Oath of Loyalty


“Fear not, little angel, I swear in the name of Eternity that I will give my best to protect you…”

That was the promise from Hikaru Kamiya to Akarimon which like a breautiful song  echoed from the distant  past, from another reality to the current present by Angewomon’s lips to her new digidestined Hikari Yagami.

In my fic Digidestined Hikaru belonged to reality 09 but after he passed away he reincarnated in reality 01 as Hikari’s future Angewomon.

Akarimon would also change forms, eventually being reborn as Hikari Yagami.
And someday the memories of the past will resurface in the yet distant future…




Digidestined Mirei- Tri version


I drew Mirei Mikagura  when she was 16, during the time (in my fic) the so called group of digidestineds known as “Supremes” were sent  to Odaiba as exchange students. Tempus Angemon detected an anomaly lurking around Taichi & co so he sent 4 digidestineds composed by Mirei Mikagura, Steve Worthington and the Montgomery twins in order to investigate and take care of the threat before it does something bad to the original 8.

Of course they had to go  incognito and, as stated before, they set at foot at Taichi Yagami ‘s circle  as exchange students. Steve and the Montgomeries arrived from Europe while Mirei simply presented herself as someone who transferred schools from Akihabara.
The group had a very serious mission to accomplish yet that didn’t prevent any of them from  having a blast driving Taichi & Co to insanity.
Each had an agenda of their own, Mirei ‘s involved  increasing her data by studying the people they were supposed to assist.

From the 4, Mirei proved to be the most aloof yet fearsome in her own right. Specially harsh towards Koushiro Izumi, constantly criticizing what she called “his mediocre knowledge of both Digital business and real world” and embarrasing the hell out of the poor lad whenever the opportunity showed up.

And let’s not forget about the cat which she simply nicknamed it Kirei. Kirei’s Mirei’s first Angewomon disguised as a cat. (This Angewomon precedes the current Angewomon and Ladydevimon from cybersleuth)

In the fic she’s also Steve ´s half sister (same father, differnet mother and conicidentally they were born at the same day and hour!) and is as spoiled rotten as Steve.

At that time she didn’t understand  romantic love (and wanted to have anything to do anyways)  but during that trimester in Odaiba she certainly learned one thing or two about true friendship thanks to the google boy and his friends…