Takeru as a Supreme – Art Concept


This is an art concept of Takeru awakening into another form of Digidestined, known in my fanfic as a Supreme. Wielding a circular digivice on the form of a bracelet,  a supreme can achieve powers that no regular digidestined´s allwed to.

Here, this design  follows one particular scene:

Confronting Blackwargreymon by Ayhelenk An incident with a resurrected Blackwargreymon and how Takeru was forced to confront him all by hismelf. Patamon awoke as Seraphimon yet that wasn´t enough to defeat the deranged corrupted mega.

Yet the heroes wouldn´t allow Blackie to repeat the disasters from the past hence destroy the new brand holy stones.

Magnus Takariyama, as a ghost, would finally take matters in his hands and momentarily possess his current incarnation (Takeru himself) and did the same as Nova during her last battle against  Piedmon in the Digiworld of reality XII:

Allow a dna fusion with holy codes.

The Portal IV by Ayhelenk

Nova  obtained them from the Royal Knights after they passed away and managed to put a good fight against Piedmon by manifesting Gallantmon´s codes all over her body, momentarily becoming a pseudo-digimon herself!


Magnus, back in his last fight against Lucemon in reality 09, before passing away himself managed to defeat Lucemon by letting Omegamon´s codes into his dna and manifested an armor himself with gabumon and agumon´s spirits guiding him through all the battle.


Now, against Blackwargreymon, Magnus/Takeru performed the same technique by fusing himself with Seraphimon´s codes. Manifesting a temporary armor and physical changes, the lad gave the black version of Wargreymon the fight he´d been longing for so long..!
This may be one of my strangest piccies but I don´t mind the oddness because my fanfic is quite bizarre as well ;)


Going against Blackwargreymon


An event from the past when a resurrected Blackwargreymon attempted to repeat his past actions, destroying the newly formed sacred stones only to be stopped by 15ish Takeru Takaishi and Seraphimon…and the ghostly presence of Magnus Takariyama, Takeru´s past incarnation….




The Challenge of Destiny


Shukumeimon, a digital angel of Destiny decided to challenge both sides, involving a bunch of realities in a race against time…and destiny itself!

“I am the one proposing a NEW game. Whoever finds Nexus FIRST shall be the winner but for now…GOOD LUCK. YOU ARE GOING TO NEED IT…”