Quartzmon vs the Millennium Angels


A millennium ago, in reality 04 (Frontiers) Angemon and Angewomon used to be Lucemon´s greatest  generals.
Until one day they met the 11th from the Ten Legendary warriors, Digidestined Shizuka Kimura,  and thanks to her they realized how a madman was Lucemon and switched sides.

When Lucemon was defeated by the Legendary 10, only Shizuka survived and because she was a human child the 3 new rules Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon sent her back home.

While Shizuka believed everything was a dream no digimon ever forgot about her, especially Lucemon’s ex generals. Having sworn to redeem themselves from all the harm caused by Lucemon and their own foolishness they protected the digiworld for the next 500 years without fail.

Until one day a group of rogue digimons who were still loyal to Lucemon attempted to re-awaken him by stealing some sacred codes, instead of resurrecting the fallen angel they accidentally opened a portal which brought to the Digiworld an entity by far worse than Lucemon himself: Quartzmon!

The entity wanted nothing to do about receiving orders, instead of breaking the seal as the rogues wished it directly began to steal the Digiworld’s codes for its own digievolution. The more it evolved, the more made it its mission to absorb everything until discovering the roots of both Yggdrasil and Homeeostasis and eat their cores as well.

The foe proved to be too powerful for even the Three Great Angels’ combined powers and the digispirits that once formed part of the Legendary 10 weren’t ready to be awakened either. But Holy Angemon was adamant on defeating that monster even it that meant to give away his own life!

With Angewomon’s help they managed to unroot Quartzmon from Yggdrasil’s core and Holy Angemon subsequently  a Gate of Destiny behind the monster. But due to first-hand experience he knew that  Quartzmon would be able to open the door, like the first time,  and return to the Digiworld  so the angel chose the  ultimate sacrifice…. by opening the gate and jumping into it while carrying the monster so the enemy´s link with Yggdrasil would be cut clean for good and deprive him of anymore codes…

This is an excerpt from the mini story “The angel and the Child”  describing what happened afterwards:

“Push us inside the gate and I´ll finish him!” was Magna Angemon´s order and Angewomon only accepted because she intended to follow him , no matter what her partner said.

And so she did, pushing both and entering herself. What happened on the other side…her memories were blurry, the being known as Quartzmon weakened considerably in that strange limbo, unable to absorb anymore codes from the computer host he had no chance against Magna Angemon´s Excalibur; but Magna Angemon was badly wounded as well and in the end she assisted the male angel for a final, deadly blow.And then all she could remember was the light and him smiling at her for the last time before pushing her into it…


What happened to those angels?

Holy Angemon ended reincarnating as Reality 01 Takeru Takaishi’s first Angemon while Angewomon reincarnated as a human girl, Nova, in reality 012. Yet those angels were destined to meet once again…



Wielding Yggdrasil

While the Legandary 10 were fighting against Lucemon Shizuka, saddly, passed away.
Or so it seemed.

The angels who initially served Lucemon because they believed it was Homeostasis’ will chased after her soul, right after it was thrown to the unknown by the evil angel’s wrath. Instead of the Afterlife the angels found themselves in an unknown territory.

Baffled, they kept searching until they found Shizuka whereabouts…and she wasn’t alone!


“I am the one who summoned you to the digiworld” spoke the bright , blue sphere that until that very moment was floating in the middle of nowhere “Bringing together the 10 was a must, but I also need the 11th…as the one who owns a perfect balance between good and evil, life and death become Yggdrasil’s wielder…”

Magna Angemon from reality IV – A Millennium ago


This is Ange´s past life, in reality 04,  as one of Lucemon´s most loyal soldiers until meeting digidestined Shizuka and realizing the madness of Lucemon´s “peaceful mission”
He would eventually be reborn , centuries later, in reality 01 as Takeru’s first Angemon and eventually Nova’s future husband :)

This piccie compliments the Angewomon’s  and they actually form part of a bigger scene that it’s still a WIP.

Takeru as a Supreme – Art Concept


This is an art concept of Takeru awakening into another form of Digidestined, known in my fanfic as a Supreme. Wielding a circular digivice on the form of a bracelet,  a supreme can achieve powers that no regular digidestined´s allwed to.

Here, this design  follows one particular scene:

Confronting Blackwargreymon by Ayhelenk An incident with a resurrected Blackwargreymon and how Takeru was forced to confront him all by hismelf. Patamon awoke as Seraphimon yet that wasn´t enough to defeat the deranged corrupted mega.

Yet the heroes wouldn´t allow Blackie to repeat the disasters from the past hence destroy the new brand holy stones.

Magnus Takariyama, as a ghost, would finally take matters in his hands and momentarily possess his current incarnation (Takeru himself) and did the same as Nova during her last battle against  Piedmon in the Digiworld of reality XII:

Allow a dna fusion with holy codes.

The Portal IV by Ayhelenk

Nova  obtained them from the Royal Knights after they passed away and managed to put a good fight against Piedmon by manifesting Gallantmon´s codes all over her body, momentarily becoming a pseudo-digimon herself!


Magnus, back in his last fight against Lucemon in reality 09, before passing away himself managed to defeat Lucemon by letting Omegamon´s codes into his dna and manifested an armor himself with gabumon and agumon´s spirits guiding him through all the battle.


Now, against Blackwargreymon, Magnus/Takeru performed the same technique by fusing himself with Seraphimon´s codes. Manifesting a temporary armor and physical changes, the lad gave the black version of Wargreymon the fight he´d been longing for so long..!
This may be one of my strangest piccies but I don´t mind the oddness because my fanfic is quite bizarre as well ;)

Scene in Cinemascope


This takes part after Manga & Anime > Digital > Fan Comics” href=”https://ayhelenk.deviantart.com/art/The-portal-XII-574187049″> The portal XII by Ayhelenk , because Nova and Takeru stood together against Magna Angemon using his Gate of Destiny against Piedmon the latter managed to win some precious time and found and took over Yggdrasil´s crown.

And boy! He´s wasting no time on using his brand new powers as a Digigod on Magna Angemon!


Piedmon used his brand new powers as a Digigod  by summoning several copies of himself to fight against Magna Angemon. Fight?  You´d better say the “Mouseketeer-vs-the-Cat” because for Piedmon Magna Angemon is just a joke and is playing with him before getting his so desired revenge!
Little Takeru´s struggling to understand what´s going on, why his Angemon seems so odd and unable to cope with the scene he seeks refuge on Nova´s arms.


“onee-chan! I …I don´t know what to do! I´m scared!” he sobbed “I can´t do anything without my friends..I wanna go back home!”


Nova could only hug the precious little kid, thinking carefully what to say…




I must say this, I was inspired to draw these scenes while  watching the 6th opening of Saber Marionette Again. I used to love that series ! And this opening is SO touching! Still teary *sob**sob*