Angemon meets his human self

Angemon thought he was dreaming. One moment ago he, as Patamon, was napping over Takeru´s head and the following moment he found himself flying as Angemon responding to a mysterious presence´s call. And when he landed on a roof, a guy dressed in white was waiting for him.
“I am the Angemon who died fighting against Devimon” said the guy ” Are you actually worthy of being Tk´s partner…?”

The words were still resounding in the air.

The guy who´s standing in the roof was no one but Ange, or better known as the Digital Angel of Time Tempus Angemon. But in order to not attract too much attention, he relinquished his Mega form and assumed his civilian identity as Ange.

He wasn´t precisely happy to see the other Angemon but arranged the meeting anyways. It was necessary. Besides, it was time to settle things up instead of allowing them to drag his heart any longer. Since the Omega incident he kinda felt lost.

And more than that, he was longing for something he never expected to miss so much in other times. He lately  was regretting several things  and each involved a certain girl.

Making an account of his status quo, let´s say that since the Omega incident Tempus Angemon bitterly parted ways from Nova and flown back to reality 01.

“Despite the results…you accomplished your part of the bargain” the 18 year old Nova said to him not too long ago “So I must honor my part, letting you go”

“But Nova! “ he recalled saying “After everything we´d been through…how can you say such thing?! Besides, how can I leave you by yourself after learning what happened to Magnus?!”

Nova was still quite pale and fragile yet she had taken her decision.

“If you are concerned about me…I´ll be fine” she tried to smile ” I´ll move on…and I accepted Ryo´s proposal so …so…you can go back to Takeru´s side without any regrets…”

“But are you really in love with him?!”

The only response he got from her was an unsure nod.

“OKAY! I WON´T ARGUE ANYMORE…BE HAPPY!” and he took off, clearly heartbroken. After all this time he was kinda expecting her opening her arms and cry her heart out , leaning on his chest and sharing everything she had. But instead she decided to forgo their society and set him free!
He was still bothered by both the Omega incident and Nova ´s attitude. More than that,  just imagining the girl wearing a wedding dress and joining Akiyama to the altar irked him so much that he was really in a foul mood when he finally confronted Takeru´s current Angemon!
He was certainly cranky and Angemon was certainly shocked when instead of talking, Ange  showed his fists!

“You are crazy!” yelled Angemon after barely stopping the first attack -What do you want?!

“I always wanted to meet my replacement” said Ange after showing an unexpected Hand of Fate ” Are you really worthy of being Takeru´s protector?”
“Of course I am! I would give my life for him if asked to!”

Ange rolled his eyes. It felt like hearing the same song all over again from the jukebox.

“you are willing to give up your own life without hesitation, right? ” and Ange showed up another powerful technique – why am I not surprised?

“Are you nuts?!” shouted Angemon, again stopping the attack not without some effort.
” Probably “replied the other one “Death and resurrection certainly can change one´s perspective” and with an almost deadly speed, he delivered a powerful punch that almost knocked out Angemon.

It´s not that Ange suddenly turned into a villain. He went across several universes in order to check up the river´s currents, and now that he was back to his original universe it was time to test the other guy´s will and powers. Who was better? The original Angemon or the replacement? He waited for this moment for a long time, wondering how things would turn if he reclaimed his rights over his human. Now that he helped Nova to figure out what happened to Magnus Takariyama…ironically, the missing Magnus ended becoming a key part of reality 01´s events. Ironically, the little boy he protected long time ago in his past life turned to be Magnus Takariyama´s current incarnation. So it was a given both Nova and him were so willing to protect what turned to be the same soul in different identities…

So because this soul ´s preciousness, was this current Angemon really the best guy to take care of his human? A part of his heart was willing to say yes, but his memories of the past adventures with the 8 year old Takeru were unwilling to let go …

“If you are my enemy, then I have no alternative but to fight against you. Are you really that sort of person?” whispered Angemon, touching his swollen cheek.
“I am holding a judgement “Ange delivered another  punch and this time he was able to take, effortlessly, Angemon´s staff ” And what I´m getting is that you are not as strong as I wish you were. In fact, you are pretty weak”

Angemon now was getting irritated. Who the hell was that asshole?!

“Beginning a fight in a sudden, without justification is what you call being strong? ”  and began to hit back ” Someone like you isn´t worthy to mention Takeru´s name! Ever!”

And they kept fighting for a good while.

They fought and fought , angel vs angel, with their strong wills and  raging hearts, exchanging fists and kicks through Tokyo´s rooftops.
The fight could last forever but eventually Angemon lost.

Ange, despite wearing civilian clothes and never showing his true form was able to overpower his opponent and held him on the ground, pointing his own staff against his face.

“As I feared, you are not strong enough”

The fallen Angemon struggled to stand up

“Even so, I will keep fighting. I won´t allow you to go near my child!! If you are thinking on taking him with you…I´ll FIGHT UNTIL I HAVE NO MORE  DIGICODES TO SUSTAIN THIS BODY!!!!”

He was covered in bruises, had a cut on the upper lips and barely breathing yet his spirit was shining like a golden sun.  His determination to protect the nowadays 14 year old Takeru Takaishi touched Ange´s heart and finally relented.

“But it´s not because you lack willpower” continued Ange “You didn´t fight using your entire capacity. I can tell”

The other Angemon said nothing.

“why were you holding your power so much? – asked Ange in the end.

“If you were saying the truth, about being Tk´s former partner….you should know ” replied Angemon with dignity.

Ange´s expression softened, finally.

“I see ” he offered his hand to Angemon – And I´m sorry.

Angemon meets his human self II by Ayhelenk
Angemon initially was going to refuse the hand but after looking at Ange´s eyes, he saw regret and sadness. And his own anger dissipated.

“It´s my fault” said Ange after helping the other to stand up ” When I showed up for the first time and saw Devimon all powered up, I suddenly lacked confidence. I borrowed power from the other digimons  and chose to sacrify my body because I thought it was the only way to handle things. I was afraid of losing the battle and instead, my victory harmed the hearts I vowed to protect… and there´s no day that I don´t regret causing so much pain to the kids. It´s as if my death robbed their innocence.”

He made a pause.

“And I´m afraid that because of my past foolishness,  Takeru  ´s been restraining  you, right?- Angemon simply nodded – I can see it now. You are not allowed to fight with all your power because Tk doesn´t want it.

“It´s true ” replied Angemon softly ” When I was Patamon, years ago, the night before facing Blackwargreymon, he made me swear, that no matter how difficult the battle might turn, I musn´t sacrifice my life. Ever. “It´s ok to lose some battles. There´s always time  to win a war, but I don´t want a victory when my camrade loses his life. You must  live. Death should not be glorified…If… I… see Angemon dying again, I don´t think I will be able to take it…”  It broke my heart seeing his tears rolling down his face.

The other guy showed a pained expression.

” I never meant to cause him such a grief ” Ange gave Angemon back his staff ” You are already a better Angemon than me…Good heavens! I  admit that all this time I´ve been jealous of you. You were able to be by his side and watching over him, sharing the good and bad moments. Watching him grow up into a fine man…”

Ange´s regrets were so evident that the other ANgemon couldn´t help but feel pity towards him.

“But when we, digital angels, die by rule we should be reborn immediately on site” spoke Angemon “How come you didn´t go back to Takeru´s side?”

Ange offered a brief explanation about how he died and was unable to enter the newly formed digiegg after Devimon´s defeat having his soul dragged to another universe , just in time to meet a dying Nova Takariyama who´d been trying to defeat Piedmon. He spoke about their meeting, about Takeru´s own role in their resurrections and how the Gods decided he, as Tempus Angemon, should be partnered with the girl instead of letting him go back to his original universe.

“But things changed and I shouldn´t meddle anymore. Please, keep taking care of him”

Angemon finally allowed himself to smile. He was relieved that he needn´t to fight for his right to be by his child´s side, the other angel was willing to accept him as his replacement so everything was okay. Yet, there was something he needed to know.

-You spoke about dying and revived in another digiworld. Why, then, you didn´t come back earlier..and tell him the truth?

Ange sighed, that was a fair question.

– At first, I tried. I was desperate to go back and that wish lead me to behave like a jerk towards the gods and my current partner Nova. I promised to take care of her but I was lying…I was banished for 3 years to a realm because of that. Then, when I was able to meet Nova again, I vowed to help her find her missing brother and once that´s fulfilled, I would go back to Tk…but that´s an excuse. I am in a dilemma. I want to tell him but if I do,  he´ll hurt. Besides, I´ve been  replaced and nobody seemed to notice it. He still believes you are me and if I showed up and let him know  the truth, how would Tk feel about it?

A mantle of silence fell upon the angels.

“I don´t think he´ll be able to take it” sentenced Ange “Being a 14 year old doesn´t mean he´s not as fragile as he was in his 8s. So for now, I have no choice but to let him go”

“Besides, your time is over. You realized it,  I presume ” Angemon patted the other guy´s shoulder.

“Yes, indeed. And no matter what I do, I cannot change that fact” his body trembled when remembering the Omega incident, triggered by his attempts as Tempus Angemon on preventing Magnus Takariyama´s impending death only to realize such action caused a nasty paradox. Undoing the cosmic wrongdoing ended breaking both Nova and Ange´s hearts. Nova was still grieving the fact she had to let Magnus go in order for Takeru Takaishi exist and play his part on the 01 events. Oh Nova! , he though, I shouldn´t had agreed to end our partnership! Even if you are getting married to Akiyama…I still want to be your partner! “I may be able to alter time and space as Tempus Angemon, but I won´t change events from the past because of personal matters. Now I know that my duty as an Angel of Time resides on doing the best for everybody´s sake besides mine”

“Because once you have the power you also get to know the consequences of such…”

Angemon finally offered his hand, feeling pity toward the other guy.

“Thank you for protecting him in the first place ” he said in a friendly tone “Your actions will never be forgotten, I swear.  I shall call you my brother, If allowed.”

His offer of friendship warmed Ange´s heart.

“That´would be nice”

“And I believe Tk needs to know the truth, perhaps not today but someday” he was damned sure about it! ” I have the feeling this will bring him some closure. I can tell that he, at least in his heart, always knew about me being different from the Angemon he once met.

“Hearts have better insight than ordinary eyes, don´t they? ”

Ange shook Angemon´s hand and gave him back his weapon.

“They certainly do”

Ange finally showed a magnificent, radiant smile which awed the other fella.

“So what are you going to do from now on?” asked Angemon, curious ” You can hang around and join the group. I bet that the digidestineds will be thrilled and Takeru as well!”

So he was inviting Ange to become part of Takeru´s life. Besides, he would love to train with Ange and learn more about the different timelines and alternate digidestineds!

“Thank you but I´m afraid I must go back to reality 12” he closed his eyes for a moment “It´s my home now and I miss Nova”

He was missing her so much that it hurt. He´d rather be by her side even if she´s committed to another guy than not being by her side anymore!

“How´s she? Is she pretty?”

“She´s the most beautiful girl from any world!” he sighed, like the fella in love he was “She´s…she´s…my Angewomon!”

He realized it was a mistake leaving her side while she was still in a grieving process. Even if Akiyama was there for her, he should had stayed and reassured her that she was his precious partner and would help her to heal her heart. Akiyama may had given her a ring but Ange was deadly sure about sharing a much deeper bond with Nova than any of Akiyama´s romantic waves. Ange was even willing to walk her by the aisle!

“Oh my” the other angel opened his mouth wide “Are your feelings towards her that deep?”

“Past, present or future…my feelings already transcended all of them. So yes, she´s my most cherished…today I fully realized it” since day 1,  she became his family.

He assumed his Tempus Angemon form, his feelings were so bright, so clear that he finally managed to become Tempus ANgemon all by his own. Withou any digivice´s help.

“Keep our encounter a secret from everybody” he began to levitate ” There are events that need to take place and you, Angemon, have a long road waiting for you”

“Will I see you again?” asked Angemon, already missing his newly found brother in arms.

“OF COURSE!” Tempus smiled “You are also family! I´ll be around, even if you don´t notice”

Tempus waved his hand, bidding a temporary sayonara and took off to the skies.

He couldn´t wait to go back home…