The Challenge of Destiny


Shukumeimon, a digital angel of Destiny decided to challenge both sides, involving a bunch of realities in a race against time…and destiny itself!

“I am the one proposing a NEW game. Whoever finds Nexus FIRST shall be the winner but for now…GOOD LUCK. YOU ARE GOING TO NEED IT…”


The Meme: Magnus Takariyama

The other day I came across :iconorpheelin:´s “The first time” meme ( and decided to do a meme of my handsome OC Digidestined Magnus Takariyama.

Magnus is one of the pivotal characters from my digimon fanfic , he used to be Takeru Takaishi´s past incarnation in reality 12 but he´s also one of Shukumeimon, a Digital Angel, multiple   forms. So let´s say Magnus is an unusual fella…



A scene from chapter XXII.

“ENOUGH!!!!!!!” Takeru Takaishi couldn´t take it anymore “STOP IT!!!!!!!!!”


With his emotions boiling like a volcano, the chosen of Hope freed his body from the trance and shouted like crazy.


“Takeru!!!” Hikari yelled as well.

“What´s the deal with that fella?!” asked Daisuke, scratching his chin. Why was him behaving like a madman on stage instead of playing anymore boring music?

“Brother!!” yelled Yamatto, anxious as well

Suddenly a light emanated from  Takeru´s body and  without giving a thought, the chosen of Hope rose his right arm. And a  rounded bracelet showed up on his wrist!


AWAKE, THEN AND DO WHAT IT MUST BE DONE, the invisible fella who´d been showing Takeru the visions finally made himself visible to everybody´s eyes.


Taichi and the others´s could hardly believe what´s going on but Hikari, yelled like crazy when she saw a young, blonde lad standing next to Takeru Takaishi.

Patamon was already rushing to his human´s side to pay attention to the other guy…

GO AND DON´T LOOK BACK, whispered the newcomer and touched the bracelet , IT´S OUR CHALLENGE AFTER ALL….


“Yes” Takeru touched the bracelet as well and much to everybody´s astonishment both him and Patamon were surrounded by a golden light and vanished in the air.

“BROTHER!!! BROTHER!!” Yamatto shouted his lungs off, livid.

“TAKERU-KUN!!!!!!” Hikari nearly lost it and would had jumped from the balcony had not Gatomon and Daisuke caught her in the act.

“DON´T DO THAT AGAIN!” yelled Daisuke but Hikari kept yelling, desperate.


And that was when the digidestineds´s devices began to shine and suddenly, a mantle of light showed up from nowhere and covered everything…..

The challenge

This is an excerpt from “The Challenge” Tie-in Mini .


The Challenge by Ayhelenk

“What´s the Digital World?” insisted Magnus.  It´s not like he wasn´t familiarized at all with technology…no, actually, he was a genius. His skills in the world of technology were on vie with his music; Magnus Takariyama actually was known as the “Waltz prince of computers” when not playing the piano. Still, he learned that an innocuous word may hold a significant, different meaning in the Slumber world…

“Earth´s digital counterpart, inhabited by beings made of data called Digimons. Many believe that Earth comes first and the other world is just a consequence of it´s actions while others believe that the Digiworld precedes the human world by at least a thousand of years …”

“And which theory is the right one?”

The angel remained silent.

“Come on! Now I´m dying of intrigue!”

“And why not trying to find out by YOURSELF?”



Meet Magnus Takariyama

“So you are WILLING to break the boundaries of time and space?”

“SURE!” replied Magnus without giving a thought ” That would be a heck of an ADVENTURE!”

And because it was only a dream of course he had no qualms on replying by impulse. Magnus couldn´t actually fathom the possibility that even as a dream, he was dealing with the REAL DEAL.

“Very well” the angel reached Magnus´s side and touched his right wrist. The teenager felt a sudden warmth flocking through his entire system…but it wasn´t unpleasant at all. In fact, he never felt so good in his 16 years of life ” Go ahead and break those boundaries…and when time comes, you´ll have to RESPOND to MY CHALLENGE”


“I am looking forward to your progress…and if anything should happen to you, your following incarnation will take over. Good luck!”


Excerpt from A Beginning

* * * *

You are cordially invited to join digidestineds from 12 realities into one of the craziest adventures from the whole series and see who´s the one standing victorious in the so called Angels Wars. Everything began with Magnus Takariyama, Takeru Takaishi´s past life.
In the end, Takeru and the current digidestineds must join the challenge and defeat Lucemon´s madness….

Yggdrasil meets the Angel of Destiny

Yggdrasil meets the Angel of Destiny by Elizabeth2003


From chapter 7:



“So that Key belonged to Clavis Angemon?” Pixiemon pointed at the golden key.


Magna Angemon and Pixiemon, again, exchanged a puzzled glare.

” It was given to me by another Angel.  Unlike you  or Clavis, he wasn´t a  digital angel…an angel of Destiny and Justice; that´s how he referred himself and acknowledging my past sins   he, at that  time,  could pretty much had erased my existence. Instead,  I was offered his friendship”

Pixiemon couldn´t contain an awe bu Magna Angemon forwned.

“Your past sins?” although he knew pretty well that Yggdrasil lead an existence longer than life itself, Norun´s bold confession still blew his mind. He suddenly realized he had no clue about the Goddess´s background and that was a pill hard to swallow.

“I see your face Magna and soon this tale will make a bit more sense”  she caressed one of the angel´s cheeks “Why did I assume a girl´s form? Why leaving behind my original, computerized body behind?… WELL, I did what I did because I was inspired by  HIS actions”

The digimons opened their mouths , the word shocked  could hardly describe their feelings at this precise moment. But Norun carried on with her explanations.

“I witnessed the rise of an angel of almost limitless powers only to transfer his  consciousness into a much humbler form, erasing in the process his own memories and powers… to be reborn as a  HUMAN”

Magna Angemon fell to his knees.

“Before bidding his farewell  I was confronted by the following question:

How are you supposed to protect both digital and human´s equilibrium when you, a holy computer, actually possess no understanding of their hearts?

I wasn´t able to offer any answer. The angel then smiled.

Yggdrasil I´ve been doing this for an eternity; changing forms, going through different stories and each time   amuses me.I am about to be reborn as a human boy and can´t wait to see how the new story unfolds.

My data became a turmmoil.  Isn´t being an angel magnificent enough? I asked, shaken.

And the angel replied: Because nothing amuses me the most than the adventures, and I believe you also need one, Yggdrasil. Allow yourself to live an adventure and see what I mean…