Digidestined Alphonse – Close Up


From my newest fanart, (fav.me/dcgcimv)a close up of a Digidestined called Alphonse.

A true  digi-ikemen , exhuding an aura of aloofness and mystery that could make any girl (or boy) ‘s heart to ache in an awe…if he’s actually a human! Alphonse is actually Alphamon in disguise and agreed to pass as a digidestined in order to participate in a digitournament and compete against Taichi and other digidestineds for Yggdrasil’s sake.

Even as a guy, Alphamon won’t hold back and will make the digidestineds go through a rollcoaster. But when he finds out that he’d been tricked by Gabriel Mikihara, the mastermind of the digitournament …will both the digiworld and the human world still standing in one piece?;)

I posted this close up because I adore drawing ikemens and Alphamon as Alphonse is one of the hottest ocs from my gallery :love:


A new Tie-in

Meeting Alphamon by Ayhelenk

This scene takes place when Nova was 18 and not too long after the Omega Incident. The girl and her Angemon had been traveling almost non stop through several timelines, checking on several candidates for the newly formed group known as the Supremes.

Nova is surprised when she learned that the Alphamon that fought by her side against Piedmon was reborn in the Cyber Sleuth reality and is inside Kyoko Kuremi´s body.

You can read it here:

“Meeting an old friend”