to everybody else”

“I say it SUCKS!” Yori was the type of person who hated waiting “He should had skipped the digimons and brought the interesting people on the spot. I don´t think I´ll be sober by the time the interesting part takes place…”

“I beg a bit of your wisdom, Kido-san” began to say the neighboring Renamon with her face mildy red  “What´s this green beverage we are drinking?”

“Just some Absinthe ” replied Yori ” I gotta say, I’m not feeling anything.”

“Me neither” declared Comodoro Gomamon with pride “I’m not feelin’ a goddamn thing. This Absinthe is BULLSHIT! ”

“Then why am I feeling so…weird…?” Renamon wasn´t a good drinker. Nope, this was her first time tasting alcohol and an unwitting one, she just thought it was just a sparkly greeny juice.

“Because Tia-chan is making another move on Priestess-sama?” Yori pointed at the mentioned scene, Tia Yagami was talking with Kabuki Sakuyamon and it was obvious she wanted something more than a friendly chat!

“OVER MY DEAD BODY!” Renamon ´s face reddened on indignation, only 3 digital foxes were allowed to escort the Kabuki to the party (the rest of the fox population reluctantly stayed in the temple because it mustn´t be left unattended!) and the 3 were going to make sure to put  Tia Yagami in line. Nobody had the right to pursue one of the holiest deities from the Digiworld, especially a human! If only the beverage wasn´t so strong…! Instead of ap`proaching the impertinent google girl Renamon found herself falling asleep over the couch…


“Mhh…it´s a bit hot around here” Tia let go of her leather jacket ” Do you like my shirt?”

Kabuki Sakuyamon´s cheeks blushed but she still maintained her cool.

“What does this message mean?” asked the priestess ” Wake me up before you Go-Go…?”

“It´s the title of a song” answered Tia displaying one of her trademarked smiles “George Michael-sama certainly knew what he wanted!”

“Who´s George Michael?” the priestess knew nothing about pop music.

“If you promise to keep me company all night and share breakfast with me, I´ll tell…”

“Don´t be fooled !” intervened Inori Izumi who was dancing next to them ” Tia is displaying her Yagami magic, everybody falls for that!”

“Lovely friend you are, Inori-chan!” Tia showed her the tongue “Why don´t you spoil somebody´s else fun?”

Inori shrugged her arms and kept dancing. She wanted to spoil the prima donna a.k.a Makoto Tachikawa´s fun but he was already doing an excellent job by making the ridicule when he decided to dance over a table, dragging lillymon with him (palmon did not trust in any of the girls and became Lillymon in order to keep an eye on him and hopefully dance together all the night…)

“Miss Yagami, remember what I said?” Sakuyamon crossed her arms “I agreed to come here because tonight´s the former King´s birthday, we are not in a date. Okay?”

Tia showed another sparkly smile, feigning surprise.

“But my Saku-chan, it´s not my intention on making assumptions. I swear!” and made a cross signal all over her chest “Besides, since you are clearly not interested perhaps you can offer me some insight?”

” You mean, you are asking for advice?” the deity frowned under her helmet.

“I struggled for a good while until I could decide on an outfit. When the rest of the customers are allowed in…do you think I look well enough to attract any girl´s attention?”

“…I think so”

“Really?!” Tia´s eyes sparkled with enthusiasm “I didn´t overdo it, right? ”

The shirt was a bit strange otherwise Tia looked fine. And Sakuyamon said so.

“Yash!” Tia was really happy with the compliment ” I wonder how many girls will I be able to kiss tonight before deciding on the perfect one. Well, no worries Saku-chan because once Nova blows her candles before the time of exlcusivity runs off, you are returning to the temple. Thanks anyways!”

Sakuyamon´s smile raced from her usually composed face. Just picturing the persistent Tia Yagami displaying her attention towards the female population didn´t seem…right? No, it wasn´t right. It was annoying!

“The foxes can handle the temple by themselves” blurted the priestess ” And I want to learn more about human customs”

Inori Izumi ´s eyes blanked with annoyance. She could see what was going to happen in the near future and god forbid her, the probabilities of Tia achieving her goal towards Saku-chan were 95%! Yep, she could clearly picture those two sharing a breakfast….



I dedicate this piccie to my best pal :iconlerato: whose birthday happens to be today! :cake::party:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! :blowkiss::w00t:




“So you finally overcame your complex, huh?” smiled Nova pleasantly, surprised that Ange joined the dancing floor “It isn´t so hard, is it?”
“Who says I was afraid of dancing?” replied him , winking an eye”I just waited until I finally learned one things or two about that stuff you call dancing”
“You cheater! How come you are SO GOOD after just watching our moves?!” she winked an eye as well “After this you are not allowed to go back to your seat…!”

This is a WIP because this little cute dancing scene forms part of a much bigger picture ;)


Building the Bond


Despite having a rocky beginning, Nova Takariyama and Ange slowly but steadily began to bond.
Especially during those endless nights, when none of them were able to sleep due to their frequent nightmares from their respective pasts (each involving their very own death and resurrection), Nova would often lie by Ange´s side and grab his hands.

“It´s okay, fear not anymore my winged karma. Whenever you are struck with a bad dream I´ll make sure you won´t face it alone…”
“So says the King?” he was gradually getting used to those sessions and actually looking forward to them.
“Not anymore, I gave back the crown” she would say in a tranquil tone “I never cared about owning a kingdom, I just want my brother back”

He held tighter her hands.

“And I want to be by little Takeru´side once again…” despite Kabuki Sakuyamon reassuring the angel that Takeru was well cared by the new Angemon , sleeping steadily inside Patamon´s little heart, Ange just wanted things to go back to the beginning. Besides, he didn´t want Takeru keep living in the illusion that he had his partner back. No, it was a lie. Somebody else took his place and sooner or later Ange would reveal the truth!

“He´s a little sweetheart. If I was you, I would also be dying to go back to his side” Nova wondered if in the upcoming future she would get a comrade so loyal and a will of steel like Ange´s. Her heart whispered a “no”, Ange was somebody too far-from-this-world. A part of her wished he , someday, would become her partner for good but her mind immediately brushed off the wish. “When we find Magnus , after all we´d been through, then I will say the wait´s worthy”


Now a little stint of jealousy sparkled in Ange´s eyes.

“He´s really your everything, isn´t him?”

She nodded.


“Because if anything you told me about the relationship between Takeru and his elder brother is true, our bond is even deeper!” she explained ” We lost our real folks when we were little kids, sent to an orphanage and the whole thing was terrifying until the Takariyamas showed up and adopted us. During those times we had to learn to put aside our fears and rely in each other…he acted like the prince of my dreams, protecting me all the time. Now he´s gone and I must rescue him…I won´t stop until we find him!” her tone was deadly serious and touching at the same time. The lingering affection towards her glorious elder brother was evident. “We made a promise for the future. I will be his best man the day he gets married and he´ll be my bridesmaid the day I´ll tie the knot”



“What?!” Ange blurted a laugh “Are you kidding?”

“Nope” Nova smiled “We aren´t the kind of people who like to stick by the usual norms”


“Like the King role you assumed when you became a digidestined”



“You are really an out-of-the-world girl” he kinda find admirable that trait of hers. ” I wouldn´t had minded if I had met you before the other kids”


For a long minute he waited for her response but the air remained silent.



The soft sound of her breathing indicated that she already fell asleep. He was the one who usually fell asleep first today, apparently, was her turn.


“You brat…” slumber was already taking over his system and Ange couldn´t stop his yawns “will I…someday…get what´s in your mind…? ZZZZZ”


Before succumbing to Morpheus ´s spell Ange could swear he could see the ghostly silhouette of a very ebautiful female angel watching over them…


None of them could dream about the floating Angewomon being actually Nova´s past incarnation….


Angemon and Angewomon from Reality XII


Just a follow up from the reality XII´s digiangels :heart:

Angemon and Angewomon from reality XII are QUITE different from Tk and Kari´s angels.
For instance, they are are Ryo Akiyama ´s digimons ( ); they are ARMORED versions due to they had not only released the digieggs of Destiny and Miracle in the midst of a battle but also ended merging with the eggs as well thus becoming a new type of digital angels.




Going against Angewomon



When Lucemon goes against several universes at the same time…secrets once well kept in the dark will  emerge to the light.

Once in the very distant past, Ten Legendary Warriors joined their forces altogether in order to stop Lucemon´s madness.
But in order to succeed, a human intermediary was needed.
A human whose heart was capable of wielding both light and darkness was needed.

When Shizuka Kimura, at that time 9, was dragged into the Digital conflict she had no choice but to accept the challenge.
Accompanied by Bokomon, Neemon and three rookies known as Patamon, Salamon and Lopmon Shizuka began her quest.

The first Warrior to be tamed was Ancientgreymon , which was sort of a miracle because he almost burned the girl from head to toes. But Shizuka was gifted with something unique: her oratory skills.The second Warrior that agreed to join the cause was Ancientmermaidmon
The third was AncientKazemon who had no trouble joining the group since Lucemon made her feel sick.

The fourth was none other than Ancient Sphinxmon who initially did not want to join any cause until his riddle is solved. Shizuka´s group wasn´t the only on trying to woo Ancient Sphinxmon, one of Lucemon´s generals, an Angewomon with a staff of Light wanted him as well.

“I´ll join the party who correctly guesses my riddle. Otherwise , please, get lost”

The digital sphinx was someone with a very peculiar, personal philosophy and was the hardest to impress.

Angewomon was the first one to offer an answer but failed to answer correctly.
Shizuka offered to answer the riddle since she, the only non powered member of the group, at least she should be given the chance to be useful. And much to everybody´s surprise she offered the correct answer. The digimons were thrilled and Ancient Sphinxmon sighed, finally giving in.

“I gave my word and I shall join your cause, human. I´m still puzzled that someone so tiny and apparently insignificant  could answer my riddle”
“My grandpa loves riddles and always have one in store whenever I visit him” Shizuka´s heart was still beating like a wild horse. She couldn´t believe she really did it!

“He´s the one who behaves like a madman!” yelled AncientMermaidmon “He´s destroying everything!”
“He whipped for good my tribe!” Ancientgreymon was more than ready to fight against Angewomon and her army of Angewomons. Yep, the staffed one had gathered her army “WHAT KIND OF HOLY DEITY KILLS AN ENTIRE POPULATION  WITHOUT GIVING A SHIT?!”

“YOUR PEOPLE WERE CORRUPTED !” replied Angewomon “And if corruption isn´t taken care by burning its roots it will tun into a massive wave of destruction!” Angewomon  , until that day, never questioned Lucemon´s actions. He was the purest of the angels and Yggdrasil  even blessed him as such, letting him descend to the world and set things in order. The different tribes were constantly fighting against each other making Yggdrasil´s core suffer. And Lucemon did as requested, set peace in the Digiworld. But lately the little angel was taking his view of law, order and justice into another level…a bit extreme, sure. But how dare those people call him evil?!

“Angels are supposed to protect everybody!” cried Shizuka “The so called Lucemon is no angel at all and we´ll prove it!”

“ONE LAST CHANCE” Angewomon spoke at Ancient Sphinxmon ” Shine with us or seek your destruction with them”

The mentioned digimon limited to smirk.

“I can tell that you are a honest one” he spoke at Angewomon “You really believe in the cause and I can tell that you wouldn´t retort to violence unless forced to” then he looked at Shizuka and her group “But the little one also shines with honesty. So here I am, facing the two sides of a coin. And both hold the truth. But if I were to measure which truth is the correct one…then I shall believe in the little girl…”

And so Ancient Sphinxmon joined the legendary 10 warriors….

Angewomon from reality IV – A Millennium ago – III


This is Nova Takariyama´s past life as one of Lucemon´s most loyal soldiers until meeting digidestined Shizuka and realizing the madness of Lucemon´s “peaceful mission”
In the distant past Angewomon was a very feared enemy and gave the 10 legendary warriors a helluva of problems!

This Angewomon is a close up from my latest fanart and I liked her a lot :)

Millenium Angewomon from reality IV attack

This is Nova Takariyama´s past life as one of Lucemon´s most loyal soldiers until meeting digidestined Shizuka and realizing the madness of Lucemon´s “peaceful mission”

After I drew my newest artwork I kinda wanted to expand a bit more her background beginning with one of her attacks, which is considerely different from the average Angewomon. Just like Magna Angemon with Excalibur this Angewomon owns a weapon that can be as deadly as beautiful. When Angewomon turns her Light staff into a violin she´d launch a special attack (and a quite fearsome one) called “Hikari no Symphony” (Symphony of Light” , shooting several light beams her degree of power ´s such that could match Seraphimon´s.

In the distant past Angewomon was a very feared enemy and gave the 10 legendary warriors a helluva of problems ;)

The Two Faces of an Angewomon II

A Millennia ago, from reality 04, an Angewomon was one of Lucemon´s generals  until she meet a Digidestined named Shizuka swho compelled her to switch sides
Eventually she would make her way to Reality 012, completely weakened and disheartened and was about to succumb to oblivion when a casual meeting with a toddler called  Magnus reawakened her heart and she ended being reborn as a human.

While Nova remembers nothing about her past life as Angewomon she´d eventually regain some of her past abilities including certain attacks that no other Angewomon possess. In the past Angewomon used to summon a violin of light and when she played her notes, she was virtually unstoppable.

Nova expected to follow her brother´s passion with the piano yet her heart ended leading her to the violin…

The Angewomon Dilemma


This scene takes place sometime before and in Reality 04.

Nova and Ange landed in reality 04 and were looking for Ophanimon´s palace when they came across a group of Angewomons.

Nova still cannot decide which is more troublesome: the annoying Angewomons that were all shiny and flirty with Ange (their first time meeting an Angemon that doesn´t wear a helmet and dons human clothes and looks terribly hot) or the over affectionate  Angewomon that finds Nova so cute that would like to explore the yuri territory…?

One thing is for sure, Nova will never forget this adventure! :laughing:

Siblings bond


From my digimon fanfic:

When he was a toddler, Magnus had a special encounter with an Angewomon and few months after that his parents welcomed a baby girl into the family.
And Nova would always say, firm and loud: “My brother will always be my number 1! ” thus embarrassing Magnus every time. Magnus could not dream that the Angewomon he met as a child was adamant on protecting him as Nova and always assumed she had a brother

Ironically, when he reincarnated as Takeru Takaishi, he would tease his own elder  brother with the same phrase thus embarrassing the hell out of Yamatto Ishida…:laughing: