The Friendly Rescue

It will take place sometime after , Taichi´s group was attacked by a group of rogues lead by Lilithmon and Beelzemon and Hikari Yagami found herself in real trouble when one of the minions managed to go beyond Angewomon´s guard and attempted to kidnap Hikari Yagami.

Taichi´s Wargreymon, severely injured mid battle, was back as Koromon and falling from the sky with Taichi and both would had met a certain death had not Ange caught the pair in time! There were just a few seconds left before Hikari was about to be dragged to a portal opened by Lilithmon and thrown there…Ange and Angewomon were too far to catch her in time and plenty of enemies were having them entertained.


The portal exploded just before the girl was about to be sucked….

“….!!” Hikari barely could believe her luck when she found herself in a pink haired warrior ´s arms. The whole outfit was pink save for the four body-sash blades that extend from its armor. “I don´t recall seeing you before but thanks!”

“Really?” mumbled the rescuer “You ought to have your eyesight checked, of course we know each other!”


Beelzemon shrugged his arms but said nothing. He´d rather show his annoyance in silence.

“Great to see you finally joining the battle, Nova!” exclaimed Ange in a cheerful tone. Until that moment his partner used to walk away from any participation since she did not like what she called “the group of digi-brats” and found them an eyesore. All she wanted to do was seek for her missing brother and nothing else. Fighting a war ? There were more than enough digidestineds to foil Lucemon (or whoever went by that name)´s plans!

Taichi and the others contemplated with surprise the newly arrived  Nova. She´s usually blonde and wearing a white and blue outfit..and now she looked so different! Nobody could guess that as a Supreme she was  now wielding Lordknightmon´s codes ( hence her appearance was radically altered and being, for a limited amount of time, the owner of part of the royal knight´s powers…

“I KNEW IT!” Hikari recovered enough from her shock and hugged Nova “I KNEW THAT YOU WOULD NEVER ABANDON US!”

For a moment Nova´s eyes shone with was an apparent delight.

“You remind me so much of Angewomon…I´m looking forward fighting together…” the digidestined of Light was so excited, hopeful that anybody would had melted with her sweetness. Not too far from them Angewomon smiled as well. The so called Nova proved herself as a noble, courageous person by rescuing dearest Hikari-chan…! She was more than willing to forget about the previous nastiness between them  ( …

Nova looked at the hopeful girl and smirked. The following moment Nova´s arms moved by themselves,  unceremoniously letting Hikari fall to the ground!

“WHAT THE FUCK?!!!” yelled Taichi


The villains ´s mouths opened wider than a swiss cheese, shocked.

“NOVA!” chastised Ange “You naughty girl, let her fall on purpose?!”

“WHAT?!!!!” exclaimed the rest of the public . Angewomon´s eyes flamed under the helmet and Ange, after making sure that Hikari was just seeing the stars floating above her head but out of danger nevertheless, continued with his remarks “WHAT´S GOING ON WITH YOU?!”

Nova was supposed to be 25 years old but the digiglobal spell erased most of her memories, was back into her 18s and blinded by her wish of rescuing her missing elder brother Magnus she was at a volatile stage…

And much to everybody´s dismay Nova replied ” Everybody must  protect the digidestined of Light that caught Homeostasis´s eyes and may own  one or two special effects  under the sleeve…But guess what? There are TONS of digidestineds with special features!” and she finally condescended to stare at Hikari  ” All it takes is  a self recognized bitch to recognize an INSUFFERABLE BRAT.  Get a damn grip of yourself and stop whining about the goddamed darkness…!”

Yep, Nova was more than willing to spread some tough love…





The Origin of Saturn Angemon


“Because of the sins of a fake you and his partner your reality is no more. Because of Yggdrasil and Homeostasis ineptitude an angel of Nexus was allowed to do whatever he pleased. And because of your inability of protecting the children that were entrusted to you you lost everything. Awake as a new angel and bring on the order that should had been….”

Angemon from reality 01 Omega was supposed to be non existent until he was resurrected  by Hetereostasis  and given the holy scythe. And since then he swore to restore what´s rightfully his even if he had to summon Chaos…

Heading to reality 01 Omega



Sometimes it takes a little alteration from the past to create a butterfly effect in the future. Or an impulsive action may create a paradox that would endanger a whole reality.
And when a reckless action by Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon by saving Magnus Takariyama´s life caused the non existence of Takeru Takaishi and Hikari Yagami in reality 01, the wheels of Destiny went nuts hence reality 01 became Reality 01 Omega.
So they have no choice but clean up the mess, but the cleaning process would not be easy since the Omega effect was alerady taking a toll on other realities so they had to go through a taboo: reunite the past and present forms of the same person.

To undo Omega Takeru Takaishi, from reality 01, was reunited with his past incarnation from reality 012 Magnus Takariyama…

Reality 01 Omega

Sometimes it takes a little alteration from the past to create a butterfly effect in the future. Or an impulsive action may create a paradox that would endanger a whole reality.
And when a reckless action by Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon caused the non existence of Takeru Takaishi and Hikari Yagami in reality 01, the wheels of Destiny went nuts hence reality 01 became Reality 01 Omega.


Without the existence of the digidestineds of Hope and Light, not only Taichi Ygami and Yamatto Ishida never met their siblings the very own configuration of the Digiworld was altered as well…

From left to right: 11 year old Steve Worthington, partnered with Wizardmon; 11 year old Sora Takenouchi and her Piyomon (the only of the original 8 that was chosen as a digidestined despite the alteration of the original timeline) ; 16 year old Takumi Shiro and agumon; 13 year old Ryo Akiyama and Monodramon and finally but not least important 11 year old Mirei Mikagura and Tentomon.
And finally, the Angemon that never got the chance to meet his Takeru. The Angemon that would become Saturn Angemon.

When the reality was fixed by Shukumeimon, this Angemon not only would survive the process but grow bitter as hell…

The Music of Seraphimon


Seraphimon, from reality 04, owned a  music chamber in which rested a majestic organ.
He would sometimes go there and play some music. But hey! The Organ was nothing like any mortal organ. Besides its incredibly, crystal splendor the instrument was a gate opener. And Lord Seraphimon would play his notes in order to  open portals, the notes activating the holy clock on the top and learn what happened in several realities at the same time.

He could also learn events from either the past or the future from his own reality…but how far did with all that wisdom? Was he really so careless when he was savagely attacked by the jealous Cherubimon? Or the time  fell to Mercurymon´s mirror trap and became an egg…or did he actually go along?

Perhaps he envisioned a yet distant but far more scary future…that involved several realities and whose fate, including his, may be at stake…?

Tempus Angemon Palace



Tempus Angemon ,like Seraphimon and the others, also possesses a digi-palace.

Like like Clavis Angemon he´s a digital angel of time and there are gears of Time going across all over his palace

When Ange gifted Nova with a Victorian house ( their new home and headquarters for the so called Supremes (elite group of digidestineds) he also announced that it served as a direct access to the palace , just going through a certain door and they would show up in another realm  and reach the holy building…


Nova and Tempus Angemon



This is a follow up of Nova and Ange from my latest fanart and Ange evolved into his Supreme form Tempus Angemon.
Like Clavis Angemon he´s a digital angel of time and also wields a Key.

This fanart is part of a much larger picture because he will actually show Nova his palace :)